Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly Tymok

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-3919) human

Occupation: Would-be world conqueror

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Formerly enslaved a primitive tribe in the distant past;
    utilized a number of dinosaurs

Enemies: Hulk, Tanna & her tribe; people of New York

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unspecified prison;
    formerly an unspecified time period in the future;
    formerly an unspecified time period in the distant past

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time (1980, a Big Little Book)

Powers/Abilities: Tymok wore a pair of gloves which could open portals into the past and enable him to fire energy blasts. The gloves were powered by a mineral known as Chronite.

(Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time (fb) - BTS) - Apparently originating from an unknown point in the future, Tymok obtained a pair of gloves which could be powered by Chronite. However, as Chronite had been exhausted in his future, Tymok presumably used the last amount to open a portal into the modern era.

(Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time) - Tymok appeared in the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, where a piece of Chronite--the only piece known to man--had been discovered in a cave. Tymok shattered the Chronite's containment chamber with a blast from his gloves and prepared to vanish back into another time portal, but one of the museum attendees objected: Bruce Banner, the Hulk. Tymok mocked Banner and blasted a T. Rex skeleton, collapsing it on him, but Banner became the Hulk and survived the assault. Tymok took the Chronite and fled from the Hulk through his time portal, but the Hulk leapt through the portal after him. However, unprepared for time travel, the Hulk was separated from Tymok in the timestream, ending up in a different time period.

(Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time (fb) - BTS) - Arriving in the distant past, Tymok used his time portals to collect a group of dinosaurs and bring them forward in time, to the age of primitive man. Using his power and the dinosaurs, Tymok enslaved a tribe and forced them to mine the much more plentiful Chronite of the past for him.

(Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time) - The Hulk arrived into the age of primitive man to which Tymok had traveled. Befriending the tribesmen, both the Hulk & Banner convinced them to rebel against Tymok. They challenged Tymok when he arrived, but he used his powers to blast their cave, causing a rockslide that trapped them in there. When the Hulk dug them out, Tymok blasted a volcano, causing it to erupt and to spew magma, which poured down towards the tribesmen. The Hulk plugged the volcano with a giant rock, then approached Tymok, who threatened to destroy the Hulk's time period and used his time warps to take both himself and the dinosaurs back to the future.
    The Hulk again followed Tymok through the portal again, but this time managed to focus on following Tymok's trail, and he arrived just seconds after him. After struggling against the number of dinosaurs rampaging through New York City, the Hulk managed to line them all up in a row and drive them back through their time portals into the past. The Hulk then leapt atop the building on which Tymok was standing, and crushed his gloves before he could respond. Without his gloves, the powerless Tymok was taken away by the authorities.




Comments: Created by Don Glut (and I'd guess art by Herb Trimpe...though he's not credited).

     As Tymok traveled back and forth in time, his exact chronology may vary slightly than that which I've detailed above. Tymok was visibly older when the Hulk encountered him in the past, then in their first encounter in the modern era.

    Just before encountering Tymok, Banner saw a cave painting from the cave where the Chronite was discovered. Not only did it show dinosaurs and people, but there was also a green figure which looked just like the Hulk. Obviously, the time travel was responsible for all of this, as dinosaurs were extinct before the age of man...except, of course, in the Savage Land, and in the Valley of the Serpents, where the Deviants gene-engineered dinosaurs, and probably a few other places on Earth, too.
    You'd think that when the Hulk knocked the dinosaurs back through the time portals, they would have been sent back to the age of man from which they had last traveled. Perhaps, however, the time portals were such that there was a default that returned beings to their native time period on the second trip unless specifically set otherwise. That may be why the Hulk was able to return home, rather than just focusing on the desired time period.

    In case it's not clear, this was the savage Hulk in this story.

    Is this story canon? No, only the mainstream comics meet that distinction. Could it have happened? Sure. It could have taken place almost any time in the savage Hulk's history, as there were no other supporting characters or events mentioned. I'd put it somewhere around the mid-200 issues of the Hulk's second series, during any period of time he might have spent in New York. Rest assured, if I have any say in it, I'll get it included in the next Hulk Encyclopedia.

No known connection to other time travelers, including:


Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time (1980, a Big Little Book)

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