Real Name: Abdul Kazir

Identity/Class: Normal human, technology user

Occupation: Terrorist

Affiliations:  worked for The One; The Sept

worked for him  Hamid; his men

Enemies: Dum Dum Dugan; Nasr al Din; Nick Fury; S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law Enforcement Division); Valentina de la Fontaine

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Egypt

First Appearance: Hulk Comics#9/3 (May 2nd 1979)

Powers/Abilities: As well as commanding a small army of loyal (if not overly bright) minions, he has access to a variety of high tech gadgets and weapons , such as a "self-inflating balloon" capable of lifting at least four people, laser weapons and explosives. He is never shown directly using any tools or weapons himself, so his own capability with these is uncertain. 

History:  (Hulk Comic#9/3) Abdul Kazir watched through binoculars as an explosion destroyed the Cairo SHIELD office, and informed his companion that "our brothers have been avenged". A little later he addressed the rest of his men, informing them that their plans were almost complete. They had only to kill any surviving SHIELD agents and replace them with their own men, and then when the leader of SHIELD, Nick Fury, arrived to investigate, they would execute him!

(Hulk Comic#10/4) Nick Fury did arrive and Kazir's men ambushed him as planned. The night following the ambush Kazir was dismayed to come across the men he had sent to kill the SHIELD agent dead at their target's hands. Incredulous and angry, Kazir swore vengeance.

(Hulk Comic#11/4) Kazir drove his landrover through the desert hunting for his nemesis. He heard a shot in the distance, and deduced that it came from the caravan of Nasr al Din. Deciding that this was where Fury must be, Kazir drove off to find the rest of his men. Shortly afterwards he informed the remainder of his forces of his plans to follow Nasr al Din's caravan until Fury left it, then lure the SHIELD agent into a new ambush.

(Hulk Comic#12/4) After Kazir's men successfully lured Fury and his allies, Nasr al Din, Dum Dum Dugan and Valentina de la Fontaine, into the trap, the villain watched on a monitor screen as a radio-controlled blimp carrying his foes under it within a clear plastic sphere delivered his captives to Kazir's base.

(Hulk Comic#13/4) Kazir continued to watch on his monitor screens as Fury's people escaped, and penetrated his hideout. Using the security cameras, Kazir co-ordinated his soldier's attacks on the intruders, and drove them along a path of his choice. He separated Nick from his companions, then gassed those companions into unconsciousness. Fury dropped down a pit into a cage. With his target trapped, Kazir introduced himself to his foe over a tanoy, and explained that the SHIELD agent was to enter the Labyrinth of Death.

(Hulk Comic#14/3) Fury successfully navigated Kazir's death traps, until he came to a final chamber. There the secret agent saw his three friends held above a burning pit, while Kazir's face gloated from a giant screen on the far side of the room. The villain informed Fury that his friends had seconds to live, unless Fury simply lifted a small ball from a pedestal in front of him. However Kazir refused to tell Fury what would happen to him if he did so.

(Hulk Comic#15/3) Time ticked away, and Kazir reminded his foe of the dilemma facing him. Then he watched with dismay as Fury used a gun to shoot the ball on the pedestal, thus breaking the circuit without touching the booby trapped device. While his prisoners escaped again, Kazir was dismayed when his unseen superior, The One, suddenly communicated with him through a loud-speaker in Kazir's command centre. The One berated him as a fool, and told him he should not have played with his foe. Then The One informed Kazir that if he failed to kill Fury, his own life was forfeit.

Kazir returned his attention to the monitors, and began directing his guards to intercept the intruders once more. Having found an exit, Fury planted his main weapon, a Particle-Beam Blaster, in a ventilator shaft, set to overload and explode. When it did so, it ruptured the wall, and the base, deep below the surface of the desert, swiftly filled with sand. Kazir, up to his neck and with the sand still rising, swore to have his vengeance in Hell. 

Comments: Created by Steve Moore and Steve Dillon.

I swear, this guy is worse than Dr.Evil from the Austin Powers movies! Every plan he makes comes a cropper, and each time, he proclaims bombastically that, never mind, his next one will work for sure. Instead of killing Fury and his allies out in the desert during his only successful ambush, he instead brings them to his base using (I kid-you-not) a "self-inflating balloon", which sedately carries them under it in a see-through sphere. Okay, it's flying through a desert in Egypt, so the chances of witnesses are slim, but if you have any, then there going to know something weird is going on. Then, as your captives arrive at your hideout, they escape...because they still have all their equipment and weapons on them! Now they are inside your base, so what do you do? Answer: sit at your monitor screens going "So Fury, so you come to me...but it is I who make the rules!" (That is a genuine quote from the story!) Dude, armed enemies have penetrated your base! Stop being so cocky. Still, you finally manage to get something to go right, and you recapture the intruders. Why don't you just shoot Fury? ("I've got a gun in my room. I'll just go get it for you. It's no trouble.") No. You send him through a series of death-traps, which he easily gets past...because you still haven't bothered to take his weapons off him! Even Dr.Evil thought to disarm Austin Powers first, before putting him in the pointless death-trap. How did this guy get to be head of a branch of a villainous organisation? 

Profile by Loki

CLARIFICATIONS: No known connection to and not to be confused with

The One should not be confused with

Image list: Hulk Comic#11/4, p.2 panel 6; Hulk Comic#10/4, p.3, panel 6

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