Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Unknown, possibly mutant

Occupation: Biker, hitman

Affiliations: Magnus, Ryder

Enemies: Ghost Rider/Blaze/Zarathos

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The roads of I-81 and I-90

First Appearance: Ghost Rider IV#2 (September, 2001)

Powers: Gunmetal Gray has superhuman recuperative powers, able to heal from virtually any injury. He is a skilled motorcyclist and marksman. He is armed with a shotgun, handgun and grenades.

History: (Ghost Rider IV#2, 3) - Gunmetal Gray was a biker possessed with a superhuman healing factor who killed people on request, for sport. Nothing else of his history has been revealed. When Johnny Blaze began to lose control of his alter ego Ghost Rider, he found himself in a biker bar off of I-81, and met Gunmetal Gray. Blaze demanded that Gray kill Ghost Rider for him. The next day Gray came across Ghost Rider on the highway and blew his head off with a shotgun. Ghost Rider recovered and rode off, with Gunmetal Gray screaming "This isn't over!" Gray then called up an associate named Ryder and ordered a truck full of liquid nitrogen. Gray spotted Ghost Rider at a highway rest stop, and drove the truck into the diner. The explosion killed all the patrons, but failed to harm Ghost Rider. When Ghost Rider next transformed into Blaze, he was horrified at what Gunmetal Gray had done and cancelled the hit. Gunmetal Gray not only refused, but suddenly realized that Blaze was Ghost Rider, and pointed a gun at his head.

(Ghost Rider IV#4, 5) - Gunmetal Gray and John Blaze struggled over the gun, attracting the attention of nearby police officers. Gray fled, confident that he'd figured out a way to trap Ghost Rider. Gray knew Ghost Rider intended to kill Detective Harlan Smith, an officer that once needlessly shot a suspect. Gray warned Smith, and stuck by his side until Ghost Rider arrived. At that point Gray killed Smith, and demanded that Ghost Rider avenge the officer. Ghost Rider walked away, but Gray knew that if he followed him sooner or later Johnny Blaze would reappear. Gray caught Blaze asleep in a Sioux Falls motel, but Blaze somehow managed to escape with his life. Hours later Gray and his biker buddy Magnus caught up to Blaze on his bike. They chased Blaze into a convenience store, where the frightened clerk shot Magnus dead.

(Ghost Rider IV#6) - Gray blamed Ghost Rider for Magnus' death, and challenged him to a final confrontation at the Sturgis bike rally. Gray blew Ghost Rider to pieces (temporarily) with a grenade, and rode off into the night. The next day Gunmetal Gray and Ghost Rider squared off in front of a large crowd of bikers, but Ghost Rider refused to fight back. In an attempt to motivate him Gray shot a bystander. The crowd turned against Gray and swarmed over him. This apparently beat some sense into Gray's head, and he decided fighting Ghost Rider was pointless. Blaze resurfaced, and Gray immediately attacked. Blaze surprised Gray with his fighting skills, and Gunmetal was soon left in the dirt, unconscious.


Comments: Created by Devin Grayson & Trent Kaniuga.


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Images taken from: Ghost Rider IV#6, page 8 panel 1(excluding ads)
Ghost Rider IV#3, page 8 panel 5 (excluding ads)

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