SIMAK of Earth-712 - Lowengard, hometown of
    --Squadron Supreme I#

SIMBA of Earth-7888 - pet dog of the Kemperers
    (app-earthm)--Silver Surfer hardcover

SIMBUS - Animutants, lion
    --Thor I#472 (473, 475, 480, 482

SIM-DEL - Kree, father of Zak-Del (Wraith), discovered light source, was not allowed to sell it, moved family to remote planetoid, slaughtered by death squad, ghost advised Wraith
    *D*--Annihilation Conquest: Wraith#2 (2 (fb),

SIMEK, DURANNA - Way-Opener engineer
    --Uncanny Origins#4

SIMENSKY, MOHAMMED - Wright-Armstrong executive, allied with Intergalactic in plot to reunite the Nightmericans and create more super-soldiers, though his plot went awry when Stealth went berserk and started slaughtering everyone
    --Hulk: Nightmerica#1 (4-6

SIMEON, ROGER - 15th Century, necromancer, betrayed by John Redly, had own hand cut off and sent it to kill Redly before he was hanged.
    Wore serpent ring on hand
    --Savage Sword of Conan#13/4

SIMETRY (Even Matthews) - California town, used Matthews to briefly capture the Hulk
    --Incredible Hulk III#70

SIMIAN of Earth-982 ( ) - X-People.
    superhuman agility, wm

SIMINIAN galaxy -
    --Silver Surfer III#70

SIMMONS, ALEX - father of Auggie
    (app-wf)--Power Man#32 (33-35

    --Moon Knight III#12 (13

SIMMONS, AUGGIE - son of Alex + Sandy, brother of Beth, killed by Wildfire
*D* (app-wf)--Power Man#32d

SIMMONS, Det. BENNY - NYPD, recruited Heroes for Hire to investigate Skrull organ harvesting operation
    --Heroes for Hire II#2

SIMMONS, BETH - brother of Auggie
    (app-wf)--Power Man#32 (33-35

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#12 (March, 1941)

SIMMONS, Officer – repentant policeman who shot Jimmy Sayers that led to his death
    (app-Sayers)--Thor I#311

SIMMONS, SANDY - mother of Auggie
    (app-wf)--Power Man#32 (33, 35

SIMMONS, STEPHANIE - friend of a friend of Kourtney Keaton, visiting New York form Los Angeles when Salem's Seven's Vertigo caused her to fall off a building
    *D*--Marvel Knights 4#25 (25d)

SIMMONS, "SPICEY" - New Orleans, flirted with Tad Allen
    (app-king-cake killer)--Namor I#51

 SIMMONS, TED - policeman, boyfriend? of Leslie, gained Captain Universe power at the point when its levels were fluctuating; a cop died while he was trying to stop criminals as a result
    CAPTAIN UNIVERSE*--Amazing Fantasy#13/2

SIMMONS, Sgt. - associated with the Commission, trained John Walker as Captain America
    (app)--Captain America I#334 (335

    (app-force)--Namor I#4 (5

SIMMONS,  - Sons of the Serpent
    (app-sons)--Avengers I#73

SIMMONS, Det. - NYPD, took report on Vin Gonzalez encounter with Spider-Man & Overdrive
    --Amazing Spider-Man#564

SIMMS - Power Men
    *D* (app-pm)--Cage I#6 (6d)

SIMMS, DWIGHT - ally of Hybrid
    --[Venom: Along Came a Spider#1/2], 2/2 (4/2, Venom: the Hunted#1/2, 2/2

SIMMS, GERALD - see SILICON--Captain America Annual 2000/2

SIMMS, JEREMY -  son of Lucy & Martin, suffered accidental death at age 16, reunited with father in the afterlife
    --Marvel Knights 4 #4 (4(fb)/28(fb)

SIMMS, LUCY - ex-wife of Martin, mother of Jeremy, left Martin after son's death
    --Marvel Knights 4 #4 (4(fb)/28(fb)

SIMMS, MARTIN - ex-husband of Lucy, father of Jeremy, life fell apart after son's death, developed terminal disease, contemplated suicide, talked down by Reed Richards who promised (and followed up on this) to be there to share his final moments
    --Marvel Knights 4 #4 (4(fb)/28(fb), 4, 28d)

SIMON ?? - circa 1940, worked out of Timely building, received jewelry from Steve Rogers, given to him by unidentified government agent mortally wounded, contained information on the Super-Soldier serum
    --Captain America Comics 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009)

SIMON ?? - Hydra, friend of David, appealed to him to let him rescue his family from Hydra's planned poisoning of the Ogalla Aquifier, saved from execution by Spider-Man
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#522 (523, 524(fb)

SIMON ?? - Corporation
    --Heroes for Hire II#3

S.I.M.O.N. - created by ??, rat with supercomputer (including 50 terabyte microprocessor) in his brain, escaped from his cage, found by the homeless woman Greta, sought by clown-garbed agents of ??, protected by Spider-Man and left with Greta
    acronym unidentified--Amazing Spider-Man#575

Simon the Evil Swami (Simon Sesgood) - Hostess ad, Spider-Man foe
    --Gold Key Comics (April, 1977) (Fin Fang Four Return!#1/5)

SIMON, ADAM - Empress Pictures, allied with Baba Fu in effort to reincarnate his wife in the body of a willing host, who would become Galatea, the Death Queen
    --Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Death Queen of California#1

SIMON, DIANA - childhood friend of Alison Blaire, mind-linked to computer by Revenge Inc, attempted to take over organization, killed herself

SIMON, FELIX - movie director, husband of Alex Flores, former actor associated with Delazny studios
    --Astonishing Tales#23 (24, Incredible Hulk II#244, Avengers Two: Wonder Man & Beast#2

SIMON, General JACOB - soldier, former commanding officer of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --[Captain America: Man out of Time#1 (2011)], 4

SIMON, agent – SHIELD II, communications officer aboard helicarrier.
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#24

SIMON, agent - SHIELD II, double agent for Tantalus, tortured "Mad Dog" Rassitanio, slain by Pandara
    skilled torturer, master of duplicity
    *D* (app)--Thunderstrike#6 (7d)

SIMON, captain – SHIELD II
    -- Marvel Fanfare II#1

SIMON, Mr. - alias used by Winter Soldier (James Barnes) in West Berlin circa 1958 in process of assassinating Sergei Ivanovich
    --Captain America and Bucky#624 (2012)

SIMONOV, SERGEI - creator of Titanium Man's credit card armor

SIMONS, DAVID - @ 1930s, New York City research chemist, killed his boss Herbert Walpole for forcing him to work for low wages after discovering him stealing from the company, discovered and exposed by Night Raven
    (app)--Savage Action#1/2 ([1/2(fb)], 1/2, 2/2

SIMONS, MATT - robot under MODOT's control, acted as radio or TV personality, host of Drive Time News Report
    --Howard the Duck IV#3

SIMONS, WARREN - Marvel Comics editor
    --Marvel Knights 4#23 (24

SIMONS, WARREN - Sports Editor at Daily Bugle
     --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

SIMPLE JOE (    ) - Christianboro, former pawn of Null the Living Darkness
    (app-null)--Defenders I#103 (103 (fb), 103

SIMPLE SIMON (    ) - costumed criminal, led gang of murderers; opposed by Young Allies
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#81 (March, 1947)

SIMPLE SIMON (Simon Briggs) - @ 1984, captured and forced to serve in "Neat Pete" Sliggo's Gladiator Club, freed with assistance of Night Raven
    (app)--Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3

SIMPLE SIMON - cast member on the reality TV show, threw pie at Spider-Man
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man II#623 (647/4

SIMPSON, CHARLES - father of Nuke, convinced to commit suicide by Logan
    *D*--Wolverine: Origins#3 (3 (fb, dies)

SIMPSON, CRAIG "CRASH" - adoptive father of Blaze, father of Roxanne, contracted cancer, died trying to break world record motorcycle jump
    *D*--Marvel Spotlight I#5 (Ghost Rider III minus 1, Marvel Team-Up I#15(fb), Ghost Rider II#6_(fb(MarvSpot I#5(fb,dies)))

SIMPSON, ELAINE - husband Russell killed by former partner Roger Grifton on expedition in Himalayas, returned to USA by Man-Thing
    --Man-Thing II#2 (3, 4

SIMPSON, EMORY "SNAKEYE" - @ World War II, Deadly Dozen, black market dealer, not seen after early missions
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#98 ([98(fb)], 98, Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#1(fb), 1

SIMPSON, MONA - adoptive mother of John Blaze, mother of Roxanne, wife of Crash, died trying to save Johnny and Roxanne from motorcycle wreck, which exploded
    *D*--Marvel Spotlight I#5 (Marvel Team-Up I#15(fb), Ghost Rider II#6_(fb(Marvel Spotlight I#5(fb,dies))))

    *D*--Morbius# ( 21-23d

SIMPSON, ROXANNE - wife of John Blaze, mother of Craig and Emma, killed by Anton Hellgate, reincarnated as a demon under the control of Blackheart
    -BLACK ROSE* *D/R?* (MKE)--Marvel Spotlight I#5 (Ghost Rider III minus 1, Ghost Rider II#6_(fb), MarvSpot I#5-11, Ghost Rider II#1-5, Marvel Team-Up I#15, GR6, 8, 9, 13-15, 17-19, Daredevil I#138, GR20, 22-26, 28, 75, 77, 79-81, Defenders I#145, 146,
Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), Ghost Rider III#14(fb), [14], 22, Spirits of Vengeance#1,
    Ghost Rider III#50d, Ghost Rider: Crossroads(d)->black rose)
    , Ghost Rider: Finale

SIMPSON, - Stark Enterprises guard, allowed Edgar Elliot to sabotage Stark's experimental rocket
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#2

SIMPSON,  - see SAMUELSON (app-dewitt)--Iron Man I#264

SIMS, ADAM - father of Darlene, husband of ??, WW I associate of Orson Randall
   *D* --Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Death Queen of California#1 (1 (dies))

SIMS, CONNER - see ANTI-MAN   --Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#1 (2009)

SIMS, DARLENE - daughter of Adam and wife, sought to become Galatea, arranged father's death, tried to frame and later kill Orson Randall, died in fire
    *D*--Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Death Queen of California#1 (1d)

SIMS, RICKY - West Tech High School, football player, antagonist of Adam Aaronson
    --Machine Teen#1 (2

SIMS, ?? - widow of Adam, mother of Darlene
    --[Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Death Queen of California#1]

SIMS, JEN - wife of Conner
   --Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#4 (2009)

SIMS, - bodyguard of Brandon Hardy
    --Angel: Revelations#3 (2008)

SIMS, - informed Black Widow that Zhang Chin was also known as Professor Pandemic
    --Captain America#46 (2009)

SIMULACRA - Space Station, invaded and crew possessed by Brood
    --X-Men / Fantastic Four#1 (2-5

Sin (planet) Wolverine & the X-Men #6 (2012) Planet-wide casino, includes the Bar Gosnell's

SIN - monstrous creation made from a corrupted portion of Topaz’s soul by Glitternight
    (app-glit)--Werewolf by Night I#27

SIN (Sinthea Shmidt) - daughter of Red Skull (Shmidt) and servant woman, Sisters of Sin, Worthy
    MOTHER SUPERIOR*, Erica, SKADI* (U#7-SoS, OH2006#10)--Captain America I#355, 356(named) (Captain America V#15(fb)-->Mother Superior.
     Cap355-357, 369,370, 394, Captain America V#15 (fb), 9, 15, 17(fb), 16-17, 18, 20-21, 25-26, 28, 29 (fb), 29-30, 35-36, 39-42

    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#8

SIN CONG (Commissar, Swordsman) - Chinese communist republic
    --Avengers I#18 (Avengers Spotlight#22(fb), Av18

SINALINAS race ( ) - extradimensional, dwell on planet within realm accessed by a Black Hole, traded Infinity Gems to Trader in exchange for Possessor remaining with them to tell them of his adventures.
    purple-skinned, semi-humanoid, strong + savage warriors, primitive
    (app)--Silver Surfer III#15

SINBAD - involved in numerous adventures, traveled to Genosha in the past, apparently currently resides extradimensionally, assisted Fantastic Four against Jihad
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#25 ([Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#??], Fantastic 4th Voyage Sinbad

SINCLAIR, CHRISTOPHER (    ) - vampire, formerly anemic patient and friend of Ken Crichton, vampirized by Baroness Blood, but resisted her and assisted Union Jack (Joey Chapman) against her
    *D/R/D* (app-baronessblood)--Union Jack#1 (2, 3d)

SINCLAIR, MARIANO – gang-member, possible agent of Lotus Newmark, brother of Orlando/Hit-Maker, got him the exo-skeleton after he was injured in exchange for his service as a hitman
    (app)--Wonder Man Annual#2 (2(fb), 2

SINCLAIR, MORGAN - engineering supervisor of Chunnel
    (app)--Punisher II#64 (65-70, Punisher An7

SINDRI - king of the Dwarves of Asgard, created Skipbladnir, formerly supplied travelers seeking shelter to the Trolls of Asgard as slaves as payment to keep them from attacking his kingdom, unwittingly did so with Thor
    --Journey into Mystery I#103/2 (108/2, possibly [Astonishing Thor#1]

SIN EATER (Det. Stan Carter) - former SHIELD I agent, had derivatives of pcp tested on him to increase strength and endurance, generated mental instability, released when apparently cleansed, later New York Police Department + lover of Jean DeWolff, began drinking after partner was killed, brought on return of psychoses, became sin-eater to punish those he felt made it easy on criminals, killed jean and several others, badly beaten by spider-man, severely injured, released after a short time in a mental institution, assisted in exposing "kris keating" and foreigner’s frame of spider-man, still heard voices of sin-eater, eventually pretended to return to identity of sin-eater to force police to kill him
    (D#12,net) *D*--Spectacular Spider-Man II#107 (110(fb), 107-110, 128,129, 134,135,136d)

SIN EATER (Emil Gregg) - mentally unstable, heard dictation of Carter, confessed to crime, ended up rooming with Engleschwert, the police investigated him and found the Sin-Eater paraphernalia in the room, arrested, killed by mother of one of Engelschwert’s victims
    *D*--Spectacular Spider-Man II#107 (108,109, Venom: Sinner Takes All#2d

SIN EATER (Ethan Domblue) - former priest, deceived into following Centurious, sucked townspeople's souls into his crystal, killed by Centurious when rebelled against him
    *D* (app)--Ghost Rider II#80 (80(fb), 80,81d)


SIN EATER (Michael Engelschwert) - adopted costume and identity of Carter
    *D*-- Venom: Sinner Takes All #1 (4(fb), 1-5d)

SINESTRO Earth-9602 ("Amalgam") - Starbrand Corps, slain by Uatu the Guardian
    *D* (app-sbc)--Speed Demon#1

SINEW (William Knox) - Omega Flight
    (net)—Alpha Flight I#110 (111,112

SINGA (    ) - chemically-mutated Tibetan wolf-man; opposed by Angel (Thomas Halloway)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#17 (March, 1941)

SINGAPORE, JACKIE - mutant, mutated Nigel Novotny into duplicate of Blaquesmith so he could gain Cable’s confidence
    --[Soldier X#7(fb)]

SINGER ( ) - Assassins Guild of New Orleans.
    wf, white highlights in hair, wears sunglasses. fly, communications channeler
    --Rogue I#1 (2, Gambit III#17-19, 22

SINGER, MERLE - ally of Foolkiller (Salinger, Everhardt), face scarred by acid
    (app-fool)--Foolkiller#2 (4, 10

SINGER, Dr. - scientist working for US Department of Defense, provided classified footage on Arsenal
    (app)--Avengers Annual#9

SINGH, JAKUNA - SHIELD I, brother of Sarapha, slain by Damiru (sent by Raga-Shah)
    *D*--Shanna#2 (4,5, Daredevil I#111(fb), Savage Tales I#9d)

SINGH, LAUREN - New York University, dated Greg Willis (Gravity)
    --Gravity#1 (2-5, Beyond#1, 6

SINGH, SADUHL - Religious leader, sent Blade, Fist, and Gun to kill the followers of the White Cobra
    *D* (app-gun,fist,blade)--Moon Knight II#5

SINGH, SARAPHA - sister of Jakuna, former fiancÚ of Raga-Shah, marked for death after discovering his goals, last seen by his side after the destruction of his temple
    (app-ragashah)--Savage Tales I#9/2

SINGH, LT. - Spider-Slayer Squad
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#604

SINGHRE (Shen-Garh) - Kree, one of Ultra-Girl’s would be mentors, posed as her doctor
    Dr. Singer* (app-ug)--Ultra-Girl#2, 3

SINGING SPIDER - left behind on Earth by Bride of Nine Spiders, purchased by Desmond Guille, creates images of Bride of Nine Spiders' world
    --Immortal Weapons#2 (2(fb),2

SINGLETON, lord - refused to obey Dracula, saved by Abraham van Helsing
    --Tomb of Dracula I#31

SING-RAND, MIN of Reality-90221 - Yaochi circa 3099 AD, became president of Yaochi and adopted last name of savior after Iron Fist (Wah Sing-Rand) toppled Xing's regime
    --Immortal Iron Fist#21

SING-RAND, WAH of Reality-90221 - became Iron Fist circa 3075 AD at 9 years of age, sent to rescue people of Yaochi, trapped in temporal stasis by Xing, broke free after focusing chi for 22 years, sacrificed self to overthrow President Xing and destroy Fat Cobra cyborg
    IRON FIST*--Immortal Iron Fist#21

SINGULARITY - powerful energy source/being, involved with Silver Surfer, Annunaki, and Marduk
    --Silver Surfer IV#5 (7, 14

SINGULARITY (Damian Tryp Sr., Damian Tryp Jr., Henry Buchanan (d), Mrs. D) - investigated the cause of M-Day, building blown up by renegade Madrox
    --[X-Factor III#1?], 2 (3-6, 7, 10-12

SINGULARITY (    ) - Bastards of Evil, alleged/false? son of Graviton
    --Young Allies#1 (2

SINIFER - Faltinian, genitor of Umar + Dormammu (the first Faltinians unlike their genitor), transmuted into dark and dead matter by them
    (app)--Dr. Strange III#22/2 (22/2d)


SINISTER SEVEN (Beetle, Electro, Hobgoblin, Mysterio, Scorpia, Shocker, Vulture)
    - organized to bring down Kaine
    --Spider-Man Unlimited#9

SINISTER SIX (Dr. Octopus, Electro, Kraven, Mysterio, Sandman, Vulture, Hobgoblin (Macendale), Gog (Tsiln), Beetle, Scorpia, Shocker (Schultz), Alyosha Kravinoff, Venom)
    - criminal organization composed of enemies of spider-man
    -SINISTER SEVEN*--Amazing Spider-Man An#1 ( Amazing Spider-Man I#334-339, Spider-Man#18-23, Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus#1-3, Spider-Man Unlimited#9, Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six, Revenge of the Sinister Six, Secret of the Sinister Six, Amazing Spider-Man II#12, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#12, Civil War: Choosing Sides#1/6

SINISTER SIX of Earth-Age of Apocalypse (Avalanche? (fat), Cloak, Dagger, Phoenix, Sauron, Siryn)
    - used by Sinister against the X-Men
    --X-Men: Age of Apocalypse#5 (6

SINISTER SIX of Earth-982 - see SAVAGE SIX (app)--Spider-Girl#24, 25

SINISTER SOCIETY of Earth-Amalgam (Black Vulture, Deathborg, Kultron, Quasimodox, Soniklaw, Vance Cosmic)
    - Sinister Six and the Secret Society of Super-Villains.
    - sentient robots created by Dr. Will Magnus to destroy all metamutant life, sought to gain own bodies and destroy Will Magnus
    (app)--Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1 (Astonishing and the Bold#97, Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1

SINISTER SYNDICATE (Beetle, Boomerang, Hydro-Man, Rhino, Speed Demon, Shocker)
    - loosely organized band of supercriminals organized by beetle for mutual gain, initially hired by jack o’lantern (Macendale) to battle silver sable and spider-man
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#280 (281, Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#17, 18, Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#1-4, Lethal Foes of Spider-Man#1-4, Avengers: The Initiative#3

SINISTER TWELVE (Boomerang, Chameleon, Electro (Max Dillon), Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Hammerhead, Hydro-Man, Lizard (Curt Connors, Sandman (William Baker), Shocker (Herman Schultz), Tombstone, Venom (Mac Gargan), Vulture (Adrian Toomes))
    - organized by Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)
    --Marvel Knights Spider-Man#10 (11

SINISTRO of Earth-9602 - see SINESTRO--[Speed Demon#1]

SINISTRON of Earth-9602 - Amalgam of Mr. Sinister + , created by Will Magnus
    --Magneto & the Magnetic Men#1

SINKER, LINUS - Xavier Institute student, mutant
    turns into amorphous blob
    "AMOEBA"--X-Men Unlimited II#10

SIN-LI - colonel, arrested the Titanic Three
    --Iron Man I#74

SINNER (Alan Sinclair) - enslaved and abused children, defeated and arrested by American Eagle (Strongbow).
    wm, shaved head, earrings
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#147/4

SINNERS (Forget-Me-Not, Kid Twist, Maneater, Morphine) - circa 1907 AD, criminals, agents of Dale & Stacy Yorke
    --Runaways II#27 (28-30

SINNJATORIX of the Hyborian era - sorcerer serving Lord Hambria of the Zingarans, captured Conan, sought to harness Atarata's power, transformed into a monstrous form without control, slain by Conan
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#199

SINNOTT, CORTELLIA - Way-Opener navigator
    --Uncanny Origins#4

SINSEAR of Earth-4935 ( ) Canaanite agent, badly injured on battlefield, Cable refused to execute him, rebuilt as cyborg by New Canaanites and used as assassin, traveled back to mainstream time to locate Tyler, decided to kill Cable when couldn't find Tyler, defeated by Cable, teleported to safety.
    vicious and merciless assassin ,variety of weapons built into armor/exoskeleton, including parabolic slicing blade, buzz drones, numerous bladed weapons
    (app)--Cable II#1 (5(fb), 1, 3-5, 40

SIN SEERS of Earth-98120 - enemies of Captain Marvel (Genis)
    --[Captain Marvel V#19]

SINTARIS - Kree/Ruul, High Kronaster, ambassador to Intergalactic Council
    —Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet ([Maximum Security#1],2,3

SINTILLA of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - cyberspace archetype rescued by Net Prophet
    --Spider-Man 2099#25

SIOBAHN of the Hyborian era - sister of Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#119

SIOBAHN ?? - @ World War II, Irish woman, former lover of Namor and later Baron Blood (John Falsworth)
    (app)--Namor Annual#2/2 ([2/2(fb)], 2/2

SIODMAK, EDWARD - werewolf, held a group of men prisoner in a cave, feeding on them over weeks. By pretending to warn the werewolf of a plot against him, Franz Marais earned his trust and was released and sent out to lure new victims; Franz recruited aid from a trio of hunters, Karl Barrett, Brad Dupont and Leo Rice, but after slaying Siodmak, the trio revealed their vampire natures and attacked the prisoners.
(Mystic #31, 1954) "The Werewolf's victims

SIODMAK, LARRY - US army, victim of the Brain
    (app-brain)--Adventure into Terror#4

SIPTAH of the Hyborian era - powerful sorcerer, dwelled in Tower of Siptah, watched over by Guardian of the Tower, created Gem of Siptah, remained in Tower after his death
    *D*--Gem in the Tower; Savage Sword of Conan#45

SIR (Martha Paterson) - women surgically altered to be masculine, hates women
    (MKE)—Daredevil I#345 (346-348, Spectacular Spider-Man II#253, 254(fb), 254

"SIR ANT" of Earth-7614 - Knights of Witch-World
    (app-earthsits)--Marvel Preview#7/2

"SIR ANTEATER" of Earth-7614 - Knights of Witch-World
    (app-earthsits)--Marvel Preview#7/2

SIR BENEDICT - Otherworld, former guardian of Excalibur, helped Excalibur defeat Mastermind robot
    -Sir Benedict of the Falls--Excalibur II#2 (3, 4

SIR CAT of Earth-7614 - Knights of Witch-World
    (app-earthsits)--Marvel Preview#7/2


SIR DANDEL of the 6th century - father of Percy/Black Knight
    *D*--Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/2

    earth-morgan, Queen’s Vengeance
    (app-earthm)—Avengers III#2; (identified) #5 )(2,3)

SIR FERRET - Knights of Wundagore, killed in the Black Galaxy
    *D*--Thor I#406

SIR GOTE - Knights of Wundagore, active at the time of Magda's arrival on Mt. Wundagore
    (app)--(Confirmed) X-Men Annual#12

    Earth-Morgan, Queen’s Vengeance
    (app-earthm)—Avengers III#2 (3)

SIR HOGG – New Men, Knights of Wundagore
    (app)--[Iron Man I#110], 111 (Uncanny X-Men Annual#12/3

SIR HYSTRIX - New Men, Knights of Wundagore, porcupine. slain in battle against the Other
    --Web of Spider-Man Annual#3

SIR JUSTIN - medieval knight, brought on time traveling trip with the Doctor
    (app-who)--Dr. Who#61 (62-67

    --Black Knight Comics#5/3 (text)

SIR LANCELOT - see LANCELOT (app/lance)—Black Knight comics#1

SIR LANCELOT - robot in medieval knight’s armor, agent of Council of the Ten, destroyed by Daredevil
    *D*--Daredevil I#221d

SIR LEPARD - New Men, Knights of Wundagore
    (app)--Thor I#134 (
X-Men Annual#12, Thor#134-135, Avengers West Coast Annual#3/3, [Tales to Astonish I#94/2-96/2], Iron Man I#110, 111

   --Thor I#422 (424, 425?, 473 (fb)

SIR LYAN - New Men
    (app)--Thor I#134 (
X-Men Annual#12, Thor#134-135, Avengers West Coast Annual#3/3, [Tales to Astonish I#94/2-96/2], Iron Man I#110-112

    earth-morgan, queen’s vengeance
    (app-earthm)—Avengers III#2(3)

SIR MAGNUS – see MAGNUS the DANE--Thor: Vikings#3

SIR MOGARD - see MOGARD (app-blackknightconstruct)--Strange Tales I#108/2

SIR NAUGHT of CHICHESTER of Earth-Shadowline - alias of Dr. Zero, @ 1533 (app-dz)--Critical Mass#5

    (app)--Thor I#134 (
Uncanny X-Men Annual#12, Thor#134-135, [Avengers West Coast Annual#3/3], [Tales to Astonish I#94/2-96/2], Iron Man I#110, 111

SIR PANTHER - Knights of Wundagore, killed in the Black Galaxy
    *D*--Thor I#406

SIR PERCIVAL - Camelot, Knights of the Round Table

SIR PERCIVAL - Seven, senior member, has aged back into infancy, former crack shot

SIR PORGA - New Men, attempted to dupe Robert and Madeline Frank into believing that Wanda and Pietro were their children, slain by savage New Men shortly after landing on Counter-Earth
    *D* (app)—Thor I#132 (Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1(fb), Amazing Spider-Man An22/3(fb), [Avengers I#187], [Uncanny X-Men An12/3(fb([Av187(fb)]), Web of Spider-Man An4/3(fb(Av185+186(fb))), [Giant-Size Avengers (fb)], Thor132-135, West Coast Avengers Annual#3/3

SIR PUMA - Knights of Wundagore, killed in the Black Galaxy
    *D*--Thor I#406

SIR RAAM - see SIR RAM--Marvel Premiere#1

SIR RAM - Knights of Wundagore
    NEW MAN*, SIR RAAM *D* (app)--(New Man) Tales to Astonish I#94/2; (Sir Ram) Tales to Astonish I#95/2 (Marvel Premiere#1

SIR RAM - Knights of Wundagore
    --Iron Man I#111
   Quicksilver#7(fb2), Excalibur I#113, Q1-3, 4(fb), 5,6, 8-10, Heroes for Hire#15, Q#11, HsfH#16, Q12, Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver Annual 1998, HsfH#17

SIR RAM of Earth-7614 - Knights of Witch-World
    (app-earthsits)--Marvel Preview#7/2

SIR RASTON - Anachronauts, nephew and successor to Black Knight (Sir Percy), led to his tomb by spirit of Sir Percy.
    accomplished warrior, used Ebony Blade
    (app,net-bk2)--Fantastic Four An25, Avengers An#21 (22/2 [Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#1], Avengers Forever#3

SIR REGINALD - @ Camelot, cousin of Arthur, held the Ebony Blade before Percy, driven mad and had to be slain
    *D*--New Excalibur#12 (12 (fb)

SIR STEEL ( ) – World War I, Freedom's Five, British, partner of Silver Squire.
    wore blue + yellow helmet, full suit of medieval armor
    (net)--Invaders I#7

    --Iron Man I#209 (209 (fb)

SIR URSUS - New Men, Knights of Wundagore, bear, fought Chthon
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual#12

"SIR WARTHOG" of Earth-7614 - Knights of Witch-World
    (app-earthsits)--Marvel Preview#7/2

SIRE HATE – see MASTER HATE (app)—Infinity Gauntlet#3

SIRE RU - Silver Legion, native of Presinoku
    --Silver Surfer III#116 (117-121

SIREN - Changelings.
    wings and bird-legs
    —Incredible Hulk II#251, 252

SIREN ( ) - infant Warpy in cave of James Lexington Christian, summoned other Warpies to him
    (app-par)--Captain Britain II#14/4

    --District X#1

SIREN of Earth-93060 (Jennifer Pearson) - Ultraforce, daughter of Eliminator, mutated by Aladdin
    --Eliminator#1 (Siren Special#1(fb), Elim1-3, Ultraforce I#8-10, Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude#1, Avengers/Ultraforce#1, Ultraforce/Avengers#1, Siren Infinity, Siren#1-3, Siren Sp#

SIRENS (Venus of Agents of Atlas, others unidentified) - creations of Phorcys
Uncanny Tales I#42/1 (Marvel Classics Comics#18/The Odyssey#5Agents of Atlas I#5,  X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas#2,  Assault of New Olympus Prologue#1, Incredible Hercules#138/2

SIRENS - green-skinned humanoid women based on the Sirens of Olympian cosmology, with similarly entrancing songs, summoned (or created) by Huntsman to entrance Namor
    (app-hunt)--Submariner I#29

SIRENS of Earth-691 circa 21st century (Skarlet)
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#18 (19

SIRENS of KRONOS (Leucosia, Parthenope, Ligea) - LIKELY daughters of Achelous and the muse Melpomene, half women/birds, beautiful music entranced men
    (app-sirens)--Ghost Rider II#52

SIRIAN race (Ixar) – extraterrestrial, Milky Way, Sirius IV, Ixar is apparently the sole survivor of a millennia-long war against extraterrestrial foes.
    humanoid, use androids as soldiers against androids of sole survivor of extra-terrestrial race
    --Avengers I#36([37(fb)] 36,37

SIRIS race (Mutant Master) – extraterrestrial, planet Yormot, Sirius system, imperialistic + ruthless.
    octopoid, green skin, ten suction-cupped tentacles
    --X-Men I#37, 39

SIRIUS - dog, dying of bone disease, mutated by gamma cure, eventually went craze and mutated into a savage, monstrous, green form, shot by owner
    (net)--Incredible Hulk II#294 (295

SIRIUS system planet - enslaved by Quists/Arcane, most recent conquest before Lucifer's defeat
    --X-Men I#21

SIRIUS of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - Undernet
    uses yellow cyclopean robotic archetype
    --Ghost Rider 2099#13 (20

SIROCCO ( ) - Desert Sword.
    generate winds, project blasts of air or tornado-like whirlwinds, fly
    <Wind> (net-ds)--New Mutants Annual#7/2 (Uncanny X-Men An15/2, X-Factor An6/2

SIRUSITE race (Matriarch) – extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet Sirus X, Al'Ma'an system, humanoid, Universal Church of Truth
    --Strange Tales I#179

SIRYN (Theresa Rourke) - mutant, Fallen Angels, X-Force, X-Corps, X-Factor Investigations, daughter of Banshee, former pawn of Black Tom Cassidy, temporarily lost powers when throat lacerated by Feral, possessed and healed by ??, abducted by Deadpool, throat healed by Watchtower using extract from Wolverine.
    sonic powers
    (I#10, D#12, M, OH2006#10, 198, net)—Spider-Woman I#37 ( X-Force#91(fb1), 91(fb2), X-Men Forever#3(fb1),
SpWm37,38, XMFor3(fb), Uncanny X-Men#148, Fallen Angels#1-8, Uncanny X-Men An15, X-Factor An6, UX278, X-Factor I#69, UX280, XFor3,Spider-Man#16, XFor4,5, Marvel Comics Presents#43/4, XFor6, 7, 9, [10], 11-15, UX294,XFac84,X-Men II#14,XFor16,UX295,XFor17,UX296, XFor35,36, Cable II#14,15, Deadpool II#1-3, Cab II#15?, XFac106,XFor38,Excalibur I#82, XFor39-43, X-Men: Prime, UX322, [Cab21], XFor44,[45], 46-48, X-Force/Cable Annual 1995, XFor49-51, Cab29, XFor52,53, 54(fb), 54, UX335, XFor57, X-Force An1997, Dpool III#2, XFor66, Dp3-5, XFor69-71, Dp12,XFor72-82, Dp22, XFor83,84, [Generation X#43],44, XFor85, X-Force An1998, XFor86, X-Men Unlimited#23, Thunderbolts#25, XFor87-91, Dp38, XFor99,100, Wolverine II#154,155, Dp56, 61, X128-130, Domino II#3, Cable/Deadpool#15-18, X-Factor III#1-6

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