WELKE's PUB - Hell's Kitchen, site from which Electro won a lot of money predicting the course of Spider-Man's battle with the Hulk
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#11

WELL at the CENTER of TIME - magical time traveling device used by Shamash-Shum-Ukin
    --Savage Sword of Conan#7

WELL at the CENTER OF TIME - interdimensional conduit, connection to Nightcrawler remained due to darkforce, later drawn to him and pulled him into it
    (app-sehv)--Avengers I#84 (100, Bizarre Adventures#27/3, Nightcrawler#1,[2,3],4, [Excalibur I#119 (fb)]

WELL at WORLD's END - see TWILIGHT WELL (app-kart)--[Thor I#195], 197

WELL of ALL-THINGS - hole in space through which mystical extradimensional energy poured, discovered by nomads in northern Cambodia @ 1 AD, who then built the temple of the dragon’s breadth around it, power sought by tai
    --New Warriors I#24

WELL of HARITH of the Hyborian era -
    --Sons of the White Wolf; Savage Sword of Conan#37

WELL of LIFE - energy source on unidentified planet, worshipped by natives, discovered in distant past by the warrior king Eqnuus, used to heal others and rebuild planet, further empowered Morg
    --Silver Surfer III#72

WELL of SKELOS of the Hyborian era - housed Skelos' bones as the toad-thing
    --Conan the Barbarian I#73

WELL of SULIMAR of the Hyborian era (Haunter of the Oasis) -
    --Sons of the White Wolf; Savage Sword of Conan#37

WELL of WONDERS – scrying pool used by Liana to identify Dargon

WELLER - Deviant member of the Damocles Foundation who, alongside Finn, received the Celestial Gatherer from Lucas Guthrie
    --X-Force I#96

WELLER, HERBERT JOSIAH - former professor of Bruce Banner at Desert State University
    --Captain Marvel I#2 (Incredible Hulk II#226

WELLESLEY, Mrs. - faculty at Norcross University, present when Mary Elizabeth played the Bell of Ikonn
    (app-ikonn)--Dr. Strange II#47

WELLINGTON, HENRY "LOLLIPOP" of Earth-93060 - almost killed by Martin Jones for his ruby shoes
    (app-jones, martin)--Ultraverse Double Feature: Prime & Solitaire#1

WELLINGTON, MARCUS of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD - father of Melodi MacLain, sought to unleash a computer virus to cripple the planet's technology, defeated by Iron Man (Arno Stark)
    --Iron Man 2020#1

WELLS, ALICIA - founder of Lifeline & LASSES, poisoned and sought to blackmail government figures, shot by Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
    --Captain America and the Secret Avengers#1 (2011)

WELLMAN, BILL - Arizona cattle rancher, employee of john hawks, encountered Godzilla, who helped locate hawk's stolen cattle
    --Godzilla#15 (16,17

WELLS, KIM - owner of hotel in Branding, Texas, slept with Punisher
    --Punisher VI#28 (29-31

WELLS, RACINE - Fortress terrorist group
    (app-fort)--Marvel Comics Presents#129/2

WELLS, ZEB - Daily Bugle reporter
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

WELLS, Officer - Watts, police officer, supportive figure in Bill Foster's youth

WELLS JUNCTION of the Old West (Dr. Hiram Baker, mayor Walker Bush, Laura Ingalls, Matt + Toby Morgan)
    - town terrorized by Cisco Pike and his gang until they were defeated by the Rawhide Kid
    --Rawhide Kid III#1 (2-5

WELLSPRING - energy source via which the Grandmaster empowered the Squadron Sinister, worshipped by the Brotherhood of the Wellspring
    --[Avengers I#69], Thunderbolts#102 (106-108

WELSH DRAGON (Y Ddraig Goch) - battled White Dragon of the Saxons, trapped in a pit full of mead by King Ludd, freed by Merlin, degenerated into brawler in recent years, re-achieved true form and memories while battling Shang Chi, imprisoned by MI-13
    giant red dragon, metamorph
    Dave Griffin*--Wisdom#4 (4 (fb), 4

WEND - Aerian, high-priestess, former wife of M'Dom Typ, died when Terminus destroyed the Savage Land
    *D*--Ka-Zar the Savage#3 ( [Avengers I#257d]

WENDELL, Dr.  - Project Gladiator, shot and killed by Paul Allen

WENDER - Corporation, agent under Filippo Ayala
    (app-corp)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#31

WENDIGO - curse placed on those who consume the flesh of another person in the great white north, requires mystic spell to reverse curse, otherwise curse retained until next person brings it on themselves.
    person is transformed into immense, white, savage and mindless creature with great strength and durability
    (D#14,M, OH: Hulk)--Incredible Hulk II#162

WENDIGO - unrelated green creature, appeared during blizzard in New York City
    possibly the Algonquin spirit, as opposed to being the host of it
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#277/2 ([277/2(fb)], 277/2

WENDIHULK (Bruce Banner) - Hulk bitten by Wendigo tribe, turned into monstrous form until cured by Brother Voodoo
    --Hulk II#9

WENDY ?? - young girl in Benson, Arizona, enjoys the company of the Friends
    (app-fr)--Fantastic Four I#238

WENDY  ?? - mutant, sister of Billy, captured for Neverland, father killed? there, mother detained, he and his sister escaped with aid of Dr. Windsor.
    Transform into vapor
    --Weapon X II#5

WENDY ?? - Black Dahlias
    --Order II#5, (identified) #6 (6 (fb), 5, 8-9

WENG - Chinese Hydra agent, son of Pail, former lover/pawn of Madame Hydra, who aided Hydra in planting a control device in his brain, killed John Allen, slew Pail when he helped Nick Fury's efforts to locate Hydra's Hong Kong base, slain by Fury
    *D* (app-pail)--Nick Fury Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.#4 ([4(fb)], 4

WENIGKYT - Faltinian
    --[Dr. Strange III Annual#2/4]

WENIG TAKTREISENDERS - children implanted with mutant tissue by Joef Mengele, led to generations of hybrid mutant-human teleporters through Germany and Eastern Europe
    "Little Time Travelers"--Spider-Man and the Black Cat

WENTWORTH, CHARLES J. - Martian invader, wrote for Daily Clarion, denounced Robot X, exposed by him
   (app-robot x) --Amazing Adventures I#4

WENTWORTH, HARRY - Adonis chemicals, sold information to Cockroach Hamilton, killed by him
    *D* (app-ch) --Power Man I#28 (28d)

WENZORI - Wakandan, follower of Killmonger, partner of Jarak.
    used ruby laser
    (net-wak)--Jungle Action#12

WE-PI-AHK of Earth-717 - Native American Eagle spirit, merged with Stephen Rogers @ 1865, transforming him into Captain America
    --What IF: Captain America

WERE-BOAR of the Hyborian era - see SYLVANNA
    (app-syl)--Savage Sword of Conan I#83/2

WEREBORGS - name given to beings mentally and physically altered by cybernetic implants designed by Dr. Meyer Hertzog, who implanted them in himself and was killed when they proved unstable, technology discovered by commander courage and modified by Dr. Jennifer Nyles, originally used on corpses, then on living people, destroyed by Beast
    (app-cc)--Marvel Comics Presents#85/3 (90/3(fb), 85/3-92/3

"WERE-CAT" of the Hyborian era - Argossean prison guard mutated into cat-man by Stygian Black Ring sorcerer
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#67

WERE-DEMON - see Russell, Lissa.
    created by merger of lycanthropy and dark energy of Glitternight, cured by Topaz and Taboo
    (app-glitternight)--Werewolf by Night I#28 (29,30

WERE-HYENAS - pre-Stygians transformed by the winged horror, eventually slain by Conan
    *D* (app-winged horror)--Conan the Barbarian I#100 (100 (fb), 100d)

WERELOX (Brill) - aggressive lupine species, clwas and teeth transformed DNA of others to make them Werelox as well; some served as shock troops for the Dalek invasion of the New Earth system; one attended Bonjaxx's party in Maruthea
    (app-maruthea)--Doctor Who Weekly#27

WERE-MEN - servants of Lord Raven
    --Marvel Fanfare I#24

WERE-MEN of Sabra’s Hyrkania - wolf-men of Qaar Ghoth
    --Motormouth & Killpower#10

WERE-RATS - underground race, had to have human consent for new members

WERE-TIGERS of Earth-Nightside - Others, seven used by Arkady Dread and the Black Dragon Society in failed effort to kill Sydney Taine & Ape Largo.
    Transform at night
    (app-others)--Nightside#1 (2

werewolf - circa 1959, former Nazi, sent to battle Sabretooth, defeated by him
    --Avengers 1959#1 (2011)

werewolf - circa 1555, evil warlock, brother of Marta Cabel, sought vengeance for her using her gypsy skills to help people, became werewolf, slain by Solomon Kane while attacking Justin Cabel, but not before wounding Justin, leading to him becoming a werewolf
    *D*--Sword of Solomon Kane#2

werewolf (Gergely Székely) - Hungarian, developed bloodlust when exposed to a drop of water, encountered Karl
    (app)--Uncanny Tales I#23/4

werewolf (Áriád Kunsági) - married to a vampire
    --Marvel Tales I#108

WEREWOLF (Jack Russell, originally Jacob Russoff) - Nightshift, SHIELD's Howling Commando monster unit, inherited werewolf curse originally from Grigori Russoff, son of Gregor, nephew and step-son of Phillip, brother of Lissa
    Russell Jackson (I#12,D#14,M, OH: Hor, app)--Marvel Spotlight I#2 (Tomb of Dracula I#18(fb), MarvSpot#2-4, Werewolf by Night I#1-8, Marvel Team-Up I#12, Ww9-14, TombDrac18, Ww15-17, Giant-Size Creature#1, Ww18-21, GS WwbN#2, Ww22-26, GSWw#3, Ww27-30, GSWw#4, Ww#31, GSWw#5, Ww32,33, Marvel Premiere#28, Ww34-40, 41-43, Spider-Woman I#19(fb), 19, MTU#93, SpW#32, Ghost Rider II#55, Marvel Premiere#59, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], SpWm48, 49,50, Av240(fb), Moon Knight I#29,30, West Coast Avengers II#5, Iron Man I#209, Captain America I#330,331, Solo Avengers#3/2, WCA40, Incredible Hulk II##362, Marvel Comics Presents#54/2,55/2,56/2(fb),56/2-59/2, Dr. Strange III#26,27, MCP#98/2, 107/3-112/3, 113/4, 143/2,144/3, [Cap402-405],406,407, Moon Knight VI#20 (fb), Marc Spector: Moon Knight, 50-53, Midnight Sons Unlimited#7, Ghost Rider III#55, Morbius#26-31, Werewolf by Night II#1-6, Strange Tales IV#1/2-3/2, Witches#1, [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1 (Director's Cut)]
, Amazing Fantasy II#12/2, Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night#1, Marvel Zombies 4 #1-4

werewolf mutates (    ) - result of US government experiment on island Hazar
    --Captain America and Crossbones#1 (2011)

WEREWOLF RINGS - obtained along with other magic items by Joshua Kane, allegedly from Aelfric; after Kane's death, his executor Geraldo Kabal gave one of the rings to Lou Hackett who used it to become an intelligent werewolf; it was apparently destroyed along with him. The second ring was taken from Kabal by Jack Russell, and it allowed him to retain his intellect (but not speak) until he lost it in Baron Thunder's building
--Werewolf by Night I#20 (21(fb), 20-21

WEREWORLD - planet of werewolves. Technet stopped here, but were suddenly attacked when the natives transformed into Wolfmen, killed Elmo
    --Captain Britain II#12 (12 (fb)

"were-woman" of Hyborian era -
    --Savage Sword of Conan#232

WEREWOLVES (Clem Barker, Jed Barker Jr., Jed Barker Sr., Beast-Man, Ursula Beers, Carl Bergeron, Tanya Bergeron, Black Baron (Rupert Kemp), Braineaters, Loki Buday, Tom Burke, Raymond Coker, Matt Collins, Eric Conroy, Council of Werewolves, Creatures of the Night, Donald Dugan, Waldo Forrest, Ned Glinsky, Ghunthar, Greysire, Lou Hackett (via werewolf ring), Gideon Harkins, Martin Killian, Kochane, Áriád Kunsági, Cheryl Lansing, Lisa, Kenneth Long, Lycus, Nina Price, Lenore Rogaland, Jack Russell, Gregor + Gregory + Grigori Russoff, Gordon Sanders, Llhupa Sanders, Peter Snubb, Silver One, Rhona + Suzie + mother Stuart, Gergely Székely, Lydia Váradi, Duncan Vess, Violet, Adalheida von Schmidt, Hugo von Stahl, Warwolf (Vic Marcus), Mr. Watkins, Austin Whelton, Albert Winter, Jeffrey Winters; possibly Howler (Louis Garrow)
    new since HC entry: Nazi werewolf from Avengers 1959#1
    - humans who metamorphosize into wolves or wolf-human hybrids, allegedly created in millennia past by the caretakers using a combination of science and sorcery, bound the soul of the wolf (taken from Windracer) into a certain man
    Wolf-That-Hunts-by-Moonlight* (MarvZom)--Marvel Mystery Comics#14; (modern) Marvel Spotlight I#2 (Dr. Strange III#26/2(fb), 27/2(fb), Marvel Western: Two-Gun Kid#1, MarvSpot I#2, Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night#1

WERNER of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., witchbreed, counterpart of Angel
    (app-earth311)--1602#1 (3-8

WERNER, P.D.Q. - low grade monster movie-maker, possessed devoted cult following, fancies self as an international celebrity.
    witty + eccentric
    (pronounced "Vairner")
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#2 (Marvel Presents#1, 2

WERNER, WESLEY – Commission
    (app-commission)--Captain America I#347 (348, 350

WERTHAM STONE of Earth-93060 - power item, used by Witch

WERTZ, TED - car dented by Daredevil while chasing criminal, sought lawsuit
    --Daredevil II#22

W.E.S.P.E. - European-based terrorist organization, thwarted by Blue Marvel, Hauptmann Deutschland
    (app)--Mighty Avengers II#4 (8

WESSELL, HARRY - employed by Museum of Cultury History to unearth Cadbury Station, with Harry Wessel, unwittingly unearthed and activated Revelation
    (app-revelation)--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1

WESCOTT, - Rocketeers, Corporation
    (app-corp)—Daredevil I#131

WESLEY, WILLIAM - shield i, former test pilot, tested quantum bands, panicked when learned he couldn’t remove them, incinerated by energy overload.
    wm, brown hair
    *D* (net)—Quasar#1 (1(fb,d)

WEST, DALE - Whiz Kids, Stark West, former assistant to Bill Foster, DSc, PhD, MD, theoretical mathematician
    (app)--Black Goliath#1 ([2 (fb), 1 (fb)], 1, 2, 3, 4 (fb), Marvel Two-In-One#24, 85

WEST, Dr. NICODEMUS - former surgeon & CEO of Timely Pharmaceuticals, saved Stephen Strange's hands after his accident but was unable to repair the nerve damage; after Strange's disappearance, West proved unable to save a number of Strange's former patients, blamed himself for failing to save Strange's hands, sought him out; encountered the Ancient One just days after Strange's departure; Ancient examined him and accepted him as a disciple; West tired of his studies quickly, left prematurely to try out his new abilities, encountered and used magic to save a number of people injured in a rockslide in Tibet; returned to USA, used magic to try to cure Pavlish but instead caused his white blood cells to rage out of control and rapidly kill him; decided to turn himself in to the authorities but is accosted by two representatives of Timely Pharmaceuticals who offered him a position in their company in return for not using his magic to heal others, which might put them out of business; they also covered up his involvement with Pavlish & further instructed him to seek out other abusers of the occult arts and to have their powers checked; more recently learned of Oktid's Elixir, sent Brigand to obtain it, tried to destroy it, fought Strange in physical battle, fell to death off of a building
    *D*--Dr. Strange: The Oath#1, (identified) #2 (2 (fb), 4 (fbs), [1 (fb)], 1-4, 5d

WESTBROOK, admiral JIMMY - US Navy, supervised creation and deployment of anti-Captain America
    --Captain America and the Falcon#2 (3(fbs), 4(fbs), 4, 5,6, [8], 9-11, 14

WESTCHESTER COLLECTOR's SOCIETY - Jack Holyoak sold them all of Doc Samson's dolls, including one containing the spirit of Cold Winter
    --[Doc Samson II#4/2]

WESTCLIFF of the Old West - mansion of the Masters family, from which their human trafficking trade was run
    --    (Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns starring the Black Rider#1

    --Avengers I#246, West Coast Avengers I#1 (2-4, Av250, 253,254, Rom#65,66, Iron Man Annual#7, Captain America I#308

WESTCOTT, STEVEN "SKIP" - molested Peter Parker as a young teen
    (app)--Spider-Man/Power Pack#1

WESTER, WINDA - ally of Howard the Duck
    psychic powers, open interdimensional portals (transporting others to or from Earth), speaks with a lisp,
    (app)--Howard the Duck I#11 (Howard the Duck II#4/2(fb), I#11-14, Annual#1, Howard I#15, 17, [25(fb)], 24,25, 26/[27(fb)], 30, 31, Howard II#1, 1/3,  2/2, 3, 4/2, 5, 5/2//6

WESTERN KID (Tex Dawson*) - Old West hero
    --Western Kid#1 (Western Kid I#2-17, Western Kid II#1-5, Tex Dawson, Gun-Slinger#1, Gunslinger#2-3, Rawhide Kid#105, Gunsmoke Western#51, Western Gunfighters#3-6, 17-33

WESTHAVEN MUTUAL FUND (Joel Begleiter) - supported Damage Control
    --Wolverine III#46

WESTIN ?? of Earth-982 - Midtown high school, classmate and friend of May Parker, co-wrote Spider-Girl comic with Jimmy Yama
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#1 (3-6, 7-9

WESTSIDE RIPPER - name for a a serial killer of seven prostitutes, but was actually three separate people: Officer "Race" Racette (1), Det. "Dick" Richards (2), and Mrs. Taranova (4), Racette and Richards slain by Typhoid
    (app)--Typhoid#1 (2-4

    --Machine Teen#1 (2

WEST TECH WARRIORS (Adam Aaronson, Hawthorne, Eddie O'Neil , Roberts, Ricky Sims, Sumerak, Swanson)
    - West Tech High School football team
    --Machine Teen#1 (2

WEST WIND ( ) - Four Winds.
    generate confusion by generating dense clouds which obscure others' vision
    (app-fourwinds)--Elektra I#9 ([9(fb)], 9

WESTENRA, LUCY - @ 1890, vampire, associated with Abraham van Helsing, Johnathan and Mina Harker, former fiancé of Arthur Holmwood, vampirized by Dracula, destroyed
    *D/R/D* BLOOFER LADY (D#20-vampires)--Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Dracula Lives#10/2 (11/3, Legion of Monsters#1/4, Stoker's Dracula#2 3(des))

WESTENRA, Mrs. - @ 1890, mother of Lucy, weak heart, died from the stress
    *D*--Dracula Lives#11/3 (Legion of Monsters#1/4, Stoker's Dracula#2d)

WESTERS (Tommy Toners) - Irish gang
    --Punisher VII#7 (8-12

WESTIN, Off. STU - corrupt, in alliance with Bulat's and other Moldavian's slave prostitution ring, convinced Captain Tom Price to lead manhunt on Punisher, forced by Punisher to watch burning of Tiberiu Bulat, given CD-Rom of it to give to other Moldavians, never seen again (presumably slain by Moldavians)
    --Punisher VII#25 (26-30

WESTON, SALLY - old friend of Karen Page
   (app) --Daredevil I#64 (65,66

WETHERALL, MANOLI - camera woman, partner of Neal Conan
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men I#226 (227, 271,272, Fantastic Four III#9, 11(fb), 27, X-Treme X-Men: XPose#1, 2, X-Treme X-Men I#46, UX459

WETS of Earth-73479 (Prometheus, Damian Linders) - mutated to survive the toxic swamps and to work the cities' machines
    --Savage Tales I#2/2: Dark Tomorrow

WEXLER, MILTON - former publisher of Copperhead stories, killed by Copperhead
    *D*--Daredevil I#125 (125d)

WEXLER, ROSS - see CHILL of Earth-148611 --DP7#14

WEYGAND, EARL - astrophysicist, created Voyager III, unwittingly leading the Enslavers to Earth, temporarily given half of Surfer's powers, sacrificed life destroying the shield around the Power Plant
    SILVER SURFER**D* (app-enslaver)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer: Enslavers (dies)

WEYING, ANN - lawyer, ex-wife of Venom, she briefly merged with Venom symbiote when she was badly injured, driven insane as a result, ultimately committed suicide by jumping out of a window. wf
    -SHE-VENOM* *D* (net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#375 (Uncanny Origins#7, A375, Venom: Sinner Takes All#1-5, Rune vs Venom#1, Venom: Along Came a Spider#1-4, Amazing Spider-Man II#19d)

WEYLAND - Otherworld, blacksmith of Camelot, reforged Ebony Blade after it was shattered by the Iron Ogre
    --(uk)Hulk comic#60 (61, [62,63]

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