SILAS of Earth-93060 - Inquisitors, puritan
    --Mantra I#10

SILAS ?? - vampire, head of gunrunning ring, destroyed by Blade, reanimated when Blade unwittingly fulfilled a prophecy
    *D/R/D*--Blade III#7 (7 (fb, des), 12

SILAS - NYPD, assistant to Det. Jonas Fogg
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#35 (36-37

SILBEN - Battleworld, rivals of the Turek
    --Thing I#

SILENCE ( ) - wife of Dust, leader of New Wave, killed in battle with Dazzler
    project energy that dampens power and energy of others
    *D*--Dazzler#41 (41(fb), 41, 42d)

SILENCE ( ) - Madripoor ninja, hired by Rosalie Carbone to kill Punisher (Castle), killed by Microchip
    *D* (app-assassins)--Punisher War Zone #8 (9, 10d)

    Foreigner’s Death Squad, assassin.
    Neutralize all sound, used oriental weaponry, powers and memories transferred into new body upon death

SILENCE - see OMERTA (app-omerta)--Alpha Flight I#109

SILENCE of Earth-93060 ( ) - ultra, killed by Rafferty while trying to rescue Penny Slater
    *D* (app-rafferty)--Firearm#17d

SILENCE, JASON - twin brother of Jennifer, soul cast into Hell by Satana as her monthly tithe to her father, briefly recovered from Hell by Satana under forced contract with Jennifer, but returned to Hell immediately thereafter
    *D*--Legion of Monsters: Satana#1 ([1 (fb)], 1)

SILENCE, JENNIFER - twin sister of Jason, usurped Akashik Record and Fur Journal to trap Satana in Electric Pentagram to force her to recover Jason under contract, overpowered by Satana and placed in her Body Orchard
    --Legion of Monsters: Satana#1

SILENCER (Count Barzon) - Bodavian, executed Siggid Roskov, then framed and killed Hal Doerner as the Silencer, defeated by Falcon
    (app)—Marvel Premiere#49

SILENCER (Dean Helm) – mercenary
    used sound-dampening device
    (app)--Hawkeye I#2

SILENCER ( ) - bio-engineered mob assassin, trapped in meteorite by Spider-Man and Elektra
    alter density, speaks Italian
    (app)--Spider-Man/Elektra Annual 1998

SILENCER (  ) - Super-Villain, imprisoned at Big House
    --She-Hulk I#5 ([6]

SILENCERS - mercenaries, tried to steal FACADE armor, stopped by Spider-Man, Black Cat, Gambit
   (app) --Web of Spider-Man#113

SILENCERS - agents of Department H, using armor based on Guardian (James MacDonald Hudson)

SILENNUS - Olympian centaur, owner of Silly's Diner
    SILLY*--Incredible Hercules#121

S.I.L.E.N.T. (General Quiet, Mister Shssh, Number None, Pope Omerta)  - former terrorist cell, evolved into the Beyond Corporation, allegedly run by Devil Dinosaur duplicate before his death at the hands of Nextwave
    --[Nextwave#1], 9 ([1-8], 9-10, 11-12

SILENT EASTER - intrusion of magical fields into another dimension, used by MI13 to capture Mindless Ones
    --Captain Britain and MI13#8 (9

SILENT FOX - leader of Keewazi tribe, father of Will Wingfoot, grandfather of Wyatt and Wynonah Wingfoot
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#80 (Strange Tales III#1(fb), F4#80, 138-139, Marvel Team-Up I#32, [F4#269(death revealed)], Strange Tales III#1

SILENT JOE (   ) - henchman of crimelord M'Sieu Tete
   (app-msieutete)--Marvel Feature I#4

SILENT KILLER (James Carlin) - committed murders in sanitarium; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#30 (September, 1943)

SILENT ONE - servant of Infinity, warned Odin of Infinity, warned Zeus and Odin of Desak.
    humanoid elderly male, steel skullcap, grey robe
    --Thor I#184 (185, 186, ThorAn2001

SILENT ONE - see IT the SILENT ONE (app)—Tales to Astonish I#92

SILENT ONES - Trolls of Isle of Silence
    (app)--Avengers I#1 ( Av300, Avengers West Coast#55, Avengers III#1

SILENT ONES – extradimensional entities, branched from humanity in distant past, followed darker impulses, sought to take bodies of sons of the tiger to replace their own, which they had exhausted, leader banished into dimensional portal by sons of the tiger.
    served by Harrison Budge, Sui Ti Kama, Lo Chin, and Lotus Shinchuko
    Seven Silent Ones (app)--[Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#1], 10 (11(fb), [1-9], 10, 11

SILENT ONES - (Light Horse) - Cheemuzwa tribe, practiced magics, taught their ways to Miracle Man
    --Fantastic Four I#138 (139, Marvel Two-In-One #8

SILENT ONES - invoked by Sleepwalker
    "sacred thoughts of the Silent Ones"
    --[Darkhawk#19] ([20, Sleepwalker#20]

"SILENT SCREAM" - Red Skull's armored lackeys -
    (app-armored lackeys)--Captain America I Annual#13

SILENT SHADOWS - Morelle pharmaceuticals agents, fought Nightwatch, Venom
    (app)--Nightwatch#5 (6

SILGUND - Asgardian, husband of Hyrra, father of Osav, killed in war with Frost Giants
    *D*--[Thor II#50/2]

SILHOUETTE (Lamar Cransfield) - @ 1937, crime fighter, encountered Dominic Fortune
    used gem allegedly able to sap enemies of their willpower, skilled at vanishing into shadows
    styled after the Shadow
    (app)--Hulk! magazine#25/4

SILHOUETTE (Silhouette Chord) - New Warriors, daughter of Andrew Chord, granddaughter of Tai, sister + former partner of Midnight’s Fire, partially crippled while fighting crime when assumed to be a criminal.
    uses crutches, able to melt into shadows, travel extradimensionally and exit from any other shadow
    (M, OH2006#10, net)--New Warriors I#2 (Night Thrasher II#13(fb), NW#2(fb), 2,3, 7-9, 10, New Warriors An1, Uncanny X-Men An15, X-Factor An6, NW14, Amazing Spider-Man I#357, NW15, 16,17, Avengers I#341,342, NW18, 19(fb),19, 20-25, An2/5, NW26, Spectacular Spider-Man An12, Web of Spider-Man An8, NW An2, Infinity War#1, Fantastic Four I#367, IW2, F4#368, NW27,28, Night Thrasher I#1, 3, 4, NW29(fb),30(fb),
    Captain America: DrugWars?,
    NW47, Night Thrasher II#11, [Nova II#6], NT#12, [Nov7], NT13,14, NewWar48-51, NT#15, Civil War#5-[6], Iron Man IV#14, New Warriors IV#7-8

SILHOUETTE - New Jersey based superhuman/costumed character

SILICON (Gerald Simms) - Elite Agents of SHIELD (ii), lost both arms as a youth, embraced computer technology to compensate.
    computer expert, cybernetic arms, fire missiles, interface with computers, bm
    (app)--Captain America Annual 2000/2 (Thunderbolts#69, 71

SILICON ( ) - mutant, Xavier Institute.
    Frictionless surface
    --X-Treme X-Men#20 (21-23

SILICONMAN of Earth-9602 ( ) - amalgam of Sandman + Plastic Man, Terrible Three
    (app-tt)--Speed Demon#1

SILK FEVER (Min Li Ng) - Folding Circle, former terrorist
    generate and project fire, burst into flame
    -Theary, FIREWALL*--New Warriors I#21 (22-25, Night Thrasher II#3,4

SILKE, Mr.  - mob leader, former associate of kingpin, father of Sammy, turned his back on his son after his attempted assassination attempt on Kingpin
    --[Daredevil II#26], 30 (31

SILKE, SAMMY - mob leader, formerly of Chicago Ripa family, childhood friend of Richard Fisk, allied with Richard to ambush and attempt assassination of Kingpin, planned to takeover mobs, fled assassination attempts of Vanessa Fisk, turned self in to police, revealed Daredevil's identity, sent to Allenwood prison, killed in jail by Kingpin after recovering
    (app)--Daredevil II#26 (30(fb2), [26(fb)/29(fb)], 29(fb), 27(fb2), 27(fb1), 29(fb), 30(fb1), 31(fb), 26,27,[28,29],30-32, [45(fb)], 45d, [45(fb)]

SILK STOCKING STRANGLER (Victor ??) - strangled women; opposed by Captain America (William Nasland) and Bucky (Fred Davis)
    --All-Winners Comics#18 (Summer, 1946)

SILKWORM ( ) - Warpy.
    molecular rearrangement limited to fabrics and clothes, create costumes, green skin + hair, large ears.
    --Excalibur I#63

SILKWORM ( )  - Arena gladiator, fought Musclehead and Silkworm
     --X-Treme X-Men#36

SILLATOCHA (Leonid Vishnevetsky) - Siberian Project, killed by Potiphar
    "Force Point" *D* (pf26)--Psi-Force(nu)#23

SILLY - see SILENNUS--Incredible Hercules#121

    --Incredible Hercules#121

SILLYPUSS of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Million Palms Family Fun Facility, robot

SILOCUS - planet, ice giant race visited by cosmic-powered Human Torch while seeking allies against Galactus, seemingly powerful, but surrendered immediately rather than fight
    --Fantastic Four#521

SILURIAN GUARD (Gleeg) - watch over gates of nightmare's fortress, slaughtered by malevolent entity that was inadvertently created by Magik (Sefton)
    --Magik II#2 (2(fb,des)

SILVA, SIMON - mutant, horns
    --[Uncanny X-Men#397]

SILVANI, VITTORIO - Maggia, agent of Count Nefaria, robberies funded equipment necessary for Nefaria to regain his power.
    wm, long blond hair
    --Iron Man III#1 ([16], Iron Man An1999

SILVER (Jimon Tang) - China Force, Gamma Flight, sister of Auric, killed, merged with deceased brother Auric to form new entity
    fly, generate cold
    -entity* *D* (U#7,app-dog)--Alpha Flight I#76 ( 84-86,87(fb), 87-90, Amazing Spider-Man An26, Web of Spider-Man An8

SILVER - Elements of Doom
    —Thunderbolts I#6 ( 8

SILVER BALL – arcade frequented by Miles H and the Sons of Yancy Street
    -- Marvel Comics Presents I#80/4

SILVER, NYRA  - Midtown High School, classmate of Peter Parker
     --Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#3

SILVER, TRISTRAM - legendary criminal mastermind, centuries old, formerly operated out of Europe, name used by Valeria Jessup in her "Identity Disc" plot, contacted by Sandman regarding same
    --[Identity Disc#1], 2 (2(fb), [1(fb)], 6

SILVER, WILLIAM - mutant, ally of Charles Xavier, 92 years old
    --Generation X: Crossroads

SILVER, WILLIE - glam rock band leader of Silver Charity, electrocuted by band manager, almost saved by Human Fly
   (app)--Human Fly#11

SILVERBACK of Earth-691 - agent of Ubiquitor
    (app-ue)--Galactic Guardians#1 (2-4

SILVERBERG, TED - television and movie producer
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One I#78 ([78(fb)], 78, [97(fb)], 97

SILVERBIRD, HARLAN - used Antarctic Vibranium to destroy satellites, sought to place own satellite, Silvermoon, to control the market
   Wore Antarctic Vibranium weapons, eventually gained the power himself
    (app)--Moon Knight III#51 ([51(fb)], 51

SILVER BULLET ( ) - Marvel Boy (Rob Grayson)'s ship
    (net-lostgen)--(g) Marvel Boy#1

SILVER BULLET GANG - werewolves, battled Runaways
    --Runaways II#22

SILVER CHALICE - Magic item of Rimthursar, used to control the Menagerie, shattered by Thor
    (app-rimthursar)--Thor I#320 (320(fb), [321(fb)], 320-321

SILVERCLAW (Maria de Guadalupe Santiago) - Costa Verde superhero, Avengers reserve, daughter of Kamekeri man and the goddess Peliali, exchange student at Empire State University, former sponsor child of Edwin Jarvis, briefly forced to serve Moses Magnum.
    able to take on form and abilities of any animal from her native land
    Daughter of the Volcano God*, <La Garra Argentado*, La Garra Plata*> (OH: Av2005, CWBDR, app)--Avengers III#8 (28(fb1-4), 8, 9(fb),9, [12], 26,27, 28-30, Maximum Security#3, Av39,40, Avengers: Celestial Quest#1-8, Av43,44, 46, Thunderbolts#57, Av47, 52,53,[54],55, 56, Order#5,6, JLA/Avengers#4, Av86-88, Fantastic Four#538, [Ms. Marvel II#18 (fb)], 18-20

SILVERCLOUD, KOH - caught up in struggle between Witch Woman (Littletrees) and Sam, taken to relatives for protection by Sam
    (app)--Ghost Rider Annual#2/3

SILVERCLOUD, SAM - Apache, former husband of Linda Littletrees/Witch Woman, attempted to kill Snakedance after his defeat by Ghost Rider (John Blaze/Zarathos), attempted to kill Witch Woman to save their son
    (app/ww)—Marvel Spotlight I#8 (11(fb), 8-11, Ghost Rider II#1,2, MarvSpot#12, [Ghost Rider III An2/3(fb)], An2/3, [Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files (2006): Apache Kid (fb)]

SILVER DAGGER (Isaiah Curwen) – A religious zealot, dedicated to destroying magical beings, former cardinal in catholic church, driven mad by reading the darkhold in the form of the shiatra book of the damned, formerly enslaved marie laveau, once killed dr. strange, battled werewolf, trapped several times in dimension of Agamotto.
    uses silver daggers dipped in holy water
    (M, OH2006#10, net)—Dr. Strange II#1 (5(fb), 1,2, 4,5, Marvel Team-Up I#76,77, Dr. Strange III#7, 32(fb), Marvel Comics Presents#54/2-59/2, Doc III#32(fb), 30,32, Over the Edge#2, Deadpool III#68

SILVER DEATH (Calum McGill) - Warpy, son of Shoulder McGill, destroyed by captain Britain
    composed almost entirely of razor sharp talons
    (app)—Captain Britain II#14

SILVER DRAGON (Heather Duncan Rand) - dead mother of Iron Fist, briefly controlled by Dhasha Khan
    (app)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #20, 23 ( Iron Fist/Wolverine#1(heather)

SILVEREYE (Silverfangs, Frank Dallas(d), Joe, Herbert Mills, Spencer (d))
    - division of SHIELD II, formed to combat vampires, both Dallas and Spencer became pawns of Darius Vengenian
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1 (2-6

SILVERFANGS (Nathan, Paul, Rico) - elite assault force for silvereye, trained + equipped to battle vampires
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1 (2-6

SILVER FOX (Bayan) - last surviving descendent of a race of wizard kings of Realm of Shadowqueen, led rebellion against Shadowqueen, allied with Clea, Dr. Strange, + Wong
    Magical powers
    (app-shadow)--Dr. Strange II#42, (named) 43 (44

SILVERFOX - old girlfriend of Wolverine, unknown association with Project X, seemingly killed by Psi-Borg (Aldo Ferro)
    Fox, Zora de Plata (OH: Wolv)--[Wolverine II#10], (actual appearance) Wolverine II#50 (65(fb) / Wolverine III#50 (fb), Wolv II#50, 56,57, 62,63, [65]

SILVERHOOF - steed of Balder
    --Thor I#344 (
    Thor II#24

SILVER LEGION (Borrob, Hyzaktl, Izzifizz, 101101, Pradda Fol, Qermit, Sire Ru, Skooka, Stractu, Ur-Lini, Vorzen, red eyes)
    - natives of dimension of Blackbody, all traded something of value to themselves or race to gain portion of Surfer's body, temporarily empowered by it, battled Blackbody
    --Silver Surfer III#116, 117 (118-121

SILVERMAN, ROB - lover of Jean-Paul Duchamp, personal trainer of Moon Knight
    --Moon Knight VI#3 (7-9, 13, 14-17

SILVERMANE (Silvio Manfredi) - Maggia, New World Order, former Hydra member, former crimelord, father of Joe, de-aged into pre-infancy by clay tablets of , crippled in fall, nearly killed by Cloak and Dagger, rebuilt as cyborg, former inmate at the Cage.
    (I#10, D#12, M, OH: Spdm: BiB, net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#73 (Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra!#1/1 (fb), [Underworld#1 (fb)], 73-75, Daredevil I#123(fb), [Giant-Size Creatures I#1], DD#120-123, Underworld#3 (fb), [2 (fb)], Amz177-180, [197(fb)], Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#2, Spectacular Spider-Man II#62, 69,70, 93-96, Amz284, Web of Spider-Man#79,80, Incredible Hulk II#40_, Deathlok II#6,7, DD307,Punisher War Journal#45,DD308,PWJ#46, Spider-Man: Power of Terror#1-4, Spider-Man#73-74, Spider-Man: Made Men, Sp94, New Warriors II#4, Amazing Spider-Man III#31, Wolverine II#164,[165], [Underworld#1 (fb)], 1

SILVERMANE, JOE (Joseph Manfredi) - Maggia, son of Silvermane, former agent of Hydra, Circus of Crime, Skeleton Crew, Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)’s Masters of Evil, retired costume identity to run branch of Maggia, sought Turbo armor
    -BLACKWING*, Giuseppe Manfredi--Daredevil I#118 (->bw.
    New Warriors II#2,[3],4,6

SILVERMOON - satellite designed by Harlan Silverbird to project anti-metal radiation from orbit, , destroyed by Moon Knight
    --Marc Spector: Moon Knight#51

SILVER MONSTER - agent of I.C.O.N., creator via combination of genetic material of the Silver Surfer and Frankenstein's monster.
   --Unpublished Shamrock & Peregrine story for Marvel Comics Presents by RJM Lofficier & Leo Duranona

SILVER ONE ( ) - 16th Century werewolf, killed by Solomon Kane
    *D* (app)—Savage Sword of Conan#14/4 (14/4(fb1,[2],3), 14/4d)

SILVER RACER of Earth-9602 - amalgam of Silver Surfer + Black Racer
    (app)--Spider-Boy Team-Up#1 (Challengers of the Fantastic#1

SILVER SABLE (Silver Sablinova) - Symkarian mercenary, leader of Wild Pack, ex-wife of Foreigner, daughter of Ernst.
    master of armed + unarmed combat
    (D#12,M, OH: Women, net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#265 (Web of Spider-Man An5(fb), Silver Sable#1(fb), Amz265, 279-281, Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#17,18, Spec128,129, Solo Avengers#3-7, A301-303, [SoloA#17], Web of Spider-Man#50, A320-325, Marvel Comics Presents#53/4, Moon Knight III#15,16, WebAn5/3,Spec An10/2,[An10/4(fb,An10/4)], [MCP#51/4], Web71,72, A345, Thor Annual#16/4, AmzAn25/3, SpecAn11/2, WebAn7/6, Excalibur I#36, Silver Sable#1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, Deathlok II#18,19, Sab8-12, Terror INC#11, Cage I#15, Sab13, Ter12, Cage16, Fantastic Four I#372,373, Amz375, F4#377,378, Sab14-28, Sab29-34, 35, F4#400/2, AmzSp407, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11/2, Spider-Man Unlimited#16, Marvel Team-Up II#3,[4], Sensational Spider-Man II#26, Heroes for Hire#10,11, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2000/2, Tb67,69,[71],73/[74],75

SILVER SAMURAI (Kenuichio Harada) - Japanese mutant, Big Hero 6, son of Lord Shingen, former agent of nihilist Viper and Mandrill, former oyabun/leader of Clan Yashida, memories altered by Blindspot, right hand cut off by Wolverine
    able to coat blade with a tachyon field rendering it able to slice through virtually any substance, master of kenjitsu
    (I#10,D#12,M, OH: Wolv,
BH6 II#1, 198, net)—Daredevil I#111 ([112]. Marvel Team-Up I#57, 74, 84(fb), 83-85, Spider-Woman I#42,43, New Mutants I#5,6, Uncanny X-Men#172-174, 176, Secret Wars II#7, NM#54,  Wolverine II#2,3, Wolverine: Doombringer, Wolv56,57, Cable: Blood & Metal#2, X-Men II#21-23, X-Men Unlimited#3, Wolv II#82, Wolverine Annual 1996, [Wolv108], Elektra I#15, Sunfire & Big Hero Six#1-3, Alpha Flight II#17, Thunderbolts#25, X-Men Unlimited#24(fb), 24, Wolv150-153, [Big Hero 6 II# : Ebon Samurai (fb)], Elektra II#3,4, [Rogue III#7(fb)], 7-9, [11], [New Avengers#1-3], 11-13, X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadows & Flame#4-5, [Big Hero 6 II# : Ebon Samurai (fb)], Wolv36-37, New Avengers#28-29, [30-31]

SILVER SAVAGE - see SILVER SURFER (Gladiator Guidebook)--Incredible Hulk III#94 (95)

SILVER SCORPION (Elizabeth "Betty" Barstow or Barlow) – World War II, V Battalion, penance council, former secretary for Pvt. Dan Hurley, originally fought criminals while attending costume party, assisted invaders against battle axis, given armor by professor Carson (designer of oscillotron), retired, joined V battalion, suffering from mild Alzheimer's' syndrome
    originally jiu-jitsu skills, later wore armored suit with scorpion motif, fire energy blasts
    (OH:GA, net)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#7 (8, Comedy Comedy#9;
Invaders II#1-4, Citizen V and the V Battalion#2(fb1), [Thunderbolts# ],39,40, 46, 47-49, 50, Citizen V and the V Battalion#1-3, Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1-4

SILVER SERPENT - immense mechanical snake-like digging device, used to steal oil by Nick Trask
    (app-trask)—She-Hulk I#5

SILVER SIDEWINDER of the 19th Century ( ) - used silver coin to hypnotize others, obsessed with silver, temporarily hypnotized and controlled Two-Gun until attempted to force him to kill, defeated when blinded by pile of silver coins
    (app)--Two Gun Kid#91/2

SILVER SQUAD (Purty Larry, Ripster, Slambeaux, Twit) - robots built by Silvermane to capture Spider-Man
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man#79

SILVER SQUIRE ( ) – World War I, Freedom's Five, British, partner of Sir Steel. wm, blond
    (net)—Invaders I#7

SILVER SURFER (Norrin Radd) - Zenn-Lavian, Heralds of Galactus, Titans Three, Defenders, Secret Defenders, Star Masters, Order, son of Elmar + Jartran, brother of Fennan, became herald of Galactus to save Zenn-La from him, turned against him to save earth, imprisoned on earth by him, later escaped with aid of Fantastic Four, barrier later dissolved by Galactus, recently returned to serving Galactus in exchange for regaining the conviction to help destroy Annihilus; corresponds to Oshtur per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondences
    vast ability to manipulate power cosmic
    (I#10, D#12, M, 1960s, ME, FFE, OH: FF, Gladiator Guidebook, Annihilation: Surfer#1, Annihilation: Nova Files, net) <chronology incomplete>--Fantastic Four I#48 (
    Silver Surfer I#1(fb), Silver Surfer III minus 1, Silver Surfer III#130, Amazing Spider-Man I#431(fb), Epic Illustrated#1, F4#48-50, 56-61, Tales to Astonish I#93/2, Fantastic Four An5/2 (Avengers I#135(fb)), F4#72, 74-77, Surf I#1-18, Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#4-6, Silver Surfer: The Lost Adventure, F4 An5/2(Av135(fb)), Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#6,7, 11,12, [Defenders I#1], Sub-Mariner I#2, Def2,3, 6, 8,8/2,Av116,Def9,Av117,Def10(Av157(fb)),Av118,Def11, Fantastic Four I#155-157, Tomb of Dracula I#50, Av168, Uncanny X-Men#135, Incredible Hulk II#250, Def100,101, Av215,216, Def107, Avengers Annual#11, Silver Surfer II#1, Def112-115, 122-125, F4#259-261, Secret Wars II#4,
    SecWarII#9, Av266, Silver Surfer III#1,2, West Coast Avengers An2,Avengers An16, Surf#3, Marvel Holiday Special 1996/3(fb), Surf4, Marvel Comics Presents#1/4,
    MCP69/4, Surf34,
    Surf57, Silver Surfer: The Enslavers,
    Infinity Gauntlet#1, Quasar#26,
    MCP#97/2, Plasmer#3, 4,
    Surf70-75, Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer: Homecoming, Surf76-78,
    MCP172-175, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#1, Silver Surfer/Rune#1, Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances, Star Masters#1-3, CPU#4(5(fb)),5, MarvHolSp#1996/3,
Surf#111-121, Spider-Man Team-Up#2, F4#413, X-Force/Cable Annual 1996, Surf122, X-Men Unlimited#13, Silver Surfer Annual 1997, Journey into Mystery I#513, Surf123-125, Amazing Spider-Man I#430,431, Surf126-133, 134-137, Fantastic Four III#3,4, Hulk463, Surf138, Silver Surfer/Thor Annual 1998, Surf139, 140, Silver Surfer#, Surf141-145, 145/2, 146, Strange Tales IV#1, Galactus the Devourer#1-6, Captain Marvel V#8-11, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, Iron Man III#35, Maximum Security#2, 3, F4 III#46, Defenders II#1, 2-4, 5, 8(fb), [6,7],8, Def9-11, Infinity Abyss#2,[3-5],6, Def12,12/2, Order#1-6, Marvel Universe: The End#1-6, Silver Surfer IV#1, 2(fb), 2-14
    , [She-Hulk I#8(fb)], 8, [She-Hulk II#3(fb)], Hercules III#1(fb), Cable and Deadpool#9,10, Captain Universe/Silver Surfer#1, She-Hulk II#3, Defenders III#1-3, 5, Incredible Hulk III#95(fb), 94-95, Annihilation: Surfer#1-4, Annihilation#1-6, Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2/2, Fantastic Four#544-546, 550, Marvel Holiday Special 2007#1/3, Nova IV#13-15

SILVER TORNADO of Earth-Amalgam - Silver Surfer? + Red Tornado
    --[Exciting X-Patrol#1]

SILVER WOLF (Andreas Vadas*) - former member of the Wild Pack, developed sleeper assassin program with a code word activation, recruited many former Wild Pack agents after Silver Sable dissolved the group
    --Sable & Fortune#1 (2-3

SILVIA ?? - assistant to NeRo
    --Daredevil: Father#3 (4

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