Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Plant, mutate

Occupation: Servant of Plantman

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Plantman

Enemies: Sub-Mariner, Triton

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile aboard Plantman's submarine

First Appearance: Sub-Mariner I#3 (July, 1968)

Powers/Abilities: The Leviathan was an immense pile of coral, brought to life by the Plantman. It possessed superhuman strength, and when broken apart, would form a second body of identical shape. It could also survive underwater.

History: (Sub-Mariner I#3)- The Plantman created Leviathan by animating a pile of coral with his vega-ray, and directed the creature to go and destroy London, his birthplace. The creature walked across the ocean into London, and began to tear apart buildings. It was opposed by the Sub-Mariner and Triton, who cut it in half with an anchor, but the two halves each formed into a whole Leviathan.

Continuing the battle, Namor and Triton noticed that the creatures feared fire. They assaulted the creatures with a burning timber, causing them to panic and assault each other. Finally, they hurled a vat of natural gas at the creatures, utterly destroying them.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Frank Giacoia.

by Prime Eternal

The Leviathan should not be confused with:

Images taken from:
Sub-Mariner I#3, page 6, panel 1

Sub-Mariner I#3 (July, 1968) - Roy Thomas (writer), John Buscema (penciler), Frank Giacoia (inker), Stan Lee (editor)

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