MJINARI - Kenyan
    superhuman speed, reflexes, vision
    --X-Men Cartoon episode#16

MJOLNIR of the Aesir - see Odinsword; hurled to Earth from Asgard after a previous Ragnarok, converted into Rhinegold--Thor I#293 (294-->Rhinegold

MJOLNIR - hammer of Thor, built by Etri + Brokk, enchanted by Odin
    --Journey into Mystery I#83 (
    Thor II#86 <586>

MJOLNIR 2099 - future version, located by Miguel O'Hara, given to Captain America, then passed to Miguel who used it into 3099 then passed it back to Captain America
    --2099: Manifest Destiny

MJOLNIR FORGE - Used in creation of Mjolnir, cast into the Gunin-Gap by Brok, Buri, and Eitri, retrieved by Loki, given to Surtur who used it to create hammers for a number of enemies of Asgard
    --Thor II#80 <581>

M'JUMBAK - Wakandan, farmer, father of kantu, husband of Karota, murdered by followers of Killmonger in attempt to frame Monica Lynne
    *D* (net-wak)--Jungle Action#9

M'KAI – Saurians
    --[X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#1], 3 ([1, 2], 3, [4], Uncanny X-Men#457-459

M'KAMBI - Wakandan, chief physicist of T'Challa, researches new + practical uses for Vibranium
    (net-wak)--Cable II#54

M'KELLAN - Shi'ar
    --Deadpool III#24

M'KONI - Wakandan, cousin of T'Challa, widow of Wheeler, mother of ??, moved to USA with him and had son, requested aid from t'challa when wheeler got into trouble due to gambling debts, drugged by Malice/Nakia
    Mary Wheeler (app-wheel)--Daredevil I#245 (Black Panther III#31, [32], 33

M'KRAAN CRYSTAL - immense power source, nexus of realities, contains neutron galaxy, defended by Jahf + Modt (and allegedly others), sought as source of power by D'Ken Neramini; he was driven mad by it, stabilized by Phoenix, attempted to reformat the universe when past altered by Legion, used as portal to bring Dark Beast + Nate Grey + Holocaust + Sugar Man to Earth-616
    able to alter reality
    End of All that Is (OH: AZU#1, app)--X-Men I#107 (Adventures of the X-Men#12, [X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#5 (fb), 2 (fb)], UX107-108/Classic X-Men#14, 203, What If II#23, [Uncanny X-Men#320?], Age of Apocalypse: Gambit and the X-Ternals#2-4, X-Men: Omega, X-Man Annual 1997,  [X-Man#55], Exiles#60-61, UX485-486, [X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#1-4], 5

M'KRAAN race - see SCY'AR TAL race--X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#1, (identified) #2

MLIMA - African woman, sister of Akulia, former pawn of Sir Guy Cross-Wallace, convinced to turn against him by Dubose Wilson
    limited powers of prophecy
    (app-crosswallace)--Marvel Comics Presents#69/2

M'NAKA - Wakandan, tribal elder, once posed as T'Challa to allow him to infiltrate base of Emperor/Gaius Tiberius Augustus Agrippa.
    shaved head
    (net-wak)--Fantastic Four I#241

M'NDAVIAN race (D'emzla, Mduul ) - extraterrestrial, Shi'ar galaxy, planet M'ndavi, developed most advanced legal system, one presided over trial of Galactus, reportedly killed off by virus created by Axi-Tun race, legal system also utilized by Intergalactic Council during Maximum Security.
    yellow-skinned semi-humanoids
    (D#15,app)--Fantastic Four I#262 ( Star Masters#1, Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4d, [Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet]

MOANA - planet, housed control sphere, encountered by Warheads Kether Troop ;

MOBIAN race (Xeron the Starslayer ) - Milky Way galaxy, planet Mobius.
    orange-skinned humanoids, 8'tall
    (I#7,D#15)--Incredible Hulk I#136

MOBILE FALLOUT SHELTER - land-rover, held at least ten occupants, used in preparation of the detonation of an atomic reactor by the Druid, but detonation prevented by Nick Fury
    (app)--Strange Tales I#144/1

    (app-synario)--Amazing Spider-Man I#438

MOBIUS, MOBIUS M. - Time Variance Authority bureaucrat, middle management, attempted to discipline Fantastic Four for violations of the TVA's laws
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#346 (353,354, What If II#39?, Fantastic Four Annual#27, Unlimited Access#2, Marvel Knights Fantastic Four#15, 18, She-Hulk II#3-5

MOB PRINCESSES (Vita Jane "Headcutter" Bachetta, "Cruella" Cortese, "Babyface" Ann Repucci)
    - hired and framed Piranha Jones
    (app-pj)--Terror INC#6 (7

MOCHA VAMPIRES - extinct evolutionary forebears of the Chupacabras
    -- (pictured only) Fantastic Four: Isla de la Muerte#1

MOCKINGBIRD (Barbara "Bobbi" Morse Barton) - Avengers West Coast, SHIELD I (retired), Great Lakes Avengers, Grim Reaper's Legion of the Unliving, wife of Hawkeye, provided mental template for Alkhema, former biologist and student of Wilma Calvin, replaced by Skrull imposter, returned to Earth, resumed role as Avenger
    -Roberta Morse*, AGENT 19, HUNTRESS*- *D* (I#7, D#8, M, OH: BoD, net) <chronology>--Marvel Team-Up I#95 (Hawkeye I#2(fb), Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Hawk I#2-4, Avengers I#239,[241],242/Captain America I#292, Fantastic Four I#265(fb), 265, Av243,244, 246, West Coast Avengers I#1-4, Iron Man I#193, IM206, West Coast Avengers II#1-13, Avengers An15,West Coast Avengers An2, WCA14-24, West Coast Avengers An2,AvAn16, WCA25-40, An3, 42-46, Avengers West Coast#48,49, GLX-MAS Special#1(fb), 55, An5, AWC69,80-83, AWC An7,AWC#87-90 91-97, AWC98,99,100d, Avengers III#10+11(d)), Thunderbolts An2000(fb)+An2000 + Hellcat#3(spirit), GLA#4(spirit), Dead Girl#1-5 (spirit)

MOCKINGBIRD - see HAWKEYE (Kate Bishop) (OH2006#5)--Young Avengers#1

MOCK MIKADO (    ) - ruled small Japanese kingdom in South America; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --All Winners Comics#6 (Fall, 1942)

MODAM (Olinka Barankova) - AIM, former ally of Superia, former agent of Hungarian communists, empowered as a replacement for MODOK, apparently killed by
    wore powerful exoskeleton with prosthetic tentacle-like appendages
    -Mobile Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers, "Maria Pym"*, SODAM*
    *D?* (M,net)--("Maria") West Coast Avengers II#36; (Sodam) Solo Avengers#16;
    (Modam) Quasar#9 ( , ?Marvel Year-in-Review 1992?, Captain America I#386/2,387,388,[389-392] , [411],412-414, ClanDestine#9-12, Iron Man#296,297,Cap440, Iron Man III#1, Captain America III#3d)

MODE BLANKS - Los Angeles, rival street gang of Stone Perfs, interrupted the funeral of several Stone Perf members
    *D* (app-stoneperfs)--Avengers Spotlight#33 (36

MODEBL - circa World War II, Class 2 demon, created mindless but fierce mummies, thwarted by Captain America
    (app)--Captain America Comics#25/3

MODEL MAGAZINE - interviewed and declined Peter Parker
    --Amazing Spider-Man#546

MODEL SOLDIERS (Charlie, Jenni, Louise, Sarah & Marianne Townsend) - mercenaries, allied with Marianne's sister Sarah
    --Dark Angel#7 (8

MODEM ( ) - Sensor Squad
    --Moon Knight III#39

MODERATOR - extradimensional (Who) interstellar mercenary assassin, hired by Josiah Dogbolter to recover the Tardis, slain by Hob after his failure.
    Wears armor, powerful ship + weapons
    (app)--Dr. Who Magazine#84 (94(fb), 86, 87(fb), 87

MODERN MONSTROSITY  - see MAGNETOR (app)--Strange Tales I#84

MODEUS of Earth-93060 -sentient disk, allied w/ hellion

MODERN, MALCOLM - owner of Modern Labs, analyzed sample of Damian Tryp
    --X-Factor III#8

MODERN LABS - run by Malcolm Modern
    --X-Factor III#8

MODERN ROBIN HOOD – See Robin Hood--Captain America Comics#59/2 (November 1946) 

MODGUD the SILENT - Hel, cloaked woman, stands at the mouth of the bridge Gallerbru, directs wanderers to their destinations
    --Thor I#360, 361 (362

MODI - Aesir, son of Thor
    --Thor I#293 (293+294(fb)

MODICA, BARBARA "BAMBI"* - former neighbor to Peter Parker, roommate of Candi Muggins + Randy Couper, mother of Jordan, sunbathed on roof of apartment building
    (MESp)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#99 (Marvel Team-Up I#150, Sp100, Web of Spider-Man#12, Amazing Spider-Man I#266, Web7, Amz271, Sp112, A276, Sp119, 123, 128, W38, A300, 326

MODINE, BERNARD - congressman, created VIGIL
    --Punisher II#72 (74, 85

    Mental Organism Designed Only for Computation
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II (Deluxe Edition) #18

MODOC SQUAD - AIM warriors
    Military Operatives Designed Only for Combat
    --Captain America V#8 (Marvel Team-Up III#20

    Mental Organism Designed Only for Fun--Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1

MODOG - agent/leader? of AGM (Advanced Genocide Mechanics), hurled into orbit by Iron Man (Tony Stark)
    Mental Organism Designed Only for Genocide--Invincible Iron Man#2

MODOK (George Tarleton) - former AIM scientist, father of Sean Madigan by Linda, originally served AIM as a scientist, mutated by them, driven insane by energies present at creation of Earth's first Cosmic Cube, split off a rival from AIM, killed by Death Adder to fulfill contract of AIM, body reanimated and destroyed by Yorgon Tykkio, apparently restored by Cosmic Cube, mind briefly merged with Damocles Rivas (Saint), began to undergo  degeneration
    immense head with mental powers, retained normally sized body requiring exo-skeleton chair for mobility
    -Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, MODOF (Mental Organism Designed Only for Fun), MAD BOMBER* , MODOC, Mental Organism Designed Only for Computation
    *D/R* (I#7, D#18, M, OH2006#7)--Tales of Suspense I#93, 94 (Captain America Annual#7 (fb), Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1 (fb) / Cap133(fb), ToS#93/2,94/2, [Cap118],119, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#4, Cap126, 129?, [130,131],132,133, Sub-Mariner I#47-49, Incredible Hulk II#167-169, Iron Man I#74,75, Iron Man Annual#4, Avengers III#17(fb), Ms Marvel#5, 7, 9,10, Marvel Team-Up I#104, Marvel Two-In-One #81,82, Hulk287-290, Cap313d, IM205 (lobotomized, destroyed), Avengers I#387(resurrected),Cap441,Av388, Iron Man III#1, Iron Man/Captain America Annual 1998, Wolverine II#142,143, X-51#11, Citizen V and the V Battalion#1,2, [Iron Man III#42,43],44,45, Defenders II#10(fb), 9,10, Captain America III#50/5, Captain America IV#31, Captain America and the Falcon#9(fb), 7-12, Cable & Deadpool#11, Fantastic Four: Foes#1?, [5-6]?, Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1, GLX-MAS Special#1, Ms. Marvel II#14, 15-17, Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1, [2 (fb), 3 (fb)], 1-3, 5 (fb), 3-5, X-Men II#200/2, UX488/2 (fb)

MODOK group - MODOK-headed (or helmeted) criminals serving MODOK
    --Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#5 (Incredible Hercules#115

MODOT (Dimitri Smirkov) - former AIM agent, previously lost out Nobel prize to the Twin Barrels, tricked into entering mutagenic capsule by agents 66 & 77 in hopes of creating a MODOK variant who would talk to their superiors about giving AIM-Ohio branch a bigger budget, or to teach Agent 66 how to chat up the sort of women you see in beer commercials; instead used a number of robots posing as TV and radio personalities -- including Bill Hammer, Iceman, Barry Kingman, Johnny Shuster, Matt Simons, Spike, Frank Wayne -- to control the population until exposed by Howard the Duck
    Mental Organism Designed Only for Talking--Howard the Duck IV#1 ([4 (fb), 3 (fb)], 1-4

MODRED of CAMELOT - see MORDRED the EVIL (M, Mystic Arcana, app)--(g) Black Knight I#1; Marvel Super-Heroes II#17

MODRED the MYSTIC - 6th century sorcerer, corrupted by Chthon, revived in modern times by archeologists, formerly possessed by Chthon's Other, former ally of Darkhold Redeemers, former tutor of Jinx
    (I#7, D#8, M, Mystic Arcana, app)--Marvel Chillers#1 (1(fb), 1,2, Alpha Flight II#16(fb), [Avengers I#186(fb)], Marvel Two-In-One#33, Avengers I#185-187, MTIO#74, Vision & Scarlet Witch I#4, Captain America I#305(fb), 305,306, Quasar#11, [Darkhold#3(fb)], 1-3, [4(fb)], 4, 6,7, 9,10,11, [Morbius#12], Spirits of Vengeance#13, Dh12, Quasar#50, Dh14,15, Morbius#16, Marvel Comics Presents#144/2, Dh16, [Midnight Sons Unlimited#5(fb)], 5, [8(fb)], 8, Dr. Strange III#77,78

MODRIAN - Terragonia, former king until betrayed and killed by Kronak
    *D* (app-kronak)--Incredible Hulk II#201

MODT - second guardian of M'Kraan crystal, prevented Jahf from attempting to destroy Nate Grey due to the threat of his powers
    immense, one thousand times more powerful than Jahf,
    (app)--X-Men I#108 (What If II#23, X-Man#55(fb), 55

MODULAR MAN (Stephen Weems) - former researcher for Brand Corporation, body destroyed in experiment in molecular dissolution, kept self alive by containing self within a metal exoskeleton, became an agent of the Conspiracy in return for their intended help; after their deaths he became allied with Killer Shrike, obtained a molecular condensor, used microwave power, grew in size + power, sought vengeance on the world, form disrupted by electrical overload
    *D* (app, spiderfan)--Rampaging Hulk I#5/2 (Marvel Team-Up I#90(fb), Rampaging Hulk#5/2, MTU#90

MODULUS - sum total of all data stored by Reed Richards, given sentience when Franklin tried to use his notepad, sought to unite with Reed Richards and destroy all else, given a duplicate of itself to unite with by Reed
    (OH2006#7, FFE, app)--Fantastic Four III#62, (named) 63 (64

MOE ?? - mugger, requested Para-Troop's aid against Captain Manhattan
    --DP7 #30

MOEBIUS STONE - magic item created by Agamotto
    Control passage of time
    (Mystic Arcana-Talismans, app-malachi)--Secret Defenders#15 (16(fb), 15-17

MOG - name for the section in Brooklyn referred to as "Little Mogadishu"

MOGARD, sir - Knights of the Round Table, became jealous of Arthur's attention to Merlin, called him a fraud, driven mad when Merlin animated a suit of armor as his Black Knight to defeat him in combat
    (app-blackknightconstruct)--Strange Tales I#108/2

MOGOL - robot created by Tyrannus to befriend Hulk, destroyed by the Hulk upon learning he was a robot
    vast strength and durability, but weakness to heat beams
    *Des*(WWH, app)--Incredible Hulk II#127

MOGON of the Hills of Earth-715 - former slave of Lyra, attempted to lead rebellion with her, discovered by Syrani, Lyra was forced to kill him to prove her loyalty to the Sisterhood
    *D* (app-fem)--Savage Tales I#1/2

MOGUL - see DECLUN, WALTER --Amazing Spider-Man Annual#1

MOGUL of the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN - ruler of Zandu/Zanadu in Skornheim, commanded Demon-Riders + Jinni-Devil + Mutaurus + Ogur + other mystic beings
    (1960s, app)--Thor I#137 (138-145, 474(fb)

MOH - Asgardian Rock Troll
    --X-Force/Cable Annual 1997

MOHAMMET, HASSAN IBN – former guard at Unisym North Patterson Compound, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-mecozzi)—Punisher II#6

MOHAWK ( ) - mutant, Children of Heaven
    (app-coh)--X-Factor I#47

MOIRAE - see FATES. (app)--Tales to Astonish I#33, Journey into Mystery I#102/2

MOJLOR - Inhumans, loved by Tally
    (app-Tally)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Inhumans

MOJO - leader of Spineless Ones, dictator of Mojoworld, heads worldwide television network and movie studio, formerly served by spiral, served by Major Domo + Minor Domo + Death Sponsors, had longshot and x-babies created, seemingly killed by Longshot, but soon returned
    -AUTEUR* (D#8, OH2006#7, net)--[Longshot I#1],4 (5,6, [Uncanny X-Men#209], Excalibur I#64(fb), New Mutants Annual#2, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, UX256, Uncanny X-Men Annual#15/3, Marvel Comics Presents#89/4, [X-Men II#5],6,7 Wolverine II#52,53, X-Men II Annual#1, X-Factor Annual#7, MCP#119/4, X#10"d", XFor60,61, 76, Youngblood/X-Force#1, X-Force/Youngblood#1, Youngblood#10, X-Babies#1, X-Babies Reborn#1, Exiles#18,19,[ UX460(fb)], 460-461, X-Men II#200/2, [UX488/2 (fb), 491/2 (fb)],

MOJO II - spineless one, clone of original, briefly overthrew him, biped
    -the SEQUEL (app)--X-Men II#10 (11, X-Men II An1, Marvel Fanfare II#4,5, Youngblood/X-Force

MOJOVERSE dim (Arize, Brahams, Death Sponsors, Kragar, Longshot, Major Domo, Mighty ‘Vengers, Minor Domo, Mojo, Mojo the Sequel, Nira, Quark, X-Babies)
    - semi-earthlike, existence ruled by television ratings
    --Longshot I#1
    Exiles#18,19, [UX460(fb)]

MOK the WAR-DOG of Earth-Dystopia - Abominations, former robot serving Maestro, reprogrammed by Sleek, traveled to modern era with others
    --Abominations#1 (2,3

MOKADI - jungle spirit, helped T'Challa locate Killmonger in the Serpent Valley, aided T'Challa in battle against Tyrannosaurus rex
    <SPIRIT> (app, net-wak)--Jungle Action#14

MOKK - Worthy, possessed Grey Gargoyle (Pierre Duval)
    --Fear Itself

MOKSHA SECT ("seer") - sect of vampires
    --Death of Dracula#1

MOKU - gorilla serving Iskelior, struggled with Kyllian
    (app-iskelior)--Dr. Strange III#58 (59

MOLANS (Ra'Ktar) - rival subterranean sect, defeated Mole Man and planned to attack New York, abducted Jonah Jameson thinking him to be its champion; Red Hulk and Spider-Man acted as Jameson's proxies in succession; Spider-Man humiliated Ra'Tkar, achieving victory in the Molans eyes, after which a truce was established
    --Avenging Spider-Man#1, (identified) #2 (3

MOLARE, ANTWOIN - Hydra lawyer, attempted to buy out the Kingpin's empire on behalf of Hydra, beaten to death by Kingpin
    --Daredevil I#298d

MOLALE - former servant of Anton Pretorius, mortally wounded in a bus accident, informed Patrick Slade of the plight of Ramonda
    (app-pret)--Marvel Comics Presents#30/2 (37/2(fb), 30/2

MOLD PATROL - allergen gang
    (app-ag)--Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster

MOLDAVA (Cristu & Tiberiu Bulat, Vera Konstantin, Viorica) - European nation
    capital city: Chisinau
    --[Punisher VII#25, 26]

MOLDINARO, FLACO - husband of Juanita, drug dealer targeted by Global Security, INC, escaped when they accidentally killed their neighbors the Pulowski. Maggie Pulowski was the unwittingly placed into adoption under them by father Angus McFee
    Lorenzo DiPatti*--[Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder]

MOLDINARO, JUANITA - wife of Flaco
    Mrs. DiPatti--[Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder]

MOLE (    ) - committed sabotage via underground explosives; battled Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Captain America Comics#34 (January, 1944)

MOLE (Alan Brialige) - committed crimes from underground, acquired electronic gravity control technology from subterreanean ruins; battled Blonde Phantom
    --Blonde Phantom#22 (March, 1949)

MOLE (    ) - former professional wrestler, defeated by X the Marvel
    (app-x)--Power Man I#27 (27(fb)

MOLE (Adam Pocock) - one of group of criminals who sought to obtain the costume of the Black Tiger, fought Abe Brown, shot him, forced into single combat with him, fell into pit of vipers and killed
    *D* (app-bt)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#21/5 ([22/5],23/3,24/4, 26d

MOLE - Morlock, killed? by Sabretooth
    (app)--X-Factor I#51 (52, 53d)

MOLE MAN (    ) - underground-dwelling Nazi, able to see in the dark; battled Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#32 (November, 1943)

MOLE MAN (Harvey Rupert Elder) - formerly desired to join Explorer's Club, followed Monster Hunters, became lost in Subterranea, nearly blinded by Valley of Diamonds, discovered and tamed Moloid Subterraneans and Deviant mutates living there, has attempted to take over surface world on numerous occasions, off and on lover of Kala, frequent enemy of Tyrannus, formerly employed Outcasts
    unspecified debt to Colleen Wing & Misty Knight referenced in Daughters of the Dragon#5
    (I#7,D#8,M, FFE, OH: FF)--Fantastic Four I#1 (Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1(fb), Marvel Universe#4-7, F4#1(fb),1, 22, Spider-Man/Human Torch#1, FF31, Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl, Avengers I#12, 16,17, X-Men: First Class I#6 (fb), Fantastic Four An3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends, Tales to Astonish I#80/2,81/2, Av40, Tales of Suspense#87,88, XMen I#34, F4#88-90, Incredible Hulk II#127, Captain America I#135,136, X-Men: Hidden Years#19-22, F4#127,128, Marvel Team-Up I#17, Hulk189, Fantastic Four An13, F4#204(fb), Marvel Treasury Edition#25, Hulk263(fb), Rom#28,29, Power Man/Iron Fist#85, Marvel Two-In-One#96, F4#263,264, Vision & Scarlet Witch II#12(fb), F4#296, 313, 329, She-Hulk II#32(fb), Avengers West Coast#54(fb), 54, F4#347-349, Avengers An20, HulkAn17/2, [Namor An1, Iron Man An12], Avengers West Coast An6, Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1, Shulk32,33, Fantastic Four Unlimited#4, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#7/Infinity War#2, WIW#14, 19, 22, 34,35, Silver Surfer III#94, W+IW#42, Fantastic Four Unplugged#4, Heroes for Hire#1, Fantastic Four III#1, 3, 4, ½ ,[Amazing Spider-Man II#5?], Galactus the Devourer#1, Warlock III#4, Wolverine II#156,157, Fantastic Four: 1234#2-4, Marvel Universe: The End#1, Alpha Flight III#4, Fantastic Four: Foes#1, 4-6, MK 4#21, Hercules III#4-5, Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1, Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan#3-4, Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#6, Daughters of the Dragon#5, Mighty Avengers#1-2, [Fantastic Four: Isla de la Muerte#1 (fb)], 1

MOLE MAN of Earth-187319 (Reed Richards) - long opposed Doom, eventually destroyed their world to prevent Doom from spreading his influence across the multiverse
    --Exiles#95 (96-98

MOLE-MEN - race of yellow skinned subterranean humanoids that had remarkable strength and amazing tunneling ability. Aided the Japanese agent, Yellow Claw in attacking America's military infrastructure in the US Midwest.
    --All-Select #6/1 (Spring 1945) “Yellow Claw and the Mole-Men”

MOLE MEN (Xoorr) - primitive subterranean creatures, encountered Bruiser and kept him for the sport of beating him
    slow moving, large, superhuman strength
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#16/3

MOLE MONSTER (  ) - Secret son of Mole Man and Kyzerra Os (Deviant), rules small subterranean realm near Mt. Rushmore
    (app)--Red She-Hulk#63 (64

    identity used by Julie Power when she possessed density altering powers
    --Power Pack#25 (26-32, X-Factor Annual#2, PP33,34, 35/XFac25, PP36, Strange Tales II#12-14, PP37-39, Marvel Premiere#55, PP40,41, [Cloak & Dagger III#3], PP42-50, 51-54->Lightspeed)

MOLECULAR COMPACTOR - designed by Reed Richards, used to shrink Elektro, Fin Fang Foom, Googam, and Gorgilla to human size, also used to bring Tim Boo Ba and his army to Earth
    --Fin Fang Four#1

MOLECULAR CONDENSER - developed at Empire State University, powered by microwaves, stolen by Modular Man, used to increase his power by turning into pure energy
    --Marvel Team-Up I#90

MOLECULAR DISRUPTER - deviant technology, used on captive eternals to break them down into their base component;
    brother tode ingested these components in the hope that he would gain immortality from them
    --Iron Man An6

MOLECULAR DISRUPTION GUN - Aakon weapon, used to kill Nova 0:0
    --Nova II#16

MOLECULAR DISUNIFIER - Deviant technology, used by priesthood on Margo Damian to alter her features into those of a Deviant; the process proved to be fatal to her
    --Eternals II#10

MOLECULAR REARRANGER - able to manipulate Adamantium
    --Avengers I#66?

MOLECULAR RECORDING TABLET - technology, located within Sigmar's lab, contained all of the information regarding the Dreaming Celestial. Deviant priesthood suicide team memorized the tablet and sent the information back to Lemuria
    --Eternals II#3

MOLECULAR TRANSPOSER - creation of Dr. Owen Wallach, able to transfer brains from one being into another
    (app-dm)--Monsters Unleashed#5/8 (6, 7

MOLECULE LAD of Earth-Amalgam - Molecule Man + , Legion of Galactic Guardians I
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

MOLECULE MAN (Owen Reece) - mutated by radiation from experimental particle generator and energy from the beyond meant for a cosmic cube, briefly merged with Beyonder to form a Cosmic Cube/Kosmos, extracted identity and returned to earth, former lover of Volcana
    COSMIC CUBE*, KOSMOS* (I#7, D#8, M, AMW, net)--Fantastic Four I#20 (20(fb), 20, Marvel Two-In-One#1, Iron Man An3, F4#187(fb), [186],187,188, Micronauts I#23, Av215,216, Secret Wars I#1-3,Thor I#383(fb),SW#4-11, 12//She-Hulk III#10(fb), Secret Wars II#1-9, Av266, F4#318,319, [Fantastic Four Annual#23/3], Fantastic Four An24, F4#372,373, Fantastic Four Annual#27/2, Avengers Unplugged #4, [Iron Man/Captain America Annual 1998], [Incredible Hulk II#441],442, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb)/4(fb), Fantastic Four: Foes#1, 5-6

MOLECULE MAN of "Earth-9732" (Timeslip: Molecule Man (    ) - @ 1960, empowered by atomic mishap, socialism-sniping activities dotted the world for six years, eventually killed in battle with Dread Red the Killer Commie
    (app)--Marvel Vision#22 (22(fb), 22

MOLECULON of Earth-Battleworld (Tucker Reece) - son of Molecule Man and Volcana
    (app-earthbat)—What If? II#114 (Avengers Forever#11,12

MOLEY ( ) - Parasites, disposed of by Uncle Lex for disobedience.
    may have had digging powers
    (app-par)--[Captain Britain II#13/5]

MOLGOTHA - Lords of the Splinter Realms, summoned to convocation of sorcerers by Magik (Amanda Sefton), battled Archenemy
    (app-lords)--Magik II#3 (4

    --Avenging Spider-Man#1

MOLINARI, DR. - treated Susan Richards during her pregnancy, discovered traces of radiation which complicated pregnancy
    --Fantastic Four I#78-79, Fantastic Four Annual #6

MOLITIS - germ enlarged in size for research, accidentally made intelligent by John Marshall, plotted to enlarge army of microbes and conquer humanity, led to island targeted for an atomic bomb test, destroyed
    superhuman strength
    *D* (app)--Strange Tales I#90/4

MOLIVIA (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#5 ()

MOLKI (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#64 ()

MOLLOY, JAROD - X-Corps, spokesman in Valle Soleada
    --X-Treme X-Men#33

MOLLY ?? - Abominations, sister of Polly (a.k.a. Flo + Jo), formerly cared for by Char
    --Abominations#1 (2,3

MOLLY ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute.
    tentacles on lower half of body
    --Chamber#1 (4

MOLLY ?? - reporter
    --Captain America V#34

MOLLY ?? - restaurant owner

"MOLLY THE BUS MUTATE" - mutated by Roger Fieldston
    TENTACULA* (app)--X-Men/Captain Universe#1

MOLLY MAGUIRES - Irish pub in which the Hood met with Mr. Fear
    --Daredevil II#104, (identified) #105

MOLOCH - demon, along with Shaitan, grandparent of Sybil
    -LAST of the GEHENNA (app)--[Conan of the Isles, King Conan#3, Gambit II#2]

MOLOCH - monster of Arabic myth, worshipped by the people of the Hills, encountered by Dane Whitman possessing body of Eobar Garrington during Crusades
    -same as the above?
-GOD of the HILL (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#52

MOLOCH of Earth-93060 - telepathic, many tentacled, mind-controlling creature, prisoner of Aladdin
    --All-New Exiles (uv)#6

moloid – shrank to ant-size during a battle with the Avengers, became king of an anthill until he lost favor with his subjects and fled. He was eaten by another Moloid
    *D*--Avengers Classics#12/3 (July, 2008)

moloid – devoured another Moloid that had shrunken to ant-size
    --Avengers Classics#12/3 (July, 2008)

MOLOID subterraneans (Dennis, Ootie, Phil, Umbu, Val-Or, Yonkashi) - race of semi-humanoids, second race created by Deviants for slave labor, discovered and ruled by Mole Man
    apparently developed in part to serve as a vaccine against the Apocalypse Beast
    (I#11,D#12)--Fantastic Four I#22 (Avengers An20/ (fb), F4#22, Spider-Man/Human Torch#1, X-Men: First Class II#3, Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl, Avengers Classics#12/2, 12/3, X-Men: Hidden Years#19-22, F4#128, Marvel Team-Up I#17, 47(fb), 26, Incredible Hulk II#189, F4#263,264, Marvel Comics Presents#9/3, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#42, Fantastic Four Unplugged#4, Fantastic Four III#1, 4, ½, Galactus the Devourer#1, Warlock III#4, New Warriors II#6, Wolverine II#156,157, Fantastic Four: 1234#3,4, Marvel Universe: The End#1, She-Hulk III#2, Alpha Flight III#4, Fantastic Four: Foes#1, 4, Hercules III#4, Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan#4, Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#6, Daughters of the Dragon#5, Mighty Avengers#1-2

MOLOID mutates - powerful rock-like creatures created as defense by Mole Man
    --Wolverine II#156 (157

MOLOKAI - with Reno, killed Jubilee's parents
    --Wolverine II#38) 73 (fb), 38, 39, 40, 72, 74

    --Conan the Barbarian I#263

MOLTAR - brother of Crystar, led Molten Warriors, eventually reverted to normal
    (app)--Marvel Age#1; Crystar#1 ([1 (fb)], 8 (fb), 1-8, [9], 10-11

MOLTEN MAN (Mark Raxton) - former criminal, gained superhuman strength and durability by immersion in gold liquid metal alloy created by Spencer Smythe, step-brother of Liz Osborn, employee of Osborn Industries, former lab assistant of Spencer Smythe.
    formerly gave off heat, golden skin
    (U#5, M, OH: Spdm: BiB, net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#28 (35, 133(fb), 132,133, 173(fb), [171],172,173, Spectacular Spider-Man II#63, Web of Spider-Man#61, 62, 66,67, Spec184, 189,190, Spider-Man: Legacy of Evil, Spec234, Sensational Spider-Man II#5, A412, Daredevil I#361, 365, A441(fb), 440,441, Sensational Spider-Man III#29-31, Punisher War Journal II#2

MOLTEN MAN-THING - Deviant mutate, creature from a volcano, invaded island of Napuka, battled by Makkari posing as Frank Harper, defeated when heat energy dissipated by immense fan.
    surrounded body with lava
    (Marvel Monsters, app)--(g) Tales of Suspense I#7 (Marvel Universe#4

MOLTO - lava man, benevolent, former pawn of loki, sent to battle thor by him, resisted Jinku's plans for the Living Rock, mortally wounded by Jinku while traveling to surface world to warn of his plot with the volcanic-activity machine, informed Thor and the Human Torch (Storm) before dying
    *D* (app)--Journey into Mystery I#97 (Avengers#5, Marvel Team-Up I#26(fb), 26d)

MOLUB - powerful demon, ruled Earth "before recorded time," banished to netherworld by Mitra, summoned to Earth by master holding Ring of Molub, sent to slaughter whoever received the ring, then returned it to his master until such time as he could take the ring from his master
    Immortal, immensely strong & durable
    (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#185 ([185 (fb)], 185

MOLYB - see METAL MASTER (app)--Incredible Hulk I#6

MOLYBDENUM - presumably one of the unseen and/or unidentified Elements of Doom--Thunderbolts I#7-8

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