V-2 ( ) - Verschucts, Latin American woman, inadvertently killed by Hanrasnsha while trying to rescue her.
    generate leather-like spiked appendages from wrists
    *D*--X-Force Annual 1999d

V2 ROCKETS - missiles designed by Cedric Rawlings, re-directed by him after Nazi betrayal to destroy their own troops
    --Tales of Suspense I#6_

V3 - see TRYKS--Blade#1

V3 ( ) - armored nazi, powered by technology from zietkrieg device
    --War Machine#15(16

V-BATTALION (Paulette Brazer, Guy Fontreax, Mitchell, Eamon Piers, "Rebel" Ralston, Sam Sabuki, Vradec, One-Eyed Team, Penance Council, Ploughshares, Steam Team) - active since World War II, originally served as agents of citizen v (Watkins Sr), after war apprehended escaped war criminals, continue to prevent/oppose aspirants to mantle of demagoguery, based aboard vanguard carrier
    (OH:GA, OH: AZ#12, net)--Captain America/Citizen V Annual 1998 (An1998(fb), Citizen V and the V Battalion#1(fb3), 2(fb1-5), Thunderbolts#24, 27, 31, 35,36, 38-41, 49,50, 51, CVB#1-3, Tb57,58, Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1-4, Tb73/[74],75, Invaders III#0, [1], 9, [Cable & Deadpool#28], 29

V-GAS - knock-out gas used by the Universal Church of Truth
    --Strange Tales I#179

    --Generation M#3

VA of Reality-928 circa 2099 AD - sea world, home of the Eldrites

VAAG (Manoo) - parasitic enemy sub-species of the Gjo
    Project illusions and infiltrate society
    --Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

VAAL TALISMAN - Legendary Babylonian artifact, transfers one person's abilities to another, used by Morbius to steal Dr. Strange's powers to try to save his friend Dr. Hammond, combined with power of a Darkhold page, instead summoned the demon Set-Dagon, destroyed by Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man Family#5 (5 (fb)

VAALU – The monarch of Hyginus II, opposed Xanja, prevented him from obtaining the Cosmultigizer by coming to Earth 20 years in the past in preparation for his arrival
    Time traveler, possess body of others, energy powers
    (app-xan)—Web of Spider-Man#37

    Siberian/Mongolian name
    (app)--Thor I#300

VACHARN of the Hyborian era - necromancer of the isle of Na'at, father of Uldulla and Wokal, slain by Conan
    (app)--"Necromancy in Na'at" by Clark Ashton Smith (1935); (adapted to Marvel Comics) Conan the Savage#10 (May, 1996)

VACHMAN, VIC - head of time travel technologies at Baintronics
    --She-Hulk II#2

VACHON, EMIL - enemy of Daughters of the Dragon, killed by Colleen
    (app)--[Deadly Hands of Kung Fu# 32], 33 ([32(fb), 32], 33d)

"VACU-TRON" - Computo's Cybertrons
    inhale large amount of air, expel with great force
    78* (app-computo)--X-Men I#48

VACUUM ( ) – Spacemen.
    Transform body into a portal into a dark, airless realm
    (app-space)--Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4

VACUUM TUBE - technology
    --Tales of Suspense I#76

VACUUM RAY - weapon of High Evolutionary
    --Tales to Astonish I#95

VADAS, ANDREAS - see SILVER WOLF--Sable & Fortune#1

VADIM - Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) completed a criminal job for him
    --Captain America#619 (2011)

VAENGR - nightmare creature encountered by Nick Fury
    (app)--Strange Tales I#168


VAGABOND (Priscilla Lyons*) former girlfriend and partner of Nomad, trained by and ally of Captain + D- Man + Falcon, sought strength augmentation by Power Broker, joined Scourge of the Underworld organization after meeting Scourge-2, quit when unable to kill the retired Matador, protected from Scourge 4+6+7 by USAgent.
    athlete, some training in hand to hand combat
    SCOURGE of the UNDERWORLD-5*, Lisa Winters (U#8,net)—Captain America I#336 (337,[338],339,340, 342, 345, 358/2-362/2, 363/2,364/2, Usagent1-4

VAGUE ( ) - Hell's Belles.
    become transparent or invisible
    (app-hb)--X-Factor I##80 (81

VAHDALA of Earth-UV (Andra, Argus, Davra, Firna, Hurdna, Iago, Murta, Ogma, Sarna, Xorn, Zothros)
    - home of race of gods, floats above Godwheel
    --[Rune#9], Godwheel#0-3

VAINAMOINEN - Finnish god, brother of Tuonetar
    --not in MU

VAJRATH of the Hyborian era - god
    --Conan the Barbarian I#223

VAKUME - Salem's Seven
    *D* (D#19)—Fantastic Four I#186 (Fantastic Four An14, F4#223, Vision & Scarlet Witch II#3, 5, Hell’s Angel#2(spirit), Avengers An2000

VAL, KEZAN of the Hyborian era - see KEZAN VAL
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#186

VALA, WHO DREAMS - Muses under the Mountain
    --[X-Men: Soul-Killer]

VALADA, CHRIS of Earth-Avengers: Last Avengers Story - female reporter, called by Hotshot to film final battle against Ultron-59
    (app-ealas)--Avengers: Last Avengers Story#1

VALANNUS of the Hyborian era - similar appearance to Conan, with scar running down face, served in his army while king, used as his replacement to inspire troops after Conan was paralyzed by Xaltotun, fell for a trap and led troops into avalanche, killed
    *D*--Conan the Barbarian I#12 (Giant-Size Conan#1d)

VALANNUS of the Hyborian era - Aquilonian(?), soldier at Fort Tuscelan, slain when the Picts overran the fort under the guidance of Zogar Sag
    *D* (app-zogar sag)--"Beyond the Black River," Weird Tales#35; Savage Sword of Conan#26 (27d)

VALDEZ - revolutionary in Costa Verde, former ally of Living Laser
    --Avengers I#35?

VALDOR - Asgardian, young male, served as squire to balder when he acted as king
    ; --Thor I#393 (397

VALENA of Earth-73012 - witch, hired Brak to slay a dragon, tried to dupe him into killing Jonel, slain by Brak
    *D* (app-brak)--Spell of the Dragon; Chamber of Chills#2 (2d)

VALENCE, Det. JEAN - Interpol, attempted to capture Elektra, framed by Chris Olson
    --Elektra II#7 (8, 9

VALENCIA, FEDERICO - vampire, transformed in 15th century, scheduled to be cook on Columbus’ voyage
    --Blade#2 (2(fb), 2-4

VALENSO  of the Hyborian era - Kordavan count, employed Thoth-Amon to slay his enemy, then betrayed the sorcerer, who eventually sought him out, drove him into exile, tracked him down again and sent the Black Stranger after him, though he slew himself before it could reach him
    *D*--Treasures of Tranicos; Savage Sword of Conan#47 (48(fb2,3), 47, 48d)

VALENTINE, RICHARD "HANDSOME RICHIE" of Earth-MC2 - criminal, associated with Dr. Octopus (Trainer), beaten by Kodiak for failing to pay Canis
    --Spider-Girl#72 (75, Amazing Spider-Girl#3

VALENTINI, GIUSEPPE - Sicilian assassin, controlled by Supremus, slew and impersonated a SHIELD agent, attempted to kill Fury when realized that Supremus’ first assassination attempt had failed, defeated by Fury, killed self with cyanide pill
    *D*--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#8 (8d)

VALENTINO, CHRISTINA - friend of Copycat, killed by Sluggo
    *D*--X-Force I#19 (20-22d)

VALERIA of Hyborian Era – pirate, ally of Conan
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#2 (Savage Sword of Conan#225(fb), Savage Tales#2,3, SSoC#138, 197

VALERIA of the 5th Dimension - daughter of Phineas
    (app-5d)--Strange Tales I#103 (Fantastic Four I#159, 161,162

VALERIA - Latverian girl, youthful girlfriend of Victor von Doom, located and slain in the modern era as part of a pact to gain magical power from the Haazareth
    *D* (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#20 (MSH20(fb)/Fantastic Four I#278(fb)/Fantastic Four III#67(fb)/Books of Doom#1 (fb), 3 (fb), 6 (fb), Fantastic Four#67d)

  • VALERIA of Earth-808 -
        --What If I#22

  • VALERIA of Earth-58163 (    ) - see INVINCIBLE WOMAN
        (Secrets of the House of M)--

  • VALERIA of Earth-Marvel Girl - see Valeria Richards (OH: FF, FFE)--Fantastic Four III#15

    VALERIAN of the Hyborian era - Aquilonian?, allegedly fought in the Pict Wars, but actually allied with the Picts, lover of the Witch of Scandaga
        --Wolves Beyond the Border; Savage Sword of Conan#59/3

    VALERIE  ?? - Province 13
         *D*--X-Men: Liberators#1 (1d)

    VALERIUS of the Hyborian era - rightful heir to throne of Aquilonia, allied with Amalric + Orastes + Tarascus to overthrow Conan, briefly ruled until killed by uprising of abused former nobles
        *D* (app-xalt)--Hour of the Dragon; Giant-Size Conan#1 ([2],3,[4], Savage Sword of Conan#10d)

    VALHALLA (Einherjar, Knorda) - realm of the honored dead of Asgard, constructed by Fafnir and Fasolt
        --Thor I#29_ (Thor: Vikings#5(fb4)

    VALHALLA - wonky version of Greek mythology. The story was based loosely on Egyptian, Greek and Norse Mythology and was not clearly defined; encountered by Marvel Boy (Martin Simon Burns)
        --Daring Mystery Comics#6/1

    VALHALLA - Fury Secret Base 25
        --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

    VALHALLA of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - see Libera Cielo--Ravage 2099#13

    VALHALLA's MEAD HALL - Battleworld, Kingdom of Manhattan

    VALI - Aesir, son of Odin
        (app)--Thor I#293 (293+294(fb)

    VALI - son of Loki--not seen in the MU

    VALI HALFLING - see AGAMEMNON--Incredible Hulk II#423?

    VALIANA  of the Hyborian era - former servant of Baldar, gathered crew to bring payment to Giyune so he would restore Baldar, turned into a wolf and forced to kill Baldar by Giyune, slain by Conan in the form of a lion
        *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#69

    VALINOR - initially mutated in 12th century by Amergin, used by Black Knight/Eobar Garrington/Dane Whitman, brought into modern times by Black Knight/Dane Whitman, became sick from weakening of magic until wings removed by Dr. Strange, later regained wings, used by Blood Wraith.
        winged steed, black
        (D#2,M,net)—Avengers I#225 (Marvel Fanfare I#52-54, Av225,226, Hulk Comic#2, [3], 6, [7], 8, 9, [10], 11, [12], 13, [14], 15-18, 21, 24,25, [26-30, 43,44], 45-49, [50,51], 52, 57-59, [60], 61, [62], 63, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1, Dr. Strange II#68, Black Knight II#1-4, Avengers Spotlight#39, Av343,344, Avengers An22, Namor I#60, Avengers Unplugged#6

    VALINUS 2099 of Earth-Amalgam - Terminus + Validus, Frightful Five
        --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

    VALISHKA  of the Hyborian era (Lahrentz, Rhan) - ship, sailed out of Auuroghan long before age of Conan, crew mutinied against Rhan, who fathered the Children of Rhan which slaughtered the rest of the crew when they took them aboard
        --Savage Sword of Conan#64

    VALKA - deity worshipped by Valusia and over 10, 000 years before, enemy of Dweller-in-Darkness, possibly empowered shield of Valka
        --[Weird Tales (August, 1929): "The Shadow Kingdom"; (Marvel) Creatures on the Loose#10 (March, 1971)] (    [Kull the Conqueror I#     [Dr. Strange III#3_/2(fb)]
        [Kull III#4(fb)], [Tarzan#3]

    VALKIN - Eternal, former leader of Polar Eternals, uncle and adoptive father of Ikaris, @ 3000 BC led Eternal settlement in southern Andean mountains to teach and cultivate the ancestors of the Aztecs and Incas, led group of Eternals that left earth in the form of the Uni-Mind
        -GENERAL VULCANIN (M)--Eternals I#11 (Thor Annual 7(fb), Thor I#300(fb), Marvel Universe#6, Et#11,[12-14], Thor291,[292], [300], Iron Man An6, Eternals II#2(fb), [Av246,247],248

    VAL’KLA’MOR dimension - astral realm, afterlife for Skrull warriors, where they live out life as one continuous conflict
        --[Spider-Man: Super-Thriller: Warrior’s Revenge Nov]

    VALKYRIE (Brunnhilde) - Asgardian, Defenders, Dragon Circle , former leader of Valkyrior, previous incarnation had affair with Siegfried/Siegmund?, formerly possessed body of Barbara Noriss, regained true form after Noriss’ body killed by agent of Professor Power, original form destroyed in battle against Moondragon and Dragon of the Moon, possesses body of Genevieve Cross, duplicate own form and abilities, slain in battle just before Thor's destruction of Asgard
        *D/R* (app)--(I#12,D#14,net)--Defenders I#4(true form), 66(body+mind together), 108 (Thor: Son of Asgard#7-9, Thor I#296-300 (fb), Marvel: Lost Generation#5, Def108(fb), [Avengers I#83, Incredible Hulk II#142], Def#4([Av157(fb)]), Def5-8, 8/2, Av116, Def9, Av117, Def10(Av157(fb)), Av118, Def11, 12, Giant-Size Defenders#1, Def13-16, GS Def2, Def17, 18, Marvel Two-In-One#6,7, Def20, 21, GS Def3, GS Def4, Marvel Team-Up I#34, 35, Def22-25, GS Def5, Def26-30, Marvel Treasury Edition#12, Def31, 32(33(fb), 33-40, An1, Def41, 57, 42-51, Hulk206,207, Def51, 53-68, 119(fb), 69-75, Amazing Spider-Man I#225(fb), Def76-86, 87(fb), [Thor I#311/2], Def88-92, She-Hulk I#13, Def93-101, MTU#111, 116, Marvel Graphic Novel: Death of Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer An6(fb), Def103, 104, Cap268, Def106-109, Avengers An11(fb), 11, Def112-115, 116(fb), 116,117, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions I#1,[2,3], Def120-139, Rom#66, Sub-Mariner II#3, Def140,141, Def143-147, Marvel Fanfare I#20, Def149-152, StrT II#5/2, 6/2, 7, 7/2, Dr. Strange III#3,4, Black Knight II#3,4, Marvel Comics Presents#168/2, Valkyrie#1, Ghost Rider III#80,81, X-Force/Cable Annual 1997, X-Force#74, Hellcat#3, Defenders II#4, [Thor II#83(fb)], 82)

        briefly possessed form of Brunnhilde
        (I#12,D#14)--Avengers I#83

    VALKYRIE (Samantha Parrington) - Defenders, briefly given form + powers of Brunnhilde by Enchantress, regained them in recent years as part of plot of Pluto and Lorelei
        (app)--(I#12,D#14, OH: Women)—Incredible Hulk II#142( Defenders II#1, 3,4, Black Panther III#34, Def5-7, Captain America III#50/5, Def8-11, 12/2, Order#1-6, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, She-Hulk I#9, Civil War#1
    , [She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1 (fb)], 1

    "VALKYRIE" (    ) - Calliope's Carnival and Circus
        (app-calliope)--Werewolf by Night I#6 (7

    VALKYRIE - embodiment of Thor's madness, caused by being merged with and sub-merged under a number of beings over the recent years, eventually inadvertently given form by Moondragon when she tried to use the Mind Gem to purge the madness from Thor; eventually purged by Thor himself with the aid of Odin
        originally influenced Thor to varying degrees, later took form with superhuman strength and durability; proficient sword-fighter and hand to hand combatant
        (app)—Thor I#460 (461-467, 468 / Silver Surfer III#86, Warlock and the Infinity Watch#23, Th469,470, Surf88, Warlock Chronicles#8, Th471

    VALKYRIE - see LORELEI-Asgard.
        trapped in old spell of Enchantress used to give her the form of the Valkyrie, pawn of Pluto
        --Defenders II#2 (3(fb),2,3)

    VALKYRIOR (Brunnhilde, Fatal Sisters, Grimgerda, Helmviga, Hildegarde, Leita, Ortlinda, Rossveissa, Siegrina, Valtrauta, Krista, Mist, Axe)
        - Asgardian warrior goddesses who brought honored dead to Valhalla until Celestials forbid contact with humans, killed in battle with Hela, resurrected within Valhalla, exist only in astral form outside Valhalla, ride winged horses, apparently slain in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
        Choosers of the Slain—Journey into Mystery I#92, Thor I#133(296(fb), Conan the Barbarian I#3, Defenders I#95, Thor311/2-313/2, X-Force/Cable Annual 1997, X-Statix#25, Thor II#80, 85

    VAL-LARR - hero of Luminus dimension, wielder of the Solar Sword, allied with Iron Man against Shar-Khan
        (app)—Iron Man I#26 (26 (fb), 26

    VALLE, "SILICON" - computer technician at MIT, designed the Exorcist Gun "Linda" based on Frank Drake's designs

    VALLE SOLEADA - coastal California community, large mutant population, originally more accepting, but tension have increased with increased mutant population and aggressiveness
        --X-Treme X-Men: XPose#2 (X-Treme X-Men#31, 32

    VALLEY of AVALANCHES - in Kingdom of Asgard (dim), near Skornheim
        --Thor Annual#10 (map of Asgard)

    VALLEY of the DEMONS - Congo, contained temple which lured people into the valley in search of some sort of treasure (or something else they wanted), most were unable to leave and thus perished there; Professor X was drawn here in search of a distressed mutant, rescued by X-Men with aid of Gorilla Man (Ken Hale)
        --X-Men: First Class I#8

    VALLEY of the DRAGON - china, misty realm in which Kakarantharnian ship crashed five centuries ago, and in which the mandarin discovered and claimed their rings
        Valley of Spirits—Tales of Suspense I# ; (Iron Man I#272(fb)

    VALLEY of the ESUL - Skrullos
        --Incredible Hercules#120

    VALLEY of MERCY and WRATH - associated with the Hand
        --Elektra I#

    VALLEY of PEACE INSTITUTION for the CRIMINALLY INSANE - San Concepcion, South America, allegedly used to hold political prisoners, subjecting them to detestable living conditions and torture, Elektra was here for some time after her mind shattered after communing with the Beast of the Hand, but she recovered and broke free before she could receive a frontal lobotomy
        --Elektra: Assassin#1

    VALLEY of the SPIRITS - see VALLEY OF THE DRAGONS --Tales of Suspense I#62 (fb)

    VALLEY of SWORDS - in Kingdom of Asgard (dim), near Skornheim
        --Thor Annual#10 (map of Asgard)

    VALLON of the Hyborian era - Aquilonian, sought Blood of the Gods, teamed with Conan to fight off the Urwallah, then attacked Conan, slain by him
        *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#28

    VALMOORA - @ 1587, sorceress, directed red lucy keough to find stones of merlin for scarlet witch in order to help her return to her own time
        —Marvel Comics Presents#62/3

    VAL-OR - Moloid subterranean, mutant, powers fully surfaced when High Evolutionary’s Purifiers attempted to sterilize subterraneans, allied other subterraneans and mutates to fight them off.
        telepath, projecting empath, orange skin
        (app)--X-Factor Annual#3 (3(fb), 3

    VALOR of Earth-??? (Valeria) - partner of Victorius
        --TSR module

    VALTH – Skrull
        --Force Works#14

    VALTORR - mystic entity, invoked for power, participated in the Wager of the Octessence, empowered Decay via Verdant Vial of Valtorr
        [Vapors of Valtorr, Vipers of Valtorr] (app)--[Strange Tales I#115], Dr. Strange III#48? (Iron Man III#22(fb), [StrT#115], DocIII#48, [IM III#22], [Mystic Arcana#1/3]

    VALTRAUTA - Valkyrior, succeeded Brunnhilde as leader
        --Thor I#
        (Th296(fb), 297(fb), 299(fb), Th311/2

    VALUSIA - city of the pre-Cataclysmic era, formerly ruled by Kull the Tiger-King; subsequent rulers known as Kull
        -- ; Conan the Barbarian I#1

    VAM - bat-like unliving being found on Grof moon
       (app-grofmoon)--X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers#1

    VAMMATAR of the Hyborian era - sorceress, Hyperborea, ex-wife of Kulan Gath, burned Conan's former village, sought power of Shuma-Gorath, destroyed by him, reanimated dead soldiers to serve her
        WITCH QUEEN of HYPERBOREA *D* (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#39 (Conan the Barbarian#258(fb), SSoC#39, CtB#254(fb), 252,[253], 255,[256-258],258-260

    VAMP (Denise Baranger) - Corporation, SHIELD Super-Agents, traitor, empowered by Corporation, transformations into Animus controlled by Kligger, wore belt to duplicate abilities of those around her, driven temporarily insane when Hulk destroyed Animus’s club/power source, killed by Scourge at the Bar with No Name, protohusk/clone created by Arnim Zola, wf, brunette
        -ANIMUS* *D* (D#20,M,app)—Captain America I#217 (218, [222,223], 228,229,[230], Incredible Hulk II#232, Cap231, 319d)

    "VAMPIRE" (    ) - Calliope's Carnival and Circus
        (app-calliope)--Werewolf by Night I#6 (7

    VAMPIRE - see WAINSCROFT, DEKE (app-deke)--Punisher: P.O.V.#1

    vampire - early 20th century, vamped Lucas Cross in Latverian prison
        --Blade III#6 (6 (fb)

    vampire - recorded Big Joe Williams in 1928, destroted in recent years by Blade(?), who traded the record to Gambit
        --[Gambit III#7]

    vampire - 1930s, attacked and nearly overpowered Eric Brooks, destroyed by Logan
        *D/R/D*--Blade III#5 (5 (fb, destroyed)

    vampire - butler of Count Varnis, collapsed into dust upon Varnis' destruction
        --Captain America Comics #24 (1943)

    vampire - vampirized Horace Grimstone
        --Vampire Tales#7/2

    vampire - destroyed by Blade
        *D/R/D*--(Adventure into) Fear#24

    vampire - psychically bonded to and possessed Musenda's wife Lorraine, destroyed by Blade
        *D/R/D* (app-musenda)--Tomb of Dracula I#58 ([58 (fb)], 58

    vampire - vamped by Dracula, arose/escaped from morgue, destroyed by Thor
        *D/R/D*--Thor I#332

    vampire - Schechter high school yearbook staff, vamped by Dracula, destroyed by Thor
        *D/R/D*--Thor I#332

    vampire - attacked Power Man + D.W. Griffith, teeth broken when attempted to bite Power Man.
        wm, white hair
        *D/Res*--Power Man/Iron Fist#76/2

    vampire - psychic abilities, sent Blade's mind back into the past in Jonas Cray
        *D/Res/Des*--Midnight Sons Unlimited #7

    vampire - vampirized Nina Price
        *D/R*--Amazing Fantasy II#10/2 (10/2(fb)

     vampire - killed criminals in San Francisco, confronted by Angel, sought to taste a mutant, attacked him, slain when impaled through the back and chest with a metal pipe by Archangel.
        white eyes, vampirism
        "BLOOD-SUCKER"*--X-Men: The Curse of the Mutants: X-Men vs Vampires#2

     vampire - imprisoned numerous humans and drained them, attacked Wolverine when he found the safehouse, tried to kill him, told him that Lord Xarus would change mutantkind forever, decapitated by Wolverine.
        white skin, vampirism
        "BLOODSUCKER"*D--X-Men II#1

    vampire - female, associated with extradimensional commodities exchanger, abducted Jubilee to get Wolverine to obtain something from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
        --Wolverine and Jubilee#1 (2, 3, [4]

    vampire - female, Red Immortals, captured by Hydra just outside the Crypt of the Immortals in hopes of forcing her to lead them to "him" (Captain America?, Dracula?), rescued and let go by Captain America
        --Captain America: Hail Hydra#4 (2011)

    vampires - battled Fagan's mob in Metairie cemetery
        --[Gambit II#22]

    vampires - made deal with mobsters, slew them after mistakenly believing they were being betrayed when the Ringmaster caused an explosion in the distance, slaughtered by Blade
        --Marvel Team-Up III#8

    vampires - destroyed by G.R.A.M.P.A.'s satellite solar mirror
        --Amazing Fantasy II#15/2

    vampires (Silas) - gunrunners, destroyed by Blade
        --Blade III#7 (7 (fb, des), 12

    vampires of Hungary - protected Gottfried's vampire-monster, until it turned on them
        (app-gottfired)--Adventures into Weird Worlds#13

    vampires of Latveria - pre-modern era, assaulted prison holding Cynthia von Doom, fought off with aid of time-traveling Blade, revived via Blade's unintentional fulfillment of a prophecy
        --Blade III#2 (12

    vampires of London - trio of vampires destroyed by Union Jack (Joe Chapman), apparently ridding London of vampires (at least as far as Chapman knew)
        --Union Jack II#1

    VAMPIRE ( ) of Earth-72122 (year 2180) - stowaway on Starship Wolf, killed crew
        (app)--Chamber of Chills#2/2

    VAMPIRE's LAIR - club of vampire-wannabes, leader possessed by Wraith (Brian DeWolff); later became known as the System

        (OH: Hor)--Amazing Fantasy II#10/2

    vampire children - destroyed by Blade, revived via Blade's unintentional fulfillment of a prophecy
        --Blade III#1 (12

    vampire clans - Lilith duped by Dracula into slaughtering the leaders who were his rivals for power
        --Legion of Monsters: Morbius#1/2

    vampire clowns - destroyed by Blade, revived via Blade's unintentional fulfillment of a prophecy
        --Blade III#2 (12

    VAMPIRE CONSPIRACY - novel by Harold H. Harold
        --Tomb of Dracula I#56

        (OH: Hor)--Tomb of Dracula I#3

    VAMPIRE KILLER - see WAINSCROFT, DEKE. (app-deke)--Punisher: P.O.V.#1, 4

    VAMPIRE MAN (Tom Malverne) - 19th Century, kyphotic, wished to become a vampire, instructed by a coven of vampires that he must first drink human blood to prove his intent, slew nine women in a year’s time, but couldn’t bring himself to drink their blood, slain by the vampires for his failure
        *D* "JACK the RIPPER"* (app-jack)--Dracula Lives#3/2

    vampire-monster - @ 1952, patchwork creation of Dr. Gottfried, preyed on vampire blood
        (app-gottfired)--Adventures into Weird Worlds#13

    VAMPIRE QUEEN of NEGARI - see NAKARI--Moon of Skulls; Savage Sword of Conan#34/2
        not a true vampire

    VAMPIRE SHARK - Aqueos, guarded Black Smokers' Trench, ripped apart by Namor.
        red shark, red eyes, tentacles, vampirism, fangs
        *D--Namor: The First Mutant#1

    VAMPIRE SQUID - Aqueos, guarded Black Smokers' Trench, stabbed to death by Husam.
        grey squid, tentacles, vampirism, fangs
        *D--Namor: The First Mutant#1

    VAMPIRE WHALE - actually just in Rockslide's dream, which may have glimpsed an alternate reality
        dwelled in the San Francisco bay, attacked the Pequod II ship that was carrying supplies for Utopia, killed several crewmembers, tried to kill Armor and Rockslide, killed with garlic by Armor.
        giant purple whale, red eyes, fangs, prehensile fin, strength, invulnerability
        *D--X-Men: The Curse of the Mutants: X-Men vs Vampires#2

    VAMPIRES (Adze, Anchorites, Anarchy, Ancients, Aqueos, Claw sect, Charniputra, Drones, Familiars?, Huskies, Jumlin, Krieger sect, Moksha sect, Mortuus Invitus, Mystikos sect, Nosferatu, Purebloods, Siren sect, Tryks, vampires of ancient Egypt, Yiki Onna;
        Blood Circle, Children of Eternity, Children of Judas, Legion of the Damned, Vampz
        Uathacht & Morophla - not true vampires
        Jamal Afari, Katherine Ainsley-Jones, Akivasha,
    Benjamin Solomon Alomii, Mrs. Alomii, Alonzo, Alyssa, Glory Anah, Anchorite delegate, Cambell Andrews, Aqueos delegate, Mary Arnett, Emily Arthurs, Baby, Sir Harry Everett Barclay, Charles Barnabus, Baron Blood (John Falsworth), Baron Blood (Kenneth Crichton), Baroness Blood (Lily Cromwell), Eddie Baxter, Martin Beatering, Louis Belski, Bitsy, Black Baron (Rupert Kemp), Blade (Eric Brooks), Blade doppelganger, Blivet (Woodrow Mencken), Bloodstorm, Jack Bolt, Nicholas Bordia, Boy, Lucas Brand, Odette Byelai, Captain Cutlass, Carmen, Rosella Carson, Bartholomew “Bat” Cartwright, Dalton Cartwright, Catherine, Ceres, Charnel (Orlando Briggs), charniputra monster, Francois Chicault, Roberta Christiansen, Christina, director Colvin, John Crichton, Lucas Cross, Vanessa Tara Cross,  Arthur de la Courte, Marcos de la Triana, Marianne de la Triana, Baron Emile de Sevigny, Despondency Delight, Don Santiago de Valdez, Lenore DeCade, Lenore Denton, Nick Diablo, Diana, Dolores (Lorena Haam), Dina Dracko, Draconis, Dracula, Amber Drey, Betty & Michael Dugan, Fatboy, Jason Faust, Dominic Ferrara, Elliot Flanders, Bethany Flynn, Freak, Angela Freeman, Tom Freeman, Deacon Frost, Jean Garver, Vincent Gaul, Geza, Giuseppe, Gladys, Tabitha Glance, Gordon, Alexander Gordski, Grausum, Groza, Eric Guy, Rudolph Hagstrom, Hairboy (Wolcott Farris), Corker Haller, Handsome Vamps, Edith Harker, Dr. Samuel Harkins, Harold H. Harold, Hector, Hellcow (Bessie), Mrs. Hilmerson, Hrolf, Kuai Hua, Husam, Yusuf Hussain, Husni, Josef & Ylla Ivar, Ivory, Dr. Theodore Jackson, Jeanie(?), Jeannie(?-different), Jeff ??, Melissa Jenkins, Jubilee, Juito, Julie, Julka, Karla, Stefan Kero, Khiron (Victor Strange), Renne Kimbrell, Hannibal King, Dora Knight, Silas Kohl, Kraska, Rudolph Kriss, Count Kronin, Kruzak, Kuyuk, Lala, Lamia, Thomas Lawson, Legate, Legate, Legride of Vienna, Ursula Lensky, Anton Levka, Lianda, Lilith (Daughter of Dracula), Lisa??, Loretta?, Madame Angela and her vampire whores, Maracen,  Marguerita, Marissa, Mary, Millie Pat Mason, Phil Mayhew, Ken Mitchell, Moksha seer, Beatrice Montague, Victor Montague, Luisa Morelli, Dr. Heinrich Mortte, Navarro, Laurie Neal, Torgo Nia, Night Terror (Carl Blake), Emil Nikos (?), Nimrod the First, Adri + Taj Nital, Nuo, Audra Pennington, Maria Petrella, Ponce, William Poprycz, Nina Price, Prudence ??, Helen Purvis, Liza Pyne, Rank, Xavier Rath, Emil Reiner, Sylar Remz, Anton Rizzoli, Roadkill (Earl Flatt), Stephan Roak, Angie Rodgers, Rowkis, Lord Ruthven, Henry Sage, Morgana St. Clair, Yves St. Monroe, Serge, Sheba Sugarfangs, Andrea Simmons, Christopher Sinclair, Siobahn?, Ulysses Sojourner, Carla Spelvin,  Spitfire (Jacqueline Crichton), Gorna Starski, Stephanie ??, Steppin’ Razor, Tatjana Stiles, Lyza Strang, Victor Strange/Baron Blood/Khiron, Ilsa Strangway, Suckers of Souls, Svetlana, Tara, Maria Terrizi, Tessa, Thakorr, Aaron Thorne, Jeffrey Todd, Topher + minions, Turac, Sir Winson Twindle, Undead MC, Federico Valencia, Elisabeth and Rachel van Helsing, Vane, Count Varma, Varnae, Varney, Count Varnis, Velanna, Darius Venginian, Verdelet, Anton Vierkin, Sophia von Heinif, Isabel Vortok, Countess Vryslaw, Wampyr, Wanda Warren, Mona Welles, Lucy Westenra, Worm-Digger, Aldes Yancey, Leo Zimm, Zorni, others)
        - first created @ 18,500 BC when group of pre-Cataclysmic Atlanteans found Darkhold and used spell to cause enemies to return from dead as demonic, blood-lusting, bat-like creatures; slew the Darkholders, escaped from Atlantis prior to its sinking, all were destroyed in recent times by Dr. Strange + Blade + Hannibal King using the Montesi formula, spell broken by Marie Laveau, all those previously destroyed revived by unintentional fulfillment of a prophecy by Lucas Cross
        enhanced strength, require human blood to survive, require contact with native soil once a night, immune to conventional forms of destruction, vulnerable to direct rays of the sun + silver + garlic + religious objects wielded by believer + wooden stake through heart + beheading, can be destroyed by Montesi formula, can be mystically revived unless sever head + stuff mouth with garlic + burn head and body in separate places, some can change into bat or wolf, control wild beasts (dogs, rats, etc), transform into mist, hypnotize most humans
        vampires of the world discussed in Tomb of Dracula II#6/3 and Vampire Tales#3
    SHADOWKIN*, SUNLESS ARISTOCRACY* (I#14, D#20, app)--Marvel Mystery Comics#35; Tomb of Dracula I#1 (Dr. Strange III#
        Tomb of Dracula IV#1 (fbs), Blade III#8 (fb), Union Jack II#1,
        Blade III#2
        Blade II#1-5, 6, Tomb of Dracula IV#1-4, Black Panther IV#12-13, Blade III#1, 2 (fb), 3, 7 (fb), 11 (fb), 12, Legion of Monsters: Morbius#1/2
        X-Men III#1-5
        Deadpool IV#30-31
        Ravencroft#4+ - unidentified

    VAMPIRES of ANCIENT EGYPT - men who shunned Osiris, giving their devotion to Set; rose from their tombs instead of passing on to the afterlife, roamed the night, spreading their plague; encountered by Apocalypse
        or possibly just mistaken legend for true vampires existing in ancient Egypt
        --X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#2 (2 (fb)

    VAMPIRO - Eternal, wrestler, defeated and badly injured by Toro Rojo to prevent him from answering the call of the Uni-Mind
        --Thor I#290

    VAMPIRO ( ) - superhuman criminal, "Larcenous Three," partner of Badd Axe + Firearms, battled Spider-Man + Nova at site of arson of Rich Rider's parents' house.
        grey skin, fang teeth, long grey hair
        (app-larcenousthree)—Nova III#5 ([New Avengers Most Wanted Files]

    VAMPZ (Peter & Diane Staz) - twin vampires serving Marie Laveau
        *D/R*--Blade: Vampire Hunter I#9

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