MOMBASA - port in Kenya, Africa, where Ulysses Bloodstone battled Grottu and first met Makkari
    --Strange Tales I#73, Marvel Universe#4

MOMENTA (    ) - Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway courier
    superhuman speed
    --She-Hulk III#11 (12

MOMENTARY PRINCESS - jewel of unrevealed origin, briefly appeared in Leipzig Germany in alternating increments of twenty-seven and twenty-nine years beginning in 1887, sought by Jean-Luc LeBeau + Candra + Baron Strucker + Gambit + Sekmeht Conoway + Fenris + others until ultimately obtained by Witness in 2084 and sent back to all other times, apparently destroyed by Marauders
    --Gambit III#10 ([10(fb3)], 10(fb1+2), [12(fb2)], 10, 10(fb4), 10(fb5), [X202 (fb)]

MO MONEY ( ) - Cage, leader of the Brothers, former rap mogul, used super-villains to lean on the competition, arrested after a rival was thrown off a roof
    (app)--Wolverine II#164 (164(fb)], 164

MOMOS - Olympian, god of mirth
    --Avengers Annual#23

MOMS ( ) - mental powers, mother of Sonny, abused him as a child, abused and manipulated by him as an adult
    --Iron Man I#158

MONA ?? -
     --Marvel Mystery Comics#23 ()

MONA ?? - girlfriend of Bossman Morgan
    --Captain America I#157 (158

MONA ?? - former employee of Mammoth Studios, worked on the set of The Demon that Devoured Hollywood, dated Living Lightning, rebelled against Night Shift when they took over the studio
    (app)--Avengers West Coast#76 (78,79, 84

MONA ?? - former roommate of Marlo Chandler
    --Incredible Hulk II#347 (348,

MONA ?? - Bone, Idaho
    --She-Hulk II#4

MONAHAN, Lt. of Earth-1211 - investigated death of Jelly the Belly

MONAK ( ) -
    (net-goldage)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#1

MONAKO (    ) - Sorcerer, learned magic in India; able to levitate, teleport, grow to giant size, shrink, cast illusions, etc.; aided by Pere and Josie.
    PRINCE of MAGIC--Daring Mystery Comics#1 (January, 1940)

MONARCH of Earth-9602 (James Rhodes) - War Machine + Monarch
    --Bullets & Bracelets#1

MONASTERY of the ORDER of St. GEORGE - Earth-Shadowline Meteora, Greece
    (app-stg)--St. George#1

MONASTERY HILL (Rachel, Spit) - location of gun running operation outside of Branding, Texas, taken out by sheriff Southall and the Punisher
    --Punisher VI#28 (29-31

MONCK - New Men, evolved from gibbon, active on High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth, de-volved by Adam Warlock
   (app) --[Thor I#135], Warlock I#2

MONDANI race - native contracted madness virus
    --Silver Surfer III#61

MONDO ( ) - mutant, agent of Black Tom Cassidy, former captive of Hellfire Club, held by Shinobi Shaw, who planned to sell him to Cordelia Frost, abducted by Cassidy in guise of Barrington, trained by Cassidy.
    absorb matter, duplicate properties + increase in size
    (OH2006#7, net)--[Generation X#3],60 (61(fb), 60,61

MONDO PAIN ( ) - criminal, used Punisher's War Journal to blackmail Rosalie Carbone
    (app)--Punisher II#85 (Punisher War Journal#73-75

MONDU - see ST.JOHNNY --Darkhawk#25(fb)

MONDURIAN STEEL - highly durable material; a foot thick door of this material was present on the planet Golden Star; as it was additionally electronically sealed, Tana Nile noted that it would require a company of good Rigellian battlecraft to penetrate it; Thor and Hildegarde were able to tear it open
    --Thor I#213

    --World War Hulk: Front Line#1

MONEY TRAIN - subway train carrying payoff for 66 Bridges
    --Crew#2 (3

MONEZ, ALVERON - led gang of ape-men; battled Phantom Bullet
    --Daring Mystery Comics#2 (February, 1940)

MONGO of the Hyborian era - Meroe, former captain of the guard, slain by Conan while trying to invade Kheshatta
    --Snout in the Dark; Conan the Barbarian I#106, 107 (Savage Sword of Conan#20_

MONGOLIAN (    ) - agent of General Zakharov, sent to stop the Punisher from retrieving the Barbarossa virus, defeated him once, but then slain by him
    master warrior, flexible, fast and agile
    *D*--Punisher VII#15 (16, 17d)

MONGOOSE (    ) - commanded trained mongooses in North Africa; battled Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#33 (December, 1943)

MONGOOSE - New Men, Thunderbolts army, obtained cell samples of Thor for High Evolutionary.
    superhuman strength and speed, uses artificial claws on gloves
    (U#5,M,net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#283, Thor I#391 ( 402,403, 405-406, 408, Thunderstrike#13,14,22, Thunderbolts II#104, She-Hulk II#17, [Punisher War Journal II#13], 14, [15]

MONGRAIN, ALISON - agent of Norman Osborn, hired at Daily Grind, poisoned Mary Jane Parker, resulting in her miscarriage/premature delivery of daughter, possibly abducted her, later died from wounds at the hands of the Scriers after telling Peter Parker that may was alive
    *D*--Spectacular Spider-Man II#240 (Sensational Spider-Man II#11, Amazing Spider-Man I#418, 422, 426, 434,[435], Sens32, A440, Spider-Man#96, A441d)

    Japanese translation of name
    --Wolverine: Origins#26

MONGREL of Earth-928 (    ) - @ 2099 A.D., Lawless
    bestial appearance
    (app)--X-Men 2099#32 (32(fb), 32,33

MONGRELS - warrior sect of the Ru'Tai, accompanied Pilgrimm to Earth, devouring and dissecting humans
    (app-rutai)--[X-Men II#71], 75 ( 75 (fb), [71, 73-74], 75

MONGU - robot built by Boris Monguski, posed as alien conqueror to draw Hulk into single combat so that his soldiers could capture and bring him back to the USSR to study him and create an army of super-strong warriors, used as sleeper agent to attack the USA after a nuclear war, battled the Order
    (app)--Incredible Hulk I#4/2 (Order II#1-2

MONGU - Sandt dim, gladiator, former champion of king of Sandt, later agent of Maha Yogi, right hand melted onto battleaxe by Man-Thing
    (app)--Adventures into Fear#14 (Incredible Hulk II#210,211, Avengers Annual#22

MONI ?? - reporter
    --Civil War: Front Line#1

MONIQUE ?? - imprisoned after assaulted the drug dealer Short Dog after he threatened her daughter, shared a cell with She-Hulk
    --She-Hulk II#28, (identified) #29 (30

MONIQUE ?? of Earth-6216 - associate of Varina Goddard
    --Amazing Fantasy II#18

MONITOR ( ) - mutant child, one of those abducted and controlled by Nanny during the events of Inferno
    (app-lost)--X-Factor I#35

MONITOR MACHINE - designed by Apocalypse, kept Michael Nowlan provided with a steady supply of heroin, but blocked drug as needed to enable him to enhance other mutants’ powers, destroyed by X-Factor
    *Des*--X-Factor I#6d

MONITORs (king Suzerain, Nygorn) - see MARVANITE race.
    explore and destroy worlds that do not meet their eccentric standards for perfection
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One An3 (3(fb), 3

MONK (Andrew Blodgett Mayfair) - Fabulous Five, @1920s, ally of Doc Savage
    (L)--(g) ; Doc Savage I#1

MONKEY (    ) - Vietnamese sniper, killed the Punisher
    Wore a monkey skull around his neck, from which the Punisher derived his own skull symbol
    *D* (app)--The 'Nam I#52 (53d)

MONKEY ( ) - China Force, defected
    (app-dog)--[Alpha Flight I#69, Marvel Graphic Novel: Agent]

MONKEY-C of Earth-8101 - replicate actions of others after visualizing them
    (app-apevengers)--Marvel Apes I#4

MONKEY JOE - squirrel, friend of Squirrel Girl, slain by Leatherboy
    human level intelligence
    *D (app-sg)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#8 (GLA#1-4 - prologues & featurettes, GLA#2, 3d, 4(d))

MONKEY KING ( ) - former criminal, trapped by Lion, soul merged with Sun Wukong deity, left in Eighth City, freed and took vengeance on Lion
    (app)--Iron Man 2.0#5 (Iron Man 2.0#5-7, Fear Itself: Monkey King#1

MONKEY KING (deity) - imprisoned in mountain, bonded soul with human, granted him same powers
    --Fear Itself: Monkey King#1

MONKEY WOMAN of Earth-93060 ( ) - had mandrill growing from back, led cult
    *D* (app)--Solitaire#3 (4(fb), 3,4d)

MONKEY WRENCH (Johnny Bloodcede) - Nature Defense League
    --Wolverine II#58 (59

MONKS, TOMMY - childhood friend of Peter Parker, encouraged him to climb a tree at which point he broke his arm
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#33 (33 (fb)

MONKS of DAKOTH-KURU - see BLACK APOSTLES (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#148

MONKS of DOOM (Larin, Mahatma Doom, Otto) - Tibetan order over 600 years old, became servants of Dr. Doom, constructed his armor, later slaughtered by Crucible
    WISE ONES* (app)--Fantastic Four Annual#2 (Books of Doom#3 (fb), 4 (fb) / Fantastic Four Annual#2, Books of Doom#5 (fb), Marvel Comics Presents#100, Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#34, Fantastic Four III#3, 5, Dr. Strange: Last Days of Magic, Dr. Strange#7-10

MONKS of the HIDDEN TEMPLE (Giant One, High Priest) - The Asian order to which Sha Shan formerly belonged. They cared for Flash Thompson when he was injured in combat, but were then wiped out by an unwitting American attack on nearby enemy forces, despite Flash’s efforts. However, Flash was blamed for the attack and was targeted for assassination, until things were explained and resolved by Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, who awakened the entranced High Priest
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#108 (108(fb), 109(fb), 108(fb), 108, 109

MONKS of IKONN - Tibetan order, worshipped Ikonn, had Bell stolen by James Norcross in 19th century
    --Dr. Strange II#47 (47 (fb)

MONKTON, LOU - criminal, defended by Jen Walters, enemy of Nick Trask
    --Savage She-Hulk#1

MONMOUTH - Inner Guard
    *Des* (app-innerguard)--Avengers III#32 (33

MONN (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#58 ()

MONNANO (Clifton Arliss, Evans, Steven Holder ) - developed fertilizer which gave Martha and Billy Connors cancer
    --Spider-Man: Quality of Life#1 (2-4

MONOCLE (    ) - former professional wrestler, defeated by X the Marvel
    (app-x)--Power Man I#27 (27(fb)

MONOCLE (Michael Berman) - criminal, associated with Enclave.
    fire energy blasts from monocle
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#95 (204,205,207, Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six novel (p66)

MONOLINKS (    ) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#6 ()

MONOLITH of the Hyborian era - giant magnetic stone in Khitai, upon which a slime creature lived and slew those who became trapped on it
    --The Curse of the Monolith; Savage Sword of Conan#33

MONOLITH - enigmatic black prism, acts as portal to other times and dimensions, unknown motivations
    --2001: A Space Odyssey#1 (2-8, X-51#11,12

MONOLITH - giant stone extraterrestrial, battled Avengers + Bloodhawk
    (app)--Avengers I#179 (180

MONROE, JENNY - one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars"
    temporal control
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

MONROE, JILL - sister of Jack/Nomad, led him to storm the Nazi base in Clutier, Iowa
    --Nomad II#

MONROE, MALCOLM - one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars"
    temporal control
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

MONSIEUR KHRUUL - Vietnamese crimelord, former employer of Swordsman, uncle of Mantis, had house of Gustav Brandt burned, slain by Star-Stalker
    KHRULL* *D* (app)--Avengers I#121 ([Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#8: Mantis], Av124(fb), 123(fb), GS Av4(fb), 121(fb), 123d,124)

MONSOON (Aloba Dastoor) - mutant?, brother of Haven.
    generate powerful forces of weather, especially wind and rain
    (net)--X-Factor I#99 (100

MONSOON, TOSHIRO – World War II, Samurai Squadron
    (app-sam)—Captain Savage & Leatherneck Raiders#2 (3, 4

MONSTER (Hans) - Nazi underling of Von Kaulus, mutated in swamp, super-strong and bulletproof; battled Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#45 (March, 1945)

MONSTER - @ 1960, extraterrestrial, attacked space vessel of Major Ford, believed to be an hallucination until one of its claws were found embedded in the vessel
    Red creature, superhuman strength, survive in space
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#12/5

MONSTER (    ) - @ 1962, extraterrestrial scout, came to Earth to study it, crashed, attempted to escape on rocket which turned out to be a time capsule that was buried, and it apparently died
    *D* (app)--Strange Tales I#95/2

MONSTER - see FLEC, ANDREAS (app-flec)--Chamber of Darkness#4/1

MONSTER - pre-modern era extraterrestrial, sent to Earth to study it, encountered the "weird old geezer"
    alter appearance to appear human, fly, weakness to water
    (app)--Strange Tales I#92

MONSTER - see RAMBOW, LARRY (app)--Fantastic Four I#105

MONSTER ( ) - fighter, defeated by Armadillo.
    Drew strength from anger of opponents

MONSTER (Brady Breidel) - drug dealer transformed into a fear-inducing creature by chemicals released by the Angrir-possessed Thing
    --Heroes for Hire

M.O.N.S.T.E.R. (Adrian Castorp)
    - mutant support group started at Fontane College by Adrian Castorp with support of the Beast (Hank McCoy), Art Nichols, and Helen Williams
    Mutants Only Need Sensitivity, Tolerance, and Equal Rights
    (app-adriancastorp)--Defenders I#142 (Generation X: Crossroads novel, Generation X: Genogoths novel

MONSTER of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - Chosen, simulated powers of Beast/McCoy
    --X-Men 2099#9

"MONSTER AT MY WINDOW" - extradimensional, advanced scout for invasion, @ 1962, tried to force writer Paul Marshall to write about his race being peaceful to lull humanity into false sense of security when the real invasion approached, but Marshall turned out to be another extradimensional creature who fought him
    superhuman size and strength
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#34

MONSTER from the LOST LAGOON (Mowfus) - Quon, family stranded on Earth
    --Fantastic Four I#97 ([97(fb)], 97, [125(fb)], 124,125, [Marvel Super-Heroes III#6/2(Summer 1991 (fb)], 6/2

MONSTER FROM MARS - statue advertising movie, brought to life by Miracle Man, destroyed by Human Torch
    (app-miracle)--Fantastic Four I#3

MONSTER from OUTER SPACE - see MONSTROLLO (Marvel Monsters)--Tales to Astonish I#25

MONSTER in my CELLAR - @ 1960, created from the imagination of writer "Steven Bachman," attacked him, removed from existence by his will
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#12/3

MONSTER in the IRON MASK - extraterrestrial, scout for invading force, proved immune to any attack except gas, from which his mask protected him, fled when a magician realized that he was not wearing any mask and convinced the army to threaten him with gas
    superhuman strength, virtually invulnerable
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#31

MONSTER in the STREETS - see RAMBOW, LARRY (app)--Fantastic Four I#105

MONSTER of ALHMET of the Hyborian era
    (app-redon)—Conan the Barbarian An10

MONSTER of the BADOON - large green robot/cyborg
    --Silver Surfer I#2 (X-Men I Annual#5d, ?XMen Forever#9?, Avengers: Initiative#10 (fb)

MONSTER of the DWELLER-IN-DARKNESS - trained ape
    (app-did)--Master of Kung Fu I#92

MONSTER of FRANKENSTEIN - see FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER (app-fm)--Monster of Frankenstein#1

MONSTER of HIDDEN VALLEY - encountered Two-Gun Kid (though which one is uncertain), exposed as hoax
    (Outlaw Files)--Two-Gun Kid#58

monster of King - large alligator he fed from a baby
  (app)--Daredevil I#180

MONSTER of the MOORS - see MORLANDS MONSTER (app-mm)--Tomb of Dracula I#6

MONSTER of the MOORS (Ronson Slade) - British scientist, attempted to restore youth, resulted in periodic transformation into savage murdering creature, framed son who knew the truth, kept son imprisoned in dungeon, eventually discovered and killed by Morbius
    *D* (app)--Marvel Preview#8

MONSTER of NEGLEY HALL (Morgan) - fake monster; battled Vision (Aarkus)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#40 (February, 1943))

MONSTERs of BALD MOUNTAIN (Evil, Good)- sculpted by Anton Gorge, represented good and evil, came to life from bolt of lightning. Evil destroyed Good, and then set out to conquer Earth, but hid from nuclear weapons in a metal cylinder, which turned out to be a rocket that launched it into space
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#7 (8

MONSTERS of the Fire People of Earth-93060 - result of generations of breeding away from light.
    large + strong, dim-witted
    (app-fire)--Freex#12 (13, 18

MONSTER ANDROID - see MAD THINKER's "MONSTER" ANDROID. (app)--Fantastic Four I#183

MONSTER APE (Dr. Erik Garbo) - former SHIELD I scientist, mutated into giant gorilla by serum distilled from captive gorilla, attempted to sabotage Project: Earthdig, fell into it, died stopping Mole Man from attacking the surface
    *D* (app)--Captain America I#135 (136d)

MONSTER CEPHALOPOD - giant squid-creature genetically engineered and used by Yellow Claw, apparently slain by Nick Fury
    (app)--Strange Tales I#162

monster children of UNCEGILA - see UNCEGILA's monster children (app-uncegila)--Marvel Comics Presents I#95

MONSTERS of EVIL (Gragoa, Lord Tiki, Skunk Ape, Sphinx, Worm) – creatures gathered by DOA (Department of Occult Armaments) against Venom (Thompson)
    (app)--Venom II#24 (25

    --[Gambit IV#1]

"monster god of iron and fire" - constructed in 15th century by Baron Eisen (possibly Dr. Doom), notes discovered @ 1934 by Dexter Mann who was forced to assist the Red Skull in unearthing and activating it, only for Captain America to destroy its "heart;" possibly sought by modern day Red Skull
    immense robot able to project energy blasts
    *Des* (AZU#2-sleepers)--Captain America 65th Anniversary Special

MONSTER GUARDIAN of Maddoc's Reign - placed there by Renrutanit to prevent others from rescuing Maddoc; slain by Conan
    (app-witchesshem)--Conan the Barbarian I#181


MONSTER HUNTERS (Ulysses Bloodstone, Dr. Druid, Makkari, Namora, Zawadi)
    - @ 1950s, opposed Deviant mutates and Skrulls
    (app)--Marvel Universe#4 (4(fb), 4-7, [Marvel: Lost Generation#2(fb)], 2

monster island (blood-sucking butterflies, echo-creature, fire-breathing pteradactoids, flying monkeys, giant monster, giant turtle creature, Godzilla-esque, Moloids, piranha monsters)
    - X-Men duped into going there by Mastermind posing as Professor X
    --X-Men: First Class II#2 (3

MONSTER ISLAND (Giganto, Gigantus, Neolithic, Skreeal, Tricephalous, Vandoom's monster) - Japanese island, connected to Subterranea, site where Deviants bred many mutates, base of Mole Man, former base of Kro + Godzilla + Infinity Watch
    -MONSTER ISLE (Marvel Monsters)--Fantastic Four I#1 (
     F4#347-349, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#6, Silver Surfer III#94,95,

    (app)--Marvel Swimsuit Special#2 (1993)

MONSTER ISLE - near Boca Caliente
    Isla de los Monstruos--

MONSTER MAKER (Ludwig von Schtupf*) - deranged scientist, attempted to capture Frankenstein's monster + man-wolf, imprisoned by shield i
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#36 (37

MONSTER MAKER - see UNNAMEABLE (app)--Defenders I#72, 76, 83

MONSTER MAN - see FLEC, ANDREAS (app-flec)--Chamber of Darkness#4/1

MONSTER MAN - character in Monster Man and Kid Monstro television show
    (app-silverberg)--Marvel Two-In-One#78

MONSTER MAN and KID MONSTRO - television show produced by Ted Silverberg
    (app-silverberg)--Marvel Two-In-One#78

MONSTER-MASTER (Toru Tarakoto) - Fanatical Japanese industrialist, sought to conquer Japan and expel American influence, allied with construction of Zoga
    *D* (app)--Iron Man I#30

MONSTER MASTER (Julius Akerman) - existed on Battleworld, controlled an army of monsters, and may have been a figment of Ben Grimm's imagination
    --Thing I#19, Fantastic Four I#274

MONSTEROSO - youthful extraterrestrial, rampaged thru New York until parents came for him
    (app)--(g) Amazing Adventures I#5

MONSTEROSO - Microverse, Sturdian, drowned while dwarfing surroundings from water on the "microscope slide containing his world"
    Constantly growing, superhuman size + Strength
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#18

MONSTERS of POSEIDON - circa 1264 BC, sent by Neptune/Poseidon to assault Laomedon after he had refused to pay for the construction of an indestructible wall
    --[Incredible Hercules#114] ([114 (fb)]

MONSTER-PLANTS (    ) - grew from alien seeds brought to Earth by meteor
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#26 (December, 1941)

monster trees - creations of SILENT, defeated by Nextwave

MONSTRA (    ) - Shi'ar Imperial Guard
    (app)--X-Men II#123 (124, [133]

MONSTRO the MIGHTY ( ) - 50' tall son of the war god Ares, served in many wars over the centuries, finally tired of bloodshed, aided Major Crash and Hook of the Flying Intelligence Service during World War II.
    (app, net-goldage)--(g) Comedy Comics#10 (June, 1942)

MONSTRO ( ) - Japanese spy that used photo sensitive puzzle pieces to steal military secrets, opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes) and fell into an electrical circuit belonging to one of his traps.
He had a hooked in place of his right hand.
    --All Winner#14/2 (Winter 1943-44) “Monstro the Mad Jap”

MONSTRO - giant ape-creature, @ 1959, brought from island off the coast of Africa by Sam "Spell" Binder for use as his his trained gorilla, returned to island after Binder learned he was blind and couldn't be hypnotized to follow his instructions
    albino, approx. 30' tall, blind
    (app)--Journey Into Mystery I#54 ([54 (fb)], 54

MONSTRO - giant atomically-mutated octopus
    --Tales of Suspense I#8

MONSTRO - circus gorilla
    --Journey Into Mystery I#92

MONSTRO - see the aquatic Giganto
    (app-gig)--Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#8

MONSTRO of Earth-10091 - giant sea creature disturbed by oil drilling, stopped by Thor and Namor
    (app-Namor 10091)--Thor the Mighty Avenger#5

MONSTRO (Frank Johnson) - Damage Control, former member of Fire Department of New York, partner of John, hiding from family (presumably since mutation)
    superhuman strength and durability
    (AZU#4)--Amazing Fantasy II#15 ([Irredeemable Ant-Man#9 (fb)], AmzFant#15, Ant-Man#7-8, 9, 10

MONSTROID (Ballox, 7NH54) - Skrull robot scout
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#5( [Avengers I#89-97], MTU#5(fb), 5, Marvel Premiere#24

MONSTROLLO - giant ape-like robot designed by producer Charles Hudson, destroyed fighting off alien invasion, rebuilt ten years later by grateful aliens to restore Hudson's career
    (app, Marvel Monsters)--Tales to Astonish I#25 (Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1, Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters

MONSTROM - extraterrestrial, crashed in bayous of New Orleans @ 1000 AD, hid beneath surface in his starship, returned in pre-modern era in hopes that humanity would assist him in his repairs, but they were superstitious and drove him back into the swamps with fire
    Super-strength, size, durability
    "Dweller in the Black Swamp" (app)--Tales to Astonish I#11

MONSTROBOT - designed by Mordillo or Brynocki
    immense, functioned underwater, guarding the shores of Mordillo Island
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#74 (75

MONSTROBOT 2099 - created by father of Jade Ryuteki
    --X-Men 2099#19 (20(fb), 19,20

MONSTROSITY - creature formed from the Darkhold spell used by Victoria Montesi,
    (app)--Darkhold13 (14

MONT St. FRANCIS - abandoned Franciscan monastery on French Coast, used as base by Acolytes
    --Uncanny X-Men#300 (X-Factor I#106, X-Force#38, Excalibur I#82

MONTAG, Commander DIETER - Hydra, futilely, counseled Geist to delay his project and hide
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#5 (2011)

MONTAGUE, BEATRICE - New Orleans vampire, sister of Victor, presumably destroyed by Monica Rambeau
    *D/R/D*--Black Panther IV#12?, (named) 13 (13(des?)

MONTAGUE, VICTOR - New Orleans vampire, brother of Beatrice, presumably destroyed by Monica Rambeau
    *D/R/D*--Black Panther IV#12, (named) 13 (13(des?)

MONTAGUE, - wealthy New Orleans plantation owner, relative of Victor & Beatrice(?)
    --Black Panther IV#12 (13

MONTALBETTI FOUNDATION (Kramer) - research firm, grant sought by Curt Connors, given to Eric Richardson instead
    --Spectacular Spider-Man III#11

MONTANA (Jackson W. Brice) - Enforcers, skilled with lariat
    (D#4)--Amazing Spider-Man I#10 (Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons, Amz10, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#8, A14, 19, Marvel Team-Up I#39,40, Spec19,20, Dazzler#7,8, MTU#138, Daredevil I#357(fb), 358, Amazing Spider-Man II#28
    Daredevil II#100-101, Amazing Spider-Man#562-563

MONTANA, OZZY - Philadelphia crimelord, slain by Tombstone

MONTBATTEN, GENERAL - led allied advance into Burma, saved from the Sons of Satan by Captain America and Bucky
    --Captain America Comics#37/2

MONTCLAIR, BEAUREGARD IV - @ 1983, National Executive, Southern Fascists, field marshal for the Swords of a New Dawn, agent of Yi Yang, plotted to assassinate Abraham Lincoln Brown, killed by Night Raven
    *D* (app)--[Daredevils#11/3], Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3 (7/3d)

MONTE - Morlock, bio-blasts, fought Bishop
    --Uncanny X-Men #292

MONTE, PROFESSOR - built zeppelin that could attract gold into it's hold, fought Dynamic Man, killed when Dynamic Man destroyed his zeppelin
    --Mystic Comics#4/8d

MONTE, GEOFF - Canadian bank manager, husband of Rhonda
    --(app-adahm)--Marvel Comics Presents #139/4

MONTE, RHONDA - Canadian, wife of Geoff, hired Batroc to save him from Adahm and the Goon Squad
    --(app-adahm)--Marvel Comics Presents #139/4

MONTEIRO, - Project: Glamor operative, partner of Zahner, drug addict, inadvertently shot and killed by Zahner and agents while breaking up operations of Demon/Marea.
    wore Hawaiian shirt
    TACO BELL *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#1/2 (2/2, 4/2-7/2d)

MONTEITH, MEHITABEL - 34 year veteran of Macy's Boys Department, helped Howard pick out a suit
    --Howard the Duck I#25 (1978)

MONTENEGRO (possibly Stewart Montenegro) - European businessman
    Expert mountain climber, uses weapons along that motif
    (app)--[Power Man/Iron Fist#66], 71 ([66(fb)], 66, [71(fb)], 71, [80(fb)], 80

MONTENEGRO, ALBERT - psychiatrist, analyzed Kathy Dare
    --Iron Man I#2__

MONTENEGRO, SASHA ALEKSANDRA - widow of Kraven, mother of Ana & Vladimir, daughter of Princess Aleksandra of Montenegro (deceased), Grand Duke Mikhail Alekse__, born in 1924
    --Amazing Spider-Man#567

MONTESI, dean - Empire State University
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#41

MONTESI, GIACOMO - born @ 1150, son and successor to Paolo, translated Darkhold into Latin, lifespan extended by energies of Darkhold, traveled to Kamar-Taj to locate missing parchments of Darkhold @ 1350, slain by agents of Varnae
    *D*  (app-mont)--Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#12/2 (13/2d)

MONTESI, GIUSEPPE - brother of Vittorio, killed by Dracula when the Darkhold appeared to be forever lost in the Alps
    *D* (app-mont)--Dracula Lives#6/1, Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#15/2 (15/2d)

MONTESI, LUCIANO - circa 1790, futilely aided Cagliostro in search for cure for vampirism
    (app-mont)--Lofficier's Book of the Vishanti; [Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons, and Monstrosities]

MONTESI, MARCELLO - born @ 1350, son and successor to Giacomo, made contact with Kamar-Taj to locate missing parchments of Darkhold, ?bound the Montesi formula into Darkhold?, killed by Varnae the night before he passed on his mantle to Dracula
    *D* (app-mont)--Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#13/2 ( 15/2d)

MONTESI, monk PAOLO - @ 1150 appointed curator of the Catholic’s church occult literature and artifacts, given special permission to marry and sire children so his descendents could succeed him, discovered Malachy prophecy, killed by Varnae who slew him after causing him to stumble and drop his crucifix
    *D* (app-mont)-- Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#12 (12(fb)

MONTESI, VICTORIA - Darkhold Redeemers, daughter of Vittorio, regarded father’s teachings as superstition, lesbian, used Darkhold to gain healing powers and inadvertently created Monstrosity, nearly gave birth to Chthon.
    possessed ability to see if someone has read a page from the darkhold
    (app)--Ghost Rider III#28, Darkhold#1 (GR31, Dh2, 3,4, 5, 6,7, 8-10, Midnight Sons Unlimited#1/2, 2/2, 3, Dh11, Spirits of Vengeance#13, Dh12, Morb13,Dh13,14, Nightstalker#14, GR44, Marvel Comics Presents#143, Dh15, Morb16, Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#60, SoV17, Ns15, GR45, Dh16, SoV18, Marvel Comics Presents#145/4, 146/3, Doc61, 72, [78], 89,90

MONTESI, VITTORIO - father of Victoria, brother of Giuseppe, took over after Giuseppe was killed, sterile, used Darkhold to father a daughter
    (app-mont)--Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#15/2( Darkhold#1

MONTESI FORMULA - written by Paolo Montesi, Monsignor Giuseppe sent a copy to Quincy Harker, Lilith (daughter of Dracula) possessed Kitty Pryde and attempted to use it against Dracula, but was stopped and the copy destroyed, full formula from Darkhold once destroyed all vampires on earth
    incantation able to permanently destroy a vampire
    (app-montesi)--Dracula Lives#6 ("Conan the Barbarian I#245", Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#15/2 DracL#6/1

MONTEZ, JENNIFER - EMT, exposed to mutagen, killed her fiancé on contact, cured by James MacDonald.
    Plague-like touch
    --Call II#1 (2-4

MONTEZON, STACEY - University of Wisconsin, dated the Inhuman San
    (app)--Inhumans V#7 (12

MONTGOMERY (Montgomery Burns) - Landau, Luckman, & Lake, product of fleshwerks, lost skin + was crippled in process that empowered him, former pawn of overboss dixon in the mithras directive, decommissioned/freed by zoe culloden following her promotion to overboss, severely injured by t-ray to strike at deadpool, recovered and left for     unknown parts to retire with Zoe Culloden.
    precognition + clairvoyance
    (net)--Deadpool minus 1 (Deadpool III#13(fb), 13-15, 17-25, 26(fb), 31(fb2), 26-31, 61

MONTGOMERY ?? - old friend of Cage, fellow inmate at Seagate at the time of his mutation, relocated to Chicago, put Cage up for a period of time, former tenant under the Super-Intendant
    (app-super)—Marvel Comics Presents#82/4 ([Luke Cage: Hero for Hire#1]/MCP#82/4(fb), 82/4

MONTGOMERY, C. L. - father of David, wealthy CEO, arch-enemy of Curtis Boland
    --Deadpool III#68

MONTGOMERY, DAVID - son of c.l., mutant, helped make father rich
    hideous appearance, precognitive
    --Deadpool III#68

MONTGOMERY, ROY - head of US black-ops organization Mother, killed by Death Reign's Sparks with manipulated/misled aid of Terror
    *D*--Terror II#1 (1d)

MONTGOMERY, General WALTER - US Air Force, old associate of Reed Richards, part of
    --Fantastic Four: First Family#1

MONTGOMERY, Ms. - Canadian TV reporter, encountered Glissant, Northstar, and Richelieu
    (app-glissant)--Marvel Comics Presents#92/4

MON-TOG - Black Kree, commander of outpost near Stent
    (app)--Inhumans I#10

MONTOYA, ANGELA - wife of Hector
    (app-hm)--Punisher War Journal#2 (3

MONTOYA, CARLOS - ran away and located missing friends in Pleasureland Arcade
    --Team America#4

MONTOYA, ENRIQUE - 1870s, brother of el Aguila (Paco), former classmate of Phantom Rider
    --Original Ghost Rider Rides Again#15 ([15(fb)], 15-17, [18], 19-20

MONTOYA, HECTOR - criminal responsible for killing Punisher/Castle's family
    Used poisons against enemies, killed when exposed to his own chemical
    (app)--Punisher War Journal#1 (3(fb), 2(fb), 1, 2, 3d)

MONTOYA, son + daughter - children of Angela + Hector
    (app-hm)--Punisher War Journal#2 (3

MONTOYA, JULIO - friend of the Punisher
    --Punisher III#17 (18, Heroes for Hire #8(fb), 8

MONTOYA, Gen. LUIS of Earth-148611 - leader of South American state, forcibly served divorce papers by Mark Hazzerd during a trip to the USA to see his mistress
    --Amazing Fantasy II#18/2

MONTOYA, MARIA(?) - mother of Carlos
    --Team America#4

MONTOYA, REINA - sister of Carlos
    --Team America#4

MONTOYA, SERAFINA - mutant, nearly 18 years old, reported as deceased on Purity Web Site
    --[X-Treme X-Men#37]

MONTOYA, Mrs. - mother of Carlos
    --Team America#4

MONTROSE - lackey of Universal Church of Truth, killed by Adam Warlock
    --Strange Tales I#179

MONTROX CAMPAIGN - unspecified battle led by the Kree Devros
    --[Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#1] ([1(fb)

MONTU - Egyptian god of war and bravery--not in MU

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