WA, Mr. - father of James/Calamity, member of Hanshin Tigers
    --[Order II#3] ([3 (fb)]

WACKIES (Rev. Godfrey Gander) - Duckworld, worshipped Howard, named for witnessing his apparent ascension to a higher plane
    -Witness of the Ascension Cult (app-duckworld)--Howard the Duck Mag#6

WADDELL, of Earth-93060 - Nuware

WADE, BARNABY - powerful telepath, drugged by Yellow Claw into serving him, rescued by Jimmy Woo
    --Yellow Claw#4/4

    former fbi agent, infiltrated doc ock (Trainer)'s gang, mutated by her
    --Amazing Scarlet Spider#1 (Spectacular Scarlet Spider#1, Web of Scarlet Spider#1, ASS#2-->Scarlet Spider)

WADE, JOSHUA - NYPD, investigated the Gotham Game Club
    (app-ggc)--Incredible Hulk Annual#9

WADLOW - AIM, ally of Dr. Necker
    (app-Necker)--Death's Head III#5 (6, 7

WAFISI - African tribe of headhunters, captured Lorna and M'Tuba, integrated into M'Tuba's tribe
   (app-M'Tuba)--Lorna the Jungle Queen#1

WAG's SWAGHOUSE - Omega Core
    --Thanos I#7

WAGER of the OCTESSENCE - see OCTESSENCE (app-ex)--Iron Man III#22 (22(fb)

WAGLER, JAMES - blamed Claire Voyant for family's deaths, killed her, killed by her when she returned as Black Widow
    --Mystic Comics#4/5d

WAGLER, Mrs. - mother of James, killed in car crash
    --Mystic Comic#4/5d

WAGLER, PAT - sister of James, killed in car crash
    --Mystic Comics#4/5d

WAGNASTEIN, Dr. - creator of the Ultra-Oscillatron
    (app-cal)--[Thor I#172]

WAGNER (    ) - German man, former homeless drug addict, mutated by Arnim Zola, surrendered to Thunderbolts
    sonic powers
    --Thunderbolts: International Incident#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

WAGNER, ADRIA - victim of the Stalker, blinded by him, life saved by Hulk
    (app-stalk)--Incredible Hulk II#335

WAGNER, Pvt. LARRY "HILLBILLY" - Deadly Dozen, musician, arrested for repeated intoxication, shot in the head by Germans while trying to bring in Captain Conner
    carried his guitar into combat
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#98 ([98(fb)], 98, Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#1(fb), 1-3, Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#104, CKatDD#4-5, 6(fb), 6-9

WAGNER, RICHMOND - astronaut, possessed by Xemnu the Titan
    (app-xemnu)--Marvel Feature I#3 (3(fb), 3

WAGNER, ROBERT F. - former mayor of New York
    --Strange Tales I#119 (Avengers I#21, Marvels#3

WAGNER, WILLIAM KEVIN - apparent Kree, false name, owner of Cafe Brioche, dated Carol Danvers, blackmailed into staying away from Sarah Day, abducted by Skrulls
    --Ms. Marvel#11 ([11 (fb)], 11, 13, 15-17, [18, 21], 25

WAGNER, DOC - crime doctor, committed string of murders and robberies, caught by the Ferret
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#4

WAGNER, herr - former husband of Mystique, wealthy, sterile, killed by Mystique when he suspected infidelity
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#428 (428(fb, dies))

WAHINI - Hawaiian woman, aunt? of Akoni, encountered "Agents of Atlas" fighting Kree Sentinel in 1958 and robotic Sentry in recent years
    --Enter the Heroic Age#1/2

WAHLFERT, FRANCIS - owner of Walsh & Wahlfert Jewelers, hired Agent X to stop a series of robberies by the same guys
    --Agent X#3

WAI-GO INDUSTRIES (Mr. Xao) - front for Hydra, sought to obtain Randrapid train and/or commit hostile takeover of Rand-Meachum industries
    --Immortal Iron Fist#1 (1 (fb), 2-4, [5]

WAINSCROFT, DAEMIAN - father of Deke, owner of Wainscroft chemicals
    (app-deke)--Punisher: POV#1 (2-4

WAINSCROFT, DERRICK "DEKE" - criminal, mutated by SS-8 serum from Wainscroft chemicals
    (app)--Punisher: POV#1 (2-4

WAINSCROFT CHEMICALS (Daemian Wainscroft) - created the SS-8 serum which mutated Deke, taken over by SHIELD after the Wainscrofts were sent to a deserted isle
    --Punisher: POV#1 (2, 3

WAKANDA - African country ruled by black panther
    (I#12,D#14)--Fantastic Four I#52

    --Black Panther III#

WAKANDANS (Achebe, A'Kane, Ashei, Azarri the Wise, Bashenga, Bassey, Black Panther, Moise Bomvana, Chandra+son, Damola, Dogs of War/Hatute Zeraze, Dora Milaje, Dume, Gahjii, Guedado, High Council, Icon, Ishanta, Joshua Itobo, Jakarra, Jarak, Jarkunga, Jiomo, Jiru, Kaleb, Kal'ti, Kantu, Karota, Dr. Kaza, K’Bali, Kono, Kazibe, Khanata, Erik Killmonger, Kimbay, Kradada, K'Shan, K'Shanei, K'Tela, K'Tyah, Kunta, Lisimba + daughter, Mr. Lombo, Malaika, Mama, Man-Ape, M’Baa, M’Bambway, M'Butu, Ms. Mboye, M’Daka, Mendinao, M’Gari, M’Halak, M'Jumbak, M’Kambi, M’Koni, M’Naka, Moro, M'Rham, M'Shula, M’Tume, Matih, Mubaru, M’Zaki, Nakia, N'Banu, N’Baza, N'Debele, N’Dede, N’Dele, N'Gama, N'Gami, N'Gamo, N'Gassi, N'Kano, N'Taka, N'Taka, N’Yaga, Ogun, Okoye, Rakeisha, Ramonda, Rashida, R'Shumba, Shombay, Shuri, Stogie, S'yan, Taku, Dr.Tambak, Tanzika, T’arrance, Tayette, T'Chaka, T'Challa, T’Kara, Toyosi, T'Shan, T’Swana, Umu, Vibrania, Vibraxis, Wakandan Flying Patrol, Wali, Wazira, Wheeler, White Wolf, W'Kabi, W'Tabe, Zambada, Zatama(d), Zawadi, Zuni, Zuri
    new since Atlas: Narata, N’Taka, M’Chata, N'Taka, K'Shanei, K'Tela
    unidentified: elderly male tortured by Tayete and Kazibe (Jungle Action I#6); female survivor of village slaughtered by Killmonger's Death Regiment
(Jungle Action I#6);
(net)--Fantastic Four I#52 (Fantastic Four Unlimited#1/2, Avengers I#87(fb), F4#53(fb), Av87(fb), Black Panther I#8(fb), F4#52-54, Fantastic Four An5/2, Black Panther: Panther’s Prey#2(fb), Av119(fb), BP:PP#3, Tales of Suspense I#98, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes II#2, Av61,62, 68, 73, Astonishing Tales#6/2, Marvel Team-Up I#87
    Daredevil I#245(fb), Av239
    Spider-Man/Human Torch#4
    Captain America I#418, Avengers Collectors Edition#1, Cable II#54, Black Panther III#1(fb),1, Fantastic Four III#21, BP III#1(fb), 11,12, 14-16, 23, 24,25, 28,29, 33,
    Avengers III#69
    ?Black Panther IV#1-6?, 10, 17-18, 20 (fb), 23-25, 26-27, Fantastic Four#544, 546, 547, 550, Wolverine III#52-53, BP33-38, 39-41

WAKANDANS (Ashei, K'Shan, K'tyah, Ms. Mboye, M'Rham, M'Shula, Shuri, S'yan, T'Chaka, T'Challa + mother, T'Shan, W'Kabi) - WTF
    --Black Panther IV#1 (2-6

WAKAN TAKA - great spirit of the Sioux, presumably another name for Manitou
    --[Red Wolf#1]

WAKE UP AMERICA - talk show, had Rick Jones, Lesley Wyatt, and Dr. Wolfe Cody as guests
    --Generation X: Crossroads

WAKEFIELD FALCHIONS - Two blades forged by followers of Margaret of Anjou in early 15th century, enchanted to slay magical beings, used against Richard of York and his demonic guards, one Falchion was part of Azopardi’s collection, used against Strange and Vincent Stevens
    (app-Azopardi)--Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#68

WAKERS (Scorpion (Carmilla Black), 4) - AIM deep penetration agents genetically-engineered to resist all chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons
    --Amazing Fantasy II#11 (12

WAKING BEAR, Dr. JOSEPH - Surgeon, formerly worked in New York, relocated to the American Southwest after learning a lesson in responsibility from Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#4 ([4(fb)], 4(fb)

WAKU - Prince of the Bantu, which is within the hidden depths of South Africa
    --Jungle Tales I#1 (September 1954) (1-7

WALCEK, NICK  - Stark Enterprises
     --Marvel Super-Heroes III#9/3

WALDO - computer of Starjammers
    --X-Men I#108 ([107], Classic X-Men#14, UX108, CX15(fb), [UX109(fb)], Uncanny X-Men#156,157, New Mutants I#19, UX200, 201, X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#1, Avengers I#351

 WALDO ?? - agent of the Astrologer
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#5/2

WALI - Wakandan, technician serving W'Kabi
    --Black Panther III#33

WALKABOUT - First Line, robot form, constructed + controlled + used as exoskeleton by Professor Carmody/the Eternal Brain’s homunculus form, presumably destroyed in explosion of Skrull armada
    (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12 ( 10, 11, 12

WALKER - see VORTIGEN (app-walkers)--Hulk Comic#6/2

WALKER - extraterrestrial death god, fell in love with Death, destroyed all life in his galaxy for her, spurned by her, vowed to destroy her, fought by Captain Marvel + Thor + Thanos, destroyed by Death after she learned feeling of vengeance from Marlo Jones
    (OH:AZU#1, app)--Captain Marvel V#17 (17(fb2), 17, 18

WALKER, BARRY - step-brother of Patsy, son of Bea
    (app-Walker, Joshua)--Defenders I#111

WALKER, BEA - 2nd wife of Joshua, step-mother to Patsy
    (app-Walker, Joshua)--Defenders I#111

WALKER, CHANCE - sheriff, widower, father of Tess
    (app-tess)--Namor I#26 ([29 (fb)], 26-27, 29

WALKER, DOROTHY - Patsy's mother, published comics about her daughter
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#144 (Defenders I#88-89, 94-95,107,109,111, (New) Def I#125, Marvel Fanfare I#59, History of the Marvels Comics#1

WALKER, JOSHUA - Patsy's father, re-married
    (app)--Defenders I#111 (125

WALKER, MICKEY - younger brother to Patsy, son of Joshua and Dorothy
    (app-Wolfe, Hedy)--Marvel Fanfare I#59 (59 (mentioned), Avengers Annual 2000 (seen)

WALKER, PATSY - see HELLCAT (1960s)--(g) Miss America magazine, Patsy Walker#1;
    Fantastic Four Annual#3 (Avengers I#144(fb), Defenders I#89(fb), Av144(fb), F4 An3, Marvels#2, Av144(fb)/Def89(fb), Amazing Adventures II#13-15, Av139-144->Hellcat )

WALKER, PATSY, diary of - see DIARY of PATSY WALKER--Marvel Comics Presents II#1/2 (4/2 (fb), 1/2, [2/2, 3/4], 4/2

WALKER, SETH - young boy, magical knowledge, used as host of Pazuzu by Dr. Louis Childs, resisted Pazuzu's release, ultimately saved by Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Magik, and Christine Palmer
    (app)--Nightcrawler III#1 ([1(fb)]/3(fb), 1-4

WALKER, TESS - eco-terrorist allied with Leon McKenzie, manipulated amnesiac Namor until he discovered her true nature, killed when he destroyed a logging machine she was using against others
    *D* (app)--Namor I#26 (27-28, 29d)

WALKER, Mrs. of Earth-93060 - minor mystic powers
    --Mantra I#13 (Mantra II#1,2

WALKER BETWEEN WORLDS - see DOOMBRINGER (app)--Wolverine: Doombringer

WALKERS (Proud Walkers, Balor, Cormac, Gurien, Karadoc, Mordred, Scartac) - @ sixth century, originally composed of twelve Britons, men of power, traveled along the ley lines (lines of power), establishing landmarks and guide-lines, trained the druids, created routes from earth to otherworld. six of the twelve were corrupted by the dark forces of netherworld, created paths that led men to black magic, resulting in people becoming distrustful of the walkers and assaulting the natives of otherworld. The proud walkers returned to otherworld, while the evil six went to netherworld
    (app)--(UK) Hulk Comic#6/2,61/2(1/2,3/2-8/2,[9/2],10/2-19/2,26/2-30/2, 45/2,[46/2,47/2],48/2,[49/2,50/2] 55/2,57/2 [59/2],60/2,61/2,[62/2],63/2

WALKERS - agents of Infinites, immense planet-sized beings, reshape the molten mass of a planet destroyed by the Infinite’s Servitors into long cylinders, which several of them then unite with their own bodies into rings through which the infinites can project an energy net to transport an entire galaxy
    (app-inf)--Avengers Infinity#2 (3,4

WALKING BOMB - see FREAK (Hogan)--Iron Man I#84

WALKING NOVA - see FOREVER MAN (Hardy) (app)--Avengers I#218

WALKING SLUDGE HEAP of Earth-Ultraverse - see SLUDGE (app-sludge)--Sludge#1

WALKING STILETTO - robot created by AIM, later utilized by Reanimator
    (app)--Captain America I#113 (Wolverine II#149

WALKINS, JIM - see SQUIRM of Earth-148611--DP7 #14

WALKMAN - Gods for the 80’s, God of Cosmic Indifference, worshipped by St. Sony
    (app-gods80s)--Bizarre Adventures#32/4

WALL (Joshua Wallace Waldemeyer) - fought Spider-Man.
    transformed into living wall
    (app)--(TV) - Electric Company season 4 episode (1974-1975);
 Spidey Super Stories#8/2 (May, 1975); 

WALL ( ) - X-Force/M Branch
    -COLOSSUS* (app-xf)--Cloak & Dagger III#10

WALL (Mick Patterson) - Australian mutant, brother of Key, former agent of Randall Shire, former member of Shire’s traveling circus before Shire was possessed by one of the Undying.
    wm, large + strong, virtually indestructible
    --Cable II#79 (82(fb), 79-84

WALL (Gnter Gross)  - Euro-Trash, mutant assassin from Berlin, Germany, former author and spokesman for the new Germany, mutant powers kicked him when Berlin Wall fell on him, blown to pieces by Anarchist during the
    Large rock-like form
    (OH2006#4-euro, app-euro)--X-Statix#13 (13(fb), 14

WALLACE, GEORGE - FI-6, killed by Necrom?
    --Excalibur I#49 (49d)

WALLACE, General PAUL - US Army, offered to make the Avengers a branch of the military
    --Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#3 (3(fb1), 4(fb2)

WALLACE, R.B. - agent of Tiboro, leader of the Circle of Decay, fought Dr. Strange .
    used Tiboro’s wand
    (app-tib)--Dr. Strange II#54 (54(fb2), 54(fb1), 54

WALLACE, - sponsor in the Great Game
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#231

WALLACE - secretary of the mayor of Beacon City
--Captain America Comics #10

WALLACE, director - CIA, attempted to arrange turning the Black Widow over to the Bulgarian government, sent Quinn after her
    --Daredevil II#61, (named) 64 (61, [62-64]

WALLACE, General (    ) - USA, bigoted, sought to invade Wakanda, enlisted aid of Klaw
    --Black Panther IV#1

WALLACH, Dr. OWEN - former partner of Derek McDowell, dying of cancer, sought to have McDowell transfer his brain into a healthy young body, but he transferred it into the Frankenstein monster, killed McDowell, kidnapped and tried to transfer brain into a trapeze artist (James Talbott), ended up swapping brains with a rat, who then smashed the rat body which contained his brain
    *D* (app-derek)--Monsters Unleashed#4 (5/8, 6(fb,dies)

WALLAH WALLAH BING BANG - alleged destructive weapon of Bombu
    --Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

WALLAND, - soldier at Camp Lehigh, catered to by young Bucky circa 1940
    --Captain America and Bucky#620 (2011)

WALLENCOTT, ALICIA - Wakandan design group, us branch, lover of Gabriel Mason
    --Black Panther: Panther's Prey#3 (4

WALLER - Observer reporter, killed and replaced by Volx
    (app-volx)--New Warriors I#64

WALLFLOWER  (Laurie Collins) - New Mutants, mutant, Xavier Institute, daughter of Gail and unnamed mutant, roommate of Sofia Mantega, killed by Stryker's Purifiers
    Control others via emotions
    *D* (New X-Men Yearbook, 198)--New: X-Men: Academy X#2 (
    New X-Men#24, 25d)

WALLIS, BEKKA - cousin of Rachel Grey, engaged to be married, slain by Shi'ar
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#466, (named) #467 ([467(fb)], 466, 467d)

WALLOP - see DESTINE, WALTER (net)--Marvel Comics Presents#158

WALLOW (Max Pressman) - ghost of father of Melinda + Michael, murdered wife and then killed by cops before could kill his children, came back to finish them off, destroyed by Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) + sent to Blackheart's realm, served as one of his Spirits of Vengeance.
    cause feelings of suicidal depression, thrives on human misery
    (app)--Ghost Rider III#87 (87(fb), 87, 89-93, Ghost Rider: Finale

"WALLY'S NIGHTCLUB RAIDERS" (Bertie, Reg, Sid, Toby) – criminals who attacked Wally’s Nightclub, stopped by Shadowcat and Phoenix (Rachel Summers)
    (app)- Excalibur I#1

WALPOLE, HERBERT - @ 1930s, millionaire owner of Walpole Towers, poisoned by David Simons
    *D* (app-simonsdavid)--Savage Action#1/2

WALPOLE, KITTY - @ 1930s, daughter of Herbert
    (app-simonsdavid)--Savage Action#1/2

WALRUS (Hubert Carpenter) – Terrible Two, empowered by uncle Humbert, former agent of White Rabbit
    (OH: Spdm: BiB, app)--Defenders I#131 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#184,185, Daughters of the Dragon#4

WAL-RUSS - Half-World, walrus, ally of Rocket Raccoon
    --Incredible Hulk II#271 (Rocket Raccoon#1-4

WALSH, - former teacher of Warren Worthington
    --Angel: Revelations#2 (2008)

WALSH - Commission field agent, took charge of investigation of Juston Seyfert's Sentinel after Brian Rinehart's death
    (app)--Sentinel#7 (12

WALSH, captain ALEXANDER - LAPD, worked with spider-woman (Drew) and Scotty McDowell
    --Spider-Woman I#21 (23-25, 28, 30, Marvel Team-Up I#97, [SpWm33]

WALSH, DEBORAH - Delta City, tv reporter
    --Fight Man#1

WALSH, DONALD J. - aging movie producer, invoked darkhold page in effort to gain immortality, transformed into chameleon worms, destroyed by Darkhold redeemers
    *D* (app-cw)--Darkhold#1(1d)

WALSH, DRUID - criminal, exceptionally strong, falsely rumored to have superhuman strength among locals
    --Moon Knight I#33

WALSH, Lt. FRANK - LAPD, racist and abusive, brought up on charges by d.a. torres, invoked a darkhold page to clear self, given connection to Troids, learned info which forced torres to drop charges (sex with a 16y old girl), had troid queen growing within him, but it couldn't break through his skin, tried to convince others to beat him to let it out, but they refused
    (app-troids)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2

WALSH, "LEFTY" - crooked rancher, employee of John Hawkes?, allied with Bill Ford in effort to steal the cattle in an Arizona town, plot exposed when Godzilla located the cattle
    --Godzilla#15 (16

WALSH, LYNN - intern at daily bugle
    --Green Goblin#1 (2, 4-6, Spider-Man: the Final Adventure#4, GG7, 9, 11-13

WALSH, MONTY - cat burglar, shot by gangster Guido Carboni, gained Uni-power, used it to defeat Carboni, died of gunshot wound after power left him
    CAPTAIN UNIVERSE* (app)--Marvel Spotlight II#11 ([11(fb)], 11, [Marvel: The Year in Review '89?]

WALSH, - pawn of Fixer's racketeering
    --Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#1 (1 (fb)

    --Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#1 (1 (fb)

WALSHE - creation of Arnim Zola, mentored Brian Braddock, experiments created Shepherd, allowed Meggan to kill him
    --Excalibur I#36 (fb), 36d

WALSH(E?), CHRISTOPHER M. - HAMMER, former SHIELD technician, enjoyed Maria Hill's fall from power, located Maria Hill and Iron Man for Norman Osborn
    --Invincible Iron Man#8 (17-18

WALTER ?? - Roxxon executive, informed John T. Gamelin of Agar's failure to frame the Black Panther
    (app-agar)--Marvel Team-Up I#87

WALTERS, BEATRICE - news show host, employed by Tiberius Stone, spun events to his benefit
    --Iron Man III#39 (40

WALTERS, MAXINE - CEO of CCI, befriended Iron Fist, killed by John Lumus
    *D*--Power Man/Iron Fist#116 (117, 121,122, 124,125d)

WALTERS, sheriff MORRIS - father of She-Hulk, formerly dated Louise Mason
    --Savage She-Hulk#2 (She-Hulk I#1(fb2), Savage She-Hulk#2-6, 11, 12, 15-25, She-Hulk II#3(fb), [Sensational She-Hulk#8], Marvel Fanfare I#48, Sensational She-Hulk#36, 38, 49, She-Hulk II#3, 9

WALTERS, SIMON - homeless man, died, body possessed by Beta Ray Bill
    --Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#6

WALTERS, WILLIAM "BILLY" - Daily Bugle reporter, young man, desired friendship of Peter Parker, wm,blond
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#235 (Sensational Spider-Man II#11, 16,17,18, Spider-Man I#85, Se21,22, Amazing Spider-Man I#430, Se24(fb),24,25, A432, Se26, A433,Se27(fb),27,28, Spec257,258, Se29, 30, Sp260, Se31

WALTERS, Mrs. of Earth-148611 - mother of blur, presumably killed in the Pitt

WALTERS, Mr. - elderly pawnshop owner in Los Angeles, wife killed many years ago by young hoods, wished things could be like they were while holding one of the Gibborim's artifacts, transformed into monstrous state and rampaged through the city, destroying all recent buildings until the Runaways duped him -- via the image and voice of his wife -- into returning to normal
    --Runaways II#19 ([12 (fb)], 19-21

WALTHERS, DAMON - Empire State University research scientist, developed a force field device, which was stolen by his lab assistant Clay Wilson, who became Force
    --Sub-Mariner I#66 (67-69

WALTON, CLIP - ran protection racket, shut down by the Thin Man
    --Mystic Comics #4/3

W.A.M. (Ethyl Paprika, Rachel Sobriety) - teaches that all sisters are brothers
    Women Are Men (app-wf)—Power Man I#32

WAMPYR (    ) - German vampire, former servant of Baron Blood
    *D/R/D* (app-baronessblood)--Union Jack#1 (2, 3d)

WAMU, FURI - ally of Big Hero Six
    false eye able to absorb certain energies
     --Big Hero Six#1 (2008)

WANAMAKER, GEORGE - Cleveland DA's office, released She-Hulk to battle Bran, dropped charges against her and Monique in exchange
    --She-Hulk II#30

WAND of TRANSMUTATION - magic item used by Dark Art, shattered by She-Hulk
    --She-Hulk II#29 (29 (fb, destroyed)

WANDs of SATANNISH - held by Dr. Strange within Nisanti cabinet
    --[Dr. Strange: The Oath#1]

WAND of WATOOMB - magic item, weapon used by Xandu, separated into two halves, one was recovered from an alien dimension by Dr. Strange, Xandu discovered the other half and stole the first one from Dr. Strange, seemingly drained of power by Dr. Strange, but later possessed and used by others including Imus Champion
    (app)—Amazing Spider-Man Annual#2 ([Realms of Magic Book#2: Manual of Mysticism (fb)], Savage Sword of Conan#188/2, Dr. Strange II#32 (fb), AmzSpAn2, Marvel Team-Up I#21, Marvel Fanfare I#6 (fb), [6 (fb)], 6, [Spider-Man/Doctor Strange: The Way To Dusty Death (fb)], [Doctor Strange II#81/Doctor Strange III#9/2 (fb)], Strange Tales II#8, [
Doctor Strange III#7], 8, [9-10], 36, Spdm/Doc: tWtDD, Secret Defenders#6, [7 (fb)], 6-8, Avengers/Squadron Supreme Annual 1998, [JLA/Avengers#1], 2 / 3 (fb), [3] / 4,  [She-Hulk I#2 (fb)], Ms. Marvel II#4-5

WANDA, sister of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., witchbreed, sister of Petros, counterpart of Scarlet Witch
    (app-earth311)--1602#1 (2, 4, 7, 8

WANDA of Earth-58163 (    ) - normal human, daughter of Magneto
    (Secrets of the House of M)--

WANDA ?? - Circle of Pavane
    enhanced vision, wears sunglasses
    (app-pavane)--Avengers I#377

WANDERER – see PRESTER JOHN (app)—Fantastic Four I#54

WANDERER ( ) - mercenary, worked for organization that created Night Terror, "more than human," survived being bitten by Night Terror, invited to join the Next Wave
    *D* (app)--Ghost Rider III Annual#1/2d ([1/2(fb)], [1/2(fb)], 1.2

WANDERER ( ) – Goth.
    female, shaved head, plae(?) skin, opens portals through space
    --X-Men II#103

WANDERERS (Billy, Chisel, Flintlock, Outback)
    - former agents of Dr. Faustus, battled Captain America (Rogers) + Nomad (Munroe) + Cannibal Catch
    (app)--Nomad II#18 (18(fb), 18, Captain America I#421, Nom19

WANDERERS () - followers of Wayfinder, colonized the Microverse
    (app-earth-swordinthestar)--Micronauts I#31

WANDOR - sorcerer in Bazaar at the End of Unreason, attacked Dr. Strange in order to prove reputation, defeated by him
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#12

WANG, Det. - Madripoor based, investigated Jessica Drew's involvement in death of Skrull Spider-Man
   (app-spider-man-skrull)--Spider-Woman IV#2

WANG, LI - Chinese ambassador, requested iron man’s aid against mandarin + chen hsu + fin fang foom
    --Iron Man I#270 (271, 273

WANG, VICTORIA - public defender
    --X-Factor I#77 (78

WANGAL - amulet which grants its user power from the Set-spawn Damballah
    (Mystic Arcana-Talismans)--Strange Tales I#169

WANI - sea monster, battled succession of dragon lord, first in 1580 and then in modern era
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight II#5

WANNABEE's - District X club, caters to people pretending to be mutants
    --Uncanny X-Men I#450 (451

WANTLING, SAM - Child of the Voyager, took on a life of his own, resisted being consumed by the Voyager with Harriet Homerstone's aid; restored the initial fragment of himself to the Voyager, allowing it to access the higher planes, gained limited magical power
    (app)--Children of the Voyager#1 ([2 (fb)], 2 (fb), 3 (fb), [1 (fb)], 1-4

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