Real Name: Patrick Slade

Identity/Class: Human; South African

Occupation: Merchant

Affiliations: Anton Pretorius, Black Panther (T'Challa), Molale (servant of Pretorius), Sarah Slade

Enemies: Anton Pretorius, Gore's band of mercenaries (Elmer Gore, Miyo Moshigo, Strike, others)

Known Relatives: Sarah Slade (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Slades African Artifacts Store in the Black Township in the area around Pretoria, South Africa

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#13/2 (late February, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: None

(Marvel Comics Presents I#30/2 (fb) ) - Patrick Slade was going to visit an old friend in a hospital and met by accident the Zulu servant Molale, who was severely injured at a bus accident. She told Slade in the last seconds of her life about Ramonda, who was held captive in the house where Molale worked. Slade learned that Ramonda was the mother of Black Panther and that Anton Pretorius was the employer of Molale.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#29/2 (fb) ) - Patrick Slade contacted Black Panther because he saw the chance to get the big money with his information about Ramonda. Unfortunately he became greedy and also contacted Anton Pretorius, who held Ramonda captive in his house, to get even more money out of the situation. Pretorius sent his mercenaries after Slade.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#13/2) - Patrick Slade waited at the barbed wire behind his shop and was surprised that Black Panther found him there. He told the Panther how dangerous it would be for him, if people knew what he was about to tell the Panther. Black Panther just wanted to get the information about his mother and Slade wanted to know if Panther had the money with him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#14/2) - Patrick got nervous because of the barking dog that Panther took along to the meeting and thought that the dog would get them killed. Patrick didn't want to give away information about the mother of Black Panther without seeing the money. Black Panther got angry, and Patrick swore that he didn't lie about having information about what happened to Ramonda, but he still wanted to see money. Suddenly a knife flew through the air and nailed Patrick's arm to a tree.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#15/2) - Patrick pulled the knife out of his arm and ran away through the woods. Strike saw that he got away, but his leader Gore was sure that it would be easy to find him again through their informants.

BTS - Patrick Slade hid from the mercenaries for some time and not even his wife knew where he was.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#29/2) - When Black Panther returned to Slade's Store for another time, he found Patrick there smoking a cigarette. His wound had still not taken care of because he was afraid to be found by the mercenaries. He counted on the money of Black Panther to get himself and his wife Sarah out of South Africa. He told Black Panther that he made stupid decisions to get more money with his knowledge. Gore broke through the ceiling and attacked Slade when he tried to tell Panther who the person was that he tried to blackmail. Gore threatened to kill Slade with his knife.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#30/2) - Slade was in trouble as the knife of Gore was stabbing his chest, and he begged Black Panther for help. Slade was thrown to the ground by Gore when he attacked Black Panther, who brought Slade afterwards into safety behind some artifacts. There Slade remembered how he got the information about Ramonda while the Black Panther fought Miyo Moshigo. Gore found Slade behind the artifacts and killed him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#31/2) - Slade was dead and Gore cleaned his bloody knife on the clothes of Patrick and left the dead body. Panther was angry that he didn't tell him about Ramonda before he died and left too when the Security Forces arrived.


Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Gene Colan

by Markus Raymond

Patrick & Sarah Slade are not connected to:

Slade's African Artifacts Store

It was the store of Patrick and Sarah Slade. Not far behind the shop there was a barrier of barbed wire where the Panther first met Patrick Slade. The window of the shop was broken at the first meeting between Panther and Sarah Slade when Black Panther broke through the window to save the kid Theodore Olebogeng. The ceiling got a hole when Gore, Strike and Moshigo jumped through it to attack Panther and Patrick Slade. Many artifacts were destroyed by the fight between Black Panther and the mercenaries. The shop was still owned by Sarah after all the incidents, but it was in a bad shape.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#13/2 (19/2-20/2, 23/2, 29/2-31/2




Sarah Slade

She was the wife of Patrick Slade and co-owner of the African Artifacts Store. She took care of the shop and liked to clean the artifacts. She was observed by Miyo Moshigo while cleaning the windows. The Panther sneaked into her shop and asked her about the whereabouts of Patrick, but she didn't know where her husband was. She didn't like Black Panther because he was the reason why Patrick put himself into danger. Her dislike for the Panther grew when he broke the window of the store, but later he gave her some money to fix it. When she heard gunfire nights later, she ran to her store with the thought that her husband was dead. She was right and was not pleased that Black Panther met her in civil only hours later. She drank some alcohol, talked about liking Patrick for his attitude and gave Panther a letter from his mother that was left for him by Strike. She was really angry and hoped that the contents would hurt the Panther.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#19/2 (23/2, 31/2


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