Real Name: Miho Mikashi

Identity/Class: Human; briefly an artillery user

Occupation: Unrevealed

Affiliations: Sneak Thief, Spider-Man (ally)

Enemies: Diggers, Jury, Life Foundation (especially Carlton Drake/Homo Arachnis), Spoiler, General Orwell Taylor, Venom

Known Relatives: Toshiro Mikashi (father, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: briefly the Life Foundation bunker beneath Washington, DC

First Appearance: Spider-Man: the Arachnis Project#1-BTS;
    Spider-Man: the Arachnis Project#2 (August, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None. Miho had some self-defense skills and was reasonably experienced with the use of handguns, such as the .357 magnum she kept at home. She was courageous, and she strapped on an arsenal of weaponry as Gunplay, though she made little use of it.

(Spider-Man: the Arachnis Project#1 - BTS) - The Life Foundation used threats to Miho's life to force her father to comply with them in the development of his Arachnis Project.

(Spider-Man: the Arachnis Project#2) - Miho met Peter Parker, who came to visit her father after he was framed for a death caused by the Life Foundation. That group then showed up and took out both Parker and Toshiro Mikashi with a gas attack.

(Spider-Man: the Arachnis Project#3) - Miho used a bandana to protect herself from the gas, and used her gun to drive off the Foundation members, though they escaped with her father. She initially accused Peter Parker of being involved with them due to the timing of his arrival, but he convinced her otherwise. When Peter left to investigate, Miho prepared in case the Foundation returned.

(Spider-Man: the Arachnis Project#4) - Nonetheless, Miho was captured by their goons anyway, and arrived in time to see her father get cracked in the head by Spoiler. On the way to her cell, Miho kicked Spoiler in the gibs and escaped, with assistance from Sneak Thief, another escaped prisoner of the Life Foundation.

(Spider-Man: the Arachnis Project#5) - After Drake turned into Homo Arachnis and turned the Life Foundation base into a warzone, Sneak Thief told Miho that the only way they stood a chance was to "become a pair of pistol packin' mamas." They raided the Jury's barracks, loaded up with weaponry, and Miho became Gunplay. Shortly thereafter, Miho watched her father sacrifice his life to destroy to set the self-destruct on the Life Foundation bunker, to prevent the Arachnis formula from being mass produced and misused. Sneak Thief convinced her that she had to fight on and survive, or her father's death would be rendered meaningless.

(Spider-Man: the Arachnis Project#6) - Gunplay was amidst the chaos as the Jury and Spider-Man fought Venom and then all teamed up against Homo Arachnis. She attacked Venom--considering him to be a puppet of the Life Foundation--and was nearly choked when he extended tendrils down her throat as punishment. She was saved by Spider-Man and Ramshot, and she escaped the bunker with the rest of the group. She was taken away in an ambulance, but she was happy that her father's work had been destroyed rather than being corrupted. She told Spider-Man to thank Peter Parker for keeping his promise of always being there for her father--though as far as she should have known, Peter didn't see her father again after he left her house...

Comments: Created by Mike Lackey and Andrew Wildman.

    It would seem doubtful--even if anyone really did give a frog's fat ass--that Miho would have maintained her Gunplay alias. She had no actual fighting skills, and she only took the identity as a defense mechanism to get out of the bunker alive. There have been weaker origins, though...

    No known connection to:


Toshiro Mikashi

Toshiro's family, Japanese citizens, opposed World War II, and were ostracized in their native land. They moved to the USA, but were again looked on with distrust. Toshiro worked and studied, becoming a great scientist, but still he was looked over for promotions and lucrative jobs by the old boys network of the post-war boom companies. He married fathered Miho, and became an Entomology (which, of course, studies insects, not spiders, but anyway...) professor at Empire State University. He later worked at Williams University in Washington, DC.
    He developed the Arachnis Project, designed to replicate the exo-skeleton of arachnids in people, so people could store toxins in their exo-skeleton and then shed them when full, like he proposed a spider does. After his wife died, he became increasingly depressed. Two years later, the Life Foundation learned of his discovery, which was of interest to their leader, Carlton Drake, who was dying of cancer. The Life Foundation coerced Toshiro to work with them--initially under the belief that their work was for the greater good, and later under the threat that if he refused, they would go after Miho. One of Mikashi's students, Jerry Powers, investigated his work, was discovered by Life Foundation members. They terminated Powers by exposure to Mikashi's simulated spider-digestive enzyme, which rapidly digested his body, and then framed Toshiro for Powers' death.
    Learning of all this, Toshiro's old student, Peter Parker, came to see him, just in time to be subdued along with Toshiro by a gas attack. Toshiro was captured, and though Miho drove them off before they could grab her or Peter, both were later captured anyway (Spidey by the Jury, Miho by the Life Foundation). The Lifers than coerced--including the butt of Spoiler's rifle to the back of his head--Toshiro into stepping up his plan and combining the blood of Spider-Man with his previous formula. When the Foundation agents prepared to poison Spider-Man, Toshiro tried to stop them and received a back full of buckshot for his efforts. Spidey broke free and fought the Foundation's various agents, and then used his webbing to patch up Toshiro's back.
    Drake took Toshiro's formula (he took it as an intravenous injection, though it was meant to be drunk) and mutated into the monstrous Homo Arachnis. Spidey brought Toshiro to safety outside of the bunker, but he returned to prevent his formula form being mass produced. Exposing himself to lethal amounts of radiation, Toshiro set the nuclear bomb in the bunker to explode, and said his goodbye to Miho by video link before dying.

--Spider-Man: The Arachnis Project#1 (3(fb), 1-5

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