WAR ( ) - four horsemen of the apocalypse
    (app-fhota)—Giant-Size Fantastic Four#3 (Quasar#14, [15], 16

WAR (Abraham Lincoln Kierros) - mutant, apocalypse's horsemen, formerly trapped within iron lung, powers enhanced + given exo-skeleton, paralyzed again after abandoned by apocalypse, cured by archangel using remainder of his own power from apocalypse.
    generate devastating explosions
    (U#1, app)--X-Factor I#11 (Wolverine II#147(fb), XFac11, 15, 17, 19, 21-24, Daredevil I#252, XFac25-27, Uncanny X-Men#294, XFac84,UX295, Wolverine II#147

WAR - see HULK (Banner).
    powers briefly enhanced and mind controlled by Apocalypse
    (net)--Incredible Hulk II#456 (457)

    Apocalypse’s Horsemen, forced into serving Apocalypse by Living Pharaoh
    --Cable II#74 (X-Men II#96, Uncanny X-Men#377, X97

    skewered through the chest by Ozymandias for failure to honor their alliance
    *D*? (OH2006#4)--X-Men II#183 ([182, 182/2-183/2], 183-186

WAR of Earth-2988 - see Brother Xavier (app-earth2988)--What If II#111


    --Captain Marvel

W.A.,R. (Jonas Keller) - white supremacist terrorist organization, presumably disbanded after Keller’s suicide
    - White America’s Redemption--Soldier X#9 (10

WARBECK - see WARTON, MILES (app)--Thunderbolts I#15

WARBIRD (Carol Susan Jane Danvers*) - Cape Kennedy, Avengers, Starjammers, former ally of captain Mar-Vell, former lover of Michael Rossi, former U.S. military intelligence, NASA security chief, Now magazine editor, freelance writer, initially mutated by Psyche-Magnitron, mind controlled and forced to fall in love with Marcus Immortus, powers + memories stolen by Rogue, mutated further by Brood, became Binary, memories and emotional attachments restored by Stranger, energy powers faded to original level, developed alcoholism, quit Avengers to avoid expulsion, joined Alcoholics Anonymous after nearly injured innocents on several occasions with reckless behavior while drunk, rejoined Avengers after regaining control of self.
    fly, enhanced strength + durability
    (OH: Av, SecWar, net) - ACE*, Ms. MARVEL*, BINARY*, LADY MARVEL*--Avengers III#4 (5,6, Iron Man III#7, Captain America III#8, Av7, IM#11,12, Wolverine II#133,134,138, [IM#15], Av16-18, IM18,19(fb1),21(fb2),21, [Contest of Champions II#1,2],3,[4],5, IM23-25, Av26, 27-29, Magneto: Dark Seduction#2-4, Black Panther III#22,Deadpool III#44,BP23, Incredible Hulk An2000, Av31,32,Tb43,Av33,Tb44,Av34, IM39,
    Alias#3, 5, 6, 18, 24, Wolverine/Captain America#1-4, Av82, Uncanny X-Men#445, Avengers/Thunderbolts#1, [3, 5], 6, Av86-88, Avengers Finale, Marvel Team-Up III#11-13
, New Thunderbolts#4-6, [8], 13-14, New Avengers#15, Pulse#11-13, Young Avengers#9-->Ms. Marvel II#1)

WARBIRD (Ava'dara Naganandini) - Shi'ar, guardian? of Kid Gladiator
    real name revealed in #9
    --Wolverine and the X-Men#1

WARBIRD of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - Wildboys
    --[Marvel Vision#1], X-Nation#1 (5

WARBIRD, the - ship of the Enhanced, controlled by Oracle
    --Gunrunner#1, 3 (4-6

WARBIRD of Earth-Network - ship

WARBORGS - Russian cyborg reanimated corpses, created by Constantin Racal, related to Rawborgs, sent to slay Sleepers, learned of children, sent to acquire them, possessed by Racal + X-Force
    (app)--X-Force#110 ([112(fb), 111(fb)], 110-113

WARBOT - AIM weapon, used by Arthur Shaman to capture the Hulk to use against Ms. Marvel, destroyed by her
    ULTIMATE SOLDIER* *Des* (app)--Defenders I#57

"warbot" of "Earth-93112" - used by Master Ecclaw to test Maxam and Zhang, destroyed by Maxam
    (app-maxam)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#26, (named) #41

WARBOUND (Hiroim the Shamed (deceased), Hulk, Elloe Kaifi, Korg, Miek & hivelings, No-Name of the Brood, Lavin Skee, Kate Waynesboro, surviving Imperials) - Sakaar
    (WWH)--Incredible Hulk III#92 (93-95, Giant-Size Hulk II#1/2, Hulk96-99, 100-105, World War Hulk: World Breaker prologue#1
   WWH#1 ,2,  Incredible Hulk III#107, Avengers: Initiative#4-5, World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#3, WW3, Heroes for Hire III#11-15, World War Hulk: Frontline#1, Incredible Hulk III#109-110, WWH#4-5/IH#111, World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1, World War Hulk: Warbound#1-5

WARBOW ( ) - Heavy Mettle.
    uses bow and arrows, mask covers mouth and chin, brown costume, dark hair
    (app)--New Warriors II#4 (7


WARBRINGER (Nolan Morelle of alternate future) -
    --[Nightwatch#7], 8 (9-11)

WARBRINGER (Kevin Trench) -

WARBUG (Bernard Van Buren) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4]) (5

WARCLONES (16, 30) - caste of the Gene-Batch
    (app-imogen)--Century: Distant Sons

WAR-CRIME ( ) – Zoo
    *D*--Gun Runner3 (4-6d)

WARD, EDDIE - Comic book penciler, worked with Adam Austin on Masked Marvel
    --X-Men II#187/2

WARD, HAROLD - hematologist, sought for aid by Morbius

WARD, JOELLE - name one of the Undying Ones took while posing as Kenneth’s non-existent daughter
    (app-uo)--Sub-Mariner I#22

WARD, KENNETH - discovered ancient city of the Undying Ones, took the Idol of the Nameless One, killed while resisting the control of the Undying Ones
    *D* (app-uo)--Dr. Strange I#183 (183(fb), 183d)

WARD, Senator STEWART ( ) - former part of paramilitary group alongside Arthur Stacy and Ranger, earned their hatred when betrayed them and stole Z’nox virus, mutated by exposure to virus, later became US senator, allied with Wizard + Trapster, nearly assassinated by Bullseye, overloaded with virus and seemingly exploded.
    energy powers, contaminate others with virus on contact
    *D*  SENTRY* (MESp,app)-- Peter Parker: Spider-Man II#1 (Amazing Spider-Man II#24(fb), 23(fb), [PP1], [PPI80] / PP8 (fb), PP1, A4(fb), 4, PP6, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1999, A12, PP12, A20-23, 24 "d"

warden (    ) - head of prison that briefly contained Bullseye, fled the prison during his escape, killed Bullseye's ally
    *D*--Bullseye: Greatest Hits#1 (2-5

WARDEN, agent JOHN - SHIELD, former leader of ESPer squad, stationed at telepathic amplifier
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#6 (Iron Man I#

WARDEN, JAMES – former warden of Riker’s Island, killed (or back broken) by Dr. Octopus
    *D*--Dr. Octopus: Negative Exposure#2 (4d)

WAR DOG ( ) - Special Executive, leader.
    canine humanoid, skilled swordsman, uses variety of advanced weaponry
    *D* (net-spec ex)--Dr. Who (Marvel UK magazine)#50?, Daredevils#5(6-11

WAR DOGS - former agents of Pit Bull

WAR-DOGS - Cynodd warriors, possibly an elite group associated with Shakata, slain in destruction of Lucky Shoe/Cynodd base
    (app)--Gun Runner#2

WAR EAGLE of Earth-93060 ( ) - Aladdin
    --Hardcase#4 (Strangers#4

WAREWOLF 2099 - former member of Hotwire Martyrs, killed + rebuilt by D/Monix
    *D*--[Ghost Rider 2099#1], 3 (3(fb), 3,4

WARFARE – Foreigner’s Death Squad
    Used variety of weapons, powers + memories able to be transferred into another host upon death

WARFIST ( ) - Avatars of the Mandarin.
    superhuman strength + martial arts skills, uses a spiked club
    *D* (app-av)—Force Works#6 (War Machine#9, Iron Man I#311, FW#7d)

WARFORCE (Cutter, Impakov, Salvo, Tranq) -

WARGOD (Mora Hager) - daughter of US army general, rebelled against what she believed was a too passive army, used staff to weaken Captain America, staff destroyed and defeated by him.
    wf, blond, wore green body armor in form of a man, sonic vibration staff
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #80/2 (81/2

WARHAWK - see ARES--Avengers I#98

WARHAWK - Kree battle robot, made of adamantine steel
    (app)--Ms. Marvel I#12

WARHAWK (Mitchell Tanner) - master assassin, metal skin, mutated by Noah Burstein’s process after injured in Vietnam, used by CIA, lost sanity, further mutated by Dr. Ryking, blown up by Maverick, recovered, used as agent by SHIELD against AIM
    (OH: AZ#12, app)--Marvel Premiere#23 (Power Man/Iron Fist#83(fb), MarvPrem23, Black Goliath#2,3, X-Men I#110, PM/IF#76, 83, XM II#10/2, 11/2, Wolverine III#30

WARHAWK (Tom Nakadai) - harriers, married lifeline and moved to Bermuda
    (M-har)--Uncanny X-Men#261

WARHAWKS (Dogs of War, Minotaur, Rakoloski, satyrs) - followers of Ares
    (app)--Avengers I#98 ([98(fb)], 98, Hercules: Heart of Chaos#1-3

WARHEAD of Earth-1958 - created by Shaper of Worlds and the Brain, sent to destroy Fantastic Four, Patriots, and Wild Ones, defeated by their combined power
    possessed body of a giant ape and a head resembling sputnik-1, superhuman size + strength + durability, fire energy blasts from head
    *Des* (app-earth-1958)--[Fantastic Four I#136],137

WARHEAD (William Musico) - terrorist, air-dropped self onto Washington Monument, threatened Washington, D.C. with a nuclear bomb (acquired from AIM) to blackmail it into declaring war against any country, defeated by Super-Patriot (Walker), blew self up with a grenade
    *D* (app)--Captain America I#332 (332d)

WARHEAD (Gregory Slivowitch) - Shatterforce, transformed by Shadow Consortium after being killed in electric chair for murder.
    wore armor, superhuman strength
    (app-shatterfc)--Nova II#8 (9, 13,14

WARHEAD (Ransak) - Deviant, New Breed
    -REJECT*--Eternals: Apocalypse Now

WARHEAD (    ) - Bastards of Evil, alleged/false? son of Radioactive Man, apparently sacrificed self via explosion that slew many innocents
    --Young Allies#1

WARHEADS (Colonel, Dreyfus, Duncan, MacManus, Takeshi Otomo, Rogers, Sapperstein, Diana)
    - dimension hopping agents of Mys-Tech, explore wormholes (discovered by Ranulph Haldane) to other times and dimensions, gather + utilize advanced technology for them, acquire Protosilicon and MOPED units
    (featurette: Motormouth#1)

WARKON - Stenth, Demon Rebel, defeated Skornn, sacrificed life to destroy Kree outpost
    (app-stenth)--Inhumans I#8 (9

WARKOVSKY, Senator LEON - Republican Senator from North Carolina, allied with Power Broker for financial support, became a pawn of him via the synaptic leech
    (app)--USAgent II#1 ([1(fb)], 1-3

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