Real Name: Philip Sanderson

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Stage actor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Rosalie Thorton, unnamed manager

Enemies: The Devil (possibly Mephisto)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unnamed city

First Appearance: Adventures Into Terror#4 (June, 1951)

Powers/Abilities: In his prime, Philip Sanderson was a renowned romantic leading man on the stage.

History: (Adventures Into Terror#4)- Philip Sanderson was once renowned for his performances on stage in romantic roles-- but as he grew older, he insisted on playing the part of the lover in the plays, despite being paired opposite lovely young women, such as Rosalie Thorton. At one of his performances, a tragedy, the audience burst into laughter because Sanderson looked so much older than Rosalie. Sanderson's manager insisted that he begin taking parts more suited for an older man, but Sanderson would not hear of it.

Sanderson was in love with Rosalie and asked for her hand in marriage, but she replied that he was more like a father to her, then began laughing at the thought of making love to him. This nearly drove Sanderson insane.

At his lowest ebb, Sanderson said aloud that he would give his soul for his youth. Just then, a mysterious man appeared at Sanderson's door and offered him what he claimed was a sample of water from the Fountain of Youth. Sanderson asked him what he wanted, but the man replied that he would collect it later. He then departed, leaving Sanderson with the water. At last, Sanderson's vanity got the better of him, and he decided to drink the water. His head pounded, and in a few moments, he found that he had regressed back 20 years, into a dashing, handsome man. He phoned up Rosalie immediately, asking her if he could come over, and she agreed, provided he act his age. Sanderson sped to her door, dashed inside, and asked her if she would marry him.

Once more, Rosalie broke into laughter. She showed Sanderson a mirror, and he saw that he was continuing to age backwards-- he was now barely a teenager. Stumbling in his oversized clothes, Sanderson ran out the door, while Rosalie laughed to herself. Outside the door, Sanderson found himself face-to-face with the man from before-- now revealed to him as the Devil. He had come to collect what he was owed...

Comments: Creators unknown.

The same plot was used before in Mystic#2 (May, 1951) "The Forbidden Drink"

Profile by Prime Eternal

Philip Sanderson should not be confused with:

Rosalie Thorton was a lovely young actress who often performed on stage with Philip Sanderson. She looked up to him as a father, but found the idea of him as a lover perfectly ridiculous. She was unaware that the young man who came asking to marry her was a regressed Philip Sanderson-- she merely found it a hysterical situation.

--Adventures Into Terror#4

Adventures Into Terror#4 (June, 1951)

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