RAM - see RIDDLEY, HIRAM (app-riddley)--Captain America I#313 (321, 443

RAM, MURAHARAM - multimillionaire computer programmer, assaulted
    --New Excalibur#4

RAM’s HEAD - Aakon base orbiting Mars, site from which they launched Deathstorm
    --Nova II#14

RAMADA, MILAN - actress/supermodel, rival of Carlotta LaRosa, hired Arcade to get revenge on her
    --Thing II#1

RAMADES - son of Rama-Tut, usurped his weaponry and used it to temporarily conquer Earth until trapped in an eight-minute time loop
    (OH:FF)--Marvel Knights Fantastic Four#15 (16(fb), 15-18

RAMA KALIPH - sorcerer, summoned for assistance against Dormammu
    *D* (Mystic Arcana, app)--Strange Tales I#136 (Dr. Strange II#9, 11, 15-17, Over the Edge#2d)

RAMA-TUT (Nathaniel Richards) - precursor and alternate temporal counterpart of Kang + Immortus + Scarlet Centurion. traveled from 40th Century to ancient Egypt @ 2950bc, set self up as pharaoh, temporarily blinded when time machine malfunctioned and crashed, blindess cured by Egyptian herb, encountered Fantastic Four + West Coast Avengers + Dr. Strange + Apocalypse + others @ 2940bc then time traveled to modern era to become Kang.
    eventually returned to 2930 BC, destroyed his time machine, ruled for a decade, eventually placed self in suspended animation until modern time, after failed to foil past self's actions, Rama-Tut diverged, with one going on to become Immortus and the other becoming Kang
    (I#9, D#10, M, app)--Fantastic Four I#19 (Captain America Annual#11/5(fb1)/Avengers Forever#9(fb)/F4#19(fb), Rise of Apocalypse#2(fb), 1, 2, Killpower: The Early Years#1, 2, Fantastic Four: Foes#1, F4#19(Dr. Strange II#53/West Coast Avengers II#20-23/RoA#3+4), F4 An2/2, Cable57, Avengers An2(SC), Avengers I#8, 8(fb(K))->Kang.
    Avengers Forever#9(fb), Fantastic Four An27, Marvel Universe: The End#2, Giant-Size Avengers#2(fb(WCA II#20-23)), Av129, GS Av2, Av131, 132, GS Av3, AvFor9(fb)->Kang

RAMA-TUT - renegade chronomonitor for the Time Variance Authority, stripped of power by the TVA for interfering with history for personal gain one too many times, escaped imprisonment, traveled back to ancient Egypt of Earth-20051, acted as Pharoah Rama-Tut, employed robots named and patterned after Anubis, Bast, Horus, Khnum, & Sobek; summoned Alicia Masters and the Fantastic Four to the past so Alicia could sculpt Rama but the Fantastic Four discovered his true nature, and after battling them he was retaken by the TVA.
    Chronomonitor#616* (app)--Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four#23 (23 (fb), [23 (fb)], 23

RAMAN - Atlantean gatekeeper
    --Sub-Mariner I#66 ( Namor I#54, 57

RAMAVISHNU, Mr. - Landau, Luckman, & Lake

RAMBEAU, FRANK - father of Captain Marvel/Photon, husband of Maria, heart disease
    --Avengers I#246 (247, 261, 264, 279, 294, Captain Marvel II#1, Avengers III#16, [27], Black Panther IV#12-13

RAMBEAU, MARIA - mother of Captain Marvel/Photon, wife of Frank
    --Avengers I#246 (247, 261, 264, 279, 294, Captain Marvel III#1, Avengers I#27
, Black Panther IV#13?

    --Amazing Spider-Man Annual#
    Nextwave#1-12, Black Panther IV#18, Punisher War Journal II#2-3/Civil War#5-6, BP24-25, 35-38

RAMBO - Rick Sheridan's dog
    --Sleepwalker#1 (4-7, Spider-Man#22, Sleep9-13, 15, 17, 19, Sleepwalker Holiday Special 1993, Sleep25-27, 30, 33

RAMBOW, LARRY - mutated by father's experiments, went on rampage until process reversed
    MONSTER*, MONSTER in the STREETS* (app-monster)--Fantastic Four I#105 (106(fb), 105,106

RAMBOW, ZOLTEN - research scientist, old colleague of Reed Richards, inadvertently mutated son while trying to design device to neutralize other weapons and thus prevent war, used his failsafe device to reverse the process after Larry had gone on a rampage.
    (app-monster)--Fantastic Four I#105 (106(fb), 105,106

RAMBU – Aakon cyborg
    --Captain Marvel II#41 (foot only, unidentified) 45 (46

RAMIN - Atlantean chamberlain, brought word to Namor that Dara had returned from his negotiations with the United Nations
    (app-dara)--Alpha Flight I#14

RAMIREZ, colonel - People’s Liberation Army, sought to overtake village of Portega, bartered soul to Flying Dutchman to gain magical armor
    *D* (app-fd)--Marvel Comics Presents#47/2 (48/2, 49/2)

RAMIREZ, ALMA - wife of luis, mother of Javier + Marta + Rosa
    --Captain America III#9 (10,11, 13, 15

RAMIREZ, ERNESTO - South American dictator hired Dr. Felipe Picaro to build energy disruptor
    --Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16

RAMIREZ, Det. FRANK - worked with American Eagle against Sinner
    (app-sinner)--Marvel Comics Presents#147/4

RAMIREZ, JAVIER - son of alma + luis, brother of marta + rosa, prodigy, spent a semester studying law at harvard, left due to difficulties with financial aid, hired as assistant by connie ferrari, family moved into captain america’s apartment while he was away
    --Captain America III#9 (10,11, 13, 15, 20,21, 28

RAMIREZ, LUIS - father of Javier, Marta & Rosa, husband of Alma
    --Captain America III#9 (10,11, 13, 15

RAMIREZ, MAGDA - mutant, daughter of Carmen + Jose, her father tried to kill her and instead killed the mother, then committed suicide, arrested for their murder and sentenced to death, investigated and rescued by Cable, but insisted she face the law, and she was executed for murder
    *D*--Soldier X#11 (11(fb), 11, 12d)

RAMIREZ, MARTA - sister of Javier + Rosa, older daughter of Alma + Luis
    --Captain America III#9 (10,11, 13

RAMIREZ, ROSA - sister of Javier + Marta, younger daughter of Alma + Luis
    --Captain America III#9 (10,11,13

RAMIREZ, Prof. - inventor of DIT chip
    --Sensational Spider-Man#0 (1, Spider-Man#65

RAMIS, - Sweatshop
    Strength augmented
    --Captain America I#329

RAMM, MAJOR - 2075, Space Sentinels, lost his arms fighting Beastmen, sacrificed life to stop meteor from destroying earth
    --Speed Carter #5/2d

RAMMATPOLEN dim (Dragons, Dragon Lords, Hudaks)
    - alien world, free ruled + governed by Dragon Riders, worthy students are brought here from across many dimensions to be trained as Dragon Riders
    (app)--Fantastic Four Annual#16

RAMMON of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, father of Rammon, former holder of the Eye of Ibis, trained son until killed by Conan while he was stealing the Eye
    *D* (app-azoth)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan: Horn of Azoth

RAMMON of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, son of Rammon, sought vengeance on Conan for his father's death, eventually allied with Conan against Azoth, left with Natari by conan
    (app-azoth)—Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan: Horn of Azoth

RAMON ?? - cousin of Glory Grant, drugged by Midas the Golden Man
    (app-midas)--Marvel Team-Up I#30 (30(fb), 30

RAMON ?? of Earth-93060 - eight-limbed ultra, former friend of Ellen

RAMON ?? of Earth-93060 - ultra, dancer, killed by Rafferty

RAMONA ?? - Latverian Underground, made to appear as a duplicate of Valeria, truth discovered by Doom, sought to stop the creation of the Doomsman
    --Astonishing Tales#1/2 (2/2, 3/2

RAMONA ?? - father of Vulture's grandson, given money by Peter Parker to care for him
    --MK Spider-Man#7 (8

RAMONA's son - special needs boy
    --[MK Spider-Man#7]

RA-MON-BETH of "Earth-8180" - associated with the Scimitar of Ra-Mon-Beth
--[What If I#28]

RAMON ?? - former yoga instructor of Lindy Reynolds, may have had relationship with her, possibly killed when the Void caused a plane to crash in the Bronx
    --Sentry II#4 (5

RAMONDA - South African woman, second wife of T’Chaka (after N’Yami), step-mother of T'Challa, adoptive mother of Hunter/White Wolf, kidnapped and held prisoner as love slave to Anton Pretorius for an entire decade, rescued by Black Panther, faked alliance with Achebe to expose his goals, nearly killed by him
    --[Marvel Comics Presents#14/2(named), 30/2], 37/2 (37/2(fb), Black Panther III#10(fb), 12(fb), [MCP35,36],37,  Black Panther: Panther's Prey#1,2,4, BP III#1(fb),2, 5, 9,10, 12, 18,21, 24,25, 32,[33-35,38], 41,
    ?BP IV#2-6?, 15, 18, 35-38?

RAMONE, ESTEBAN - son of Esteban & Estrella, sought sanctuary from father with Angela and Quincy Jefferson, helped Punisher kill Hector
    --Punisher: Bloodlines (Bloodlines (fb), Bloodlines

RAMONE, HECTOR - father of Esteban, born and raised in Los Angeles, former druglord of San Domingo, killed by Punisher and Esteban
    *D*--Punisher: Bloodlines (Bloodlines (fb), Bloodlines (dies)

RAMORA ( ) - Parasites.
    life leech
    (app-par)--Captain Britain II#13/5 (14/4

RA MORGANA of the Hyborian era - filed under "Ra" (app-highpriestess)--Savage Sword of Conan#29

RA-MOS of the pre-Cataclysmic era - shaman, raised Iraina
    (app-ira)--Kull the Conqueror III#1 (1(fb3), 1/1(fb2)

RAMOS - writer, resident of Cardiff Moor
    --Captain America Comics #10

RAMOS, Detective - University of Chicago, friend of Kitty Pryde
    --Mekanix#2 (3, 6

RAMOS, JESUS - Stone Perfs, killed by Terminizer
    *D* (app-stoneperfs)--Avengers Spotlight#32 (32d, 33 (funeral)

RAMOS, KRISTINA - Brazilian criminal, fought Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau)
    (app)--Captain Marvel II#1

RAMOS, RORY of Earth-148611 - paranormal.
    control the earth

    criminal designed suit of armor, crippled in battle with Crimson Dynamo (Yuri "Petrovitch"), hypnotized Iceman and used him to attack and control Angel until defeated by Spider-Man, recovered years later, agent of Lotus Newmark, partnered with Splice and led Recession Raiders against Wonder Man
    (M, AMW, app)--Champions#5 (7,8, Spectacular Spider-Man II#18(fb), 17-18, Wonder Man II#5-6, 17, 18, 20-21->Clarke
    [New Avengers#1-3]/4(fb)

RAMPAGER - monster from Machus
    *D*--Fantastic Four I#153

RAMPOK - Asgard, Vanir, father of Rivvak, former king, long defied the rule of Asgard, died
    *D*--[Journey into Mystery I#110/2]

RAMROD - android built by Worldform inc
    (app)--Iron Man I#36 (37

RAMROD ( ) - cyborg, former oil rigger, empowered by Kerwin J. Broderick and Moondragon using the technology of Titan.
    steel skeleton + superhuman strength
    (M)--Daredevil I#103 (105-107, Amazing Spider-Man I#221, Fantastic Four I#335, Captain America I#411,[412-414], Amazing Spider-Man#562-563

RAMROD (Patrick Mahony) - Nasty Boys
    --X-Factor I#74 (75, [77], 104,105

RAMROD ( ) - Heavy Metal, cybernetically enhanced rhino, fought Brute Force
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2-4

RAMROG - Axi-Tun captain, responsible for destruction of Arcturus IV, sent to destroy Earth, failed, self-destructed by order of Lord Votan
    *D* (app-votan)--Star Masters #1 (3d

RAMPSON, ALLISTAIR - uncle of Rachel, step-son of Gavin Ravenlock/"Ghost," took in his niece Rachel as a ward at the Castle after Gavin’s death
    (app-ghost)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#3

RAMSAY (    ) - criminal ice sculptor; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Captain America Comics#50 (October, 1945)

RAMSEY, DOUG - see CYPHER--New Mutants I#13 (14, Uncanny X-Men#180, NM15, 16,17, 21->c)

RAMSEY, Dr. KEITH - agent of Red Skull, controlled by Dr. Synne, worked in Mordor Research Centre
    (app-ds)--Captain Britain I#10 (12, 19, 20

RAMSEY, PAUL - scientist, accidentally helped bring Torr to Earth, slew Torr while he possessed the form of John Carter
    (app)--Amazing Adventures I#1 (1(fb), 1

RAMSEY, ROY - used hoax of "ghost wolves" in effort to obtain treasure; opposed by Terry Vance
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#26 (December, 1941)

RAMSHOT (Samuel Caulkin) - Jury, former burned out, drug-addicted cop, recovered with add of Gen. Orwell Taylor, joined the Jury to pay him back for saving his life. He has a problem with killing, especially of the innocent, and he was once put on reserve status after he failed to kill Spider-Man
    V-shaped glass plate on face, brown hair
    (net/hand-jury)--Venom: Lethal Protector#2 (3, Amazing Spider-Man I#383-385, Spider-Man: Arachnis Project#1-6, Venom: Sinner Takes All#1/2-4/2, Venom: The Hunted#1/2-3/2, Thunderbolts#23, 28, 32

    —Avengers I#326 (327(fb), 326-328

RAMUS - flying Inhuman, attended wedding of Black Bolt and Medusa
    --Fantastic Four Annual#18

RANA - Asgardian, daughter of Aegir, dwells in rivers of Asgard, encountered by Bragi
    (app-aegir)--Marvel Fanfare I#13

RANAQ the GREAT DEVOURER - Great Beasts, defeated by Lucas Strang in 1875, returned to plague him in modern times until destroyed by Talisman
    - DEVOURER* (U#3)—Alpha Flight I#14, 18 (19(fb), 14, 18

RANAR - Deviant, son of Brother Tode, mother died in childbirth, helped rebuild Lemuria, attempted to claim the throne after his father’s death, killed by Ghaur and his agents and throne into the fire pits
    *D*--Eternals II#2 (2d)

RANARK the RAVAGER -  Native American sorcerer
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#83 (84

RANCOR of Earth-691 - fifth generation descendent of Wolverine, mother of Talogan, killed her father on her sixteenth birthday, ruler of Haven
    feral powers, uses blade broken from wolverine by gladiator
    (M,net)—Guardians of the Galaxy#8 (9(fb), 8-11, 19-23, 30-34,36-39, 50, Guardians of the Galaxy An4, GotG61/2

RAND, HEATHER - mother of Iron Fist, wife of Wendell Rand'Kai, sacrificed life to wolves outside K'un-Lun to allow her son to escape, spirit manipulated by Dhasha Khan
    -SILVER DRAGON* *D* (app)—Marvel Premiere#16 ( Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#23(fb), 19(fb), MarvPrem16(fb), DHoKF#23(fb), 19, 20, 22, 23, Iron Fist/Wolverine#1

************Missing information*************

RAND (    ) - criminologist turned criminal, used iron maiden on captives; opposed by Captain America (Jeff Mace) and Golden Girl (Betty Ross)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#87 (August, 1948)

RAND INTERNATIONAL (Patrick Easton, Nadine
    - Daniel Rand/Iron Fist's company, formerly Rand-Meachum; destroyed in battle with Hydra
        --Immortal Iron Fist#1? 

RANDAC - Inhuman, former ruler, discovered + gained vast power from exposure to Terrigen mist
    *D*--Thor I#147/2 (148/2/Son of M#2 (fb)

RANDALL ?? - Maggia, agent of Mason
    (app-mason)--Marvel Comics Presents #170/4

RANDALL ?? of Earth-1191 - Xavier Security Enforcers, traveled back in time with Bishop + Malcolm, killed in firefight against escaped criminals from their time
    immune to radiation, brown hair, rogue
    *D* (net)--Uncanny X-Men#282 (Xavier Security Enforcers#2(fb2), X-Factor I#140(fb), XSE#3(fb1,4,5), 4(fb1), Uncanny X-Men An18/2(fb), UX282-285,287

RANDALL, CLIFF - SHIELD I, pilot until discovered to be one of the Prodigals/Collective Intelligence, sacrificed life to save Earth
    (app-ci)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#6

RANDALL, FAYE - go-go dancer lost in romance
    (app)--My Love#2/3

RANDALL, ORSON - Confederates of the Curious, father crashed his transglobe airship into K'un-Lun when it materialized on the Earthly plane, born in K'un-Lun weeks later, adopted as a native born, taught by Yu-Ti, trained by Lei-Kung, empowered by Shou-Lao, disillusioned after fighting in World War I, returned to K'un-Lun, refused to fight in Tournament of the Heavenly cities, fled when immortal weapons from other cities tried to strip him of his standing, lost himself in opium dens until located by Steel Serpent, trained Wendell Rand, traveled to USA, met with Daniel Rand, taught him something of the Iron Fist and passed on the Book of the Iron Fists before allowing Steel Serpent to kill him so that he wouldn't have to hide or flee anymore
    IRON FIST of 1915 AD *D*--Immortal Iron Fist#1 (4 (fbs - youth through WWI), 2 (fb-WWI), 4 (fb)/5 (fb-1920), 3 (fb-1926), Annual#1 (fb), IIF#6 (fb-circa 1940), 9 (fb), Annual#1 (fb), Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 6 (fb2-Wendell vows to go to K'un Lun), [Annual#1 (fb)], IIF#13-14 (fbs), 1-5, 6d)

RANDALL, PHILLIP - friend of Larry, leg broken by Joe after Larry jokingly wished that on him
    (app-joe)--Crypt of Shadows#4/4

RANDALL, PHINEAS - father of Orson, hypothetical physicist
    -- Immortal Iron Fist#4 (4 (fb)

RANDALL, - mother of Orson
    -- Immortal Iron Fist#4 (4 (fb)

RANDALL GATE - built by Phineas Randall, served as technological gateway b/t K'un-Lun and Earth
    --Immortal Iron Fist#9

RANDANOVICH, General - Russian, used War Wagon to oppress Christian/Muslim alliance
    --Iron Man III#50

RAN-DEFF – Kree lieutenant, saved by Mar-Vell
    (app-Hez-Tarr)--Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#1

RANDI ?? - see RANDI COUPER. (MESp)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#99

RANDI - see BROTHER RANDI (app-priapus)--Terror, INC#10 (11

RAND-K'AI, WENDELL - possible native of K'un-Lun, father of Iron Fist and Deathsting, possible son of Lord Tuan, alleged brother of Yu-Ti, trained by and learned of K'un-Lun from Randall Orson, driven out of K'un-Lun by Yu-Ti, married Heather, formed Rand-Meachum with Harold Meachum, killed by Harold while attempting to return to K'un-Lun
    *D* (app)--Marvel Premiere#15 (Immortal Iron Fist#6 (fb), 9 (fb), Annual#1 (fb), Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, IIF#8 (fb)/Power Man and Iron Fist#75(fb), IIF#9 (fb), 10-13 (fb)/Marvel Team-Up I#64(fb), IIF#13 (fb), 14 (fb), Iron Fist I#6(fb), Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#23(fb), 19(fb), IF#8(fb), MarvPrem15(fb,dies), Iron Fist/Wolverine#4

RAND-MEACHUM (Daniel Rand, Wendell Rand-K'ai, Leon McKenzie, Harold + Ward + Joy Meachum, Jason Quartermaster, Peregrin Took, Martina Tereshkova, Dr. Faro)
    -company formed by Harold Meachum and Wendell Rand, became subsidiary of Stark-Fujikawa
    --Marvel Premiere#17(
    Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six, New Warriors II#6, Cable & Deadpool#20-21, Immortal Iron Fist#1 (fb), 2-5

RANDOLPH ?? - criminal, partner of Choochoo + Toother
    --Ghost Rider III#70 (71,72

RANDOLPH, ARLENE - Malevolence Maine, girlfriend of Brock Kilbride, assisted Morbius and Amanda saint against Demon-Fire.
    wf, dark hair, glasses
    --Vampire Tales#4(5

RANDOLPH, CYNTHIA - reporter for Woman magazine, stayed with Quentin carnival, during Johnny Blaze’s stay
    --Ghost Rider II#63 (

RANDOM (Marshall Evan Stone III) - mutant, Acolytes
    alter shape of body, form weapons + project energy blasts
    (1990s, 198, net)--X-Factor I#88 (X-Factor Annual#8(fb), XFac88, 92, 94-102, X-Factor An9, XFac103, 112, 115-118, 124-126, 144(fb), 144, Quicksilver#8,9, X-Men II#112, Weapon X II#5, X-Men II Annual#1 (2007), X201
    X-Men: Legacy#208 (fb), [208], 209-210

RANDOM, JEREMIAH - identity established by Charles Edison while under the influence of That Which Endures, used family fortune to purchase Absolom College and convert it to development of the Assimilator, identity abandoned after regained own mind when the assimilator was destroyed
    (app-twe)--(silouette) West Coast Avengers II#44, (named) 46 , (seen) 47 ([49(fb)], 44, 46-49

RANDOM KILLERS (Anthony ??) – agents of Mr. Code, began executing targets at random across the USA, had explosives implanted in their skulls to be activated in the event of capture; most died in the line of duty
    (app-mrcode)--X-Statix#15 (16, 17

RANDRAPID TRAIN - designed by Rand-Meachum, sought by Wai-Go (branch of Hydra) to build tunnel through K'un-Lun mountains; Xao kidnapped Jeryn Hogarth's mother and forced Jeryn to supervise the train's construction; Xao loaded it with explosives and drove it into K'un-Lun with the intention of destroying all Seven Cities of Heaven, destroyed by Iron Fist
    *D*--[Immortal Iron Fist#1], 11 (12-13, 14d)

RANDY ?? - vampire, servant of Navarro
    *D/R*--Journey into Mystery I#520 (521

RANDY ?? - University of Wisconsin-Madison, boyfriend of Deena
    (app-nahrees)--Inhumans V#5

RANDY ?? – nephew of J. Jonah Jameson, saw Green Goblin kidnap dentist Sadetsky
    (app-Sadetsky)--Exclusive Collectors' Edition: Spider-Man

RANDY ?? - 212 Security
    --White Tiger#2

RANDY's DOUGHUTS - Los Angeles
    --Runaways II#16

RANELPHI of the Hyborian Era - sorcerer, granted eternal youth by Forever Phial from "Elder Gods," slain by Conan.
    Horns, used elementals and the wolf Wraith
    —Savage Sword of Conan#8

RANETTI, OTTO - filmaker, stole Bob O'Bryan's technology, created Karrg for rival production, defeated by O'Bryan
    (app-karrg)--Marvel Comics Presents #169/4

RANGER (Jesus Suarez) – Harriers
    (M-har)--Uncanny X-Men#261

RANGER ( ) - Agents of Anarchy, international terrorist, former member of paramilitary unit alongside Stewart Ward and Arthur Stacy, enmity towards sen. stewart ward after betrayed by him in past, assisted spider-man in battle against wizard + trapster, last seen attacking stewart ward when he exploded from an extra-terrestrial virus.
    enhanced strength + durability +     agility, exhausted after summoning strength, skilled hand-to-hand combatant, uses bo, long brown hair
    (net)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man I#1 (Amazing Spider-Man II#23(fb), PP1, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1999, Amz22-24

RANGER of Earth-93060 (Bob Campbell)
    -PROTOTYPE*--Prototype#6, 10 (Giant-Size Prototype#1/2, Freex#16/Ultraverse Premiere#9, Solution#16/UVP#10/4, NightM#16/UVP#11/4, Proto14, 15, 17

RANGER, LONNIE - Texas, encountered Blob at a rodeo, made him laugh to stop his rampage
    --X-Men Unlimited#33

RANGERS (Firebird, Phantom Rider (Hamilton Slade), Red Wolf (Talltrees), Shooting Star, Texas Twister, Armadillo, Living Lightning)
    - short-lived group of super heroes based in American southwest, first formed when individual members responded to distress call from Rick Jones when Corruptor controlled the Hulk, later officially organized as the Initiative's Texas-based team
    (I#9)—Incredible Hulk II#265 (West Coast Avengers II#,
    Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary#4, Thunderbolts#57, Civil War#7, Avengers: Initiative#2, [Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1 (fb)]

    Oceanic name (actually erroneous, as Papa is the Oceanic name)
    (app)--Thor I#300

RANGSABB - dark mystic entity, invoked by Nox
    "Horned Hellions of Rangsabb"--[Dr. Strange III#39]

RANIGON of Earth-906 - Kree starship
    --What If II#14

RANILLA - Crystalium, scholar, wife of Koth, slain by chaos demons
    *D* (app)--Crystar#8

RANK ( ) - vampire, ally of Blade, enemy of other vampires, has never consumed human blood, body is rotting away
    *D/R*--Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1, 2 (3,4,6

RANK, ROCCO - possibly pre-modern era criminal, accepted a mummy's offer to escape via his sarcophagus, transported to ancient Egypt where he became a slave building the pyramids
    (app)--Amazing Fantasy I#15

RANKIN, RAMMER of the Old West - steel fist
    --Kid Colt#133

RANKIN, - framed man for murder, caught the Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond) in a dry ice trap
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#70 (March, 1976)

RANN, commander ARCTURUS - Micronauts, Microns, descendent of Prince Wayfinder, explored the Microverse while partially under suspended animation for 1000 years alongside Biotron
    -SPACE GLIDER, CAPTAIN UNIVERSE* (AZU#4, net)—Micronauts I#1 (7(fb)
    Micronauts II#20, [Cable II#37],38,39, Bug#1, Alpha Flight II#10,11?, [Captain Marvel V#6(fb)], 6

RANN, lord DALLAN - Microverse, former regent of Homeworld, husband of Sepsis, father of Arcturus, deified when became a martyr as the first to oppose Baron Karza, slain and body thrown into Body Banks
    FORCE COMMANDER *D*--[Micronauts I#1], 7 (48(fb), 7(fb), 8 (fb, dies), 43 (statues in Sanctuary)

RANN, lady SEPSIS - Microverse, wife of Dallan, mother of Arcturus, deified when became a martyr as the first to oppose Baron Karza, slain and body thrown into Body Banks
    *D*--[Micronauts I#1], 7 (48(fb), 7(fb), 8 (fb, dies)
, 43 (statues in Sanctuary)

RANSAK - see REJECT—Eternals I#8

RANSHI EMPIRE of Earth-2775 (Holdyne, Kriven, Malan, Sandella Ranshi, emperor) - named for abbreviation of Randall Shire, enemies of Harmonists of Earth-22073, sent squadron back to modern era to disrupt the plans of the Harmonists and ensure their future, reality seemingly ceased to exist when Cable defeated Shire without killing him, although the squadron aboard the ship, at least, continued to exist
    (app)--Cable II#78 (79-83

RANSHI, SANDELLA of Earth-2775 - alternate dimensional counterpart of Aliya + Eyla Cire, princess of Ranshi Empire, sought to prevent Cable from killing Randall Shire to cause her timeline to occur, timeline seemingly negated, joined with Eyla Cire to forge their own future
    (app)--Cable II#78 ([79], 80-84

RANSOM, JAMES - head of Rippermania tours, struck by lightning, began having strange dreams, established bond with Martian Masters of Earth-691, slain by Martian Masters when they no longer needed him
    *D*--Wisdom#4 (4 (fb), 4, 6d)

    -Uncanny X-Men#235 (236-238, 259,260, X-Factor I#54, UX262, 264, XFac83, Excalibur I#87,Cable II#26-28, Fantastic Four III#10, Magneto Rex#1-3, X-Force#94, X-Men Unlimited#24/2, Magneto: Dark Seduction#1-4

RANSOME, Dr. SUSAN - Queens medical center, treated Kristy Watson
    --Web of Spider-Man#54 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#154, 156, W57,58

RANTER - Fallen
    (app)--[Spirits of Vengeance#17], Ghost Rider III#45 ([SoV#17, Nightstalkers#15], GR III#45, [Dr. Strange III#61]

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