RESCORLA - planet, home of Rescorlans
    (app-rescorlans)--Solo Avengers#21/2 ([21(fb)], 21

RESCORLAN race ("Axel") – extraterrestrial, wear grey cloaks, prudish traders, formerly held Heater Delight prisoner
    grey skin, snouts
    (app)--Solo Avengers#21/2 ([21(fb)], 21

RESCUE (Virginia "Pepper" Potts) - codename for 1616-armored form
    --Invincible Iron Man#14

RESEARCH CITY (Franklin Hall, Joe & Judy Parks) - Canadian facility in which Graviton was empowered
    --Avengers I#158

RESEARCH HABITAT SORONA DAE - Kano system, knocked out of orbit, sent distress call to Nova Corps during Annihilation Wave, life support failed within 3 months, all aboard perished within another three months
    --Nova IV#1

RESISTANCE of Earth-Cerebus (Krylla ) - @ 29th Century, brought Tony Stark of Earth-616 to their time, planned to kill him in order to prevent him from creating Cerebus
    (app-kryl)--Iron Man I#5 (5(fb), 5

RESISTANTS (Crucible, Meteorite, Occult, Paralyzer, Quill, Rust, Think Tank, Mist Mistress, twelve or so others unnamed)
    - mutants opposing forced Mutant Registration Act
    (app)--Captain America I#343 (346, 368, 350, Amazing Spider-Man I#325, Cap411, 426

RESISTOR ( ) - former AIM agent, battled Prowler
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#10/

RESOURCES CONTROL EXECUTIVE of Earth-Days of Future Past - see RCX (app)--Excalibur I#66

RESTON, CLIVE - former agent of MI-6 + Freelance Restorations, nephew of James Bond + grandson of Sherlock Holmes, husband of Leiko Wu
    (AZU#2)--Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu#3 (Master of Kung Fu #28-36, 39-51, 54, 56-63, 65-69, 71(fb), 72-75, 77-88, 90, 94, 95(fb), 95-98, 100,101, 105, 108-110, 112, 115-119, 122, Marvel Comics Presents#2/3-4/3, 6/3-8/3, Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black, Master of Kung Fu II#1-6, Wisdom#5 (fb), 1, 4, 4 (fb), 5, 6

RESTWELL NURSING HOME (Nathan Lubensky, May Parker) -

RESURRECTION ALTAR - located in remote Wakanda, gives off unearthly radiation, located by Killmonger, used to empower several of his followers, used to resurrect Killmonger with the sacrifice of his Death Regiments
    --Jungle Action# ( Black Panther III#25 - race associated with it
    Black Panther III#21(fb)

RESURRECTION CORPS (Erlking, Strega) - agents of Geist, granted superhuman strength and other abilities by Lazarus Pathogen?
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#1 (2011)

RESURRECTION STONE - power item, created by extraterrestrial scientist-wizard Tus'au, sought by Skrull Jaddak, split in half and cast into past by Krru, one half went to 14th century during bubonic plague + used by the youth Devlunn to reanimate corpses, other half sent to world war ii and used by Sol Rosenblatt within Dachau to reanimate spirits of family, halves rescued by Avengers, destroyed by Beast, reformed, but stone and its spirit were then destroyed by Dr. Strange.
    able to restore life, possesses sentient, evil life force
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#209 (Defenders I#105d)

RESUSCITATION TUBE of Earth-982 - used by Kaine and Darkdevil to stave off clone degeneration and heal from injuries
    --Darkdevil#1 (1(fb8), 2,3

RETALIATOR - Breakworld weapon, giant, solid bullet-like weapon, launched at Earth, rendered intangible by Kitty Pryde to save Earth but she was forced to merge with it and apparently perished in the effort
    --Astonishing X-Men#22

RETCON (Leila    ) - Vanguard
    alter memories, erase recordings from surveillance equipment, computers, etc.
    --Marvel Comics Presents II#7

RETLER, General FRANKLIN of Earth-88194 - Merchants leader
    (app)--Dr. Zero#5

RETOX of Earth-691 (Dirty Head, Flashframe, Input, Jumpcut, Remote, TBC)
    - virtual realitv addicts, slaughtered commandeers
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#31 (32,33

RETREAD ( ) - Starstop, Short Stop
    (app-ss)--USOne#3 (4-12, [Sensational She-Hulk II#6], 7, [39-42], 43-46

RETRIBUTION of Earth-Amalgam - Penance + Firehair, Generation Hex
    (app-gh)—Generation Hex#1

RETRIBUTION VIRUS - engineered by Moira MacTaggart under control of Master Mold, destroyed by Conscience?
    remove mutant powers, and eventually kill mutants, proved to be fatal to approximately 90% of normal humans as well
    (app-conscience)--Marvel Comics Presents#18 (18-24

RETRIEVAL SQUAD (Mowat, MacGruder ) - assistants to USAgent
    STARS?--Maximum Security#1 ( [2] 3

RETRIEVERS of ATLANTIS ("Aeristron"/purple, "Captiotron"/metallic blue, "Ducotron"/leader (violet), Electron, "Scyphozotron"/green, Thermatron)
    - designed by Namor's imperial guard to keep him on the throne of Atlantis
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#195

RETRO-ACTIVE CANNON - device used by the Time Variance Authority, briefly taken over by by Clockwise who used it to nullify Justice Goodwill, Knight-Man, Dr. Rocket, Mr. Orobouros, and Mr. Paradox
    --She-Hulk II#3

RETRO-MEN of "Earth-1038" (Beast, Cable, Gambit, Iceman, Storm, Wolverine, Xavier)
    - changed their name to fit their return to their original costumes
    X-MEN (app)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001- "X-Men: The Retro Men"

REUBEN ?? - boyfriend of Catiana's mother
    (app-catiana)--NYX#4 (6

REUBEN - pet raccoon of Bob Brant, aided in many of his adventures
   (app-brant)--Man Comics I#26/1 (26/3,27/1,27/3,28/1,28/3

REUBENS, BOB - former sheriff of Rain, New Hampshire, went insane and began a series of murders, which he framed on the Fyodor Dostoyevsky robot until being eventually exposed
    --Marvel Team-Up I#129

    -- ( Captain America I#184, Avengers I#138, 150-152

REV - see REVEREND (app-dragcirc)--[Jungle Action#19], Marvel Premiere#53

REV (reverend Sammy Smith) – Church of the Saved, agent of Belasco.
    possessed apparent healing abilities, corrupt
    *D* (app)--Punisher II#4 (5, 35(fb), 35-37,[38],39,40?

REVANCHE (Kwannon) - merger of Psylocke/Kwannon with Betsy Braddock’s body, died from Legacy virus
    *D* (AZU#4, net)—X-Men II#17 (31(fb3), 17,18, 20-25, [Avengers I#368], X26,[Avengers West Coast#101],Uncanny X-Men#307,A369,X-Men II Annual#2, X27, UX308, X28,29,[30],31d)

REVELATION - alternate future version of Terminatrix/Ravonna, mother of Marcus Immortus, controlled portion of Limbo, set against Delubric Consortium by Kang
    (app)--Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#1 (2-4, Avengers Forever#9(fb)

REVELATION ( ) - Morlocks, cryogenically frozen by S’oleira pending a cure when powers first surfaced, released by explosives used in museum construction.
    generate aura that kills those around her
    *D?* (app)--[Wolverine/Punisher: Revelations#1], 2 ([3(fb),1], 2 (fb), 3 (fb), 3 (fb), [1], 2-4

REVELATION (Howler + M’yranda + Quinn + Zed, Anastasis Contrares, deputy Beauregard Feiffer, Desiree Longbow, sheriff Trainer)
    - town in American Midwest, site of numerous unexplained occurrences, adopted home of the last surviving Z’lyztayans
    --Fantastic Four III#33 (34

REVELLE LON of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, sought amulet of set, slain by ishiti
    *D* (app-ish)--Conan the Barbarian I#138 (139d)

REVENANT ( ) - mutant?, agent of Ransome Sole and Elias Bogan.
    give form + control images of anyone who has died violently around her victims, tall wf, shaved head
    --Uncanny X-Men#383 (X-Treme X-Men#32-34, X-Treme X-Men#40-45

REVENGE - see CHILDS, LEE (app-ss)--Super Soldiers#1

REVENGE inc ( ) - criminal organization, utilized advanced technology, kidnapped models using teleporter for Tom Devine, attached Diane Simon to a computer
    —Dazzler#34 (37

REVENGE OF THE NINJA NUNS - movie starring Simon Williams


REVENGERS - Los Angeles street gang, sought to emulate Vengeance, attacked War Machines, defeated by Vengeance + War Machine + Paranormal Law Enforcement Team.
    wore body armor, severely overdosed body to increase strength, suffered physical side effects, used flame throwers
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#167/3 (168/3-170/3

REVENGERS of Earth-MC2 (Big Man, Ion Man, Killerwatt, Red Queen, Sabreclaw)
    - organized by Red Queen, ambushed Avengers after they returned from Earth-Thunderguard, defeated by them and group of allies
    --A-Next#12 (12(fb),12

REVER, BRAD - head of Able Electronics, father of Dan, enemy of Wargod
    (app-wg)--Marvel Comics Presents #80(81

REVER, DAN - son of Brad, ally of Wargod
    (app-wg)--Marvel Comics Presents #80(81

REVERB ( ) - Gene Nation
    --Uncanny X-Men#325

REVERB of Earth-982 (Rudolf) - agent of Hobgoblin, partner of Barney, outfitted with vibration-generating costume
    --(unidentified) Amazing Spider-Girl#1, (identified, also as Reverb) #2

REVEREND (Addison Blackburn) - leader of Dragon Circle, former member of the Ku Klux Klan
    (app-dc)--[Jungle Action#19], Marvel Premiere#53 ([Jungle Action#19-22, 24, Black Panther I#14,15, Marvel Premiere#51, 52], 53

REVEREND - Ugandan, leader of the Ugandan People's Defense Force, kidnapped Reik Bukenya and Samalie Ochelo, killed by Reik
    *D* (app-riek)--Muties#3

REVEREND of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - Lawless

REVEREND CIRCUS PANTS XVII - Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance

REVEREND GUILT (    ) - Vestry

REVEREND NICE (Nabisco Nicieza) - televangelist, ally of Mike Clemson, spoke out against Vengeance, sacrificed wife to become Diabolique’s playmate, confessed crimes to police due to guilt over sacrificing wife
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#167 (168-170, 172-175

REVEREND REAPER - see REAPER of the Old West (app)--Western Gunfighters#6

REVEREND STYGE (James Sharp) - empowered by and acted as pawn of Centurious, cannibal, eats sinners, sought power to raise the dead, which he gained from a page of the Darkhold, but was then killed by Centurious
    -SIN-EATER*--Ghost Rider III#16 (18, Darkhold#4,5, Spirits of Vengeance#2

REVERSE dimension - mystic realm, possible connection to Ssgard.
    energies and attacks work in an opposite fashion
    --Avengers I#16

REVERSER RAY - weapon used by Iron Man against Titanium Man, reverses attacks
    --Tales of Suspense I#69 (70, 71

REVOLUTIONARY (    ) - Liberteens, Skrull infiltrator
    fights with a sword
    --Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/3

REVOLUTIONARY ACTION COMMITTEE - Manchester, England, manipulated by the Dragon of the Moon into taking over a nuclear power plant
    --Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#4

REVOLUTIONARY JIHAD (Ahmed, Yassie) – Radical Muslims, bought Plutonium from Unisym, attempted to dump it on New York crowd, stopped by Punisher and Wild Rose
    (app)--Punisher II#6 (7

REVUELTA, ROBERTO - caused yellow fever epidemic in Caribbean; opposed by Terry Vance
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#29 (March, 1942)

REWIND (Peyton Conway) - Ohio Mutant Conspiracy
    --X-Men: Smoke & Mirrors

REX - "Circus of Lost Souls," fugitive from Circus of Crime
    -The Dog-Faced Boy* (app)—Incredible Hulk II#217 ([217(fb)], 217

REX - robot dog of Ultron, destroyed by Sparrow
    (app)--Blackwulf#3/2 (4/2, 5

REX - agent of Sugar Man
    --X-Man#6 (7,8

REX, EDIFICE - see EDIFICE REX (app)--Damage Control I#1, Damage Control III#2

REX MUNDI of Earth-93060 - Creation of the entity, "twin" of the Alternate/Regina, drove the Fire People from the surface in millennia past so that they would not interfere with his plans
    --Hardcase#1 (Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations (origin), Ultraforce I#3(fb)
    Break-Thru#1,2, UF I#3
    Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis + Revelations

REY - They Who Wield Power, prince of el Dorado, sacrificed to Sacred Flame of Life by Tyrannus/Des
    *D* (app-they)--Avengers I#30 (31(fb),30,31, Incredible Hulk II#241(fb), [Marvel Team-Up I#15, 19,20], 26,[28], Hulk208,209, [X-Men I#119], Hulk239-241d)

REYES, Dr. CECILIA - mutant, Puerto Rican, briefly joined X-Men, surgery resident, involved in Operation: Zero Tolerance and battles against the Neo.
    bf, generate force fields or varying shapes, still feels attack
    (2006#9, net)—X-Men II#65 (66-70, Uncanny X-Men#351(Daredevil I#371),X71, UX363, X-Men Unlimited #24, Gambit III#16(fb8), X100-102, 106,107, UX389(fb4),389 390, Weapon X II#5

REYES. Col. MIGUEL - O.N.E., brother of Celia
    (198)--Uncanny X-Men#466 (468, 469-471, 472-473, New X-Men#28, 31, Civil War: X-Men#1, [2-3], 4, New X-Men II#34-36

REYES, NICK - NYPD, partner of Andy worked with American Eagle in pursuing Jimmy Littlehawk
    (app-littlehawk)--Marvel Comics Presents#128/2

REYES, - US Marine
    *D*--Amazing Fantasy II#11 (11d)

REYNAR - New Men, fox, follower of Man-Beast on Counter-Earth

REYNARD, - Warrant's agent
    (app-war)--Web of Spider-Man#110 (111,112, An10/2, Nightwatch#4

REYNARDO - New Men, priest, killed in destruction of genetic bomb
    --Avengers Annual#17

REYNO - Alpha Primitive, fell in love with the Inhuman Alecto
    --Marvel Knights 4#19 (20, 30

REYNOLDS, ANN FARROW - formerly trapped on island with skull and others
    (app-skull)—Skull the Slayer#1 (2-8,Marvel Two-In-One #35,36


REYNOLDS, GEORGE - partnered with Rocky Wilson; led rival gangs in black market liquor operation; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    -- Daring Comics#12 (Fall, 1945)

REYNOLDS, father JEROME - priest, abused Andrew Palmer, duped into confessing crimes by Warren Worthington posing as a Biblical angel
    --Angel: Revelations#1 (2008); (identified) #2

    --USA Comics#12

REYNOLDS, KATHERINE - legion of the night, former assistant professor in parapsychological studies at Gateway University in St. Louis, former ally of Son of Satan, kidnapped and drugged by agency to amplify her psychic powers, resulted in mental instability, freed by Omen to join Legion
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#14 (15-17, 18,19, 20-22, Marvel Team-Up I#32, Marvel Spotlight I#23, Legion of the Night#1,2

REYNOLDS, KEVIN - son of Michele + Stanley, criminal, employed by Robert Abbey, killed Grace Williams for hitting his car, exposing the drugs he was transporting to the cops, killed by Punisher
    *D*--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Assassin’s Guild

REYNOLDS, LINDY - wife of Sentry, old friend of Sue Storm, killed by Bulllseye
    *D*--Sentry#1 (New Avengers#10 (fb), 1(fb1), 2(fb2+3), Sentry/Fantastic Four(fb4), Sent1, 5, Sentry vs Void#1, [New Avengers#1(fb)], 7-10,
    , New Avengers#17, Sentry II#2-3, 4-5 (fbs), 8, New Avengers Annual#1, Mighty Avengers#2 (fb), 4-5 (seemingly killed by Ultron), 6, 7

REYNOLDS, MICHELE – mother of Kevin, wife of Stanley
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Assassin’s Guild

REYNOLDS, ROBERT of Earth-58163 - dreamed of identity with great power, diagnosed with "dead-end syndrome"
    (Secrets of the House of M)--

REYNOLDS, STANLEY – father of Kevin, husband of Michele, sought to hire Assassins Guild to kill Punisher after he killed Kevin, but they refused
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Assassin’s Guild

REYNOLDS, RICHARD - son of Anna Reynolds MacDonald, half-brother of Jacqueline Reynolds
    (app-jac)--Tomb of Dracula II#3 (3(fbs), 3

REYNOLDS,  - guard at Museum of Natural History, assisted Dan Davis' gang in breaking into the museum, killed by agent of Davis for his lack of covering his tracks
    *D* (app-deathgrin)--Web of Spider-Man#104/2 (104/2d)

REYNOLDS, Mrs. - mother of Sentry
    --Sentry: Fallen Sun#1

REZNIKOVA, GEORGI - ally of Igor, empowered Rhino
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#43(fb) (Incredible Hulk II#104, Tangled Web of Spider-Man#5?

REZNOR, Detective - investigated death of Uri Rosenthal
    --Daredevil II#43, (named) #44

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