OTANES of the Hyborian era - Zugite
    (app-zug)--Conan the Barbarian I#250

OTEI - impregnated by Tawara Sho, gave birth to Nojinjo
    --[Savage Sword of Conan#195 (mentioned)]

OTETSUKUN - created after 1954, giant robot used by Japanese as last line of defense against giant monsters
    --Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan#1

OTHBAAL of the Hyborian era - Anaki leader, requested assistance of the Akkhari, betrayed them and caused their slaughter, slain by Conan
    *D* (app)--Hawks over Shem; Savage Sword of Conan#36 ([36(fb)], [Conan the Barbarian I#112], 115, [SSoC#36], 36d)

OTHER - earthly aspect/elemental host of Chthon, associated with Darkhold, battled Modred the Mystic
    --Marvel Chillers#1 (MarvChil#1(fb), Uncanny X-Men Annual#12/3(fb(Avengers I#187(fb))), MarvChil#1,2, Av186, Darkhold#1, [2], 4, [5], 8, 9, 12

OTHER - extradimensional sorcerer, enemy of Spellbinder + Zxaxz
    --Spellbound#1 (5, 6

    duped Unicorn into serving him
    --Iron Man#113

OTHER - extradimensional creature, encountered in past by Silver Surfer, in modern era imprisoned in extradimensional realm by Surfer and Scrier.
    immense power, large hand with eye in palm, release components of self as small pale creatures with large heads and eyes
    --Silver Surfer minus 1 (Silver Surfer III#130, 134, 137

OTHER - see ERO.
    Spider counterpart to Spider-Man, gained human form after Spider-Man was slain and reborn
    formed from amassing of thousands of spiders into humanoid form
    --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#4 (MK Spider-Man#19

OTHERs - Collective Intelligence, those who remained in headquarters
    *D* (app-ci)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#6

OTHERS of Earth-Nightside (Alice, Simon Benedict, Bruno, Arlen Cyrus, Arkady & Marie Dread, Gorgeous George, Greta, Jelly the Belly, Karis, Little Bertha, Phil the Snake, Risso, Sal, Tiny Tim, Were-Tigers)
    - supernatural beings, divided into sub-races, including "Big People," Little People, Ogres, Vampires, Werewolves
    - the Five attempted to unite the groups by killing and replacing their own superiors; governed by the East Coast Council
    NIGHTSIDE* (app)--Nightside#1 (1(fb), 1-4

OTHER-EARTH (Bret Colby, "Cowboy Town," "Eyriennes"/Women of the Eyrie, Fortress of the Warlord, Gont, Huntara, Kang, Kid, Luna, Matriarch of the Eyriennes + eldest daughter, Morgan, primitives, Ravonna Lexus Renslayer, Nathaniel Richards, Striders, Warlord + son)
    - alternate earth in which "dark ages" never occurred, developed lunar travel centuries ago, had nuclear war with lunar colony, resulting in centuries long nuclear winter, nathaniel richards traveled there in attempt to travel into mainstream earthís future, helped in attempts to rebuild from devastation
    EARTH-6311* (app)--Fantastic Four I#19, 272 (273, Young Avengers#2(fb), FF19/What If II#39

OTHER-EARTH - see EARTH-S/EARTH-712--Avengers I#85

OTHERPLACE dimension (Belasco, Cat (Pryde), Magik (Illyana Raputin), Magik (Amanda Sefton), N'Astirh, Nightcrawler (Wagner), Storm (Ororo), S'ym, Vitchen)
    - timeless realm in which Magik (Illyana Raputin) was trapped for seven years, in an alternate timeline the X-Men never escaped, many were killed by Belasco and/or S'ym.
    LIMBO-BELASCO*--Uncanny X-Men #160 (Magik I#1-4
    X-Men Unlimited#9, Magik II#1-4

OTHER REALM (Balnac, Barq, Duna, Garth, Godstone, Gorjoon, Lambert, Sashiel(d), Stargod, Arisen Tyrk + agents)
    - alien world, source of Manwolf/Stargod's powers
    (app)--(natives) Creatures on the Loose#36, (realm) Marvel Premiere#45 (46, She-Hulk I#13(fb2+1), 13,14

OTHERWHERE dim - alien world, realm from and too which mass is exchanged by the use of Pym Particles and other size-changing abilities
    Relation to Kosmos?
    --Iron Man I#194

OTHERWORLD dim (Avalon, Captain Britain Corps, Green Chapel, Merlyn, Roma, Arthur Pendragon, Walkers, James Braddock Sr., Camelot, Dragons, Elves, Fairies, Giants, Witches, Ogres, Trolls/Goblins)
    - mystic realm, many beings have traveled to earth in past, majority returned to Otherworld after fall of Camelot in 6th century; Camelot was relocated here, much of realm was corrupted and destroyed by the Nethergods of the bordering Netherworld
    (app)--(UK) Captain Britain I#1, ( Hulk Comic#22-30,42-55,57-63, Mighty World of Marvel#13,
    Excalibur II#1-4, Uncanny X-Men#462, Wisdom#1

OTIS, SIDNEY - murderer; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#80 (January, 1947)

OTKID THE OMNIPOTENT - god of suffering, imprisoned in Dimension Pi, guarded life-saving elixir
    (app)--Doctor Strange: The Oath#1

OTMU - watcher of a portion of the Shi'ar galaxy, founder of the Doctrine of Ultimate Noninterference, given idea by Maelstrom, perpetuated by Deathurge, belief caused over a billion Watchers to commit suicide to avoid interfering with others by their acts of observation, most, if not all, of these Watchers MAY have returned to life after Quasar convinced them to abandon the oath
    (app)--Quasar#15 ( 22 (fb), [14], 15"d", [16]

OTNY - Asgardian Rock Troll
    (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel#18: Raven Banner

OTOMO, TAKASHEI(?) - head of Otomocorp, rival of Mys-Tech, former member of Warheads (for 3 years, during which time he stockpiled a large amount of future technology for his own use), employed Strikeforce Q7, sought to obtain Gene Scanner.
    shaved head, scar across left eye
    (app)--Hellís Angel#2; Gene Dogs#1(2-4

OTOMO - Japanese mutant, grandfather synthesized a consumed super soldier serum at end of World War II to no effect, mother died in childbirth, former agent of Japanese government, became indebted to Shinobi Shaw when he duplicated the drug, attempted to destroy X-51 for Sebastian Shaw, kidnapped Peter Spaulding, defeated by X-51, given life-saving drug by Peter Spaulding, left him in peace.
    requires drug to survive
    (app)--X-51#5, (named) 6 (6(fb3-5), 5,6

OTOMOCORP (Takashei Otomo) - rival of Mys-Tech, based of operations in Siberia, bought from Russian government, provided solitude
    (app-otomo)--Gene Dogs#1 (2

Otomocorp's space station - sought as means to wreak havoc on Earth by Hurricane (Albert Potter), eventually destroyed by Mys-Tech trap
    (app-otomo)--Gene Dogs#4 (or earlier)

OTSO - Finnish god of war
    TIERMES*--not in MU (unless it's the guy from Thor I#300 in the council of Godheads)

OTTO (        ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#31 (    )

OTTO (        ) -
    --All-Select Comics#3 (    )

OTTO (        ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#42 (    )

OTTO - Wise Ones/Monks of Doom, sought out Doom and sacrificed himself aided Doom against KGB who wished to coerce his employment by them, invited Doom to seek out their monastery
    *D*--Books of Doom#3 (3 (fb, dies)

OTTO ?? - Nazi soldier, killed in 1943 by the Crone
    --X-Factor: Nation X#1

OTTO the HANDSOME of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D. - see von DOOM, OTTO
    --[1602#1], 2

OUDRVROU (    ) - Atlantean, survived an encounter with the Aqueos at the cost of her left eye, warned Namor against seeking them out
    --Namor: The First Mutant#1

OUIJA (Bill Astin) - Department H trainee, freed from imprisonment by Gentry
    spells out words
    (net)--[Alpha Flight II#4], 14

OURANOS - offspring of Gaea, w/ Gaea, father of the Titans, slain and succeeded by Cronus
    Ouranus, Uranus--[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#5: Hercules], Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 ([Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9: Olympians - BTS)], Hulk vs. Herc#  1 (fb),

OUR MOTHER of the SACRED HEART - Upstate New York school, assaulted by Acolytes, had mutant student with Down syndrome
    --Uncanny X-Men#299?

OUTBACK (    ) - Wanderers de facto leader, Australian
    Used crossbow, lariat, and knife
    (app-wanderers)--Nomad II#18 (18(fb), 18, Captain America I#421, Nom19

"OUTBACK" -  agent of Sultan, ally of Blowfly, opposed Tigra
    (app-blowfly)--Marvel Comics Presents#162/3 (163/4, 164/3

OUTBACK - see BOOMERANG--Avengers: The Initiative#28

OUTCAST - see XORAK the OUTCAST (app)--X-Men I#33

OUTCAST - Lilin, tore open Lilithís belly to allow the Lilin to be born.
    red-brown fur, spikes + claws
    --Ghost Rider III#41

OUTCAST - see CRIMSON DYNAMO (Yuri Petrovitch) (app)--Champions#7

OUTCASTs of the Arctic Circle - tribe of deformed people, befriended Frankenstein Monster in 18th Century, slain by another tribe
    *D*--Frankenstein Monster#4

OUTCASTS (Boulder, Digger, Landslide, Water Witch) - group of unsightly humans who have chosen to dwell in Subterranea, some were empowered by Mole Man through unknown means
    (app)--(outcasts)Fantastic Four An13, (super-outcasts) Marvel Treasury Edition#25 (Incredible Hulk II#268(fb), Rom#28, Iron Man An12

OUTCASTS ("Ech" (cactus), "Eeek" (little mammal on his shoulders), "Falco" (falcon), "Gil" (Gila monster), "Iggo" (rock creature?), "Kir" (bat), "Kkk-Kkk" (ant), Rattilore (rattlesnake), "Sting" (scorpion), "Vult" )
    - animals mutated by radiation exposure outside of gamma base, lived in Dr. Banner's old Desert Lab, befriended Hulk (Rick Jones) until attacked by gamma base.
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#329 (329(fb), 329

OUTCASTS (Cleft, Depth Charge, Flagstone) - post-World War II mercenaries, former partners of Puck
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#122/2 (123/2

OUTCASTS of Dark Dimension - ancient wizards mutated and exiled by Dormammu
    --Dr. Strange II#71 (71(fb)

OUTCASTS of Earth-295 (Brute, Forge, Mastermind, Soaron, Sonique(Siryn), Toad, XMan/Nate Grey)

OUTER DARK - monstrous demons summoned by Alisabeth Daemon May, 1937, resulting in the Hindenburg explosion
    (app-ladydaemon)--Bizarre Adventures #25

OUTER DARK (Haemovore Kings) -
    [Magik II#3]

OUTER FRINGES (Knights of Neep, Reptos, Lobros ) - Microverse
    --Micronauts I#26/2

"outer space object - @ 1962, caused heatwave on Earth, drawn to Earth and discovered by the special fan of Bobby Tyler, taken for study by government agents.
    (app-bobby)--Journey into Mystery I#82/2

OUTER VOID dim (Oblivion, Mirage ) - astral realm, domain of Oblivion
    --Iceman# (

OUTLAW (Nigel Higgins) - British vigilante, patterned self after Punisher
    PUNISHER* (app)--Punisher II#64 (65-70, 86, Punisher War Zone#24, Punisher War Journal#63, Pun88, PWJ64, Punisher Annual#7

OUTLAW  - see DEATH's HEAD (Minion) (app-dh)--Death's Head II#3

OUTLAW (Inez Temple) - mercenary, daughter of Douglas R. Temple, apparent descendent of Outlaw Kid and "Hoot" Temple, associate of Deadpool, trained + dated Agent X, sought sanctuary at Xavier Institute following M-Day
    Superhuman strength, used handguns
    Crazy Inez* (198, app)--Deadpool III#65 (Agent X#14(fb2), Dp66,67, Agent X#1-6, 7, 14, 15, X-Men: The 198#1-5, X-Men II#179, [Civil War: X-Men#1-2], 3-4, Cable & Deadpool#38-41, 43, 45-47, 49-50

OUTLAW KID of the Old West (Lance Temple) - @ 1870s, masked cowboy, torn between promise made to father not to take up a gun and the desire to see justice done, father died from shock after discovering his dual life, developed multiple personality disorder, hunted himself, failed to realize his actions in the other identity, assisted in defense of the town of wonderment, killed while fighting nightriders when mask slipped off and switched to Templeís personality
    *D* (2007#8, Outlaw Files, net-gold)--Outlaw Kid I#1 (2-19, Wild Western#43, Rawhide Kid#46, 148, 150, Western Gunfighters#8,9, Wyatt Earp#24, Outlaw Kid II#1-30, Marvel Comics Presents II#4/3, Blaze of Glory#1-3,4d)

OUTLAWS of the 19th C (Drago Dalton, Johnny Ringo, Cole Younger)
    --Kid Colt#101    (reprinted in Kid Colt#188)

OUTLAWS (Prowler, Puma, Rocket Racer, Sandman, Willow O'the Wisp)
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man#50, (named) Amazing Spider-Man Annual#25/3 ( Spec Spider-Man II#169,170, Excalibur I#36, Amazing Spider-Man An25/3, Spec Spider-Man An11/, Web of Spider-Man An7/

OUTLAWS of LIONHEART - band following Death's Head-Minion
    --Death's Head II#2

OUTRAGE of Earth-93060 (Vurk) - Solution, Darkurian
    --Solution#1 (8(fb), 1

OUTRIDER (Martin Zantz) - Scriers, discovered legends of Scrier while dedicating self to studying religion + philosophy while in prison, empowered by Scrier in order to replace Ellen Brandt Sallis with the Nexus of All Realities in order to allow Scrier to reshape reality
    aka Z--Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 1999

OUTRIDERS (Chunk, Mama, Stomper) - three mutant bikers hired by Dust to intercept O.Z. Chase after he captured Dazzler, powers amplified by Beyonder
    telekinetic powers

OUTRIDERS (1010, 101, 100, 111(Uwir Prin), Oclin, Hin, Colisan)
    - Dimension of Blackbody, agents of grand practitioner Harquis Tey, summoned surfer to their dimension
    --Silver Surfer III#111

OVADA of the Hyborian era - goddess/demon, battled Siobahn Lauchline of the Sisterhood of Danu
    Queen of the Dark Domains*, The Corruptor*, Mistress of Assassins*, Goddess of the Crow Road* (app)--Conan the Savage#5 (6

OVERDRIVE (    ) - criminal, fan of Spider-Man, employed by Mr. Negative to obtain Tablet of Death & Entropy
    able to "trick out" vehicles into with armor and increased speed capacity, etc.
    --Spider-Man: Swing Shift#1 (Amazing Spider-Man#564

OVERDRIVE - technology, when connected to the Runaways' Leapfrog, transported them to 1907
    --Runaways II#25 (26, 28-30

OVERDRIVE ( ) - controls swarm of nanites, armored, able to transform vehicles, dubbed Racer X by police, hired by Mr. Negative, aided Dr. Octopus, member of Boomerang's Sinister Six
    (app)--Free Comic Book Day 2007 (Amazing Spider-Man II#647/1 (fb),564,642,645,647/1, Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive#524, Superior Spider-Man#1

OVERHAWK (Kistur*) - Mahari, formerly a Darkhawk, armor taken by portal
    --Darkhawk#48 (49,50

OVERKILL ( ) - mutant?, O-Force
    (app-of)óX-Statix#1 (2-4

OVERKILL of Earth-691 - Stark, rebuilt as cyborg after defeat and humiliation by Guardians, sought revenge on Firelord
    - TASERFACE* (net)--Guardians of the Galaxy#10(12

OVERKILLER ( ) - Sought vengeance on mutantkind after "Wheel of Fortune" was pre-empted for coverage of an X-Men battle
    MUTANT MURDERIZER (app)--Slapstick#1 (2(fb), 1,2

OVERKILL HORN - weapon used by SHIELD and Hydra, used to destroy the Red Skull and Hate-Monger's Secondary Adamantium dome over Exile Island
    (app)--Strange Tales I#150 (151, 152, Super-Villain Team-Up#17, Iron Man IV#30-->Overkill Mind)

OVERKILL MIND - Overkill Horn brought to life and given monstrous form via nanotechnology by Nicholas Weir
    detonate weapons of targets, control technology
    --Iron Man IV#30 (31-32

OVERKILL SQUAD - SHIELD I agents trained to operate the Overkill Horn
    (app-overkillhorn)--Super-Villain Team-Up#17

OVERKNIGHT ( ) - Chess Set, leads battles.
    armor protects him from physical harm, used pulse bolt firing lance and energy absorbing shield
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#121

OVERLORD ( ) - Nine
    --Wolfpack#4 (5

OVERLORD - see DeWITT, KEARSON (app)--[Iron Man I#256], 258,

OVERLORD (Rakkhal) of Earth-6966 - Dakkamite of alternate future (45th Century), parentsí genes mutated by nuclear power, conqueror of that universe, powers prevented by surfer by preventing parentsí radiation exposure, apparently reborn in Earth-M/Earth-7888
    gigantic mutate
    (1960s, app)--Silver Surfer I#6 (6(fb), 6, Silver Surfer: The Lost Adventure

OVERLORD of Earth-93060 - of unidentified dim, captured Mantra + Evie
    --Mantra I#20

OVERLORD of Earth-Seeker 3000 - Six, ruler of Earth until its destruction
    (app-seeker)--Seeker 3000#1

OVERLORD of Dimension X (His Little Hugeness, the Great Dictator of Modern Times) - took over the minds of his population via a Psychoradiatomic Mediocritizer, sought to conquer Earth, defeated by Slapstick
    appearance similar to a Jack-in-the-Box
    (app)--Slapstick#1 ([1(fb)], 1

OVERMAN of Earth-Doom (Simon Williams) - alternate future counterpart of wonder man, thunderguard
    --ANext#10 (11

OVERMASTER - see THOG (app-thog)--Man-Thing I#1

OVER-MIND (Grom) - Eternals of the planet Eyung, last survivor of attempted battle against natives of Gigantus, given collective mental powers of race, enemy of Stranger, possessed by Null, used as a vessel by group of disembodied telepaths before regaining own mind, attacked Stranger, defeated by him.
    superhuman strength + durability, vast mental powers, telepathy, telekinesis
    (I#8, D#9, M, 2007#8, app)--Fantastic Four I#113 (115(fb), 113-116, Defenders I#112-117, 120-122, Marvel Comics Presents#40/4, Quasar#13-16, Fantastic Four: Foes#1, [5-6]?, [New Thunderbolts#1-10, 11(House of M)], 12

OVERREACH COMMITTEE (Gen. Dunleavy, Mr. Holdsworth, Vivian Raintree) - attempted to use Venom as a government agent
    --Venom: License to Kill#1 (2, Spider-Man: the Venom Agenda,Venom: The Finale#1

OVERRIDE (Gregory Herd) - criminal, husband of aura, former agent of master programmer, created device able to override any mechanical device and electronics, sought to collect bounty placed on spider-man by norman osborn, wife nearly killed in the process, given money to pay medical bills after "saving" osborn from green goblin construct, mutated into shadrac when received "death" from the gathering of the five
    SHADRAC* (app)--Spectacular Scarlet Spider#1 (Web of Scarlet Spider#1, Sensational Spider-Man#25, Spectacular Spider-Man II#225, Se32,33, Amazing Spider-Man I#441/Amazing Spider-Man II#3(fb)->shadrac.
    Civil War: War Crimes#1

OVERRIDER (Richard Rennsalaer*) - mutant, retired shield i agent, son suffered from nuclear psychosis, activated tess-one and had it coated with adamantium, attempted to use ability to control electrical systems to launch america's nuclear arsenal into the ocean
    (app)--Captain America Annual#8 (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#33(fb),34,35

OVERSEER - computer created by Latin dictator to control island country, guarded by Myrmidon, destroyed by Iron Man
    *Des* (app)--Iron Man I#29 ([29(fb)], 29

OVERSEER of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Sentinel, manipulated town into killing mutants
    --X-Men 2099 Special#1

OVERSEERS of SH'IAR - guarded work prison of the Krilliwa, wore insect-like armor
    --X-Man#61 (62

OVERSHADOW of Earth-148311 - see Phillip Nolan Voight
    (app-v)--(nu)D.P.7#1; Quasar#56

OVERSIZE (Efrain Normas) - Shadowforce,
    grow in size and strength
    (app-shad)--Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadowgames#1 (2,3

OVERSPACE - realm above and beyond Macroverse and other realities
    --Mighty Avengers?

OVERSWORD of ASGARD - see ODINSWORD--Journey into Mystery I#117

OVIN MERCENARY ARMIES - intergalactic, slaughtered by Thanos?
    --Cosmic Powers#1

OVOID race (Insidio) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Birkeet, killed Air-Walker in attempt to destroy Galactus, trained Dr. Doom in mind-transfer.
    humanoid, enlarged cranium, mental powers, able to exchange minds into other bodies to prolong life
    (I#7,D#15)--Fantastic Four I#10 (Thor I#306(fb)

OWAYODATA- wolf-spirit of the Cheyenne gods, has empowered one of his followers from many generations to become Red Wolf, starting in 1760
    (app)--[Avengers I#80], Marvel Spotlight I#1 (Red Wolf#6, Red Wolf#7(fb), Marvel Comics Presents#15/4, Dr. Strange III#25

OWAYADATA - name sometimes used for incarnations of Red Wolf
    --Marvel Spotlight I#1


OWENS, JERRY - stranded in own satellite for 50 years
--Uncanny Tales#48

OWEIN - Otherworld, leader of warriors of Camelot, led them into battle against forces of Necromon
    --(UK) Hulk Comic#54 (55, 61,[62,63]

OWL (        ) - Nazi operative in Hollywood, resembled owl; opposed by Young Allies
    --Young Allies#5 (Fall, 1942)

OWL (Leland Owlsley) - Gang of Four, former enforcer for Mr. Kline, hired Man-Bull as bodyguard, has used costumed henchman, apparently shot to death by the Hood
    former accountant, became associated with mobsters, arrested, recreated ancient chemical enabling him to float, established identity as criminal mastermind, legs crippled requiring braces to walk, further mutated to develop more avian characteristics, nearly sacrificed life to stop Copperhead
    *D* (I#8, D#9, M, DD2004)--Daredevil I#3 (303(fb1), 3, 20-22, 80,81, Claws of the Cat#2, DD#116,117(crippled), 144,145, Marvel Team-Up I#73, 98, Spectacular Spider-Man II#73-76, Pulse#14(fb), Spec127, DD264, Alpha Flight I#79,80, Fantastic Four I#336, DD#303(fb2), 301-303, Amazing Spider-Man I#396,Spec219, Daredevil/Spider-Man#1-4, Bullseye: Target#1, [Daredevil II#41(fb)], 41, 42, [43], 44, 45, MK Spider-Man#3(fb), 2, 4, 6, [12?], Spider-Man: Breakout#2, Underworld#1, [2-3], 4-5, Daredevil II#80-81, [82], 83, New Avengers#33d?

OWL (    ) - young sorcerer of the Amazon River valley, trained by Dimbura, gained life lesson from Dr. Strange
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#31/2

OWL, ETHAN - father of

OWLSLEY, LELAND of Earth-712 - Serpent Cartel
    --Web of Spider-Man Annual#5/6 (5/6(fb)

OX (    ) - @ 1930s, agent of Chess Master, killed in battle with Night Raven
    *D* (app-chess)--Savage Action#3/2 (4/3

OX (  ) - @ 1940s, criminal, jealous of girlfriend Gloria Vance's later marriage, died killing her
    *D* (app)--Blonde Phantom#14/5

OX (Raymond Bloch) - Enforcers, Fellowship of Fear, exchanged bodies with Dr. Karl Stragg, later regained original form in giant-size, fell from building and was nearly killed, returned in recent times as an agent of the Kingpin, rejoined Enforcers
    (D#4)--Amazing Spider-Man I#10 (Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#8, Amz10, 14, 19, Daredevil I#6 (fb), 6, 15, 86"d", Spider-Man I#94,95, Amazing Spider-Man II#28, Iron Man IV#14, Civil War: War Crimes#1, Spider-Man: Swing Shift/Free Comic Book Day 2007, Amazing Spider-Man#552, Daredevil II#98-105, Amazing Spider-Man#562-563

OX - see Dr. KARL STRAGG (app-stragg)--Daredevil I#15

OX (Ronald Bloch) - Enforcers, Thunderbolts army, twin brother of Raymond
    (D#4)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#19 (20, Dazzler#7,8, Marvel Team-Up I#138, Daredevil I#357(fb), 356,357, Thunderbolts I#53?, She-Hulk II#1, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#2, Thunderbolts II#104, Civil War#5

OX (     ) - China Force, unswerving loyalty to Chinese government.
    male, large + strong
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#64 ( X-Force Annual#3

OXBOW (Sam Matonabbe) - First Line, partner of Pixie, Canadian/Chippewa, resented for mixed heritage by other Indians, recruited off reservation by Pixie to act as partner, apparently killed in explosion of Skrull ship
    superhuman strength + durability, archer
    *D* (app-lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12 ( 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12d)

OXFORD BLUE (Preston Allen)  - Euro-Trash, British mutant assassin, from Oxford
    Ferocious violence with a boyish stammer
    (OH2006#4-euro, app-euro)--X-Statix#13 (13(fb), 14

    --Power Pack III#1

OXO - Special Executive, spider creature, killed by Fury
    *D* (app-se)--(UK) [Daredevils#5], 6 (Excalibur I#47, [DDs5], 6-11

OXTON, Professor HENRY - partner of Berger, discovered Azazelís lair, died from curse of speaking Azazelís name.
    wm, blond hair, goatee
    *D* (app)--Cable II#79 (80,81d)

OYA (    ) - Santerians, named after the Orisha of storms
    fly, control the weather within small areas
    --Daredevil: Father#2, (identified) #3 (4

OYAKATA ( ) - sumo, former assassin, owned and directed group of sumos, old friend of Deadpool, father of Sazae, former assassin for the Yakuza
    (app)--Deadpool Team-Up#1 ([1(fb)], [1(fb3)], 1

OYSTERS - used by crooks to smuggle fake pearls, investigated by Peter Parker and Ned Leeds
    giant, mechanical, grow in size,
    --The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book (1976)

OZ of Earth-Ultimate - chemical developed at Osborn Industries, responsible for mutations of Peter Parker and Norman Osborn
    --Ultimate Spider-Man#1 (3, 4

OZ, Dr. MALACHI - allied with Leoninus in attempt to collect and experiment on the Changelings, beaten by Woodgod
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#76/4

OZAAN - sorcerer around 1000 years ago, turned Zakkim into a frog-man
    (app-frog)--Strange Tales#104/3 (104/3(fb), 104/3

OZAKI, KEIGO - Japanese man, atonal music composer, target of Leonard Tippit
    (app)--Avengers I#101

OZAMA of Earth-Cable - askani vintage gibson sterling mark nine warbot, programmed for extreme combat, disabled by overseers of diamanda nero, rebuilt by blaquesmith, assisted in defeat of nero
    --X-Men: Phoenix#2 (3

OZAMA of Earth-93060 (Garask 1223) - planet decimated by tulkar race, created maxis to defend them, but destroyed before it could return
    --All-New Exiles (uv) #8

OZAMATLI of the Hyborian era - Afterlings
    (app-afterlings)--Tower of Blood; Conan the Barbarian I#43, (named) 245

OZAMM - extraterrestrial, attempted to conquer Earth, foiled when Joe Baxter turned off the power in his ship, taken away to a freakshow.
    Granted great powers from his spaceship
    Ozamm the Indestructible, Ozamm the Terrible (app)--Tales to Astonish I #39/2 ([39/2(fb), 39/2

OZAWA, KENJI - maternal grandfather of Colleen Wing, former chief of Japanís secret service, samurai, slain by agents of Emil Vachon
    *D*--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#32 (32(fb, dies)

OZEL - Inhumans, plotted to steal Royal Sceptre and frame Quicksilver
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#14/2

OZOMATLI - Teteoh monkey god, companion spirit ('nahual') and servant of the god Xochipilli (god of music and dance).
    referenced on Earth-Marvel Apes
    --[Marvel Apes: Speedball Special#1]

OZONE ( ) - mutant?, O-Force reject

OZT - extraterrestrial, with Zak plotted conquering Earth, abandoned plot after humanity overcame their phase 1 shrinking test
    (app-corenmarc)--Tales of Suspense I#1/5

OZU - Outer Mongolian KGB, smuggled computer tape out of the country by hiding it inside a shipment of Russian caviar
    (app-cutlass)--Defenders I#133

OZYMANDIAS - former king + servant of Rama-Tut, kept his slaves in line, later enslaved + imprisoned + turned to stone thousands of years ago by Apocalypse, affiliated with Clan Akkaba
    stone body, control things he carves out of stone, pre- and post-cognition
    Carver of Sacred Texts, Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, Amanuensis and Second-in-Command to the Mighty Apocalypse (net)--Uncanny X-Men#332 (Rise of Apocalypse#1-4, Cable and Deadpool#26-27 (fb), X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#1-4 (fb), Gambit III#3(fb), UX332,Wolverine II#101,UX335, X-Men II#55, Cable II#34, UX338, X-Force#67, Incredible Hulk II#456,457, XFor70, Cable#53, 64-68, 73, 78, X-Men: Search for Cyclops#1,2,[3],4, X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#1-4, Cable and Deadpool#26-27, X185/2, 182, 182/2, 183/2, 182-183, 184/2, 184-186, New Excalibur#9

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