Real Name: Thomas Rizzo

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Police officer, police scientist

Group Membership: NYPD

Affiliations: Code: Blue

Enemies: Officer Z.E.R.O.

Known Relatives: Daniel Rizzo (brother, deceased), unnamed parents

Aliases: "Tommy"

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Thunderstrike#8 (May, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Thomas Rizzo was a brilliant scientist, skilled in robotics. He designed his robot Officer Z.E.R.O. with a special tap into his cerebral cortex, so that the robot would be able to learn and grow. Unfortunately, this flow of information meant that Z.E.R.O. could not be shut down as long as Rizzo was alive.

History: (Thunderstrike#8 (fb, BTS))- Rizzo's brother Daniel was a police officer and partner of Julius Anthony Rassitano. Daniel died in a drug sting, and internal affairs suspected a dirty cop was responsible. Thomas subconsciously blamed Rassitano for his brother's death. Rizzo graduated from the police academy himself, and was top of his class.

(Thunderstrike#8)- Rizzo presented the NYPD with Officer Z.E.R.O., a robot police officer designed to minimize the risk to the lives of men on the streets. Officer Z.E.R.O. was assigned to Code: Blue for a training mission, and Thomas was reunited with Rassitano, who he had not seen in awhile.

When Z.E.R.O. attacked and killed some drug dealers it happened upon and then assaulted Rassitano and the rest of Code: Blue, "Mother" Majowski suggested to Rizzo that his subconscious hatred of Rassitano had been fed into Z.E.R.O., making him an enemy of the police. With no other way to halt Z.E.R.O.'s actions, Rizzo decided that he could only hope to die like a hero as his brother was-- and shot himself in the head. Z.E.R.O. immediately fell inert.

Comments: Created by Ron Frenz, Tom DeFalco and Al Milgrom.

The Sgt. Rizzo from Code of Honor#2 is possibly Daniel Rizzo, Thomas' brother, since the scene is set before his death.

by Prime Eternal

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Thunderstrike#8, page 3, panel 1

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