SAL of Earth-Nightside - Others, Werewolf, usurped rule of Arlan Cyrus as part of the Five

SAL ?? - supporter of Jack Murdock's fighting career
    --Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#4 (4 (fb)

SAL ?? - see KENNEDY, SAL.--Iron Man IV#2

SALA - Korbinite, former lover of Ven, life force transferred into Meta-Orb
    --Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#2 (2(fb)

SALADIN - @ 12th century, Muslim warrior leader, ally of Black Knight (Garrington/Whitman) during Crusades, death ordered by King Richard in order to claim his land, Dane Whitman was able to force Eobar Garrington not to kill him in order to avoid altering the course of time. He then captured Garrington and held him prisoner for several weeks before ransoming him back to the Crusaders in shame
    (app)--Ideal II#4 (Black Knight Comics#2/4, 4/4, 5/4, [Marvel Fanfare I#52], Marvel Fanfare I#53, Marvel Comics Presents#73/3(fb)

SALAMANCA FEDERAL PRISON - maximum security, designed to hold superhumans
    --Daredevil vs. Punisher#4 (6

SALAMANDER (    ) - empowered by ??, attacked Aracely, battled Kaine
    fire powers
    --Scarlet Spider II#

SALAMANDER K'RUEL - agent of Killmonger.
    bumpy skin, covered with quills
    (app)--Jungle Action#15 (17

SALAMANDRA (    ) - Frightful Four, ex-wife of Wizard, mother of Cole
    energy powers
    -Dragon's Daughter, Fire Maiden
    --Fantastic Four III#85 ([85(fb)], 85-87

    --Silver Surfer III#35

    --Daredevil II#84

SALBATANU of the Hyborian era - monstrous son of princess Yolinda and the Ape Lord "Zekkir" who raped her while she was imprisoned by Rotath; twin brother of Zosara, dwelled in the pits of Kherepur, slain by Grimm's men
    *D* (app-yolinda)--Savage Sword of Conan#234/2 ([234/2 (fb) / 235/2 (fb)], 234/2, 235/2d)

SALE, Captain - procyonine (raccoonoid) alien, contended with Rocket (Raccoon)
    --Rocket Raccoon II#4, (identified) #11

SALEM, MIA - girlfriend of Electro, waitress
    --New Avengers#4

SALEM's SEVEN (Brutacus, Gazelle, Hydron, Reptilla, Thornn, Vakume, Vertigo)
    - children of Nicholas Scratch, grandchildren of Agatha Harkness, each born on July 7, each a year apart
    *D* (I#9, D#19, Mystic Arcana)--Fantastic Four I#186 ([Marvel Knights 4 #25(fb)], FF186,  Fantastic Four An14, F4#223, Vision & Scarlet Witch II# , Avengers Annual 2000, Marvel Knights 4 #25-27, 30

SALEMALL - Westchester New York
    --X-Men Unlimited II#11/2

SALES, KEN - Wright-Armstrong, agent of Mohammed Simensky, killed by Stealth
    --Hulk: Nightmerica#1, (last name) #6 (1, 4-6

SALETSKY, FRANK - pathologist, forced by Dracula to kill his partner Howard Nuissburg
    --Tomb of Dracula II#3

SALI - Clone Project, cloned repeatedly, clones went mad, only one survived destruction of the project
    --Cable II#102 (103, 104

SALIRANN - lion-like alien creatures able to track the mineral Casadrax; Lucifer of the Arcane trained a female to locate and retrieve a piece of the mineral in the Nameless Dimension
    --Captain America I#177

SALLEN BEI - Kree, drafted the record of the events of the Kree/Shi'ar war that was recovered by the future "Lunatic Legion"
    (app)--Avengers Strikefile#1

SALLY ?? - ex-girlfriend of Mop Man and Dallas Kerr
    (app-mop)--Marvel Comics Presents#64/2 (62/2(fb), 60/2-67/2

SALLY ?? - apparently hooked up with Johnny Dee, reported the monstrous creature on his chest to Bodie & Kirk who assaulted him
    (app-johnny dee)--Son of M#1

SALLY ANNE - see CARTER, SALLY ANNE--Black Widow IV#1 (3-6, Black Widow IV#2 (fb), 3-6

SALMON MONSTERS - normal salmon from Beaver Falls, Ontario, mutated by Dire Wraiths, fought Alpha Flight + Rom + Starshine, cured by Shaman, died from polluted waters
    superhuman strength, amphibious

SALMONS, RICHARD - Hellfire Club, saved Tommy from Marauders, killed by Marauders
    --Uncanny X-Men #210d

SALO, admiral - Annihilation Wave, led contingent utilizing the Harvester of Shadows, slain by Super-Skrull
    *D* (
Annihilation: Nova Files)--Annihilation: Super-Skrull#1 (3, 4d)

SALOMÉ (Semiramis) - sorceress, Fallen, enemy of the Blood, turned back on both groups, first sorcerer supreme on earth in eon's past, worshipped thousands of years ago in Assyria, exiled extradimensionally by, accessed via Nightmare dimension, battled Dr. Strange many times in his dreams and erased his memory prior to first physical encounter, temporarily replaced Dr. Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.
    manipulate elemental forces, dark skin, long grey hair, fangs, leathery wings
    (2006#9)--Marvel Comics Presents#146/3 (Dr. Strange III#61 (62-63?), Midnight Sons Unlimited#5, Nightstalkers#17-18, Doc64-66, Dr. Strange III An4, [Dr. Strange III#67], MCP162,163, Blade: Vampire Hunter I#4,5, Doc III#71-75

SALOME of the Hyborian era - descendent of original, sister of Taramis
    <image Savage Sword of Conan#29> (app)--A Witch shall be Born; Savage Sword of Conan#5 (5(fb), 5

SALOME - handmaiden of Venus, mythological figure

SALOME (    ) - Hellfire Club of San Francisco 1906; associate of Cornelius Shaw
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men#512

SALON.COM - website
    --Eternals III#1

SALS-BEK - Kree assassin
    --Inhumans II#1

SALT ( ) - warpies, advocates, white + flaky crystalline creature
    --[Excalibur I#61], 62

SALT ( ) - agent of Angel Face, partner of Pepper
    --Green Goblin#8 (11

SALT, HENRY - @ 1960, inventor, husband of Martha, used invention to prevent rain, destroying the Earth-Crawlers of Tutaku
    (app-earthcrawlers)--Journey into Mystery I#57/2

SALT, MARTHA - @ 1960, nagging wife of Henry
    (app-earthcrawlers)--Journey into Mystery I#57/2

"SALTY" the MAN-FISH of Earth-Crossover? - Pretorius' Hybrids
    (app-pretorius)--Generation X/Gen13#1

"SALTY KONG" - ape-armed salt shaker, agent of Bzzk'joh
    *D* (app-bj)--Howard the Duck I#22

SALTZ, Lt. ERIK - Hydra
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#27 (28,29, Nightstalkers#2

SALAVATION GENERATOR - creation of Harvey Jessup, intended to slow time within Central City, instead created the Exiles of Central City
    (app-greatcoordinator)--Fantastic Four I#294 (295(fb), 294, 295

SALVATION-ONE - robot by Henry Pym, programmed to attack avengers so that Yellowjacket could defeat him to redeem himself during his court-martial
    12' tall adamantium robot with hidden weak spot
    (app)—Avengers I#213

SALVATION SEED - spore of the Union, created by Owen Candler, who planned to use it to spread across earth and replace humanity.
    used to heal others as well as to create human simuloids
    —Hulk#4, 6(named) (6(fb), 4,6,7

SALVATORE of Earth-Hulk cartoon - ally of Quasimodo
    giant bat
    (app-quasimodo)--Hulk vs. Quasimodo#1

SALVO (Barrett Gage) - leader of war force

SALVO ( ) – Neo, killed by Magneto.
    transform body parts into guns, white hair
    --X-Men II#101, (named) 102 (106, 110/2d)

SALVO, EVERETT - Elektra's Ryu, killed by the Snakeroot
    No-Kajutski, master of fire and explosive
    *D* (app-ryu)--Elektra: Root of Evil#2 (3d)


SAM ?? - bowler, killed by Random Killers
    *D* (app-mrcode)--X-Statix#16 (16d)

SAM PARE - see SQUID BOY--Uncanny X-Men#410

SAM the CLAM ( ) - Baltimore narcotics officer, ally of Punisher (Frank Castle)
    --Punisher War Journal #54 (55,56

SAM (Connie Moore ) - Students Against Mutants
    --Cable II#92 (93

SAM ?? - Sisterhood of the Wasp

SAMA-D – extradimensional entity encountered by Silver Surfer in the Macroverse, trapped in Macroverse centuries ago, appears in form plucked from minds of those he is associating with
    —Silver Surfer III#141 (141(fb),141,142

SAMANTHA ?? - young New York girl, stole an apple from Lee, unaware that Lee was the N'Grith F'Adak, and that the apple was a K-23 grenade, saved by Black Panther
    (app-ngrith)--Marvel Fanfare I#60

SAMANTHA ?? - Piranha Tots, film maker, tried to convince Razor-Fist to just use terror films rather than actually hurting anyone
    --Toxin#5 (6

SAMANTHA ?? of Earth-93060 - Mantra Fan Club, Coven
    --Mantra I#21 (Mantra II#1

SAMAROBRYN - named as floating in the sky by Nostradamus
    --[Avengers I#210]

SAMAROBRYN - orbiting weather station that gained intelligence and empowered the Weathermen; built by the Hate-Monger (Adolf Hitler clone), later used by Egghead and Weathermen, now utilized for scientific research.
    (app-weathermen)--Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #10; (Sam) 210 ( Thunderbolts#12

SAMAYA - Nova Corps, Centaurian, perished in the Annihilation Wave
    *D* --Annihilation: Prologue#1 (1d)

SAMBANA - South American god of rain, linked to Ruby of Sambana
    (app-ruby)--World of Fantasy#11/3

SAMBARΆ of the Hyborian era - tigress of Sahriana, killed by Conan went sent to slay a male infant
    --Savage Sword of Conan#62

SAME, PAUL - friend of Howard the Duck & Beverly Switzler, sleepwalker
    (app)--Howard the Duck I#4 (14, Howard the Duck Annual#1, Howard the Duck#15, 17, 24,25, 26, [27], 30,31, Howard the Duck II#1, 1/3, 2/2, 3, 4/2, 5, 5/2, 6

SAMEBITO - race of shark people empowered/transformed by worship of their dark god, called the Samebito by the Japanese; during WWII, the Samebito allied with the Thule Society and fought with the Atlanteans, including Namor. They flew on their ship, the Hell-carrier; in recent years encountered by Amadeus Cho, Power Man (Victor Alvarez), Spider-Girl (), Thunderstrike (Kevin Masterson), X-23 (Laura Kinney)
    --Fear Itself: The Home Front#5/2, 6/2 (identified) (6/2 (fb), 5/2-7/2

SAMEDAR, LORD- Shi'ar admiral, allied with Deathbird in plan to overthrow Lilandra and destroy Earth, murdered Araki, exposed and arrested
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men#154 (155-157

SAMHAIN - embodiment of spirit of All Hallow's Eve, connected to the Druid Tome
    --Vision & Scarlet Witch I#1 (Vision & Scarlet Witch II#5

SAMIRA - Sorceress of the Nile
    (app)--Killpower: The Early Years#1 (2,4

SAMMAEL - demon of Hell, engaged in chesslike game with Armaziel, which represented a literal struggle between the forces of Heaven and Hell
   (app-arm)--Hellstorm#7 ([7(fb)], [4(fb)], [4,5], 7

SAMMISH, ADRIAN - Commission on Superhuman Affairs, coordinator of field activities for Captain America (Walker) and Bucky (Hoskins).
    wm, balding, dark hair, moustache
    (app)—[Captain America I#331], 333, (named) #335 (331-335, 339, [344], 345,346, 247,348, 350, 352, 354, Punisher: No Escape

SAMMY ?? - Springdale, former agent of Bonehead

SAMMY ?? -
     --Big Hero Six#3 (2009)

SAMMY SAM - homeless man, friend of Sofia Mantega
    --New Warriors IV#1 (2

SAMPAT, SAMUEL J. - news producer, bought tape from Adrienne Frost about Emma's kidnapping
    --Emma Frost#10 (11

SAMPLE, Pvt. DONALD - Deadly Dozen, sacrificed self shielding others from grenade used to blow open a door to free his trapped unit
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#98 ([98(fb)], 98, Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#1(fb), 1, [3], Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#104, CKatDD#4, 6(fb), 6-7, [8], 9

SAMPO - Finnish realm?, created by Vainamoinen--not yet in MU

SAMSA - television character on Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D.; New York Police Department, transformed into human cockroach, continued to work as a cop
    Kylie Gagarin's parents were killed during the filming of an early episode
    --Ghost Rider 2099#8 (

SAMSON - Biblical figure

SAMSON (    ) - sadistic circus strongman; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Human Torch Comics#2 (Fall, 1940) - or possibly #1?

SAMSON - Morlock, survived Mutant Massacre, killed by Sabretooth.
    enormous size and strength, see infra-red, blind in daylight, grey-brown skin+hair
    *D*--New Mutants I#91d

SAMSON, LEO - psychiatrist, father of Doc Samson, treats Mallory Book
    --[She-Hulk II#29]

SAMSON, Dr. LEONARD – see DOC SAMSON* (ME)--Incredible Hulk I#141

SAMSON, Major - sent James Barnes to General Phillips for special training
    --Captain America#50 (2009) (Captain America and Bucky#620 (2011)

SAMSONOV, GRIGORI - Russian mobster, employed Firefox, sought the chemical missiles of Anatoly Krylenko
    --Hawkeye III#7 (8

SAMUEL J. SKRULL - Skrull adopted by the Impossible family
    --Summer Vacation Special#2

SAMUELS - Warheads

SAMUELS, - butler of Moon Knight
    --Marvel Spotlight I#28 (
    Moon Knight IV#2, Moon Knight V#3, Moon Knight VI#2, 5-6, 7, 17

SAMUELS, Col. RODERICK of Earth-93060 - former ally of Doc Gross, conducted experiments on Prime
    *D*--Prime I#5 (6-10d

SAMUELS, DWAYNE - security guard at Baxter Building
    --Fantastic Four I#278

SAMUELS, HOWARD - Guardsman, attacked by Mentallo during prison riot at the Vault
    --Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault

SAMUELS, SAMMY - agent of Janet Glass
    --Night Thrasher II#21

SAMUELSON, ARLO - developed serum enabling him to levitate himself and inanimate objects, briefly went mad with power until powers eliminated in battle with Miant-Man (Foster)
    -Air-Walker* (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#11/2

SAMUELSON, Dr.  - Marrs Corporation?, agent of Kearson DeWitt in controlling Tony Stark's nervous system via the bio-replicant synapse override system
    misnamed Simpson (app-dewitt)--Iron Man I#262 ([260 (fb), 256, 258-261], 262, [263-266]

SAMURAI (Ishiro Tsuburaya) - Mutant Liberation Front
    --Cable: Blood & Metal#1

SAMURAI of Earth-928 circa 2099 - rode giant blade, competed against Blue Max, slain by Punisher
    --Punisher 2099#27

SAMURAI, HERR - see HERR SAMURAI --Immortal Weapons#1

SAMURAI DESTROYER - built by explorer who discovered the sanctuary of the Followers of Light, created out of partially finished fourth Shogun Warrior robot and spare parts of other three, destroyed all three other robots, destroyed by Fantastic Four
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#226 (226(fb), 226

SAMURAI SQUADRON (Sgt. Morita, Toshiro Monsoon+4) - @ World War II, commando squad, battled Strucker and Hydra alongside Leatherneck Raiders
    (app)--Captain Savage & Leatherneck Raiders#2 (3,4

SAMURAI STEEL (Yoshida Asano) - Japanese armored warrior, head of Asano robotics, parents died from radiation from Hiroshima, born quadriplegic and hideously deformed, designed cybernetics to rebuild body into powerful form, brought Tony Stark to Japan to avenge parents for Howard Stark's involvement in Manhattan project, inadvertently damaged reactor core at Asano robotics in battle against Iron Man, killed in explosion, but managed to carry core high into atmosphere to save others.
    cyborg, used particle beam
    *D* (app)--Iron Man I#257 (257(fb), 257d)

samurai sword - used to kill Adrienne Frost's husband, Steven, sought by her so she could psychometrically relive his death
    (app-rs)—Generation X#53 (53

SAMUROID BATCH 23 - H.A.T.E., warrior squadron, robot samurais
    (app)--Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.#5 (6

SAN - Inhuman, old friend of Alaris, mutated by Terrigen, sent to earth as part of reconnaissance mission, dated human girl Stacey.
    sculpt objects out of organic clay; formerly a skilled athlete, but much less so after mutation
     (app)--Inhumans V#1 (2-12, [Son of M#2]

SAN CONCEPCION (Carlos Huevos) - South American nation
    --Elektra: Assassin#1

SAN DIABLO (Executioner) - South American Country, formerly had civil war between democratic faction and the communist forces of the Executioner
    --Journey into Mystery I#84

SAN DOMINGO (Esteban + Hector Ramone) - small, poverty stricken nation between Boliva & Paraguay
    --Punisher: Bloodlines

SAN FRANCISCO UNDERGROUND (Elizabeth + Timothy + Nathaniel (Venom: Lethal Protector#1), Ethan + Rev. Rakestraw (Venom: Lethal Protector#2), Abby Rubin )
    --Venom: Lethal Protector#1

SAN GABRIEL - capital city of Costa Brava
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: The Agent

SAN GREGARIO (Franco Santera) -
    --Venom: Sign of the Boss#1

SAN GUSTO - Central American country, sought for conquering by hate-monger, freed by fantastic four
    --Fantastic Four I#21

SAN REVILLA - Spanish nation, capitol: Cuidad Revilla, government allied with Advisor + Troubleshooter + Hazzerd + USAgent during civil war, while rebels supported by the Shadows
    --Force Works#12/2 (War Machine#15/2, Iron Man I#317/2

SANCHA of the Hyborian era - daughter of Duke of Kordava, abducted by Zingaran buccaneers, lived with Zaporavo until he was slain by Conan, saved by Conan from the Black Giants, stayed with him aboard the Wastrel, but conspired against him after he captured Heronan da Varza, saved from the crew of the Phoenix by Conan, returned to Kordava with Da Varza
    --Pool of the Black One; Savage Sword of Conan#22 (22(fb), 22, 23, 67

SANCHEZ, BOBBY - Teen Brigade, interviewed in Oral History of the Avengers
    --Avengers V#1/2 (2010)

SANCHEZ, Dr. BONITA - scientist, created the Juvenator
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#386

SANCHEZ, CONSUELA - Avengers West Coast support staff, maid
    --Avengers West Coast#77(84, 89,90, Force Works#4

SANCHEZ, VIOLET - former mutant, de-powered on M-Day, slain by Ghoul
    "face like a Shar-Pei"
    *D*--Generation M#3 ([3 (fb, dies)], 3d


SANCHEZ, Lt. - second in command of the Darkstar submarine
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#149/3


SANCTION (Aaron ) - Rush Club,
    (app)--War Machine#12(13,14

    --Askani' Son #1

SANCTUARY - ship of Thanos

SANCTUARY - ship of Thanos, later used by Nebula, destroyed by Avengers.
    numerous weapons, star-drive, hyperdrive
    Avengers I#255-260

SANCTUARY - name given to base on earth where Thanos' equipment was stored
    —Avengers I#252 (Conspiracy#2

SANCTUARY - ship of Thanos, destroyed by Galactus' Punishers
    *Des*-- Spider-Man Team-Up#2 (Thanos#1, 3, 4d

SANCTUARY - ship of Thanos

SANCTUARY - movement to allow mutants into churches
    --X-Factor II#3

SANCTUARY 2020 - floating home of the Midnight Wreckers
    (app-mw)--Machine Man II#3 (4

SANCTUARY of Earth-691 - planet, haven for repentant criminals
    --Guardians of the Galaxy #58

SANCTUARY MOVEMENT (Father Kevin Grass) - sheltered and assisted illegal immigrants in Los Angeles, many slaughtered by Xenophobic Man
    (app-xenophobic)--Avengers Spotlight#31/2 (32/2-34/2

SANDAI (    ) - Japanese spy, stole atom-smasher; opposed by Blue Blade
    --USA Comics#5 (Summer, 1942)

SANDBLAST of Earth-93060 ( ) - Raiders
    --[Strangers#1], 9

SANDBOX - Fury Secret Base 4
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

SANDBURG, ERNESTO - @1937, spanish writer, encountered wolverine while time travelling
    --Wolverine II#35(36,37

SAND DEVIL - form assumed by Wyrd to test others
    --Thor I#346, 347, New Mutants Special Edition #1, Thor I#374

SANDELLA of Earth-2775 - see RANSHI, SANDELLA (app-ranshi)--Cable II#78

SANDERS, ARTHUR - 1940s, posed as ghost to claim inheritance, stopped by Mantor
   (app-mantor)--Human Torch Comics#2/7

SANDERS, CLIVE of Earth-93060 - Ultra, killed by Rafferty
    *D* (app)--Firearm (uv) I#10 (12d)

SANDERS, COLLEEN - Atlanta Georgia, walked out on family, attacked by Scavenger, saved from death, but driven insane
    (app-scav)--Man-Thing I#19

SANDERS, LAMAR - ally of Jack Batlin
    --Daredevil I#327(329,334

SANDERS, MAC - co-host of "It's Amazing", along with Dianne Cummings
    -- (Avengers Annual 2000

SANDERS, NEIL - 1940s, posed as ghost to claim inheritance, stopped by Mantor
   (app-mantor)--Human Torch Comics#2/7

SANDERSON, Dr. - see ISBISA (app)--She-Hulk II#29

SANDERSON, - generic villain
    (app-gen)—Generic Comic Book#1

SANDERSON, SIMON - Spider Society/Webcorps
    --Amazing Fantasy II#3 (4

    white male, grey hair, glasses
    (app)—Captain America I#331 ( 347, 348, 350, 354, Punisher: No Escape

SANDERSON, PHILLIP – aging actor, given serum from Fountain of Youth by devil, regressed back to teenage years, possibly had to give his soul to the devil
    (app)--Adventures into Terror#4

SANDERVILT, JEFF ( ) - Young Allies
    (net-lostgen)--(g) Young Allies#1

SAND HULK - see SANDMAN (William Baker)--SPIDER-MAN AND HULK Dallas Times Herald 1981 back to school special

SANDHURST, VINCENT - brother of Controller
    *D*--Iron Man I#7 (9, 12, 23d)

SANDI ?? - briefly dated Taskmaster, nearly killed by Triad
    Sandi Brandenberger?--Taskmaster#1 (2-4

SAND-LICH of the Hyborian era (Tosya Zul) - former sorcerer, brother of Hisarr Zul, betrayed and cursed by him, cast spell in effort to save himself, existed as the Sand-Lich, gave Conan the knowledge of how to kill Hisarr, passed on after Hisarr's death
    *D*--Conan and the Sorcerer; Savage Sword of Conan#53

SANDMAN (    ) - used sleeping dust and various gimmicks; opposed by Young Allies
    --Kid Komics#4 (Fall, 1943)

SANDMAN ( ) - extraterrestrial, crash-landed in what would become Mexico, believed to be an evil spirit, buried underground, inadvertently freed by Steve Bronson, immobilized by Bobby Bronson, contained by the military.
    Sand conformation, extended lifespan, reform and reshape, weakened by sea water
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#70 (70(fb), 70

SANDMAN (William Baker) - Sinister Twelve, Sinister Six, Frightful Four, Outlaws, Avengers reserve, Wild Pack, ally of Tristram Silver, dated Joannie, mutated by prolonged contact with radioactive sand, became a hero after briefly merged with Hydro-Man, reverted to old personality after exposed to Wizard's id machine, body and mind fell apart after bitten by Venom, reformed; corresponds to Gaea per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondence
    transform body into sand-like particles and manipulate them at will
    -Flint Marko, SAND HULK*, MUD-THING*, Sylvester Mann, QUARRYMAN*, Agent Sands* (I#9,D#11,M, OH: Spdm2004, ME,net)
    —Amazing Spider-Man I#4 (Friendly Neighborhood of Spider-Man Annual#1 (fb), Amz4(fb), Marvel Two-In-One#86(fb), Amz4, FNS Annual#1 (fb), Strange Tales I#115, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#3, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#1 Amz18,19 Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#7-9, Fantastic Four I#36(fb),36,38, Journey into Mystery I#116, F4#41-43,45,57,61-63, Marvel Super-Heroes II#15, Incredible Hulk II#113,114, F4#94, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#9,10, Hulk138, Marvel Team-Up I#1,2, F4#129,130, 133, 148, MTU#39,40, Amz154, F4#176-178, MTU#58(fb), Nova I#13,14, Fantastic Four An14, Wonder Man I#1(fb),1, Marvel Fanfare I#22, Spectacular Spider-Man II#39,40,42,F4#218, MTU#99, SPIDER-MAN AND HULK Dallas Times Herald 1981 back to school special, AmzSp214,215,217,218, MTIO#86, 96, MTU#138, Spider-Man Family#1?, A280,281, Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#17,18, Solo Avengers#6,7, A302,303, SoloAv17, Web of Spider-Man#50, Moon Knight III#15, A334,337-339, Spec169,170, Avengers I#329,330, Captain America I#385, AmzAn24/3,SpecAn10/3, A348, [AmzSpAn25/2],SpecAn11/2,WebAn7/6, Excalibur I#36, Av332,333, Avengers An20, [Incredible Hulk An17/2], Avengers West Coast An6, Spider-Man#18,19,22,23, Silver Sable#1-5, 7,
    Sable25-33 Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus#1, Amz407, Marvel Team-Up II#3,4, Sensational Spider-Man II#26, Heroes for Hire#10,11, Avengers III#1-3,4(fb),[4], Peter Parker: Spider-Man#12/2, Amazing Spider-Man II#4, A#12,PP:Sp12, Generation X#59, AmzAn2000/2, Thunderbolts#40,41, PP16, A17, 22, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#5 (fb), Peter Parker: Spider-Man#41,42, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Tangled Web of Spider-Man# , PP56,57, Identity Disc#1, 6, She-Hulk III#5,6, MK Spider-Man#6, 10-11, [12?], Spider-Man Unlimited II#14/2, Thing II#5-6, Daughters of the Dragon#4, Civil War: Choosing Sides#1/6, Friendly Neighborhood of Spider-Man#17-19, FF547-549

SANDO (Col. Wolfgang von Krantz) – World War II, Nazi, manipulated Omar to seemingly predict the destruction of several U.S. properties, actually planned and committed the destruction via his agents, agent of Gestapo, defeated by Captain America and Bucky
    (app)--(g) Captain America Comics#1/2; Tales of Suspense I#64/2

SANDOR - an Algerian? agent of the communist Red Skull
    (app-rs)--Amazing Spider-Man Annual#5

SANDOR, Prof. ISAAC - scientist, discovered Omnivirus
    --Fantastic Force#2 (3,4, 10, 16

SANDORR - extraterrestrial, reptilian, led group of bounty hunters, killed by Earth's Alien Defense Organization
    *D*--Fantastic Four III#51

SANDORZ, Lt. of Reality-8116 - Monarchy, First Nova Squadron, participated in the slaughter of the People and Delilah; slain by Vanth
Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar

SANDOVAL, DIEGO - Valencia, head of Guardia Civil
    --X-Treme X-Men#1 (2, 3

SANDOVAL, JULIANA - Portuguese woman, former girlfriend of Roberto Dacosta, killed by Hellfire Club, resurrected in body of girl that suffered a cerebral aneurism in exchange for Sunspot joining the Hellfire Club
    -Maria Sebastian *D/Res*--Marvel Graphic Novel: New Mutants (MGN(dies), X-Force#98(res), 99,100

SANDOZ, Dr. of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - doctor at Medi-Kwik
    --Ghost Rider 2099#6 (8, 15, 23

SANDRA K of Earth-93060 - ultra, criminal, pyrokinetic, killed by Rafferty
    *D* (app)--Firearm#10 (12d)

SANDRA ?? - former girlfriend of Ollie Osnick
    --[Thunderbolts II#113]

SANDRA ?? - assistant to Dr. Benning at Omega Flight HQ
    --Marvel Comics Presents II#5/4

SANDRATHA (Savage Land) - brutal military priest under Montgomery Ford's rule, killed by Zabu
    *D* (app-Ford, Montgomery)--Ka-Zar II#8

SANDS of NISANTI,  - mystic spell, prevents user and target from using mystic powers for three minutes
    --Dr. Strange: The Oath#5

SANDROSE, HECTOR - Avengers Compound communications chief
    --USAgent I#1

SANDS, TINA "SANDY" - Jack Russell's former landlady
    --Werewolf by Night I#11 (17, 19

SANDS, agent - SHIELD, partnered with agent Burroughs, asked Iron Man to look into the Mandarin
    --Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin#1 (2007)

SANDS, agent - see SANDMAN--Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#18

SANDSTORM ( ) - American veteran of Gulf War, apparently mutated by Arab chemicals, friend Rudy killed by same chemicals, sought vengeance against Arab nations, defeated and convinced to give up quest for vengeance by Arabian Knight.
    generate and project sand and high velocity winds, wm, blond, black + white costume
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#114/4

SANDSTORM (Tony Trainer) - mutated by ,
    manipulate sand-like particles of body
    --Web of Spider-Man#107 (108

SANDSTORM of Earth-6706 (    ) - Panther's Bloodforce
    --New Exiles#2 (3-4

SANDT dimension (Mongu, unidentified Emperor) - alien world of barbarism and sorcery, political system similar to ancient Rome, Jennifer Kale + Man-Thing were sent there by the Mists of Maalock in attempt to locate Tome of Zhered-Na, they first encountered Dakimh there
    (app)--Adventures into Fear#14

SANDT, CHRISTINE - student at Gateway University, subject of attack by Madame Swadaba as revenge against her father, protected by Son of Satan
    --Marvel Spotlight I#20 (21,22

SANDU - former carnival mentalist with limited telepathy, mental powers enhanced 1000x by Loki, used abilities to accumulate wealth and power, lost abilities after lost confidence when was unable to life thor's hammer
    (1960s, app)--Journey into Mystery I#91

SANDUSKY, CASSIE - former high school classmate of Angelica Jones, elitist, head of human resources for Sheinhardt Company; befriended by Angelica while depressed over divorce
    --Firestar (2010) #10

SANDUSKY, JANET - mother of Cassie, dated Bartholomew Jones
    --Firestar (2010) #10

SANDY ?? – see SANDRA PIERCE--Namor II#1

SANDY ??  - former hair stylist for Mary-Jane Watson-Parker.
    wf, dark hair
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#298 (300, 307, 318,319

SANDY ??  - fiancé killed by Madman, befriended Abomination
    —Incredible Hulk II#408 (Incredible Hulk Annual#20, Hulk431,432

SANDY ?? – extraterrestrial, ally of Kip Holm, rescued from slavers by Starlord, accompanied he and kip on quest for revenge, left on Sparta
    --Marvel Preview#11

SANDY ?? - University of Wisconsin-Madison, friend of Randy
    (app-nahrees)--Inhumans V#5

SANDZONE - Microverse, Homeworld, location of Aegypta
    --Micronauts I#24/2

SANFORD, Dr. JAY - Genetech, formerly coerced into serving the Secret Empire, escaped them with the aid of the X-Men
    --Five Decades of the X-Men/2

SANFORD, Dr. ROY - physician, Avengers Compound
    --Avengers West Coast#63

SANFORD, Prof - investigated newly-empowered Fantastic Four
    --Fantastic Four: First Family#1

SANGIACOMO, MIKE - Daily Bugle correspondent, interviewed J. Jonah Jameson, Baxter Bigelow, and unidentified Midtown High alumnus; wrote article on revelation of Spider-Man's secret identity
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

SANGRE (Julia Concepcion) - Latiña vigilante
    (app)--Thunderstrike#3 (11

SANGRE - Children of the Vault
    --X-Men II#188, (named) #189 (191 (fb), 191 (fb), 188-193

SANGRE of Earth-93060 ( ) – Raiders
    --[Strangers#1], 9

SANGRIDA - Fatal Sisters
    (app-fatalsisters)--X-Statix#25 ([25(fb)], 25

SANGUINE ( ) - Goth, field leader.
    siphon life energy from others, enslaving their minds in the process; male, shaved head + pale skin
    --X-Men II#103

SANGUINE CLUB - New Orleans club, catered to vampire posers
    --Epic Anthology#1/3

SANGUINO, CARLO - former leader of the Kings, nephew of Jimmy, betrayed by girlfriend Tina Riley and former right hand man Gino Ferzini, killed by Lou Rocko
    *D*--Kingpin II#1 (1d)

SANGUINO, JIMMY - New Jersey mafia, uncle of Carlo, ultimately slain by Kingpin
    *D*--[Kingpin II#1], 2 (4-6,7d)

SANITATION UNIT - Committee To Regain America's Principles, engineered prison break for Captain America
    --Captain America I#170 (171

SANJEED ?? - taxi driver, spoke endless on cell phone, annoyed the Thing
    --Fantastic Four#541

SANJI ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute, cook.
    rat-like appearance
    --Uncanny X-Men#429

SANJIT ?? – Prime Sentinel
    --X-Men Unlimited#27

SANO, REN - Yakuza, leader of group that tried to takeover Hell's Kitchen, took "mutant growth hormone," beaten and forced to confess by Daredevil
    --Daredevil II#47 (47, [56,57], 58-60

SANTA CLAUS (Nicholas of Myra) -
    -Nicholaus St. Christopher (Marvel Holiday Special 2007, app)--Howard the Duck Mag#3 ([Marvel Holiday Special#1/4] [Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#10], Marvel Holiday Special#1/1, Htd Mag#3, Spectacular Spider-Man II#111, She-Hulk II#7,8, What The?#16, Howard the Duck Holiday Special#1, Generation X Holiday Special 1999, GLX-MAS Special#1

SANTA CLAUS of LANGRIDGE DEPARTMENT STORE (    ) - fired for stealing $5000, employed by Department of Sanitation, discovered abandoned Sentinel, activated it and sent it on a rampage until stopped by Wolverine
    --Marvel Holiday Special 2007#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

SANTA CLAUS gang – criminals

SANTA MARCEAU CATHERDRAL - Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance

    --Marvel Super Action I#1

    --Squadron Supreme I#2

SANTE, HEATHER - SHIELD, investigated Captain Mar-Vell (Khn'nr) and the Church of Hala, previously battled zombie Spider-Man of Earth-81143
    --Captain Marvel#1 (2008)

SANTELLIO - ran illegal gambling operation out of the back of a New York candy store, forced to give 10% of the profits to the Hobgoblin for the Rose
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#259 (260

SANTERA, FRANCO - dictator of San Gregario, hired Teraknid + others to feign an assassination attempt on him to gain public sympathy, defeated by Stigmata + Venom + Ghost Rider/Ketch, imprisoned in Vatican
    --Venom: Sign of the Boss#1 (2

SANTERIANS (Chango, Eleggua, Ogun, Orisha, Oshun, Oya)
    New York vigilantes, named after Orishas/Yoruba gods
    (2006#9)--Daredevil: Father#1 (2-6

SANTIAGO, GLORIA - sister of Rachel, hired X-Factor Investigations to investigate sister due to her behavior changes while dating Jack Vaughn; walked in on one of Jack & Rachel's sex games and was framed for Rachel's murder when Jack was startled and shot her
    --X-Factor III#2 (4(fb), 2-4

SANTIAGO, JAIME - father of Silverclaw, obsessed with ancient legends of his Kamekeri people in Costa Verde
    *D* (app-Silverclaw)--Avengers III#28

SANTIAGO, RACHEL - sister of Gloria, dated Jack Vaughn, engaged in sex games where he pretended to force himself on her, shot and killed when Jack was startled by Gloria
    --X-Factor III#2 ([4(fb, dies)], 2

    --Fantastic Four I#68 (69,70 (Avengers I#69), Iron Man I#19, Av146(fb)

SANTO MARCO - Central American country, briefly conquered by Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, freed by X-Men
    --X-Men I#4 ( Iron Man III#20

SANTO RICO (el Aguila, Field Force, el Toro) - Central American country, formerly ruled by el Toro
    capital city: Libertad
    --Tales to Astonish I#54 ([Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files], TTA#54, Night Thrasher II#17, Thunderbolts#11

SANTOS, CARLOS - Legion of Living Lightning, immigrant to USA from Mexico, sought to establish benevolent dictatorship in USA to save it from people who didn't love it as much as he did, killed in the destruction of their base
    (app-legion)--[Tales to Astonish I#97, Avengers West Coast#63] ([TTA#97-99]

SANTOS, JOSE - younger brother of living lightning, son of maria and lord of living lightning
    --Avengers West Coast Annual#6/4 (7/5

SANTOS, - wounded in Iraq, saved by Flash Thompson at the cost of Thompson's legs
    --Amazing Spider-Man#574 (547 (fb)

SANTOS, LISA - New York, public defender, defended Blade
    --Blade III#3

SANTOS, LUZ "LUCY" - neighbor of Dan Ketch in the Bronx, owner of Fidel the cat, owner of Bronx store, saved on numerous occasions by Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, whom she saw as a demon trying to seduce her
    (app)--Ghost Rider III#70 (72-74, 86

SANTOS, MARIA - mother of Living Lightning and Jose, widow of member of Legion of Living Lightning
    --Avengers West Coast Annual#6/4 (7/5

SANTOS, RAMON - Stone Perfs, killed by Terminizer
    *D* (app-stoneperfs)--Avengers Spotlight#32 (32d, 33 (funeral)

SANTRON - Ultron-6 partially rebuilt/reprogrammed to behave like Santa Claus by Virginia Hanlon, destroyed after consuming weapon disguised as a cookie
    --Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1/2 (1/2(fb), 1/2

SANTY CLAUS of Earth-93060 - see SLUDGE (app-sludge)--Sludge#1

SANYAKA, SUVIK - see SENYAKA, SUVIK  (2006#1-acolytes, net)--Uncanny X-Men #300

SANZ, ERNESTO - Peruvian, leader of Shining PAth, bought out national debt, but then made to end plans of control by Cable
    --Cable II#97 (98-100

SANZETTI, RALPH – HYDRA assassin, sent to kill Elsie Carson
    *D*--Team America I#12 (12d)

SANZIONE, MARCO - enemy of Superpro
    -SANCTION*--NFL Superpro#1 (2-4, 8

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