Real Name: Shelley Conklin

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Police captain

Group Membership: Code: Blue

Affiliations: Code: Gray, Daredevil, Samantha Joyce, Dr. Gary Paretsky, Thomas Rizzo, Spider-Man, Thunderstrike

Enemies: Kronin Krask, Jim Redfield, Thermal Man, Jim Young

Known Relatives: Paul Conklin (husband, deceased), Amy Conklin (daughter), Paul Conklin Jr. (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Code: Blue Headquarters, NYPD precinct, Metro Division, Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Thor I#426 (November, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Captain Conklin is normally a desk jockey, but occasionally sets out to serve in the field. While in the field, she is armed with various police handguns and grenades, wears a protective SWAT uniform, and uses a headset for communications.

History: (Thor I#426)- Captain Conklin sent Code: Blue on their first mission, to save a hostage from the Wrecking Crew. Lt. Stone doubted that his team was ready for the field at that time, but the mission proved successful.

(Thor I#432)- Captain Conklin stepped out into the field to oversee Code: Blue's actions as they set out to rescue Kevin Masterson from Loki.

(Thor I#450)- Conklin met with Lt. Stone as he planned to invade Asgard with Code: Blue to capture Ulik. She disapproved of Stone's mission, feeling he was on a mission of vengeance for what Ulik had done to "Mother" Majowski, but Stone disregarded her objections.

(Thunderstrike#5)- After all of Code: Blue save "Jock" Jackson were taken captive by S.H.I.E.L.D., Conklin reluctantly allowed Jackson to go on leave so that he could join Thunderstrike and Spider-Man in attempting to get them back.

(Thunderstrike#6)- When Code: Blue returned, Shelley was pleased to see Lt. Stone again, but less than enthused at the illegal CD of information they had obtained from S.H.I.E.L.D. to help them track the killer Pandara.

(Thunderstrike#8)- Conklin attended a demonstration of the robot Officer Z.E.R.O., created by Thomas Rizzo to be the ultimate law enforcement machine. Conklin had Lt. Stone take Officer Z.E.R.O. with Code: Blue on a training mission, but the mission proved disasterous when the robot went rogue, and had to be destroyed.

(Thunderstrike#11)- Stone and Conklin met with Thunderstrike after Kevin Masterson was shot. They provided him with information on school shootings, unaware that he was Kevin's father.

(Thunderstrike#13/2)- Conklin met with Lt. Stone, Chief O'Grady and Jim Young of the mayor's office to discuss the cost of sending Code: Blue into the field. Conklin was forced to accept Young's condition that Code: Blue not be sent out without his approval. Shelley also visited her husband Paul, and apologized for not being available to her family so often.

(Thunderstrike#14/2)- Conklin again butted heads with Young when the Wrecker went on a rampage and she authorized Code: Blue to stop him without Young's permission. Young refused, at first, to authorize sending in Code: Blue, but finally did after his attempt at getting Thor to defeat the Wrecker for them failed. Conklin assisted in the Wrecker's defeat by locating Burt Garthwaite, the Wrecker's father, so that Code: Blue could force the Wrecker to confront him.

(Thunderstrike#15/2)- When her husband contacted her to inform her that the Thermal Man was running amock at Redfield Electronics, Shelley overrode Young's authority and sent in Code: Blue, joining them in the field. In the course of their battle against the Thermal Man, her husband was killed, but he gave her evidence that Jim Redfield had allowed the accident to happen. As Redfield was sent away, Shelley was informed by Chief O'Grady that she was fired for abusing her authority.

(Thunderstrike#16/2)- Code: Blue was reactivated when Kronin Krask assaulted the stock market, and Shelley joined the team in the field again, alongside Daredevil. Thanks to Code: Gray, Krask was contained, and Code: Blue was fully reinstated, with Young assigned elsewhere. While Code: Blue and Code: Gray celebrated, Shelley spoke with Lt. Stone, and learned that his divorce had gone through.

(Thunderstrike#23-24)- Captain Conklin kept watch over Jackie Lukas in custody with Dr. Gary Paretsky and Samantha Joyce, and witnessed her faint after Thunderstrike gave up his life to destroy the Bloodaxe which had possessed her.

(Thor I#492 (BTS))- Captain Conklin had a head from one of the henchmen of Price destroyed by Thor and various statements made by people who had had dreams of Yggdrasil sent to the desk of Curzon, a British inspector assigned to Code: Blue.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Joe Sinnott and Dan Panosian.

Shelley definitely had feelings for Lt. Stone, as demonstrated in Thunderstrike#6, but at the time they were both married. With her husband dead and Stone divorced, there's nothing preventing them from hooking up now.

by Prime Eternal

Captain Shelley Conklin should not be confused with:

Paul Conklin was the husband of Shelley Conklin, and was employed as chief engineer at Redfield Electronics. Against his better judgement, he assisted on the project to awaken the Thermal Man, and when the robot ran amock, he contacted Shelley so that Code: Blue could stop it. As Redfield Electronics fell down around him, Paul found evidence of Jim Redfield's criminal wrongdoing, but just as he was about to pass the file along to Shelley, a ceiling collapsed and killed him. Shelley subsequently used the information Paul found to put Redfield away.

--Thunderstrike#13/2, 14/2, 15/2

Amy Conklin and Paul Conklin Jr. are Shelley's children. Shelley's career meant that she had to be without them for long periods of time, which put a strain on her home life.


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