S-3 - see Mr. BLUE/Betty Banner
    Home Base
    --Incredible Hulk III#44 (49-54

S-MEN (Bestial, Ice Boy + 3 / Bellok, Krellik, Orf, Rale, Trall ) - quintet of skrulls given technological means to duplicate powers of the X-Men, sent to discredit and ultimately destroy them, befriended them while posing as youths at Coffee A-Go-Go, saved them from Mole Man's mutates, taken off assignment, possibly sent to Kral
    --X-Men: First Class I#6


S'AANTA - robot agent of Col. Gate, destroyed by Milk & Cookie
    (app-milkcookies)--What The?#10/2

SAAL, GARTHAN - see NOVA OMEGA (app)--Avengers I#301 (--> Super-Nova; Nova II#1 --> Nova Omega

SA'ARPOOL - portal to dimension of N'Garai, three existed on Earth
    --Giant-Size Dracula#2

SÀ-BAL-BAL - Spawn of Ba’al
    <Descendent> (app-ba’al)--[Wolverine II#11], 12 ([12(fb), 11], 12-16

SABATINE, FARLEY - brother of Manny, died in crash after Namor broke their ships rudder while they were hunting whales
    *D*--Marvel Comics Presents#46/4 ([46/4(fb)], 46/4

SABATINE, MANNY - owner of Whalewatcher, brother of Farley, former captain of a whaling ship Salambo
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#46/4 ([46/4(fb)], 46/4

SABATINI, VITTORIO of Earth-93060 - former assistant to Marcello, took over after his death

SABBAH, HASSAN ibn (Hassan bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ja'fr bin Hussain bin Muhammad Al-Sabbah Al-Hameeri)
    - @ 1034-1191+, Persian sorcerer, leader of the Hashishan, battled Black Knight during Crusades
    -Lord of Assassins, Old Man of the Mountain, 1,000-Year-Old Son of a 1,000-Year-Old Mother (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#53 (54

SABBATH RAVEN (Gina Morelli) - owner of Mississippi Queen gambling ship, former lover of Dominic Fortune, married Simon Steele after disappearance of Fortune, mother of Elena von Lundt, aka Sabbath Raven.
    skilled fighter, strawberry blond hair
    (net)--Marvel Preview#2 (Marvel Super-Heroes III#3(fb), MarvPrev2, Marvel Super Action I#1, Hulk! Mag#21/2, 22/2, 23/3, 24/2, 25/3, Marvel Premiere#56, Web of Spider-Man#71(fb), 72(fb), 10?, 71, 72

SABBATH RAVEN (Elena von Lundt) - daughter of Gina and Simon Steele, loyal to Steele, assisted in attempted assassination of Dominic Fortune
    --Web of Spider-Man#10 (Web72(fb), 10, Iron Man I#212, 213, Web71, 72

SABERBAT (Lt. Valentina Tupulov) - (East) German armored warrior
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#44

SABER TOOTH (Sim Altona) - fanged and ferocious Nazi; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#49 (November, 1943)

SABIA of the Hyborian era - sorceress, priestess of Damballah, killed by arrow from Captain Neth-At
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#82 ([82(fb)], 82,83

SABINI, GERALD JAMES "Jimmy the Whale" - New York criminal, former subordinate to Kingpin, kidnapped by the Hand, rescued by Daredevil, eye removed by Maltese when mouthed off to Kingpin, ultimately killed by Kingpin when he attempted to capitalize on the loss of his empire
    *D*--Daredevil I#295 (295(fb), 295,296,297, 300d)

SABLINOVA, ANASTASIA - mother of silver sable
    *D* (net)--Silver Sable#9 (34(fb), 9(fb#1), 9(fb#2d))

SABLINOVA, ANNA - Silver Sable's cousin, lived with her cousin, who was her sole legal guardian after her father Fritz went missing
    Silver Sable#1 (19-20

SABLINOVA, ERNST - father of Silver Sable, original head of Wild Pack
    (app)--[Silver Sable#8], 9 (34(fb), 9(fb#1+2+3+4+5), 11/2(fb), 25, 30,31,33,34

SABLINOVA, FRITZ - uncle of Silver Sable, associated with genesis coalition
    (app)--Silver Sable#12/1 ( 11/1-12/1,23/1-25/1

SABNAK of Earth-Shadowline - Chinese mercenary, hired by Ravenscore to take out Powerline, convinced by them to betray him
    Rides horse, uses sword, alter perception of where he is
    --Critical Mass#3

SABO of the Hyborian era - thief, partner of Helliana, slain by Harpagus
    *D*--Conan: Lord of the Spiders#1 (1d)

SABOTEUR ( ) - costumed criminal, acted as agent of Republic Oil and Natural Gas in attempt to sabotage Stark Industries, defeated by Iron Man, later teamed with Grim Reaper and Man-Ape, apparently killed by the former; current Saboteur noted that she was just one in a line
    wf, blond, used high-tech weapons
    (app)—Iron Man: Iron Age#1/2 (1/2(fb), 1/2, [Heroes for Hire III#6 (fb)], 6-7d, Marvel Comics Presents#5/2-7/2

SABOTEURS in WHITE - underlings of Red Skull (Shmidt); opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --All Select Comics#2 (Winter, 1943)

SABRA (Ruth Bat-Seraph) - Israeli super-agent, mutant
    enhanced physical abilities, uses cloak to fly and fire paralytic darts, transfer portion of powers into others
    (I#9, D#11, M, 2006#9, 198, CWBDR, app)—Incredible Hulk II#250, 256 (279, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3, Marvel Super-Heroes III#6/4, Hulk386,387, New Warriors I#58,59, 66, X67,68,69(fb),69, 72,73, Excalibur I#120,121(fb),121, UX366,368, 379, X#111, X#131, 132, [Secret War#1 (fb)], Excalibur III#5, [Union Jack II#1 (fb)], 1-4, [Civil War: X-Men#1], 2-4

SABRA of the SEVEN ISLES - Hyrkania dimension

SABRA, princess - inherited rule of the Union of Intelligent Races after her father's death, assassination attempt by the Committee foiled by the Starjammers and Tolo Hawk
    --Starjammers#1 (2,3, 6

SABRE - dog of Angela Cleaver, killed by agents of Yi Yang
    (app-ang)--Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty

SABRE (   ) - Brotherhood of Evil Mutants trainee, super speed
   (app)-- X-Men II#106

SABRE, le (Gilles Follet) - Old West, Frenchman, hired by Cisco Pike to go after Rawhide Kid   
    used sabre
    - -Rawhide Kid III#2, (named) 4 (2-5

SABRE, le (Paul Richarde) – former agent of Mordred, part of convocation of wizards.
    uses dagger carved from same meteorite as Ebony Blade
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#17 (Avengers Annual#22

SABRE of Earth-691 – former slavehunter for Martian Masters, turned against them after meeting Killraven
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#22 (23,24

SABRE, Major BRETT - 19th Century, head of Fort Rango
    (Outlaw Files, app-fr)--Western Gunfighters#1 (Marvel Spotlight I#1(fb), Red Wolf#1

SABRECLAW of Earth-982 (Hudson ) - Revengers, Savage Six, son of Wolverine, half brother of Wild Thing.
    large + strong, uses talons on metal gloves
    (OH: AZU#3)--J2#8 (ANext#12, Spider-Girl#25

SABRETOOTH (Victor Creed) - mutant, Project X, Team X, Lethal Legion, Marauders, X-Factor, Weapon X, Brotherhood of Mutants, X-Men, father of Graydon Creed, given Adamantium skeleton and claws by had it forcibly removed by Apocalypse and given to Wolverine, life saved when had piece of Adamantium from Constrictor implanted in him by agents of New Son, slew Locus, apparently slain by Wolverine with Muramasa Blade
    psychopathic assassin with enhanced senses, healing + strength
    -SLASHER*, el TIGRE* *D* (I#9,D#11,M+1, OH: Wolv, 198, ME)--Iron Fist I#14 (Sabretooth#1+2(fb), Wolverine II#65 (fb) / Wolverine III#50 (fb), Wolv III#52-53 (fb), Wolverine Origins#17 (fb), Wolverine I#126 (fb), X-Men II#33(fb), Wolverine II#10 (fb), Logan: Shadow Society, Wolv II#48,49(fb), Wolv II#60+61(fb), X-Men Unlimited#15(fb), Maverick II#2(fb4), X5-7(fb), Weapon X#27 (fb), X-Men Unlimited#40/2, Sabretooth/Mystique#1-3(fb), Maverick I#1(fb), Wolverine minus 1, [Uncanny X-Men#213(fb)], Classic X-Men#10/2,
    IF#14, Marvel Super-Heroes III#10/3, Power Man/Iron Fist #66,78,84, Spectacular Spider-Man II#116,119, Marvel Age Annual#1, X-Factor I#10,Power Pack I#27,UX210,Thor I#374,UX211,Daredevil I#238,UX212,213, She-Hulk II#30, UX219,221,[Wolv II#10],UX240,241,243, NewMut#75, XFac39, Marvel Comics Presents#98, [Amazing Spider-Man I#320,321],322,323, XFac51-53, NM#90,91, Wolv II#41-43,45,46, 48,49, Mav I#1(fb), XM5-7, Wolv60,61-64, MCP#133/2-136/2, Darkhold#3, Sabretooth I#1-4, XMU3, X33(fb), UX311, X33, Uncanny X-Men An18, UX316, X36-38, Wolv89,90, [X-Men: Prime], [Wolv91], X-Force#44,UX323, Wolv92, XFor45-47, UX326, XFor48, [X47], UX328, Sabretooth Special Edition#1, XFac119-123, Marvel Fanfare II#6, Sabretooth & Mystique#1-4, Sabretooth II#1, XFac124-130, 132-137, 138, XMU#17(fb),17, XFac142, Marvel Holiday Special 2004(fb)?, Wolv126-128, Mav6,7, Wolv145(fb2), Gambit III#8,9, 11, X102(fb), UX388, Bishop: Last X-Man#16, XMU33/6, Wolv160, 162, 164-166, Deadpool III#57,[58],59,60,61, Wolv171, 173-175, XMU35Weapon X: Draft: Wild Child (fb), Sabretooth: Mary Shelly Overdrive#1-4, X-Men Unlimited#40, Weapon X: Agent Zero, [Weapon X #1], 2(4(fb)), 3, 4, 5,6, 8, X142, WX9, Wolverine III#13-19, Identity Disc#1-6, Weapon X#26-28, Sabretooth V#1-4, X161-164, 188-193, 195-196, 197-199, 200/Cable & Deadpool#41, Wolv50-54, 55 (fb), 55d

SABREE – extradimensional, dimension of floating cities, jinjav/princess, encountered Nightcrawler on struggles with Shagreen
    --Nightcrawler I#1 (2

SABUKI, Dr. HIJIRI "SAM" - Japanese-American, surgeon, placed in internment camp during World War II, founding member of Penance Council + V Battalion, father of Golden Girl, grandfather of Golden Sun, great-grandfather of Goldfire
    (net-lostgen)--Invaders I#26 (27, 28, Citizen V and the V Battalion#2(fb)

SACHA ?? - vampire, vampirized by Marietta Borgezia, gained control of bloodlust after Jasmine Destine usurped Marietta's body and destroyed Marietta's spirit
    --Clan Destine#3 (2008); (identified) Clan Destine#4

SACHS - chauffeur for Joey Starrs, killed by Big Game Posse
    (app-biggame)--Marvel Comics Presents#152/3

SACK ( ) - Gene Nation, 198
    able to take over bodies of others
    (198, net)—Uncanny X-Men#323 (324,325, X-Men: The 198#1-5

SACK (Nelson Frank) - criminal, bank robber, stuck in own sack by Deadpool and attacked by the creatures, possibly killed.
    wore titanium gloves, possessed sack which was interdimensional portal, from which he could bring forth flesh-eating creatures to attack others
    (app)--Deadpool III#46

    --X-Force II#1

SACRED ARMOR of ATLANTIS - possibly created by Neptune, worn by Kalen @ 5900 BC, to lead the Atlanteans to drive off the Unforgiven Dead, given to Namor by Neptune to aid him against Suma-Ket
    (app-kalen)--[Namor I#37], 38

SACRED DUALITY - worshipped in alternate future by a peaceful branch of Kamado led by Ch’kra
    --[Defenders I#125]

SACRED FLAME of LIFE - cobalt flame worshipped by natives of el dorado, sought as power source by They Who Wield Power, merged with Tyrannus, destroyed with him
    *D* Cobalt Flame, Flame of Life (app-ed)--Avengers I#30 (Incredible Hulk II#240(fb), Av30,31, Hulk239-243d)

SCARED HEART CONVENT for the SISTERS OF THE HOLY SEPULCHER (Mother Superior, Sister Sara (left; now Caretaker)) - taught martial arts
    --Ghost Rider VI#26 (27 (fb), 26

SACRED HELIX of RANDAC - interface for Inhumans' genetic screening program

SACRED KRILL STATUE - the bedrock symbol of the religion of Tagak's World
    (app-tagak)--Defenders I#72

SACRED NEXUS of RANDAC - source of Terrigen Mists, briefly stolen by Dr. Doom
    --Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#5

SACRED ONE (    ) - led cult of fire-worshippers; opposed by Angel (Thomas Halloway)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#3 (January, 1940)

SACRED ORDER OF THE SACRED STAR - order Paibok was inducted to for capturing Fantastic Four
    --Fantastic Four I#382

SACRED PENDANT of KUKULCAN - empowered el Tigre
    stores energy transmitted by the Solar Stone
    AMULET of POWER (app-eltigre)--X-Men I#25

SACRED VOLUME of KALI - see BOOK of MANY THINGS (app)--Marvel Premiere#19

SACRED WATER SKIN - of the Samurai City, granted eternal youth
    (app)--[Black Panther I#4], 6 ([4, 5], 6, 7

SACRIFICER of Earth-691 circa 2019 AD (gynecologist Quarters) - death-birth surgeon, prepared human newborns as meals for Martian Masters, killed in battle against Freemen
    *D* (app-db)--Amazing Adventures II#28(29,31d)

SADD, Dr. EPHESUS - criminal scientist, stole sample of Dr. Dear’s gas and developed a variant that caused panic and rage, died of fear after thinking he was exposed to his own gas
    *D*--Daredevil I#222d

SADETSKY, RAYMOND – dentist kidnaped by Green Goblin to make laser drill, rescued by Spider-Man (Parker)
    (app)--Exclusive Collectors' Edition: Spider-Man

SADIE ?? - circa World War II, aboard ship targeted by Ubermadchen
    --Miss America 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009)

SADISTA ( ) - Rejects, former agent of Arcade
    (net)--Northstar#3 (4

SADU, Lt. -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#53)

SAF - see SUPERHUMAN ARMED FORCES--[Avengers: Initiative#12]

S.A.F.E. (Joshua Ballard, Clyde Fury, Sean Morgan, Nefertiti Jones) - special law enforcement, and counter-terrorism agency
    - Strategic Action For Emergencies
Spider-Man & the Incredible Hulk: Rampage (Doom's Day Book 1) (Spider-Man & Iron Man: Sabotage (Doom's Day Book 2), The Incredible Hulk: Abominations, Spider-Man Super Thriller: Warrior's Revenge, X-Men: Smoke and Mirrors, Spider-Man & Fantastic Four: Wreckage (Doom's Day Book 3), Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos, The Avengers and the Thunderbolts, Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six, Spider-Man: Revenge of the Sinister Six, X-Men: Soul Killer, "Playing it SAFE" in The Ultimate Hulk.

SAFEHOUSE - robot created in 1950s, programmed for Armageddon, awakened by Crowe of Mys-Tech, detonated self in central London
    --Dark Angel#12

SAFETY DEPOSIT dimension - used by Pro-Rata
    —Howard the Duck II#2

SAFFRON 2099 ( ) - SHIELD 2099, head of operation to eliminate Punisher
    --Punisher 2099#29 (30-32

SAFILIOS, UMBERTO - Cuban gun runner, drug dealer, and pimp, enemy of Nomad (Monroe)
    el Corazon del cuchillo, <The Heart of the Knife> *D* (net)--Marvel Comics Presents#14/4 (Gambit III#2(fb), Marvel Comics Presents#14/4, Captain America Annual#9/3, Nomad I#1,4d)

SAFONOV, "IRON" JOE - criminal from Minsk, worked as mobster in Brooklyn, attended meeting of Roger "Big Man" Chan, killed by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VI#34 (34d)

SAFRON - see CAULDER, SAFRON--Tomb of Dracula I#

SAGA - Asgardian goddess of runes and poetry
    (app)—Thor I#342

SAGAYETHA of the Hyborian era - Pictish wizard, nephew of Zogar Sag, allied with Lucian in plot against Aquilonian armies, beheaded by Conan.
    Control snakes
    *D* (app)--Moon of Blood; Savage Sword of Conan#46 ([46(fb)], 46

SAGBATA - voodoo god of death & disease, created a pact with Chthon to allow the creation of zombies, under request of Shango
    -BARON SAMEDI*--Dr. Strange III#17/2 ([Gambit IV#7]

SAGE ( ) - new age guru, friend of Paul Jennings
    (app-nightmare boxes)--Man-Thing I#20

SAGE (Tessa*) - mutant, X-Treme X-Men, former member of Hellfire Club.
    Computer-like mind, perceive full potential of others, mutated Beast into feline form
    BRITTANIA*, Diana Fox, (198)--X-Men II#109 (X-Treme X-Men#1(fb), 3(fb3), 1-3,
    X-Treme X-Men#22-24, X140,141, X157, UX444-447,
    X-Men Unlimited II#1, X165, [UX460], New Excalibur#4-5
    19-24, X-Men: Die by the Sword#1-5, Exiles#100

SAGE of Earth-7484 ( ) - Godwulf’s Redeemers.
    wm, possible esp
    *D* (app-godwulf)--Captain America I#288 (Deathlok II#32(fb#3d))

S.A.G.E. - Scientific Advisory for Gamma Emergencies
    --Avengers: Initiative#7

SAGE, HENRY - vampire, transformed by Dracula circa 1794, formerly had a wife (Lenora), son, and a daughter (Sarah + 1); in modern times was injected with Daywalker/Sun-walker formula which allowed memories to return, destroyed by Blade
    *D/R/D* (app)--Marvel Team-Up II#7 (7(des)

SAGE, HENRY - son of Henry, slain by Dracula
    *D*--Marvel Team-Up II#7 (7(fb, dies)

SAGE, LENORA - son of Henry, slain by Dracula
    *D*--Marvel Team-Up II#7 (7(fb, dies)

SAGE, SARAH - son of Henry, slain by Dracula
    *D*--Marvel Team-Up II#7 (7(fb, dies)

SAGE-WOLF – form taken by Khlog, based on tale Keewazi mothers told to children to keep them from going out at night, abducted several Keewazi children who were returned when Khlog was banished by Wyatt Wingfoot
    (app-khlog)—Strange Tales III#1

SAGGIO, SID - criminal, obsessed with finding giant squid, ran out on his friends when the Punisher attacks, continued his search, but was haunted by their ghosts, finally went after the Punisher, but was killed by a giant squid
    *D*--Punisher VI#23

SAGITTARIAN race (Empress Daydra, Warlord Supreme [Hermp] (d), Danad, Hoora, Jalin, Kemis, Kusek, Slee)
    – extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Berhart, Intergalactic Council, utilized Hulk in battles against Galaxy Master.
    grey-skinned humanoids
    (I#9, D#15, app)--[Incredible Hulk II#109],111 ([109,110],111,112, Captain Marvel I#27, IncHulk#269,270, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [Maximum Security#1,2],3

SAGITTARIUS (Harlan Vargas) - Zodiac Cartel, killed by android Zodiac
    *D* (D#15,20, app)--Avengers I#72 ([80,81, Daredevil I#69, Av82, Iron Man I#33,34], IM35, DD73, IM36, Av120-122,[123] Ghost Rider II#7(fb) Defenders I#63,64, West Coast Avengers II#26d)

SAGITTARIUS - see Mr. Zodiac (app)--Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac

SAGITTARIUS - see One-Man Zodiac (app)--Ghost Rider II#6

SAGITTARIUS – android Zodiac, battled Defenders under Scorpio, organized criminal Defenders alongside LMD Libra, Avengers under Quicksilver, destroyed by West Coast Avengers.
    male, white hair, launch arrow from wrists
    (D#15,20, app)--[Defenders I#48], 49, 50 (63,64, Avengers Annual#15, West Coast Avengers II#26d)

SAGITTARIUS – android Zodiac, infiltrated West Coast Avengers, discovered by Mockingbird, dismantled by she and Leo/Tigra imposter
    duplicate form and abilities of Hawkeye
    *Des* (app)--West Coast Avengers II#26 (27d)

SAGITTARIUS (     ) - Ecliptic's Zodiac
    male centaur, used bow
    (app-zod)--Alpha Flight II#1 (12, Weapon X#1

SAGITTARIUS (Karen Trudeaux) - "New" Zodiac, organized by "World Trust" Scorpio
   French female, archer
    (app)--New Warriors IV#4 (New Warriors IV#4-5, Dark Reign: Zodiac#1-2

SAGITTARIUS - 2075, planet populated by Centaurs
    --Speed Carter #6/4

SAGURI - agent of Higashi/East Wind, killed by Deadpool for Higashi when she became a threat to him. female
    *D*--Agent X#1 (3-6

SAGUTA - countryman of Hogun, slain by Mogul
    *D* (app-mogul)--Thor I#137/2

SAGYR - Golden People, leader
    (app-golden)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#19

SAHAR MOHAMAD - Taliban, slain by Kathryn O'Brien
    *D*--Punisher VII#37 (37d

S'AHRA-SHARN dimension (Quan-St'ar, Shai-Tahn, Cybelle)
    - alien world, sister city to K'un-Lun, individual passions are placed above the needs of the whole
    (app-quanstar)--Master of Kung Fu Annual#1

SAHREED of the 12th Century - Knight of the Crusades
    (net)--Black Knight: Exodus

SAHRIANA of the Hyborian era - leader of the Warrior Women of Z’Harr Hr’Ann, lost her left eye at age 15 to Vilayet buccaneers, cut off right breast at age 17 to ensure her position as the top archer, made love to Conan, but was destroyed when he entered the temple of Kalili
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#62

SAI ( ) - pirate, ally of Lionmane
    skilled martial artist, especially with sai
    (net-hsfh)--Heroes for Hire #18 (19

"Saigon mugger" - assaulted Mantis, easily defeated
    (app)--Avengers I#131

    (net-preff)--(g) Sailor Sweeney#12

SAINT (John Borden) - saboteur, stole plans for airborne tank, used flaming arrows, employed Nick Finelli; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#27 (January, 1942)

SAINT - dog of Quincy Harker, presumably killed alongside him in explosion.
    German Shepherd, white, trained to attack vampires, silver crosses on collar
    *D* (D#17)--Tomb of Dracula I#7 ( 9, 11, 13, Giant-Size Chillers#1, ToD#22, 27, 31,32, 37, 40, 43, 48, 51, 58, 59, 61, 64, 65, 68, [70]

SAINT (Damocles Rivas) - brother of Manuel Rivas, possessed by MODOK, who transferred his mind into MODOK's body; body destroyed in battle with Captain America and the Falcon, fought with MODOK to control MODOK's body; form held within stasis by SHIELD
    el SANTO--Captain America and the Falcon#4, (as Saint) #6 (7, 9-12

SAINTs - spirits of people buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery, forced People of the Dust to return to the Earth
    (app-dust)--Marvel Comics Presents#145/4 (146/4

SAINT, AMANDA - daughter of sister saint, sister of poison-lark, accompanied morbius on his encounters with demonfire
    (app)—Vampire Tales#2 (3/6,4,5,7,8

SAINT, TERRY - Grand Nixon Island, ex-Royal Air Force, killed in mission to Europe when Punisher shot the plane down
    *D*--Punisher VI#3 (4

SAINT ANDREW of Earth-982 (Caitlyn Leiber) - women's shelter

SAINT ANNA (Anna ) - X-Force, born out of affair of Irish girl and young Argentian priest, born in Ireland, killed freeing Paco Perez, transferred essence into Orphan so he could pass it on to her father.    
    Healing powers, transform into gaseous form
    *D* (app)—X-Force#117 (118,119d)

Saint BRENDAN (Brendan of Ardfert and Clonfert) - @ 486-577 AD, Christian priest, skilled in white magic, battled Modred immediately after he was possessed by Chthon, cast spell placing Modred in suspended animation, removed Darkhold from its tower and scattered pages throughout Europe and Asia
    (app)--Dr. Strange III#11/2 (Marvel Chillers#1/Dr. Strange#11/2

Saint CARCRASH 2099 - mercenary, worked for Payne Northedge, defeated by Steel Rain
    --2099 Unlimited#9/3

Saint CLAIR, ABBY - head of Haven for women
    --Iron Man III#51

Saint CLAIR, MORGANA - vampire, Brotherhood of Judas
    *D/R/D* (app-boj)—Vampire Tales#11d

Saint CLAIR, TOMMY - mother from same Navaho reservation as American Eagle, led him to Sinner
    (app-sinner)--Marvel Comics Presents#147/4

Saint CROIX, CLAUDETTE - sister of m and emplate, twin of nicole, autistic, formerly merged with nicole to form m and later penance
    -M*, M-PLATE*, PENANCE* (net)—Uncanny X-Men#316 (-->m. -->m-plate. -->penance. Generation X#57,58

Saint CROIX, DENNIS - Camarilla of the N'Garai, summoner of souls, killed by Satana’s Basilisk. bm
    (app-con) *D*--Marvel Preview#7

Saint CROIX, LOUIS CARTIER - professor xavier's mutant underground, father of m + emplate + Claudette + nicole
    --Uncanny X-Men#305 (X-Men II#51, Generation X#58, Generation X Annual 1999

Saint CROIX, NICOLE- sister of m ii and emplate,twin of claudette,formerly merged with claudette to form m and later penance
    -M*, M-PLATE*, PENANCE* (net)--UXM316(-->m ii. -->m-plate. -->penance ii. Generation X#57(58

Saint CHRISTOPHER, NICHOLAS - see Santa Claus (app-santa)--She-Hulk II#7

SAINT CYR, PIERRE - French assassin, criminal czar of all France, one of four hired by Supremus to slay Nick Fury, slew only an LMD of him
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#8

Saint ELMO - god of the northern light, the Flight, patron saint of sailors, thousands of years old, sacrificed self to stop Egghead's nuclear bomb
    transform solid objects into light
    ARCTIC AVATAR, KEEPER of the NORTHERN LIGHTS (app)--Alpha Flight Special#1 (1d)

Saint GEORGE (Georg von Frankenstein) - 1531, slew scheusslischer lindwurm (dragon), killed by it
    *D* (app-vf)—Savage Sword of Conan#22/2; Dr. Strange III#37 (37(fb)

SAINT GEORGE (    ) - Triumph Division, slain by assassin empowered by Ezekiel Stane
    *D*--Invincible Iron Man#2 (2d)

Saint GEORGE of Earth-Shadowline (George of Cappadocia)
    - first Knight of the Order of St. George
    (app-stg)--Dr. Zero#1, Critical Mass#5/2

Saint GERMAINE, Comte - legendary immortal figure
    (app)--Before Fantastic Four: Storms#1?

Saint GERMAINE, Comte - agent of Dracula, sought the Medallion of Zarathos, pursued Johnny Storm, destroyed by crashing into water tower in battle with Max Parrish/Ghost Rider.
    earth elemental, controlled the Toys
    --Before Fantastic Four: Storms#1 ([2(fb)], 1-3

Saint GERMAINE, Comte - see FU MANCHU (app)--Master of Kung Fu II#1 (2

Saint GERMAINE, MADELAINE - former love of Dr. Stephen Strange
    --(possible) Strange Tales I#136/2; (confirmed) Dr. Strange II#39 (40-42

SAINT HILDEGARD (Sonya van Jagt) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --[Civil War: Front Line#4], 6 ([4//4/4]), 6

SAINT HUBBINS, Col. - Wright-Patterson Air Force base, manipulated by aliens One and Two to allow Hulk to approach the alien hybrid corn stored therein
    --Incredible Hulk III#21 (2000)

Saint HUBBINS, SARI - Black Air, woman, enemy and former lover of Peter Wisdom
    --Excalibur I#111, 113 (fully seen + named) (114(fb), 111-114

Saint JEROME's - District X, orphanage
    --District X#8 (9(fb), 8-9

Saint JOHNNY (John Trane/Mondu/Srev) – extraterrestrial, developed mind transfer portion of Darkhawks, possessed John Trane
    --Darkhawk#1 (25(fb), 1, 5, 10-13, 22,23, 25, 36-39, [40],41

Saint JOHN,  - @ 18?8?6, father of Annabelle and Cornelius, set a trap for Dracula and slew him after he had saved his troops from defeat by the Union, but Annabelle revived him
    --Tomb of Dracula II#6

Saint JOHN, SAXON of Earth-148611 - Puerto Rojo, grafted unwilling subjects into cybernetic 3-MC suits
    --Codename: Spitfire#11?

Saint JOHN, ANNABELLE - @ 1862, Georgian, encountered Dracula in Europe, left with him after he saved her family and local army from Union army
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula II#6 ([6(fb)], 6

Saint JOHN, CORNELIUS - @ 1862, brother of Annabelle, served in the army alongside his father
    --Tomb of Dracula II#6

Saint JOHNS, HUBERT - wealthy, morbidly obese man, siphoned power from Hulk to gain strength, resulted in replication of tons of fat, died from ruptured blood vessel
    *D* (app)--Incredible Hulk Annual#14 ([Incredible Hulk II#314], Annual#14

Saint LAWRENCE, Colonel CAROLYN "CARY" - army, led assault on hulk post-onslaught
    (net)--Hulk: Hercules Unleashed (Incredible Hulk II#446-453, 454(fb), 456, 459, Heroes Reborn: The Return#2, Hulk461,462, 465, Hulk#11

Saint MARK's CATHEDRAL - New York City church, former base of Thanademos, held Captain America memorial attended by Edwin Jarvis
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#111/2

Saint MUNROE, YVES - vampire

Saint SONY - worshipper of the god Walkman
    --[Bizarre Adventures#32/4]

Saint THOMAS, JULES - Jamaican sorcerer, summoned to Temple of the Three by Genghis, assisted attempts to stop Ego’s spread on earth
    (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Tragedy (Maximum Security#3

SAINT-ANGE, CAMPBELL - mutant dream "birthed"/brought to life by Hattie Saint-Ange, raised as her son, assisted Rogue in learning of and reaching the Far Banks, remained there when Rogue and Gambit returned home
    Dream powers
    Lauren*--Rogue III#1 (5(fbs), 1-6

SAINT-ANGE, HATTIE - "mother" of Campbell, brought him to life from a dream during a false pregnancy
    --Rogue III#5 (5(fb)

SAINTE-CLOUD - Free spirit in the East Village, helped convince Ted Sallis to abandon Project Sulfur, later affected by a hallucinogen in the Man-Thing by old boyfriend Chuck
    (app)--Man-Thing I#15 (15(fbs), 15

SAINTS (Midge, Skids, Leonard/Smoky) - black gang in New York, rivaled Fisk’s Blades until Skids challenged Fisk and was beaten to death
    --Kingpin II#1 (2

SAJA - messenger of the desert gods, sought to warn Arabian Knight of the treachery of the Demon of the Dunes.
    giant, green humanoid
    (app-demonofthedunes)—Marvel Comics Presents#47/4

SAK, Dr. FELIX - used mini-sub to destroy ships; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --All Winners Comics#4 (Spring, 1942)

SAKAL, SARKIS - arms dealer, attempted to sell Tiny Dancer
    --Enter the Heroic Age#1/3

SAKAAR (brood, Lt. Caiera the Oldstrong, Cavaranthus Mazorus, Cutfrogs, Death's Head Warguard, Dreamskipper, Eggbreaker, Eleha'al, Great Portal, Hive, Elloe & Ronan Kaifi, Korg, Margus, Maw, Miek, Old Sam, Red King, Sakaar Democratic Insurgency, Shadow Warriors, Skaar, Captain Lavin Skee, Primus Vand) - planet ruled by the Red King, lies near "the Great Portal" a wormhole that drains the power of those passing through it such that they are easily enslaved as gladiators, destroyed by warp core explosion from SHIELD ship
    I'tjam (rebel city)
    --Incredible Hulk III#92 (101(fb), 92-95, Giant-Size Hulk#1, Hulk#96-105
    World War Hulk#5, Skaar: Son of Hulk#1,
    Hulk Family#1/2, Skaar#6

SAKAAR DEMOCRATIC INSURGENCY - Sakaar, rebelled against the Red King, ally of Hulk's Warbound
    (app)--Incredible Hulk III#93 (94-95

SAKAARSON - legendary figure who would come to save the people of Sakaar; counterpart of the Worldbreaker
    --Incredible Hulk III#95

SAKATA,  - World War II, commanding officer in Japanese army, fought Leatherneck Raiders
    (app)--Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders#7 ([7(fb)], 7

SAKATA of Earth-93060, Orange Lotus Cult ( ) - assassin, fought and killed by Bloodshed
    (app-orangelc)--The Solution#14

SAKI, Dr. - alias of Sub-Mariner while impersonating Japanese scientist
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#62

SAKKI - sword of power of the Snakeroot
    (app-snakeroot)--Daredevil I#319, (named) Elektra: Root of Evil#1 (Elektra: Root of Evil#1 (fb) - BTS/ #2(fb), Daredevil I#323(fb), 319, 321-325, Daredevil Annual#10, Elektra: Root of Evil#1-4

SAKU dimension (Desinna, Tarros) - alien world, blue skinned natives, linear distances traveled correspond to Earth’s dimension of time
    (app)—Giant-Size Spider-Man#3

SAKUMBE of the Hyborian era - Tombalku, black ruler, formerly sailed alongside Conan/Amra, betrayed by Askia, slain during uprising
    SACUMBE *D*--<REH untitled>, Drums of Tombalku, Savage Sword of Conan#21


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