MISTER IMMORTAL (Craig Hollis) - GLA/Great Lakes Avengers, Lightning Rods, GLX/Great Lakes X-Men, mutant/Homo Supreme, son of Audrey and Edward, childhood friend of Deathurge, former lover of Terri O'Doughan
    reforms completely when killed, skilled acrobat and hand to hand fighter
    (net)--Avengers West Coast#46 (GLA#1(fbs), GLA#1(fb)/3(fb), GLX-MAS Special#1(fb), AWC#46, GLX-MAS Special#1(fb), Avengers I#309, AWC48,49, [Av313], Avengers An19, AWC64, GLX-MAS Special#1(fb), Deadpool III#10,11, Thunderbolts#15-17, 25, GLX-MAS Special#1(fb), GLA#1-4, GLX-MAS Special#1, I (heart) Marvel: Masked Intentions
    Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular#1/2, 1/4, 1/7


MISTER JIP ( ) - first apprentice to Ancient One, banished for practicing black magic, empowered Night + Day, served by Yipyap, further corrupted + manipulated Francis Delgado, murdered him + usurped his form, murdered + usurped form of Father Michael Bowen, seemingly destroyed by bullet of living darkness formed by Night and fired by Rusty Nales, survived by possessing Mike Bowen again.
    adds other bodies to own to extend life
    (M,net)--Strange Tales II#5, 11 (11(fb), 5, 8, [9], 10-12, 14, [15], 16-18, Cloak & Dagger III#1-3, 6, Uncanny X-Men An13, [C+D#11],12,13, Marvel Comics Presents#115/4

MISTER JUSTICE (Tim Carney) - First Line, younger brother and former partner of Yankee Clipper, presumably killed in explosion of Skrull ship during their attempted invasion.
    rode motorcycle, athlete and trained fighter
    *D* (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12, (named) 11 (5, 6, 7, 9, 1/3, 11, 12d)

MISTER JYN - demon, takes form of genie within credit card
    (app)--Sleepwalker Holiday Special#1

MISTER KITTY - pet cat, rescued by Punisher during Hulk's assault on Manhattan
    --Punisher War Journal II#12

    -Klark* (app-ram)--Iron Man I#37 (37(fb)

MISTER KLINE (MK-9) - robot sent to modern time by Baal 5000 to alter his past, destroyed by other robots from his time after malfunctioned in battle with Daredevil
    -ASSASSIN*, Emil Borgdsky *Des* (1970s, MKE, app)--[Daredevil I#78], 79 (Iron Man I#41-43, DD80-83, [Sub-Mariner I#42], IM44,45, DD84d

MISTER LIGHTNING of the Old West ( ) - former carnival juggler, pursued criminal career until frightened into quitting by Rawhide Kid
    expert quick draw, but less than spectacular aim
    (app)--Rawhide Kid I#34 ( (rep141)

    (app)--Black Panther I#1

MISTER LUCIFER (Joshua Kliss) - used metal destroyer; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --USA Comics#15 (Spring, 1945)

MISTER M  (Absolon Zebardyn Mercator) - District X, 198, mutant, worked as a handyman, attempted to destroy District X after seeing its corruption, convinced to surrender and go to prison by Bishop, shot in the head by an agent of Alexei Vazhin, recovered, but initially aphasic, later protected the 198, left them after Johnny Dee forced Leech & Magma to destroy his body
    vast energy powers, repair electrical appliances
    (198)--District X#2 (4(fb), 2-6, 7-8, X-Men: The 198#1-5

MISTER M of Earth-973 - see MEPHISTO--What If? II#95

MISTER MACK - organized Wolfpack
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Wolfpack

MISTER MAGIC ( ) - employed by Mayhem Organization against Team America
    --Team America#3

    --Kickers inc (nu)#1 (New Avengers#16/2,

MISTER MAN - former agent of Fu Manchu, killed by Fu Manchu
    *D*(app-fmfa)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#2 (2, 7(fb), 2d)

MISTER MANN - New Jersey based superhuman/costumed character

MISTER MANTIS (    ) - leader of invading force of tentacled Martian robots, posed as human; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#33 (April, 1954

MISTER MARVEL of the Old West - Circus of Crime
    high wire balancer
    (app-circus)--Kid Colt, Outlaw#106

MISTER MASTERMIND of Earth-Amalgam - Mastermind + Mr. Mind
    --Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1

MISTER MAYHEM ( ) - Mayhem organization, employed Mr. Magic + Mind + Muscle against Ream America
    --Team America#3


"MISTER MEDUSA" (    ) - "Terrigen Marines"
    --Silent War#5 (6

MISTER MENACE - character from Protectors of Peace comic, briefly brought to life by Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius using one of Reed's inventions
    --Free Comic Book Day

MISTER MILLIONS ( ) - wealthy man, self-declared "friend of the poor and protector of the weak," uses money and influence to help others.
    (net-goldage)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#7 (April, 1941)

MISTER MIND ( ) - employed by Mayhem Organization against Team America
    --Team America#3

MISTER MISCHIEF of Earth-93060 - Godwheel
    --Sludge(uv)#12 (Lord Pumpkin#0

    (app-swampcity)--Howard the Duck II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

MISTER MORGAN's monster - see MORGAN, MISTER's monster (app)--

MISTER MURDER ( ) - dorky mercenary assassin, idolized Agent X, took him out of action to make money from Warren and Stiller, killed by Agent X
    --Agent X#12

MISTER MUSCLE ( ) - employed by Mayhem Organization against Team America
    --Team America#3

MISTER NACHT ( ) - Host.
    wears tophat + shades, posed as agent of Judas Traveller
    --Web of Spider-Man#117 (Amazing Spider-Man#394, Spider-Man#51, Spectacular Spider-Man#217, Amz400, Spdm57, 59, A416,417

MISTER NEGATIVE (Martin Li ) - runs the FEAST shelter, transforms into negative version of self, obtained Tablet of Death & Entropy, used it to slaughter the Karnelli and Manfredi families, obtained blood from Spider-Man in order to develop lethal toxin for him
    --Spider-Man: Swing Shift#1 (Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra!#1/1, Amazing Spider-Man#546-548, 558 (Li), 563 (Li), 564, Amazing Spider-Man Family#1/4 (Li), 568 (Li), 568/2 (Li), 569-570 (Li), 572 (Li), 575-576

MISTER "MIST" NELSON of Earth-Five for the Future (    ) - Five for the Future
    (app-EFftF)--Fantastic Four III#47 ([48(fb)], 47, 48

MISTER NICE - "rejects" leader, hired by Arcade, encountered of Northstar.
    inspire fear in others
    (net)--[Northstar#2], 3 (4

MISTER NIMBUS of "Earth-2023" - ally of Muse, manipulated New Warriors into attacking heroes
    (app)--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 - New Warriors: The Godsend

MISTER NOBODY of Earth-982 ( ) - criminal, armor enhanced by Tony ??, led crimes against fashion industry, agent of Kingpin and later Canis, attempted to free Crazy Eight.
    uses armor, teleport, turn intangible
    --Spider-Girl#1 (8, 34, 36, 37, 39,40, 42,43, 63-66

MISTER ONE & MISTER TWO - mutant, apparently slain in battle with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants/Mutant Force
    two bodies, one is large + strong, other is very small
    (app)--Captain America Annual#4 ([4(fb)], 4d?, ?Magneto#1? - probably not

MISTER P (    ) - clarinetist, popular musician circa 1961, foiled plot by Communists to turn him into a propaganda tool
    PIED PIPER* (app)--Tales of Suspense I#18/2

MISTER P ( ) - assassin, partner of Mister Q, hired by aim to kill an experimental cat
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#27

MISTER PAIN (Vince Dio) - father killed by super-villains, brother of Jackie/Underworld, betrayed Jackie and had him sent to prison, mutated via Consultant into Mr. Pain, employed by Owl, eventually killed by Jackie
    *D*--Underworld#1 (5 (fb), 3 (fb), 1 (fb), 4 (fb), 2 (fb), 1-4, 5d)

MISTER PAYBACK ( ) - formed Vigilante Squad to emulate Punisher (Castle), slaughtered heads of Worldwide Investor Corporation for crimes against humanity, killed by Punisher.
    wore red bandana over top of face, white t-shirt, used uzi, wm
    *D* (app)--Punisher V#5 (6, 7, 9-11, 12d)

MISTER PHAGE - see PHAGE, Mr. (app-gopher)--Howard the Duck I#32

MISTER PLOTNICK - see PLOTNICK, Mr. (app-mrrasp)--Cloak & Dagger III#1

MISTER POLLY (    ) - birdlike criminal, used trained parrot named Figaro; opposed by Captain America (Jeff Mace) and Bucky (Fred Davis)
    --Captain America Comics#63 (July, 1947)

MISTER PUNCH (    ) - District X, former agent of Kaufman, absorbed his punches when he became angry, possibly slain by a missile launched by Zapruder
    Possible superhuman durability
    --District X#2

MISTER Q ( ) - assassin, partner of Mister P, hired by AIM to kill an experimental cat
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#27

MISTER QUI - One of ten Chosen Ones who climbed the Xian Ghost Mountain and stole the Pixiu egg, last survivor of this group
    --Heroes for Hire II#2 (2 (fb), 2

MISTER RASPUTIN - sorcerer, changed name after to defeat to discourage him from acting publicly again
    -Mr. PLOTNIK* (1960s, app)--Strange Tales I#145 (Cloak & Dagger III#1(fb)->plot

MISTER S of Earth X (Scott Summers) - alternate future counterpart of Cyclops, organized later team of X-Men. balding
    CYCLOPS (sketch) Earth X Sketch, Earth X#1, 6

MISTER SCRATCH ( Bliss) - partner and husband of miss itch, father of skin and bones, bonded flesh to spider-woman (Franklin) and then tried to force bones to consume body of flesh in effort to permanently transfer curse to spider-woman.
    uses fencing foil, wears leather costume
    (net-itch+scratch)--Spider-Woman III#13 (17(fb), 15-18

MISTER SENSITIVE  (Guy Smith) - mutant, X-Force/X-Statix, parents died in a house fire at age 2, took drugs in early teens in effort to control powers, then tried martial arts, finally had suit designed by Professor X, recruited as leader of X-Force, nearly committed suicide, inadvertently stopped by U-Go-Girl, dated U-Go-Girl and Venus Dee Milo, apparently slain in battle against unnamed gunmen.
    vastly amplified senses, white hair, antennae, bumps over skin
    ORPHAN* *D* (OH2006#7, app)--X-Force#117  (117(fb6), 117-120, Thunderbolts I#57, XFor121,122, Weapon X#˝, XFor123, 124, Brotherhood#9, XFor125(fb), 125-129, X-Statix#1-5, 6-8, X-Men Unlimited#41, XS9, Wolverine/Doop#1,2, X-Statix#10, 11, 12, 13-18, 19,20, 21-25, 26d, Dead Girl#2-5 (spirit)

    --[Nextwave#1], 9 (10

MISTER SINGAPORE (Jackie Singapore) - mutant?, supremely wealthy, manipulates people + companies + governments   
    able to halt aging of others, uses people locked in pre-teens as mercenaries
    --Cable II#107

MISTER SINISTER (Nathaniel Essex) - employed Marauders and Nasty Boys, geneticist @ 1859, wife left him after he began experimenting on their dead son, mutated by apocalypse, gained metamorphing power from a time traveling courier in 1981, empowered living monolith for apocalypse, organized mutant massacre, seemingly killed when Mystique pushed his face into contact with Rogue while she possessed her death power; mind and DNA activated with ??? by Cronus project, leading her to become Miss Sinister
    -Sinister, Nosferatu, Pale Man, Edmond Atkinson, Arnold Bocklin, Mike Milbury, Dr. Nathan Milbury, administrator Pearson, Steven Shaffran, Dr. Robert Windsor*
    (M, OH2006#7, net)--[Uncanny X-Men#210], 221 (Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix#1-4, Cable Annual 1999(fb/1859), Gambit III#12-14, 16(fb), New X-Men#41/2 (fb), Cab An1999(fb/1899), X-Men: Hellfire Club#3(fb/1915), X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#2(fb)-5(fb)/1915-1916, Excalibur III#7(fb, Auschwitz), Weapon X II#14(fb/1944), 26(fb, post WWII), X-Men Annual 1995(fb), X-Men: Legacy#211 (fb), 212 (fb), 213 (fb), UX241(fb), X-Factor I#38(fb), Marvel Graphic Novel#17(fb)/UX376, Classic X-Men#41/2+42/2, X-Factor minus 1, UX386(fb), UX241(fb), XFac minus 1, X-23#3, UX350(fb), XFac38(fb), [UX193, 215<223(fb)>(fb), 210, 211, XFac10, Power Pack I#27, UX212, Thor I#374, UX213,214, XFac38(fb), UX215, 219], 221, 239, 240-242, XFac38, UX243, XFac39, [71-73],74,75, 78, [UX294], XFac84, XMen II#14, XForce#16, 18, [X34], XFac104,105, X39, XMen An1995, UX325, X45, Cab26-28, [XMan13], X51,52, Cab29, XMan18, XFor57, XMan19, Cab1999, Gam9, [UX376 379], X99, UX380, Gam15, X-Men Unlimited#30, Wolverine II#173 Weapon X II#4, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 26-28, X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#4(fb), 1(fb), 1-5, X187, X-Men II#200/2, UX488/2 (fb), [NXM#41/2 (fb)], [X200-201], 202-204, New X-Men#44, X205, UX493, [494], NX46 (fb, dies?), X-Factor III#27, [X-Men: Legacy#210-212], 213-214

MISTER SIX ( ) - New Orleans crimelord, allied with Papa Shorty, stole Amulet of Damballah from Phillip Bliss
    *D* (app)--Tales of the Zombie#2 (4/7, 5/1, 9d)

MISTER SLECH of Earth-691 - Asylum, led 1930s style mob, employed Sod and others
    (app-as)--Marvel Presents#5

MISTER SLICK ( ) - agent of Cottonmouth, stored his records in his head, killed when fell from building
    *D* (app-cm)--Power Man#19 (20d)

MISTER SLITHER 2099 - aka REPTILICUS--Ghost Rider 2099#13(15,20

MISTER SPARKS of Earth-93060 (    ) - young protégé of the Degenerate, killed him when Serena ruined his aim with the flame weapon while targeting Solitaire

MISTER SPECTOR ( ) - extradimensional counterpart of Moon Knight, partner of Ivory
    (app-ms)--Moon Knight III#42

MISTER SPLINY - see SPLINY (app)--Fantastic Four I#5

MISTER STEED - Knights of Wundagore

MISTER STOCKS ( ) - agent of headhunter, gunman
    (app-hh)--Namor I#7 (9

MISTER STRANGE of Earth-Five for the Future (    ) - Five for the Future
    (app-EFftF)--Fantastic Four III#47 ([48(fb)], 47, 48

MISTER STRANGER (    ) - killer in identity based on movie character; opposed by Blonde Phantom
    --Blonde Phantom#13 (Spring, 1947)

MISTER SUBLIME - see SUBLIME, JONATHON - leader of 3rd Species, bird like wings grafted to back, forced to jump out of a window by Martha Johanssen
    *D*--X-Men Annual 2001

MISTER TERMINEUS (Amodeus Q. Termineus) - Fallen Stars, enemy of Dr. Strange, desires to destroy nexus of realities, manipulated Man-Thing and Ellen Brandt, abducted Job Burke.
    black lines over eyes and mouth
    (app)--Man-Thing III#2 ([Strange Tales IV#2(fb)], [1(fb)], Man-Thing II#2-7, Strange Tales IV#1,2

MISTER TESSERACT - see TESSERACT, Mr. (app-tva)--Fantastic Four Annual#27

MISTER TICKLES - NuPonder, cat owned by Ms. Schave, abducted by Terrax robot for Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots
    --New Warriors III#4 ([4(fb), 4-5

MISTER TIMOTHY - Seven, leader
    --Blade#2 (3-5

MISTER TROUBLESOME  (            ) - Delta City, enemy of Fight Man
    --Fight Man#1

MISTER TUNE (Augustus Tuneski) - agent of Brothers Grace, enforcer and in charge of security + punishment + plastic surgery + all artistic acquisitions, fell in love with Meme, turned against Brothers Grace after they slew her, attempted to kill self and use t-device to poison East River, killed fighting Punisher, but device deactivated by him, body stolen.
    turns victims into grotesque sculpture
    --Marvel Knights II#1 (5(fb) 1-6

MISTER WU (    ) - Gentleman detective of east Indian descent, expert fighter, used cane as weapon, accompanied by young aide Alfie.
    --All Select Comics#11 (Fall, 1946)

MISTER X (Ray Deacon) - professional wrestler mutated by "super-steroids", impersonated and framed by king arthur
    (app-ka)--Captain America I#271

MISTER X ( ) - mass murderer, independently wealthy, bored with life, grew obsessed with deaths of others, employed Blok + Lady Killers (T& A) + Major Johnson, overpowered Wolverine in battle, threatened to return for another fight and then erased all evidence of his own existence.
    body covered with scars as marks for murders, master of armed and unarmed combat
    CHAMPION* (OH: Wolv)--Wolverine II#159 (161(fb1-5), 159-161, 167,168

MISTER X of Earth-Amalgam (Marco Xavier) - Professor X + Martian Manhunter, Skrull, JLX
    --JLX#1 (Magneto & the Magnetic Men#1, JLX Unl#1(fb), 1

MISTER YELLOW (    ) - apparent policeman, infiltrated Rafael Mendez' operations, caught and slain
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up II#5 (5 (fb, dies)

MISTER Z (    ) - criminal leader, ran insurance scam, used killing machine; opposed by the Terror (Laslo Peevely)
    --Mystic Comics#10 (August, 1942)

MISTER ZERO (    ) - ran Zero Real Estate, forced Big Monk McGak to surrender to the police
    possible ghost, able to turn immaterial and alter his form into a large ghost-like shape
    possible connection to the man from the 5th dimension
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#68/2

MISTER ZODIAC (Astro*) - mutated by volcanic eruption 4000 years ago, went on rampage in modern era until destroyed while fighting Spider-Man
    Transform into any of the twelve Zodiac signs
    Jane Virgo* (1970s, app)--Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac

MISTRESS - computer with Maria Stark's memories, created during final months of World War II, directed Arsenal, destroyed self after realized she was sending Arsenal to attack her "son" (Tony Stark)
    *D* (app)--Avengers Annual#9 ([9(fb), Iron Man I#114], AvAn9

MISTRESS of ASSASSINS of the Hyborian era - see OVADA--Conan the Savage#5 (6

MISTRESS of the BLACK BLADE - see Drew, Jessica (app-black blade)--Wolverine II#2

MISTRESS of DEATH (Elsa Bernhart) - female Nazi operative, seduced secrets from soldiers; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Captain America Comics#41 (August, 1944)

MISTRESS of NIGHT of the Hyborian era - see Nebethet--The Ivory Goddess; Savage Sword of Conan#60

MISTRESS of DOOM - see NAKARI--Moon of Skulls; Savage Sword of Conan#34/2 (

MISTRESS LOVE - physical manifestation of love, feminine form, granted power to Avatar and natives of Amaru
    -LOVE* (OH2006#7, app)--Infinity Gauntlet#3 (4-6, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#1, Silver Surfer III#66, Quasar#37, Marvel Universe: The End#4-6

MISTRESS MAXIMA of Earth-Amalgam - + maxima, hellfire league of injustice
    *D*--JLX Unl#1

MISTRESS MIDNIGHT of Earth-148611 ( ) - agent of Horst Kleinnman (Gnome)
    --Nightmask (nu)#2

MISTRESS TYANON - see TYANON--Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault#1

MISTS of ECTUS - magic spell/power used by Scarlet Witch-8823
    --Exiles II#1

MISTS of FROZEN TIME - Mindscape
    distort the passage of time

MISTUR - Sandorr’s Hunters, Chameloid, left behind on Earth, captured and killed by agents of the Hidden Ones
    *D*--Fantastic Four III#51

MITA (Alt, Ahlma, Dianne, Greer, Togaro) - Microverse visited by Captain America and Bucky
    --Captain America Comics#25-26, (April-May)

MITCH ?? - Family, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-family)--Punisher War Journal#54 (55, 56

MITCHELL, DAN - @ 1961, journalist, fabricated story about Gruto, exposed by him and ostracized
    (app-gruto)--Journey into Mystery I#67/1

MITCHELL, DAVID - V Battalion, former member of Kid Commandos, father of Twister, grandfather of Topspin
    --Invaders I#28 ->Human Top.
    Citizen V+ V Battalion: Everlasting#3, 4

MITCHELL, JACK - high school friend of Patricia Robertson
    --(voice) Venom#10

MITCHELL, Lt. PATRICK D. - US army, from a long line of soldiers, abandoned duty and fled from hulk, convinced of honor and duty by maj. lucas parker, stood up to hulk, convinced him to stop rampage. wm
    --Hulk Smash#1 (2

MITCHELL, YORKIE - MI5, assisted Andy Lorimer and the Punisher against Irish mobs in New York
    --Punisher VII#8 (9-12, 38, 39 (fb), 39, 42

MITCHELL, Captain - U.S. Coast Guard aboard Polar Sun, slain by Wendigo
    *D*--Sabretooth V#1 (2, 3d)

MITFORD, THOMAS - Valley Presbyterian, interviewed Joseph Waking Bear
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#4 ([4(fb)], 4(fb)

MITHRA - see MITRA (app)--Black Colossus; Savage Sword of Conan#2

MITHRAS - see MITRA (app)--Black Colossus; Savage Sword of Conan#2

MITHRAS DIRECTIVE (Montgomery ) - Landau, Luckman, & Lake, led by Overboss Dixon, sought to allow Messiah/S’Met’Kth to bring peace to Earth by nullifying free will.
    --Deadpool III#15

MITRA - Hyborian era god, worshipped as sun god as early as Acheron (13000 BC), later worshipped by other religions, monotheistic god, worshipped by the prophet-hero Epimetrius the sage;
    discussed in Savage Sword of Conan#7
    enemy of Xotli, worshipped in Hyborian era in Aquilonia, Argos, Corinthia, Nemedia, Ophir, Zingara;
    worshipped by Koth @ 11,000 BC
    oracle spoke to Yasmela, leading her to ally self with Conan, worshipped by Saturnyne
    MITHRA, MITHRAS (app)--Black Colossus; Savage Sword of Conan#2 ([SSoC#7, Conan Universe#1], [SSoC#29/4 (fb)], [Conan#147], SSoC#2, [SSoC#40], Conan of the Isles

"MITTENS" - @ 1857, stillborn kitten, possesses by Malkin Grey, forced to commit suicide to prevent Charles Grey from using its body
    (app-charlesgrey)--Marvel Frontier Comics Unlimited#1/6

"MIXED PICKLES" - presumably Mxyztplk (sp?), competed with Impossible Man
    Silver Surfer/Superman

MIXIMIXUM - centipede-like competitor in Galactic Marathon, tripped and taken out of the race by Fooferah

MIYAHIRO, Mr. - Japanese Department of Supernatural Sciences
    --X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame#2 (4-5

MIYAZAKI, Principal -
     --Big Hero Six#1 (2008)

MIYU - of the shinma, empowered Inoshiro Kondo
    -Empress of the Dark, Dark Lady (app-kon)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#14

MIZ TREE (Maiko Morioka) - Euro-Trash, Japanese mutant assassin, group up in a forest of conifers, smashed a Japanese Sarin sect, possibly killed by Anarchist during the rescue of Henrietta Hunter
    Transform into plant form
    (OH2006#4-euro, app-euro)--X-Statix#13 (13(fb), 14

MIZE (Stuart Welles) - B-Sides
    - Accelerate the breakdown of systems
    --B-Sides#1 (1/2, 1-3

MIZIMU  - African tribe?, superhuman spirits?
    --[Black Panther III#55] ([55(fb)]

MIZIX - Zundamite scientist, former slave of Terminus
    *D* (OH:AZU3-Terminus)--Fantastic Four I#270; (identified) Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#3 ([270 (fb)], 270d)

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