Real Name: Miyo Moshigo

Identity/Class: Human South African

Occupation: Mercenary

Affiliations: Anton Pretorius, Gore's Band of Mercenaries (Elmer Gore, Strike, others)

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), poorer black people, Comrades (Nkosi, many others), Patrick Slade, Zanti Chikane

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Raspberry Grape

Base of Operations: Black Township in the area around Pretoria, South Africa

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#19/2 (May, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: None. Unknown training, used a machine gun.

Under unknown circumstances Miyo Moshigo came to work for Anton Pretorius as a mercenary for a good amount of money.

(MCP#19/2): Moshigo was watching Slade's store from a roof on the other side of the street and saw the Black Panther running to the backdoor. He informed Elmer Gore over walky-talky about it and was told that Gore would take over his team. Miyo was seen by Zanti on the roof. Miyo went down from the roof to go home and Zanti followed him.

(MCP#26/2): Miyo was attacked by the Comrades in his house. Miyo was handcuffed with barbed wire and brought to the outside where a gasoline filled tire was thrown over his head. They wanted to set him on fire for collaborating with the government. Miyo told them that that they were wrong. He mocked them in a very rude way which didn't do him any good. Black Panther stopped them and freed Miyo from the barbed wire and the gasoline filled tire. Moshigo then tried to get even with his attackers and told them how he despised them for their meaningless and ignorant reasons as he did everything for a great reward. He tried to attack Nkosi, but Black Panther knocked him to the ground and told him to leave and save his life. Moshigo was then kicked into the face by Nkosi.

(MCP#27/2): Miyo stood up again and tackled Nkosi to the ground. Moshigo was just standing up again when Zanti Chikane fell on him from a tree. Moshigo was able to flee from the Comrades and Zanti couldn't stop him. Miyo was on his way to the place where Gore and his men were stationed to have protection.

(MCP#29/2): Miyo was waiting with Gore and the other mercenaries on the roof of Slade's store while Panther and Slade were talking with each other.

(MCP#30/2): Miyo followed Gore into the store. He searched for Black Panther and Slade when they tried to hide behind the artifacts. He got distracted when Zanti entered the store and Black Panther attacked him. Miyo shot, but his bullets only hit the ceiling.

(MCP#31/2): Black Panther was knocking Miyo out with some hard punches. He managed to get out of the store while Doeke Riebeeck and Eugene Van der Merwe were arguing with each other.

(MCP#35/2): Miyo was sitting on a tree and guarding the area around Pretorius' estate. He missed a shot at the Black Panther, who kicked his machine gun out of his hands. Miyo tackled Black Panther off of the tree to impale him on the spikes on the wall, but the Panther made a mid-air reversal and Miyo hit the wall and the spikes first. Miyo died immediately.


Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Gene Colan

by Markus Raymond

Miyo Moshigo should not be confused with:


Miyo Moshigo full: Marvel Comics Presents#35, p12, pan6

Miyo Moshigo face: Marvel Comics Presents#29, p15, pan4

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