van ADDER, NELS - former research assistant to Mendel Stromm, mutated by biotechnology
    (app)—Spider-Man minus 1

van DAEMON, - Erewhon, from wealthy family, had political aspirations, went mad and slaughtered family, attempted to kill Punisher, but allowed the Punisher to kill him instead
    DEMON*--Wolverine/Punisher#1 (2(fb), 1-3, 4d)

van der MERWE, Sgt. EUGENE - South African soldier, agent of Anton Pretorius, shot T’Challa and sprayed Theodore Olebogeng + others with tear gas
    --Marvel Comics Presents#19/2, (named) 21/2 (19/2-23/2, 25/2, 29/2-34/2

van DOOM, HEINRICH - father of Ludwig, famed wax sculptor
    --[Tales to Astonish I#17]

van DOOM, LUDWIG - pre-modern era, Transylvania, son of Heinrich, owner of wax museum, created monster
    (app-monster)--Tales to Astonish I#17

van DYKE, - Former right leg pilot for Quintronic Man
    (app-quintronic)--Incredible Hulk II#213 (214

VAN DYNE, AMELIA - wife of Blaine
    --[Daily Bugle October 1939 edition]

VAN DYNE, BLAINE - textile manufacturer circa 1939, husband of Amelia
    --[Daily Bugle October 1939 edition]

van DYNE, JANET - see WASP--Tales to Astonish I#44

van DYNE, DEVA of ?Earth-8710? - 26th century Avengers
    (app-avengers13519)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Avengers: Defenders of the Galaxy

van DYNE, VERNON - father of Janet
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#44

van EYCK, Dr. - ophthalmologist, sought by Matt Murdock, died helping to defeat Klaus Kruger
    (app-kk)--Daredevil I#9

van HEIDEN, KRISTAL - built the Crystal Palace, abducted Emma Frost, used her powers to create a jungle made of diamond, killed by diamonds when Emma took control of them
    - ICE QUEEN* *D*--X-Men Unlimited#42

van HELSING, ABRAHAM - enemy of Dracula, grandfather of Rachel
    *D* (app)--Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Tomb of Dracula I#1 (Dracula Lives#3/5(fb), 3/5, [Tomb of Dracula I#30(fb)], Legion of Monsters#1/TombDrac7, ToD#1(fb), [2(fb)], 5(fb), 7(fb), [X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#2 (fb)], 2-4 (fb), ToD I#20(fb, dies)

van HELSING, ELISABETH - first wife of Abraham, turned into vampire by Children of Judas, destroyed by Abraham
    *D/R/D*--Dracula Lives#3/5(fb,d)

van HELSING, EVELINE - see EVELINE O'REILLY (app)--Bizarre Adventures II#1

van HELSING, JEREMIAH - adoptive grandfather of Noah, discovered ritual of rebirth/Ritual of Ascendance
    (app-noah)--[Tomb of Dracula IV#1]

van HELSING, AUGUST - adoptive father of Noah, married his mother after Mr. Tremayne's death, raised him as his own
    (app-noah)--[Tomb of Dracula IV#3]

VAN HELSING, NOAH - led group of vampire hunters, adoptive grandson of Jeremiah, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tremayne, adopted at age 14 by August after his father's death, "cousin" of Divinity Drake, captured and slaughtered by vampires under Dracula's control
    NOAH TREMAYNE* *D* (app)--Tomb of Dracula IV#1 ([3(fb)], 1(fb), 1, 2, 3d)

van HELSING, RACHE - @ 1465, ancestor of Abraham + Rachel, former lover of Hans
    (app)--Dracula Lives#12/3

van HELSING, RACHEL - vampire hunter, later vampire, fought alongside Quincy Harker + Frank Drake + Blade, former lover of Drake, parents slain by vampires, raised by Quincy Harker, forehead scarred by vampires, allowed self to be destroyed by Wolverine after becoming a vampire
    used crossbow, wf, blond
    *D/R/D* (D#20)--Tomb of Dracula I#3 (20(fb), 40(fb2), 29(fb), 40(fb1), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, Werewolf by Night I#15, ToD#19(fb),19,20, 22, 24, 27, 31-33, 34, 36-42,43(fb3), 43, 45, 47, 48, 50-52, 53, 54, 55+56?, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62-64,65(fb),65, 67-70, Uncanny X-Men An6d)

van HELSING, ??  - mother of Noah, remarried August van Helsing after widowed
    Mrs. Tremayne (app-noah)--[Tomb of Dracula IV#3]

van HOSEN, professor - expert on the Pink Mink, assisted Wolverine and Doop in their search for it

van LUNT, CORNELIUS - see TAURUS of Zodiac Cartel
    (D#20)—Avengers I#77

van NUYS, professor RODERICK - former professor of Reed Richards, suffered from degenerative nerve disease (Sebert syndrome), cured by Richards by temporary energy he possessed from interaction with the Claw of Bast
    (app-clawbast)--Before Fantastic Four: Reed Richards#1 (1(fb2), 2(fb), 3(fb)

van NYBORG, JACK - Cult of Nameless Ones, ally of Sister Celestia, sought to sacrifice Valkyrie and Dr. Strange to permit Nameless One access to Earth
    (app)--Incredible Hulk I#126 (Defenders I#20

van OSTAMAGEN, GERHARD - unwittingly purchased false Selene statue from Viper in attempted to join the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, rejected when the forgery was found.
    --New Mutants I#53

van PATRICK, BRIAN - father of MVP, associated with Counter Force
    --Avengers: The Initiative#1 (Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/4 (fb), Av: Int#4, 10-11, 12 (fb)

van PATRICK, MICHAEL clone - returned to parents after MVP's death, associated with Counter Force
    MVP clone*--Avengers: The Initiative#4 (Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/3, Av: Int#4, 10-11, 12 (fb)

van RICHTOFEN, Lt. MOLLY – New York Police Department, lesbian, friend of martin soap, unable to get promoted because unwilling to sleep with superiors, partnered with soap in effort to catch punisher, let him go after he gave them pictures of an affair between the mayor and commissioner, blackmailed them and took long vacation.
    wf, dark + straight hair
    --Punisher V#4 (5-12

VAN RIPPER, - elderly woman, used to kill children who visited her, paralyzed after breaking own neck, used Darkhold page to send demon to kill others and live vicariously through it, demon destroyed by Ghost Rider's penance stare, woman felt agony from penance stare
    (app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited #1 (1(fb), 1

van TILBERG, ALEXANDER - ex-husband of Bethany Cabe, former West German ambassador to USA, became addicted to sedatives and amphetamines, eventually deliberately overdosed by gang of drug dealers as revenge against Cabe
    *D*--Iron Man I#128 (128(fb), 152,153, 211d)

van VLIET, Mr. - specialized in occult antiques, attempted to purchase the Lesser Grey God, committed suicide when realized Minerva Bannister was out to get him
    (app-bannister)--Defenders I#148

VAN VROOT, - South African businessman, associate of Favorsham and Tamiroff, former rival of Gregory Gideon
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#34

VANA - extraterrestrial woman, betrayed Terrax
    *D*--Cosmic Powers#2

VANADIUM - Elements of Doom
    --Thunderbolts #7

VANAHELM - Asgard, home of the Vanir

    -- (Champions#16, Avengers Annual#9, [Defenders I#84]

VANCE, EDWARD - Chicago mobster?, former boyfriend of Sheila DeSoto, killed her after learning her true nature and intent
    --[Madrox#2], 3 (4, 5

    (net-gold)--(g) Marvel Mystery Comics#10

VANCE, T.J. - published of the Naked Truth porno magazine, published nude photos of She-Hulk
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#275

VANCE, secretary - associated with UN ambassador McHenry, stated they would bring further announcements to the news regarding the potential Wakanda and Atlantis conflict.
    (app-rosenumblum)--[Defenders I#84]

VANCE ASTRO - see MAJOR VICTORY. (I#12,D#5?)—Marvel Super-Heroes II#18

VANCE COSMIC of Earth-Amalgam - Vance Astrovik + Cosmic Boy, Sinister Society, constructed out of Inertron
     (app-ss)--Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1

VANCE COSMIC 2099 I+II of Earth-Amalgam - Vance Astro + Cosmic Boy, Legion of Galactic Guardians I + II
    —Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

VANCE, GLORIA - spurned boyfriend Ox when he was imprisoned, killed to hide truth from him, stopped by Blonde Phantom but killed by Ox
    *D*(app-Ox)--Blonde Phantom I#14/5

    Scourge/Watchtower (app-scourge)—Wolverine II#154 (155

VAND, PRIMUS - Sakaar, former gladiator, earned his freedom, became trainer, trained Hulk's Warbound
    (Gladiator Guidebook)--Incredible Hulk III#93 (94-95?

VANCOLDER, KAREN - ex-wife of Jason Macendale (Hobgoblin), mother of Jason Macendale III
    --Green Goblin#4

VANCOLDER, RONALD - second(?) husband of Karen, accountant
    --Green Goblin#4

VANDAL ( ) - created Mechamorph + Gauntlet (Alfredo)'s power glove
    (app)--Nightwatch#4 (Felicia Hardy: Black Cat#3

VANDAL the BARBARIAN of the "Age of Legend" - joined Lissal, Pit, and Trolkin against Arak
    (app-arak)--Tower of Shadows#7/3

VANDALS ("Shreck" and his wife) - East Germanic tribe that entered the Roman Empire in the late 5th century
    --Terror II#1 (1 (fb)

VANDENBERGER, RUDY - Circus Vandenberger, knife-thrower, plotted to takeover family circus from brother, allied with Bobo the Clown, defeated by Daughters of the Dragon
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#42/4

VANDENBERGER, - Circus Vandenberger, brother of Rudy, hired Nightwing Restorations to stop criminals terrorizing the circus
    (app-rudy)--Marvel Comics Presents#42/4

VANESSA VICTORIOUS - romance adventures under the pseudonym Sabrina Bentley
    --Clan Destine#

VANDERGILL, GEOFFREY "JEFF"* WORTHINGTON - Young Allies, came from "old money" family, later served in Naval Intelligence
    quick, smart, and an excellent shot
    Von Bach* *D*--(propaganda version) Young Allies#1; (true version) Young Allies 70th Anniversary Special#1 (
Young Allies#1-20, Captain America: Forever Allies#1-4 (fbs), Young Allies 70th Anniversary Special#1 (fb), 1

VANDERGILL, GEORGE - former associate of Norman Osborn, member of century club, fled the country when Hobgoblin (Kingsley) threatened him with blackmail, ?returned only much later?
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#249 (250, Spider-Man Unlimited#14

VANDERGILL, VINCENT - board member of Imperial Industries International
    (app)--Strange Tales I#137 (138, 139

    --Dakota North#1

VANDERWALL, JAIME - Xavier Institute student, mutant, writing career encouraged by Beast, became irate with him after being rejected from college
    --X-Men Unlimited II#10

VANDRO - Sakaar Imperial
    --World War Hulk: Warbound#2/2 (2/2 (fb)

VANE, SUNSET of Earth-9602 - amalgam of Sunset Bain and Iona Vane, Hal Stark’s girlfriend from 5700
    (app-il)--Iron Lantern#1

VANELLI, EDDIE - druglord, held baby Bucky hostage, killed by Nomad
    --Nomad I#3d

VANESSA - see COPYCAT--New Mutants I#98

VANESSA ?? - mutant, twin sister of Markita, former prisoner of Dermafree
    Merge into composite being with Markita
    --Mystique#17 (18

VANGAARD of Earth-721 (Johnny Storm) - counterpart of Human Torch, temporal warrior, enemy of Elsewhen.
    wore costume based on hockey uniform
    -GAARD* (app)--Fantastic Force#11 (12

VANGUARD - 1950s covert US government project
    --Captain America: Patriot#4 (2011)

VANGUARD (Nikolai Krylenko) - Russian mutant, Soviet Super Soldiers, Siberforce, Winterguard, son of Presence, brother of Darkstar, former student of Professor Phobos, seemingly killed by Threkker, revived by Presence.
    repel attacks back on attacker, used hammer + sickle to focus powers
    -the GREAT BEAST (I#12, D#14, M, 198, net)—Iron Man I#109 (Incredible Hulk II#259(fb4+1+2), IM#109-112, Marvel Team-Up Annual#2, Hulk250, 258,259,277,279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3, Rom#45,46, 65,[66], X-Men vs Avengers#1-3, Captain America I#352,353, Quasar#28(fb), Soviet Super Soldiers#1, Starblast#1,Quas54,SB2,Q55"d", 60"d", Avengers III#43(fb), Daredevil I#370(fb),369,370 Iron Man III#9,10, Thunderbolts#25, Maximum Security#1,[2],3

VANGUARD (Trenton Craft, Retcon; formerly Yelena Belova, Blade, Dominic Fortune, Micromax)
    - black ops government organization
    --Marvel Comics Presents II#1 (1 (fb), 1-12

VANGUARD of GALADOR (Velena-Than) - conventional army of Galador, friction against Spaceknights
    --Spaceknights#4 (5

VANGUARD CARRIER - immense ship of v battalion, built by Howard Stark and Nathaniel Richards using reverse engineered extra-terrestrial technology, updated by technology pirated from Tony Stark and Reed Richards, powered by extra-terrestrial ship, docks over castle masada on the latverian/symkarian border, destroyed when Thunderbolts forced to destroy warp b/t it and Counter Earth-Franklin
    Powerful cloaking device
    described in Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1
*D*--Thunderbolts#38, 40(named) (38-40, Citizen V and the V Battalion#1-4, Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1-4, Tb73/74, 75d)

VANHEIM, Captain MARTIN - part of Coalition seeking to recover the Barbarossa virus, accompanied the Punisher to retrieve Galina Stenkov, left behind in freezing weather without protection
    --Punisher VII#14 (15-18

VANIR (Cagnar, Hrothgar, Njord)
    - asgard, tribe of gods annexed to asgard in past, fertility gods
    --Thor I# (274, 338

VANISHER ( ) - mutant, Factor Three, Fallen Angels, New Enforcers.
    -Telford Porter (I#12,D#14,net)—X-Men I#2 ([26-28], Thunderbolts#33(fb), [UX29-36],37-39,[59],60, Av103(fb), UX100(fb), [96,98-100], Champions#17(fb),17, Bizarre Adventures#27/3, Secret Wars II#7, [Fallen Angels#1],2-8, Fantastic Four I#335, New Warriors I#33,34, New Warriors An3, Web of Spider-Man#99,100, X-Force#69,70,71(fb), 81, Uncanny X-Men Annual 2001, UX408,409, Incredible Hulk III#83-84 (HoM)

VANISHING LADIES 8162 ( ) – Game
    turn invisible
    --Dragon’s Claws (UK)#3

VANNA - Asgardian air sprites, served Nedra the Storm Giantess.
    become invisible and virtually undetectable, one sneaked past Heimdall and spied on plans of Odin
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#105/2 (Avengers III#1

VANNETTA - Witch's Coven, transformed an aquarium security guard into a sea creature when he threatened her life
    (app)--Monsters on the Prowl#13 ([13(fb)], 13(fb), 13

VANSANTE, don "SHORTY" – Mob leader from Lower East Side of Manhattan
    --Kingpin II#2 (4

VANTAGE (Dallas Riordan) - Thunderbolts, briefly used ionic powers shared from Atlas to restore mobility to legs, powers siphoned back by him
    Enhanced physical abilities, uses sword
    (OH: Women)--Avengers/Thunderbolts#1 (2-6, 8, [12(fb)]-->Dallas

VANVROOT, - see VAN VROOT (app)--Fantastic Four I#34

VANWOLF - see JOHN JAMESON (OH:Spdm2005)--Captain America I#3__

VAPOR (Ann Darnell) - U-Foes, Femizons, sister of X-Ray; corresponds to Oshtur per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondences
    transform into any form of gaseous matter, wf, brown hair
    (I#11,D#13)—Incredible Hulk II#254 (275-278, 304,305, Avengers I#304, Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Deathtrap: The Vault, Avengers West Coast#53, [Captain America I#387,388],389-391,[392], Darkhawk#6, Hulk397, Thunderbolts Annual 1997(fb), Heroes for Hire#12(fb),2,4, Spider-Man: Breakout#3(fb), [4(fb)], 1(fb), New Avengers#1-2, 3(fb)/Spider-Man: Breakout#1(fb)/[NA#4(fb)], Spdm: BO#1-5

VAPOR, Dr.  - Workshop, experimented on the Native, killed by Wolverine
    *D*--Wolvinerine III#17 (18d)


VAPORA - evil entity which encourages and feeds on the pain caused by gasoline fires
    (app)--Daredevil vs Vapora#1

VAQUERO ( ) armed super hero, failed to stop the Looter (Fester)
    (app)--Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11/3

VARADI, LYDIA - @ 1795, werewolf, kept prisoner by Dracula, turned Grigori Russoff into werewolf
    (app-grigori)--Werewolf by Night I#15 (15(fb)

    manipulates those afflicted with werewolf curse
    --[Marvel Spotlight I#2], Werewolf by Night II#4

VARDANES of the Hyborian era - Zuagir, brother to Olgerd Vladislav, betrayed Conan and the Zuagirs to the Turanian army, fled from capture by Conan, taken into Akhlat the Accursed, turned to stone by Black Tears, slain by Conan
    --Black Tears; Savage Sword of Conan#35

VARGA - Contraxian Survivalist
    *D* (app)--Jack of Hearts#1, (fully seen, identified) Jack of Hearts#2 (2 (fb), 1-3, 4d)

VARGAS - planet
    --Captain Marvel V#27

VARGAS of Spain - @ 1465, sought to convince Dracula to stay out of Spain, slain by him
    (app)--Dracula Lives#12/3

VARGAS - powerful warrior, slew Psylocke, targeted Rogue d/t prophecy from Libris Veratis that she would kill him, skewered Rogue and Gambit, defeated by Rogue but allowed to live, slain by Harpoon
    sees self as the next step above homo superior. homo supreme?
    *D* (OH: AZ#12)--X-Treme X-Men I#1, (named)2 (3,4, 13-17, X202 (fb, dies)

VARGAS, Dr. - doctor at clinic of Eli Wirtham (Cardiac), who stole Neurolitic Scanner for medical procedure for her
   (app-cardiac)--Superior Spider-Man#7 (8

VARGAS, ANTONIO - Rio de Janeiro detective, former husband of Ezra Asher, old friend of Wolverine, slain by Ezra while investigating her vampire killings
    --Wolverine: Black Rio ([Wolv: BR (fb)], Wolv: BR (dies)

VARGAS, GABRIEL - veteran of Gulf War, crippled, bonded with Uni-Power
    CAPTAIN UNIVERSE*--Amazing Fantasy II#14/2 ([14/2(fb)], 14/2, Captain Universe/Silver Surfer#1

VARGAS, MIGUEL - owner of New York coffee shop, refused to sell to crimelords who then sent the Squid after him, narrowly escaped with his life
    (app-squid)--Amazing Spider-Man II#26

VARIA of the Hyborian era - queen of Ophir, daughter of Varis, grand-niece of Moranthes, followed Shahela’s guidance to form the Iron Maidens, thrown in prison and abused when Shahela and Balthis sought to usurp her rule, freed by Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#68 (68(fb), 68

VARICK, ROBERT - writer, wrote book on Zakharov, slain by him
    *D*--Punisher VII#39 (40d)

VARICUS of the pre-Cataclysmic era - emperor of Zarfhaana
    --Kull the Conqueror II#2

VARINHEIM - in Kingdom of Asgard (dim) near Norn Forest
    --Thor Annual#10 (map of Asgard)

VARIS of the Hyborian era - former king of Ophir, father of Varia, nephew of Moranthes, tyrannical, formed the Black Cloaks, slain by a vengeful peasant
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#68 (68(fb), 68d)

VARL, - Vincent Varl's wife
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#89

VARL, VINCENT - violinist, had imp inside his violin, asked Captain America for help
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#89

VARLEN D'AAL of the Hyborian era - Kuthchemes @ 13,000 BC, son of Zuulda Thaal, wore magical armor to overthrow Kuthchemes' tyrant, later slain by thieves seeking the armor
    *D* (app-zuuldathaal)--Savage Sword of Conan#87 (87 (fb, dies)

VARLEY, - former agent/enforcer of Rose (Richard Fisk), partner of Johnston, killed by Hobgoblin (Macendale). wm,blond hair
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#253(256,257

VARNAE - first lord of the vampires, originally was a Darkholder dying of natural causes who volunteered to be the first subject in their experiment to cause others to return from the dead as a weapon against Kull, led other vampires to kill their creators, relocated to Eurasia, went into hibernation after fall of Atlantis, summoned the Afterlings to unearth him in the Hyborian age, battled Conan + Red Sonja + Zula, fled when Zula invoked spells from the Darkhold, slew Paolo and Giacomo Montesi, took over Kamar-Taj to prevent Catholic church from acquiring Montesi formula, trained Kaluu in black magic, passed power and title down to Dracula and died, revived in modern era by Marie Laveau
    BAAL, TSATHOGGUA, CROATOAN (D#20, OH: AZ#12, app)--Bizarre Adventures#33 (Dr. Strange II#62(fb)/Dr. Strange III#11/2, Conan the Barbarian I#245(fb1), Conan#245(fb2), 245(fb3), Conan tB#244,245, BizAdv33/4(fb), Tomb of Dracula IV#2(fb), Marvel Comics Presents#63/4, Doc III#12/2, 13/2, BizAdv33/4//Dracula Lives!#2/1//[Dracula Lives#3/1 (BTS))].
Doc III#18, Spirits of Vengeance#19, [Ns#16,17], 18, [Blade:Vampire Hunter I#1-3], 4,5

VARNEY - vampire
    (app)--Varney the Vampire (1847), Doc III#15

VARNIS, COUNT - see COUNT VARNIS--Captain America Comics#24/1

VAROZ, DR. BRUNO @1940s - scientist, reanimated corpses, stopped by Electro
    (app)--Marvel Mystery Comics#10/4

VARRON, COUNT - claimed raised land mass as his country, fought Marvel Boy, stranded in ocean when land mass collapsed
    --Marvel Boy I#1

VARRONLAND - name for Count Varron's country
    --Marvel Boy I#1

VARTU-greens, Paradise and the City of Death
    (app-pacod)--Incredible Hulk II#302(303

VARUA (Mira) - Young Gods, priestess, born in 1405 A.D., Polynesian girl from Ruk island.
    telepathy, teleport, fly, form Uni-Mind
        (U#8, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, app)--Thor I#300, (named) Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8 (SpecSp An8/3, Thor301(fb), 300, [SpecAn8(fb)], 8, 8/2, Spectacular Spider-Man II#168-170, Marvel Comics Presents#101/2-102/2, 106/2-109/2, Avengers I#370(fb), 370-371

VASHOM - Negative Zone, planet, uninhabited.
    site where Nova trapped Blastaar after his defeat by New Warriors
    --New Warriors II#1

    --Thunderbolts: International Incident#1

VASQUEZ, FERNANDEZ - father of Tarantula, killed by agents of Ricadonna
    *D*--Heroes for Hire II#4 (4d)

VASQUEZ, Professor RAMON - Empire State University, professor of ethnic studies, impersonated White Tiger/Hector Ayala to steal Erskine manuscripts in order to force ESU to keep the night school open
    WHITE TIGER imposter *--Spectacular Spider-Man II#9 (10)

VASQUEZ, ROSA - sister of Tarantula, killed in Stamford explosion
    --[Heroes for Hire II#4] ([4 (fb, dies)

VASQUEZ,  - US Navy SEALS, sent to rescue the USS Dauntless submarine, assaulted by Atlanteans
    (app-forrester_gerald)--Namor I#41

VASQUEZ - N -Explorers, killed by Annihilus
    *D*--[Fantastic Four III#39], 40, (named) 43 ([39,40,41,[42],43d]

VASQUEZ - Triune Understanding, piloted Jonathon Tremont, slain when Tremont took his life forces
    --Avengers III#48 (50d

VASHTI (Vashti Cleito-Son) - long-time grand vizier of Atlantis, son of Nereus
    (Namor I#36)--Tales to Astonish I#71 (74-77, 79-81, 87-91, Avengers I#40, TTA94, 96-98, Sub-Mariner I#2-6, 9, 15,16, Incredible Hulk II#118, SubM#17,18, 21, 24,25, 27, 29, 31, 33,34, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#2, Sub37, 56, 58, 60-64, 66, Super-Villain Team-Up #13, Fantastic Four I#195(fb), Defenders I#74, 84, 93, Amazing Spider-Man I#215, Rom#34-36, Hulk277, Sub-Mariner II#1-4, Alpha Flight I#36(fb), 35, 40, Namor I#14,15(fb), 19, 21, 55 57, 61,62, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, F4#402, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11/2, Marvel Team-Up II#8,9, 11, Hulk Annual 1998, Defenders II#1, Spider-Man: Lifeline#2

VASSILISA of the Hyborian Era - former wife of Vlad Bloodhawk, queen of Sythia, sought power from the Dark
    - ICE QUEEN*, ICE WITCH*, QUEEN of ICE and FIRE* (app)--Red Sonja III#8 ([13(fb), 10(fb)], 8-13

VASSON, madamoiselle VALERIY - coalition to bring down Elektra, left alive by Elektra, killed by the Hand
    *D*--Elektra II#13 (14, 18d)

VASSYR race (enhanced) -
    --Gun Runners#1

"VAT" - aboard Seeker 3000, reference to children born through cloning techniques
    --Seeker 3000 #1

VATEESA of the Hyborian era - Khoraja, former servant girl of Yasmela, served as her double, duped Conan into an affair in the shadows, betrayed Yasmela to king Strabonus due to jealousy over Conan’s attentions to her
    *D* (app-yas)--Black Colossus; Savage Sword of Conan#2 (Conan the Barbarian I#250, SSoC#3

VATHELOS the BLIND - Hyborian era or previous sorcerer or demon, presumably created the Iron-Bound Book of Vathelos--
    [Savage Sword of Conan#8, Conan the Barbarian I#85(fb)]

VATSAYANA’s TRYST - artifact, associated with the Carnal Serpent
    (app-pri)--Terror INC#11 (Cage#15, Silver Sable#13, Terror#12, Cage16, Sable14

el VATTIVO of Earth-88194 - criminal, poisoned with Cesium by Henry Clerk when refused to comply with Ravenscore
    --Critical Mass#1

VAUDOIS - Undying
    --[Cable I#81], 84, (identified)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#12

VAUGHN, color sergeant of Earth-99476 (    ) - Tower of London, transported to Earth-616 by Widget
    (app-earth99476)--Excalibur I#51

VAUGHN, GAYLE - sister of Quasar, daughter of Gilbert and Lisa
    --Quasar#18 (21, [26], 60, StarMasters#2

VAUGHN, GILBERT - father of Quasar, scientist for SHIELD I, died of cerebral hemorrhage brought on by Maelstrom, briefly reanimated by Eon
    *D* (app)--Quasar#1 (1(2(fb)), 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12d, 14+20(d—Eon’s replica)

VAUGHN, JACK - actor, client of Singularity, dated Rachel Santiago, played sex games where he pretended to force himself on her, startled by sister Gloria and shot and killed Rachel, framed Gloria, but terrorized into confessing crimes by M
    --X-Factor III#2 ([4(fb)], 2-4

VAUGHN, LISA - mother of Quasar + Gayle, widow of Gilbert, treated for breast cancer.
    wf, brunette
    --Quasar#1 (2, 18, 21, 26, 49, 60, StarMasters#1,2

VAUGHN-POPE, DESIREE - sister of Belladonna
    (app-bell)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#47 (47(fb), 47, 48

VAUGHNANUATU of "Earth-200509" - watcher, commanded by Bendatu to stop watching as Galactus had stomach poisoning

VAULT - Hellbent
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#58 (59

VAULT, the (Howard G. Hardman (former warden), Truman Marsh (former warden), Andrew Lewis (designer))
    -prison for superhuman criminals, based in Colorado rocky mountains, contained Bug-Eyed Monster (BEM) wing
    (D#14)—Spectacular Spider-Man II#66?, Avengers Annual#15 (She-Hulk III#10(fb), AvAn15
    Captain America I#340, Avengers Spotlight#26, 26/2, Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Deathtrap: The Vault, Thunderbolts Annual 1997 (fb), Heroes for Hire# (fb), Spider-Man: Breakout#4(fb), 3(fb), 4(fb), 1(fb)

VAULT - Negative Zone, designed by Andrew Lewis while he and Reed Richards were being manipulated by the Mad Thinker and Threska
    --[Fantastic Four: Foes#1, 2], 5 (6

VAULT of FORBIDDEN SCIENCE 2099 (Cybertek Mark 9 Demolishers) - houses advanced technology
    --Ghost Rider 2099#18 (19

VAULT of MAKING - Subterranea, used by Jinku to create Avatar of Cha’sa’dra
    --Avengers I#306

VAULT of WHISPERS - prison in Asgard, from which ?? escaped (Malekith?)
    --Thor II#36

VAULT, ALOYSIUS - see DOCTOR VAULT (app)--Astonishing Tales #21

VAULT SHOREDITCH - London docklands

VAVAVOOM (Dawn Middlebury) - Grapplers, wf, attractive
    --Thing I#33

VAYLA, DANTON - Brotherhood of Baal, leader, killed by Frankenstein Monster
    (app-BoB)—Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#2

VAYLE, Mr. - Museum of Oddities
    --X-Men: First Class Special#1

VAZHIN, Col. ALEXI MIKHAILOVITCH - KGB, later head of mutant affairs for Russia, helped train the Agent (Rick Mason)
    (app)--[Uncanny X-Men#123], Marvel Team-Up Annual#2 ([OHotMU A-Z#1: Agent (fb)], Classic X-Men#29/2, MTU Annual#2, UX#194, 263, 264, Excalibur I#33, X-Factor I#69, UX280, X-Men II#17-19, X-Men Unlimited#2, [UX383(fb)], [X-Force I#102], UX383(fb), 384, X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose#1, X-Treme X-Men#32,33, 35, [District X#7], 8, 10, 14

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