RAO, Dr. ANISH - SHIELD II?, discovered the true nature of the Scorpion (Carmilla Black)'s powers
    --Amazing Fantasy II#10

RAO, Dr. KAVITA "VEEDA" - geneticist, Benetech, developed the means to neutralize mutant powers
    --Astonishing X-Men III#1 (6(fb), New X-Men#40/2 (fb), 1-6, [NMX#40/2 (fb)], X-Men II#200/2, Uncanny X-Men#488/2, New X-Men II#40/2

RAOUL ?? - Red Skull's armored lackeys -
    (app-armored lackeys)--Captain America I Annual#13

RAPIDFIRE ( ) - Chicago-based armed mercenary, fought Cage
    --Cage I#11

RAPIDO (Roussel Dupont) - French mercenary
    chain gun on arm
    (app)--Punisher II#65 (67-70, Punisher War Journal#61, Punisher War Zone#23, Punisher Annual#7

RAPIER (Dominic Tyrone) - former partner of Silvermane, betrayed by him, adopted identity as vigilante, defeated in battle by Spider-Man, shot in back by Silvermane, killed by Scourge of the Underworld-1 at the bar with no name.
    used rapier able to discharge electric bursts
    *D* (net-spidfan)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#2 (An2(fb), 2, Captain America I#319d)

rapist (    ) - drugged and raped a series of women he met or dated, eventually hospitalized by Moon Knight and then killed by one of his victims
    Will Dean*, Dr. Dean Charles*, Charlie Williams* *D*--Moon Knight VI Annual#1

RAPLOR – Insectaur steed to Mantor
    --Sectaurs#2 (3-8

RAPPACINI, LORCAN of Earth-6216 - son of Monica
    *D*--[Amazing Fantasy II#18]

RAPPACINI, MONICA - mother of Thasanee (Carmilla Black, Scorpion), Italian national, PhD in biochemistry from University of Padua, became a radical, developed poisons for the Black Orchestra and AIM, sought to reestablish contact with daughter, directly controlled the Ultra-Adaptoid in effort to obtain the Hypernova, apparently killed when it exploded
    (2006#9)--[Amazing Fantasy#7], 10 ([Incredible Hulk III#85(fb)], Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1 (fb), [AF7(fb)], 10(fb), [7-9], 10-12, Incredible Hulk III#73-86(HoM), 87, Captain Universe/Hulk#1, [Captain Universe/Daredevil#1, Captain Universe/X-23#1], Ms. Marvel II#15-17, [Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#2 (fb), 1], 2-5

RAPSCALLION ( ) - Kinsmen, former bouncer.
    large + strong male, red hair + beard
    (app-kin)--Marvel Comics Presents#43/4

RAPTAR – extradimensional man, powers apparently related to Puma, possibly a false creation of Shaman/Threetrees
    transform into large reptilian humanoid
    --Spider-Man Unlimited#15

RAPTOR (Paul Hazlett) - former Roxxon employee, invented antigravity generator which was stolen by Roxxon and used to create Killer Shrike, exhausted financial resources trying to get it back, broke into Roxxon computers and stole design back, created costume, battled Moon Knight.
    wore costume with Adamantium weave, cybernetic circuitry, anti-gravity capabilities, and other specialized weapons
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#1

RAPTOR (Gary Wilton) - winged mutant, powers triggered when thrown off of roof by savage gang, seeks vengeance on those who commit violent crimes.
    fly, razor sharp talons + beak
    (card, app)--Avengers West Coast Annual#8 (8(fb), 8

RAPTOR of Earth-982 (Brenda Drago) - Savage Six, New Warriors, daughter of Blackie Drago/Vulture, girlfriend of Norm Osborn, ex-girlfriend of Tony, who designed a winged costume to allow her to follow in her father’s footsteps, defeated by Spider-Girl and Buzz, became government agent in exchange for amnesty, married Norm Osborn
    -SKY BANDIT--Spider-Girl#18 (25, 28, 30,31, 34, 37, 42, 43, 44, 46, 49, 50, 52, 62, 64-66, 67, 68, 70, 72, 73, 77,78, 79, [81(fb)], 81, 82-84, 85, 86-87, 93-95, 96-100

RAPTOR the RENEGADE - ancient demon, part of a race that ruled humanity millions of years ago, imprisoned within totem poles by Sun Gods in the site that eventually became the Keewazi reservation, possessed Professor Simon Janson until the Human Torch destroyed its totem pole
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#394 (394 (fb), 394

RAPTORE (    ) - super-villain captured by Omega Flight, used as power source for Guardian (Michael Pointer) and the Collective
    --Marvel Comics Presents#3/3 (7/4

RAPTORS - see FRATERNITY of RAPTORS (Gyre, Razor, Talon, Talon-R)--War of Kings: Darkhawk#1

RAPTORS - artificial entities created by Phaedra and sent to recover the Sapphire Lotus, control usurped by Wrathchilde
    (app-phaedra)--Death's Head III#2 (3, 4

raptors - Velociraptors; some were summoned by Ramades to battle the Fantastic Four
    --    ( Marvel Knights Fantastic Four#18

RAPTRA – extraterrestrial Saurian, former agent of Reptyl, refused to become one of thanos' gods, kidnapped quoi, fell in love with him.
    Cloak of Invisibility
    (app)--Avengers: Celestial Quest#2 (3-8

RAPTURE (sister Joy) - Cerebro’s X-Men, nanotech creation, possibly based on Angel (Worthington) + Mystique + Phoenix (personality), former nun.
    blue skin, wings, uses sword
    --Uncanny X-Men#360 (X-Men II#80

RAPTURE ( ) - mutant?, Contingency, recruited to shield ii’s psi-corps by brent jackson, placed in charge of the contingency, deserted, resisted attempts to force her to join weapon x.
    telepath, wears neuro-net suit to enhance her psychic powers, throw off aim and reflexes of others, teleport, amplify physical abilities tenfold
    --Weapon X: Draft: Kane  ( Wolverine/Captain America#1-4

RAPTURE - false version of the Biblical prophecy, designed to destroy the Catholic Church, involved feeding tainted communion wafers and then disintegrating those who had eaten them
    --Uncanny X-Men#424

RAPUNZEL ( ) - First Line, possibly killed by Yeti.
    bf, manipulate long hair, grow it out at will, required large amount of calories to regrow hair, long hair with white streak, white costume
    (net-lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#11 ( 10, 11, X-Men: Hidden Years#16(fb), 16

RARITAN, IRIS - heiress to the Raritan Recreation Reclamation Congregation millions, former passenger of the S.S. Damned
    --Howard the Duck I#25 (25(fb), 25

RARQUE, Dr. - scientist working with Clyde on an accelerated growth formula to end world hunger, suffered brain damage when attacked by an enlarged pig

RA'S A-POCALYPSE of Earth-Amalgam - Apocalypse + Ra's A-Gu'ul, father of Talia, killed by Dark Claw
    *D* (app)-Dark Claw Adventures#1

RASCAL ( ) - criminal, employed the Rodents, attempted to establish a name for himself by killing Captain America, defeated by he and Wolverine.
    wore costume to render himself invisible, same device used by rodents
    --Wolverine II#124

RASCAL TAVERN - populated by numerous super-criminals
    --Daughters of the Dragon#3

RASHEED - see VEN GARMCHEE, RASHEED (app-per)--Spider-Man Team-Up#3

RASCHER - Nazi, Project Nietzsche
    --according to Marvels Project#1 (2009)

RASHID, VAH  of the Hyborian era - Bahreen Bel Akif, father of Tamara, found and cultivated Fatima, pretended to have created her and thus became the "sorcerer" for Onan Bahk Galeen, slain by Esmalia
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#63 (63(fb), 63

RASHID - Bagmom, servant of the caliph
    (app-bagmom)--Howard the Duck Annual#1

RASHID - see ad-DIN, RASHID (app-hassanibnsabbah)--Marvel Comics Presents#73

RASHIDA - Wakandan, widow of Guedado
    --[Black Panther IV#40]

RASK - Chosen, bribed the scientists, sought to obtain political power to overthrow the Perfect, used Archangel as gladiator, arranged arrest of Seera.
    Powerful warrior, fire energy blasts, form shields
    - Lord Rask (app-chosen)—X-Factor I#43 (44-46, 48-50

RASPUTIN (Ichabod Rasputin) - High Priest of Tavi,
    animated Fangor using Tavistick briefly energized by television camera
    High Priest of Tavi*, Priest of Purity* (app)--Iron Man I#56 (56(fb), 56

RASPUTIN - Sickle Cycle Club, thought about becoming new Captain America when Steve Rogers briefly retired, lost fight to Scar Turpin for the right to do so
    --Captain America I#179

RASPUTIN, DIMITRIY - son of Vladimir, descendent of Grigory Rasputin and Elena, possessed by a fragment of Grigory's spirit
    *D*--X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1 (1(d)

RASPUTIN, GRIGORY YEFIMOVICH - old ally of Mr. Sinister, mutant, impregnated multiple women, assassinated, survived long enough to disperse his spirit into his unborn children, which became increasingly diluted with reproduction; manifested self through grandson Vladimir, convinced Sinister to exterminate the rest of Rasputin's bloodline to allow him to consolidate his spirit within one body, foiled when Mikhail refused to kill Colossus and instead traveled to the Dark Zone;
    possibly the ancestor of "Mr. Rasputin," perhaps by his legitimate wife, predating his mistresses
    DARK ONE*, DOOM of OLD RUSSIA*, GRISHKA the FOOL*, HOLY DEVIL*--Strange Tales I#24/4, [Strange Tales I#145/2], X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1 (2(fb), 1(fb)/3(fb), 1(fb)/4(fb), 5(fb), [1-5]


RASPUTIN, KLARA - daughter of Vladimir, descendent of Grigory Rasputin and Elena, possessed by a fragment of Grigory's spirit
    *D*--X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1 (1(d)

RASPUTIN, KONSTATIN - son of Vladimir, descendent of Grigory Rasputin and Elena, possessed by a fragment of Grigory's spirit
    *D*--X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1 (1(d)

RASPUTIN, ILLYANA of "Earth-987" - daughter of Colossus and Darkstar
    (app)--What If II#110

RASPUTIN, LUCIFER - former warden for Damnation City, blew up entire prison in an attempt to destroy Dirty Wolff, thrown back into explosion and presumably killed by Deadpool.
    caprine humanoid, red skin
    *D*--Deadpool III#39 ([40],41

RASPUTIN, MIKHAIL - mutant, Twelve, brother of Colossus, former cosmonaut, launched ship into Void dimension, but were unable to return, possessed by unknown entity which gave him great reality manipulating power, but drove him insane, appeared to slaughter Morlocks remaining after Mutant Massacre, actually transported them to the Hill and trained them as Gene Nation, purged of entity by X-Men, later mentally manipulated into an alliance with Mr. Sinister in plot to slay all descendents of Grigory Rasputin so his spirit could consolidate within Mikhail, ultimately rebelled against Sinister and sentenced self to the Dark Zone
    (198, net)--[X-Men I#99], Uncanny X-Men#285 (374(fb1), 285, 286, 290-293, 374(fb2-4), [Storm#1],2-4, New Mutants: Truth or Death#1-3, UX373-375, [X-Men II#95], UM376, X96, UX377, Cable II#76,X97,[UX378], X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#4(fb), 1-5

RASPUTIN, NIKOLAI - father of Volossus + Magik + Mikail
    *D*--Giant-Size X-Men#1 ( Excalibur I#107(fb), Classic X-Men#29/2, X-Men II#17,18d)

RASPUTIN, PIOTR - see COLOSSUS--Giant-Size X-Men#1

RASPUTIN, VLADIMIR - descendent of Grigory Rasputin and Elena, possessed by a fragment of Grigory's spirit, father of Dimitriy, Klara, & Konstantin
    --X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1

RASPUTIN(?), YURI - mutant, descendent of Grigory Rasputin, possessed by a fragment of Grigory's spirit, slain by Mr. Sinister
    healing powers
    *D*--X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1 (1d)

RASPUTINA, ALEXANDRA NATALYA - mother of Colossus + Magik + Mikhail, killed by Soul Skinner?
    *D*--Giant-Size X-Men#1 ( X-Men II#17,18d)

RASPUTINA, ILLYANA - mutant, New Mutants, sister of Colossus, died from Legacy Virus
    *D*-MAGIK*, DARK CHILD, RED FLAG#133—Giant-Size X-Men#1 (GSXM#1/Excalibur I#107(fb), Classic X-Men#29/2, [Uncanny X-Men#145],146, 148, 153,154, 158,160->magik.
    New Mutants I#75, Excalibur I#8, NM76, [X-Factor I#41], NM77, [UX293], X-Men II#17-20, UX299-303d, 304(funeral), UX365(ghost?)

RASSENDYLL, JUDITH - queen of Ruritania, rescued from by Nightcrawler
    --Uncanny X-Men#204 (206,Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem

RASSILON - founder of the Time Lords, responsible for creation of the Special Executive and the Newborn, possibly the Tardis as well, mind resides in the Matrix
    (app-doctor)--Dr. Who Magazine#47 (62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 74, 262, 263, 265

    Rassitanio? (app)--Thor I#426 (Thunderstrike#8(fb), Thor426-429, Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#2, Th432,433, Th448-451, Marvel Comics Presents#112/2, Th456, Fantastic Four I#372, Darkhawk#23,24, Web of Spider-Man Annual#9, Spider-Man Unlimited I#1/3, Thunderstrike#1, SpdmUnl#3/3, Ts3, Silver Sable#27, Captain America I#426, Ts5-8, New Warriors Annual#4, Night Thrasher II#15, Ts#13/2-16/2, X-Force I#40, Fantastic Force#6, Ts22,23, Thor492, Journey into Mystery#505, Ghost Rider III#82

RASTOVICH, LEON - Russian criminal, narrowly escaped the Punisher and turned self in for protection, released by Fury so he could find the Punisher after he slew Rastovich
    *D*--Punisher VII#13 (13(fb), 13d)

RASTUS - two-headed mutate agent of the Sugar Man
    --Excalibur II#10

RAT ( ) - China Force.
    small female, claws coated with poison, tail
    (net-cf)—Alpha Flight I#64 (65,66, 69, X-Force An3

RAT ( ) - associate of Piranha Jones and Cockroach Hamilton, dismembered and legs taken by Terror
    *D*--Terror, inc#6

RAT ( ) - martial arts training under King Lau and McKinley Stuart, injured by Bullseye
    --Elektra I#1 (3,5

RAT - fake criminal used in pro-SHRA commercial vs. Wonder Man
    --Civil War: Front Line#5/3

    consumed a seed from the fallen Lord Pumpkin, began to transform into Lord Pumpkin, destroyed by one of the Pumpkin Legion
    (app)--NecroMantra/Lord Pumpkin#1

RATs of Central Park (Ratso, Rizzo, Southside) - attempted to poison frogs, defeated by them with aid from Thor and alligators
    (app-frogsofcentralpark)--Thor I#364 (365

RATATOSK (Squirrel of Mischief) - Earth-5631, giant Asgardian squirrel, messenger, protected tree of golden apples, almost defeated Power Pack
    (app)--Thor and the Warriors Four#3

RATBAG (Erik Nicieza) - former alcoholic, homeless, schizophrenic assistant of Deadpool, cured by Black Swan (forced by Deadpool)
    (app)--Deadpool III#65 (66-68

RATCHID, nurse  - Secret Empire agent at Carriwhite Acres under August Masters
    (app-masters)--Defenders I#102

RATCHVEK - SHIELD II, designed Symbionic Weapon Suit-Mark Two, reluctant to test it
Marvel Comics Presents#173/4

RATDOG (    ) - circa 1907 AD, friend of Maneater, joined him in effort to take out the Upward Path & Street Arabs
    --Runaways II#29 (30

RATH - Demon, partner of Gart, summoned by Jane + Roger Price, went on rampage until banished by Captain Universe (Eddie Price)
    (app-captainuniverseeddie)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4

RATHCONE (    ) - master strategist, hoped to conquer US, employed several operatives; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#1 (March, 1941)

RATHCOOLE, BRENDAN - Mys-Tech Techno-Wizard, head of Warheads.
    briefly halt flow of time, young man, thin, long brown hair

RATHIA - leader of underwater race, manipulated Sub-Mariner into attempting to  conquer surface world; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond), Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Human Torch Comics#5A (Fall, 1941)

RA'TKAR - leader of the Molans, defeated Red Hulk, humiliated in battle when Spider-Man pantsed him
    --Avenging Spider-Man#1, (identified) #2 (3

RATOGA (    ) - criminal with advanced technology and subterranean castle, manipulated crime and social conditions, preceded by Zeelmo; opposed by Red Raven
    --Red Raven Comics#1 (August, 1940)

RATPACK - Black Mariah's gang
    --Hero for Hire#5

RATPACK (Number One, Two (Madame Menace), Three + Four (brothers), Five (robot, agent of super-skrull))
    - group of saboteurs + thieves + assassins, used as pawns by super-skrull as joshua plague, slaughtered indian reservation, battled tigra and red wolf
    --Captain Marvel I#20 ( Marvel Chillers I#3,5-7

RATPACK (Sparks, Stitches, Stroke?) - arson gang, loosely allied with Black Mariah’s group, defeated by spider-man and powerman (Cage)
    --Marvel Team-Up I#75

RAT PACK ( ) - criminal gang, competed for chance to become secretary of National Crime Syndicate, defeated by Spider-Man and Moon Knight
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#220

RAT PACK (Number 1, Number 14) - elite paramilitary cadre of scavengers + thieves + looters for hire, pilfered New York post-Onslaught, fought off by Thunderbolts, employed by Arnim Zola to collect test subjects for him including Hallie Takahama
    (app)--Thunderbolts #1 (4(fb), 33(fb), 1

RATPACK 2099 (Chairman, Dealer, Mr. Entertainment, Suicide King) - operated out of casino in Las Vegas
    --X-Men2099#2 (3, 16-17

RAT PATROL of Earth-Techno War - giant robot defense system of Emperor Richardson
    --Deathlok II Annual#1

RATRI – Hindu goddess of love, former goddess of the night
    (app)--Amazing High Adventure#5

RATRI (Randy Tate) - see entity.
    Nest, administrator, former flight attendant
    -THE NIGHT (app-nest)--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

RATTACK of Earth-691 circa 2018 AD ( ) – former FBI agent, mutated by biological warfare gas used as defense against Martian Masters, based in catacombs of White House, periodically given enemies of the Masters to torture + eat, failed to kill Killraven, injured by Abraxas when interfered with subsequent battle and was attacked and presumably slain by his own rats
    rodent-like form, able to control rats
    *D* (app)--Amazing Adventures II#23 (24d)

RATTAMUN, doctor - hospital administrator at State Street hospital, tried to throw out Philmont Magee
    (app-red9)--Amazing Spider-Man I#264

RATTAN (Bud Cable) - Doom's Brigade, defeated by Captain America
    master martial artist, especially with cane-like weapons
    (app)--Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge

RATTATOSK - Asgardian squirrel, dwells in Yggdrasil
    *D*--Thor II#83 <585> (Thor: Blood Oath#2

RATTER (    ) - scientist, mutated the Faceless One to serve him; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Human Torch Comics#14 (Winter, 1943)

RATTILORE - Outcasts of New Mexico, rattlesnake, leader
    (app-outcasts)--Incredible Hulk II#329

RATTLER of the Old West (Heath Benson) - enemy of Rawhide Kid, former agent of Iron Mask.
    acrobat, green full body costume with yellow diamonds
    (Outlaw Files, app)--Rawhide Kid I#37 ([37(fb)],37, [Two Gun Kid#88], West Coast Avengers II#18

RATTLER of the Old West (Whirlo* ?Redlin?) - enemy of Two-Gun Kid
    *D*--(w) Rawhide Kid#37; (Rattler) Two-Gun Kid#88

RATTLER (Henry Bingham) - former snake devenomizer, bitten by snake and mutated by experimental anti-venom, eventually died from affects on his body
    Superhuman strength + speed, stun others on contact, slippery, squeeze through small holes
    (app)-- Spider-Man Newspaper reprints volume 2 (2(fb), 2

RATTLER (Gustav Krueger) - Serpent Society, East German.
    semi-prehensile tail attached directly to spine, generate powerful vibrations
    (D#10,M)--Captain America I#310 (311, 313, 315, 319, 341-343, Uncanny X-Men An13, Cap365/2, 367/2, 380-382, 434-437, Thunderbolts II#104, Amazing Spider-Man#562-563

RAUL ?? - Elijah, employed by textile factory owner, bailed Blowtorch Brand out of prison
    (app-blowtorch)--Defenders I#135

RAUNCH ( ) - Sisters of Sin.
    cast illusions, usually involving loved or desired ones
    -SISTER PLEASURE* (U#7-sos)--[Captain America I#356], 357

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