(of Earth-6311)

Real Name: Marcus Kang

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-6311) and extra-temporal human technology user

Occupation: Conqueror, imperial heir

Group Affiliation: None

Affiliations: Kang (Nathaniel Richards) (second-in-command to his armies);
    He was number 23 in a line of cloned Marcuses

Enemies: Avengers (Goliath/Hank Pym, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Jack of Hearts/Jack Hart, Triathlon/Delroy Garrett, Jr., Vision/"Victor Shade," Warbird/Carol Danvers, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne) (although he really, really dug Warbird), Master of the World
and the other international forces of modern day Earth (all of Earth-616)

Known Relatives: Nathaniel Richards (Kang, father), unidentifed mother, Nathaniel Richards, Cassandra Richards, unidentified son of Nathaniel and Cassandra, matriarch of the Eyriennes (ancestors), Tara Richards (Huntara), Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic), Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, various Eyriennes (common ancestry), Victor von Doom (Doctor Doom, alleged ancestor), Ramades (half-brother), Marcus I-XXII (half-brothers, deceased)

Aliases: Marcus XXIII

Place of Birth: Unrevealed planet in an alternate future

Base of Operations: Damocles Base, an orbiting space station base of Kang

First Appearance: (seen in shadows): Avengers III#38 (March, 2001);
(fully seen): Avengers III#40 (May, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: The Scarlet Centurion did not possess any superhuman powers but he had access to advanced futuristic technology including his Halberd, which he could project energy blasts through, armor that enhanced his strength and his floating one-man hovercraft. In addition to those devices, he had access to the virtually limitless armies and advanced weaponry of his native alternate 40th century timeline.

The Scarlet Centurion had been trained as a warrior ever since his infancy and as such, he may have had some measure of fighting prowess in armed and unarmed combat, the use of conventional and non-conventional weaponry and perhaps military strategy as well.

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


History: (Avengers III#45 (fb)) - Born outside the timestream, the child that would become the Scarlet Centurion was the son of Kang, who had handpicked a perfect mate to create an exceptional warrior. Kang's child was sent back in time and trained from birth to be such a warrior. As an adult, Kang's son, now known as the Scarlet Centurion, was reunited with his father to fight by his side.

(Avengers III#38) - Scarlet Centurion remained by Kang's side, scanning the unknowing Avengers for data. When Scarlet Centurion determined Captain America to be nothing more than human, Kang reminded him that they were human as well, only with access to advanced technology. Kang then told the Scarlet Centurion that their technology user was ultimately nothing and suggested the Scarlet Centurion review and study the surveillance feeds on Captain America, as Captain America often won using his spirit, cunning, courage and skill alone. Kang then warned that the Avengers were building better defenses and that they had to be prepared for them if they were to achieve victory.

(Avengers III#39) - The Scarlet Centurion viewed more data on the Avengers, noting that they were currently occupied, vulnerable and in disarray, suggesting to Kang that they strike at that point. Kang, who was sparring with some robots, noted that the Scarlet Centurion was being impetuous and that a good commander took all measures into account before striking. Scarlet Centurion responded by claiming it was easy for Kang, who had proven himself time and again, and that he wished to prove himself, admitting that he was tired of all the waiting and inaction. Kang suggested Scarlet Centurion fear not, as he would have his chance to prove himself, and warned that he considered impatience a mortal sin. Kang then informed Scarlet Centurion that would proceed with their preparations and follow them.

 (Avengers III#40) - Scarlet Centurion was seen with Kang as the latter revealed the secret plans he had for the Avengers.

(Avengers III#41) - Scarlet Centurion arrived at the United Nations Plaza to make way for Kang and battled the Avengers. He was beginning to lose the battle when Kang arrived and destroyed a building to show what would happen if anyone defied him.

(Avengers III#42) - Scarlet Centurion was at Kang's side when Kang revealed his plan to take over the world to prevent the wrongs that could potentially happen in the future. Warbird recognized the Centurion's voice as Marcus when he asked for there to peace between them. As Kang finished his speech, Prince Edward Island was invaded by the Atlanteans and China was invaded by Deviants. Also, the Presence arrived with a legion of radioactive beings under his control.

(Avengers III#43-44) - Scarlet Centurion spoke to Kang about his father's plan for global domination.

(Avengers III#45) - Kang revealed the Scarlet Centurion's origin to his son. Afterwards, the Master of the World surrounded major cities of the world with pillars of "protection."

(Avengers III#46) - Scarlet Centurion viewed images of the war his father caused and secretly viewed images of Warbird until Kang arrived. Again, they spoke about the war.

(Avengers III#47) - As Warbird was unconscious in the snow, she dreamt of the birth of Marcus Immortus outside of time. A Plodex wolf attacked her and she awoke to battle it, only to be saved by the Scarlet Centurion. She battled him until he demanded there be peace between them and revealed himself to be Marcus Kang--the son of Kang, not Immortus, insisting he was a different person than Marcus Immortus, whom Warbird was the mother of. More Plodex aliens soon attacked and the Centurion received serious injuries while defending the both of them. The duo defeated the Plodex drones and Marcus left, saying that if she should need him, call.

(Avengers III#48) - Once more, Scarlet Centurion viewed pictures of Warbird as Kang arrived. They then prepared to defend Damocles Base from the Avengers. While Kang and the Centurion readied to defend themselves from both the Avengers and a contingent of the robotic Sentinels, Warbird killed the Master of the World by impaling him with a metallic piece of his ship. When the Sentinels arrived at Damocles Base, Kang destroyed the Avengers Quinjet and sent the Sentinels back toward Earth, leaving the Avengers stranded in space.

(Avengers III#49/Avengers III#51 (fb)) - Kang set the Sentinels loose on the major cities of the world, their only defenses being the pillars set up by the Master of the World. The Avengers battled the Sentinels until a bomb detonated in the heart of Washington, D.C., leaving only Thor and the President of the United States, whom Thor had rescued, as the only people to survive the blast. Scarlet Centurion stood proudly next to Kang as Wasp prepared to sign an Articles of Surrender.

(Avengers III#52-53) - The Avengers assaulted Damocles Base and defeated Kang's forces. Kang sent Marcus forward in time to save him while he prepared for a final battle with the Avengers. Kang was subsequently imprisoned.

(Avengers III#54) - The Scarlet Centurion returned to Earth and freed Kang from prison. As the Centurion began making plans for their next attack on the Avengers, Kang skewered him with his sword, telling Marcus he could not live with his betrayal, as there had been numerous occasions when he had early knowledge of the Avengers' attacks but had not acted due to his attraction to Warbird. Kang then allowed his successor to die and Kang's computers marked the death of Marcus XXIII, requesting authorization to activate Marcus XXIV. Kang decided to postpone this.

Comments: The third incarnation of the Scarlet Centurion, Marcus Kang, was created by Kurt Busiek (writer), Alan Davis (artist) and Mark Farmer (inker).

A halberd is a weapon used in the 15th and 16th Centuries, consisting typically of a battle-axe and pike mounted on a handle about six feet long.

Scarlet Centurion had an entry in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#9 (2006), where his main entry was miscredited as George Perez when, in fact, it was by Alan Davis.

A young-looking Scarlet Centurion appeared in S.H.I.E.L.D. III#12 (2016) but it seems unlikely that this Scarlet Centurion would be Marcus Kang, as Marcus Kang died over the course of his first real outing as the Scarlet Centurion. One could argue that due to the time-travel, Marcus Kang might have traveled into Earth-616's future from a point during the "Kang War" in the early 2000s Avengers comic but Odin transforms the Scarlet Centurion in S.H.I.E.L.D. III#12 into sand within an hourglass at the end of the S.H.I.E.L.D. story. We see Marcus Kang get killed in Avengers III#54 so it seems unlikely that he would have been transformed into sand, only to be later returned to a point during the "Kang War" and restored to normal, only to be killed by Kang. It seems more likely that the Scarlet Centurion seen in S.H.I.E.L.D. III#12 was a divergent Kang that had adopted the Scarlet Centurion identity much earlier in his life than the prime Kang did. Either that or it was a totally different person who had usurped the Scarlet Centurion armor and time-travel motif...either way, I reiterate the unlikelihood of it being Marcus Kang.

Profile by Proto-Man, originally updated/edited by Kyle Sims

Scarlet Centurion (Marcus Kang) should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Avengers III#41, p12, pan2 (main image)

p12, pan4 (head shot)
#40, p23 (body without mask)
#47, p9, pan4 (head without mask)

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