Real Name:Dave (last name unknown)



Affiliations: Nathaniel Bumpo, Joan the Mouse, Punisher (Castle) (former neighbors);
Spackwagons (pseudo-cult following)

Enemies:agents of Ma Gnucci

Known Relatives:none

Aliases: none

Base of Operations:formerly an apartment in New York City

First Appearance: Punisher V#1 (April, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Spacker Dave formerly had the ability to hang magnets from the jewelry in his face, indicating that they were made up of a ferrous metal other than stainless steel. Any other abilities he had are undetermined, but he is a happy and friendly guy, fiercely loyal to his friends, but keeping his cool in a stressful situation is not his greatest strength. He enjoys spending time sitting on the stoop to his apartment.

Height: 5' 8" Weight: 155 lbs.

BTS - He became the neighbor of John Smith, which was actually an alias for Frank Castle, the Punisher.

(Punisher V#1) - He greeted "Mr. Smith" as Castle returned to the apartment.

(Punisher V#2) - He greeted "Smith" as he left his apartment, making sure to correct his name as "Spacker Dave."

(Punisher V#3) - Dave demonstrated a new trick for "Smith," hanging a horseshoe-type magnet from his nose rings.

(Punisher V#5) - Dave thought it was pretty intense when they had to smash a hole through the outside wall into Mr. Bumpo's apartment to take him to the hospital.

(Punisher V#6) - He was quite happy when Smith remembered to call him "Spacker Dave."

(Punisher V#7) - Another neighbor, Joan the Mouse, found the badly wounded Punisher and brought Spacker Dave for help. Dave informed her about the Punisher and explained that they couldn't call the cops or even take him to a hospital, because he was a wanted man, and because the men who had injured him might come after him there. They would have to keep their cool and not say a word to anyone. When two of the crime lord Ma Gnucci's men, posing as police officers, came looking for the Punisher, Dave took a few deep breaths, told himself to be cool, and opened the door, "Aaaah! You're not cops! I know who you are! You're here for him, but, but I'm not saying anything! I'm not betraying the Punisher to punks like you! So you can get lost, you hear?!"

(Punisher V#8) - Gnucci's men forced their way into Dave's room, tied him up, and proceeded to rip his facial piercings out one by one in an effort to force him to tell them where Castle was. Dave screamed bloody murder, but refused to give up the goods on the Punisher. Hearing the screams, Castle had Joan help him to the door and he managed to kill the two criminals. Castle had Joan call one of his "doctor" friends, who patched up Dave's face and gave him some pain medication.

(Punisher V#9 (fb) - BTS) - Dave told their other neighbor, Mr. Bumpo, that "Smith" was actually the Punisher.

(Punisher V#9) - Castle criticized Dave for telling another person, but Dave told him that though they approved of him, all of their lives were potentially at risk because of him, and that he had a right to it was really cool and he just couldn't resist. Castle told Dave he was moving out to prevent risking their lives any further.

(Punisher V#11) - Dave and Joan saw the Russian throw the Punisher right through his own door and out into the hall. Castle yelled for them to run away as he was thrown through the door into Mr. Bumpo's apartment.

(Punisher V#12) - Though his wounds were long since healed, Spacker Dave continued to wear his bandages, as he saw it as more individual and self-defining than piercings.
After a month of not hearing from "Smith," Dave, Joan, and Mr. Bumpo noticed that his door was ajar. The found his room empty, except for three stacks of money, each with one of their names on it.

(Punisher VI#1 - BTS) - A number of teenagers, known as Spackwagons, across the city began to wrap their faces, mimicking their idol, "Spacker."

Comments: Created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

No known connection to:


Praised as the "most original look in American youth culture since piercing, the Spackwagons hit the streets and teenagers citywide get Spacked-Up. No one seems to known where the look originated--or who the first Spacker actually was. Parents' groups have already voiced their concerns. "Who are the Spackers? asked one spokesman earlier today. 'What shadowy compulsions motivate them?' "

--Punisher VI#1

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