WARLOCK - Technarch, New Mutant, son of Magus, destroyed when exhausted power following severe disruption after teleportation by Pipeline, recreated by Phalanx, possesses partial memories of Doug Ramsey due to long term merging
    *D* (D#14, OH: AZ#12)--New Mutants I#18 (
    Fallen Angels#1-8, Power Pack I#33, NewMut71(-p22), Avengers I#299, NM71(p23), Marvel Comics Presents I#71/4->Douglock.
Warlock III#1-3, 4, 5,6, 7-9, Nova IV#11-12, Annihilation Conquest#6

WARLOCK - female, appearance designed by Danny as part of a perceived movie project for Beehive Productions, engineered by the Enclave in Costa Perdita, a training scenario was uploaded into her mind by Adam Warlock in which she was the human Janie Chin who designed another Adam Warlock and attempted to teach it morality; this training enabled her to resist the Enclave's failsafe device; she broke free and attempted to end the warfare in Costa Perdita
    --[Warlock IV#1], 4 ([1-3], 4

WARLOCK, ADAM - Infinity Watch, Star-Lord's Guardians of the Galaxy, artificially created by Enclave, killed by Thanos, destroyed him as well, resided within Soul Gem, resurrected after return of Thanos, possesses Soul Gem, briefly possessed Infinity Gauntlet; corresponds to Gaea per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondence
    -HIM*, X-23*, Mr. SMITH (I#14, D#20, M, OH: AZ#12)--Marvel Premiere#1 (1/Avengers Forever#12, MarvPrem2, Warlock I#1-3, Incredible Hulk II#158, Warlock#4-7, Avengers I#118, W#8, Hulk#176-178, Strange Tales I#178-181, Warlock#9-15, Marvel Team-Up I#55, Marvel Two-In-One#62(fb), Avengers An7,Marvel Two-In-One An2, Marvel Two-In-One#63 (d), Silver Surfer III#46-48, Infinity Gauntlet#1, 2/Quasar#27, Dr. Strange III#32, InfG#3/Surfer#52 & 54, IG#4/Surf55-56, Surf58, IG5/Surf59, IG#6/Surf60, Dr. Strange III#36, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#1/Warlock Chronicles#2 (fb), 2, 3-6, 7/Infinity War#1, IW2-3, Marvel Comics Presents I#108, 111, W+IW#8, Infinity War#4, Fantastic Four I#369/Alpha Flight I#111/Wonder Man II#14/Quasar#38, W+IW9, IW5, W+IW10, IW6/FF370/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #44, W+IW11-12, Cyberspace 3000 #6-8, W+IW13?, 14-17, Quasar#50, 53, Infinity Crusade1, Warlock Chronicles#1, W+IW#18, IC2, WC2, W+IW19, IC3, WC3, W+IW20, IC4, WC4, W+IW21, IC5, WC5, W+IW22, IC6, Thor I#468, Silver Surfer III#86, WC6, W+IW23, Th469, Surf87, WC7, W+IW24, Th470, Surf88, WC8, W+IW25, Th471, Starblast#1, W+IW26-28, 29-33, Warlock/Silver Surfer: Resurrection#1-4, Surf94, W+IW#34-39, Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1, W+IW#40-41, 42(Silver Surfer/Rune#1), Ultraverse Unlimited#1(fb), Curse of Rune#4, Rune Infinity, Rune#1-3, 6, 7, Ultraverse Unlimited#1, Warlock II#1-4, Infinity Abyss#4+5(fb), 1-6, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 6, Thanos#1-4, [5], 6, She-Hulk III#8(fb), 7, 8, [Warlock IV#1-3], 4, Annihilation Conquest
    , Guardians of the Galaxy II#1 (fbs), [4 (fb)], 1-6, 7-8,

WARLOCK, ADAM of Earth-44111 - fictional male counterpart of the female Warlock based on original
    Mr. SMITH--Warlock IV#1 (2-4

WARLOCK PRIME (sir Nigel Carruthers) - leader of a coven of witches, inadvertently summoned abomination to earth, enlisted aid of silver surfer to defeat him
    (app)--Silver Surfer I#12

WARLOCKS - three; fought the Disir when they entered the Perfidious Diaspora; enchanted allies' swords so that they'd be able to fight the Disir; slaughtered by the Disir
    --Thor I#611

warlord - summoned forward in time by Alfred Queely using the Brass Frog, slew Queely and fled, later summoned to Kiber Island by the Brass Frog and defeated by the Black Panther
    (app-bf)--Black Panther I#1 (Black Panther III#43


WARLORD of KAMPUCHEA ( ) - leader of rebels, empowered by poppies, former green beret, killed by General Minh.
    imbue weapons with energy, sense presence of Cloak, precognitive visions
    *D* (app)--Cloak & Dagger II#11/2

WARLORD of OTHER-EARTH (Cassandra Richards) - former member of tribe of women warriors of Eyre, youngest daughter of leader, sister of another woman warrior, former wife of Nathaniel Richards, mother of Huntara?, used nathaniel’s knowledge of weaponry to become cruel tyrant until killed by anti-matter weapon backfire caused by Wyatt Wingfoot
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#272 (273(fb), 272,273d)

WARLORD of SAVAGE LAND (Huang Zhu) - Hydra, arranged battle to the death to determine best fighter in Savage Land, executed by Xantia for slaughtering her tribe
    *D* (app)--Super Soldiers (MUK) #6 (7d)

    --Silver Surfer III#91 (92

WARLORD, JETER of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - formerly of Artificial Kidz, killed Hotwire Martyrs, rebuilt as cyborg
    *D*--Ghost Rider 2099#1 (2, 9d)

WARLORD CHU (Chu Lo Yan) - led army during "Heart of Darkness"
    (app)--Iron Man I#311 ([War Machine#9], IM#311, Force Works#7, WM#10, IM312

WARLORD GU'UL of Earth-9602 - ?? + Ra's al ghul
    --[JLX letters]

WARLORD KAA - extradimensional shadow-creature, led soldiers of the Shadow Realm in several invasions of Earth
    (Marvel Monsters, app)--Strange Tales I#79; Incredible Hulk II#184 (Champions#11, [Defenders II#1]

WARLORD WROGG – Morani, led army in the past that conquered the Andromeda Galaxy, sought to destroy the Watcher of Sector 14x, who sped up time around him, causing him to age to death in seconds
    (1960s, app)--Tales of Suspense I#58/2

WARLORDS of the TRANS-ATLANTIC SUPER-BRIDGE of Earth-Traffic Wars 2099
    – defeated by Punisher of that world
    --[Punisher 2099#24]

    Avengers (West Coast), Secret Defenders, Initiative, identity used after given grey + white armor by Tony Stark when faked own death, used Warware suit after lost original armor in time travel, sent warware into computer to
    "Whiskey Mike"* (M, IM, CWBDR)--[Iron Man I#284], 291 (284-291, Avengers West Coast#89, 92, 94-97 (Infinity Crusade), Annual#7, Annual#8, AWC98-100, Avengers I#368, X-Men II#27,AWC101,UX307,Av369, AWC102, 100/3, Marvel Comics Presents I#152-155, Hawkeye II#3, War Machine#1-3, [Iron Man I#306], WM4, Night Thrasher II#17, WM5, 6, 7(fb1+2), 7, MCP167-169, IM309,WM8,IM310,FW6,WM9,IM311,FW7/2,WM10/3,IM312, WM11, IM313(fb), Thor I#484(fb),484, Thunderstrike#21, WM12(FW#11(fb)), FW#12/2,WM15/2,IM317/2, Siren#2,3, WM15(fb),15-20,IM322,FW18,WM21,FW19,WM22,IM324,FW20, WM23-25, IM327-331, Avengers Annual 1999(fb), Tales of the Marvel Universe#1/3->Rhodes
    Avengers: The Initiative#1-3, 4-5, FF547, Avengers: The Initiative#7, 8 (fb), Fantastic Four#562, 11 (fb), 11, 13

WAR MACHINE (Parnell Jacobs) - former soldier and mercenary alongside Jim Rhodes, former agent of Sunset Bain, discovered armor abandoned by Rhodes, armor briefly enhanced by Stuart Clarke
    --Iron Man III#11 (20(fb1-3), 19(fb), 11,12, 18-20

WAR MACHINE - Sentinel Squad O*N*E*, piloted by Jim Rhodes, used to attack Apocalypse's Sphinx ship
    --X-Men II#185 (186

WAR MACHINE of "Earth-13519" - sentient Iron Man armor, part of second team organized on Earth to watch over the Thunderbolts
    (app-avengers13519)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Avengers: Defenders of the Galaxy

WAR MACHINES (Ramon, Luiz) – Los Angeles street gang, attempted to pattern themselves after Rhodes , assisted War Machine against AIM + HYDRA + Sons of the Serpent, claimed weapons from Sons after their defeat, attacked by the Revengers
    --Avengers West Coast#100 (Marvel Comics Presents I#152/2-155/2, 167-169

WAR MAKER of Eurth ( ) - counterpart of Thor or Mighty Destroyer?, Champions of the Realm
    --Avataars#2 (2(fb)

WAR-MAN (    ) - super-villain, met with Leo Zelinsky to have a costume made, set disco-esque look, fled with Spider-Man entered
    --Amazing Spider-Man#528

WARMFLASH, QUIGLEY J. - Owner of the Blue Parrot Club, exporter of rare antiques, father of Dinah, distant cousin of Rufus T. Hackstabber
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#52 ([52(fb)], 52

WARMFLASH, DINAH - daughter of Quigley, belly dancer at the Blue Parrot Club, transferred hot items for her father's customers
    (app-quigley)--Master of Kung Fu I#52

WAR MONARCH of Earth-Amalgam (Jim Rhodes) - War Machine and Monarch.
    Old ally of Diana Prince
    (app)--Bullets & Bracelets#1

WARNER, ANABEL - director of MI5
    --Captain Britain and MI13#11

WARNER, TRACY - reporter, ally of Machine Man
    (app)--Machine Man I#5 (6, Incredible Hulk II#235

WARP ANGEL of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - 2D, masculine covert agent
    --Ghost Rider 2099#16 (17-20, 23,25

WARPATH (James Proudstar*) - mutant, Apache, X-Men, X-Corps, X-Force, former Hellion, brother of Thunderbird (John Proudstar)
    superhuman class 75 strength, fly, enhanced speed + durability + senses, skilled hunter + tracker
    THUNDERBIRD*, RISING SUN* (M, OH: AZ#12, 198)--New Mutants I#99 (100, New Mutants Annual#7, X-Force#1-15, Uncanny X-Men#294,X-Factor I#84,XFor16,X-Men II#14,UX295,XFor17, 18, XFor19, New Warriors I#31, XFor21, 23, XFor68-70,71(fb), 71 , Deadpool III#12,XFor72 ->proud
    Cable/Deadpool#18, UX475-476, 478-479, 481-482, 484-486, 487-491
    , UX498-499, X-Force III#1-

WARPIES (Robert Arnold, Advocates, Beetroot(d), Bison, Butane, Cherubim, Ferret, Iris, Lens, Lodestone, Shoulders McGill’s son(d)/Silver Death, Oak, Ocelot, Parasites, Prune, Scan, Scope, Seraphim, Serpents, Silkworm, Siren, Sky Pilots, Snoop, Sonar, Sponge, Static, Syphon, Wire )
    - human children mutated by energy released from the core continuum initially by Mad Journey into Mystery Jaspers and later by Merlyn, abducted and mutated by Black Air, taken and used as weapons by Mastermind, cured by Roma
    (net-cloud9)--(UK) Captain Britain II#7; Captain Britain TP (CB II#7, 1_-1_, Excalibur I#61-65, [Excalibur I#97(fb,"d")], Excalibur II#4, 1-4

WARPRIEST of Earth-5631 - see KH'OJA
    (app)--Skrulls vs. Power Pack#1

WARP SAVANT ( ) - mutant, sought to emulate Magneto on anniversary of his attack on Cape Citadel, powers temporarily nullified by emp weapon, escaped using power.
    Warp people and objects into an artificial reality in his mind
    --Uncanny X-Men I#394

WARPY ( ) - servant of bianca laniege
    (app-bl)--Generation X#40 (42,43

WARR of Earth-691 - leader of spiders
    --Amazing Adventures II#37

WARRANT (Kevin Leary) – mercenary, former agent of AIM, tried to take the Anomaly from Iron Fist
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#127/4 (128/4

WARRANT (Gray Garrison) - mercenary, bounty hunter
    (app)-- Web of Spider-Man#110 (111, 112, Web Annual#10/2, 10, Nightwatch#4, Spider-Man: Arachnis Project#1,2

WARREN, Lt. ETHAN - mutant, former US soldier, circa 1945 captured by Japanese, encountered Logan who helped him escape, parted ways when Logan protected Atsuko, returned and slew Atsuko, converted into fiery wraith by Hiroshima bombing, assaulted Wolverine when he returned to Hiroshima in modern era after regaining his memories, tore out Wolverine's heart and devoured it, restoring his human form, but then Wolverine decapitated him, apparently slaying him
    *D* (app)--Logan#1 ([2 (fb), 1 (fb)], 1 (fb), 2 (fb), 3d)

WARREN, JEFFERY - TV executive, enemy of Emil Stiller, hired assassins to have him killed, killed by Mister Murder
    *D* --Agent X#12

WARREN, JOHN - pre-modern era, mind swapped with Zetora, his claims were proven when his dog, Spot, showed him affection
    (app-zetora)--Journey into Mystery I#57/4

    --Amazing Spider-Man I#31 (Web of Spider-Man#125(fb), Spider-Man: Osborn Journals, Spider-Man I#61(fb), A148(fb), Web117/2, Amz394/2, Spdm51/2, Amz39, 48, 50, 53, Spectacular Spider-Man I#1, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1996(fb), Amz63, Spec I#2, Amz88, Spider-Man: Death & Destiny#1,2, 114, 127->jackal

WARREN, RAYMOND - science teacher at Midtown High School
    --Amazing Fantasy#15, (named) Amazing Spider-Man I#8 (Amazing Spider-Man I#2, 2/2, 8, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#16, MK Spider-Man#7

WARREN, SCOTT - former subway conductor, killed by ghosts
    *D*--Nightcrawler III#5 (5d)

WARREN, SLOAN - husband killed by ghosts in the subways
    --Nightcrawler III#5 (6

WARREN, WANDA - movie actress desiring fame, became vampire

WARREN, Dr.  - among the persons who tried to solve the mystery of the persons who had fallen asleep and never awoke. He knew Doctor Strange's reputation and, along with a policeman, asked the sorcerer to help. Eventually, Doctor Strange succeeded in freeing the "sleepers" from Nightmare's realm
    (app-spinybeast)--Strange Tales I#116/2

WARREN ?? - Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane
    (app)--Avengers I#194

    --Daredevil II#108

WARRICK, JEREMIAH - SHIELD, catalogued and archived material shared by Dr. Strange; often physically or otherwise transformed by materials with which he worked; last seen with the head of an owl
    (app)--SHIELD III#6 (10

WARRIOR - Thanosi, patterned after the Gladiator, absorbed in Adam Warlock’s soul gem
    (app-thanosi)--Infinity Abyss#1 (2-5, [6]

WARRIOR FALLS - Wakanda, site from which Killmonger threw the Black Panther (T'Challa)
    --Jungle Action#6

WARRIOR GUARDIANS of King Solomon’s Tomb - artificial beings
    (app-kst)--Black Panther I#4

WARRIOR PRINCE of KATHARTA - see KORREK (1960s, app)--Adventure into Fear#19?

WARRIOR PRINCE of the WASTELANDS - see KORREK (1960s, app)--Adventure into Fear#19?

WARRIOR WOMAN (Julia Koenig) - Super-Axis, Axis Mundi, Nazi scientist and intelligence agent, created version of Super Soldier serum used to empower herself and Master Man, forced to marry Master Man by Hitler, placed in suspended animation following World War II by agents of Baron Strucker, revived in recent times, suffered slight brain damage when stasis equipment malfunctioned after being abandoned following construction of the Berlin Wall, betrayed Master Man to ally herself with Axl Nacht/master man, caught in explosion caused by Master Man
    -AGENT DREI, Julia, FRAU RATSEL/MADAME MYSTERY, <KRIEGER FRAU/"Kriegeren"> (OH)--(FR) Invaders I#16, (WW)#17 (18-21,40,41, Black Panther IV#21 (fb), Captain America Annual 2001(fb), Namor I#6(fb), 8(fb), 10-12, Invaders III#2,3, 6

WARRIOR WOMEN of Z’HARR HR’ANN of the Hyborian era (Cleantha, Lakela, Sahriana)
    - formerly enslaved by men worshipping Dorgna’ath, freed by Kilili on the condition that no intact man ever enter her temple, slew all male children, plundered villages to capture strong males, all died when Conan entered their temple
     AMAZONS*, WHITE AMAZONS* *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#62 (62(fb), 62

warriors - Island (Koma Koi?) native, controlled by Giger, apparently destroyed in the destruction of the Giger portal
    *D* (app-giger)--Marvel Comics Presents I#137 (138, 139, 141

"Warriors from Story Times" - see CROSS-WALLACE's warriors (app-crosswallace)--Marvel Comics Presents I#68/2

    (app-grateful)--Marvel Comics Presents I#93/3

WARLORDS of the WEB - ninjas serving Dark-Strider
    (app-darkstrider)--Master of Kung Fu#36 (37

    (app-world1000galaxies)--Thor Annual#2

WARRIORS THREE (Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg) – Asgardians, apparently slain in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    (D#14)--Journey into Mystery #119 ([Thor: Blood Oath#2 (fb)], Journey into Mystery minus 1, Marvel: Lost Generation#5, Thor: Godstorm#2(ff), Thor: Blood Oath#1-6, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#10,11,
    Thor246,247, Marvel Spotlight I#30, Marvel Comics Presents I#65/4
    Journey into Mystery#508,509,512,513, Thor II#12,13-15, 18, 21, 28-32, 35,36, 40,41, 45, 47,48,50/2
    Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Thor58, Iron Man III#64, Avengers III#63, Thor 61, Captain Marvel VI#7,8, Thor II#80, 82d
    Thor III#4-5

    alias Volstagg claimed as his own (due to his great size being like three men) to disguise the presence of Fandral & Hogun from Lerad
    --Thor: Blood Oath#2

WARROO of the Old West - witch doctor
    (Outlaw Files, app)--Kid Colt#100 (rep178)

WARSHOT - Shi'ar Death Commandos
    armored form, carried guns
    --[Uncanny X-Men I#466], 467, (named) 468

    Cadre of Skrulls, able to duplicate paranormal abilities as well as appearances
    —Uncanny X-Men I#276

WARSKRULL PRIME - leader of Warskrulls, impersonated Professor X
    --Uncanny X-Men I#275, 276, 277

WARSTAR (B'nee & C'cil) - imperial guard, composed of two symbiotically linked robot-like extra-terrestrial.
    b’nee is small and can release electric bursts, c’cil is gigantic and possessed immense strength and durability
    (D#6,M))--Uncanny X-Men I#137 (157, Rom Annual#4, X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, UX275, Captain America I#398, Avengers West Coast#80, 81, Quasar I#33, UX387

WARSTRIKE of Earth-93060 (Ultraverse) -see STRIKE (Aladdin datafile in Prototype#6)--Mantra I#1 (2
    Giant-Size Warstrike#1, Godwheel#0-3

WAR-TECH - armored implants, given to Frank and another who sought vengeance on mutants for allegedly ruining their .com company

WARTHOS - massive pig-like creatures, inhabit K'ai
    --Incredible Hulk II#140

WARTON, MILES - V Battalion, Commission liaison to the Redeemers, computer data analyst, previously served in New York mayor’s office as Miles Warbeck
    WARBECK* (app)--Thunderbolts I#15 ([50(fb)], 15, [42(fb)], [50(fb)], 59(fb), 40, 45, 47-49, 50(fb), [50]

    --Avengers West Coast#

WAR TOYS – robot servants of Alkhema, most destroyed along with her base
    (app)—Avengers III#21 (22, Avengers: Ultron Imperative

WARTSTAFF - Microverse, Insectivorid, father of Bug, allied with Baron Karza
    --Micronauts I#13 (14

WAR WAGON - flying weapon created at gamma base, able to be controlled by total mental link-up, stolen by glenn talbot to attack hulk, destroyed by him in japan, killing talbot in the process
    *Des*--Incredible Hulk II#257 (258,259,260d)


WAR WAGON - Stark International war weapon, one was recovered by General Randovitch and sued to oppress the Christian/Muslim alliance, destroyed by Iron Man
    --Iron Man III#50

WAR WAGONS - Souls Survivors
    (app-souls)--Thor I#261

WAR WATCH of Earth-2988 (Amber, Jonas, Kraal, Sarge, others)
    - united world governments against War
    *D* (app-earth2988)--What If II#111

WARWEAR - living suit given to war machine
    --War Machine I#18

WARWICK, ENOS – head of Warwick Enterprises, created sonic enhancers, targeted by both Cardiac and Chance, mind wiped by overload of own device
    (app)—Amazing Spider-Man I#388/3 (388/3(fb), 388/3

WAR-WOLF of Earth-7484 - cyborg warrior created for Simon Ryker and sent against Deathlok, who destroyed him; initially alleged to be Mike Travers
    (app)--Astonishing Tales#26 ([27 (fb)], 26, 27d)

WARWOLF – Cybertek, wolf brain in powerful cyborg form, sent by Harlan Ryker to eliminate evidence and witnesses against him, destroyed by Deathlok (Michael Collins)
    (app)--Deathlok II#1

WARWOLF (Vic Marcus) - SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, field commander
    --Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1 (2, 4-6

WARWOLVES (Bowzer, Ducks, Jacko, Popsie, Scarper)
    – extradimensional metallic quadripeds, former agents of Mojo,
    immune to psionic attack, track prey by scent, merge into single individual, sharp claws, drain life forces of victims + don their skin, create dimensional portals as a group
    (U#8,M)--Excalibur Special Edition#1 (Excalibur I#1,2, 22, 40,41, Fantastic Four III#7, New Excalibur#4-5

WARWORLD - see DARBIA--Fantastic Four I#297

WAR-YORE (Eric Slaughter) - multiple personality disorder, took on persona of Attila the Hun, Robin Hood, Red Baron, Black Ninja, St. George
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#54 (54(fb), 54, 56-58d)

WARZ BEL DOQH of the Hyborian era - Wealthy Stygian, slain and form usurped by alien imposter
    --Savage Sword of Conan#73

WARZONE (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta) – alleged creations of the Pantheon; a paramilitary group of robots, they engage in regular destructive contests to attain a certain power item
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man I#44 (Incredible Hulk II#349

WARZONE - robot, created by Hector DeVasquez
    (app)--Sensational She-Hulk II#50 ([57(fb)], 50, 52, 55, 56

WARZONE (    ) - 1400 Club, assassin, allied with Dead Aim and Battlescar
    (app-1400clubleader)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#210

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