ULTARNT - Inhuman, previous geneticist, discovered patterns of terrigenesis, female, nun?
   (app)--Inhumans III#3 (3(fb)

ULTERMINUS - stage v Termini, immense four-armed robot, created by merging of Terminus and a stage IV Termini
    (app-teminex)--Avengers West Coast An5 (Avengers Annual#19

ULTIMA (Ultima Wordman) - daughter of the Word, crippled, given motivation by Word to regain mobility,
    superhuman strength
    (FF:5FD, app)--She-Hulk I#9 (10, Marvel Two-In-One I#89

ULTIMAN - alias of alternate future Franklin Richards

ULTIMATE AMPLIFIER of Earth-730834 - small handheld weapon that could cause anything to explode, Black Knight tried selling it to Dr. Doom, who crushed it instead
   --Avengers United They Stand#4

ULTIMATE ANNHILATOR - disintegrator weapon developed by AIM (including Po Lin Ching), used by Yellow Claw robot and later General Pollack
    (app-sky_dragon)--Strange Tales I#163 (164-165, Marvel Two-In-One I#51

ULTIMATE ANNIHILATOR - originated in the Nexus of All-Realities, but Microverse scientists found it in the Microverse, threatened Galactus with the Annihilator, and he departed; given to Howard the Duck by Man-Thing; used to drive off alternate reality beings summoned by Psycho-Man, but Howard refused to use it against the rampaging fear-addled/empowered Man-Thing;
    crude duplicate terror-engineered by Psycho-Man
    able to destroy anything if the user can control his fear
    --Fearsome Four#1 (2011); (identified) #3 (4 (fb), 1, [2], 3-4

ULTIMATE CHARACTER - see CHARACTER of Earth-Ultimate (Earth-1610)

    power item, contains all knowledge of the known universe, previously used by Leader and Authority
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#73/2 (74/2,75/2

ULTIMATE MARVEL - see Earth-1610 (ME) [Earth-1610]--Ultimate Spider-Man#1

ULTIMATE NULLIFIER - weapon of unknown origin, formerly held by Galactus
    able to destroy anything, but also destroys user
    (I#15, 2006#11, app)--Fantastic Four I#50 (Avengers I#177 - BTS / Fantastic Four Annual#24/2, Star-Lord#2 (2016), Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle,
    Power Pack I#58,
Infinity War#4/Quasar I#39, IW5, Quas40, Fantastic Four III#47-49, Silver Surfer III#108, 109, Uncanny X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual 1998 (duplicate?), JLA/Avengers#1-2, Fantastic Four III#544, 588, FF#12-15, Avengers Assemble#2-3, 4 - BTS, Wolverine and the X-Men#17, New Avengers III#4, Nova V#4-5 (2013), Original Sin#0-1, Guardians Team-Up#7, Amazing Spider-Man V#10, Dr. Doom#6

ULTIMATE NULLIFIER (    ) - Teen Brigade, face burned by Radioactive Kid, had affair with Young Masters' Black Knight
    used gun that temporarily neutralized superhuman powers
    --Vengeance#1 (
    Young Avengers II#11-13


    --Ultimate Marvel Team-Up#

ULTIMATE PUNISHER of Earth-691 – massive tank of Punishers, detonated by Charlie-27
    *Des* (app)—Guardians of the Galaxy I#18 (20d)

ULTIMATE SOLDIER - see WARHAWK (Tanner)--Marvel Premiere#23

ULTIMATE SOLDIER - see WARBOT (app)--Defenders I#57

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN - see SPIDER-MAN of Earth-Ultimate (ME)--Ultimate Spider-Man#1

ULTIMATE TERMINUS – see ULTERMINUS (app-terminex)—Avengers West Coast Annual#5

ULTIMATE WEAPON - used by Super-Patriot in plot to destroy the United Nations building, destroyed by SHIELD I
    (app-sp)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#13

ULTIMATE WEAPON - created by unidentified scientists, ran amok, smashed by Hulk
    --<hostess add, December 1979>--Dr. Strange II#37

ULTIMATE WEAPON - see TORGO of Mekka (app-torgo)--Hostess Ad, July 1979, Defenders I#79

ULTIMATE WEAPON of Redstone - see POWER-ROD (app-quan-zarr)--Marvel Preview#18

ULTIMATE X-MEN - see X-MEN of Earth-Ultimate (ME)--Ultimate X-Men#1

ULTIMATES of Earth-Ultimate ( ) - counterparts of the Avengers


ULTIMATOR ( ) - ULTIMATUM agent, blew up Broadway stage, held Carnellian ambassador hostage in order to prevent Carnellia from recognizing the sovereignty of Trebekistan, defeated by Avengers
    (app)--Avengers Annual 1999

ULTIMATUM (Anarchy, Choepke, Flag-Smasher, Michael Straka, Hatari, Vladimir Krontz or Korda?, Luft, Rice, Rivvak, Maj. Toler Weil, Dmitri, Lynette)
    - anarchist organization that attempts to destroy national powers to cause world unification, organized by flag-smasher, secretly funded by red skull (Shmidt)
    -Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army to Unite Mankind
    (D#13,M)—Captain America I#321 (322, 348, 349, [Amazing Spider-Man I#320, 321], 322-325, Cap400/2, Moon Knight III#8, 9, Cap438, Marvel Team-Up II#3, X-Men Unlimited#22, Cable & Deadpool#28-29, Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/5

ULTIMATUM WAVE of Earth-1610 - giant tsunami triggered by Magneto in terrorist attack against New York, killed hundreds of thousands
   --Ultimatum#1 (

ULTIMO - created and formerly controlled by a group of extraterrestrial known only as the Masters, former agent of Mandarin, created several thousand years ago, slaughtered many space-faring races, including the Rajaki, crashed to earth after being lured into meteor storm by Sapper, discovered by Mandarin, while buried underground in California grew from 25’ to 60’ tall, slew earth-mover, after deactivated was held by Stark-Fujikawa, used as power source for SS Joseph Gillis, encouraged to grow further by Stark-Fujikawa, inadvertently reactivated by Sapper and Mechanoid, disassembled after programming halted by Iron Man, rebuilt and rampaged in New York until incapacitated by Armory
    immense blue android, vast strength and durability, fire disintegrative eye-blasts
    -The Living Holocaust, Devastator, He-Who-Destroys (M, 2006#11, app)--Tales of Suspense I#76(shadow), 77 ([Iron Man I#229 (fb)], Iron Man III#24(fb), 24(fb), [OHotMU Master Edition: Ultimo (fb)], ToS#77(fb), 76-78, [Avengers Annual#1(fb)], 1, [Iron Man I#69(fb)], 69,70, [95(fb)], 95,96, [299(fb)], 298-300, [Iron Man III#23(fb)], 23-25, Avengers: The Initiative#1

ULTIMUS - Kree Eternal, Starforce, buried under Stonehenge @ 3000 years ago by Tantalus, adopted new name when learned of true origin from Supreme Intelligence
    -DEMON DRUID* (M)--Wonder Man II#7 ([Blackwulf#7(fb)]
Demon Druid.
    WondM7, Captain America I#399, Avengers I#346, Thor I#446/Avengers West Coast#82, Av347, Quasar#35, Blackwulf#7-9

ULTI-VAC the MULTI-ROBOT of Earth-Amalgam - Ulti-Vac + Ultraa the Multi-Alien + Punisher robot + Machine Man + Destroyer ,
    creation of Multi-Masters, Challenger-Haters of Evil
    (app)--Challengers of the Fantastic#1 (1(fbs)

ultra of Earth-93060 - empowered by Cabal, served Anton Lone
    flame powers
    --Solitaire#11 (12

ULTRA-ADAPTOID - AIM weapon, created under Monicca Rappacini, used in effort to obtain the Hypernova, ultimately cut off from powers by Puma using radiation shielding and then shattered by the Armadillo
    lacks independent will, beamed powers (usually a few at a time) by AIM from their database of every hero who ever fought the Super-Adaptoid
    CHAMELEON impersonator*, Rachel Katz*
    --Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1 (2-5

ULTRA-DIODE GUN - weapon of Rama-Tut
    --Fantastic Four I#19 ( Killpower: The Early Years#2

ULTRAFORCE of Earth-93060 (Contrary, Ghoul, Hardcase, Pixx, Prime, Prototype/Ruiz, Topaz, Black Knight (Whitman) of Earth-616, Siren, Prototype/Campbell, Lament, Wreckage, Hellblade, Amber Hunt, Ironclad, Maxis, Ripfire)
    - premiere, government sanctioned super-team
    (app)--UltraForce#0A (0B, 1, 2, Freex#14, UF#2-6, 7, 8,9, Mantra I#24, UF10, Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude#1, Avengers/Ultraforce#1, Ultraforce/Avengers#1, [Black September Infinity], Ultraforce Infinity, Ultraforce II#1-3, UF II#2/2, Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis & Revelations, Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A,1B, All New Exiles#4, Foxfire#1,2, Ultraforce II#4, 5-7, 8,9, 10-12, Ultraverse Unlimited#2, Ultraforce#13-15

ULTRAGIRL (Suzy Sherman) - New Warriors, Georgia, Initiative, hybrid human/Kree, mutant
    -Tsu-Zana (OH: AZ#12, app)--UltraGirl#1 (2, 3, Avengers: Initiative#10 (fb), She-Hulk II#8, Civil War#5-6, Iron Man IV#14, Amazing Spider-Man#537, [538]/Civil War#7, Avengers: The Initiative#1, 2, 4-5, 6 (fb), 6, New Warriors IV#7-8, 11, A:I#10 (fb), 10-11, 12 (fb), 12

ULTRAGIRL of Earth-93060 - see Phade--Prime I#25

    Used to pull a comet onto a collision course with Earth
    (app)--The Avengers Battle the Earth-Wrecker

ULTRA-MARINE (Maj. Kith Nasca) - Dark Guard
    --DarkGuard#1 (2-4

ULTRA-MARINE of Reality-49327 (Captain Jeanet Hutch) - Mars colony circa 2026 A.D.
     --Death's Head III#13

ULTRA-MAX - computer virus created by Max. E .Mumm, took on sentience
    MAX* (app)--Punisher Annual#5 (Daredevil Annual#8, Wonder Man Annual#1, Guardians of the Galaxy Annual#2

ULTRAMAX - high-tech, orbiting prison
    --X-Men: Prisoner X (1998, novel)

ULTRA-MEN - robots built by Brynocki, sent to kill and/or abduct Leiko Wu, defeated by Shang-Chi & allies
    Brynocki’s Marauders (app-bry)--Master of Kung Fu#119

ULTRA-METALLO of Earth-9602 - Nazi Sleeper + Metallo, Nazi war weapon, created by Green Skull
    (app)--Super-Soldier#1 (Super-Soldier Action#5, Super-Soldier#1

ULTRANA - female Ultroid, impersonated scarlet witch
    (app-ix)—[Avengers I#35], 36 (37

ULTRA-OSCILLATRON - created by Dr. Wagnastein, empowered Kronin Krask
    (app-krask)--Thor I#172

ULTRA-ROBOTS (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta) - constructs of the Quists, designed to operate Dominus, utilized by Lucifer
    fly, super-strength + durability, fire energy blasts
    (app)--X-Men I#21 (Captain America I#178

ULTRA SAMURAI SEED - Beyond Corporation, infected Mac Mangel
    transforms host into giant robot samurai
    (app)--Nextwave#3 (4

ULTRATECH of Earth-93060 (Stanley Leland, others) - creators of Prototype

ULTRAVERSE of Reality-93060 - Earth dimension of the ultras

ULTRA-VISION of Earth-Ultra-Vision - counterpart of Vision, took over computers of Earth, built base in interior of the Mars moon Deimos, created + directed Cosmic Avengers, circuitry invaded + taken over + destroyed by alternate dimensional counterpart of Korvac
    *D*--What If II#19 (36

ULTRA-WOMAN of Earth-7712 - counterpart of Sue Storm, pliant personality resulted in her gaining malleable powers, killed by gas attack on Nathaniel Richards II’s defense drones, possibly recreated by TVA, reality possibly destroyed by Vangaard
    (app-earthffalt)--What If I#6 (39, , Fantastic Force#12

ULTRAWOMAN of Earth-93060 - see Phade--Prime I#25

ULTRAX of Earth-93060 - drug, mutates people into ultra, die if quit using it, ie. Coco, Prime
    --Prime II#6 (7,8

ULTROG - robot gorilla, servant of Kangaroo the Conqueror, rebelled against him in the 30th century, destroyed by Scavengers
    (app-kangaroo)--Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham#15/2

ULTROIDS (Ultrana) - androids of Ixar
    (app-ixar)--Avengers I#36 (37

ULTRON - intelligent robot, led Masters of Evil, Lethal Legion, former ally of Grim Reaper, infiltrated Sons of Yinsen, originally built by Henry Pym, original prototype created using brain patterns of Henry Pym and derived from studying the circuitry of the android Dragon Man, rebelled against Pym and rebuilt self into series of adamantium frames, built Vision + Jocasta + Alkhema/War Toy, desires total destruction of humankind
    -CRIMSON COWL *, GREAT DEVIL*, SANTRON*, ULTRON-5, 6, 7, 11, 12, MARK 12, 13, impersonated Ho Yinsen (I#11, D#13, M, OH: Av2005, ME, net)--Avengers I#54,55


ULTRON, ALEX of Earth-807128  - New Defenders, relocated to Nu-World
    ULTRON-16--Fantastic Four#557 (560 (fb), 557-562

ULTRON-GALACTUS of "Earth-22666" - robotic replacement for Galactus built by Surfer to oppose the Unnameable
    (app)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Galactus: Dawn of the Heralds

ULVAR - fake gigantic monster, built by Mr. Baxter, duped Gigantus into retreating
    (app-gig)--Journey into Mystery I#63

ULYNOV, VASSILY ILYICH - Red Room / 2R, allied with Ian McMasters and Gynecon to assassinate the cold war Black Widows, killed by Black Widow (Natalia Romanova)
    Skilled warrior, used pheromone that prevented Widows from fighting him
    *D*--Black Widow IV#1 (2-5, 6d)

ULYSSES – see ODYSSEUS (app)--Thor Annual#8

ULYSSES - Pantheon, predecessor to Charles, apparently killed by Achilles under orders from Agamemnon during recruitment of Paris in the Watts race riots
    *D*--Incredible Hulk II#408/2 (409/2-411/2d)

ULYSSES (Walter Charles) - Pantheon, successor to the above, born @ 1939.
    enhanced human abilities, wears buckles on arms to generate plasma shield, uses plasma sword able to slice through several feet of iron
    --Incredible Hulk II#379 (408/2-412/2, 379, 381-383, Annual#18/3, Hulk386, An17/5, Hlk388,[389], 391, X-Factor I#76, Hlk392, 393,394, An18/2, Dr. Strange III An2, Hlk395-398, 399(fb), 401,402, 405, An19, Hlk410,411, 413-418, 420,421, 424,425,[426]

ULYSSES ( ) - former soldier, crippled and troops killed in struggle between X-Men and evil mutant group
    (app)--Cyclops I#1 (2(fb1,2), 1,2,4

ULYSSES of "Earth-7643" - artificial falcon, served as nervous system for Monark Starstalker
    (app-starstalker)--Marvel Premiere I#32

ULZAK - extraterrestrial, leader of the armies of the Borozil clan, followed Tlaango’s lead back to Karl Coven after he had killed Caffrey, his armies killed Coven
    --Captain Marvel VI#12

UMAR - Faltinian, scion of Sinifar, sister of Dormammu, along with him banished from Faltine dimension for destroying their father, took humanoid form, mother of Clea by Orini, which traumatized her and trapped her in humanoid form, banished to pocket dimension after challenging Dormammu.
    vast sorcerous powers
    -Umar the Unrelenting (I#11, D#13, M, OH: AZ#12, net)--Strange Tales I#150 (Dr. Strange II#71/Dr. Strange III#21/2(fb)+22/2(fb), Doc II#9(fb), StrT I#150/2-156/2, 158/2, Doc I#172,173, II#6,7, Giant-Size Avengers#4, Doc II#8,9, Thor Annual#9, Doc II#58, 68,69, 71-74, Doc III#22-24, 48, Hellcat#2, Magik II#3, [4], [Defenders III#1 (fb)], 1-2, [3 (fb)], 4-5, Captain Britain and MI13#3

UMBAJA, General - Zanzibar, father of unidentified girl, old friend of Askari
    --Excalibur III#12 (13

UMBOTHA, TANUTA - Strikeforce Q7, lover of Sternwood, former lover of Howitzer
    skilled warrior, uses energy weapons
    (app-q7)--Knights of Pendragon II#2 (Gene Dogs#1-4

UMBRIDGE, MALVIN - mutant, transform into strong + overly developed man
    --X-Men II Annual#2/2

UMBRIDGE, PHINEAS - sorcerer, summoned souls of 5 convicts and placed them in furniture
    --Excalibur I#41

UMBU – Moloid, escaped to the surface during a battle with the Avengers, saved from another attacker by Annie, fell in love with her;  they stood on each other’s shoulders, wore a hat and a trench coat, and gave her a flower; they ended up on a date, but fled when a jealous Elmore scared them off
    --Avengers Classics#12/2 (July, 2008)

UMBU the UNLIVING - robot created by Sagittarians, encountered by Hulk and Ka-Zar in the Savage Land
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#110 (110(fb), 110)

    --Thor III#4

UMI of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD - Savage Land, attempted to become servant of Strange
    telepath, small green creature
    --2099: World of Tomorrow#2 (3-5

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