Real Name: Manuel "Manny" Herrera

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Criminal, working for UNISYM

Affiliations: CIA (former agent), Mecozzi Crime Family, Revolutionary Jihad, UNISYM

Enemies: The Punisher, Rosetti Brothers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unisym Compound, North Patterson, New Jersey

First Appearance: Punisher II#6 (February, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Special training as a former CIA agent. A hypochondriac, believing himself to be terminal ill.

History: (Punisher II#7 (fb, BTS))- Manny used to be a CIA agent, one of the thinkers behind the aborted Castro assasination attempt.

(Punisher II#6)- The Punisher decided to go to North Patterson to investigate UNISYM. While there he overheard a conversation between Harold Magasy and "Manny" as they talked about Manny's illness. "Manny" believed himself to have leukemia, but Harold wasn't convinced. After the conversation, Manny left in one of the trucks. Later, Manny called Harold, but the Punisher picked up the phone, learning that Manny wanted Harold to come to the place where they were to meet Yasir.

Later at the compound in South Jersey, Manny and one of his men met with Yasir and Ahmed. Yasir paid Manny a million dollars for some plutonium. Suddenly the meeting was interrupted by the Punisher. They attempted to gun him down, but he managed to escape. Manny yelled at Yasir, telling him that the man (Punisher) who just attacked them must have followed him. Yasir told him that it was impossible, and that it was his own fault for starting the vendetta against the Rosetti brothers.

(Punisher II#7)- Manny was later assaulted by the Rosetti Brothers and the Punisher while with the Mecozzi Crime Family. The Punisher brought down a wall in one of the buildings at the compound. Suddenly Manny came up on him from behind, threatening him with a gun, and asked the Punisher just who he was. The Punisher told him that he was after the Arabs, and Manny became scared believing the Punisher to be with Mossad, letting him go. The Punisher and Rose Kugel later returned to the Patterson compound where they met with Manny again. Lou was also present, and Manny told him to shut up, because these two were Mossad agents. The Punisher questioned Manny while Lou tried to reach for his knife to take him out, but Punisher punched him in the face, taking him out instead. Manny told them about Ahmed, and that the Revolutionary Jihad planned to use the plutonium at the Gallagher building to take down the building as well as a nearby theatre where Mr. Mecozzi was present alongside the mayor and the secretary general of the UN.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Davis Ross and Kevin Nowlan.

--I'm not so sure Manny was a hypochondriac. He worked around toxic waste all day, every day, and the Punisher felt ill after being around it for just a few hours--Snood.

by The Beetle

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