VOODOO (Donny ) - Children of Heaven, stayed with others after defeat of Phillip.
    bm, large, undefined powers
    (app-coh)--X-Factor I#47

VOODOO CHILE ( ) - son of Sister Voodoo
    --Marvel Age Annual#3

VOODOO GODS (Avlekete, Baron Cemetary, Buluku, Dam-Ayido, Eschu, Ezili, Legba, Lusa, Mahu, Ogun, Sagbata, Xevioso)
    --Dr. Strange III#17

VOODOO KING - magical object worshipped by jungle tribe, stolen by unnamed escaped prisoner
    made of solid gold, bonds to hands of anyone who steals it
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#82/3

VOODOO TRIBE - worshipped Voodoo King
    (app-voodooking)--Journey into Mystery I#82/3

VOORMAN, TOVA of "Earth-97400" - European girl, sought as romantic interest by Pietro Lehnsherr, whom she tricked into beating up her brother
    (app-earth97400)--What If II#97

VOORTREKKER (Rutger van Bokhoven) - Zimbabwean mercenary, former Supremacist, enemy of Impala, freelance operative.
    heightened tracking skills, master of armed and unarmed combat
    (app-sup)--Black Panther II#1, (fully seen and identified) #2 ([2 (fb)], 2, 1, 2

VORCUTSKY, colonel - pre-modern era, Russian, awakened Grogg, presumably slain by him
    *D*--Strange Tales I#83

VORE - natural predator that hunts the space between dimensions, one captured Gamora & Nova during their trip through a stargate, but they escaped
    --Nova IV#10

‘VORES (Bull, Goat, Pig, Wolf) - gang, wore costumes of animals, defeated by Rick Jones
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#52/3

VORIN - leader of Shadow Riders, @ 600 years old, native of Arena World, world slaughtered by mys-tech, traveled through wormhole to 600 years in earth’s past, opposed activities of mys-tech, but could not destroy them due to risk of time paradox, formed shadow riders.
    magic powers, revive and empower the nearly dead
    (app)--ShadowRiders#1 (2-4

VORLEXX of Earth-93060 - magic item, corrupts w/ use, stolen from Vyr by Shadowmage
    --Solution#9 (10-12 15

VORM race (Star-Stalkers) - extraterrestrial, Andromeda Galaxy, planet Vormin,
    large, dragon-like creatures, able to exist in a vacuum, vulnerable to heat
    (I#11,D#15)--Avengers I#123

VORMUND (Markus Ettlinger) - Schutze Heiligruppe.
    turn attacks back on user, store up kinetic energy directed against him to increase own strength
    -Freiheitskämpfer*, HAUPTMANN DEUTSCHLAND* (app)--Captain America I#442

VOROSHILOV, - Peace Corpse, Combine, sole female member, merged with Prokvitch and Strokov to assert their will over them
    (app-pc)--Avengers I#319 (320, 321, 323, 324

    - nation, formerly part of the USSR, ruled by Druig
    (Marvel Atlas)--[Eternals III#1], (seen) #4 (5-7

VORPs of Earth-93060 - many tentacled creatures of the Wold

VORT - Time Keepers
    (app-timekeepers)--Thor I#282 (245(fb)/Avengers Forever#9(fb)/What If? II#39(fb), Thor I#245, W?39(fb), [39(fb)], Th282(fb)/AvFor8(fb), [Quasar#30 (fb)]/What If II#13?, [AvFor8(fb)/Avengers I#2], [AvFor8(fb)], 8(fb), [8(fb)], [8(fb)/Avengers West Coast#42-44, 48, 50-52], [Avengers West Coast#62], Quasar#26, [Quasar#30(fb)], [W? II#35-38], 39, Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#3, [AvFor8(fb)], 8(fb), 9(fb), 1, [2-9], 10-12, Marvel Universe: The End#2

VORT - Cosmic Commando Unit.
    4-armed golden woman, fly, carries gun in each hand
    (app-ccu)--Star Masters#1, 3(named) (1-3

VORT, Mr. - businessman, sold chairs for Adam Able
    (app-able)--Journey into Mystery I#82

VORTEX (Vor) – Cadre.
    generate powerful winds
    --Web of Spider-Man Annual#9

VORTEX (James Moore) -
    Open portals between space and dimensions
    --Generation X/Gen 13

VORTEX ( ) - cosmic entity, galaxy collector, encountered Black Bolt in past
    --[Inhumans III#6]

VORTEX, Dr. - scientist, based out of Horror Hall, attempted to plunge Borsia and Grotzia into war, thrown into lime pit by Blue Blaze
    --Mystic Comics#4d

VORTEX BOMB - Hydra weapon, used when agents were driven to attack the Richards' wedding via Doom's Emotion Charger, truck carrying it was redirected into the East River by Daredevil, took out Attuma's army
    powerful enough to destroy an entire skyscraper
    (app)--Fantastic Four Annual#3 (Fantastic Four Annual#3/Marvel: Heroes and Legends '96

VORTEX PISTOLS of "Earth-7643" - weapon, causes blindness, nausea, and vertigo
    (app-starstalker)--Marvel Premiere#32

VOR/TEX - sentient computer designed by Dr. Hoffsteader, attempted to takeover Iron Man (Stark) via his cybernetic implants
    -Virtual ORganism/Turing EXperiment--[Iron Man I#289], 307 ([289, 292, 298, Iron Man An15/2, IM306],307-309

VORTIGEN - Walkers, Proud Walkers, traveled to earth to enlist aid of Captain Britain + Black Knight (Whitman) against forces of Necromon, original staff shattered by Iron Ogre, forged a second for battle, volunteered own kingdom as the new Camelot after original was destroyed by Necromon.
    focused power through rowan staff, had pet wolf lupe
    (app-walk)--(UK) Hulk Comic#6

VOR-THRUL, JAT - Kree, member of interstellar salvage crew including Sovel Redhand, Glitter, and Horse. Uses dermware to communicate with and control technology
    (app)--X-Men Legacy#220

VOR-THRULS of Diamond Glacier - Jat's family
    --[X-Men Legacy#222]

VORTOK, ISABEL - vampire, Transylvanian barmaid, vamped by Dracula
    *D/R*--Dracula: Lord of the Undead#1

VORZEN - Silver Legion, native of Urmateh
    --[Silver Surfer III#115],116 (117-121

VOSTOK (Anatoly ) - Supreme Soviets, People's Protectorate, Winterguard, Russian robot, may have originally been human
    control other machines, fly, scan other objects and energy forms
    -SPUTNIK*--Avengers I#319 (Soviet Super Soldiers#1, Av319-324, Incredible Hulk II#393, Iron Man III#9,10, [Maximum Security#1,2],3

VOTAN - Axi-Tun mutant, brother of Landar, son of Trantor, led assault on the Charter, engineered destruction of Arcturus IV and release of the plague that wiped out the Charter representatives, defeated and brought before Charter
    control minds + sap wills
    (app)--[Star Masters#1], 2 (3, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4,5

VOX (    ) - Action Pack
    --Avengers: Initiative#7

VOX of Earth-928 – circa 2099 AD, Zefiro
    --Doom 2099#1

VOX POPULI <Voice of the People> - news media, reported on Captain America (James Barnes)' battle with Master Man.
    --Captain America Corps#1 (2011)


VOYAGER (    ) - angelic? being, cast to realms below long ago, eventually made it up to the earthly plane, spawned fragments of itself to interact with humanity then reabsorbed them so it could understand mankind and thus escape Earth, eventually succeeded via reabsorbing its fragment from Sam Wantling, traveled to the Heavens
    Eternity's Bastard, He Who Walks, the Body Magician, the Endless Voyager (MarvZom, app)--Children of the Voyager#1 (2-4 (fbs), 2-4

VOYAGER (Divad) - Imperial Guard, former prisoner of Stranger’s Laboratory World, freed during battle between Over-Mind and Stranger, rejoined Imperial Guard, participated in Kree/Shi'ar war, quit in order to exact vengeance on Stranger during his encounter with the Starblasters.
    open portals in space, uses staff to focus power, humanoid, green + yellow costume
    (app)--[Quasar#13, 32], 33 ([13-16, 32],33, 55 56 57

VOYAGER of Earth-148611 - see JESSUP, TYRONE (psif#21-tj)--PsiForce (nu)#21

VRADEC - V Battalion
    [Cable & Deadpool#28-29]

VRAKANIN race (Charasulla, hunter/warrior) – extraterrestrial, semi-humanoid, green skin, long ears, sharp teeth + claws, long hair from antebrachium and crus.
    one pursued Lila Cheney in attempt to steal Earth
    --New Mutants Annual#1

VRAMMA of the pre-Cataclysmic era - invoked by Kull
    --[Kull the Conqueror I#23]

VRANIEL -  Angel, ally of Emmael, sought to stop Zadkiel, slain in battle with Lucifer & Ghost Rider
    --Ghost Rider VI#14 (15-18

VRANX - mutated Skrull, brother of Raze, killed parents as a youth, spent life fleeing from vengeance of Raze, given fusion energy powers by ??, ultimately defeated by Silver Surfer and killed by Raze.
    fusion energy powers
    *D* (app)--Silver Surfer III#89 (89(fb), 89d)

VRAY race (Chahr, Taros, "King of the Vray") - extradimensional, co-habitate a world with the Swarm, with whom they long warred; peace finally brought about via visiting Rogue (Anna Marie)
    --X-Men Legacy I#271 (2012) (271 (fb), 271-273

VRELLNEXIAN race ( ) – extraterrestrial, milky way, planet Vrellnex, formerly partnered with Sssith in extraterrestrial slave trading ring.
    six-limbed semi-humanoid/insectoid, some are winged
    (I#11,D#15, app)--Thor I#212 ( Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet(fb5)

VRELLNEXIAN PARADIGM - states that every single action by every single organism causes reality to diverge within its own phenomenal field, creating interference patterns between adjoining fields. This, in turn, keeps the fabric of existence folding in on...(Epoch was interrupted at this point in his discussion)
    --Quasar#49 (1993)

VRIES, KALI - SHIELD II, STARS, underwent basic training with John Walker, formerly had a relationship with him, pretended to be allied with Senator Warkorsky in order to regain the symbiotic leeches
    (app)--USAgent II#1 ([1(fb)], 1-3

VRIL - Mephisto duped Thule and his ilk into believing in the Vril, who were supposed to be an alien species that had originally populated Earth with their "master race" eons ago. Mephisto manipulated Thule to sacrifice the necessary lives to open the Darkdoor for "the Vril." Thule came to believe that some of the Vril existed on Earth, and he wondered if Dagger might be one of them due to her energy powers and their affinity for the energies of the Schwarzraum. In reality, the "Vril" were merely the demon elite of Mephisto, and Mephisto was leading Thule and his followers to sacrifice people in order to open a portal through which they might invade Earth. The demons were defeated by the combined power of Cloak & Dagger and Ghost Rider and Spider-Man
   (app-thule)--[Cloak & Dagger III#14], 17 ([16(fb), 14-16], 17-18

VRIL - pre-Cataclysmic era, used to power flying ships of Atlantis
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles

VRON-IKKA - Kree major, slept with Rick Jones in attempt to gain rights to his memoirs, believed they held the secret to his Destiny power
    (app)—Avengers Spotlight#25/2

VROOM ROOM - virtual reality training facility at the works
    --Force Works#3

VRUL  - Mahari

VRYSLAW, count - @ mid-19th century, wife vamped by Dracula, kept her imprisoned in castle for twenty years until discovered by Dracula, destroyed wife as he had a heart attack, depriving Dracula of either of them
    --Dracula Lives#9/2 (9/2(fb), 9/2

VRYSLAW, countess - vampire
    *D/R/D*--Dracula Lives#9/2

VR39 - creation of Master Programmer
    --Amazing Scarlet Spider#1

VUG - Tetrarchs of Entropy,
    Vug the Burning* (net/handbook-ToE)--[Avengers I#327],329 (330, Blaze II#6

VUK - ship crashed on earth near Mediterranean sea @ 500bc, mistaken for Medusa, later concealed identity to appear human, ship freed and assisted in leaving earth by Avengers, later allied with Carbon Copy Men, stranded on Collector's Prison World, budded off Bzztl, came to earth during events of Maximum Security, attempted to kill Jean Grey
    used stone ray & high-tech armor
    -"MEDUSA*", STARHAMMER (app-dbari))--Avengers I#4 (4(fb), [4(fb)], 4, [Uncanny X-Men#135], [She-Hulk II#46(fb), 43/45(fb), 44], 45, 46, Wolverine II#136-138, Uncanny X-Men#387

VUKILS - Pet spirits of Lupex, which trained both he and Pyra in the roads to power.
    (app-lupex)--Strip#20 (20 (fb)

VULCAN - the Roman name for the Olympian God, Hephaestus
    (app-Heph)--Thor Annual#5

VULCAN ( ) - First Line, European, given sword of Templar after he retired.
    fire heat blasts
    (net/lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#7

VULCAN ( ) - criminal, led gang of thugs, attempted to steal Null-Life bomb from Stark West.
    Kyphosis, superhuman strength and durability, fire energy blasts,
    (app)—Black Goliath#3

VULCAN (Gabriel Summers) - X-Men, mutant, trained by Moira MacTaggert, drafted into interim X-Men, nearly slain by Krakoa, saved from instant death by Petra & Sway, survived via Darwin converting into energy and preserving him, trapped in space for years and presumed dead, powers vastly amplified by leftover energies removed from mutants on M-Day, sought vengeance on X-Men, slew Banshee, after learning the full truth he left Earth to seek vengeance on the Shi'ar, joined forces & married Deathbird, executed D'ken and became emperor of the Shi'ar
    manipulate energy on a vast scale
    KID VULCAN* (OH: AZ#12)--X-Men: Deadly Genesis#1, (identified) #4 (6 (fb), 4/2 (fbs), 4/2, 4 (fb), 5 (fb), 6 (fbs), 1-6, Uncanny X-Men#475, 477, [476 (fb)], 478, 480, 482, 483 (fb), 484-486, X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#1-5

    Used to initiate the eruption of every volcano on Earth
    (app)--The Avengers Battle the Earth-Wrecker   

VULCAN race (Dragoom) - fire creatures
    --Strange Tales I#76

VULCANN the BLOODSMITH 2099 - demon, kidnapped and aged Joaquim Navarro to adulthood
    --X-Men 2099#32 (33-35

VULKANUS - demon, servant of Beelzeboul, plae(?), large + bloated body, killed by Terror + Hellfire
    *D* (app-beel)--Terror INC#3, 4 (5

VULPINE (Roja Sanford) - former reality show X-Force member; humanoid fox
   (app-xstat)--X-Statix#10 (fb)

VULT - Outcasts of New Mexico, vulture
    (app-outcasts)--Incredible Hulk II#329

VULTURE of the Hyborian era (Mikhal Oglu) - Turanian soldier/assassin under Yezdigerd, sent to kill Conan, beheaded by him.
    small wings on back
    *D* (app)--Shadow of the Vulture; Conan the Barbarian I#24

VULTURE of the 16th Century (Mikhal Oglu) - Turkish soldier, agent of Suleyman the Magnificent, sent to kill von Kalmbach, beheaded by he and Son-Ya of Rogatino.
    *D*--Shadow of the Vulture

VULTURE (Hugh Bradley) - Mojave Indian Agency trader & Japanese operative, leader of the Native American Vultures/Black Hawks, opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    "BLACK HAWK"--Captain America Comics#14 (May, 1942)

VULTURE (Ottokar Meltzer, aka Ricardo Bellski) - Nazi scientist, mutated by chemicals into super-strong bat-like winged scientist, served by mutated Batmen, worked for Axis, kidnapped officials, thwarted by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --All-Select Comics#1 (Fall, 1943)

VULTURE (Harrison Klein) - used trained vulture in crimes, enemy of Human Torch (Jim Hammond) + Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --All-Winners Comics#10 (Fall, 1943)

VULTURE (    ) - Nazi slaver, battled Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#32 (November, 1943)

VULTURE (Dr. Isidoro Scarlotti) - leader of international criminal organization, commanded robots, enemy of Human Torch (Jim Hammond) + Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --(g) Young Men#26 (March, 1954) (Captain America Comics#76 (May, 1954), Young Men#28 (June, 1954)

VULTURE (Adrian Toomes) - Sinister Twelve, Sinister Six, former lover of Cheryl, father of Valeria Jessup through her, father of unnamed son, grandfather of ?? via Ramona, developed flight + strength-enhancing harness, began criminal career after partner Gregory Bestman cheated him out of his money, briefly regained youth by siphoning life energy of Richard + Mary Parker simuloids, recently suffered stroke in battle with Spider-Man
    winged suit, fly, enhanced vitality, elderly bald man
    -Holden Tooks (I#12,D#14,M, OH: Spdm2004, ME)--Amazing Spider-Man I#2 (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#15 (fb), Identity Disc#1(fb), 1(fb), AmSp2(fb)/Amz240(fb), Amz2, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#5, Amz6,7, Unt12, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#1, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#5 (fb), A18,U20, Wolverine /Cable: Guts & Glory, A48/Spider-Man:Blue#4,5, A63(fb) 63,64, Dr. Octopus: Negative Exposure#2, Spider-Man/Human Torch#2, Spectacular Spider-Man II#4,5, 44,45, 56, Amz224, 240,241, [Web of Spider-Man#1(fb)], Web3, Daredevil I#225, Secret Wars II#7, Web23,24, 45, New Mutants I#83-86, A336-339, Spider-Man#18-23, Sp186-188, A386-388, 396,Sp219, Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus#1-3, Spider-Man Unlimited#9, Prowler#2-4, Spider-Man Unlimited#10(fb), S62, SU#10, Sensational Spider-Man#16-18, 26-28, Amazing Spider-Man II#12,Peter Parker: Spider-Man#12, Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#15,16, PP:Spdm37, Tangled Web of Spider-Man#11, 13(fb), 13, Deadline#2, Spider-Man: Get Kraven#4-6, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#51, Spider-Man Unlimited#3/2, Identity Disc#1-6, Pulse#2, MK Spider-Man#4 (fb) / 7(fb), 3(fb), 2-4, 10-11, New Thunderbolts#12, Spider-Man Unlimited II#13/2, Friendly Neighborhood of Spider-Man Annual#1/2 (fb), Sentry II#5 (fb), Sensational Spider-Man III#23 (fb), Amazing Spider-Man#533, Civil War#2, She-Hulk II#17, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#14-16, Punisher War Journal II#13-15

VULTURES of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., agents of Otto von Doom
    --1602#2, 6

VULTURE (Raniero "Blackie" Drago) - former prison cellmate of Toomes, arranged accident for him in prison workshop and duped him into revealing location of his wings so drago would carry out his vengeance on spider-man, after defeat was freed from prison by toome and given back costume, toomes defeated him in combat to prove his superiority.
    wm, dark hair
    (I#12, D#14, 1960s, net)--Amazing Spider-Man I##48 (49/Spider-Man: Blue#4,5, Amz63, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#10

VULTURE (Clifton Shallot) - A former Empire State University professor, when his funding was cut he mutated himself to physically take on the appearance and powers of the Vulture (Toomes), sought vengeance on those who had cut his funding, but was defeated when Spider-Man force-fed him the antidote
    (I#12, D#14, OH: Spdm: BiB, app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#127 ([128(fb)], 128(fb), [127], 127-128

VULTURE of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - cannibalistic criminal in downtown, ally of goblin, leader of wildboys
    BIG BOSS--Spider-Man 2099#6 ( 36, 38-41, Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man, Spdm45,46, [2099: World of Tomorrow#1-3], 4-6

vulture 8162 - former ally of Keepsake, later allied with Death's Head-FPA + Spratt
    --Death's Head I#5 (6, 9, Strip15-17, 20

VULTURES - alleged Mojave warriors, supposed revival of pre-existing secret society, possibly disguised Japanese soldiers
    "BLACK HAWKS," "BLACK RAIDERS"--Captain America Comics#14 (May, 1942)


VULTURIONS (Gripes, Honcho, Pigeon, Sugar Face, new male, new female
    - designed costumes based on Vulture/Toomes, sought vengeance on Spider-Man, defeated by Spider-Man and Vulture, commissioned by Senator Woodman to steal gamma secrets from Baron von Blitzschlag, defeated by Scarlet Spiders and Spider-Man
    Used blowguns, fly enhanced strength
    (MEsp, app)--Web of Spider-Man#1 ([1(fb)], 1-3, [Avengers: Initiative#7 (fb)], 7

VULTUS of Pre-Cataclysmic Era - Bird-Men, nephew of Ravian, attacked Kull and his allies, slain by Ravian
    *D*--Kull the Conqueror III#2d

VULX of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Earth-928, spider-like creature apparently mutated from a captured youth by the Golden One, battled Hulk 2099
    super-strong and durable, two extra pairs of limbs, one tentacles and one spiked
    (app)--2099 Unlimited#5 ([6(fb)], 5,6

VUNDER KNIGHT (    ) - Nazi warrior, allied with Geoffrey Sydenham's 1959 plot
    WONDER KNIGHT*--[Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1], Avengers 1959#5 (2012)

VUNG - Kaishek, former court magician of Shialmar, allied with her in the conquering of the Wizard Kings then betrayed her, attempted to sacrifice her to the N'Garai, but she usurped the power and slew him instead.
    (app-shadow)--Dr. Strange II#43 (43(fb), 44(fb, dies)

VUULK, Capt - leader of band of space pirates, attempted to use Nova (actually Mephisto) as hostage against Surfer
    --Silver Surfer III#99

Vuu-Shin - aka Demon of the Storm, summoned by Nonjinjo, slaughtered the Yamatai Rebels, tried to kill Conan et al, burnt to death when covered in flowers conjured by Tawara Sho
    --Savage Sword of Conan#195

VYKIN the BLACK BOLT of Earth-Amalgam - Black Bolt + Vykin the Black, leader of the Un-People
    (app-up)--Challengers of the Fantastic#1

VYLLM P’TAAR of the Hyborian Era - leader of the fungus people/"phytons," captured Conan + Fafnir, plannned to execute them to prevent them from revealing their existence to the outside world
    --Conan the Barbarian I#163

VYR race of Earth-93060 -powerful, pursued Shadowmage b/c she stole the Vorlexx
    --Solution#8 (9-12

VYTEX (Dr. Donald Trevian) - made a pipeline in the Middle East
    --Captain America and the Falcon#13

VYRRA - Atlantean geneticist, banished @ 1920 for performing cloning experiments, transferred mind into clone of Dorma, then into Llyron, body slain by Llyra
    (app)—Namor I#19 (20(fb1+2) Marvel: Lost Generation#3, Namor#20 (fb), [19 (fb), 13,14, 15(fb)], 19, 20(fb), 53,54d / [Fantastic Four Unlimited I#11/2 (fb)]

V'ZARR-THAN - demon, served Asmodeus, destroyed in battle with Tabicantra
    (app-asmodeus)--Ghost Rider II#53

V'Zhorr-Lok - aka Demon-God/Y'zhorr-Lok, consumed numerous people, banished by the High Priest of the Bharani, kept in Hell by the High Priest's descendents who sacrificed themselves to keep him there, took Bar'aqh Sharaq as a sacrifice after he was knocked onto the altar by Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#83

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