UNA – Asgardian
    --Marvel Fanfare I#34

UNA - Kree, medic under command of Yon-Rogg, romantic interest of Mar-Vell, killed by stray fire during a battle with the Aakon, buried on an asteroid @ Mars
    *D* (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#12 (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#1-3, Marvel Super-Heroes#12,13, Captain Marvel I#1-10, 11d)

UNA - second wife of Professional Daniel Jones (later G-Force)
   (app-gf) --Die-Cut vs. G-Force#1

UNA-ROGG - Kree, daughter of Yon-Rogg, sister of Zey-Rogg, left sexually intact, surgical papers faked by father, captured by Bloodhounds when blood drawn by Marlo Jones, rescued by Captain Marvel (Genis).
    Seduce + control males, disintegrate those she touches
    (app)--Captain Marvel V#12 (13, 23-25

UNAM the UNSEEN - Spaceknight squadron, belittled by some and lacked confidence due to perceived weakness of power, later terrorized powerless dire wraiths by acting as the "Hidden God," sacrificed life to save Rom from Raak
    become invisible, block other sources of detection
    *D*--Rom Annual#2 ( Rom#70, 71d)

UNASHAMED, The - bar
    --Order II#6

Unausprechlichen Kulten  By Von Junzt; contained information on the Black Stone in the mountains of Hungary near Stregoicavar, and of a monstrous toad-like entity, consulted by Dr. Strange as he first prepared to oppose Shuma-Gorath.
created by Robert E. Howard
Marvel Premiere#4 (1972)] ([Savage Sword of Conan#74/2], [Chamber of Chills#3/1]

UN-BEING - abstract entity, enemy of Origin, connection to Oblivion, took form of young boy, attempted to trick Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) into killing Origin; Quasar temporarily destroyed him when he saw through his ruse.
    able to erase a being from existence
    -Billy Betelheim (app)--Quasar#18

UNCANNY UMBERTO – see Scarecrow.
    alias while performing on stage
    (app-scarecrow)--Tales of Suspense I#51

UNCARA - alien dimension discovered by Professor Blair, invasion repelled by Sun Girl
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#89/2

UNCEGILA - earth demon, mother of monster children, enemy of Lakota/Sioux and Blackfoot tribes, allegedly was originally an evil witch transformed into a monster; encountered and slain @ World War I by Logan and "Blind Owl" Blackfoot warrior, though Logan's memory submerged this events and he recalled them as having occurred in the 1840s
    immense, snake-like creature, green skin, horn, cyclopean, her touch destroyed organic material, drove others insane on sight, implanted monster children within various animals

UNCINUS (Paul M. Imonker) - commands army of killer earthworms and caterpillars
    --What The?#24

UNCLE CLUSTER - alias used by Fantomex in raising Genesis
    --Uncanny X-Force#

UNCLE ELMER (Waylon Wikie) - formerly hosted children's show, used Wonder Man as Mr. Muscles
    --Avengers I#194 (201, Tales of the Marvels: Wonder Years#2

UNCLE FUDGE’s ICE CREAM PARLOR - favorite hangout of Rich Rider, Roger Cooper, & Bernie Dillon, site where Rich received his Nova powers
    --Nova I#1 (4, 18, 20, Nova II#1

UNCLE LEX (James Lexington Christian) - organized and controlled the Parasites
    (app-par)--Captain Britain II#13/5 (13/5(fb), 13/5, 14/4

UNCLE PYKO - Half-World, turtle, genius, deciphered Gideon's Bible
    --Incredible Hulk II#271 (Rocket Raccoon#1-4

UNCREATED - extraterrestrial race that destroyed their own god. try to kill other races that utilize organized religion
    -WORKS* (OH: AZ#12)--[Excalibur I#89], 90 (90(fb), 89,90, Starjammers#1-4, [Uncanny X-Men#341,342]

UNDEAD of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Arcadian, Catscratch, Ember, Russian, Serpentina)
    - mutants resurrected by Graverobber, most stolen from storage facility from @ 2030
    --X-Men 2099#26 (27-29

undead denizens of Highway 18 - New Beulah, Montana; spirits of those cannibalized by Clayton Wojciehowicz, slew those passing over an area of highway until Ghost Rider (John Blaze) gave them Wojciehowicz's descendent to punish
    --Ghost Rider VI#20 (22 (fb), 20-23

UNDEAD G-MAN (    ) - Ghost Rider circa 1950s?, partner of Knuckles O'Shaugnessy
    --Ghost Rider VI#33

UNDEAD MC (Blivet, Charnel, Dolores, Hairball, Joy, Roadkill)
    - vampires
    --Blaze II#10 (11, 12

undead servants of Vacharn the Hyborian era - see VACHARN's undead servants (app-vacharn)--"Necromancy in Na'at" by Clark Ashton Smith (1935); (adapted to Marvel Comics) Conan the Savage#10 (May, 1996)

UNDERCHILD - demon, cherubim form, formerly served as host to Dormammu.
    cloak presence of magic
    --Dr. Strange IV#1, 2(named) (3,4

UNDER CITY (Dog Brother#1) - one of the Eight Heavenly cities associated with K'un-Lun

UNDERCLOAKs - sentient denizens of Crimson Dawn, exist as shadow creatures to serve the leader of the Crimson Dawn
    --Uncanny X-Men#330 (X-Men II#61, Psylocke/Archangel: Crimson Dawn#1-4


UNDERGROUND (Ed Arthur, Ralphie Johnson, Martha + Teddy, Peacekeeper )
    - living in sewers of New York
    --Daredevil I#333 (334-337

UNDERGROUND (Poppa ) - posed as shelter for mutants, sold them to highest bidder, broken up by Magneto
    --X-Men Unlimited#36/2

UNDERGROUND (Blaquesmith, Cable, Domino, Maverick/Bradley, Meltdown)
    - organized to oppose Weapon X’s Neverland Project, taken over by Marrow and converted into new Gene Nation
    --Weapon X II#6 (7-12, 19(fb)-->Gene Nation

UNDERGROUND of ARMECHADON (Blackwulf of Armechadon )

UNDERGROUND of DENEB IV (Head/General, Rambu) - opposed the Null-Trons
    (app)--Captain Marvel I#44

UNDERGROUND OF Earth-928 circa 2099 AD – headquarters of Free Radicals
    --X-Men 2099#18

UNDERGROUND of Earth-3071 (Colonel, Fusa, Takeo, Yaa) - last surviving humans, live in the Compound
   (app-earth3071)--Wolverine: Snikt#1 (3(fb), 1-5

UNDERGROUNDERS (Horizon, Leggs, Polish, Pretty Boy, Rockport (Nomad II#7d), Tenure(Nomad II#9,d)
    - Los Angeles group, small-time criminals, info source, formerly allied w/ nomad (Monroe)
    (app)--Nomad II#3 ([4, 5, 7], 8, 9

UNDERGROUND LEGION (Blackwulf (Pelops), Blackwulf (Lucian), Dr. Oliver Broadhurst, Dr. Caitlin Maddox, Mammoth, Prime Skrull, Sentry#459, Sparrow, Touchstone, Toxin, Wildwind)
    - enemies of Lord Tantalus
    (1990s, app)--Blackwulf#1 (2-10

UNDERGROUND MILITIA (Primus, Tellus, Nera ) - white Kree, posed as humans opposing superhumans, attempted to set off nega-bomb on Earth
    --Imperial Guard#1 (2(fb), 1-3

UNDERGROUND MUTANT SAFE-SYSTEM (unidentified group of at least eleven mutants) - had safehouses in the Black Sea and the Ukraine before being slaughtered by Firefox
    (app)--Soviet Super-Soldiers#1

UNDERGROUND MUTANT THEATER - cover for the Gladiators
    --Beauty and the Beast#1 (2

UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (Abu Ho Dadi) - Bagmom, seven generations of thieves, assisted Howard against prince Hassim
    --Howard the Duck Annual#1

UNDERLINGs - Dark Riders
    three small creatures, identical, pentagonal helmets, spikes on back

UNDERLINGS – goblin-like creatures, stopped by Liana and Dargon

UNDERNET of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Lady Ada, Crackerjack, Anesthesia Jones, Kabal, Reptilicus/Mr. Slither, Sirius)
    - underground cyberjockies
    --[Ghost Rider 2099#10],13 ([10-12], 13,15,20

UNDERTAKER (Conrad Eisenstadt) - criminal, attempted to swindle widows + widowers, including may parker
    (app)—Amazing Fantasy I#16

UNDERSEA CITY - see XENARTHRANs UNDERSEA CITY - (app-xenarthrans)--Tales of Suspense I#5/5

UNDERTAKER of Earth-5555 circa 8162 A.D. ( ) - crimelord, employed Plague Dog and Big Shot, rival of Dead Cert, sent them to kill Death's Head (FPA)
    (app)--Death’s Head I#3 (4, 7

UNDERTOW ( ) – Surf leader,
    generate whirlwinds in water, used water spouts for travel, create air pockets underwater, male
    (app-surf)--New Mutants Annual#5 ([5(fb)], 5, Avengers West Coast Annual#5/3

UNDERTOW, the (Admission, Chang, Lt. Exeter, Obsidian, Protocol, Soldiers of Misfortune)
    - group desiring world domination, based beneath ocean
    --New Warriors I#53 (54-56, 58, 62, 65, 74

    --Namor: The First Mutant#2

UNDERWOOD, BECK* - friend of Venom, wf
    --Venom: The Madness#1 (2,3, Venom: The Mace#1-3;Venom: Nights of Vengeance#1-4

UNDERWOOD, SAMUEL T. - New Populist Party, convention runner, told Daily Globe Captain America was running for president
    --Captain America I#250

UNDERWORLD (Jackie Dio) - brother of Vince, father killed by super-villains, former mobster under Silvermane, betrayed by Vince and sent to prison, manipulated into becoming a super-villain and killing Mr. Pain (Vince) by the Consultant
    (AZU#2)--(Dio) Underworld#1; (Underworld) #5 (5 (fb), 1 (fb), 3 (fb), 1 (fb), 4 (fb), 2 (fb), 1-5, Civil War: War Crimes#1, Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra!#1/1

UNDINES - water elementals
    --Son of Satan#6 (

    --Thor I#466(fb)

undines - nereids/sea creatures within the City of the Golden Gate, servants of Evenor
    (app-evenor)--Man-Thing III#7

UNDRJARN - shape-changing weapon wielded by Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
    ALL-WEAPON*--War of the Realms#6?

UNDYING (Aentaros, Lothan, Semijan, Tiamet, Vaudois)
    - malevolent energy beings, created millions of years ago by Serayn race in an attempt to create an immortal crew for their indestructible spaceship Azazel, turned on creators and exterminated them, roamed the universe slaughtering all they encountered, eventually grew board and started a game to see who could kill the most life forms over a 10, 000 year period (or until all life on the planet was destroyed) and then moved on to start over on another world; arrived on Earth several thousand years ago, have possessed people since dawn of history; Cable reprogrammed Azazel to transfer them each into cockroaches instead of people;
    symbolized by circle within a circle, possess and control other life forms, bonding lasts until death of host, transfer to new adult form with death of host body, become stronger with each murder
    -DYBBUKS, RESTLESS DEAD, SLEEPLESS ONES (OH: AZ#12)--Cable II#79 (84(fb), 81(fb), 79-84

UNDYING - see SHOU-LAO (app)--Marvel Premiere#16

UNDYING ONES (Creatures of the Night, Nameless One, Nameless One) - extradimensional race of non-humanoids, led by nameless one, held great power on earth thousands of years ago, but were forced back to own dimension over a millennium ago when powers began to fade, attempted to invade earth when powers began to return in recent years, possibly conquered by dark-crawler following their defeat, later led by another Nameless One
    (OH: AZ#12. app)--[Dr. Strange I#183], Sub-Mariner I#22 (Incredible Hulk I#126, Defenders I#1-3, Dr. Strange III#41

UN-EARTH - weapon of Mys-Tech, magical replica of Earth, changes made on Un-Earth would effect the real Earth, important in Mys-Tech Wars
    —Hell’s Angel#1

UNFOLDING EDGE of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - a plate which, when stepped on, unfolds into a four-dimensional box, then folds back down into a flat plate, locking whoever is inside of it into Subspace. Litany used this against one of the Red Hermitage's Elite Synod
    (app-met)--2099 Unlimited #7

UNFORGIVEN (Skelter, Syth) - chosen bodyguards of Fabian Cortez
    (app)--X-Men II#26 (Avengers West Coast#101, Avengers I#369

UNFORGIVEN DEAD (Artys-Gran, Socus, Suma-Ket) - people of Suma-Ket, arrived in Atlantis @ 5900-5800 BC, drove out Faceless Ones in exchange for being allowed to live within city, assassinated son of Kamuu, slew priests of Neptune, sacrificed many Atlantean children to Old Ones, eventually driven out when Kalen led the Atlanteans to rise up against them, exiled to Grey Waters, prophesied that they would return to rule again when the blood of the Unforgiven Dead mingled with the blood of Kalen, assaulted Atlantis, destroyed when Namor slew Suma-Ket
    -OLD ONES of ATLANTIS* (app)--[Namor I#29, 34], 35 (38(fb)/36(fb)/37(fb), 29-40


UNFORGIVING ONE - see OCCULUS (M, app)--Fantastic Four I#363

UNGER, CLAUDE - unscrupulous lawyer, opposed Matt Murdoch, defended Lloyd Braxton in false discrimination suit, then accused Braxton of lying after losing the case
    (app)--Daredevil II#20 (22, 25

UNHCEGILA - see UNCEGILA (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#94], 95

UNHOLY LEGION of BEGGARS - Bundists led by Herr Snupp, posed as homeless beggars, killed US government officials, swastika branded on chest
    --(g) Captain America Comics#4; Captain America I#112

UNHOLY THREE (Ape-Man, Bird-Man, Cat-Man)-see also ANI-MEN
    —Daredevil I#39 (40, 41, Marvel Team-Up I#25, XMen I#94

UN-HUMAN (Skaa) - telepathic extraterrestrial, acquired feeling of empathy from Elias, stopped alien invasion
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#19/2

UNI - Kree private, part of expedition to conquer Toped
    --Captain Marvel VI#3

UNI-BLASTER - Kree weapon used by Bel-Dann
--Fantastic Four Annual #18

unicorn - sought by Andar, befriended Red Sonja, slew Andar when he came after them
    (app)--Red Sonja I#1

UNICORN (Milos Masaryk) - Lethal Legion, Thunderbolts army, Soviet intelligence agent, former pawn of Other/Titanium Man/Bullski, armor designed by Anton Vanko, brain damaged by radiation process that empowered him, insane towards end of life, apparently drown when attempted to walk to Russia to be with Other.
    project force beam from helmet, superhuman strength and durability
    *D* (I#11, D#14, M, AZU#4)--Tales of Suspense I#56 (Fantastic Four Annual#3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends, X-Men I#22,23, Iron Man I#4, 15,16, 57,58, 69, 113-115, [146,147], 154(fb), Marvel Age Annual#1

UNICORN ( ) - Remont 4, Thunderbolts army
    developed tentacled eye within power-horn, criminally insane/murderously violent, fire destructive blasts
    (AZU#4)—Soviet Super Soldiers#1 (Deadpool III#39, Thunderbolts II#104

UNICORN (Aidan Blomfield) – Stockpile.
    solid horn
    (AZU#4, app-stock)--Iron Man I#330 (331

unidentified bouncer - worked at Skin and Bones club
    (app-Skin and Bones)--Ghost Rider III#55

unidentified adventurer - pre-modern era, drove off Diablo the smoke monster
    (app-diablo)--Tales of Suspense I#9

unidentified boy - former agent of the Astrologer, slain when turned against him
    *D* (app)--Amazing Adventures II#5/2

unidentified criminal - fled to Africa, attempted to exploit the name of Quogg until being confronted by the real Quogg
    (app-quogg)--Tales to Astonish I#30/4

unidentified hero - blond extraterrestrial, succeeded in suicide mission to save a crashing starship, multiple medal war hero.
    survive in vacuum, fly
    --Death Metal#2

unidentified king - extradimensional, guided Dr. Strange to kingdom of Tazza
    (app-taz)--Strange Tales I#144/2

unidentified man - see "little man in black" (app-it)--It, by Theodore Sturgeon; adapted in Supernatural Thrillers#1

unidentified man - former host of the Thousand, form in which it ambushed Jess Patton
    *D* (app-thousand)--Tangled Web of Spider-Man#1

unidentified man - sent agents to capture Cyclops and hired doctor to transplant his eyes into him
    --[X-Men Unlimited#47/2] ([47/2(fb), 47/2)

unidentified Department of Homeland Security employee - interviewed by Sydney Weiss
    --Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1
unidentified letter writer - wrote letter to Daily Bugle, related how younger brother (Ferret from Amazing Spider-Man II#61/502?) became a costumed vigilante and was killed on his first night of activity, attributed death to lack of training, consequently supported SHRA
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1
unidentified Midtown High alumnus - interviewed by Mike Sangiacomo, classmate to Peter Parker at least as far back as sophomore year, claimed Peter frequently asked her out, rebuffed him each time, noticed increase in Peter's confidence following radiation exhibit
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1
unidentified SHIELD source - expressed opinion on X-Factor's anti-SHRA press conference
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1
unidentified survivor of Hate-Monger attack - interviewed by Sydney Weiss
    --Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1

unidentified water-breathing alien - see MONSTER from the LOST LAGOON (app)--Fantastic Four I#97

    WEAPON U*--Incredible Hulk II#107

UNIFIED GUILD of NEW ORLEANS - combined Thieves and Assassins Guilds, united under Gambit & Bella Donna Boudreaux
    --Gambit III#21 (22, 23

UNI-LORD - formerly worshipped as deity by natives of Blackbody dimension, corrupted by Dark Counsel
    *D*--Silver Surfer III#112 (121(fb), 112-114,[115], 117-121d)

UNI-MIND - group mind and collective intelligence, first created by the eternals, created by merging into a vast sphere of energy, first formed by Zuras.
    vastly powerful, project energy bolts, resembles gigantic humanoid brain, has also been formed by merging eternals and other races
    (D#14,M) --Eternals I#12 (What If? I#25/2, Et#12-14, Thor I#291, 300, Avengers I#247,248, Eternals II#12, Av339, 370,371, Eternals IV#4 (fb), 6

UNION (Althea/Blind Al) -

UNION - see UNITY--[Hawkeye III#1], 5

UNION (Owen Candler, Betty Banner simuloid + others) - form of plant-life created by Owen Candler, resurrected him after his heart attack by merging with him, used his link with it to create group of human simuloids with appearance and personality based on those read about in the obituaries, central plant developed into immense carnivorous entity, planned to spread the Salvation Seed through Earth to merge with and take over current life forms
    (WWH)--Hulk III#4, 6(named) (6(fb), 4,6

UNION of INTELLIGENT RACES (Committee, Lenise, Sabra, Thorns, Union Defense Corps) - interstellar government, encountered the Starjammers
    --Starjammers#1 (2-6

UNION DEFENSE CORPS (Black Stars) - Military force of the Union of Intelligent Races
    --Starjammers#1 (2-6

UNION JACK (James Montgomery, Lord Falsworth) – World War I, British hero, Freedom's Five, commissioned as field marshal in British army, legs crushed by Baron Blood, eventually died of heart attack after final death of Baron Blood
    *D* (I#11, D#20, M, OH: BoD, net)--Invaders I#7 (Inv I#7(fb), Cable II#50(fb), Fantastic Four I#405 (fb), Inv I#7-9(legs crushed), 12(retired), 14,15, 18, 21, 26, 34, Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1(fb), Captain America I#253,254d)

UNION JACK (Brian Falsworth) - invaders, V Battalion, Penance Council (founding member), son of James, originally supported anti-war effort during World War II, captured and imprisoned when attempted to leave Germany, physically enhanced by variant of super soldier serum designed by Eric Schmitt, later gained electricity powers from Thor, killed in car crash in 1953
    -MIGHTY DESTROYER*, DESTROYER* *D* (I#11,D#20,M, OH:GA, net)—Invaders I#19, 20 (21, 23, 25, 26, 29-34, 39-41, [Winter Soldier: Winter Kills#1 (fb, xmas 1944)], Midnight Sons Unlimited #9, Citizen V and the V Battalion#1(fb1+2), [Cap253(fb,d)]), Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1 (fb, funeral)

UNION JACK (Joseph "Joey" Chapman) - modern era Invaders, formerly of Knights of Pendragon (Lancelot), took up identity to battle Baron Blood when Kenneth Crichton proved too sickly to continue line
    (I#11, M, OH: AZ#12) --(JC) Captain America I#253, (UJ)254 ( [Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,2],3, Namor I#12, Knights of Pendragon I#7,8, 10-18, Marvel Comics Presents#12/3, Knights of Pendragon II#1-15, Excalibur I#125, Union Jack#1-3, Maximum Security#2,3, Thunderbolts#57, Captain America III#50/5, Avengers III#82-84, Invaders III#0-3, 4-5, 7-9, Captain America V#3, 18-21, [Union Jack II#1 (fb)], 1-4, Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#5, Blade III#9, [Captain Britain and MI13#1]

UNION JACK of Earth-Avengers vampires - see CRICHTON, KEN--Exiles#31 (32

UNION JACKS of Earth-9997 - agents of King Britain, guard shore and crown of all of Europe
    (sketch)—Earth X Sketch, 9

UNION SQUARE SUICIDE BOMBER (    ) - Vampires, sent by Xarus to infect Jubilee and a large number of humans with Vampire blood, attacked her in Union Square, opened his zipped leather suit, exploded when sunlight touched his skin.
    *D--X-Men II#1

UNIPAR - Coconut Grove, sent Ariel to gather mutants of Earth for evaluation and experimentation to help evolve his race, which he believed to have been at an evolutionary dead end
    (app)--Fallen Angels#6 (7, 8

UNISPHERE - alleged power item given to the Super-Skrull (Kl'rt) by Thanos to protect him if Drax the Destroyer (or Eros or A'Lars/Mentor) attacked. The Super-Skrull used the device after he had been defeated by Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), but he cast it away, shattering it, when it did nothing
    --Captain Marvel I#27

UNISYM (Manuel Herrera, Harold Magasy, Hassan ibn Mohammet) – New Jersey Waste Management, front company for the Mecozzis
    (app)—Punisher II#6 ([6(fb), 6, 7

UNIT - extraterrestrial imprisoned in the Peak

UNIT of Earth-9500 ( ) - cyborg, servant of the Abomination, built cybernetic parts for him, former servant of Captain Ogarn
    --Abominations#1 (3

UNIT - robot servant of Lady Yune, expressly forbidden to kill living things, acts as Yune’s conscience
    --Eden's Trail#3 (4, 5

UNITED FRONT (Drax, Gamora, Nova, Peter Quill, Ronan, Kree) - union of races opposing the Annihilation Wave; broke up after the destruction of Daedalus 5
    --Annihilation#1 (2-3

    convinced by Bandit to try to kill Gambit using weapons stolen by Noreen Tanaka
    Gambit IV#11-12


UNITED PLANETS - 2075, body comprised of Earth, Mars, Venus, Uranus and Mercury, operate Space Sentinels
    --Speed Carter #1 (1/4, 2, 2/3

UNITY (Bailey and Belinda Mathius, Shing Fu Xue)
    - involved a temple along the Nam Theum river, outside Laos. Within the temple was a pillar that contained evidence that Jesus Christ had planned to spread his word to the rest of the world. The temple had been discovered by US soldiers led by Mathius in 1967, however, the temple closed suddenly and the troops learned that the temple would only every forty years. Matthius had ordered his troops to slaughter the nearby villagers so that only his troop knew of the existence of the temple. Those present had formed the Unity, a group vowing to keep the secret of the temple and to reap the rewards when it later opened. Hawkeye investigated and forced the opening of the Temple, but rendered the pillar unusable to prevent the sacrifices for the temple from being in vain
    --[Hawkeye III#1], 5 (4+5(fbs), [1-4], 5, 6

UNITY SCHOOL of CHRISTIANITY - based in Kansas City, Missouri, disbelieve in evil and sin, believe that inanimate objects possess souls
    --[Doc Samson II#2/2]

UNIVERSAL AMALGAMATOR - device housed in Citadel, access attempted by M-Plate, effects similar to the Big Crunch
    --Generation X#37

UNIVERSAL BEAM BLASTER - Kree sidearm used by Captain Mar-Vell, emits blinding light
    UNI-BEAM--Marvel Super-Heroes II#12

    (app)--Strange Tales I#178 (179-181, Warlock I#7-9, Captain Marvel I#41, Guardians of the Galaxy II#1 (fbs), [4 (fb)], 1-6, 7-8

UNIVERSAL COMPRESSOR - designed by Professor Harker, funded by Polydyne, used by Harker and Nebula, deactivated by Spider-Man, energies siphoned into the Infinity Union
    concentrated the force of a nuclear explosion into an area smaller than the nucleus of an atom, sent out a "Genesis Pulse" that destroyed the universe and created a new one in its place
    (app)--Avengers I#306 (306, 308, [309], 314,315

UNIVERSAL COSA NOSTUM (Circle (Mr. Finn, Mr. Sawyer, at least five others), "Jeeves", Lupal, Tribal Fathers)
    - Criminal cartel based off the planet Bedreddin, sent Lupal to develop Addictum, sent Lunatik to recover the formula from Lupal
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#172/3 ([172/3(fb)], 172/3, [173/3]

UNIVERSAL CUBE of Earth-Thunderguard - alternate future counterpart of cosmic cube, generated by dr. doom of that dimension, original cube destroyed in part by original avengers of earth-mc2, rebuilt, banished by avengers next

UNIVERSAL INHUMANS (Centaurians?, Dire Wraiths, Kymellians, ??) - Inhumans of various races seeded by the Kree
    --Fantastic Four#

UNIVERSAL ORDER of the DEDICATED - church on Calculex
    —Captain Marvel IV#5

UNIVERSAL WEAPON - Kree hammer wielded by Accusers, manipulates energies
    --Fantastic Four I#65

UNIVERSE BOY 2099 I+II of Earth-Amalgam - Captain Universe + , Legion of Galactic Guardians I+II
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

UNIVERSE-TWO of Earth-Amalgam (Guardian Angel, Infinite Kickers inc, Spitfire and the Blackhawks)
    - new universe+earth-2
    (app-amu)--[Challengers of the Fantastic#1(letters)]

UNI-WORLD - former government agency in Khotain, employed Doombringer
    --Power Man and Iron Fist#10_

UNKCEGILA - see UNCEGILA (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#94], 95

UNKNOWN – see LURKING UNKNOWN* (app)—Thor I#136

UNKNOWN LAND of the Hyborian era - precursor of Australia; former base of Serpent Men
    --Savage Sword of Conan#190

UNLIMITED CLASS WRESTLING FEDERATION (Edward Gardner(president), Armadillo, Beyonder, Blacksmith, Cataphrax, Caveman, Demolition Dunphy, Doc Sawbones, Enigmo, Iceberg Ike (Ikaris), Icepick, Jersey Devil, Kid Stuff, Little John, Red Zeppelin, Speedo, Steamroller, Swami Riba, Thing (Grimm), Cootie Weiss)
    - professional wrestling circuit with a minimum of superhuman strength as a requirement, many were augmented by power broker, also included Deviants, mutates, and others
    (D#14)—Thing I#28 (29,30, Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb), Thing#34, Captain America I#316, Eternals II#1

UNNAMEABLE - powerful extradimensional evil sorcerer, menaced inhabitants of Tunnelworld until defeated by combined might of the Defenders, served by Arisen Tyrk, Lunatiks, & Nilffim.
    gained power from as well as control over those who knew his name
    (app)--[Defenders I#72, 76], 83 ([79(fb), 71(fb)], [71-73, 76, 78-82], 83

UNNAMED - see UNNAMEABLE (app)--Defenders I#72

UNNIER, WAYNE  - Stark Enterprises
     --Marvel Super-Heroes III#9/3

UNNTHINNK - demon of Six-Fingered Hand , possessed Man-Thing
    (app)--Defenders I#98 ([99(fb)], [98(fb)], 98-100

UNO ( ) - paranormal law enforcement team, body burnt in attack by Vengeance, body temporarily taken over by Furies (see Lady Ash)
    (app)--Ghost Rider III#52 (Marvel Comics Presents#165-168,[169],174,175, GR III#74(fb), 74, 79-81

UNO, el ( ) - former agent of Black Tarantula, defeated Delilah, later killed by her.
    shaved head, large + strong
    *D* (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#419 (420d)

UNOS of the Hyborian era -  demon/magical creation of demons Belthamquar and Thelonia and human sorcerers Elvirom and Thalkalades
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#50

UN-PEOPLE of Earth-9602 (Big Gorgon, Dream Crystal, Medusa Moonrider, Triserinak, Vykin the Black Bolt)
    - Inhumans and Forever People, encountered Challengers of Fantastic
    (app)--Challengers of the Fantatic#1

UN-PLACE dim - interdimensional space, no matter is believed to exist there, former banishment site used as punishment/imprisonment by Inhumans
    --Incredible Hulk I Annual#1

UNSEEN - see UNAM--Rom Annual#2


UNSTERBLICH, der - seemingly "perfect man" created by Hydra's Infinitas Project circa <Captain America#335>, overpowered Captain America, but easily subdued by Thor
    super-strong, but not very intelligent
    [the Immortal]--Captain America: Hail Hydra#4 (2011)

UNTOUCHABLES (Kickback, Nitro, Tombstone) -
    --Cage I#3

UNUM - gestalt entity created by Enmity via merger of the minions of Annihilus, the Magus, Dormammu and others, sent to vent their frustration at their fate by slaughtering the universe's heroes, starting with the women
    (app)--She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision#1 (1 (fb), 1

UNUS (Gunther Bain, originally Angelo Unuscione) - Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Factor Three, father of Carmella, suffocated when field repelled oxygen from him, got better...
    lost powers during M-Day, temporarily gained over-exaggerated powers via Terrigen, apparently suffocated again
    generate force field
    -UNUS the UNTOUCHABLE *D* (I#11, D#14, M, OH: AZ#12, net)—X-Men I#8 (20, [28-36], 37-39, 59,60, Avengers I#103(fb), Amazing Adventures II#12,13, Captain America I#174, Defenders I#15,16, Champions#17, Incredible Hulk Annual#11/2, Power Man/Iron Fist#90, Marvel Fanfare I#7, Spectacular Spider-Man II#91"d", X-Men II#132, Excalibur III#1,2, 4, 6,[7], 8, Incredible Hulk III#83-84 (HoM), Son of M#5, 6d

UNUSCIONE, CARMELLA - Acolyte, daughter of Unus.
    form + manipulate body shield/psionic exoskeleton, wf, black hair
    (2006#1-acolytes, net)--Uncanny X-Men#298 (300
    Quicksilver#11, Hero for Hire#16, Q#12, Hero for Hire/Quicksilver Annual 1998, Uncanny X-Men#366, X-Men II#201

UPDIKE, TERRANCE of Earth-148611 - National Security Council, recruited Justice and several other paranormals into the agency
    (app)--Justice(nu)#18 (19, 20-22, 23, [24], 25-27, 28, [29], 31,32

UPHAM, ORVILE of Earth-148611 - head of security at the Clinic

UPLINK (Hector Fuentes) - Chain Gang.
    manipulate electronics
    (app-cg)—Sleepwalker#7 (19-24

UPPERWORLD - Ahau (Mayan gods)
    --(Behind-the scenes) Thor #301 (1980); (identified) OHotMU A-Z #7 (2009)

UPROAR ( ) - Heavy Metal, cybernetically enhanced gorilla, fought Brute Force
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2, 4

UPROAR of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - X-Nation.
    absorb mass + strength
    --X-Nation 2099#1 (X-Men 2099#30, XN#1-3

UPSTARTS (Sienna Blaze, Fabian Cortez, Graydon Creed, Trevor Fitzroy, Shinobi Shaw)
    - young adult mutants, competed with each other for power from Gamesmaster
    (net)--Uncanny X-Men#282

UPWARD PATH (Adjudicator, Black Mariah?/Witchbreaker, Daystick, Difference Engine, Nightstick) - circa 1907 AD, superhuman vigilantes
    --[Runaways II#27], 28 (29-30

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