SHLEP of Earth-Power Pachyderms - Perfect Masters
    (app-pp)--Power Pachyderms#1

SHLIME of Reality-81665 - alien, manipulative sorcerer, captured Bront
    (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#79/2 (80/2,81/2

SH'MBALLAH - octopoid extraterrestial
    (app)--Incredible Hulk: Stalker from the Stars novel


SHMOE of Earth-Power Pachyderms - Perfect Masters
    (app-pp)--Power Pachyderms#1

SHOALS, HEMLOCK - interdimensional detective, native of Maltesia, sought the Cosmic Key after it was stolen by Pro-Rata.
    able to manipulate matter to a limited extent, humanoid caterpillar
    (app)—Howard the Duck I#4 (4(fb4)

SHOAT, of Earth-93060 - crooked government agent, former ally of Fade, empowered Liberty
    --Prime I#22 (23-26, Prime Infinity, Prime/Captain America#1

SHOC ( ) - armored warrior, attacked Prof. William Fields + family seven years ago
    --Spider-Man#76 (76(fb)

SHOC (Neil Aiken) - Empire State University student, former understudy of peter parker, wore armor designed by father, assisted Spider-Man in battling crown, slaughtered and resurrected by the Hand.
    fly, project energy blasts, transmute matter, stretch, interface & control fields of energy
    - aka Todd Fields, Sub-dimensional Human-based Occultechnic Conduit *D/R* (OH: Spdm: BiB, ME-Sp, net/asg)--Spider-Man#76 (79, 80, Amazing Spider-Man I#423, S90, Wolverine III#26-28

SHOCK (Ariel Trennmore) - illegitimate daughter of Mr. Fear (Fagan), had his face cut off used to resynthesize a fear chemical variant
    transform into monstrous form, generate terror in others, razor sharp talons
    (app)—Daredevil I#314 (315(fb), 414/315(fb), 314, 315

SHOCK of Earth-148611 (Sally Gallagher) - Clinic group B

SHOCKER (Dalt Kendall) - fought Miss America, eaten by his pet eels
    electrical powers
and eel-like agility
    *D* (app)--Miss America#2 (
November, 1944);
    2 (dies)

SHOCKER (Herman Schultz) – Egghead + Dr. Octopus’ Masters of Evil, Sinister Syndicate, costumed criminal, former safecracker, designed vibration device while in prison, survived assassination attempt by Scourge of the Underworld-3, has used armor enhancements from the Tinkerer and served Lucia von Bardas
    wears wrist weapons to generate intense vibrations and increase force of blows
    (M, OH: Spdm2004, Secret War#4, MESp, net)—Amazing Spider-Man I#46 (46(fb), 46, 72, 151, Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Poison in my Soul, Avengers I#228, Web of Spider-Man#10, Spectacular Spider-Man II#157, Amz335, Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#1-3, Amz364, Spider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Man's Amazing Friends#1, Guardians of the Galaxy#28,29, Captain America I#411-413,[414], Marvel Comics Presents#97/4, Spider-Man Unlimited#9, Spider-Man#83, 85-87, 91, Hood#2-6, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#51, 52, Secret War#3-5, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6, 10-11, [12?], [Spider-Man Unlimited II#7/2], New Thunderbolts#7-8, Gravity#4, Spider-Man Unlimited II#12, Young Avengers Special#1 (fb), Underworld#3, 4-5, Amazing Spider-Man#533, Punisher War Journal II#4, She-Hulk II#17, Avengers: The Initiative#3, Amazing Spider-Man Family#2

    (D#8, app)--Captain America Annual#4 ([4(fb)], 4, Defenders I#78-80, 83, 87(fb), 87, 125(fb), 125-126, 128-130, Captain America I#426(fb)-->Paralyzer (Cap343, 346, 368, Midnight Sons Unlimited#3(fb), 3).
    New Warriors II#6, X-Men II#132, UX442-443, Excalibur III#2

SHOCKER SIX-SIX-SIX ( ) - Shockers, master warrior, defeated by Daredevil
    --Marvel Knights II#6

SHOCKERS (666) - agents of Brothers Grace
    --Marvel Knights II#2 (3-6

SHOCK HOWITZER - powerful cannon, carried on Deviant raiding crafts
    --Eternals I#3

SHOCKJOCK (Kenneth Sjolin) - super-villain, robbed horse races, defeated by Thing & Lockjaw
    --Thing II#4

SHOCKMAN (    ) - Gladiators, informed Hugo Longride of Beast's snooping, stunned Beast with electrical charge so he could be drugged to battle in the Arena
    (app-gladiators)--Beauty and the Beast#3

SHOCK PISTOL - handgun used by Zakka against Karkas, injured him, but did no permanent damage
    --Eternals Annual#1

SHOCK TROOP (Blazing Skull, Dr. Druid, N’Kantu, Shadowoman)
    - group of occult investigators organized by Dr. Druid
    (app)--Quasar#45 ([Secret Defenders#15(fb)], Quas45,46, 50

SHOCKWAVE (Lancaster Sneed) – former agent of MI-6 + Oriental Expediters limited + Golden Dagger Sect + SHIELD Deltites + Crimson Cowl (Hammer)’s Masters of Evil, former ally of Zaran + Razor-Fist + Fah Lo Suee + Tarrant/Griswold + Fu Manchu + Brynocki, nephew of Sir Denis Nayland Smith, former carnival performer, body rebuilt using metal plates after injured in explosion in North Africa
    wears exoskeleton, enhanced strength, generate electric shock on contact
    (M, CWBDR, app)--Master of Kung Fu I#42 (42(fb), 75(fb), [42(fb)], 42-45, 75(fb), [71],72-75, West Coast Avengers II#11, Captain America I#411-413,[414], Spider-Man#81, Heroes for Hire#4, Thunderbolts I#33(fb) 24,25, JLA/Avengers#4, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb)/4(fb), [Union Jack II#1], 2, Heroes for Hire II#1, New Avengers#35, Amazing Spider-Man#552, Invincible Iron Man#12

SHOCKWAVE of Earth-148611 - see LING, KATHY (psif#21)--PsiForce(nu)#

SHOCKWAVE RIDER - experimental vehicle stolen from HATE by the Nextwave when they learned of HATE's connection to the Beyond

SHOCKWAVE RIDERS (Farahd, Gethrin) - Neo, attacked X-Men in Venice.
    Ride skimmers controlled by thought
    --Uncanny X-Men#381 (382, 383

SHODINI - magician, brought shadow to life
    --Tales of Suspense I#10

SHOGUN - Scimitar, contained soul fragment of Logan, used to slay Azir and then Wolverine in hopes of permanently killing Wolverine
    --Wolverine III#57 (60-61

SHOGUN of Earth-93060 - leader of Shogunate, combined science and mysticism for power, manipulated Prime and Arena to gain access to Hiruko, killed by Hiruko
    *D* -Prime II#5

SHOGUNATE of Earth-93060 - private organization of scientists and mystics, used Arena and Prime to gain access to Hiruko, led by Shogun
    --Prime II#5

SHOGUN WARRIORS (Combatra, Danguard Ace, Raydeen) - immense robots designed by Followers of Light to defend Earth from Myndai, later cannibalized and destroyed by Samurai Destroyer
    *D*--Shogun Warriors#1 (2-20, Fantastic Four I#226(fb,d))

SHOKKOTH of the Hyborian era - sorcerous creature, created or summoned by Zoqquanor,
    rock-like form
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#46

SHOLO the elder of the Hyborian era - brother of lion slain by tribesmen, adoptive brother of the youth who would become Amra
    --Conan the Barbarian I#62

SHOLO the younger of the Hyborian era - son of Sholo the elder, companion of Amra
    --Conan the Barbarian I#61 (62-63

SHOMBAY - Wakandan, slain during Skrull invasion
    *D*--Black Panther IV#40 (40d)

SHON of the Hyborian era - Cimmerian, son of Liam, joined Conan on quest to stop Kulan Gath + Vammatar from raising Shuma-Gorath
    --Conan the Barbarian I#259 (260

SHOOTER ( ) - criminal, wore guns on hands, attempted to kill Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) + Daredevil for Kingpin
    (app)--Daredevil I#354

SHOOTER ( ) - ally of Cargo + Geronimo Crow + Hardwire. female
    --Wolverine II#154 (155

SHOOTER, SHANE - Los Angeles gang leader, mutant, went on a date with Jubilee, helped against an attack by the Triads
    --Jubilee#3( 4-6

SHOOTER of Earth-148611 (Vincent Sahno) - Paranormal Platoon

SHOOTING STAR (Victoria Star) - Rangers, costumes and weapons financed by father.
    athlete, skilled fighter, marksman, and equestrian, uses six-shooters outfitted with seemingly limitless supply of stun pellets, boots enable her to maintain position in texas twister’s cyclones
    (I#10,D#11,net)--Incredible Hulk II#265 (Solo Avengers#18(fb), Hulk265, 279?, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], West Coast Avengers II#8, Solo Avengers#18, Marvel Comics Presents#45/4, Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary#4, Thunderbolts#57

SHOOTING STAR of Earth-Big Town - X-Squad
    --Fantastic Four: Big Town#1 (4

SHORE, MARTY - gangster, employed Mike Quilligan, temporarily blinded the Angel (Thomas Halloway) with chemical
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#76 (September, 1946)

SHORE, SKINEE - murderer of college coeds
    --Tomb of Dracula I#13

SHORN, HAGAS of the Hyborian era - father of Larna, crushed by the Drought-Monster
    --Savage Sword of Conan#72

SHORN, LARNA/GINA of the Hyborian era - daughter of Hagas, rescued from her crushed house by Conan, traveled to Rhoulan, enslaved by Bayla, freed Conan upon his capture
    --Savage Sword of Conan#72

SHORR, Mrs. - mother of Kelsey Leigh/Captain Britain, came to USA/Avengers Mansion to raise children due to lack of income
    --Avengers III#81 (82, 83

SHORR, JACQUELINE - insane woman, own child died, claimed to be mother of orphans, then kidnapped and imprisoned them in storage room until they died, kidnapped rick jones, stabbed marlo chandler, imprisoned, inadvertently released when paperwork switched with another patient, killed Lorraine after she briefly returned to life, crippled in fall from a balcony after encounter with Moondragon
    (app)--[Incredible Hulk II#388], (voice) 390, (seen) #391 ([3__(fb)], [388], 390, 391, 395-398, 399(fb), [Captain Marvel V#25(fb)], 23, 28-30, 32,33

SHORT-CIRCUIT - Lilin, grandson of Lilith
    (app)--Nightstalkers#12 (13

SHORT-CIRCUIT (Henry Wallinger) - mutant, mentally challenged, rescued from Weisman Institute and used by Reignfire and Locus
    shut down powers of other mutants
    --X-Force#79 (80

SHORT DOG (    ) - drug dealer, assaulted by Monique after threatening her daughter
    --[She-Hulk II#29] ([29 (fb)]

SHORT-FUSE ( ) – "Rejects", agent of Arcade
    (net)--Northstar#3 (4

SHORT FUSE 8162 ( ; ) - diminutive assassin, worked for Dead Cert
    --Death's Head I#5

    (app-swampcity)--Howard the Duck II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

SHORTPACK ( ) - mutant, agent of Forge, served as contact person for Mystique in Cuba.
    several inches tall
    -- Mystique#3 (20(fb), 3,4, 6, 7-10, 13, 14-18, 19-24

    former truck-stop owned by u.s. Archer and adoptive family, sought by Clutch, Grab, & LaGreed, brought into space by Aliens to form Starstop
    (app-ss)--U.S. One#1 (1(fb), 1-12

SHORTY - henchman of the Six Big Men
    --Marvel Comics #1

SHOSAN, SUZUKI of Earth-Nightside - trained Sydney in the martial arts, former samurai, possessor of the Lost Treasures of Tao, employed Sydney to recover them

SHOSEI ORDER (Mana and ancestors, Amiko Kobayashi; formerly Hana) - ancient order that protected Japan from mystic threats
    (app-mana)--Wolverine: Soultaker#2 (3 (fb), 2-3

SHOT (  ) - Shadowforce Alpha, twin brother of Shell , possibly Russian
    skilled combatant, launched ammo loaded by Shell, wears monocle-like targeting device
    (app-shadowforce alpha)--Amazing Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1/3 (Spectacular Spider-Man? Super-Size Special#1/3

SHOTGUN (Zeke Sallinger) - Harriers
    (M-har)--Wolverine II#5 (Uncanny X-Men#261

SHOTGUN (J.R. Walker) – mercenary/assassin, government agent, bm, dreadlocks, employed by Skip Ash to recover Number Nine.
    skilled with many weapons and forms of combat
    (M)—Daredevil I#272 (273, Punisher War Zone#2-6, Punisher War Journal#80, Spider-Man Annual 1997, Amazing Spider-Man I#432, Spider-Man#89, Spectacular Spider-Man II#255, Daredevil II#28

SHOTZ BEER - Thing's favorite beer
    --Avengers I#151 (Avengers III#10

SHOU LAO - see SHOU-LAO (app)--Marvel Premiere#16

SHOU-HSING - Chinese god of immortality/longevity/stars/time, advisor to Yu-Huang, part of Council of Godheads convened to deal with Akhenaten
    (app)--Marvel Universe: The End#2 ([5,6], Incredible Hercules#116-117

SHOU-LAO - see SHOU-HSING (app)-- Marvel Universe: The End#2

SHOU-LAO the UNDYING - native of K'un-Lun, married then abandoned daughter of the Dragon King, transformed into fire breathing serpent by Chiantang, kept heart separate from body, killed when part that absorbed energy from heart was covered, power empowered Iron Fist after killed by him
    *D* (app)--Marvel Premiere#16 ([Black Panther III#40]/Power Man/Iron Fist#119(fb), 75(fb), Iron Fist II#2(fb)?, Master of Kung Fu Annual#1 (fb)?, Marvel Team-Up I#64(fb), MarvPrem16(fb,d)

SHOU-SHEN - see SHOU-HSING (app)-- Marvel Universe: The End#2

SHOU-XING - see SHOU-HSING (app)-- Marvel Universe: The End#2

SHOWCASE - agent of Shadowbase
    --Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadowgame#1 (2,3

SHOWER - X-Babies, counterpart to Storm
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual#12, (named) XBabies#1 (Uncanny X-Men An12, XBabies, XBabies Reborn, X-Men Unlimited#37

    (app-tek)--Genetix2 (3-6

SHRAPNEL - Sentinel Squad ONE
    , Civil War X-Men

SHRAPNEL of Earth-148611 (Leland Sharp) - Clinic

SHRECK of Earth-Shadowline - see TERROR.
    formerly employed by Ravenscore
    (app)--St. George#2 (Critical Mass#5/2, Critical Mass#1/2 (fb), St. George#2, Dr. Zero#5, St.George#4,6,7, Critical Mass#1/2, 2, 3/2, [4], 5/1, 7/3

SHRECK, DHEILIUS of Earth-Hercules - see LAST DISCIPLE of THANOS (app)--Hercules II#3

SHRECKENADDER, LUCRE - director of fear movies via Lucre Films Studio, twin brother of Exile, partner of Nightmare, owner of Club Fear, inventor of the Nightmare Chairs, soul snatched by Exile, body left on display of Club Fear
    (app)--Nightmare#1 (1(fb), 2(fb), 4(fb), 1+2(fb), 1-4

SHREDDER ( ) - assassin, old enemy of Wolverine, sent by Harry Galvano to kill Sid + Whitie when they stole from him, hand cut off by Wolverine and then possibly killed by a mountain lion
    (app)--Hulk/Wolverine: Six Hours#2 ([2 (fb) / 3 (fb) / 4 (fb)], 2-4

SHREEL - Stenth, Squalor Dweller, led revolt against Flarn’s City-Keepers, killed when they blew up his bomb
    *D* (app-stenth)--Inhumans I#7

SHREEN - Heaven, cloud-lands, went after thorn, killed herself to repay Star-Lord for saving her life
    *D*--Marvel Spotlight II#7

SHREEVES, - student, helped Brandon Hardy harass Andrew Palmer
    --Angel: Revelations#2 (2008)

SHREW (Marilyn Maycroft) - formerly of Hell's Belles, protected from them by X-Factor after she quit
    transform into rodent-like form, sharp claws, superhuman strength + speed + agility + endurance + reflexes + senses
    (app)--[X-Factor I#79],80 (81

SHREW ( ) - Warpies, Advocates,
    female, red hair, sharp claws, black + red costume, superhuman reflexes, haggard + worn appearances
    --[Excalibur I#61],62

SHRIBE - Stenth, Demon Rebel, advisor to Warkon
    (app-stenth)--Inhumans I#8

SHRIEK (Francis Louise Barrison) - ally of Carnage, former inmate at Ravencroft,
    project scream that mentally imbalances others
    (1990s, app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#1 (Web of Spider-Man#101,Amazing Spider-Man I#378,Spider-Man#35,Spectacular Spider-Man II#201, Web102, Amz379, S36, Spec202,W103,A380,S37,Spec203, Web An10, A390-393, W117,Spec223,A403, Spec241, Amazing Spider-Man#552

SHRIEK 2099 - addictive drug
    --X-Men 2099#17

SHRIEKERS (Razor) - band, framed for stealing from Restwell Nursing Home by Rodney, exposed by May Parker
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#220/2

SHRIEQUENCER - designed by Hesperus Chadwick for the Secret Empire
    Uses ultrasonic vibrations to cause the destruction of the cardiovascular system in order to destroy the inhabitants of major cities to allow for the takeover of the Elite

SHRIKE (Jorge Moat) - agent of Mr. Fish
    ( Man#29

    --Warheads: Black Dawn#1 (2

SHRIKE (        ) - Contingency.
    full face mask
    --Wolverine/Captain America#1 (2-4

SHRIKER (Jack D'Auria) - enemy of Hellgate, former close friend to Dan Ketch, former parking garage attendant and college student, persuaded to assist Ghost Rider/Ketch by Caretaker
    skilled martial artist
    --Ghost Rider III#52 (56, 58,59, 61, 63, [79]

SHRILL - sorceress, linked to Soulsword
    (app)--Excalibur I#83 (84,85

SHRINE ( ) - black air,
    *D*--Excalibur I#90d

SHRINE 8162 (Clarity, Fury, Industry, Strength, Temperance, Vigilance)
    --Dragon's Claws#6 ( 10

SHRINE OF RANDAC - Attilan, location of Black Bolt and Medusa's wedding
    --Fantastic Four Annual #18

SHROUD (Maximillian Quincy Coleridge) - studied under cult of kali, blinded by branding of face, gained ability to manipulate darkforce by energy from red skull’s hypno-ray, infiltrated west coast mobs to destroy them from within, ally of cat and mouse, led Nightshift until they learned he was not a criminal, arrested for resisting the Super Hero Registration Act
    project total darkness, extrasensory perceptions, skilled fighter
    -MASTER OF DARKNESS, Hand of Darkness (I#10, D#11, M, AZU#4, CWBDR, net)--Super-Villain Team-Up#5 (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#14/3(fb), SVTU#7(fb), 5-12, Spider-Woman I#13-15, Marvel Preview#21, Marvel Team-Up I#94, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions I#1,[2,3], SpWm50, Avengers I#240(fb),240,241, Dr. Strange II#67, West Coast Avengers I#1, West Coast Avengers II#3,4, Captain America I#330,331, Solo Avengers#3, WCA29, SoloAv9, WCA40, Marvel Comics Presents#87/4, Spec207,208, Shroud#1-4, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#14/3, Ms. Marvel II#8 (fb), 6-8, Civil War#6-[7], Marvel Comics Present#6/4

SHROUD of CLEITO - magic item, burial robe of wife of Neptune, souls of all past + present + future kings of Atlantis are woven into it, temporarily contained a fragment of the nexus of realities
    —Man-Thing III#7

SHROUD GUN - deviant weapon, ensnares target in a blanket-like cloth
    --Eternals I#1 (Thor I#284

SHTICK of Earth-Power Pachyderms - Perfect Masters
    (app-pp)--Power Pachyderms#1

SHRUNKEN BONES (Dr. Jerold Morgan) - Headmen, attempted to create shrinking potion, succeeded only in shrinking his bones and muscle
    (I#5-headmen, U#3-head, Def2012-Morgan)--(g) World of Fantasy#11; Defenders I#21 (31-33, 35, Defenders Annual#1, Sensational She-Hulk #1-3, Web of Spider-Man#73, Marvel Comics Presents#97/4 , Defenders II#10(fb), 5, [8], 9, 10, Heroes for Hire II#6-8

SHRYNERS from OUTER SPACE of Reality-78423  - ancient extraterrestrial order, spend 51 weeks out of the year behaving normally, but go crazy on their one week summer vacation. Released in Cleveland, Ohio
    --[Howard the Duck dailies ()], Howard the Duck dailies (May 31, 1978)

SHU of the Hyborian era - Khitain king, signed peace treaty with Turan after met with Conan
    --The Curse of the Monolith; Savage Sword of Conan#33

SHU - Ennead, invoked by Ashake
    --OHotMU I#5? ([Mystic Arcana#1/2]

SHUDDERBUG of Earth-148611 (Rudy Leialoha) - justice department.
    Generate minor tremors
    (app)--Justice (nu)#26 (28, 29-32

SHUDO of Earth-928 @ 2099 AD - Stark-Fujikawa, assistant to Hikaru-Sama
    --Fantastic Four 2099#1 (2, 3

SHU HAN - see HAN, SHU (app)--Avengers I#204

SHU-HU - see the ONE. K'un-Lun robot, fought Iron Fist
    <Lightning> *Des*--Marvel Premiere I#15

SHUI-BIAN, CHEN - president of the Republic of China (aka Taiwan) from 2000-2008.  The communist military leaders who meet with Mandarin mention him and his refusal to allow Taiwan to become part of the People's Republic as part of their pitch to get the Mandarin to back the Communist Chinese regime.
    --Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin#1 (2007)

SHULK of Earth-Dystopia (Jennifer Walters) - former lover of Abomination of that time, imprisoned for years by Maestro, traveled to past w/ Kaspin, killed by Kaplin to prevent her from killing Betty 6’s baby
    *D* (app)--Abominations#1 (2,3d)

SHUMA-GORATH – extradimensional demon over 20000 years old, enslaved portion of Earth in millennia prior to rise of Atlantis, imprisoned within Mount of Crom by shaman using iron bound books, freed by Hobb under his influence, slew Kulan Gath & Vammatar, forced back into Mount by Conan using the same books, attempted to conquer Earth in the modern era, trapped in the mind of the Ancient One.
    enormous tentacled creature
    HE WHO SLEEPS,BUT SHALL AWAKE (OH: Hor, app)--["The Curse of the Golden Skull", Marvel Premiere#3, (named) 5], 10 (MarvPrem14(fb),  Conan the Barbarian I#260(fb), [252-258], 259, 260, [MarvPrem3-9],10, Strange Tales II#1/2-12/2], 13/2, 14/2, Fantastic Four I#314, Fantastic Four Annual#27/3, Marvel Knights 4#26-27, Captain Britain and MI13#3-4
    "Iron Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath"--Curse of the Golden Skull

SHUMAI - yakuza, bodyguard of Shigematsu
    --Kitty Pryde/Wolverine#1 (2,3,6

SHUMBALLA of the Hyborian era - Kothian woman-warrior, agent of Rammon and son, killed fighting Azoth
    *D* (app-azoth)—Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan: Horn of Azoth

SHUMIR of the Hyborian era - city-state of Shem, worshipped Bel
    --Cimmeria book

SHUNLEEN race (Rava) – some were former prisoners of the Marauder, planet later consumed by Galactus, prisoners freed by Silver Surfer.
    human form, empathic powers
    --Marvel Comics Presents#51/4

SHUNLEENS - extradimensional race-<Shenarians?>
    --Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #16?

SHU-ONORU - Stygian sorcerer of the Black Ring,former master of Zula, used demon Helgor, assisted Katuman, slain by Zula
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#85 (85(fb), 247, 248d)

SHURI (    ) - Wakandan, ?sister? of Black Panther, WTF
    --Black Panther IV#2 (4-6, 10, 18, 20 (fb), 26-27, 35-38, 39, [40], 41

SHURIKEN of Earth-93060 (Brittany Chien) - Aladdin, Exiles-Warstrike
    --Curse of Rune1 (2,3
    Ultraforce I#6, Ultraforce II#13, Angels of Destructions#1/3

SHUSTER, JOHNNY - robot under MODOT's control, acted as TV personality
    --[Howard the Duck IV#1]

    --USA Comics#15 ()

SHUT-EYE (    ) - @ 1946, agent of ISBISA, impersonated actors to try to steal never-recovered gold from old train robbery, foiled by Whizzer
    (app-isbisa)--All-Winners Comics#19


SHYLA ?? - Locust Project, daughter of Ambrose, Captain of the Guard, slew Ambrose and took over Project, escaped from Human Torch
    --Human Torch II#7 (8-10

SHYM'R - kree resistance front
    --X-Men Unlimited#5 (Captain Marvel IV#4t

SHY’THARRA – Shiar warrior, sent as part of the Shiar/Xandarian Alliance along with Fath’raj + Kre’shje to determine if Nova was worthy of the powers and title of Centurion Prime
    --Nova II#1

SHZZZLLZZZTHZZ - see BLIP (app-blip race)--Tales to Astonish I#15

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