URANIA - sister of Athena, muse of prophecy, forewarned Athena of the Skrull invasion
    --Incredible Hercules#117

URANIANS - native to planet Uranus, allegedly slew the Uranian Eternals when they tried to travel to Earth, transformed Marvel Boy to survive on their world, created Marvel Boy duplicate/Crusader, sent him to Earth
    --Agents of Atlas#3 (3 (fb, 5 (fb)

URANIAN ETERNALS (Arlok, Astron, Denga, El-Ta, Lilli, Oceanos, Shastra, Thyrio, Uranos)
    - see also ETERNALs of TITAN.
    originally composed of followers of Uranos, banished from Earth following the loss of a civil war against Kronos and his followers, succeeded in rematerializing and discovered Kree base on Uranus, destroyed the Sentry#213 stationed there. Uranos and his followers used Kree weapons in an attempt to return to earth and gain revenge on Kronos and his followers, encountered and had ship destroyed by Kree armada, survivors resettled on Titan.
Astron and three others remained on Uranus, hid from the Kree investigating the destruction of their Sentry, settled colony there, discovered Quantum Bands, became bored with existence after discovering the Unified Theory of Everything, led Horace Grabsheid to build rocket to fly them to learn the mortality factor in humans, gave Quantum Bands to Marvel Boy (Grayson) who left for Earth, Deathurge learned of their desire and rent a tear in their life dome that destroyed their life forces, allowing them and Grabsheid to die instantly;
    later reports state they were actually a penal colony that was slain by the native Uranians when they tried to depart Uranus to travel to Earth
    *D*--(g) Marvel Boy#1 (Astonishing5 ;
    Captain Marvel I#29 (What If I#24/2, 26/2, 27/2, Quasar#2(fb2,dies)

URANIUM - Elements of Doom
    --Thunderbolts I#8

URANOS - Eternal, brother of Kronos, banished from earth along with his followers following the loss of a civil war against Kronos and his followers, succeeded in rematerializing and discovered Kree base on Uranus, destroyed the Sentry#213 stationed there, used Kree weapons in an attempt to return to Earth and gain revenge on Kronos and his followers, encountered and had ship destroyed by Kree armada, survivors resettled on Titan, died during later civil war.
    *D*--Captain Marvel I#29 (What If? I#24/2, 26/2, 27/2

    Olympian sky deity, father of the Titans + Centimanes + Cyclopes, possibly the Demiurge
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#5: Hercules], Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (Hulk vs. Herc#1 (fb),

URANUSIANS of Reality--5391 (Major Kondor) - 2075, birdmen, joined United Planets
    --Speed Carter#2

URCHIN - K'un-Lun fungus magically mutated into semi-sentient and highly virulent form by H'ylthri
    --Contagion#1 (2-4

URD - see CLOTHO - Fates/Norns. (app-fates)--Tales to Astonish I#33, Journey into Mystery I#102/2

URG - Cosmic Commando Unit.
    massive pink male, superhuman strength + durability
    (app-ccu)--Star Masters#1, 2(named) (3

URG race - large rock creatures able to control electricity
    --X-Factor I#110

URIAH ( ) - Disciples of Doom.
    create illusion of altering reality
    (app)--Daredevil I#97 (98

URICH, BEN - Frontlines reporter, former long-time reporter for Daily Bugle, chain-smoker, husband of Doris, uncle of Phil
    (U#8, OH: Daredevil, MKE)--Daredevil I#153 (339-342(fb), 153, 159-161, 163, 164, 177, 179, 180, 183, 192, 198, 198, 203, 221, 227-233, 242, Daredevil An4B/4, DD286-289, Daredevil Annual#7/2, DD294, Daredevil Annual#9, DD314,315, 317,318, 319-322, 324,325, Daredevil Annual#10/2, Spider-Man: Legacy of Evil, Green Goblin#1(fb), 2, DD339, Spider-Man Family#2, Spectacular Spider-Man II#225, 225/2, 226, DD346, Over the Edge#1, Spider-Man: the Final Adventure#1,2, GrGob4,5, Amazing Spider-Man I#409, GG6, Spider-Man#66, GG7, [Marvel Vision#5], GG8, S69, Doom 2099#41, Sp235, A413, Sensational Spider-Man II#7, S70, Spider-Man Unlimited#13, GG#11-13, Sp240, S75, Se12, A420, Punisher III#16, Daily Bugle#1,3, Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#2, Spider-Man Team-Up#6/2, A423, SU#16, A424, SU#18, 19, Kingpin#1, Sp254, S88, A432, Sp255, A433, SU#21, Spider-Man/ Devil Dinosaur Annual 1998, Sp259, Spider-Man: Made Men, What If II#48, SU#22, Sp263, S98, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#3, Daredevil II#8, PP11, 14, 16, 19, A24, DD16,17, 19, Spider-Man: Sweet Charity, DD27, 30,31, Spider-Man/Daredevil#1, Alias#10, Deadline#1,4 Spider-Man: Quality of Life#2, DD34,35, Alias#19, 20, 65(fb), DD56-60, Marvel Holiday Special 2004(fb), Spider-Man Unlimited II#5, Pulse#2(fb), 1, 3-5, DD61, SU#10, Pulse#6(fb), 7-9, Marvel Knights 4#22, Pulse#11-13, Daredevil II#76, 78-81, 82-85, 87, 88, Civil War: Front Line#1-8, DD92, CWFL#9-11, WWH: Frontline#1-6, New Warriors IV#6, DD106, A568-569, 571-573, 575-576, DD108

URICH, DORIS - wife of Ben
    —Daredevil I#163 (179, 192, 230, 321,322, Green Goblin#1(fb), DD#339, Daredevil II#19, Civil War: Front Line#1, 11, World War Hulk: Frontline#1, 6

URICH, JIMMY of Earth-Amalgam - Phil Urich + Jimmy Olsen

URICH, KEN - brother of Green Goblin, nephew of Ben and Doris
    --Green Goblin#1 (1(fb)

URICH, MEREDITH CAMPBELL of Earth-MC2 - alternate future version of Meredith Campbell, wife of Phil Urich, employed at law office of Nelson and
    --[Spider-Girl#5], 21 (26, Darkdevil#1, [SpG62], 82

URICH, PHIL - Excelsior, ESU student, former intern at Daily Bugle
    -GREEN GOBLIN*--Green Goblin# (-->GG. Amazing Spider-Man I#422, Spider-Man Unlimited#16, A425, 433, Daredevil II#16, 19, Runaways#1-6, Marvel Knights 4 #25

URI-EL - ancient warrior, enemy of demons, wrapped in chains in which he had been bound for centuries
    (app)--[Blaze II#10], 11 (12, CWBDR

URIEL - angel of light, interjected to prevent Mephisto from claiming soul of Noble Kale due to his innocent nature, entered compromise with Mephisto to utilize Kale as the first Spirit of Vengeance, apparently involved with binding Ghost Rider/Kale to Naomi Kale
    --Ghost Rider III#92 (92(fb4)), 93, Ghost Rider: Finale

URIZEN, EV TEEL - Mummudrai, formerly bound to Lady Mastermind and Mystique, briefly merged with Cable and restored his telepathy & telekinesis to help defeat the Hecatomb, apparently perished in the effort, consumed by Hecatomb
    --[X-Men II#188], 197 (198 (fb), [188-196], 197-199, Cable & Deadpool#40, X199

URIZEN, UL'VAR - mortal/normal twin to Ev Teel
    --X-Men II#198 (198 (fb)

UR-LINI - Silver Legion, formerly of Pleasure Hive, green woman with red patches around eyes
    --Silver Surfer III#115 (116-121

URLIMA MINOR - former Kree planet, consumed by Galactus under Annihilus' control

URMATEH (Vorzen + mining colony) - planet in dimension of blackbody, inasis, populated by rock-eating, spotted, blubbery bodied creatures
    --[Silver Surfer III#115],116

UROC - Asgardian rock troll, transferred consciousness into immense uru body, left hand exploded by Code: Blue
    (app)--Thor I#408/2 (409/2(fb), 408/2,409/2, 440, 447, 447/2, 448-450, [Wolverine II#137(fb)], 137, [138]

URRPO-FISH - Poppupian aquatic life, presumably perished when Galactus devoured Poppup
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#11/2 (11/2(fb), [175]

URSA - neo-Leninist organization
    --Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos

URSA the MAN-BEAR of the Old West - 19th Century, enemy of Red Wolf
    (app)--Red Wolf#4

URSAA race – extraterrestrial, encountered by bishop on a port planet
    semi-humanoid, savage race, travel in packs, use projectile weapons, orange skin
    --Uncanny X-Men#358

URSA MAJOR (Mikhail (Urlokovitch) Ursus) - mutant, Soviet Super Soldiers, Siberforce, left to die in the mountains as an infant, raised by animals, former student of Professor Phobos, used as sleeper agent to attack the USA after a nuclear war, battled the Order
    transform into immense bear
    (I#11, D#14, M, 198)—Incredible Hulk II#258 (259(fb1+2), 258,259, 277, 279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Rom#45,46, X-Men vs Avengers#1-3, Captain America I#352,353, Soviet Super Soldiers#1, Marvel Comics Presents#25/4, Starblast#1, Daredevil I#370(fb), 369,370, GLA#2

URSELL, Dr. 2099 - mutroid ally of Ravage
    --Ravage 2099#4 (5, 28-30

URSLA of the Hyborian era - priestess, former lover of Conan, fathered a Conabar by him, used polar bears Kratos + Bia
    -PRIESTESS of the NORTHERN SNOWS (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#48 (49(fb), 258(fb), 258

URSLA ??  - attempted to hunt Black Cat & Wolverine under arrangement from Arcade, African-American female
    --[Claws#1], 2 (3

URSULA - European female model, costumed as a superhero
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#108

URSUN-WELLZ - Animutant, elephantine
    —Thor I#472 (473,475

URTHONA - Gevaltian sorcerer, agent of Trinity of Ashes, sought to become Sorcerer Supreme of the cosmos, stole Darkhold and other magic items of Dr. Strange, prompting him to destroy them to prevent their abuse
    (OH: AZ#12, app)--[Dr. Strange II#78], 79 ([Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#7: Topaz, [Doc II#80(fb)], 78-81, Dr. Strange III#58(fb), 57,58

URUBURAN tribe ( ) - Savage Land, taught baseball by Ka-Zar
    --Ka-Zar V#1 (15

URWALLAH of the Hyborian era (Riders of Shalan, Shalan) - fierce desert tribe, attempted to slay Conan + Vallon, fled when attacked by Alwazir
    --Savage Sword of Conan#28

URZUU - magical entity invoked by Dr. Strange
    "Urzuu’s Blood"--Marvel Double Shots#4/3

US1 - truck of us archer, rebuilt into star rig
    (app-usa)--US1#1 (2-12->sr)

U.S.AGENT (John F. Walker, aka Jack Daniels) - Omega Flight, Invaders, Avengers West Coast, Force Works, leads Retrieval Squad, underwent strength augmentation by Power Broker, temporarily replaced Captain America as government agent, originally used Vibranium shield given to Captain, later given armor by Stark Enterprises, beaten nearly to death by Protocide, given exoskeleton by SHIELD
    -Jack Daniels. SUPER-PATRIOT*, CAPTAIN AMERICA*, LIEGEMAN* (U#8, M, OH: Av, CWBDR, net)—West Coast Avengers II#44 (Captain America I#254, WCA44,45, 46, 47, Avengers West Coast Annual#4, Avengers West Coast#50, 51, Captain America I#358/2-36_/2, AWC53, 54, Cap372/2, 373/3, [374/2, 375/2], 376/2-378/2, 380/2-383/2, Avengers West Coast An5/5, AWC55-57, 58, 59-62, AWC An5, 5/4, AWC63, 65-69, [Infinity Gauntlet#2, Av332], 333, AWC71, 72, 74, 75, Marvel Comics Presents#104/4, AWC76-80, 81, 82, Av345, AWC#81, Cap400/2, Cap401, AWC#84-86, An7?, AWC#87-91, Wonder Man II#16-18, AWC#92-96, AWC An8, AWC#100/3, 101, Secret Defenders#20, 21, AWC102, Force Works#1-3, 4,5, MCP#159-161, FW6, War Machine#9, Iron Man I#311, FW7, WM10, IM312, FW8, 9/2, 10/2, FW9, 10, 12/2, WM15/2, IM317/2, FW13, 14, 15, Avengers: The Crossing, FW16, 17, WM20, IM322, FW18, WM21, FW19-22, Avengers III#1-4, Captain America III#10, Wolverine II#134, CapIII#20, Thunderbolts#23, 28, 32, Cap33-35, Maximum Security#1,2, Av35, MaxSec3, USAgent II#1(fb), 1-3, Tb57, Av56(fb), 56, Cap50/5, Av82-84, Invaders III#0-3, Av86-88, Inv4, 6, 7-9, Civil War: Choosing Sides#1/4, [Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1], Omega Flight#1-5, Marvel Comics Present#1/3, 2/4, 3/3, 4/4-7/4, 8/4 (fb), 9/4-12/4

U.S. ANNIE (Harriet Best) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4(4/4)

U.S.S. ICE QUEEN - Coast Guard, sent to rescue the Polar Sun crew
    --Sabretooth V#3 (4

U.S.S. POLAR SUN (Anderson, Hamilton, Mitchell, Rogers, Smith, Taylor) - Coast Guard, many slaughtered by Wendigo and/or Sabretooth
    --Sabretooth V#1 (2-4

USHAS - Cult of Kara-Kai, Cult of Kali, "daughter of Kali," died when submitted to sacrificial ritual to match Nekra
    generate light via nunchaks, also strike with superhuman force
    "Daughters of Kali" *D* (app)--Marvel Premiere#21 (22, Spider-Woman I#16(fb)

U'SR'PR - U’Sr’Prian, associate of Consortium, ruled planet, forced others to work to preserve technology on world, lived in tower containing only remaining examples of natural life, easily defeated by Her, powers removed, forced into labor by other U’Sr’Prians, sent Consortium to take vengeance on her
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#35/4 ([Alpha Flight I#97-100]

U'SR'PRIAN race (U’Sr’Pr) - semi-insectoid bipeds, formerly enslaved to maintain technology by U’Sr’Pr until overthrown by Her, attempted to worship her as J’Ridia Starduster
    (app-usrpr)--Marvel Comics Presents#35/4

USS STEVE ROGERS of Earth-11831 - dedicated by Commander A
    --Captain America Corps#5 (2011)

USS DAUNTLESS  - submarine commanded by Gerald Forrester, crashed into Atlantean structure, rescued by Atlanteans and Coast Guard
    --Namor I#41

USS MACAULEY - entire crew victims of Mad Thinker's Compound D
    --Torch#4 (2010)

USSHIR of the Hyborian era - Turanian guardsman, slain by Conan
    *D* (app-eithriall)--Conan the Barbarian I#29 (29d)

UTAND - Frost Giant
    *D*--Thor I#419/2

UTE - watcher from Proctor's alternate dimension, used as power source by Proctor
    *D* (app-gatherers)--Avengers I#363 ( 373-375d)

UTERNOHLE, GUS - security for Delazny Studios
    --Ghost Rider II#15

    --Journey into Mystery I#121/2(as statue), 123/2 (121/2-123/2

UTGARD-LOKI - frost giant, former leader, formerly the dragon Skrymir
    (U#8)--Thor I#272 ( Balder the Brave# 4, Th381,382

UTHAR - Asgardian god, leader of group drawn into conflict with Jolena's warriors by Wolflings
    (app-jolena)--[Thor I#320], 322 ([320-321],322

UTHORA - Mountain Giant
    --[Domination Factor: Avengers#4.8]

UTNAPISHTEM - Mesopotamian, possible Eternal, former mentor to Sersi, directed Gilgamesh to plant of immortality, saved numerous others from Great Cataclysm/Flood in immense ark, granted immortality as a result?
    --Captain America Annual#11 (11(fb3), 11

UTOPIA - secure Alaskan SHIELD facility
    --X-Men II#189

UTOPIA - SHIELD shadow facility
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

UTOPIA CENTRES - established on Earth by benevolent aliens, destroyed by agents of GRAMPA
    --Amazing Fantasy II#15

UTOPIA ISLE of Earth-712 - location of their world’s inhumans, who never created the terrigen mist, home of power princess, 5th home of Squadron Supreme
    --Squadron Supreme#1

UTOPIA PROGRAM of Earth-S - instituted by squadron supreme due to the chaotic state of affairs following the overmind + null’s takeover of earth, sought to address all social problems afflicting society, including poverty, economic instability, war, crime, pollution, disease, and death.
    required the squadron supreme to seize complete authority over executive + judicial + legislative branches of federal government, as well as control over military and police, involved pacifier pistols + personal protection belts + behavior modification devices + hibernacula, ultimately dismantled when nighthawk convinced hyperion that they were violating human rights and the system had vast potential for abuse by less benevolent future rulers
    --Squadron Supreme I#1 (2-12

UTOPIANs of Earth-712 (Zarda/Power Princess) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Inhumans, never discovered nor exposed to Terrigen mist, left earth to avoid nuclear war following World War II
    --[Squadron Supreme I#1]

UUCHAN race (Gorani) -
    --(unidentified?) Guardians of the Galaxy#4 (2008); (identified) Guardians of the Galaxy II#20 (2009)

UUEX - planet, home of Cora and her wife and children; protected by the Bhiv
    (app)--Venom: Spaceknight#1

UUKOG - vampire paramilitary force
-    -Blade#2 (3

UVAL Q'BAAL of the Hyborian era - Nemedian from Belverus, archeologist, formerly assisted by Darius slew him to claim the weapons of Zuulda Thaal, duped Conan into collecting the weapons then turned on him, conquered Aghrapur until fell into a smokestack while battling Conan
    *D* (app)--Savage Sword of Conan I#87

UX-73 - Negative Zone, Nexus of Igoa, former base of Hawal, guards slaughtered and prisoners liberated by Super-Skrull
    --Annihilation: Super-Skrull#2 (3

UZI ( ) - Grip.
    exo-skeleton, automatic guns on wrists, green + white costume
    (app-grip)--Marvel Comics Presents#41/4

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