Membership: unnamed (presumably at least two are named Rosetti)

Purpose: Garbage truck company, crime family

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Mecozzi Crime Family, UNISYM

Base of Operations: New Jersey

First Appearance: Punisher II#6 (February, 1988)

History: (Punisher II#6)- At the warehouse where Frank Castle was staying, a garbage truck parked. The Punisher went out to look at the car, and discovered the bodies of at least 3 members of the Rosetti brothers. Later in South Jersey, the Rosettis made a retaliation against the Mecozzi family, attacking their compound at the same time the Punisher was attacking them.

(Punisher II#7)- After the Punisher had blown a hole in the wall of the compound in South Jersey, the Rosetti brothers continued their attack against the Mecozzi family.

(Punisher II#7 (BTS))- Castle and Microchip later heard on the radio a mention of a major underworld struggle for the control of the New Jersey waste management business, but the radio did not mention who the parties involved were.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Davis Ross and Kevin Nowlan.

None of the members of the Rosetti Brothers are named, but must have been at least two Mr. Rosetti's since they're the Rosetti brothers, it's unknown just how many of them were in fact Rosettis.

by The Beetle

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