WE--THE PEOPLE - Brooklyn arsonists formerly led by Hal Brady
    (app-hal)--Marvel Fanfare I#18



WEADON, ARTHUR of Earth-MC2 - US government agent, directed exonerated super-humans to track down Black Tarantula
    --Spider-Girl#64 (65, 66, 73, 79, 83, 93, 95, 96, 97, 99

WEAK LINK (Ernie Mills) - chain gang.
    wm, bald, siphon strength + life from others
    (app-cg)--Sleepwalker#7 ( 19-24

WEAPON - created by Celestials to destroy dreaming celestial, robbed him of his sentience and sealed his essence in a vial. both the vial and the weapon were sealed within the pyramid of winds. druig forced its location out of ikaris and recovered it, but was destroyed by ikaris as he was setting it off.
    the explosion resulted in the weapon overloading and melting the pyramid. the energies were contained from causing further damage by Ziran
    -"The Weapon"--Eternals II#19

WEAPON – see LAZARUS—[Domino II#2], 3

weapons of ZUULDA THAAL of the Hyborian era - see ZUULDA THAAL (app-zuuldathaal)--Savage Sword of Conan#87

WEAPON ALPHA - see GUARDIAN (James). original identity
    (net)—X-Men I#109 (X-Men Unlimited#45 (fb1-6), Alpha Flight I#3/2(fb), Alpha Flight II minus 1 (Alpha Flight I#2/2+3/2(34(fb3), 33(fb))), Wolverine II minus 1, AF#52(fb), 3/2(fb), Deadpool/Death 1998 Annual(fb), Alpha Flight II#1(fb), Uncanny X-Men#147(fb), 148(fb), AF I#52(fb(53(fb)), Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory, Alpha Flight Special#1, AF I#8/2, 10/2, 17(fb1(52(fb)), , Wolv144(fb), XM109/AF#17(fb2), Classic X-Men#16, AF#11/2-->Vindicator)

WEAPON INFINITY of Reality-11045 - Deathloks created from slain heroes under the control of Father; also served as massively powerful artificial intelligence infecting the World
    (app)--Uncanny X-Force#5 (6 (fb), [5 (fb)], 5-7

    masked identity used as agent of Canadian government
    --Alpha Flight I#102 (103, 104, 105,106, 107,108, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD III#32, AF#109, 109/2,/Infinity War#1, 2/Moon Knight III#41/New Warriors I#27, AF110, IW3, AF#111, IW4, AF#112,113, 114, 115, 116(fb), 116, 117, 118-->wildheart )

WEAPON PLUS - continued the Weapon series, created Weapon XV, attacked by AIM, currently run by John Sublime
    --X-Men II#143 (Weapon X II#23(fb2,3), X144-146, [WX23,24], 25, [26, 27], 28

WEAPON PRIME (G. W. Bridge, Rictor, Tigerstrike, Weapon X, Yeti/Wendigo, Grizzly, Double Trouble, Killjoy, Killspree)
    - organized originally to bring in cable and x-force, later used against Northstar
PRototype Induced Mutation Echelon (net)--[X-Force#10], 11 (12-14, 22,23, Northstar#1,3

WEAPON 0 - classified
    --[X-Men II#130]

WEAPON I ( ) - volunteer
    --[X-Men II#130]

WEAPON II - animal
    --[X-Men II#130]

WEAPON III - animal
    --[X-Men II#130]

WEAPON IV - ethnic minority
    --[X-Men II#130]

WEAPON V - ethnic minority
    --[X-Men II#130]

WEAPON VI - ethnic minority
    --[X-Men II#130]

WEAPON VII - kidnapped mutant
    --[X-Men II#130]

WEAPON VIII - kidnapped mutant
    --[X-Men II#130]

WEAPON IX - kidnapped mutant
    --[X-Men II#130]

    --Incredible Hulk II#180 (, Weapon X II#23(fb2,3), Marvel Comics Presents#72-84, [Daredevil II#54(fb)], Alpha Flight II minus 1/Alpha Flight I#33(fb),, Alpha Flight II#1(fb), Wolverine II minus 1, Alpha Flight Special#1, Wolv144(fb), Wolverine: Guts & Glory, Alpha Flight I#9/2, Incredible Hulk II#180-182, Giant-Size X-Men#1->Wolv

WEAPON X - see KANE. (M,net)—X-Force#2

WEAPON X (  ) - empowered by Dr. Horatio Huxley at secret project in sub-basement of Department H, mutated by exposure to a fatal dose of thetagen-24, a virulent bacterium, committed suicide in Hellpounder to prevent himself from releasing theagen-24 into the world.
    absorb energy, carrier of thetagen-24, forced to wear armored containment suit
    *D* (net)--Alpha Flight II#17 (19(fb), 17-19,20d)

WEAPON X (Exiles) (Colossus, Daredevil, Deadpool, Firestar, Forge, Gambit, Hulk, Hulk (Jen Walters), Hyperion, Iron Man, Kane, Ms. Marvel, Sabretooth, Spider, Storm, Vision)
    -sent to alternate world to right certain wrongs, eventually became despotic under Hyperion, slain in battle with Exiles
    (OH:AoA)--Exiles#5 (6, 12,13, 23-25, 38-40, 43-45)


    (OH: Wolv, ME)--Wolverine II#160 (Weapon X II#23(fb5), Wolv160, 162, 164-166, Deadpool III#57-59, Wolv173, Weapon X#½, Weapon X: Draft: Sauron/Wild Child/Kane/Marrow/AZ, Weapon X#1-4, 5-13, 14, 15-18, 19-21, 22, [23-25], New Excalibur#9 (fb)


WEAPON XII (12) - see HUNTSMAN (app-huntsman)--X-Men II#128,129

WEAPON XIII - see FANTOMEX--X-Men II#128,130

WEAPON XIV (Stepford Cuckoos, 995 others)- clone collective based on Emma Frost's oocytes
    --Phoenix: Warsong?

WEAPON XV (James Logan) - developed at Weapon Plus facility, unwittingly released by AIM, slew them   
    ULTIMATON*--X-Men II#143 (144-146


WEAPON-WALKER - exo-skeleton creation of Mako, destroyed by Coldblood
    (app-mako)--Marvel Comics Presents#32/3 (34/3-35/3

WEAPON WOMAN - see HAWKEYE (Kate Bishop) (OH2006#5)--Young Avengers#1

WEAPON Y - see CITADEL (app)--Wolverine: First Class#5

WEAPON Y ( ) -  mysterious warrior, sought to kill Fabian Nicieza for writing a story in which he was defeated by the New Warriors, stopped and defeated by Turbo (Michael Jeffries)
    (app)--New Warriors Annual#3/3

WEAPONEERS (Rasheed    ) - Central Saharan Republic, driven off by X-Men, former allies of nihilist Viper, betrayed her during assault on Zanzibar; formerly employed Scimitar
    --Uncanny X-Men#444 (Excalibur III#11-13, Uncanny X-Men#462

WEAPONERS of AIM of Earth-Amalgam - AIM + Weaponers of Qward, allied with HECTOR
    (app-il)--Iron Lantern#1

WEASEL - henchman of King Kobra, infiltrated Sam Hawk's posse
    --Kid Colt, Outlaw #98

WEASEL (    ) - former professional wrestler, defeated by X the Marvel
    (app-x)--Power Man I#27 (27(fb)

WEASEL - hood in Devil's Playground, attempted to get out of crime, murdered by Butch
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#4/2d

WEASEL - henchman of Dr. Vortex, shot by Lara
    --Mystic Comics#4d

    --Power Man/Iron Fist#112 (114, 116(fb)

WEASEL ( ) - Warpies, Seraphim
    female, brown skin + hair, sharp claws, strong + fast + sneaky + vicious
    --Excalibur I#62

WEASEL (Jack Hammer) - ally of Deadpool, computer hacker, arms supplier
    PENETRAITOR*, HOUSE* (Deadpool: Rank and Foul)--Deadpool I#1 (Deadpool III#11(past), Deadpool I#1-4, Deadpool III#1-3, 5-7, Daredevil/Deadpool Annual 1997, Dp8-14, [16(fb4)], 61-64, Cable and Deadpool#7, 10(fb), 11,12, 20-21, 28-29, 36, 38, 39, [43 (fb)], 43-44, 45-47, 49-50, Marvel Comics Presents II#10/3, Deadpool IV#25-27

WEASEL ( ) - small-time criminal in Snow Valley, partner of Dorian, beat up Synch
    --Generation X#33 (36-40, 43,44

WEASEL ( ) - Friends of Humanity
    --X-Men Unlimited#15

WEASEL 2099 ( ) - Halo City, criminal
    --X-Men 2099#30

WEASEL WILLS - see WILLS, WEASEL (app-ww)--Tales of Suspense I#65

WEASON, senator - political opponent of gen. Hagert, kidnapped by Wargod
    (app-wg)--Marvel Comics Presents#80 (81

WEATHERBY, CARL - second husband of Celia, step-father of Jean
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#107 (107(fb)

WEATHERBY, CELIA DeWOLFF - mother of Jean, widow of Phillip, wife of Carl
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#107 (107(fb)

WEATHER GENERATOR - Designed by Reed Richards, briefly used by Franklin, making a mess of his room
    --Power Pack III#4/2

WEATHER MAKER - see TORRENT (app)--Thor: GodStorm#1

WEATHERMEN - meteorologists, mentally controlled by Samarobryn, given suits of armor to cause catastrophic weather patterns
    (app)--Avengers I#210

WEATHERS, Mr. - principal(?) at Midtown HS
    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man#53 (54

WEAVER OF SPIRITS - see DROM --Thor Annual #2

WEAVER, RIPLEY of Earth-Shadowline - 732 year old Venezuelan Shadow, uncle of Victor, ally/mentor of Powerline, former member of the Order of St. George, former professional wrestler, left hand cut off by Eric Ravenscore.
    Turn hand(s) into steel
    - RIPPER* (app-pl)--Dr. Zero#1 (Powerline#1(fbs), Dr. Zero#1, Powerline#1-8, Critical Mass#1/2, 2, 3, 4/2, 6, 6/2, 7/1-3

WEB – pocket realm in the center of the universe, home of the Web-Spinners
    (app-webspin)—Dark Angel#9 (10, 16

WEBB (Spyder, Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade, admiral Dupen'th)
    - Intergalactic consortium
    --New Mutants I#67

WEBB, CORNELIUS - criminal psychologist
    (app)--Captain Marvel I#19

WEBBER (    ) - psychotic escape artist
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#10

WEBBER, Dr. - archeologist, father of June, encountered Namora in the Yucatan Peninsula
    (app-namora)--Namora I#1

WEBBER, JUNE - daughter of the archeologist Dr. Webber
    (app-namora)--Namora I#1

WEBBY-TWO of Earth-57780 - second duplicate of Spider-Man created by Dr. Doom's "twin machine"
    (app)--Spidey Super-Stories I#25

WEBCORPS (Alice Copeland, Phil Healy, Miguel Legar, Ted Mankowski, Simon Sanderson, Ezekiel Simms, Nina, Phil)
    - enemies of the Sisterhood of the Wasp
    200 John Street, Manhattan
    front for the Spider Society, shell company inside another shell company, inside an offshore private company incorporated in Brazil by three guys whose birth certificates read one year earlier than the certificate of incorporation
    --Amazing Spider-Man II# , (named) Amazing Fantasy II#2 (5(fb)
    AmzFant#1-6, Arana: Heart of the Spider#1-6, 7-12, Spider-Man & Araña Special: The Hunter Revealed#1

WEB-MAN of Earth-57780 - first duplicate of Spider-Man created by Dr. Doom's "twin machine"
    (app)--Spidey Super-Stories I#25

WEBELOS - Inhumans Genetics Council, attended wedding of Black Bolt and Medusa
    --Fantastic Four Annual I#18

WEBER, - victim of Vlad the Impaler
    (app-vlad)--Black Panther: The Man without Fear#513

WEBO, RED - one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars"
    creation engine
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

WEBSLINGER (   ) - Eurth, Spider-Man counterpart
    (app-eurth)--Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#2

WEB-SPINNERS – parents of the Wyrd Sisters, possible manifestation of the Fates/Norns
    control reality, weave fabric of the universe
    (app)--Dark Angel# 9 (10, 16

WEBS - book of Peter Parker’s photographs of Spider-Man, published by Wiltonbooks
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#304

WEB-SPIDER - techno-art creation of Bereet
    projects webs
    (app-bereet)--Incredible Hulk II#269

WEBSTER of Earth-31232 - duck-spider, encountered Howard the Pork of Earth-19820 during the Secret Roars reality warps
    (app)--Spider-Man Annual#1 (2019)

WEBSTER, NORMAN - real estate agent for Vision + Scarlet Witch, had affair with Crystal during her marriage to Quicksilver
    --Vision & Scarlet Witch II#1 (4, 6-12, Fantastic Four I#311

WEBSTER, TOMMY - former host of the Devourer
    (app-devourer)--Daredevil I Annual#9

WEBSTRAL of Earth-148611 - Far Place

WEBWING - Borderers
    squid-like creature, surround others and secrete narcotic to sedate them
    --Uncanny X-Men#157? ( UX387

    --Spider-Man Family#2

WEDGE-BOMBS - used by natives of Uncara in attempt to wreck havoc upon earth
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#89/2

WEDGETECH SECURITY - Employed by Progamma
    --Punisher I Annual#3

WEEBWOW - Inhuman, attended wedding of Black Bolt and Medusa
--Fantastic Four Annual #18

WEED - living plant created by radiation, killed by George the gardener
    --(g) ;Monster Menace#2/2

WEED (Jack Wiley) - Drug Lords, augmented by Tzin to generate mind/body altering smoke
    (app-Drug Lords)--Captain America: The Drug Wars

WEED - agent of Plantman
    --Namor I#24

WEED - created by Arich Schnellageister by Orgone energy, helped him form the cult of New Orgonon, destroyed by Doc Samson and his allies
    Large & powerful plant creature with many thorned tentacles, control those who consumed portions of it
    *D* (app)--Doc Samson II#1, (named) #2 ([2 (fb)], 1, 2d

WEEKS - soldier, victim of Mad Thinker's Compound D
    --Torch#4 (2010)

WEELE, JACKSON - see BIG WHEEL--Amazing Spider-Man I#182

WEELE, Mrs. - ex-wife of Jackson
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#12 (12(fb)

WEE ONE ( ) - kinsmen, leprechaun, supplied enchanted boulder to boulder.
    magic powers, uses blinding pixie dust
    (app-kinsmen)--Marvel Comics Presents#43/4

WEGENER, JAKITA - magician

WEGENER, - Facility
    --X-23: Target X#1

WEGMAN, Mrs. - Milton Summers High School, teacher of Anya
    Mrs. Wegmann--Amazing Fantasy II#2 (Arana#2

WEI, ANNA - Sarawak, computer programmer, assisted tony stark in getting his armor back, had affair with him and relocated to usa to work at a stark branch, mother of kiko
    --Iron Man Annual 2001

WEI, KIKO - Sarawak, son of Anna, attempted to help mother out by leading Po to Iron Man armor, captured by Po, freed by Iron Man and Anna
    --Iron Man Annual 2001

WEI, LINDA - investigative reporter, news tv, former agent of deathwatch, spun stories to make ghost rider look bad, killed by Blackout
    *D*(app)--Ghost Rider III#5 (6-9 21-23 #9; 54d)

WEI, Colonel - Chinese soldier possessed/impersonated by Pilgrimm
    (app-pilgrimm)--X-Men II#75 (X-Men: Black Sun#2

    (OH: Spdm2005)--Amazing Spider-Man II#515

WEIDERMAN, Mr. - Charlie's abusive father
    *D*--[Amazing Spider-Man II#515], 518 ([515], 518, [515(fb, dies)]

WEIGAND, RODNEY - see TANGLER of Earth-148611 --DP7 #9

WEIL, Major TOLER - ULTIMATUM, agent for Red Skull, arranged for alliance with Symkarian prime minister Limka in order to assassinate King Stefan and his fiancé to allow Limka to ascend to power, but then had Sabretooth slay Limka, planted evidence implicating the CIA in the assassination to foment a war between the USA and Symkaria, captured by Spider-Man and Solo, inadvertently led Spider-Man to Red Skull
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#322 (323-325

WEINBERG, ALICE - bitten by Dracula
    --Tomb of Dracula II#3

WEINBERG, Dr. (Vitold Niyazov) - SHIELD, de-programmed Wolverine after he was brainwashed by the Hand, attempted to do the same with Northstar
    RABBLE ROUSER* (1960s-rabble, app-rabble)--Wolverine III#26 ([26(fb)], 26-28, [30(fb)], 30, [31], [Iron Man V#20]

WEIR, NICHOLAS JARED - former SHIELD weapons/technology designer, resented Stark outshining him, converted Overkill Horn into Overkill Mind, bound self to it and merged with it, forced to stop the Mind from destroying the SHIELD Helicarrier, assisted in defeat of Nasim Rahimov
    --Iron Man IV#29 ([31 (fb)], 29-31

WEIRDIES - horror comic characters created by Jimmy Rogers, came to life and menaced him until destroyed by his heroic creation, Hero

WEIRDLINGS - misshapen servants of the Entity
    --X-Men & the Micronauts#2

"weird old geezer" - encountered the alien "Monster", later died of a heart attack
    (app-monster)--Strange Tales I#92

WEIRD SISTERS - see FATES (app)--Journey into Mystery I#102

WEIRD SISTERS (Beauty, Charm, Truth) - agents of Maelstrom, apparently human, former prisoners on Stranger’s Laboratory World, brought to earth alongside numerous other former prisoners by Jack of Hearts, assisted Maelstrom in plot to steal earth’s kinetic energy, attempted to resurrect him by sacrificing other Eternals and Deviants
    (app)--[Quasar#14], 20, (named) 22 ([23(fb)], [14-16], [19],20-23, 25, #9; Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

WEIRDSTONE - see GODSTONE--Creatures on the Loose#36

WEIRDWORLD dim (Mud-Butt, Tyndall, Velanna)
    - mystic realm, inhabited by variety of magical beings, the most common of which appear to be elves or dwarves
    --Thor I#292, Marvel Super Action I#1/3 (Marvel Premiere#38, Marvel Super Special#11-13, Marvel Fanfare I#24-27

WEIS, JOAN - astrophysicist, parents killed by fight between Silver Surfer and Tyros, fell in love with Roman Stewart
    --[Fantastic Four I#259, 260], Tales of the Marvels: Blockbuster

WEISENTHAL, Dr. JACOB - friend of Morbius, searched for cure for him, killed by Lilith (Daughter of Daughter)
    *D*--Morbius#1 (2, 3(fb),
    27-32, Spider-Man Unlimited#20d)

WEISING, commander RONALD D. - New York Police Department, fought against brethren of the blue fist, framed by them, exonerated
    --Tigra#2 (3,4

    --X-Force#44, 46 ([44,45],46,47

WEISMAN, SHERMAN - Rudolph Giuliani High School, principal
    (app-cameron palmer)--NYX#2 (2 (fb), 2

WEISS, ALAN - head of Winterbrand technologies, 3rd Species, created Augmen, died after used technology on himself and burnt out body
    --Iceman II#1 (2-4

WEISS, KONNIE - spirit of Konrad Weiss transferred into body of Judy ?? by Architect, dated King Lau
    --Elektra I#8, (named) 10 (12,13

WEISS, KONRAD - see Weiss, Konnie
    -owner of theatre of Dionysus dance studio, club foot, soul transferred into body of woman by architect
    --Elektra I#1 (3, 5, 6-8-->Konnie)

WEISS, SYDNEY - Daily Bugle reporter, interviewed U.S. Agent, wrote article on U.S.Agent's perspective of Captain America's supposed death; interviewed anonymous survivor of Hate-Monger attack and Department of Homeland Security employee, wrote article on Hate-Monger's activities in Texas
    --Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1

WEISS, OTTO - Nazi, post-World War II, agent of Gen. Gruber Brinkhaus, part of his plot to harness the powers of psychics to use against world leaders
    temporarily psychically paralyze opponents and remove pieces of their memories.
    (app)--Namor Annual#1/3 ([1/3 (fb)], 1/3

WEISSMAN, AUDRA 2099 - former leader of Lotusland, thrown out by Draco
    --2099 Unlimited#1 (Hulk 2099#1

WEISTER, CHARLES - wore flying harness for robbery, stopped by Prowler
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#9/2

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