SISE-NEG - traveled back to dawn of time, accumulating all mystic power in the universe, recreated timestream exactly as it had been
    - GENESIS, Cagliostro imposter* (M, app)--Marvel Premiere#13 (13 (fb), Avengers: Loki Unleashed#1, [12], 13-14

SISIUTL - apparently mystic force, being, location, etc. assciated with STAFF of SISIUTL
    --[Alpha Flight I#88]

SISSY ?? - Piranha Tots

SISTER AGONY - see SLASH--Captain America I#294 ( 301->slash)

SISTER ANGELIQUE - @ World War II, provided asylum to both the Deadly Dozen and Nazis
    (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#7 (7(fb), 7

SISTER ANNE - nun at the Clinton Mission shelter, slain by Bullseye
    *D* (app)--Daredevil II#5

SISTER AUGMENTOID (Yalda) - Descendants, mother of Parvez, slain and revived as Adaptoid by Father. Absorb various forms of energy and later release in explosive form.
Secret Avengers#22 (April, 2012)

SISTER BONITA - Dark Sisterhood, mutant, teenage runaway, failed to slay Cable, sought Asylum from Dark Mother’s punishment, found + killed by her
    *D*--Cable II#89 (90(fb), 89, 90d

SISTER CELESTIA ( Denton) - mother of Barbara Norriss, former wife of Al Denton, killed in car accident but offered by the Undying Ones a chance to regain her life and beauty, joined Cult of the Nameless One, aided van Nyborg in plot to bring the Undying Ones to Earth, crumbled to dust after the Thing smashed the harmonica
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One I#6, (true form) Defenders I#20 ([Def#21 (fb), 20 (fb), Incredible Hulk II#125-126, Def#1-4], MTIO#6, [7],

SISTER CHRISTINA - see CHRISTINA (app-twist)--Vampire Tales#2/8

SISTER DEATH - see TORSO—Captain America I#294 ( 301->torso)

SISTER DEBBI of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Debra ) - Sisters of Howling Commandments, young, killed by Atlanteans

SISTER DREAM - see HOODWINK—Captain America I#294 ( 301->hoodwink)

SISTER EINSTEIN of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - Sisters of Howling Commandments
    *D*--X-Nation#3 (4d)

SISTER EUCALYPTA – robot agent of Ultron, posed as a nun, beheaded by Ms. Marvel
    (app)--Avengers I#171

SISTER GAIA of Earth-9111 - Captain Britain Corps, from a world where it is an offense to harm flowers
    --Excalibur I#44

SISTER GLADIOLA - night people of zero street
    (app-np)--Captain America I#201

SISTER GRIMM (Nico Minoru) – Runaways, daughter of members of the Pride, 16 years old; catalog of correspondences-->Chthon
    summon magical Staff of One from within her body, can perform any spell, but only do it once
    (OH: Women)--Runaways#1, (Sister) #6 (17(fb), 1-10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15-17, [18(fb)], 18

SISTER HELEN - teacher at Our Lady of Hope
    (app-hogman)--Daredevil I#183

SISTER JUDE (    ) - part of the convent briefly taken over by Ultron
    (app)--Avengers I#172

SISTER KATRINA (Katrina Marino) - young novitiate acolyte of Vatican, assisted Gambit and Arielle against Olivier Stoker
    --Gambit II#1 (2-4

SISTER LUCIA of Earth-928 circa 2099 (Corinthia de Lucia) - Sisterhood of Tears, transformed Lachryma
    --2099 Unlimited#4 (4(fb)

SISTER LUKE - cared for young Maddy Pryor (not the Goblin Queen)
    (app)--Avengers Annual#10

SISTER MAGGIE (Grace Murdock) - Daredevil's mother, widow of battling Jack Murdock, became a nun after leaving Jack
    (MKE, app)—Daredevil I#229 (Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#1 (fb), Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#3 (fb), Daredevil: Man without Fear#1, DD229, 230, 233, 267, [295], 380, 325, 348,349, Punisher III#18, DD375, Daredevil II#4,5,8

SISTER MAGGIE of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - Sisters of Howling Commandments
    --X-Men 2099#26 (27

SISTER MARIA (Maria De La Joya) - ally of the Magneto clone Joseph
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men I#327

SISTER NICHOLAS of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Nicholas Bridge) - Sisters of Howling Commandments, killed by Attuma's shark troops
    *D*--X-Nation#1 (XM#30, XN#1-5d)

    (Mystic Arcana)--Dr. Strange III#60 (63, 66, An4, Midnight Sons Unlimited#6, Doc III#67,71-75,79

SISTER OTTER - spirit totem, on the Catalogue of Correspondences associated with Set and water signs
    --[Marvel Tarot#1]

SISTER PERPETUA ("Nicola") - component of Idris, seemed to be a mutant nun, had memories that her eeyelids cut off as a youth by her father when she fell asleep in church, gouged out own eyes when powers surfaced in effort to stop visions;
    accompanied Nate Grey to Earth-253, merged with Nicola Zeitgeist and Hassan, ultimately chose to have Nate erase her memories so she could live in peace on Earth
    formerly could see into alternate realities
    (app-sisterperpetua)--X-Man#71 (72-74

SISTER PLEASURE - see RAUNCH—Captain America I#294 ( 301->raunch)

SISTER ROSE of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - Sisters of Howling Commandments
    *D*--X-Nation#2 (3d)

SISTER SAINT ( Saint) - Demon-Fire, mother of Amanda Saint
    *D* (app)--Vampire Tales#4d

SISTER SALVATION ( Caridad) - native of Tierra Verde, widow of Felix Guillermo Caridad, mother of Paolo, fled to church after felt husband had become corrupt, served in jungle mission until caridad blew it up and forced her to return to his side by denying her access to paolo, helped roughouse recover from coccaine associated with spore, possibly exhausted powers destroying spore.
    heal + remove pain on contact
    (app-spor)--Wolverine II#18(19-23

SISTER SAMSON of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - Sisters of the Howling Commandments, killed by Attuma
    *D*--X-Nation#3 (4d)

    Legion of light, tempered actions of Brother Power. Release energy blasts when in contact with him
    (app-bp)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#12 (13(fb), 12(fb), 12-15->sha-shan)

SISTER S'VEER - dump counterpart of Id-Sister

    ID used while brainwashed by Night People of Zero Street
    (app-np)--Captain America I#202 (203, Marvel Team-Up I#52, [Cap204]

SISTER SWEET ( ) - Night People of Zerotown
    (app-np)--Captain America I#418

SISTER THERESA - nun at the Clinton Mission shelter, slain by Bullseye
    *D* (app)--Daredevil II#5

SISTER URSULA ( ) - werewolf, daughter of mother superior of convent of St. Agnes in New Orleans, imprisoned by convent, briefly broke free + slew several victims, inadvertently freed by Spider-Woman, shot with silver bullet by Jonah Jameson. wf, blond
    (app)--Spider-Woman III#12 (13

SISTER VOODOO (Vanna Black) - parody/"long lost sister" of Brother Voodoo, partnered with him, mother of Voodoo Chile.
    no real powers, but looked pretty sweet in the costume
    --Marvel Age Annual#3

SISTER WANDA of Earth-311 - counterpart of Scarlet Witch

SISTER WHISPER of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD - Sisters of the Howling Commandments
    - see WHISPER 2099—X-Nation#3, 4(named) (5

SISTERHOOD of Earth-8009 (Avela, Nella, Thundra +daughter)
    --Marvel Two-In-One I#67
    Hulk: Raging Thunder#1 (1 (fb)

SISTERHOOD of ASKANI of Earth-4935 (Madame Sanctity, Aliya)
    - based on teachings of Rachel Summers
    --Askani’son#1 (2-4

SISTERHOOD of the BADOON - see BADOON SISTERHOOD (app-bs)--Defenders I#27

SISTERHOOD of DANU of the Hyborian era (Siobahn Laucline) - worshipped Gaea
    --Conan the Savage#5 (6

SISTERHOOD of ISHTAR (Indries Moomji, Friska(psychic)) - freelance espionage group, based in desert fortress
    DAUGHTERS of ISHTAR--Iron Man I#173 (176

SISTERHOOD of TEARS Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Sister Lucia, Lachryma) - vampires of 2099
    --2099 Unlimited#4

SISTERHOOD of the WASP (Vincent, Thomas Banner, Sam)
    - cult, rivals of the Spider Society, employed Amun as assassin
    --Amazing Fantasy II#1, 3 (Arana#5(fb), AF#1, 3, 4, 6, Arana: Heart of the Spider#1-6, 7-12, Spider-Man & Araņa Special: The Hunter Revealed#1

SISTERS of GLASTONBURY TOR - a mystic sisterhood that had cared for the gravely wounded King Arthur Pendragon after his final battle with his nemesis, Mordred. The Sisters instructed Topaz in the use of her great powers
    --[Strange Tales II#11/2], (
identified) [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Update'89 #7] ([Strange Tales II#11/2(fb)]

SISTERS of GRACE ("Carol," Jessie, "Melinda," "Sherril," "Stephanie)
    - mercenaries and/or agents of Mys-Tech
    (app)--Black Axe#1 (2(fb), [3(fb)]

SISTERS of the HOWLING COMMANDMENTS 2099 (Maggie, Nicholas, Rose, Debbi, Einstein, Samson, Whisper, Tomalyn Innocenzi)
    - halo city
    --X-Men 2099#26 (27, X-Nation 2099#1, XM30, XN#2-4

SISTERS of the NEW LIGHT (    ) - Western Texas-based would-be witches, conducted a ceremony to summon Gaea to cleanse the Earth, mocked by Selen who demonstrated her true power to them
    (app)--X-Force I#75

SISTERS of SIN (Hoodwink, Raunch, Sin, Slash, Torso) - daughter of Red Skull (Shmidt) and four other orphan girls, mutated and artificially aged to adulthood by Red Skull’s scientists, regressed to youth by process that reversed aging of Captain America, later allied with Mother Superior at Camp Rage
    --Captain America I#294 (
    301, 355-357, I (heart) Marvel: Outlaw Romance#1

SISYPHUS - prisoner of Tartarus, continually pushes rock to the top of a hill, only to have it roll back to the bottom each time; son of Thessalian King Aeolus; biological father of Odysseus
    (app-tartarus)—Thor Annual#19

SITA of Earth-691 - younger daughter of Stakar + Aleta, aged + empowered + used as a pawn by Ogord, powers consumed her
    *D* (app-star’s kids)--Marvel Presents I#4 (9-11d)

SITES, C. THOMAS - @ World War II, Daily Bugle reporter, husband of Helen, wrote anti-war articles; traveled with the Howling Commandos for a time, after which he accepted that sometimes war was necessary
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#110

SITES, HELEN - @ World War II, wife of C. Thomas
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#110

SITKA, SUNNY – secretary + agent of Rosalind Sharpe
    --Daredevil I#356 (360-362, 367, Daredevil/Deadpool Annual 1997

SITTER of Earth-57780 ( ) - man disguised as female babysitter to rob houses, stopped by Spider-Man
    (app)--Spidey Super Stories#13/2

SITTING BULLSEYE (Olivier Bedwette) - Band of the Bland
    (app)—Marvel Treasury Edition #12

SITWELL, COLIN - Jasper's father

SITWELL, GREGORY - Jasper's brother

SITWELL, JASON - Jasper's paternal grandfather

    (SecWar, IM)--Strange Tales I#144 (
    Marvel Team-Up I#83, [Avengers I#231], Iron Man I#174, Secret War#1 (fb), 2/2 (fb), [Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury(fb)], Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury, Secret War#5/2, Punisher War Journal II#1, [5], 6 (fb)

SITWELL, SALLY - Jasper's mother

6-BALL (    ) - 8-Ball's gang
    (app-8ball)--[Sleepwalker#1], 2

SIX ( ) - Freaks, six arms, posed as man-spider in circus
    AMAZING SIX-ARMED SPIDER-MAN* (app-freaks)--Marvel Team-Up I#91 ([91(fb)], 91, Marvel Tales#256/2

SIX of Earth-1298 (Bloodstorm, Brute, the Fallen, Havok, Iceman, Marvel Woman, Captain America, Gambit)
    group of mutants separate from x-men
    --Mutant X#1 (2-8, Mutant X Annual 1999, MutX#9,10-12, 15,16, 18, 19,21

SIX of Earth-Seeker 3000 (Overlord and the ruler of the five continents of Earth) - intended to escape Earth aboard the Seeker 3000, but left behind when Jordan Shaw led the crew to mutiny
    (app-seeker)--Marvel Premiere#41

SIX, TANNAN of ?Earth-8710? - 26th century Avengers
    (app-avengers13519)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Avengers: Defenders of the Galaxy

SIX-BALL - see 6-BALL (app-8ball)--[Sleepwalker#1], 2

SIX BIG MEN (Dutch Hansen, Trigger Bolo, Mike Malone, Gus Ronson, John Dillon, Steve Enkel)
    - protection racket gang run by Dr. Lang; hunted down by the Angel, nearly all killed
    --Marvel Comics#1

SIX-FINGERED HAND (Avarrish, Fashima, Hyppokri, Maya, Puishannt, Unnthinnk)
    - league of lesser demons, pawns of Mephisto
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--[Defenders I#93], 94 ([99(fb)], 93-100

SIX-FINGERED SOAPY (    ) - circa 1921, part of Mystique's Kansas City criminal gang, killed by police during bank robbery after betrayed by Logan & Mystique
    *D*--Wolverine III#63 (63 -65 (fb, dies)

SIX MILLION YEAR MAN - encountered Black Panther and Council of Antiquarians
    HATCH 22 (app)--Black Panther I#1 (2,3

SIX-PACK (G.W. Bridge, Cable, Domino, Grizzly, Hammer (Canty), Kane) -
    WILD PACK* (OH2006#10, net)--X-Force I#8

SIX PACK (Anaconda, Bridge, Constrictor, Domino, Hammer, Solo) - organized by Hammer to take down Cable, many convinced to defend Cable against attackers
    (OH2006#10)--Cable and Deadpool#7 (8-10, 11,12, 33-34

SIXTH dimension (Tiboro) - mystic realm, ruled by Tiboro
    (app-tib)--Strange Tales I#129/2

SIXTH dimension (race ("Monster at my Window") -
    --[Tales to Astonish I#34 ]

16 - Gene-Batch Warclone, agent of Imogen, killed by the animated surroundings on Azimuth's world
    *D* (app-imogen)--Century: Distant Sons

66 (    ) - see 99 (app-psigns)--Justice: Four Balance#1, (fully seen, identified) #3 ([3(fb)], 1, 3, [4]

66 BETA TAU - Kree colony world; assaulted by Shi'ar Battlegroup Nine
    (app)--[War of Kings#1]

SIXTY MILLION DOLLAR MAN of Earth-90632 (Johnson Cooper) - astronaut rebuilt as cyborg, controlled by Kevkorp
    --Tomorrow Knights#3

SIXTY SIX BRIDGES (Nigel Blacque, Kibuka) - New York gang, fronted by Grace & Tumault, kidnapped the Max Anthony to force his father, Lt. Sal Anthony, to work with them
    --Black Panther III#50, 51 (52-55, 59, 62, [Crew#1, 2, 3, 6], 7

66 LYCON - space sector? near Tarakis
    --[Nova IV#1]

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