SI of World War II - see SAVAGE, SIMON (app)--Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders#1

SIAMANG, MARTIN - false identity for Gibbon created by the Tinkerer
    --Punisher War Journal II#16

SIAMESE SAMURAI - creations of SILENT, defeated by Nextwave

SIBARTHU - guardian of the temple of Zokk, dragon. statue reanimated by
    --Giant-Size Man-Thing#3

SIBERCAT (Illya Lavrov) - siberforce, winterguard, former member of prof. yuri garnoff’s mutant underground, russian mutant hero.
    feline powers, claws + fangs, enhanced reflexes and senses, tiger-like hair markings, fascinated by american pop culture
    -SIBERIAN TIGER*--Soviet Super Soldiers#1 (Starblast#1, Iron Man III#9, 10, [Avengers III#42-44], Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#3

SIBERFORCE (Darkstar, Garnoff, Sibercat, Stencil, Ursa Major, Vanguard)
    - Soviet heroes, combined members of Soviet Super Soldiers and Garnoff’s Exiles
    (app-exiles)--Starblast#1 (2-4/Quasar#54-56-->Winterguard

SIBERIAN PROJECT of Earth-148611 (Coojeechiscue, Dehman, Mindwolf, Rodstvow, Gennardi Shepalev, Shivowtnoeh, Sillatocha, Sergei Vladimiroff, Anya Zotov)

SIBERIAN TIGER - see SIBERCAT--X-Factor Annual#1

SIBERION ( ; ) - Peristrike Force.
    Fires ice from hands, wears containment suit
    (app-pf)--Darkhawk#16 (17,18

SIBERT, ARNOLD - Daily Bugle, entertainment editor/movie critic, became involved in opposing a plot of Mysterio
    -- Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six novel

SIBOPAY - previously undiscovered aspect of the Savage Land
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Ka-Zar: Guns in the Savage Land

SIBYL - see SIBYLLA (app)—Dr. Strange II#46

SIBYL - young girl, blinded by Dire Wraiths, cured by Rom, transformed into homo mermani after nearly killed by Wraiths in Atlantis.

SIBYL ( ) - Imperial Guard
    telepath, levitate
    -ORACLE*--Imperial Guard#1 (1(fb), 1-3, Incredible Hulk Annual 1997

SIBYLLA - prophetess from ancient Rome, founded sibylline sisterhood, continued to exist in spirit form + assisted in fighting off invasion from Rome-world
    (app)—Dr. Strange II#46 (46(fb), 46

SIBYLLINE SISTERHOOD (Sibylla, Thaleia) - prophetesses who succeeded Sibylla as sibyl of Rome
    (app)—Dr. Strange II#46 (46(fb), 46

S.I.C.C.A.E.L. GUN - designed by Daniel Harding for Cyberoptics to be used by the government
    self-pointing and firing gun, controlled mentally
    Systems In Close Cybernetic Autonomous Electric
    (app)--Nomad I#3 ([3(fb)], [4(fb)], [2(fb)], [1], 4, Nomad II#24,25

SICILIANO, CHARLIE - gang lord, advised young Kingpin, apparently slain by Punishment Police
    (app)--Punisher I#1 (2, 3

SICKLE of Earth-928 (Corp. Eva Lyserkovitch) - Soviet warrior, put in suspended animation in 1960s, discovered in 2099
    --[Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1]

SICKLE ( ) – Avatars of the Mandarin.
    superhuman strength, used scythe
    (app-av) –Force Works#7 (Iron Man I#312

SICKLE (Nikolai Vronsky) - partner of Hammer, bodyguard of Ivan Pushkin.
    white skin, facial piercings
    (net)—Maverick II#1 (2,3, 9-12

SICKLY ONES - founders of the Hand from 4 billions years ago
    --Wolverine III#

SIDAI - childhood friend of Dog Brother#1, killed by gangsters
    --Immortal Weapons#3d

SIDEKICK - alias for father of Marvel Boy (Banks)
    --Justice: Four Balance

SIDEKICK (Joe Self) - partner of the Answer
    (app-answer)--Toxin#3; (identified) Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#1 (Toxin#3, Spider-Man: Swing Shift, Amazing Spider-Man#552-553

SIDEREAL DISPLACER - limited time travel device designed by Reed Richards, difficult to regulate, eventually caught on fire
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#37/2

SIDEREUS - Axi-Tun cyborg, participated in Votan’s assault on Charter, manipulated image of Quasar to frame him for murder of the Charter member’s aboard the Hub, saved from destruction of ship by Aldebron
    rode floating chair with extra appendages
    (app)—Star Masters#1 ([2],3, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4

    --[Marvel Visions#27]

SIDESTEP (Mike Russo) – assassin, former NASA employee, used Kree vest he found during a moon walk, sent by Doom to humble Excalibur, slain for his failure
    move others through time, shunt them into stasis, alter memories
    (app)--Excalibur: XX Crossing (1(fb), 1

SIDESTEP of Earth-691 ( ) - Rancor's lieutenants, Mutants of Haven.
    calm and cool in battle, teleport herself and/or others by "walking diagonally" through portals she creates
    (net-rl)--Guardians of the Galaxy#8 (

SIDEWINDER (Seth Voelker) - Serpent Squad, original leader of Serpent Society, given suit by Roxxon, left Serpent Society after betrayed by some members and attacked by Viper, surrendered self to Captain America in exchange for funds to pay for daughter’s brain surgery
    teleport himself and others
     (I#10,D#11,M)—Marvel Two-In-One#64 (Captain America An10/2(fb), MTIO#64-66, Cap308-311, [312], 313, 315, 319, 338, 341/2, 342, 345, Uncanny X-Men An13, Cap380, 381, Cap An10/5, Cap424, New Thunderbolts#7(fb)-->Voelker

SIDEWINDER (    ) - leased name and costume from Voelker, electrocuted while trying to steal Zodiac Key from SHIELD II.
    *D*--Iron Fist III#1

SIDEWINDER (    ) - Serpent Society, leased name and costume from Voelker
    --Captain America IV#

SIDI (    ) - Muslim leader, slain by Micromax
    *D*--Marvel Comics Presents II#1 (1 (fb, dies)

SIDNEY ?? - see SIDNEY JOERN (app-fort)—Marvel Comics Presents#150 (175

SIDNEY - demon in Mephisto's domain, possibly a doctor in his past life, tortured Blackheart for Mephisto

SIDNEY, WALLY - creator of Sidney Land clothiers, pressured Howard the Duck to wear pants.
    (app)--Howard the Duck II

SIDOROV, ALEXEI - Russian editor, killed after published material speaking out against the military
    *D*--[X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1]

SIDORSKY, PAUL - Midtown High School student, science prodigy, parents killed by burglar after which Spider-Man introduced him to a number of super-heroes who had lost their parent(s)
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#12 (12(fb), 12

SIDRI race – extraterrestrial, Shi'ar galaxy, evolved in free-floating asteroid cluster, used by Shi'ar as hunters.
    crab-like form, live in deep space, able to merge into massive composite being, fly, resistant to cold, weakness to heat, project energy blasts
    (I#10,D#15)--Uncanny X-Men#154 (168, Excalibur I#116(fb), Captain Marvel IV#4, Ex116,117

SIEBOLD, BRIGID of "Earth-7643" - secret lover of Kurt Hammer
    (app-starstalker)--Marvel Premiere#32

SIEGE (John Kelly) - original template used in Cybertek’s Deathlok, lobotomized when opposed programming, mental program saved and later released into cyber-warrior.
original brain mutated into biohazard
    -DEATHLOK*, BIOHAZARD* (M)—Deathlok II#19 (Marvel Comics Presents#62d, Dlok II#12-15(brain), 17, 19-21, Silver Sable#11,12, Deathlok An2/2, Dlok27-29, Daredevil I#321-323, 325, Dlok31-34, DD330

SIEGE of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Stark-Fujikawa armor
    -SItuation Emergency Gear—Spider-Man 2099#11 ([Captain Marvel V#28],29, Spdm22,

SIEGE ENGINEERS - armored warriors, agents of arms merchant?, stationed at dufour precision manufacturing, battled iron man (Stark)
    --Iron Man III#2

SIEGE PERILOUS - mystic item, portal, those who pass through it are judged and then sent off to a new existence, used on Reavers and Tyger Tiger and several members of the X-Men, named for the seat of King Arthur’s round table reserved for the knight of pure heart
    <Dangerous Seat> (AZU#4)--(UK) Captain Britain I#1; [Marvel Team-Up I#65], Uncanny X-Men#229

SIEGEL, AVRAM - rabbi, friend of Hellstorm, killed by Armorer
    *D* (app)--Hellstorm#1 (4, 7-9, 12d)

SIEGFRIED - second mortal aspect of Thor, child of Siegmund and Sieglinda, grandson of Wulf, raised by Mime, killed by Hagen.
    used the sword Needful, invulnerable to attacks from the front as an enchantment from Brunnhilda
    *D* (app)--Thor I#297(297-299(fb)

SIEGLINDA - daughter of Wulf, twsister and lover of Siegmund, mother of Siegfried
    *D* (app)--Thor I#296

SIEGMUND - first mortal aspect of Thor, offspring of Wulf, slain in battle with Hunding (aided by Odin), father of Siegfried
    *D* (app)--Thor I#296 (296(fb2+3+1(dies))

SI-FAN (Mr. Aden, Allington, Mai Cha, Lou Cabot, Dr. Chang, Pan Chen, Council of Seven, Jacob Edward Crossland, Lola Damas, Dr. Peter Marriot Doughty, "Dweller in Darkness," Fah Lo Suee, Farazan, Fu Manchu, Dr. Heron, Homopoulo, Hopkinson, James Rigwell Horton, Ibrahim, John Kennington, Shaka Kharn, Koenig, Chow Loo, Lopez, M'goyna, Mahmud, Midnight, Sha Mu, Paulo, Chai Phen, Professor Richner, Nadia Rostov, Sata, Seo-Kai-Chen, Shadow-Hand, Shadow-Stalker, Shang-Chi, Kwai Sing, Professor Swain, Tiger-Claw, Tsu-Gamo, General Huan Tsung-Chao, Johann Vortland, Lord Weimer, James Brownlow Wilton, Ecko Yusaki, Zazima
Cyber-Ninjas, Dacoits, Phansigars; ranks infiltrated by Sgt. Jack Kenealy
    - assassins of fu Manchu
    (app)--Si-Fan Mysteries; Special Marvel Edition#15 (Si-Fan Mysteries, Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu, Return of Dr. Fu Manchu, Si-Fan Mysteries, Daughter of Fu Manchu, Mask of Fu Manchu, Master of Kung Fu I#100 (fb), Trail of Fu Manchu, President Fu Manchu, MoKF#44 (fb), Drums of Fu Manchu, Island of Fu Manchu, MoKF#114 (fb), Shadow of Fu Manchu, Wrath of Fu Manchu, Re-Enter Fu Manchu, World of Fu Manchu, Emperor Fu Manchu, Special Marvel Edition#15 (fb), Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu#4 (fb), Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#5 (fb), 4, GS MoKF#1, MoKF#21-22, DHoKF#5, GS MoKF#2, DHoKF Special#1, DHoKF#7, MoKF#23-24, 25, GS MoKF#3, MoKF#26-28, GS MoKF#4, MoKF#45-50, 51 (fb), 82 (fb), 52, 83-86, 88-89, 92, 100, 114, 118, 123, Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black, X-Men II#62-64, Elektra I#16,

SIF - Asgardian goddess of harvest and hunt, lost gods, daughter of nine goddesses, sister of Heimdall, original hair stolen by Loki, given new hair by , temporarily served as regent to Asgard while Thor underwent the Odinsleep, apparently slain in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    skilled warrior
    -Sybil, Ericka Velez, <
"Kindred" from the word Sibbling> (I#10,D#12)--Journey into Mystery I#102 (Thor II#1(fb), Thor I#403/2, Thor: Son of Asgard#1-6, 7-9, 10-12, Thor II#44(fb), JiM I minus 1, JiM I#102/2, Thor An11, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#11, Thor136-140, 142-145, 146-157, 158, Silver Surfer I#4, Th160, 163-167, 175-199, 201-205, Avengers I#105, Th206,207, 208-210, 214-223, 277(fb), 225, 227,228, 277(fb), 229-232, 234-236, [237-248], 249, 250-252, 255, 256-266, 267, 274,275(Thor Annual#7), Th276-278, 286-289, 291, 301(fb), 300-302, Marvel Super-Heroes III#5, Marvel Graphic Novel#30: Thor: I, Whom the Gods would Destroy?, Th312,313, Thor Annual#9, An10, Incredible Hulk II#279, Th326/2, 327-336, Marvel Graphic Novel#33, Th336/2, 337-340, 350([Av249])/351,352, 354,355, 357-359, Power Pack I#15, Th360, 361, 364, 366, 371, 372, 376-379, 396-399, West Coast Avengers II#41, Th400, 405, 418/2, 423, 425, 426, Infinity Gauntlet#2, Th434,435, 437/2-442/2, 447/2-450/2, 451-456, 477-480, Thunderstrike#15, Th482, Ts18/2, Th483-490, 492,494, Journey into Mystery#503-513, Thor II#10-13, 16, 20-22, Thor Annual 2000, Th26, 28, 29-34, 35-38, 41,42, 44, 50/2, 54, 58, Iron Man III#64, Avengers III#63, Thor II#60, 65, 66,67/79, 80, 82, 83, 85d)

SIF 2099 - stillborn, never brought to life, kept frozen by Avatarr
    --Doom 2099 #14

SIFFRIN FROID - Microverse, associate of Shinga Doon
    --[Captain Marvel VI#2]

SIFFROR of the LIFELESS – Lords of the Splinter Realms, summoned to convocation of sorcerers by Magik (Amanda Sefton), battled Archenemy
    (app-lords)--Magik II#3 ([4]

SIGGORTH - Frost Giant, lackey of Grundroth, taken as host by the Destroyer, killed by it so it could have Thor
    --Thor I#381 (381d)

SIGHT ( ) - Sensors.
    all light reaching his eyes is reflected as laser beams
    (app-sens)—West Coast Avengers Annual#3

"sight" (    ) - 1400 Club assassin serving Justin Hammer, killed by Foreigner
    amplified vision
    (app-1400clubleader)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#14/2

SIGFOD - Asgardian, child of Volstagg
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#14

SIGMA of Earth-93060 ( ) - first ultra killed by Rafferty
    *D*--Firearm#16 (16(fb,d)

SIGMAR - polar eternals, scientist, trained by phastos, also had base below new York city, created molecular reassembler and dimension cloud and neural beast, forced by zakka into helping him uncover the location of "the weapon", left earth along with others in the form of the uni-mind
    --Eternals I#17 (18,19, [Avengers I#246-248]

SIGMUND (Dr. Robert Plesko) - Shadow Cabinet, psychiatrist
    --Moon Knight III#38 (39-41, 47, 51, 53, 55, 56

SIGN ( ; ) - Rising Sons, magician, covered with numerous tattoos, each of which represent a different spell he cast
    (app-rs)--Generation X#51 (51(fb), 51, 52

SIGNAL - encoders, male, long hair
    --Dark Angel#5, (named) 14 (5, 13,14

SIGNOR NATAS (Anton Devers) - insane artist, collected heads
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#29 (March, 1942)

SIGNORE SCHARROLLA - see SCHARROLLA, signore--Marvel Mystery Comics#50 (December 1943)

SIGNORINA () - Italian Spy working with the Allies
    --Captain America Comics#34/3 ( 1/44 )

SIGRID – see BIG SIGRID –Thor: Vikings#3

SIGURD - Asgard, son of earth-sprites, gained power from contact with earth (similar to Antaeus), defeated when hurled into a floating mass in space by thor in his youth
    --Journey into Mystery I#111/2

SIGURD – Asgardian
    --Marvel Fanfare I#34

Sigurd - the god/hero of Asgard--Exiled#1

Sigurd - an Aesir or Cimmerian orcale --Conan the King#31

SIGURD of Vanaheim of the Hyborian era - sailed alongside Conan
    --Conan the Buccaneer; Savage Sword of Conan #40 (Conan the Buccaneer/Savage Sword of Conan#40-43, Conan of the Isles

SIGURD 2099 (Sigurd Jungen) - mutate, encountered Hulk 2099
    -The Perfect Man--2099 Unlimited#4

SIGYN - Asgardian goddess of fidelity, wife of Loki, estranged for centuries, abandoned by Loki after he regained his freedom from Odin’s imprisonment
    (D#1, app)--Thor I#275 (Thor Annual#14/4, 483(fb), [301(fb)], [274],275-278, [301(fb)], 301,302, Annual#9, Th307/2, 313, 321, An19, Th479, 483,484

SIINGARD - Frost Giant, ally of Agamemnon
    --Incredible Hulk II#422 (423

SIJO ?? – Japanese bodyguard/assassin, agent of Takegura, slew Microchip jr & Roky Vance, killed by Punisher (Castle)
    (app)--Punisher II#8 (9d)

SIKES, - serial rapist, behavior modified by William Cross' device
    --Spider-Man: Breakout#4 (4(fb)

    --Heroes for Hire II#3

SIKORSKY - Chr'ylite, medic of Starjammers
    (D#12,net)—Uncanny X-Men#156 (Classic X-Men#14], [109(fb), 107,108], 156-158, 161, Excalibur I#116(fb), UX166,167, X-Men Special Edition#1/2, UX175, New Mutants I#19, UX200, [UX201,203], NM50,51, X-Factor I#50, Avengers I#350,351, Wolverine II#138, Galactus the Devourer#5, X-Men Unlimited#32/3

SIKORSKY, RAYMOND - Commission, succeeded Gyrich as advisor to Avengers
    (app)—Avengers I#235 (237, 243, Avengers Annual#13, Av255, 258(Amazing Spider-Man I#270), Vision & Scarlet Witch II#1, Av263, V+SW7, AvAn15, Av278, Captain America I#344, 345,346, 347,348, 350, 351,352, 354, West Coast Avengers II#44, Cap355, Punisher: No Escape, Soviet Super Soldiers#1, Av326,327, 332,[333], Thunderbolts I#21(fb), Iron Man IV#23

SIKORSKY, - Roxxon Blackridge?
    --[Thunderbolts II#113]

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