SAPEDON - along with Minos and Rhadamanthys, son of Zeus and the Phoenician princess Europa, ruled areas of Greece in ancient times, judges the dead as they enter the gates of Hades
    (app-tartarus)--not in MU

    --Defenders I#126

SAPHIRA - demon, along with four others, possessed corpse of Esteban Ramirez, exorcised by Gabriel Rosetti
    --Monsters Unleashed#11

SAPPER ( ) - Rajaki, mercenary, partner of Goldenblade, led his clan to attack ultimo after it decimated their planet, crashed on earth, empowered Goldenblade, sought to revive personalities of his clan in mechanoid form, left earth with Goldenblade after destruction of Ultimo and re-empowering of ship.
    cyborg, silver armor, extend tentacles to drain energy from others
    (app)--Ms Marvel#13 (Iron Man III#24(fb), MsM#13, IM III#18,23-25

SAPPER (    ) - @ 1930s, agent of Chess Master, killed in battle with Night Raven
    *D* (app-chess)--Savage Action#3/2 (4/3

SAPIEN LEAGUE (Leper Queen   ) - assaulted Xavier Institute in hopes of slaughtering the mutants
    --X-Men II#177 (178-179, 180-181

sapiens of Earth-58163 (    ) - dwindling species on Earth
    (Secrets of the House of M)--

SAPIR of Earth-Shadowline - shadow, assisted Shreck in finding good bodies in a cemetery
    --St .George#4

SAPIR, HERSCHEL - head of Sapirdyne Chemicals, targeted by Cardiac, hired Silver Sable to deal with vigilante
   (app-cardiac)--Amazing Spider-Man I#345

SAPIRDYNE (Herschel Sapir) - subsidiary of Justin Hammer, drug company, attacked for illicit corporate activity by cardiac, hired Silver Sable to defend them
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#344 (345

    --Wolverine Origins#22

SAPPHIRAS - Inhumans Genetics Council
    female, golden body, no hair
    --Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1 (Fantastic Force#8,9, F4#402, F4:AR#2

SAPPHIRE - Wyrd sisters.
    uses bladed weapons
    (app-wyrd)--Dark Angel#9, (named) 11 (12, 16

SAPPHIRE LOTUS - power item
    (app)--Warheads#6 (7,8, Death's Head III#1-4, Death's Head Gold

SAPPHIRE PENDANT - magic item, given to Vivian Morgan by the Priest of the Sea and the Moon, facilitated her possession by Morgan Le Fay
    (app-vivianmorgan)--Namor I#60 (Namor the Sub-Mariner I#60, Namor the Sub-Mariner I#61, Namor the Sub-Mariner I#62, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, Fantastic Four I#401, Fantastic Force#9, Fantastic Four I#402, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#2

SAPPHIRE QUEEN of GWENDOR - the middle age of the three queens, civic leader to the women of Gwendor
    --Ultraforce I#3

SAPPHIRE STYX ( ) - mutant, formerly employed by Roche, operated out of Madripoor, battled Wolverine.
    siphon life force of others on contact, especially with kiss
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#1 (2-5, 7-9, [131(fb)], 131, [131]

SAPRISTI, JERRY - former construction foreman of Sigurd Jarlson, friend of Eric Masterson
    --Thor I#341 (342, 344, 349, 373, 391-393, 402-404, Spectacular Spider-Man An9/2, Th409, 419, 422, 429,430, 433, 434?, 435, 440, 442, 444, 449, 451, 453, Thunderstrike#22

SAPRISTI CONSTRUCTION - company of Jerry Sapristi
    --Thor I#341

SARA ?? - @ 1960, fiancÚ of Paul Fleming, observed Raaka/"Mummex"
    (app-mummex)--Tales to Astonish I#8

SARA ?? - girlfriend of the Hood, pregnant
    --Hood#1 (3, 5, 6, Beyond#6

SARA ?? - young girl, fell into a well, rescued by Moloids, returned to the surface by Cloak
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#9/3 ([9/3(fb)], 9/3

SARABAND - wizard of Myth-Realm, had Hulk (Bruce Banner) summoned to rescue Morgaina and defeat Darkshorn
    (app)--HULK magazine#21

SARACEN - vampire, Ancient, slept until modern times, raised Reaper
    *D/R*--Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1 (2, 3

SARACEN (Muzzafar Lambert) - Middle Eastern mercenary, enemy of Punisher, slew Rocco Castiglione
    *D* (MKE)--Punisher II#22 (Punisher War Journal#25-27, Punisher I#47-49, PWJ33, Punisher: Empty Quarter(fb1,2), P:EQ(dies)

SARAF, Dr. DIMAN - evil scientist; opposed by Miss Fury
    --Miss Fury#5 (Fall, 1944)

SARAFAND - dragon of Netherworld of Otherworld, servant of Karadoc, served as his steed, consumed by death fire of Kharad Dur
    *D*--(uk) Hulk comic#45/2 (55, 57d)

SARAH ?? - 19th Century, Dustville, girlfriend of Matt Cody, dated Jim Evans before he became the Scorpion
    (app-sting)--Rawhide Kid I#57 (57(fb)

SARAH - see MARROW--Cable II#15 (Uncanny X-Men#350(fb),Cab II#15->mar)

SARAH ?? - Tunnel Rats, former lover of Melek, killed by the Worm
    *D*--District X#10 (12

SARAK - Fall People, husband of Selma, father of Kapah, infected with rabies by sabretoothed tiger that slew Kapah, forcing Ka-Zar to kill him
    --Ka-Zar the Savage I#5

SARAMIN - Emperor of the planet Astros, sought to colonize Earth; opposed by Marvel Boy (Grayson)
    --Marvel Boy#2 (February, 1951)

SARAWAK (Interceptors, Po, Anna + Kiko Wei) - Asian country, attempted to steal armor of Iron Man using trap
    --Iron Man Annual 2000

SARDAN - Kodabak?, Mourners, enraged when Thanos disrupted the funeral of Eon
    (app-mourn)--Quasar#26 (35

SARDANUS of Biphasia - Shadow-Realm, former ruler, killed by Paingloss + Werewolf.
    Used giant robot
    *D* (app-biph)—Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#5

SARDETH - wizard of several centuries past, enemy of Solomus, mentally traveled forward to present, possessed, battled Thing and Spider-Man
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#90

SARDO, TONY - 1930's gangster, tried to get the Human Torch to work for him, fought the Torch when he turned on him, seemingly killed when a bottle of sulfuric acid thrown at the Torch exploded
    --Marvel Comics#1 (November, 1939); Marvel Mystery Comics#92 ()

SARDU the MYSTIC (    ) - hypnotized sportsmen into losing; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#72 (May, 1946)

SAREENA - pre-Cataclysmic era, Atlantean, daughter of Lhok-Nor, married Kull, but slain during wedding by one of the Wolf-Men of Valusia, transformed into one of the wolf-men, threw self on Kull's sword
    *D--Kull the Conqueror II#2

SAREENA of 16th century Krindrel - bartender (at least) at the Broken Mast tavern
    (app)--Vampire Tales I#10/2

SAREVA, AYNA - SHIELD II, assisted Khanata in Scorpion affair
    --Amazing Fantasy II#7 (9-12, Incredible Hulk III#87, Captain Universe/X-23#1, Spider-Man Family#3/2, Heroes for Hire II#11/2-13/2, [Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1-3], 4-5

SARGASSO SEA of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., gave off strange lights that empowered the Fantastik Four

"SARGE" (    ) - Code: Blue, encountered Devil Dinosaur, arrested Moonboy, sent to apprehend Wallow
    (app-code)--Ghost Rider III#82 (87

SARGE of Earth-2988 - aged leader of War Watch
    (app-earth2988)--What If II#111

SARIA – Blue Kree, mistress of colonel, had affair with Captain Marvel/Genis
    —Captain Marvel VI#4

SARIEL - former leader of the Grigori, slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers
    *D* (app-grigori)--Punisher IV#3 (3d)

SARIPHA - see SARIPHA THAMES--Son of Satan#4

SARK race (Autolycus, Egeus, Levan) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Sark.
    (I#9,D#15)--Strange Tales I#179

    (app-thongor)--Creatures on the Loose#28

SARKAN, MARK (Kattan-Tu) - dire wraith, parents killed in crash to earth, raised as human by parents, drugged to prevent memory or use of powers
    --Incredible Hulk II#262/2 (262/2(fb), 262/2

SARLA of the Hyborian era - former resident of Founton
    --Savage Sword of Conan#72

SARN, Dr. of Earth-93060 – Aladdin
    --Mantra: Sword of Destiny#1 (2

SARNA - pre-Cataclysmic Era, wizard, expatriate from Grondar, created city and Lorkars, ally of Kull, created flying demon
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#9/5 (Kull the Destroyer#16-20

SARNA of Earth-93060 - Vahdala, god of the sea, protector of Crystal Crown

SARNAK, SIDNEY - Committee, controlled others with sound
    --Werewolf by Night I#9 (10

SARNOGG - Skrull, son of Super-Skrull and unidentified countess, raised on Zaragz'na, possibly slain when the Harvester of Sorrows destroyed that world
    --[Annihilation: Super-Skrull#1], (named, seen) 3 (3 (fb), [3d?]

SAROYAN ?? – Prime Sentinel
    --X-Men Unlimited#27

SAROYAN, NEAL - Nobility; former agent of Wonder Man
    --Wonder Man II#1 ( [3], 4, 7, 10, An1/3, WM13, 17,18, Marvel Comics Presents#119/4, Avengers Two: Wonder Man & Beast#1, 2, Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero#1-5

SARPO, Boss - organized crime leader, sought to profit from flood, employed Scar-Face Joe; opposed by Electro the Robot
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#7-8, May-June, 1940)

SARRIZHMIRAR, realm of - briefly visited by Deadpool during mystic journey to restore life of T-Ray
    --Cable & Deadpool#47

SARRON, KARL - wealthy Manhattan landlord, at least formerly served as host to Mercurio, possibly slain in Mercurio's form.
    (app)--Thor I#204 (208, Captain America III#36

SARSFIELD, WARD - ally of MI-6
    *D*--Master of Kung Fu I#47

SAR-TOR - Kree aboard the Helion
    --Captain Marvel I#12

SARU-SAN - Atlantean (Homo mermani), Attuma's jester
    (app)--Sub-Mariner I#4 (31, Super-Villain Team-Up#1 (fb), 1-3

SAR'WA - see ETERNAL WARRIOR (app-wsulli)--Marvel Preview#12

SASAKI, DAISUKE - 16th century samurai, trained at Ishiyama Sword School, formed sect of the Hand in 16th century, ultimately slain by Kagenobu Yoshioka
    --Elektra: The Hand#1 (1(fb)-3(fb), 4(fb, dies)

SASCRA - Negative Zone, giant terrestrial octopoid, used by Annihilus to slaughter his prisoners, cast into space by Blastaar
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#75

SASHA, major - assistant to Col. Vazhin, predecessor to Debra Levin
    (app-vazhin)--Uncanny X-Men#194

SASHA ?? - saboteur at Chernobyl, attempted to kill Ramskov
    --Avengers I#326 (fb)

SASHA ?? - mutant, former prisoner of Dermafree
    --Mystique#16 (17,18

SASHA ?? - girlfriend of Ezekiel Stane
    --Invincible Iron Man#1

SASHIEL of Other Realm, killed by agents of Arisen Tyrk
    *D* (app-or)--Marvel Premiere#45

SASQUATCH (Walter Langkowski) - Omega Flight, Alpha Flight, SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, nephew of Gilded Lily, scientist, former classmate of Bruce Banner, attempted to mutate self with gamma power, actually succeeded in unknowingly bringing body of Tanaraq into Earth, which he used and controlled until its true identity resurfaced and both bodies were killed by Snowbird; mind placed inside box robot for a time and then mind lost in the Crossroads, later returned and took over body of Snowbird in Sasquatch and female human form, later regained masculinity and orange form by spirit of Snowbird
    -BOX*, Wanda Langkowsi (I#9, D#11, M, 2006#9, net)—Uncanny X-Men#121 (Alpha Flight Special Edition, Alpha Flight II#14(fb), Alpha Flight I#11/2, 52(fb), 92(fb), Incredible Hulk Annual#8(fb), UX121,122, Classic X-Men#27, Alpha Flight II#14(fb), Hulk An8, Machine Man I#18, AF#1, Marvel Two-In-One#83,84, Alpha Flight II#15(fb), Hlk272,273, 277, 278,279, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1, [2], 3, Marvel Two-In-One An7, MTIO#96, AF I#2-4, X-Men/Alpha Flight II#1,2, Fantastic Four I#266-268, Rom#56-58, AF#9,10, 11,12, Marvel Team-Up An7, AF17, 20,21, X-Men/Alpha Flight I#1,2, AF#23(form killed), 24-26, 28, Hulk#313->Box.
AF#44-46, 48-51, Alpha Flight An2, AF52-62, 64-67, 68, 69,70, 71-75, 76, 78-86, [87(fb)], 87-90, 91, 92, 93(fb), 93-95, 97-100, 101, [Infinity Gauntlet#2], Spider-Man#12, AF#102-109, 109/2/Infinity War#1, 2/F4#367/Moon Knight III#41, F4#368/IW#3/New Warriors I#27/MK41/AF#110/Quasar#38/Warlock & the Infinity Watch#8 IW4/AF#111/Wonder Man II#14/F4#369/IW5/WM#15, IW6/F4#370, AF112-115,
    AF I#130, Generation X#19, Deadpool III#1, Alpha Flight II#13,15,17-20, Wolv142,143, Dp61, Wolv171, 179, UX432-434, [Alpha Flight III#2 (fb)], 1-6, 7,8, 9-12, Sabretooth V#1-4, New X-Men: Academy X#13, [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1], 2, [3-5], 6, New Avengers#16, Civil War: The Initiative#1, Omega Flight#1-5, [Wolverine III#55 (fb), 54 (fb)], 53-54, 55 (fb), [Omega Flight#1 (fb)], 1-5, Marvel Comics Present#3/3, 9/4, 12/4

SASQUATCH – see SUSQUATCH (app)—Hulk Comic (UK)#12/1

SASQUATCH - part of race of Sasquatches, mistaken for Langkowski and placed in Alpha Flight against his will by Department H, ripped Chinook in half, killed when all but skeleton consumed while saving Radius from an immense virulent bacterial colony released from Department H by Zodiac-Ecliptic.
    superhuman strength + durability, savage fighter
    *D*(app)--Alpha Flight II#1 (2-6, 7, 9/Uncanny X-Men#355, AF#10-12d, [13,14,20]

    (OH:AoA)--Exiles#10 (33(fb)/57(fb), 10, 12,13, 14,15, [16], 17, 18,19, 20-22, 26,27, 28-30, 31-33
    51, 52,53, 54, 55-57, 58-separated)

SASQUATCH race (Sasquatch ) - race of giant, hairy humanoids living in Canada
    --Alpha Flight II#1, 6 ( Generation X#58

sasquatch race of Earth-93060 -
    --Firearm I#8

SASQUATCHES/FOREST PEOPLE (abominable snowmen, skunk apes, bigfoots, yetis, swamp apes, wendigos, wood boogers, boggy swamp monsters, hill monkeys, forest devils, cave yellers, hollering things, timber giants, wild men of the woods) - gathered yearly in Hidden City of the Sasquatches
    --Incredible Hulk IV#11 (15

SASSAFRAS - pet dog of Beast, lived at Dr. Strange's sanctum and then Defenders Mansion
    the DOG FILLED WITH FEAR* (app)--Defenders I#122 (122(fb), 122, 125, 127, 129-130, 132, 134-136, 138-141, [143], 144-145, 150/2, 151-152

SASSAFRAS - NuPonder, cat owned by Ms. Schave, abducted by Terrax robot for Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots
    --[New Warriors III#4]

SATA - assassin, former Si-Fan, attempted to kill Dark Angel
    --Master of Kung Fu#107

SATAN (Marduk Kurios*) - demon, father of Hellstorm + Satana
    not all appearances are necessarily the same being. see also Marduk Kurios
*D* (MarvZom, app)--Marvel Spotlight I#12 (13(fb), 12, Son of Satan# Defenders I#99-101, 104,105, 111, Hellstorm#1, 5, [8 (fb), 7-9], 11, 16 (fb), [21], [Witches#1 (fb)], 1, 3, 4
    [Legion of Monsters: Satana#1 (fb)]

SATAN - see MEPHISTO--Silver Surfer I#3

SATAN - see SATANNISH--[Strange Tales I#144], Dr. Strange I#174

SATAN - see THOG (app)--(Adventure into) Fear#11

SATAN- see CHTHON (app)--Marvel Chillers#1
    Prior to Chthon's first appearance, Darkholders were referred to as Satan worshippers

SATAN - see LUCIFER --[Marvel Preview#7/text(fb)), Punisher IV#4(fb)]

SATAN - see BEELZEBOUL--Terror, Inc.#1

SATAN - see HELLSTORM (app-hellstorm)--Hellstorm#16

SATAN - see AZAZEL--Uncanny X-Men#432

SATAN - see le BETE NOIR (app)--[Bishop: The Last X-Man#14], Bishop & Gambit: Sons of the Atom Alpha

SATAN - empowered Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
    --Mystic Comics#4

SATAN - gave wolfskin belt to Peter Snubb that transformed him into a werewolf

SATAN - allegedly made bargain with the Black Baron
    --Captain Britain I#

SATAN - formerly served by Death and Judas, tricked into using the Crystal of Torment to destroy Death; this act not only cost Satan all the souls in his realm, but also prevented others from dying and entering his realm
    (app-crystaloftorment)--Haunt of Horror#3/8

"SATAN" of the Elder Earth - demon, tricked Argon into following his hound into Hell and then captured him, released Chane
     --Savage Sword of Conan#64/3

SATAN's CIRCUS - bar employing Peepers
    frequented by Absorbing Man, Constrictor, Sabretooth, Typhoid Mary, etc.
    --Weapon X II#26 (28

SATAN's FORTY HORSEMEN - see DEMON-RIDERS (app)--Journey into Mystery I#141

SATAN CLAW - gauntlet/weapon of Baron Strucker.
    release powerful discharges of electricity, enhances strength
    (app)--Strange Tales I#157 (Weapon X II#14 (fb), Uncanny X-Men#161 (fb), StrT I#157-159, 167, Marvel Team-Up I#95, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#25, 44-45, 47, Silver Sable#15-17, Daredevil I#326-332, Sable#25, Iron Man: Armor Trap, Spider-Man/Hulk: Rampage, Spider-Man/Iron Man/Sabotage, Citizen V and the V Battalion#3, New Thunderbolts#1-2, 3-4, 6, 17

SATAN SQUAD (Baron Brimstone, Hammer Harrison, Snake Marston)
    —Machine Man I#16

SATANA (Satana Hellstrom) - Witches, SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, daughter of Marduk Kurios and Victoria Wingate Hellstrom, sister of hellstorm, succubus, previously killed by the Basilisk, returned to earth as one of the Souls of the Damned, apparently perished again, resurrected by Dr. Strange to oppose the Hellphyr, joined with Jennifer Kale and Topaz.
    the Devil's Daughter, Judith Camber, Julia *D/R* (I#13,D#19,M, OH: Women, app)--Vampire Tales#2/4 (Hellstorm#2(fb)/Marvel Spotlight I#13(fb), Marvel Premiere#27(fb), VT#2/4, 3, Haunt of Horror 2/5, 2/6, 4, 4/2, 5, Marvel Preview#7, MarvSpot I#24, MarvPrem I#27, Marvel Team-Up I#80,81d, [Hellstorm#7],10r,12, 20, 21, [Witches#1(fb)], 1-4], [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1 (Director's Cut)], 6, [Legion of Monsters: Satana#1 (fb)], 1

SATANA, princess - see PRINCESS SATANA--(g) Astonish#3

    --(g) Astonish#3

SATANNISH - demon, invoked by many for power, one source claims he split from elder demon along with Mephisto in distant past, another claimed he was created by Dormammu, empowered Hangman (Jason Rolands) and Lethal Legion, as well as Nightshift temporarily, allied with Dormammu in plot to takeover Mephisto’s realm, seemingly destroyed by Mephisto when defeated, eventually restored
    power level on par with Mephisto, limited access to earth dimension
    CLOOT*, (D#11,M, OH: Hor)--[Strange Tales I#144], Dr. Strange I#174 ( Dr. Strange III# (fb), [Tower of Shadows#5], Defenders Annual#2, [Defenders I#94-98], 99, 100, Dr. Strange II#79, Dr. Strange III#5-8, [9, 10, 30(fb), 26(fb), 26-29], 30, Avengers West Coast#77(fb), 76-79, 98-100, Doc III#49, Hellcat#2,3, Captain Britain and MI13#3-4

SATELLITE ( ) – Spacemen.
    Fly, fire energy blasts
    (app-space)—Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4

SATELLITE of DEATH - orbital weapon of Dr. Doom turned against him by Solarman, self-destructed by Doom
   *D*     (app-solar?)--Solarman#2


SATELLITE MEN (    ) - inhabitants of traveling moon, inadvertently stole water from Earth's oceans; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#36 (October, 1954)

SATELLITE MONSTER - see LOHAN (app)--Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD II#15

SATHA of the Hyborian era - giant snake within the Scarlet Citadel, agent of Tsotha-Lanti, feared the power of Pelias
    --Scarlet Citadel; Savage Sword of Conan#30

SATHA of the Hyborian era - giant snake, slain by Niord and venom used to slay the Wyrm
"The Valley of the Worm" in Weird Tales (February, 1934); (Marvel) Supernatural Thrillers#3

SATHAN - Hydra super agent, originally a native of Hell’s Kitchen, sought to kill Richard Furman for burning buildings, head exploded by Strucker after her defeat to prevent S.H.I.E.L.D. from studying her remains.
    female, feline, life-energy vampire, create and control zombies
    *D* (app)--Daredevil Annual#7

SAT’NEEN of Erath - counterpart of Saturnine, former lover of Kylun
    --Excalibur I#43 (44, 45

SATO, HAIZEN - leader of the Mind Indoctrination Cult
    --[Soldier X#11]

SATORI (Alexei + Sorrentino Ganger, Gangers, Phillip Masters, Cosmic Messiah) - mobile fortress that was the base of a secret society of scientists, philosophers, poets, and dreamers dedicated with fanatical zeal to forging a utopia on earth
    --Silver Surfer III#132 (133-135 138

SATRIANI (S’Byll) - planet in Skrull galaxy
    --Silver Surfer III#13

SATRINA - sorceress, lover of Kartag
    (app-kart)--Thor I#196 (197

SATURNIAN HOUNDHAWKS of Earth-Guardians - scavengers of space
    —Marvel Super-Heroes II#18 (Guardians of the Galaxy#59

SATURNIANS (Brrsk, Moog) - 2075, enemies of United Planets
    --Speed Carter #1, 1/2, 1/4, 2/3, 2/5, 3/2, 4

SATURNINE - demon, servant of Mephisto, old enemy of Zarathos, giant, impaled self trying to capture Zarathos
    (app-asmodeus)--Ghost Rider II#76

SATURNYNE (Opal Luna Saturnyne) - Omniversal Majestrix, worships Mithras
    -Her Royal Whyness (U#6, M, 2006#9)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#380 (381-383,384(fb),386,387, Daredevils#6-11, Mighty World of Marvel#8-13, Excalibur Special Edition#1, Ex24, 42(fb),44, 45, 47, 49,50, 65, 125, [Fantastic Four III#6,7],8, 10, X-Men/Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine trilogy book one(fb), book one, X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine trilogy book two, X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine trilogy book three, 48,49, Uncanny X-Men#462, 464-465

SATUS – satanic Enclave
    (app-en)--Tomb of Dracula II#2

SATYR ( ) - Coven, brother of Fetish, thrown into pit of acid by Wolverine and Cyber, badly burnt, but rescued by Fetish.
    bm, long hair + beard, orange breast plate, black briefs
    (app-coven)--Marvel Comics Presents#132 (133-135,[136]

SATYRE (Bret Labale) - posed as supernatural creature; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#48 (July, 1945)

SATYRS (Pan) - race of goat people associated with Olympian Gods
    --Avengers I#98

SAT-YR9, OPAL LUN of Earth-794 (Opal Lun Sat-yr-nin) - evil extradimensional counterpart of Saturnyne, killed Courtney Ross and assumed her identity
    "Courtney Ross" (U#6, 2006#9)--(UK) Captain Britain II#2 (X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine: Book Three(fb-p85), CaptBrit#2, 6, 14, Excalibur I#4,5, 9-11, 20, 19,21, 24,25, 32,34, 55,56, Spider-Man#43, X-Men/Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine trilogy book one(fb), X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine trilogy book two, X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine trilogy book three,

SAT-YR-NUN of Earth-2803 (Ethera) -    
    --Clan Destine#2 (2008)

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