RAHL (Rahl Rimba) - Dark Dimension rebel #9;
    *D*--Dr. Strange II#67 (69, 71-73, Dr. Strange III#16, 24, [Dr. Strange III An4(d)])

RAHMUR DIAMOND - sought by Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
    --Amazing Adventures I#13

RAHIMOV, NASIM - former friend and ally of Tony Stark, thrown in prison and wife killed after collapse of the Soviet Union, developed miniature nuclear weapon technology, slain by Iron Man when attempted to detonate large number of nuclear weapons
    *D*--Iron Man IV#29 (30 (fb), [30 (fb)], [29-31], 32d)

RAHN, TAMARA - Banari, stowed away on ship of males that traveled to Earth + were mistaken for invaders + killed by Atlanteans, eventually forgave them + became an ally to Namor and the Atlanteans, used to infect At'la'tique with radiation plague by Radioactive Man
    female, red skin, blond hair
    (M, (Namor I#36)--Sub-Mariner I#58 (59-62, 64, 66-68, 70, Super-Villain Team-Up#3, 7,8,9, Avengers I#155,156, [Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3], Namor I#33-40, 46,47, Fantastic Four I#385?,Nam48, F4#386?,Nam49, 54-56, 58, New Thunderbolts#9

RAHNER,  - Ryker's Island, killed by Gladiator (Melvin Potter)
    *D*--Daredevil II#95 (95 (fb, dies))

RAI of Earth-Dystopia -

R.A.I.D. - AIM-like company, designed exoskeleton, forced to help Captain America track the Cosmic Cube
    A.I.D.*, Radically Advanced Ideas in Destruction--Captain America V#17 (19, [Union Jack II#1-4], Cap V#34-35

RAIDEN - drug designed by Dai-Kumo, made from hypothalamic extract of monkeys from Madripoor, marketed as cure for cancer.
    causes increased strength + decreased pain, ultimately fatal
    THUNDERBOLT--Wolverine II#31

RAIDEN - Stalkers, mercenary transformed into techno-organic being by alien spacecraft
    (App-stalkers)--Venom: Nights of Vengeance#1

RAIDERS - three armored villains, designed + originally used as agents by Edwin Cord.
    each used specialized weapons including an energy net + energy blaster
    (IM, net)--Iron Man I#145 (229
    (mark two - remote controlled, destroyed by Iron Man)--Invincible Iron Man#3

RAIDERS of Earth-93060 (Centipede, Gecko, Jolly Roger, Sandblast, Sangre, Scar, Yardarm)
    - pirates, empowered at jumpstart
    --Strangers#9 (18

RAIDING CRAFT - Deviant ship, used in mission in New York,
    has twin rays, z-rays, and shock howitzer
    --Eternals I#3 (Marvel Universe#6, Et#3-6,8,10

RAIL-PLANE - underground transportation used by Annihilus
    --Fantastic Four Annual #6

RAILSBACK, Dr. LAURENCE- Project: Glamor, Freedom Science Studies Institute, had series of unsuccessful attempts to create a surviving super soldier, was used as a test subject himself by McDonald/Lime, escaped and traveled to Florida to avenge self on Choate, attacked and presumably killed by other super soldiers
    - BREW* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#2/2, 3/2(named) (4/2-6/2, 8/2,[9/2],10/2-12/2

RAIMI-type zombies of Earth-555 - possessed type-834; controlled by Darkhold/Chthon
    named for Sam Raimi, director of the Evil Dead
    --Marvel Zombies 5#3

RAIN - princess of Geshem, extradimensional counterpart of Wolfsbane
    --Wolverine: Rahne of Terra (Wolverine: Knight of Terra

RAINA - Hauk'ka
    --Uncanny X-Men#456 (457-459

RAINBOW ( ) - Spaceknight first generation, trapped by Mentus, rescued by Rom, assisted in battle against Galactus, apparently slain by Terrax; if she survived that encounter, she was presumably killed by second generation Spaceknights.
    manipulate emotions
    (app)--Rom#25 (26

RAINBOW () - see Ludwig von Frankenstein; head of I.C.O.N.
    (app)--Frankenstein Monster#16 (17,18

RAINBOW - see BLOKE (app)—X-Force#117 (117(fb2)

    --Marvel Two-In-One#8 (Fantastic Four I#192


RAINBOW PLANET (pleasure creatures) - Microverse, used as vacation spot by Rick and Marlo
    --Captain Marvel V#32 (33-35

RAINBOW SERPENT (aka Julunggul) - Aboriginal fertility goddess, shed skin used 10,000 years ago by Altjira to forge a mighty ship able to travel through dream time
    (app)--[OHotMU A-Z#3, Incredible Hercules#117] ([117 (fb)]

RAINBOW SERPENTS - see SNAKES of MANY COLORS (app-snakes)--Savage Sword of Conan#193

RAIN BOY (    ) - Xavier Institute, trained under Gambit
    --X-Men II#171 (172-174

RAIN CONTROL DEVICE - @ 1960, created by Henry Salt, used to prevent rain from falling on the Earth-Crawlers
    (app-earthcrawlers)--Journey into Mystery I#57/2

RAINDROP of Earth-148611 (Heather Hanneman) - Clinic, DDTeens

RAINEY, JOE - Detroit, fought in Nam alongside Castle, killed 6/18, name used by Punisher to infiltrate Church of the Saved b/c of similar size and age, and no relatives
    --[Punisher I#4]

RAINEY, JOE imposter - see PUNISHER (Castle) (app-church)--Punisher II#4 (5

RAIN FALLING WEST - Keewazi tribe, could sense magic
    (app)--Sensational She-Hulk in Ceremony#1 (2

RAINMAKER of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Free Radicals
    --X-Men 2099 #18, 20

RAINMAN ( ) - Mog, drug dealer, employed Spike

RAINS of RAGGADORR - mystic elemental force/spell; summoned by Dr. Strange to cure him from fungi induced by Sligguth
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#5

RAINS, SANDRA - ocean explorer, joined Namor on journey into Neptune’s Eye to meet Old Man of the Sea.
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#57/3 (58/3,59/3

RAINTREE, VIVIAN - Overreach Committee, assistant attorney general, involved with attempts to utilize Venom as government agent
    --Venom: License to Kill#1 (Venom: the Finale#1, 2

RAJAH - elephant, defeated Trull
    --Tales To Astonish I#21

RAJAH (Kabir Mahadevu) - Circus of Crime, elephant trainer + rider, Hindu
    --Super-Villain Team-Up#8 (Incredible Hulk II#292

RAJAH SARPUT - slaughtered jungle animals, aided by Bradley; opposed by Ka-Zar (David Rand)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#11 (September, 1940); Marvel Mystery Comics#12, Marvel Mystery Comics#16

RAJAK - planet of the Rajaki, decimated by Ultimo
    --Iron Man III#24(24(fb)

RAJAKI race (Sapper) – extraterrestrial, unrevealed galaxy, planet Rajak, majority were slain when Ultimo decimated their planet, small number are stored in inert form on Sapper’s ship.
    space pirates, plunder planets of resources, green-skinned semi-humanoids
    (I#8,D#15)--Tales of Suspense I#57 (Iron Man III#23(fb), ToS I#57, IM III#25(inert)
    Squirrel Girl II#29-30

RAJAR - Inhumans
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Inhumans

RAJU ?? - former student of Edward Alfred and boyfriend of Myles Alfred
    (app-vivisector)--X-Statix#20 (26

RAK (    ) - masterminded synchronized robberies; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#35 (August, 1954)

RAK - agent of Hellgate, corpse resurrected and empowered by him, killed by Vengeance.
    *D*(app)--Ghost Rider III#46 (61, 64, 73-76d)

RAK, CAPTAIN - agent of Yellow Claw, discovered Screemies
    --Yellow Claw #4/2

RAKAR - Eternal, father of Ajak and Arex
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#1]

RAKASHA - the demonic race of former gods, enemies of the Hindu Gods
    --not yet seen in the Marvel Universe

RAKASHA (Azmodeus?, Riglevio?) - demons, given portal to earth under control of Master Pandemonium
    (app-master pandemonium)--West Coast Avengers II#4 (9(fb), 4, 9, 14,15, 51, 52, [Scarlet Witch#3(fb)]

RAKEISHA - Wakandan
    --Black Panther III#14

RAKER, Cardinal - Cardinal of the Universal Church of Truth
    (app)--Guardians of the Galaxy II#2

RAKER, Dr. of Earth-691 circa 21st century - found Jonathan Raven, brought him to Martian Masters; later sought out and killed by Killraven
    KEEPER* (app)--Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb), 18d

RAKER, General of Earth-7481 - found Jonathan Raven, brought him to Simian Masters; later sought out and killed by Apeslayer
    (app)--Planet of the Apes (UK) #23

    --Dr. Strange: What is it that Disturbs you, Stephan

    --Black Panther III#6(6(fb1+2) 8(fb)

RAKKs - Nest, robots designed by Jan Maarshall, patterned after the Rakasha, battled Spider-Man and X-Men
    *Des* (app-nest)--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

RAKK 'n' RUIN - Rocket Raccoon's ship
    --Incredible Hulk II#271

RAKKUS (David Anthony Rice) - Acolyte, viral entity, possessed Fydor and poisoned Bova to draw the High Evolutionary out so he could attack him, mutated Fydor into monstrous form, slain by the High Evolutionary
    (2006#1-acolytes, app)--[Avengers I#380], 381 (380 (fb) - BTS, 381 (fb) - BTS, 380-382

RAKSASA - demon, called on by Dr. Demonicus, took possession/control of him and several Pacific Overlords, released Demonstorm on earth, sought worshippers on earth
    -Master of the Universe Beyond the Door (app)--Avengers West Coast#94 ([93(fb)], 94

RAKSES - Egyptian necromancer, summoned by Mr. Fazil and Dr. Minkly, who lost control of the spell due to mispronouncing his name, uses army of undead former bodyguards, summoned giant scarab and Demon of the Sands, battled Elsa Bloodstone and N’Kantu, decapitated N’Kantu
    used Orb of Ra, summoned demonic creatures
    RAPSES (app)--[Bloodstone#2], 3 ([Bloodstone#3(fb)], [2], 3

  • undead bodyguards - reanimated via Orb of Raby Fazil + Minkly and outfitted with modern military uniforms and weapons; fate uncertain
    (app-rakses)--Bloodstone#2 (3
  • RAKTAVASHI of the Hyborian era - god, son of Erlik, father(?) of Nafertari, chief of seven princes of death who rule the devil-haunted underworlds
        --[Savage Sword of Conan#234]

    RAKSOR - Skrull warrior, present at battle between X-Men and Imperial Guard over Phoenix, battled Bel-Dann in the Blue Area of the Moon to decide war between Kree + Skrulls, ultimately declared truce after their cooperation defeated Fantastic Four and Inhumans, broke Dezan out of prison
        "STORM," numerous others impersonated (app)--Uncanny X-Men#137 (Fantastic Four Annual#18, Avengers Annual#14(fb), 14

    RALE - Skrull, "S-Men"
        "MARVEL GIRL"--X-Men: First Class I#6

    RALEIGH, RICHARD - see Disruptor
        (app)--Daredevil I#42 (42(Spectacular Spider-Man I#1/Amazing Spider-Man I#116-118)

    RALEK -

    RALF - Fatboys
        --Uncanny X-Men Annual#10 (Daredevil#238, 253, Daredevil An5/3, Daredevil An6/2, Daredevil An7/4, Daredevil An8/4, Daredevil II#8

    RALFZZ race - children prevented from destroying Earth by Hulk/Fixit while playing a game.
        technologically advanced, semi-humanoid, enlarged cranium, yellow-green skin, telepathic powers
        (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#52/4

    RALGAND Overlord (Rakkhal)'s father
    (app-ov)--Silver Surfer I#6 (6(fb)

    RALPH ?? - friend of the Falcon, fell in with Dark God cultists
        --Avengers I#88

    RALPH ?? - designed and drove the Swamp Tank, husband of Carla, killed by Swamp Men after the Swamp Tank was destroyed by Anti-Metal
        *D* (app-swamptank)--Savage Tales I#1/5

    RALPH - see RALPH HUTCHINS. (app--rh)--She-Hulk I#6

    RALPH ?? - assistant/gofer to Hugo Longride
        (app-longride)--Beauty and the Beast#1

    RALPH ?? - mutant, former prisoner of Dermafree
        --Mystique#17 (18

    RALPH ?? - filmed via helicopter Fantastic Four battling Mole Man's monster
        --Fantastic Four: First Family#3

    RALPH ?? - Daily Bugle secretary
        --Civil War: Front Line#2

    RALSTON, NED - mutant, interviewed by Sally, lost control of powers and fell to death on M-Day
        flying dragon
        *D*--Generation M#1 ([1 (fb)], 1d)

    RALSTON, Sen. ROBERT "REBEL" - Howling Commandos, V Battalion founder, Penance Council, senator of Texas, native of Kentucky, started the "Wahoo" cheer.
        wm, blond hair, accomplished horseman and with lasso
        (OH:AZU#1, net)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#1 (2, 13/Captain America I#383/2, Captain America An9/2(fb), Domination Factor#2.4(fb), [Captain America III#20/2(fb), 20/2],21/2, 32(fb), CapAn9/2, Citizen V and the V Battalion#2(fb1), Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos An3, SFahHC#100, Citizen V and the V Battalion#2(fb5), Captain America I#273,274, Incredible Hulk II#434,436,437, 439,440

    RALSTON, - valet of Geraldo Kabal
        (app-kabal)--Werewolf by Night I#20

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