Real Name: Nathaniel Bumpo

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: work-at-home envelope-stuffer

Affiliations: Joan the Mouse, Punisher (Castle), Spacker Dave (former neighbors);
    possibly Spider-Man

Enemies: Russian;
    possibly Electro (Dillon)

Known Relatives: father (unnamed)

Aliases: Nathaniel Bummpo

Base of Operations: formerly an apartment in New York City

First Appearance: Punisher V#1 (April, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Mr. Bumpo is morbidly obese and can barely walk down the street, provided he's even able to make it out of his apartment. His primarily assets are a virtually unlimited ability to consume mass quantities of food, and the fact that he's heavy enough that no normal human can lift him unaided.

Height: 6’5”    Weight: 1200#            Hair: Brown                 Eyes: Brown

(Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six (fb) - BTS) - Nathaniel Bumpo received his name from a father who doted on the novels of James Fenimore Cooper, and who imagined that such a moniker would influence his newborn son toward an athletic love of the great outdoors. It didn't take.

    Mr. Bumpo had not developed into a rugged outdoorsman, but into a worshipper of fast food. His day was a never-ending journey from pizza to french fries to burritos and back again, all consumed in vast quantities, all applied directly from stomach to arteries, producing a body shape best defined by the number of times he had needed 911 assistance to pry him loose from bathtubs and narrow doorways. He was, in short, a pair of parentheses stuffed with lard. He didn't get into midtown much. He usually stayed in his little apartment in lower Manhattan, subsisting on disability checks, his envelope-stuffing business, and his neighborhood's vast array of fast-food home delivery services--an existence that others might have thought of as constrained, but which was possibly joyous for a man like himself, whose brain's pleasure center was entirely wired to his taste buds. And it must be said that he shared this joy whenever possible. The fellow residents of his apartment building always appreciated the warm hellos and kindly conversation he was always there to provide.

(Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six) - Mr. Bumpo, having gotten his hands on some coupons for the All-You-Can-Eat Lasagna at Vito's Pasta Trough, prepared to test the boundaries of "All-You-Can-Eat." At was at that moment, that Spider-Man came crashing through the window, having fallen victim to a devastating blast from Electro. After asking Bumpo to play along, Spider-Man took Bumpo's plate of lasagna and upended it on his chest to form a glistening mound that even close-up looked like flesh ripped into a horrific wound. Spidey completed the illusion with a single jagged shard of glass, plucked off the table and impaled on the impromptu pasta-sculpture like a dagger that had just pierce his heart.
    Electro fell for it like a blind roofer, and flew up screaming his success at being the man who finally killed Spider-Man. Spidey rested a few minutes, thanked Mr. Bumpo,, and then took off after the criminal. Mr. Bumpo sat there for a few moments, thinking about how interesting that had just been...and how hungry he was now!

(Punisher V#1 (fb) - BTS) - Frank Castle, using the alias Mr. Smith, moved into Mr. Bumpo's apartment.

(Punisher V#1) - "Mr. Smith" helped Mr. Bumpo out, dislodging him from his doorway.

(Punisher V#2) - Mr. Bumpo ordered four large pizzas from Jimmy's pizza.

(Punisher V#3) - Mr. Bumpo broke his toilet bowl, requiring a plate steel one be installed. He wondered if they came in adamantium.

(Punisher V#5) - Mr. Bumpo had a minor stroke and called 911. They couldn't get him out the door, so they had to smash a hole in the wall to get him out.

(Punisher V#9) - Mr. Bumpo returned home with orders to get more exercise. He walked down to Sal's and picked up five pizzas.




(Punisher V#11) - Mr. Bumpo was enjoying some pizzas when Castle came crashing into his apartment, thrown there by the Russian. After finding out that the pizzas were fresh and steaming hot, Castle hurled a pizza into the Russian's face, scalding him, kicked his foot out, and then pushed Mr. Bumpo on top of him. Bumpo's massive bulk smothered the Russian, who was unable to move Bumpo (with Castle on top of him to steady him). Castle had Bumpo stay there for 30 minutes, and then beheaded the Russian, just to be sure.

(Punisher V#12) - Castle moved out of the apartment, leaving behind a large stack of bills for Bumpo and his neighbors, Spacker Dave and Joan the Mouse. A brief note told them to leave to avoid anyone else who would come looking for the Punisher.

(Punisher VI#19 (fb) - BTS) - Joan met up with the Punisher again, and told him that Mr. Bumpo now had to spend his life in a hospital, as "something important had fallen out of his bottom."

Comments: Created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

    Alas, novels are not considered definitive canon. There are multiple examples of them becoming so, such as the "This Evil Undying" short story written by Jim Shooter, which was adapted into Avengers I#201+202. A Generation X novel also adapted into comics form, and I'm sure there are others. However, until such time as they are written in, they remain at the fringe, in the same zone occupied by the Hostess Villains, only one of whom has ever crossed the continuity barrier as of this writing. The story in Secret of the Sinister Six fits into continuity before Punisher V#1 and fleshes out Bumpo's background nicely. It was a nice story by Pierce Askegren, who always makes an extra effort to keep the stories true to continuity.
    For the record, these characters are welcome additions to the Appendix site. Maybe this will encourage fan and/or writer interest and get them across. I can dream, can't I?

Mr. Bumpo's adventures are detailed from page 292-298. He was confirmed as the same character from the Punisher V series on page 420.

His name is derived from Nathaniel "Natty" Bummpo, aka Hawkeye, from novels by James Fenimore Cooper, such as LAst of the Mohicans, Pathfinder, and The Deerslayer.

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