PARACLETE - Inhumans
    --Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos (starting around pg. 29)

PARADIGM ( ) - Hellions, cybernetic entity, human male from Hong Kong, injected with Phalanx? material by doctors at age thirteen.
    technokinetic powers, computer-like mind, seeks to constantly improve self and study DNA of others
    (net)--X-Force#87 (89(fb), 87-90

PARADISE - see dimension of Paradise and the City of Death (app-pacod)--Incredible Hulk II#302

PARADISE - island, former base of Ani-Mator + Ani-mates + Bird Brain
    —New Mutants I#58, (named) 59 (60, 61

PARADISE (    ) - mutant, agent of Masque in the Arena, partnered with Purge & Posterboy
    female, cause intense pleasure
    --X-Treme X-Men#38 (39

PARADISE III of the Microverse (Galactic Defender) - Microverse, planet, race became xenophobic to the point of containing themselves in suspended animation and dying off, protected by force nexus, which warped normal laws of physics
    --Micronauts I Annual#1

PARADOK - Technet, black + white costume with flare on chest
    interdimensional teleporter?
    --Captain Britain II#4, (identified) #5 (6, 12

PARADOX - combined mind of Nobel + Strange
    (1990s)--Dr. Strange III#75 (78, 83

PARADOX - cybermorph, artificial intelligence deactivated and reprogrammed into danger room at Massachusetts Academy, inadvertently reactivated by Gaia, deactivated by Synch + Forge    
    (app)--Generation X#47

PARADOX of Earth-80324 circa 2181 (Mark Esterhase) - gene-spliced with various other alien races, take form/abilities of those other species, later traveled to Earth-616 with Monark Starstalker, fought Contagion by changing form
    (app)--Marvel Preview#24 (1980) (Bizarre Adventures#30, Wolv: Best There Is#7-12

PARADOX, Mr. - Time Variance Authority, clonal progenitor of Mr. Paradox, ceased to exist when Clockwise blasted him with the Retro-Active Cannon
    --She-Hulk II#3

PARAFLY – swamp guardian on Symbion, augmented Dargon’s armor against Skito

PARA-GLOBES - @ 2075, contain Lunanimals
    --Speed Carter #4

    male form, first adapted on emerging from cocoon
    --Incredible Hulk An#6

PARAGON (AIM Agent MST-3K) - AIM Adaptoid, acted as assistant to Enclave in recovery of Kismet, sampled her genetic material, transformed self into duplicate of her original form, destroyed by genetic virus designed as failsafe in case Kismet rebelled against Enclave
    -Frank (app)--Quasar#57

PARAGON (Calvin Elroy) - possible extraterrestrial humanoid hero on alternate(?) Earth or just a fictional story character, read by Redmond Pringle
    (app)--Captain Britain II#1 ([1(fb), 3(fb)], 1(fb), 2(fb), 4(fb), 1(fb), 3(fbs)

PARAGON (Cooper Roth) - Initiative, Nebraska-based, manipulated by Mandarin, wounded by Graviton, recovered, told Graviton killed his mother by Mandarin, attacked Graviton, killed by him
    super-strength, speed, durability
    *D*--Iron Man IV#21 (22, 232d)

PARAGONS (D.J., Match (leader), Pixie, Preview, Trance, Wolf Cub)
    - group of students at Xavier Institute, formerly trained by Wolfsbane, later by Magma
    (New X-Men Yearbook)--New X-Men: Academy X#12 (14

PARALLAX - staff of Century
    Granted him a number of powers, including opening portals in space or across dimensions, controlling his composite mind
    (app-century)--Force Works#1 (Century: Distant Sons (fb), Force Works#1-6, Marvel Comics Presents#169/2-171/2, War Machine#9, Force Works#7, War Machine#10, Iron Man I#312, Force Works#9/2-10/2, Force Works#9-10, Captain America I#437, Force Works#12-16, Century: Distant Sons, Force Works#19, War Machine#22, Iron Man I#324, Avengers I#394, Avengers: Timeslide, Iron Man I#325, Force Works#21-22

PARALLEL CONGLOMERATE (Captain, Mr. Russell) - subsidiary of Oracle Inc., oil tanker and all aboard destroyed by F.O.R.C.E.
    --Namor I#3 (3 (fb), 4 (fb), 4d)

PARALYSIS RAY - mounted weapon wielded by Mandarin
    --Tales of Suspense I#50

PARALYZER (Randall Darby) - mutant, Resistants, Mutant Force.
    release electric bursts, lobster pincers for hands
    -SHOCKER* (app-shocker)--Captain America I#343 (346, 368?, Midnight Sons Unlimited#3(fb), 3, Cap426--> Shocker.

PARA-MAN - intelligent robot created by Boswell, became his master, body destroyed in battle w/ Ant-Man (Pym) + Wasp
    (app)--Marvel Feature I#7

PARANOIA - Gods for the 80’s, Two-Headed God of both Liberals and Conservatives, worshipped by the Paranoids
    (app-gods80s)--Bizarre Adventures#32/4

PARANOIA - demon, servant of Dusk
    (app)—Venom: Madness#2 (3, Nightmare#1-4

PARANOIA - mindscape, agent of Cobweb, attacked Rick Sheridan whilst he was trapped in the body of Sleepwalker

PARANOIDS - worshippers of the god Paranoia
    --[Bizarre Adventures#32/4]

PARANORMAL LAW ENFORCEMENT TEAM (Sam Buchanon, Rebecca Taylor(d), Uno, Michael Badalino)
    - federal strike force to eliminate superhuman threats
    --Marvel Comics Presents#167 (168, 169, 174, 175

PARANORMAL PLATOON (All-American, Antibody, Bazooka, Blowout, Blur, Thomas Boyd, Dirtbag, Gridlock, Sgt. Haldeman, Tyrone Jessup, Mapper, Mastodon, Metallurgist, Nightmask, Norad, Pit Bull, Pretty Boy, Shooter, Swami, Troll, Major Zentner)
    --Draft#1, (named) DP7(nu)#22 (Psi-Force#27, 29/2, War#1-4

PARAPACK - @ 2075, Space Sentinels parachute
    --Speed Carter #6/4

PARA-RAY CANNON - 2004, weapon of Algols
    --Speed Carter #1/3

PARASHAD COLLAPSAR - super-gravitational event, threw Nova off course when he tried to access a stargate too near it, sent him to Earth
    --Nova IV#1

PARASITE - Lilin, infected Martine Bancroft
    *D*--[Morbius#13], 17 ([13-16], 17d)

PARASITES (Hal, Nettle, Peeping Tom, Ramora, Siren, Snap, Spasm, Moley(d) )
    - Warpies, servants of James Lexington Christian, aka Uncle Lex
    (app)--Captain Britain II#12/4 (13/5,14/4

PARATRON - created by Hiram Girk to destroy Machine Man, melted into slag by him
    superhuman strength, remote-control operated
    (app)--Machine Man I#7

PARA-TROOP of Earth-148611 (Acid Queen, Aqualung, Helter Skelter, Purple Haze, Space Odyssey, Wild Thing, Wipeout, Wooly Bully)
    - Manhattan based criminal gang, defeated by Captain Manhattan, Dave Landers, Randy O'Brien, and Jenny Swensen

PARAXIS - former home of Elysius, used after she left Titan to care for Genis
    --Silver Surfer III Annual#6

PARCHMENTs of ACHERON of the Hyborian era - contained magical knowledge to separate astral self into second being, with both body and spirit holding physical form and acting simultaneously
    (app-eithriall)--Conan the Barbarian I#29

PARDO, don VINCENZO - mobster, member of New York Cavalea family; Deadpool was hired by "Shorty" Locasio to kill him, but was distracted and Vincenzo ordered his men to kill Locasio when he insulted him
    (app)--Deadpool III#57

PARE, Mr. - abusive husband, abusive father of Squid Boy, arm broken by Juggernaut
    --Uncanny X-Men#430 ([436(fb)], 430, 432,433,[434]

PARE, Mrs. - mother of Squid Boy, nearly crushed during battle between Juggernaut and Alpha Flight
    --Uncanny X-Men#410 ([436(fb)], 410, 430, 432, 433, 434, 436

PARENTE, cardinal - ally of Panzer
    --Wolverine II#177 (178

PARETSKY, Dr. GARY - physician, friend of Eric Masterson
    --Thor I#435 (437, 438, 440-442, 444, 448, 451, 453, Thunderstrike#1, 9, 11, 13, 15(fb), 15, 16, 19, 22-24

PARETTA, VINCE - former head of Paretta Steel Mills, got in with Maggia, had Joseph Conroy killed
    (app-inf)--Avengers I#192 (193

PARFREY, councilwoman - former mayor candidate, impaled/killed by Menace's glider
    *D*--Amazing Spider-Man#550 (551d)

PARHAM, TRAVIS - former Confederate soldier, nursed from injuries by former slave Caleb, sought vengeance against George Reagan's gang for slaughtering Caleb's family, encountered Caleb as Ghost Rider, arm blown off by Nightshade
    --Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007) (2-6

PARIAH - spirit within golden stone, killed all within the town of Whispering Wells, destroyed by Hulk
    skeleton on a skeletal horse, siphon life force from others
    *D* (Outlaw Files, app)—Incredible Hulk II#268 (268(fb), 268(fb), 268

PARINO, LO - World War II era mobster, fought Howling Commandos
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#1

PARIS - Trojan war, lover of Helen of Troy, guided to kill Achilles by Apollo or Venus, slain by Philoctetes
    *D* (app-trojanwar)--Thor Annual#8

PARIS (Nathan Taylor) - Pantheon, life saved by Ulysses, parents killed during Watts riots @ 1965.
    (net-pan)—Incredible Hulk II#376(shadows), 379 (410/2-412/2, 379, 381, 382, Incredible Hulk An18/3, Hulk389(fb), 394, An18/2, Dr. Strange Annual#2, Hlk395-397, 401, 402, 405, 418, 421, 423-425, [426], 445-448

PARIS, GAIL - actress, targeted by Moondog's minions, saved by Spider-Man and Brother Voodoo
    (app-moondog)--Marvel Team-Up I#24

PARISH, ANGELA - taken off the streets by Mr. Hyde, slain by Eel at an Osborn warehouse
    --Daredevil I#353

PARISI, DOMINIC – father to Jade Parisi, North Jersey mafia boss
    (app-Parisi, Jade)--Uncanny X-Men I#450 (451

PARISI, JADE - daughter of mob boss, girlfriend of District X mutant Matthew, saved from attackers by X-23
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men#450 (451

PARK, ARCHIE - formerly of Stark Enterprises, hired by Worldwatch to take care of War Machine armor
    --War Machine#11 (12, 19,20

PARK, JIANJUN - brother of Li/Iron Fist
    --Immortal Iron Fist#24

PARK, PEGGY - AIM, B Sector, Negative Zone division, attended a holiday function with Joel
    --Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1

PARK, Mr. - Providence Insurance, planned to recommend they drop She-Hulk's liability coverage until she saved his life
    --She-Hulk II#24

PARKER, ANN - wife of Peter, mother of Ben and Richard
    --Daily Bugle 1939 newspaper

PARKER, BENJAMIN "BEN" - uncle of spider-man, husband of may, brother of Richard, former carnival barker, raised peter after his parents died, killed by burglar that spider-man allowed to escape
    (D#19, ME, OH: BoD, net)*D*--Amazing Fantasy#15 (Spectacular Spider-Man An3/2(fb2), Spectacular Spider-Man An4(fb), Amazing Spider-Man I#370/2(fb), Spectacular Spider-Man III#27 (fb), A147(fb), SpecAn3/2(fb3), Untold Tales of Spider-Man minus 1, Amazing Spider-Man An5(fb), Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Parallel Lives, AmzAn5(fb), A370/2(fb), Spectacular Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1/2(fb), Peter Parker: Spider-Man#20(fb), SpecAn3/2(fb5), PP:Sp1/2(fb), PP:Sp20(fb), 20(fb), Sensational Spider-Man minus 1, Amazing Spider-Man minus 1, Spider-Man minus 1, Spectacular Spider-Man minus 1, Sensational Spider-Man III#33 (fb), Marvel Knights Spider-Man#9 (fb), AmzSpdm II#516+517(fb), PP:Sp33(fb1+2), Spider-Man: ParLives, PP:Sp33(fb3),
AmzFant#15/Amazing Spider-Man II#38(fb)(Amazing Spider-Man I#200(fb,dies), Amazing Spider-Man II#59)

    alias used when posing as an MD to transport the injured May Parker
    --Amazing Spider-Man#543

PARKER, BENJAMIN II of Earth-Avengers: Last Avengers Story - son of Peter and Mary Jane
    (app)--Avengers: Last Avengers Story#2

PARKER, BENJAMIN RICHARD of Earth-982 - second child of Peter and Mary Jane
    --[Spider-Girl#38], (imaged) Spider-Girl#57, (born) #59 ([38-42], 57, 59, 60, 61, 62, 64-66, 67, 69, 72, 74, 75, 76, 79, 80, 81, 83, Last Hero Standing#1-3, SpG#89, 91, 94, 98-100, Amazing Spider-Girl#1-6, 7, 8, 8-11

PARKER, CECILLE - college student, bitten and enslaved by Dracula
    --Tomb of Dracula I#13

PARKER, major LUCAS - US Air National Guard, plane destroyed in a struggle against the Hulk, convinced Lt/ Patrick Mitchell to return to duty, fell into chasm caused by the Hulk, possibly died
    --Hulk Smash#1 (2(fb), 1, 2d)

PARKER, MARY TERESA FITZPATRICK - mother of Spider-Man, wife of Richard, U.S. government agent, killed by Red Skull (Malik) in Algeria when Peter was a young boy
    *D* (OH: Spdm: BiB, net-asg)--Amazing Spider-Man Annual#5 (Amz370/2(fb), Spectacular Spider-Man III#27 (fb), Untold Tales of Spider-Man minus 1(fb2+3+4),1, Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six (epilogue(fb)), AmzAn5(fb), Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Parallel Lives, Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six (chapter#1/(fb))/AmzAn5(fb,dies)

PARKER, MARY JANE WATSON* "MJ" - wife of spider-man, niece of anna, model, former Empire State University student and actress on secret hospital, seemingly killed in airplane explosion by Stalker
    -MARY JANE WATSON-PARKER*, Mary Reilly*, Mary Jane Morgan* <chronology incomplete> (OH: Spdm2004, FNSM#24)--Amazing Spider-Man Annual#21 (Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Parallel Lives, Amazing Spider-Man An1996/2, Amz293, Spectacular Spider-Man II#131,Web of Spider-Man#32,Spec132,[Web33],A297, [W35], 36, Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth, Spec134-136, W37, Sp137, W38, A298-300, [Thor I#391], Sp138, W39, A301-303, [Sp139], 140-142, W41, 43, Hlk346, [Iron Man I#234], AmzAn22, A304-309, WebAn4, Sp143, [W44], SpAn8, Sp144,145, A310 311 Sp146 W47 A312 Sp147 W48 A313 W49 A314 Sp149 W50 A315 Sp150 W51 A316,317, Sp151, A318, 319, Sp152, W53, Sp153, W54, AmzAn23, SpAn9/3, A320, Sp154, W55, A321-325, Sp155, 156, WebAn5, W56, 57, Sp157, W58, A326, Sp158, W59, A327, Marvel Comics Presents#39/4, [Sp159], A328, Sp160, W61, A330(fb), Punisher War Journal#14,15, Sp161, W62, Sp162, A330-333, MCP50, AmzAn24, SpAn10, WebAn6, 6/2, 6/3, W63, Sp163, 164, A334-339, [Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular#1], Sp165-167, Spider-Man#1-5, W64-67, Sp168,169, [Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#1], A340, 341, 342(fb), 342, 343(fb), 343, Sp171(fb), 172, A344-347, Sp173, S6, Sp174,175, A348, Sp176,177, IM275, Spider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Man's Amazing Friends#1, W73, 75, 76, SpAn11/3, AmzAn25, [SpAn11], [Cloak & Dagger III#16], Infinity Gauntlet#6, S8,9, DD300, W77, 78, A349, 350, W79, 80, S13, 15(fb), A351, W82, 83, S19/2, 18, 20-23, W84,85, 87-89, A353,354, 357, Sp178, 184, 185, A359,360, Sp186-189, A361, Morbius#3(fb), W90, S24, W91, [A364], 365/3, 365-367, S26, 26/2, Sp191, 193,194, W93, 94, S29-31, A368-370, 371/2, 371, 373, Spider-Man Family#2, 
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PARKER, MAY REILLY - aunt of Spider-Man, widow of Ben, raised Peter, formerly dated Johnny Jerome + Nathan Lubensky (and briefly Willie Lumpkin), comatose after being shot by Jake Martino, life restored by Mephisto
    May Morgan* (U#5, OH: Spdm2004, ASM545, ME) <chronology incomplete>--Amazing Fantasy#15 (Amazing Spider-Man I#370/2(fb), Spectacular Spider-Man III#27 (fb), Peter Parker: Spider-Man#28(fb), Spectacular Spider-Man An3/2(fb1) (fb2), SpecAn4 A147(fb), A370/2(fb), Sensational Spider-Man III#33 (fb), SpecAn3/2(fb3) A370/2(fb) An5(fb), Sp225/2(fb),AmzAn5(fb) Sp Super-Size Special#1/2(fb) PP:Sp1/3(fb) 20(fb) 1/3(fb) 20(fb) SpSSS#1/2(fb), Sensational Spider-Man III#33 (fb), A370/2(fb) 81(fb), A517(fb), PP20(fb) SpSSS#1/2(fb),  Se minus 1,A minus 1 AmzFan#17(fb) S minus 1,Sp minus 1 Sp:ParLives A370/2,
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PARKER, MAY - daughter of Peter Parker + Mary Jane, born prematurely and allegedly stillborn as result of poisoning from Alison Mongrain as an agent of Norman Osborn
    --(mentioned), (U/S) Sensational Spider-Man#9, (born) Amazing Spider-Man I#418 (not seen) (422"d?"

PARKER, PETER - husband of Ann, father of Ben and Richard
    --Daily Bugle 1939 newspaper

PARKER, PETER - see SPIDER-MAN--Amazing Fantasy I#15

PARKER, PETER of Counter-Earth: High Evolutionary - died from radiation poisoning
    *D*--[Warlock I#2] ([2(fb, dies)]

PARKER, RICHARD "RAY" LAURENCE - father of Spider-Man, husband of Mary, U.S. government agent, killed by Red Skull in Algeria when Peter was a young child
    *D* (OH: Spdm: BiB, net-asg)--Amazing Spider-Man Annual#5 (Amazing Spider-Man II#26(fb1), Amazing Spider-Man I#370/2(fb), (fb), Spectacular Spider-Man III#27 (fb), Untold Tales of Spider-Man minus 1(fb3+4), 1, AmzAn5(fb) Spider-Man: Parallel Lives GN, Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six (epilogue(fb)), Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six (chapter#1/(fb))/AmzAn5(fb,dies)

PARKER, DOC - see DOC PARKER--Daredevil II#103

PARKER, miss - oriented T'Challa as history teacher Luke Charles
    --Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes II#2

PARKER, RUSS of Earth-200111 - NYPD, former partner of Marcie Miller, homosexual bm, investigated framing of the Punisher and the Bulat's slave prostitute ring
    --Punisher VII (MAX) #25 (26-30

PARKER, Ms. - former school teacher of Tatiana Caban

PARKER, of Earth-71124 - daughter of MJ & Peter in a reality in which they didn't have Mephisto erase their marriage to save May
    --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#24 (Sensational Spider-Man III#41, Amazing Spider-Man#545

PARKER PARTICLES - discovered a few years back by Reed Richards, but did not publicly reveal them due to their potential danger

PARKES, Dr. - government worker, hypnotized into revealing Earth's defenses to Un-Human
    (app-unhuman)--Journey into Mystery I#19/2

PARKHURST, chief - F.O.R.C.E., NYPD, contacted Mr. Fantastic and others for aid against bomb threat
    (app-force)--Namor I#5

PARKINS - SHIELD II, re-built Deathlok
    --Marvel Fanfare II#1

PARK PLACE - Swamp City
    (app-swampcity)--Howard the Duck II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

    --Eternals I#6

PARKS, JOE - husband of Judy
    —Avengers I#158 (159, Thor I#324

PARKS, JUDITH - formerly desired by Graviton, married Joe, had children with him, repulsed Graviton while pregnant
    —Avengers I#158 (159, Marvel Two-In-One An4, Thor I#324

PARKS, WILMA - District X, child welfare, involved with the recovery of the Tunnel Rats
    --District X#11

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