P-CAT the PENITENT PUSS (Niels*) - dressed to mirror Penance
    --Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular#1/5

P-JACK - Positronic-something; robot affiliated from New Warriors
    --New Warriors IV#7

P & G BAR - Canada?, subject of a violent drunken binge by Puck (Eugene Judd)
    --X-Men Unlimited II#12/2 ([12/2], 12/2

PAAN - martial arts sensei, taught brutality, rival of Master Kee, sought revenge after Lin Sun defeated one of his students, kidnapped girlfriend of Bob Diamond, spirit crushed when the Sons of the Tiger defeated his students
    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#6

PACER (Carlos de Silva) - S.T.O.R.M., Gene Dogs.
    wm, dark hair, uses variety of weapons
    (card, app-gd)--Gene Dogs#1 (2-6

    Incan name

pachyceph voidnaut  - see merchant caste pachyceph voidnaut--Nova IV#10

PACIFIC OVERLORDS (Big One, Cybertooth, Irezumi, Jawbreaker, Kain, Kuroko, Pele, Taifu)
    - agents of Dr. Demonicus, empowered by Lifestone, assisted Demonicus in raising the island of Demonica; Big One + Pele + Taifu were used against their will and left after they were freed, the others came under the influence of the demon Raksasa and were apparently killed when the island was sunk by Klaw
    (2007#8, app)--Avengers West Coast#69, 70 (72(fb), 69-73, 93(fb), [92],93-95)

PACIFIC PIRATES (        ) - descendants of islanders trained in crime by sixteenth-century exile; opposed by Mercury/Hurricane
    --Captain America Comics#4 (June, 1941)

PACIFIC PIRATES - @ 1946, agents of Future Man and Madame Death; same as above?
    (app-madamedeath)--(g) All-Winners#21

    (app-necker)--Death's Head III#8

PACIFIER - robot of Dr. Doom, allegedly built to come to the aid of those threatened by tyranny and injustice
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#57

PACIFIERS - associated with Inhumans, recovered and isolated Ahura, allegedly placed construct in Maximus' mind to keep the madness in
    --Silent War#4 (2007) (5

PACIFIER PISTOLS of Earth-712 - designed by Tom Thumb during Utopia program, used to replace guns and other personal weapons, distributed to military and police.
    non-lethal devices capable of subduing perpetrators by overwhelming their pleasure centers
    --Squadron Supreme I#4

PACIFIER UNITS - Kree/Ruul weapon, modeled after Walkers from Star Wars, used to pacify border planets resisting them, including Trellnax-7
    -Walking Whompers--Defenders II#8

PACIONIAN race (Gruto) - superhuman size, advanced technology, benevolent
    --Journey into Mystery I#67/1

PACION REX - home of Pacions
    (app-gruto)--Journey into Mystery I#67/1

PACK of Earth-1298 (Creed, Logan, Wild Child) - feral, near-mindless escapees from Weapon X Project, prowl Canadian wilderness
    --Mutant X#3

PACKARD, JEFF of the Old West - ally of Rawhide Kid, assisted he and Bounty Hunter against Nightriders attacking Emancipation
    --Rawhide Kid II#3

PACKER, ARTIE - West Virginia state trooper, former best friend of Steve Jackson, witnessed Dire Wraiths taking away body of Firefall, assisted Steve in reviving Rom after he was injured by Wraiths, severely wounded by Thornoids, taken to a doctor who was actually a Wraith who made certain that Artie died in the operating room    
    *D* (app)--Rom#5 (6, 7(named) (8d)

PACKER, BERT (Packrats) - Rocket Racer foe
    (app-packrats)--Spectacular Spiderman Annual#10/4

PACKER, HUBIE (Packrats) - Rocket Racer foe
    (app-packrats)--Spectacular Spiderman Annual#10/4

PACKET ROCKET - missiles used by Deviants to rapidly deliver objects over a large distance.
    used by Nuncio Klarheit to send the vial of the Dreaming Celestial to Ghaur from the Pyramid of Winds
    --Eternals II#7

PACKRATS (Hubert + Bert Packer) - criminals + brothers, looted weaponry from bar with no name, captured for bounty by rocket racer, wm
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#10/4

PACRAT- X-Force's ship-
    Personal Assault Carrier for Recon/Aquatic/Terrain
    --X-Force# ( 45,53

PADILLA, Lt. - directed Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond) to location above New Berlin
    --Torch#6 (2010)

PADJ - Snark
    --Power Pack II#4

PAGAN (     ) - brother of Lord Templar & Johnathon Tremont, banished into space by him, apparently taken under control by Templar, returned with him and attacked the Avengers, defeated by Photon & Jack of Hearts, sacrificed by Tremont to gain the power to try to control the energy triangle
    large + powerful armored man, helmet, long hair
    (app)--Avengers III#14 (15, 36,37, 50

PAGAN, BELLA - temporal physicist, scientist involved with creation of the Children of the Vault
    --X-Men II#191 (191 (fb)

PAGE (        ) - criminal, worked with Morrow, whom he later killed; opposed by Miss America
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#66 (September, 1945)

PAGE, KAREN - former girlfriend of Daredevil, brief liaison with Johnny Blaze, daughter of death’s head, former secretary for nelson and murdoch, former actress in los angeles, then drug addict and porn star, sold identity of daredevil for a drug fix, reformed, hosted radio talk show, duped by mysterio into believing she had contracted hiv, killed by bullseye with dardevil’s billy club.
    wf, blond
    - Paige Angel (U#5)--Daredevil I#1 (Daredevil: Yellow#2, DD1, DDY3, DD2/DDY4, D3/DDY5, D4/DDY6, Amazing Spider-Man I#16, DD340-342(fb), DD4-9, Untold Tales of Spider-Man An1997, Fantastic Four An3, DD10-20, Daredevil II#69(fb), Amz43, D22-31, 33,34, Daredevil An1, D35,36, 38-42, 44, 46-48, 50-59, 61-67, 70, 75, 77-83, 85,86, Ghost Rider II#13-15, 17, 19, D138, GR20-22, 25, 26, Marvel Two-In-One#46, [Marvel Team-Up An3], D227-232,233,235,237-241, A287, D242-244,248-255,256, 259-263, 294,296,297,299, 302, 305, 312, 318, 320, 323, 324, 327, 329, 331, 334, 338, 339, 342, 345-351, 353-359, Marvel Valentine Special#1, D360-364, 366-367, Uncanny Origins#13, Elektra I#11, D369-371, Daredevil II#6(fb1,2), D I#372-374,375(fb),375, I (heart) Marvel: Ai#1/3, Cable II#55, D376, DD II#8(fb), [1],2,3(fb),4,5d)

PAGE, LUCIE - daughter of Leper Queen; allegedly killed at age two by mutants
    --[X-Men II#180]

PAGE, Mrs. - mother of Karen, widow of Paxton/Death’s Head
    (app-d’sh)--Daredevil I#56 (57, Daredevil II#8

PAGE, Dr. - old woman, head of research for Lazarus Project, built Pinocchio, used chemical to temporarily cause amnesia in Wolverine
    (app-mast)--Wolverine II#27 (30(fb), 27, 30

PAGET (        ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#21 (    )

PAGLINO, JOSEPH - world's greatest collector of Captain America memorabilia, sold collection to honor him upon Cap's seeming death; bought rights to writing Captain America after Marvel cancelled his series to prevent anyone from dishonoring him
    --Captain America#600/4 (2009)

PAGODA GENERAL 2099 (Gojiro) - remove implants from Meat Puppets
    --2099 Unlimited#10/2

PAH REE race (Sssath Xyoss) - extraterrestrial, "golden galaxy", allied against Galador after attack by Wraithknights, specialized in arcane and dangerous technology.
    telepathic reptilian bipeds
    --Spaceknights#4 (5

PAIBOK the POWER-SKRULL - Fearsome Foursome, received variety of paranormal abilities from Skrull scientists, powers enhanced by Centaurians, sought to claim Talmadge, enslaved via Parasites in Annihilation Wave, freed by their destruction
    -POWER SKRULL*, Paul Balk (M, 2007#8, Annihilation: Nova Files, app)--Fantastic Four I#358 (358(fb), 358, 390(fb), 366, 390(fb), 369-372,374, 377-379, 382,383, Spider-Man/Human Torch#5(fb), [Thing: Freakshow#3(fb)], 1-4, Drax the Destroyer#1-4, Annihilation#2-3, Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#1

PAIL - Chinese former government operative, father of Weng, former opponent of Nick Fury, assisted him in locating Hydra's Hong Kong base, but was slain by Weng
    *D* (app)--Nick Fury Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.#4 ([4(fb)], 4

PAIN (Eugene Stone) - former stock broker, later crack addict + serial killer, given penance stare by ghost rider/ketch, committed suicide by jumping off building, mutated by Gorn into red-skinned semi-humanoid creature, skin subsequently stripped from body
    (app-gorm)--(ES) Marvel Comics Presents#102/3, (Pain) 103/3

PAIN ( ) - mutant, Gene Nation.
    large + grey, large spikes on back, spine visible
    --Storm#3 (4

PAIN ( ) - Hand
    --Elektra II#18, (named) #19 (20-22

    --Solo Avengers#19

PAIN-BROKER - see RAZORHEAD (app)--X-Statix#5

PAINE ( ) – agent of the Kingpin, international criminal, kidnapped Mindy Bolton to force Bradley Bolton to turn over the secrets of the Worldwide Habitual Offenders computer
    —Amazing Spider-Man I#153

PAINE, Captain - captain of the Darkstar submarine
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#149/3

PAINE, Dr. ERICH - Genoshan scientist, relocated to Niganda after Paine's downfall, mutated self, formerly allied with Red Ghost and Super-Apes, worked out of Niganda in the Factory and created Cuddle-Face and a number of mutates, fought X-Men, heart ripped out by Red Ghost
    mimic super-human abilities on contact,
    *D*--[X-Men II#175], Black Panther IV#8 (Black Panther IV#8(fb), [X-Men II#175], BP8, X176, BP9d)

PAINE, Dr. - see Dr. PAINE (app)--Morbius the Living Vampire#4

PAINGLOSS - Biphasia, warrior, former servant of Sardanus, slew Glissem, fell in love with Halfqueen, turned against and slew Sardanus.
    Uses truncheon
    (app-biph)--Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#5

PAINKILLER - see PSYCHOBABBLE (app)--Incredible Hulk Annual#20/2

PAINQUEEN of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - Occultechnologist
    --2099 Unlimited#4

PAINT ( ) - mutant, formerly associated with the Spikes.
    Create temporary tattoos and other art on contact
    --X-Treme X-Men: XPose#1 (2

PAINTBALL (Patricia "Patty") - Brooklyn Avengers, high school student at time when Spider-Man was a member, daughter of Boilmaker, unidentified (maternal?) grandfather
    generate paint bursts
    --Web of Spider-Man#129.1 (October, 2012) (129.1 (fb), 129.1, 129.2

PAINTED DEVIL - see JAGGTA-NOGA--Conan the Barbarian I#5

PAINTER (Wilhelm van Vile) - Avante Garde, unknown association with cockroaches.
    able to bring own paintings to life and alter reality.
    -Painter of 1000 Perils, PERILOUS PAINTER* (1960s, app)--Strange Tales I#108 (108(fb), 108 (Ultimate Super-Villains novel/7 "Private Exhibition", Web of Spider-Man#75(fb),74-76

paints of the Glob/Glop - used to reanimate the statue-like extraterrestrial
    (app-glob)--Journey into Mystery I#72

paints of the Painter of 1000 Perils--Strange Tales I#108

paints of the Zutec - used by Yucoya-Tzin and Frank Johnson
    --Strange Tales I#88

PAKAI - male child, carried dogtags of Kelly McCormack
    --Shadows and Light#2

PAK-MAN - Gods for the 80’s
    (app-gods80s)--Bizarre Adventures#32/4

PALACE of the CORPSE - see ATTUR-HEI--Astonishing X-Men#20

PALACE of DEATH and REBIRTH - pocket realm(?), base of Anubis
    (app-an)--Son of Satan#7

PALACE of the POOBAH of Elsewhere - see CASTLE WINDSOR of the KEEP McCAY (app-elsewhere)--Power Pack I#47

PALADIN ( ) - Heroes for Hire, mercenary, occasional ally of Silver Sable/Wild Pack
    enhanced strength, padded body armor, uses energy gun
    -Paul Denning (I#8, D#10, M, OH: AZU#3, CWBDR, net)—Daredevil I#150 (152, Marvel Premiere#43, DD154, Defenders I#62,63, Marvel Team-Up I#108,109, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Avengers I#251, Spectacular Spider-Man II#105,106, Av271,273,[274], Marvel Comics Presents#21/3, Amazing Spider-Man I#320,321, Moon Knight III#15, Punisher: No Escape, Captain America I#381,382, [385/2],386-393, Excalibur I#36, MCP86/4, Silver Silver Sable#6,7,
30,33,34, Cable II#49, Heroes for Hire#10,11, Generation X#53(fb), 52-54, [Captain America IV#31], GLA#2, [Hellions#3(fb)], 2-4, Amazing Fantasy II#16/2, Daredevil II#79, Heroes for Hire II#1, 2-3, 8, 9-11, 11/2-13/2, 14-15, IM30-31, [32]

PALADIN CORPORATION (George, Ken, Leonard, Michael) - hired Elektra to track down and slay their rivals, then tried have her killed, instead board of directors killed by her
    --Elektra II#28

PALADINS (Arrakhyl) - Arakne Pendragon corps, slaughtered by the Warheads Kether Troop
    (app-arakne)--Knights of Pendragon II#6 (6(fb, die)

PALAMAS, KAREN LYNN - shield ii, researcher + historian, special interest in classic mythology, recruited hercules to battle ares + warhawks, discovered that depaul was a traitor, killed him in battle    
    (net-shield)-AGENT 33—Hercules: Heart of Chaos#1 (2,3

PALANDOR (Queen Omell, Prince Sann, Jurrlor(guard)) - island within savage land
    --Savage Tales I#9

PALANTIDES or PALLANTIDES of the Hyborian era - commander of Black Dragons of Aquilonia, father of Phaidon
    --Conan the Liberator; Savage Sword of Conan#51 (first)
    Conan Annual#4

PALE FLOWER (Shiru Hana) - daughter of dai-kumo, mutant, sought revenge on wolverine, later allied with him against the hand
    --Wolverine II#107 (108,109

PALE HORSEMAN - see CADAVER (app)--Secret Defenders#16

PALE HORSEMEN of Earth-295 (Damask(d), Dead Man Wade/Deadpool(d), Moonstar(d))
    --X-Calibre#1 (2,3)

PALENE (Charles Palentine) - summoned demons
    --Venom: Enemy Within#1 (2,3

PALERMO, ROSE HARRIET - wife of victor, former tenant at may parker’s boarding house, bickered with victor 9;
    --Marvel Team-Up I#124 (Amazing Spider-Man I#237, MTU127, A254, 269, 273, 275, Spectacular Spider-Man II#113, Web of Spider-Man#19, 22, 24, Spider-Man vs Wolverine#1, Web47, A315, 337, W77,78, Spec15_

PALERMO, VICTOR - husband of rose, former tenant at may parker’s boarding house, bickered with rose 9; 9;
    --Marvel Team-Up I#124 (Amazing Spider-Man I#237, MTU127, A254, 269, 273, 275, Spectacular Spider-Man II#113, Web of Spider-Man#19, 22, 24, Spider-Man vs Wolverine#1, W47, A315, 337, W77,78, Spec15_

PALETTE, PERRY - art director of Beauty Magazine

PALEY, EMMA - Spider-Girls
    --Peter Parker#1 (2-4

PALIK - chosen, ruler, part of triumvirate of the united sects, sought destruction of rejects and dualers, blinded archangel in effort to humble rask, who was betting on archangel.
    blind others
    -Most Perfect (app-chosen)--X-Factor I#44 (45,46, 48-50

PALANTIDES or PALLANTIDES of the Hyborian era - commander of Black Dragons of Aquilonia, father of Phaidon
    --Conan the Liberator; Savage Sword of Conan#51 (first)

PALLAS - pet owl of Athena
    --New Warriors II#10, (identified) #120 (121, 123

PALLIS, CARLYLE - SHIELD I, double agent working for the Sept
    *D* (app)--Hulk Comic (muk) #1/3 (2/2d)

PALMER, - headed gasoline racket, employed Limpy and Riley; opposed by android Human Torch
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#10 (August, 1940)


PALMER, - Fire Department of New York, involved with the Human Torch’s investigation of Firefox
    --Human Torch II#3 (4

PALMER, - New York assistant district attorney
    --Daredevil II#96

PALMER, ANDREW - boarding school? roommate of Warren Worthington, bullied by other students, had crush on Warren
    --Angel: Revelations#1 (2008)

PALMER, BETHANY - Fantastic Enterprises, ex-wife of Jeff, assisted out of abusive relationship by Invisible Woman
    --Marvel Knights 4 #28 ([28(fb)], 28

PALMER, CAMERON HAYES - former teacher at Rudolph Giuliani High School, former girlfriend of Sam, accidentally shot by Hector, quit job, slit wrists, discovered and saved by Kiden Nixon, took to living on the streets with her
    (app)--NYX#1 (2 (fb), 4 (fb), [7 (fb)], 2-3, 5(fb), 4, 4 (fb) / 5 (fb), 5-7

PALMER, CHRISTINE - nurse at Metro-General Hospital, befriended Nightcrawler and assisted him against Pazuzu, stabbed by Hive-possessed Wolverine, healed by Magik (Amanda Sefton)
    (2007#8, app)--Night Nurse#1 (1(fbs), 1-2, [3(fb)], 4, Nightcrawler III#1-4, 5-6, 7-11, 12, Marvel Knights 4 #28, Sensational Spider-Man III#35

PALMER, FELIX - brother of Asmodeus Jones, pawn of Fashima, sacrificed to Six-Fingered Hand after plot failed
    *D* (app-fashima)--Defenders I#96 ([96(fb)], 96

PALMER, HARRY - infected with Brood egg, then infected several mutant humans in Denver to create Blindside + Brickbat + Divebomber + Lockup + Spitball + Temptress + Tension + Whiphand, killed by X-Men
    --Uncanny X-Men#22_

PALMER, JEFF - ex-husband of Bethany, abusive
    --Marvel Knights 4 #28 ([28(fb)], 28

PALMER, Dr. of Earth-Amalgam - Atom, Project Cadmus

PALMETTO, JIM - Damage Control
    (app)--Ghost Rider III#86

PALOMA 2099 (Pixel) - cyberspace goddess
    --Doom2099#7 ( 26, 29

PALONE, Det. (Sgt) QUENTIN - NYPD, attempted to arrest Spider-Man for Spider Tracer Killings
    --Amazing Spider-Man#548 (550-551, 560, 565 (fb), 566

"PALOOKIS, MYOOKIS" - Matriculon. cargo hauler
    (app-mat)--Marvel Graphic Novel: The Big Change

PALP-KIN - Arakne, a word for comrades
    (app-arakne)--Knights of Pendragon II#7

PALUG 2099 - robotic canine serving Manitou
    --Punisher 2099#25

PAMA - planet in Kree Empire, location of religious worship

PAMA - Kree starship formerly under command of Zen-Pram, crew included Mar-Vell, Una, and Yon-Rogg
    (app-zenpram)--Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#1 (2, 3

PAMELA ?? - girlfriend of Tony Stark
    --Tales Of Suspense I#56

PAMELA ?? - Yann, romantic objective of Christopher Ganyrog

PAN (Aegipan) - Olympian god of shepherds, flocks, and forests, son of Hermes and possibly Iris
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#6 (36/4, Journey into Mystery Annual#1

PAN - see PANDEMIC--[X-Men II#188]

PANADERIA VENTURA - New York restaurant formerly employing Tatiana Caban

PANAFRIKA of Earth-Here Comes Tomorrow - home of the Termids
    ---X-Men II#153

PANAMINT - planet between Zenn-La and Earth, lush and fragrant foliage, the vapors of which may grant beings visions; the Surfer saw a vision of the Elders of the Universe's threat to Earth there
    --Silver Surfer III#4 (1987)

PANDARA - possible Earth or Armechadonian Deviant, servant of Lord Tantalus.
    superhuman strength, used box
    (app)--Thunderstrike#4 (5-7

PANDARUS - @ 1193, fought alongside Troy in Trojan war, killed by Diomedes
    (app-trojanwar)--Thor Annual#8

PANDEMIC (Richard Palance) - geneticist, former colleague of Professor X, consulted on Rogue's condition, sought to emulate her powers (but to obtain the life essences of others), exposed self to mutant and viral DNA, gained powers of over 200 mutants, captured X-Men, cured of viral infection and powers by absorbing power of Sabretooth
    PAN* (XM: MC-MF)--[X-Men II#188], 194 ([194 (fb), 196 (fb)], 194 (fb), [188], 194-196, 200/2, Uncanny X-Men#488/2 (fb)

PANDEMONIA ( ) - succubus, daughter of a lesser chaos lord, terrorized central Europe in middle ages, imprisoned in Mt. Sorr by gypsy sorcerer, inadvertently freed by Locus, took over X-Force until defeated with the aid of Jennifer Kale.
    red-skinned demoness, appears as a silver-haired woman, metamorph, fire energy blasts
    (Mystic Arcana, app)—X-Force I#80, 85(named)

PANDORA - @ ancient Rome, possibly created by Zeus, opened box, released imps ("the evil emotions of the world")
Captain America's Weird Tales#75Journey into Mystery I#74, Strange Tales I#109 (Journey into Mystery#74(fb), [74], 74, Chamber of Darkness#3

PANDORA - ship of 17th century group of Puritans heading to the "New World," but who were instead transported to the Negative Zone
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#40 (41 (fb), 40-41

PANDORA - Technet, Special Executive?,
    large amorphous slime-creature, exists within small sphere, released to spread over and consume all organic matter within its range
    --(UK) Captain Britain II#3

PANDORA of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - Oasis,
    generate pheromones to control others
    --X-Men 2099:Oasis#1

PANDORA of Earth-93060 - created by Gemini as a duplicate of Markie, sacrificed by acolytes to revive Argus
    *D*--(M)Mantra I#4/2 (Rune#1 ;(P)5 (Giant-Size Rune#1, Rune8,9d)

PANDORI - realm within Pangea, home and/or native land of the Cat-People
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#19: Savage Land races

PANEGYRICH - extradimensional race, observed Avengers vs. Galfrax, came to revere Henry Gyrich
    --Giant-Size Avengers#1/3

PANEGYRICH, dimension of  -
    --Giant-Size Avengers#1/3

PANENTROPIC ENGINE - creature created from bodies of thousands by Slaymaker
    --Secret Defenders#20

PANG - demonic creature, spawn of Demogoblin, temporarily possessed moon knight, created Moonmobile
    --Moon Knight I#46, 54 (identified) (46,47, 52-54

PANGALACTIC STAR SLED - transportation device of Lunatik, powered by the methane gas of the Drogs
    (app-lunatik)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited #3/3 (Lunatik #1-3


PANGEA - larger neighbor to Savage Land, created by pre-Cataclysmic human Lemurians using remnants of technology left behind by Nuwali?, originally served as recreational and amusement center, built fully automated, self-repairing maintenance equipment, numerous human/animal hybrid races were created by Lemurian scientists, including Aerians + Botar + Lemurans + Pterons + Tubanti, animal men were originally used as slaves until rebelled against Pangeans, destroyed in modern times by terminus
    (I#9)--Ka-Zar the Savage#1 (31(fb), 1-
    Avengers I#25_d)

PANGORIA - planet, home of the Pangorians, judged and "cleansed" by Celestials, terraformed into planet free of technology by Exitar
    (app)--Thor I#387 (388,389

PANGORIANS (Pegas(d), Myla ) - people of Pangoria
    (app-pangoria)--Thor I#387 (388, 389

PANKOWICZ, BOBBY – former cop and high school bully to Soap, corrupt, killed when World Trade Center collapsed
    *D*--Punisher VI#32 (32(fb5), [32(fb6, dies)]

PANNIX - Eternals of Earth, Council of Confederate Eternals
    --Eternals IV#7

PANOPTICHRON (Worker Caste Techdrones, Sovereign Caste Drones) - base outside space and time from which insectoids creatures guide the Exiles to try to repair the realities damaged by their tampering with reality
    --[Exiles#1], 62 (64(fb), [all Exiles issues], 62-65

PANORAMIC GLASSES - SHIELD, enable 360 degree vision
Strange Tales I#166

PANSHIN, Col. DMITRI - former KGB interrogator, father of Sergei, widower of Sonya, brought to USA and protected by SHIELD, took a job at Langley
    (app-agentorange)--Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce ([Blood Truce (fb)], Blood Truce (fb), Blood Truce

PANSHIN, SERGEI - son of Dmitri and Sonya, came to the USA with Dmitri
    (app-agentorange)--Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce

PANSHIN, SONYA - wife of Dmitri, mother of Sergei, killed in shootout between KGB and SHIELD
    *D* (app-agentorange)--Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce (Blood Truce (fb, dies)

PANSPERMIANS - genetically engineered by Pralagon Shapers; could self-duplicate. Home planetoid UX-79 destroyed from space by Annihilation Waves. Representative: Preak. 
    --Annihilation: Super-Skrull#2

PANTAGRUEL - Sleeping Giant, caused bad dreams to people near the Pantagruel Army Camp, powers amplified by presence of Maureen Raven, awakened by MI-13, defeated guardians, headed out to sea


PANTELLI, SPIKE (        ) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#6 ()

PANTHEON (Achilles (d), Agamemnon, Ajax, Andromeda, Atalanta, Cassiopeia, Delphi, Hector, Hulk, Jason, Paris, Perseus (d), Prometheus, Ulysses (d), Ulysses)
    - advanced organization, dominant group composed of descendents of Agamemnon, formerly allied with Hulk, advanced technology, many have superhuman powers
    (OH: Hulk, app)--Incredible Hulk II#368, 376, 379 (407/2-412/2, 376, 379, 381-383,385, Incredible Hulk An17/5, Hlk386-388, [389], 390,391,X-Factor I#76,Hlk392, An18/2,18/3, Hulk393-402, 405,406, An19, Hlk410-418, An20/3, Marvel Comics Presents#166/2,167/2, Hlk420-425,[426], 444-448, An1997

PANTHEON of SORCERERS - see SORCERER’s TRIAD--Incredible Hulk II#139

PANTHER of the Old West (professor Elixir ) - late 18th century, posed as traveling medicine man, wore costume.
    agile, skilled climber, used cat call to frighten cattle, carried pistols
    Professor (app)--Two Gun Kid#77 (77(fb), 77 (rep119)

PANTHER (Sekhem Naville) - human possessed by Panther god
    (AZU#2-Panther God, app)--Black Panther II#1 (2-4

PANTHER (Corinne Walton) - S.T.O.R.M., Gene Dogs, double agent for Mys-Tech, former lover of teammate Tyr, slain by Banzai
    *D* (app-gd)--Gene Dogs#1 (1 (fb1+2), 1d)

PANTHER (Sh'ri) of Earth-1119 - sister of T'Chaka, took on mantle of Panther after brother slain
    (app-panther)--Exiles III#6

PANTHER (T'Chaka) of Earth-1119 - son of T'Challa & Storm, took on Panther mantle, pulled to Panoptichron just before sure death from Klaw, became Exiles member
    heightened senses, agility, stealth
    (app)--Exiles III#1 (Exiles III#1-6

PANTHER (T'Challa) of Earth-1119 - married Storm, retired, passed Panther mantle to son T'Chaka, avenged son's death by killing Klaw
    (app-panther)--Exiles III#6

PANTHER CUB of Counter Earth-Franklin (T'Dogo) - Remnants, son of Wakandan valet, donned costume of Black Panther to avenge his missing king after heroes returned to prime earth
    --Heroes Reborn: Remnants (Remnants (fb), Remnants

PANTHER GOD (Bast*) - deity, supplies power to the Black Panthers
    (AZU#2)--[Fantastic Four I#52], Black Panther II#1
    , Black Panther IV#18

PANTHER GUARD 2099 (Mkhalali) - Wakanda 2099

PANTHER ISLAND - Caribbean island purchased by the Black Panther (T'Challa); secretly used as a base by Psycho-Man, discovered by Black Panther and the Inhumans Royal Family, plot defeated by them with aid from Human Torch and Thing
    --Fantastic Four Annual#5

    --FF Unlimited# ( Avengers West Coast#

PANTHER's RAGE 2099 (Nkrumah, Xandra) - Wakandan soldiers serving Doom
    --Doom 2099#28 (29

    --Black Panther IV#20

PANTHER SHIP - see TALON FIGHTER--Black Panther III#9  (

    --Black Panther IV#23 (26

    --Black Panther IV#21

PANTHERA of Earth-Amalgam - Puma? + Panthera
    (app-prince)--Tales of the Amazons

PANTHERIUS ( ) - Changeling, created by and loyal to Leoninus
    --Incredible Hulk II#252,253(named)

PANTHRAX (Alex Mitchell) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --[Civil War: Front Line#4]
, 6 ([4//4/4]), 6

PANTO-9 - home planet of Interstel Church of Perpetual annoyance

PANUNDRUM - Whurl robot, chancellor, served princess Tallibone, recruited Starjammers to recover her from Ja
    (app-tallibone)--X-Men Unlimited#32/3

PANZER, cardinal -
    --Wolverine II#176 (178

PAO FU (Lian Goh) - Chinese girl, formerly used in slave labor in Chinatown after booking illegal passage on freighter to America, freed by ghost rider/noble kale, was tracked down and killed by former slavelords, empowered after death by blackheart to act as a goddess of vengeance, slew ghost rider and brought him to blackheart, who revived him
    (app)--Ghost Rider III#88 (88(fb), 88-93, Ghost Rider: Finale

PAOLO ?? - crew of Arcadia under Lee Forrester
    Cable II#11, X-Men Unlimited#9, Uncanny X-Men#386

PAOLO - Mirror Modeling

PAPA DOC ( ) - grandfather of Layla, laid Zombie to rest, later killed by Calypso when he refused to resurrect Zombie, soul freed by Zombie
    DOC KABEL--Tales of the Zombie#8 (9, Daredevil Annual#9/3d)

PAPA DOC DUVALIER (Francois Duvalier) - Night Raven foe

PAPA HAGG ( ) - mystic, agent of Nighthawk, recruited him to help remove his demonic powers given by Mephisto.
    teleport others
    --Defenders II#1 (2,[3], 6, 12, Order#1-4,[5],6

PAPAHANAU-MOKU - Polynesian/Oceanic Goddess?, ally of Marduk in the Everlasting
    --Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#2 (3, 4

PAPA JAMBO ( ) - trained Brother Voodoo, died, raised as zombie by Dramabu
    *D*--Strange Tales I#169 (170, Tales of the Zombie#10

PAPAMONDO, el of Earth-Amalgam - Mondo+el Papagayo, 1800s, possible future member of Generation Hex
    (app-gh)--[Generation Hex#1(letters)]

PAPA NEBO ( ) - voodoo sorcerer, converted Angelina Beliard into zombie love slave for Narcisse, killed by Simon Garth zombie
    *D*--Strange Tales IV#1/3

PAPA SHORTY ( ) - legless voodoo lord, levitated, briefly possessed amulet of Damballah, killed by Zombie after forcing him to kill Phillip Bliss
    *D* (Mystic Arcana, app)--[Tales of the Zombie#2], 5 ([5(fb)], 5d)

PAPA VERITE of Earth-93060 - voodoo lord
    --Prime I#14 (15

PAPER DOLL (Piper Dali) - mutated by father's Dimensional Compressor, became obsessed with actor Bobby Carr, slew those who tried to make him look bad, eventually captured by Spider-Man
    virtually two-dimensional form (able to revert to normal form), compress others into two dimensional form, killing them
    --Amazing Spider-Man#559 ([561 (fb)], 561 (fb), 559-561

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#45 (    )

PAPRIKA, ETHYL - wife of Wildfire, member of W.A.M.
    (app--Power Man I#32

PAP-TONN - Kree, scientist
    --Silver Surfer III#8

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