Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Terrestrial mutant

Occupation: Unknown; would-be destroyer of the X-Men

Affiliations: Ben and Jerry (no, kidding)

Enemies: The X-Men, Professor X

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The man who can turn into any flavor ice cream he desires!

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Obnoxio the Clown vs. the X-Men#1 (April, 1983)



Powers: Eye-Scream had the superhuman mutant ability to turn into any flavor of ice cream he wishes. He could "melt" himself down with the assistance of his (I kid you not) unstable molecule refrigeration unit. This allowed him to ooze through barriers such as bars or underneath locked doors.
In theory, he may have been able to harden his body with his refrigeration unit, giving him increased durability. His ice cream body may have been resistant to many conventional forms of attack, as they would pass through him. Perhaps his ice cream body could be sculpted into various shapes, as well (okay, maybe I’m giving this guy way too much credit; it’s what I call pity power stunts).

Weaknesses: Extremely cold temperatures (below freezing) would immobilize his ice cream form; he may have had an inherent deficiency toward heat due to the nature of his powers; he was seemingly reliant upon his refrigeration unit to manipulate his ice cream form; he had a penchant for making corny ice cream related puns; and finally he had laughable powers (This could give him an edge though. For example, he could catch his opponent off guard while they laughed themselves silly at him).



History: Little is known about the past of the man known as Eye-Scream, but regular humans and mutants alike may have ridiculed him because of his superhuman ability.

BTS- Eye-Scream plotted the destruction of the X-Men whose powers made his power seem foolish.

(Obnoxio the Clown vs. the X-Men#1)- When about to execute his master plan at the X-Mansion, Obnoxio the Clown appeared. The clown’s appearance and forced entry into the mansion created an impromptu diversion for Eye-Scream’s ingress. Eye-Scream oozed into the control room of the Danger Room while the X-Men were preoccupied with Obnoxio within the Danger Room. He then activated the automated defense systems inside the Danger Room, attempting to slay the X-Men with them. With the aid of Obnoxio, the X-Men overcame the lethal defense systems. As this was happening, Professor X set the temperature within the control room to below freezing. The X-Men, Professor X, and Obnoxio gathered in the control room to find Eye-Scream frozen stiff.


Comments: Created by Alan Kupperburg.

Presumably Eye-Scream was taken into police custody. Eye-Scream could probably hook up with Squirrel Girl and Dr. Goodwrench, and they could form a group of reject mutants.

by Kyle Smith

Clarifications: Eye-Scream should not be confused with:
Iceman, Bobby Drake, ice-manipulating mutant of the X-Men, @ X-Men I#1
Eye Clops, of the Eggsman, a breakfast meal brought to life by Pro-Rata, @ Howard the Duck II#2/2

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