REE - Archeopian, former agent of Eon and wearer of the Quantum Bands
    -Protector of the Universe (app)--[Quasar#2, 26(named)]

REE ( ) - Legion street gang

REED, BRIAN - Daily Bugle reporter
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1], [Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1]

REED, NICHOLAS - Fortress terrorist group, bomb expert
    (app-fort)--Marvel Comics Presents#129/2

REED, RANDY - Empire State University, captain and pitcher of baseball team, rival of rich rider, former boyfriend of Jennifer Smith
    --Nova III#1

REED, Sir RICHARD of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., Fantastik Four
    (app-earth311)--1602#4, (named) #5 (5(fb), 4-8

Reed Richards Fellowship for Multi-Disciplinary Excellence -
    --Marvel Apes#1 (2008)

REESE, DONDI (    ) - US government, parody of Condaleeza Rice
    --Black Panther IV#1 (2, 4

REESE, MURRAY - Reavers, former agent of hellfire club, killed by Fitzroy and his sentinel
    *D* (net-reav)--Uncanny X-Men#133 (152, Marvel Graphic Novel#4, Wolverine II#37(fb), UX205, 248-249, 251-255, Punisher II#33+34, UX262, 269, [Wolv37],38,39, UX281d)

REEVES, DUNCAN of the 19th Century - Bangers
    (app-time)--Deathlok II Annual#1

REEVES, MALCOLM - mutant, father of Malon, hid mutant status, killed by Bryson Bale.
    transform into flaming skleleton
    (app)--Brotherhood#4 (5,6

REEVES, MALON ESTRELLA - mutant, daughter of Malcolm, niece of Perot, girlfriend of Bryson Bale, kidnapped by and then allied with the London cell of the Brotherhood, killed by Spike.
    Fire energy blasts
    *D* (app)--Brotherhood#4 ([6(fb)], 4-9

REEVES, Major - briefly associated with gamma base, attempted to take control until he actually encountered the hulk and was overwhelmed by his actual power
    —Rampaging Hulk II#4 (5,6

REEVES, TONY - Daily Bugle
    --Spider-Man Unlimited#6

REFEREE (    ) - Great Game
    --New Thunderbolts#2

REFLECTING MIST - used by Iron Man to escape energy ray of Mad Thinker
    --Tales of Suspense I#72

"REFLECTION" - electrical creature created by unnamed SHIELD-affiliated scientist, slew him, destroyed by Wolverine
    Absorbs energy from others and becomes dark reflection of them, weakness to AA batteries
    --X-Men Unlimited#46

REFLEX ( ) - First Line.
    repel any force back against wielder, wm, blond, blue + orange costume, red visor
    (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#9 ( 7 9

REFORM PARTY (Abner Jonas) - political party
    --Daredevil I#10

REFRACTION SUITS - Enclave, used to disguise their features when they abducted Her’s cocoon from Project: PEGASUS

REFRAX (Curtis Pastorius) - Generation X
    Generate x-rays from eyes, see through solid matter, project biokinetic energy discharges
    --Generation X movie

REFUGE - no-space, base of Time Guardian
    (app-tg)--Dark Guard#1 (2-4

REGAN, DUSTY - led arsonist ring; opposed by Patriot (Jeff Mace)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#70 (March, 1946)

REGENT - Blood
    (app)—Blaze: Legacy of Blood#1 (2-4

REGENT, RICHARD - brother to Samantha, called in Borderline Investigations
    (app-regent, samantha)--Nightstalkers#8 (Nightstalkers#9-10

REGENT, SAMANTHA - received page from the Darkhold, attacked by Maxxy, helped Blade
    (app)-- Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins#8 (Nightstalkers#8-10

REGGIE ?? - Europan government, partner and former lover of Dickie, attempted assassination of Henrietta Hunter, employed Euro-Trash, had heart attack when Euro-Trash failed, smothered by agent of Spike Freeman when refused to give up folders linking Freeman to Saddam Hussein
    *D* (app-euro)--X-Statix#13 (14, 16d, 18?)

REGINA ?? - model, friend of Mary Jane Watson-Parker
    -- ( Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#9, Spec154,155

REGINA ?? - waitress in Madison, Wisconsin, asked Stacey and San to leave
    (app)--Inhumans V#7

REGINA of Earth-93060 - see ALTERNATE--

REGINALD --VEL JOHNSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - attended by Franklin Richards
    --Fantastic Four: Foes#2

REGISTER of the Order of St. George of Earth-Shadowline -
    (app-stg)--St. George#8

REGULATOR of Earth-148611 (Harlan Hackbarth) - Clinic
    --DP7 (nu)#1 (Exiles#72

REICH, WILHELM - psychiatrist, discovered Orgone energy and named his ranch estate Orgonon
    --[Doc Samson II#2]

REICHERT, TOMMY - mutant, slain by
    *D*--[Uncanny X-Men#444], 445d

REID, KEN - friend of Superpro, camera man, bm
    --NFL Superpro#1

REID, DR. PHILIP - created monsters via mutilation, employed escaped convict Club Larson; opposed by Young Allies
    --Young Allies#19 (Spring, 1946)

REIFSNYDER, GUSTAV - @ World War II, Nazi, disappeared after reporting a mutant
    --[Wolverine III#32] ([32(fb)]

REIGEL, CHARLES - Gotham Game Club, electronics wizard, former Nazi collaborator, sent robots after the Hulk, arrested by Joshua Wade
    Used Bishop, King, Knight, Pawn, Queen, and Rook robots
    (app)--Incredible Hulk Annual#9 ([9(fb)], 9

REIGNFIRE ( ) - former leader of Mutant Liberation Front, creation of Dr. Segismund Joshua under the direction of Gideon, transfused some of Sunspot’s blood into a male test subject that had been living in an oxygenated nutrient bath to slow an unusual physical deterioration, resulted in duplication and amplification of Sunspot’s powers as well as forming a one-way mind link, body destroyed by X-Force, briefly took over Sunspot’s body until recaptured by agents of Damocles Foundation posing as SHIELD II, used to empower Celestial Gatherer/Golem, at which point it was completely destroyed by Moonstar and Arcadia Deville.
    convert solar energy into dense biofield, fly, project energy blasts, superhuman strength
    -"SUNSPOT",Roberto DaCosta" (net-handbook)--X-Force I#26 (79(fb), 80(fb), 26-28, X-Force An3, XFor43, 72-75, 78-80, 96

REIKER, Dr. TERRY - World War II, pacifist, sought to develop nuclear bomb for the Japanese, thinking they would end the war without violence, learned this to be false, and was recovered by the Howling Commandos and Leatherneck Raiders, killed in war protest two days later
    (app)--[Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#11], Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#64

REIKO ?? - Japanese assassin, formerly associated w/ Dai-Kumo & Goro, blinded by Matsuo Tsurayaba, committed suicide after tricked into poisoning Mariko Yashida
    *D*--Wolverine II#31 (32,33, 55-57d)

REIKO ?? – Assassins Guild of Manhattan, formerly worked with and had relationship with Punisher (Castle)
    (app)—Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Assassin’s Guild

    (net)--Web of Spider-Man#114 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#217/2,Amazing Spider-Man I#400/2,Spider-Man I#57/2, Spec223/2, A405(fb), S63(fb), Spider-Man: The Lost Years#1-3, Spider-Man: Redemption#3(fb), W114,S48,W115,S49,Sp215,W116,A393,S50,Sp216,W117,A394,S51,Sp217,W118, Spider-Man Unlimited#7, S52->Scarlet Spider)

    used image inducer as assistant gym teacher at Midtown HS
    --Friendly Neighborhood of Spider-Man#14 (15, 16, 18, 19

REILLY, CHIEF EAMON X - cop, fought Venom + Sin-Eater (Englesch-something)
    --Venom: Sinner Takes All#1 (2-5

REILLY, HAROLD - cousin? of May Parker, regarded as a hero, brother of Roger
    --[Peter Parker: Spider-Man#50]

REILLY, HORACE - paternal uncle of May Parker, suffered from cancer, put of of his misery by may’s dad, although it was believed to be suicide
    *D*--Peter Parker: Spider-Man II#28 (28(fb,d)

REILLY, MARY - see PARKER, MARY JANE--Amazing Spider-Man#541, 543

REILLY, - May's father, brother of Horace
    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man II#28

REILLY, PETER - terminally ill construction worker, sought to commit suicide to get insurance money for family, life taken by Black Wraith
    (app-bloodwraith)--Avengers Unplugged#6

REILLY, ROGER - cousin? of May Parker, brother of Harold
    --[Peter Parker: Spider-Man#50]

REILLY, - father of Phat
    --X-Force I#117 (117(fb), 118, XStatix#3

REILLY, - mother of Phat
    --X-Force I#117 (117(fb), 118, XStatix#3

REILLY, - sister of Phat

REINER, EMIL - vampire

REINFORCER of Earth-148611 (Dexter Charne) - Clinic employee
    *D*--DP7(nu)#1 (Exiles#72,  DP7#13d

REINHOLDT, Dr. ; - US government affiliated, he designed a helmet to control Dr. Octopus's arms
    --Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus#1 (2,3

REISEL (    ) - chalk-faced murderer, drained people of blood; opposed by Angel (Thomas Halloway)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#30 (April, 1942)

REISS - with partner Morton, caused chain of subway wrecks; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#13 (November, 1940)

REISZ, Dr. JACOB - former senior FBI inspector and chief aid to Valerie Cooper, possessed after death by Shadow King (death possibly caused by Shadow King) until head blown off by Mystique
    --Uncanny X-Men

REI-VAJ - planet in Kree galaxy on which Wraith and allies slew several Kree traitors
    --Annihilation Conquest: Wraith#4

REJECT (Ransak) - deviant, delta force, new breed, allied with eternals, son of maelstrom and medula, grandson of phaeder, mutated into savage creature by nuclear bomb launched by apocalypse, cured by eternals.
    human in appearance, savage warrior, often wears uniform composed of flexible steel and uses power rod
    "Sweet Prince", "Golden One", Killing Machine, WARHEAD* (D#10)—Eternals I#8 (9,10, 12, Eternals Annual#1, Thor I#285(fb), 286,287, 289,291, [Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3], Eternals II#3-12, [Avengers I#308],310(fb),[309],310, Quasar#12, Eternals: Herod Factor, Av370,371, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes for Hire#5(fb),5,6, Eternals: Apocalypse Now, Black Panther III#27

REJECTS of the Planet of the Chosen & Reject (Agron, Larrs, Nikoh, Spak, Vlon, Wilghe, Zharkah)
    -sect of race judged by celestials, hideous in appearance, value natural ways over science
    (app)—X-Factor I#43 (44-46, 48-50

REJECTS (Barb, Link, Mr. Nice, Sadista, Short Fuse)
    - hired by Arcade to conflict with Northstar
    (net)—Northstar#3 (4

REJECTS of Hubert St. Johns - gamma-mutates; failures in the process of trying to find a way to empower St. Johns, all apparently either killed by the Hulk or died from decomposition
    *D* (app-stjohns)--Incredible Hulk Annual#14

REKRAB - occult explorer, ally of Terror
    --Terror#1( 11-13

REKXOR - Skrull Carnival member trapped in the form of a mouse
    (app-skrullcarnival)--New Mutants I#92

RELAMPAGO of Earth-148611 ( ) - Medusa Web
    *D*--PsiForce(nu)#18, 19

RELAMPAGO VIVO - see LIVING LIGHTNING (M, OH: Av2005)--Avengers West Coast#63

RELAY ( ) - Psi-Cops
    --Warlock III#1,3(named)(1-3

RELF - see ELF (app-elf)---Spider-Man Team-Up#5/2

    --X-Force II#3

RELSTOR  - Levian, First Citizen aboard the Levian, convinced Thor to help against Sporr, ordered Sporr’s death
     (app-levians)--Thor I#256 (257

REMA-DU - Gallifreyan, daughter of Griffen and Jodelex, former lover of Adamath + Wardog
    --Dr. Who Magazine#51 (57, Dr. Who anthology

remaining mystics of Earth-89112 (Baron Mordo, Dakimh the Enchanter, Doctor Druid, Doctor Strange, Hellstorm, Jennifer Kale, Shaman, Margali Szardos)
    - intended to summon extradimensional power to reverse Earth's plight, distracted by She-Hulk and all but Strange and Mordo slaughtered by S'ym's demon force
    (app-earth89112)--What If II#6

REMEMBRANCER - Dr. Doom device, held his memories, used to "program" Kristoff in the apparent death of Dr. Doom
    (app)--(Fantastic Four I#278

    --X-Men: Hidden Years#11

REMMING, DONNIE - student, former member of the Pirates street gang, son of drug addicts, convinced to quit the gang by the Falcon
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#23/3

REMMING, HAL - father of Donnie, drug addict
    (app-donnieremming)--Marvel Comics Presents#23/3

REMMING, VICKIE - mother of Donnie, drug addict
    (app-donnieremming)--Marvel Comics Presents#23/3

REMNANT of Earth-712 (Frank Edwards) – Redeemers, old enemy of Nighthawk
    levitate on carpet
    (app)--Squadron Supreme I#6 (Captain America I#314, SS#7,10-12

REMNANT MEN - servants of the Master, mutated using extract of scramble’s serum, talisman suffered brain damage in the process of returning them to normal
    (net)--Alpha Flight II#88,89(named) (90)

REMNANTS of Counter Earth-Franklin (Amazo-Maxi Woman, Mant, Miss Thing, Panther Cub, Sterling)
    - group of heroes organized by mant in attempt to replace avengers after they returned their own dimension, originally trained by deadpool, failed to stop deadpool from launching nuclear weapons at uatu’s citadel
    --Heroes Reborn: Remnants (Rem(fb), Rem

REMO 2099 ( ) - Halo City.
    generate bubbles
    --X-Men 2099#32

REMONT 4 (Crimson Dynamo, Firefox, Titanium Man (Bullski), Unicorn?)
    - short-lived soviet super-team, organized by soviet officials to serve under valentin shatalov in attempt to gain greater political power and attempt to restructure soviet system as in the "glory days" of stalin
    (net)—Soviet Super Soldiers#1

REMORA the SNOW DEVIL of the HYBORIAN era - see YAKHMAR* *D* (app)--Lair of the Ice Worm; Savage Sword of Conan#34

REMORA - Atlantean?, ally of Tigershark
    (app)--Namor#46 (46 (fb), 46, 47, 54,55

REMORA of Earth-691 - 31st century, leader of the Remorans, captured others and drained their memories & shared them with his race, captured Aleta and Heimdal, eventually overpowered by them, technology for luring others destroyed by them
    parasitic empathy, drain memories of others, 8'tall, powerful tentacles, enhanced strength
    (app)--Guardians of the Galaxy#42 ([42 (fb), 42], 42-43

REMORANs of Earth-691 (Remora) - formerly fed on memories delivered by Remora
    7' tall, tentacled
    (app-remora)--Guardians of the Galaxy#42 ([42 (fb), 42], 42-43

REMOTE - servant of Enclave, sent to obtain materials, mistook for Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man Team-Up#7

REM-RAM (Marcus Andrews) - mutant, Acolytes, accompanied Cortez in attempt to gain asylum from Xavier.
    observe + manipulate dreams of others, bm
    (2006#1-acolytes)--X-Men: Magneto War (Magneto: Dark Seduction#1,[2]

REMSEN, ADAM of Earth-148611 - psychologist and dream researcher, father of Keith

REMSEN, KEITH of Earth-148611 - Paranormal Platoon.
    manipulate and interact with dreams

REMSEN, LENORE of Earth-148611 - psychiatrist, mother of Keith

REMSEN, THEODORA of Earth-148611- sister of Keith, served as his psychic anchor

REMU the GREAT (Burt Remulinski) - League of Crime leader, criminal hypnotist; opposed by Challenger
    --Mystic Comics#8 (March, 1942)

REN of the Hyborian era - concubine of Ath'Agaar, tortured and slain by the Dark Lords, spirit reincarnated at least until Kaok's destruction in the latter 20th century
    *D* (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel#11: Void Indigo

REN ?? - friend of Nick Malloy, briefly turned into thrall of Nightfire

REN of Earth-20345 - Spider-totem, Canadian woman living in Japan, manipulate emotions, spin webs
    (app)--Twitter post; Spider-Verse III#4

REN (Ren Hoek) of Earth-92157 - English-speaking & intelligent "Asthma Hound" Chihuahua, partner of cat Stimpy
    --The Ren & Stimpy Show cartoon short, "Big House Blues"

RENARD (    ) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#3 ()

RENARDO of the Hyborian era - thief, stole the gemstone of the Warz Bel Doqh imposter
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#73

RENASCENCE (Sophia Mantega*) - New Warriors
    WIND DANCER*--New Warriors IV#10 (11-13

REND of Earth-5555 circa 8162 A.D. - Evil Dead.
    used spiked mace on hand, system translates pain into pleasure
    --(UK) Dragon's Claws#7 (8-10

REND EELS - protective entities of Oculus Oroboros
    --Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#62

RENDAU, Dr. - Empire State University councilor, consulted with Mary Jane Watson-Parker regarding her stress over her husband’s career
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#426 (Spider-Man I#83

RENE ?? - assistant of Kate Vinokur
    (app-kv)—Daredevil II#22 (24

RENEGADE TWENTY - former members of Clan Yashida serving Silver Samurai, betrayed him to end the time stasis around the Temple of Tangkor Marat in hopes of controlling the Doombringer for power and/or profit, slain by Doombringer, Silver Samurai, & Wolverine
    *D* (app)--Wolverine: Doombringer

RENEGADES of the Old West (Carlos Cortez, the Dude, the Kid, Little Flower) - @ 1836, sent to recruit aid to defend the Alamo against Santa Anna's troops
    (Outlaw Files, app)--Western Gunfighters II#1/5 (4/3

RENEGADES (Amadeus Cho + coyote, Angel, Hercules, Namora) - group of heroes who tried to ally with the Hulk when he attacked Earth, later sought to contain his damage and/or convince him to turn back from his path
    (WWH)--Incredible Hulk III#106, 107, (identified) 108 (106-107, World War Hulk#2, IncHulk#108-110, 111, 112

RENFIELD - @ 1890, former prisoner at Stamford Asylum for the Insane, enslaved by Dracula, attempted to stop Dracula from harming Mina Harker, slain by Dracula
    *D*--Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Dracula Lives#11/3 (Legion of Monsters#1/4, Stoker's Dracula#2, 3d)

RENFIELD 2099 - Re-Activ-8, allied of Static Annie, killed by Doom
    *D* (app-static)--Doom 2099#36 (37d)

RENGE - Japanese warrior, father slain by Azuma to gain the sword Mikage, but she took it and fled from him, joined forces with Wolverine to stop Azuma, allowed Wolverine to dispose of Mikage
    --X-Men Unlimited#50 (50(fb), 50

    --Force Works#11 (12

RENNAR - @ 6000 BC, Homo mermani, soldier in the pre-Atlantean Eastern Sea Tribe, contemporary of Kamuu
    (app-kamuu)--Sub-Mariner I#64/2

RENNIE, KATHERINE. - Tony Stark's personal secretary
    --Iron Man IV#1 (Iron Man: The Inevitable#1, 3, 5,  Iron Man IV#13, 23-24

    SHIELD I, expelled
    --Captain America Annual#8

RENNY (Col. John Renwick) - @1930s, Fabulous Five, construction engineer, large and strong
    --Doc Savage Magazine#1 (1933)
; Doc Savage I#1

RENNY ?? - WFSK, partner of Dom
    (app-insomnia)--Daredevil I#357 (359, 361,363

RENO - with Molokai, killed Jubilee's parents
    --Wolverine II#38) 73 (fb), 38, 39, 40, 72, 74

RENO, ?? - French, intelligence, agent of Deuxieme Bureau, encountered Fantastic Four during involvements with Margali Szardos and Yvette Diamonde
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#20 (21,1999

RENO, JACK - Mercy Corporation
    (app-mc)--Super Soldiers (MUK) #8

RENOLDS, ARTHUR - Earth-60672, constructed Colossus super-computer
    --Strange Tales I#72

REN-TECH (Theodore Bolton + Diana Bradley) - high-tech criminals seeking to steal other technology, wore battlesuits, defeated by Annex
    -RENegade TECHnology (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#3

Renwick, Col. John "Renny" - Large-fisted engineer, assistant to Doc Savage; met time-traveling Thing, HT in clash with Blacksun
    --Doc Savage I#1

REPELLO-RAY RIFLE - weapon used by Ogre
    --X-Men I#28

REPLICA of Earth-691 ( ) - Skrull, Universal Church of Truth, Guardians of the Galaxy, Galactic Guardians, former companion to Protégé.
    (M)--Guardians of the Galaxy#9 (10-17, 22, Guardians of the Galaxy Annual#2, GotG#34-37, Galactic Guardians#1-4

REPLICOID - duplicate of Thor, created by Celestials after encountering Thor on Pangoria, sent it to earth to inform Thor to journey to the Black Galaxy, after delivering the message it was slain by Stellaris
    (app)--Thor I#389 (417-419

REPLICUS (Replica Model X-3) - robot built by Chuda
    (1960s, app)—Thor I#141

REPO MAN of Earth-93060 - identical agents of Boneyard
    --Mantra I#2 (3

REPPION, VICKI - STRIKE psi-division, assassinated by Slaymaster

REPRA - Snark, rites master, became part of triumverate along with Sobak and Destrak to rule clan Destrak after Destrak’s son and Ankar was killed by Jakal + Maraud’s forces
    --Power Pack II#4

REPRA of Earth-Slow Glass - Tribunal judge, leader
    (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#4

REPTILE - (Webster) - costumed killer, active during World War II; married Chloe for her plantation, planned to kill her, unmasked by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    (app)--Sub-Mariner Comics#23
(Summer, 1947)

REPTILE MEN - Savage Land, formerly served Quor, raided villages of Golden People and others to find Anti-Metal for him; driven off by Ka-Zar
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#19 ([19(fb)]

REPTILICUS 2099 ( ) - see MR.SLITHER. undernet
    --Ghost Rider 2099#13 (15

REPTILLA - Salem's Seven.
    serpentine tail + arms
    *D* (D#19)--Fantastic Four I#185 (Annual#14, [F4#222],223, Vision & Scarlet Witch II#3,5, Avengers Annual 2000

REPTO - Microverse, Death Squad , given form of a Repto in Body Banks
    (app-reptos)--Micronauts I#36

REPTOID race of Earth-691 (Teju) – 31st century, extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet Tay,
    reptilian bipeds, superhuman strength, powerful tails
    (I#8,D#15)—Giant-Size Defenders#3 (Thor Annual#6

REPTOS race - Microverse, Outer Fringes,
    bat-winged belligerent race
    (app)—Micronauts I Annual#1 (Micronauts I#16-17, [26/2 (fb)], 28, 36

REPTYL – extraterrestrial, reptilian biped, native of race from within Coalsack Nebula, former captain of pirate ship, consumed form of Contemplator imposter, nearly killed Super-Skrull, cast into open space by Super-Skrull, mutated into powerful energy manipulating warrior form, eventually returned to normal, further mutated by Thanos
    formerly savage, used energy sword
    REPTYL PRIME*, CAP'N REPTYL, the Non-Human (M, OH:AZU#1, app)--Silver Surfer III#11 (12, 19, Silver Surfer Annual#2, Surf27-29, Fantastic Four An24/ , Surf57, 63-65, Maximum Security#1,[2,3], Avengers: Celestial Quest#2-8

REPTYL PRIME - see REPTYL (OH:AZU#1, app-reptyl)--Silver Surfer III#57 (63-65

REPUBLICAN GUARD of Earth-Exiles vs Weapon X-Exiles (Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, Gremlin, Omega Red, Titanium Man)

REPUBLIKANERs, der - opposed by German Freedom League following World War II
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

    (app-pj)--Terror#6 (7

REPULSOR (Carlos Carago) - hitman hired by
    --NFL Superpro#12

REPULSOR (Claudio Juarez) - eco-terrorist, stole costume from Carago
    --(cj) NFL Superpro#7,(r)12

REPULSOR-TROOPERS of Earth-Avengers: Galactic Battalion - Galactic Avenger Battalion, based on Iron Man
    (app-earthagb)--Avengers Forever #1 (8(fb), 1, 10, 11,12

    generates negative magnetic energy which can repel metallic objects such as bullets from the user. It cannot, however, tell time.
    (app)--Strange Tales I#154 (159

REQUIEM ( ) - Neo, Lost Souls, briefly possessed Beast
    superhuman strength, red skin, dark hair
    --Uncanny X-Men#382

REQUIEM SHARKS (Smart, Stealth, Switchblade) - mercenaries, assisted Death’s Head against Charnel
    (app)--Death’s Head III#10 (11,12

RE-RAN, Commander of Earth-97103 - Land of Fuzz, Micro Nuts, Commander Arcturus Rann
    (app-earth97103)--What If II#100/2

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