front used for MODOK + Ghost, e-mailed bombs "you da man", sought to decrease competition, blew up Crew Askew + Microwear Corp + several others, faked sending one to Iron Man's internal computers
    --[Iron Man III#42], 44 ([42, 43], 44, 45

MADBOMBS - created by Mason Harding, variety of sanity destroying devices, designed to demolish order in USA to allow Elite of Royalist Forces to take over
    (app)--Captain America I#193 ([199 (fb)], 193, [198], 199, 200, [224 (fb)], 224

MADCAP ( ) - formerly active in church, went insane when church group was killed in a motor accident and only he survived, exposed to compound x07 from AIM tanker, slaughtered and resurrected by the Hand
    regenerate from virtually any injury, as well as generate temporary insanity in others, mentally unstable
    -NOMAD/Monroe imposter (D#7,M,net)--Captain America I#307 (309(fb), 307, 309, Daredevil I#234, Power Pack I#34, She-Hulk II#9, Avengers Spotlight #29, Impossible Man Summer Vacation Special#1/2, Marvel Year-in-Review 1992, Captain America I#442, Thunderbolts Annual 1997(fb), Heroes for Hire #10, 11, Wolverine III#26-28, She-Hulk II#6

MADCOW (    ) - London Morlocks
    generate toxic methane levels
    (app-spinymorman)--X-Men: Watchers on the Walls

MAD DOG (Robert "Buzz" Baxter*) - mercenary, former security chief of brand corporation and colonel in us air force, former agent of secret empire III and roxxon, directed mutant force, ex-husband of patsy walker/hellcat, mutated by brand corp.
    enhanced senses and physical abilities, secretes neurotoxin in saliva
    (D#7, M, app)--Defenders I#125 (126-130, Solo Avengers#9/2 (fb), 9/2, Avengers Spotlight#22-25, Fantastic Four I#335, Alpha Flight I#111, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#35 (fb), 32-35, Captain America I#411-414, Siren Infinity

MAD DOG (   ) - homeless man, fancied himself a starving artist, rampaged when he was not allowed into a restaurant
    --Howard the Duck I#19

MAD DOG (Bobby ??) - murderous drug addict captured by Daredevil's unintentional influence
    (app-bobby)--Daredevil II#12

MAD DOG (Robert Morales) - Dakota North ally, watched after her brother Ricky
    --Dakota North#1 (2-5

MAD DOG of Earth-982 (Rassitano) - assisted in taking down Hobgoblin, arranged reality TV show in which he used stage props modeled after super-villain costumes to take out super-villains
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#4 ([4 (fb)], 4-5

MAD DOG#336 - see SPIDER-MAN--Amazing Spider-Man I#295

MAD DOG#736 - see CAPTAIN ZERO--Amazing Spider-Man I#295

MAD DOG#2020 - see BRAINSTORM--Web of Spider-Man#33 (Amazing Spider-Man I#295

"MAD DOG" MARTIN - see MARTIN, "MAD DOG" (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#6


MAD DOG WARD (Mad Dog 2020/Brainstorm, Captain Zero, Spider-Man/MD336, Vicky Gibbs)
- funded by Kingpin, used as place to stash those he couldn’t kill, also used to create certain assassins; once exposed, the Kingpin blamed it all on the Doctor
    - Brainstorm Ward--Web of Spider-Man#33 (Amazing Spider-Man I#295, Spectacular Spider-Man II#133

MADDEN, CHET - former head of AIM, former client of Connie Ferrari
    --Captain America III#35 (37, 39

MADDICKS, ARTHUR "ARTIE" - mutant, X-Terminators, Daydreamers, former X-Factor trainee, ward of Generation X, son of Karl, close friend of Leech.
    project images of own and others’ thoughts, mute, enlarged head with irregular bumps, mentally immobilize others
    (U#4, ME:X, net-artie+leech)--X-Factor I#2 (2(fb), 2, 3-10, Power Pack I#27, Thor I#374, XFac11-13, 15, 16, Marvel Fanfare I#50(fb), XFac17, 18, 20, An2, XFac21-23, 27,28, An3/2, 3, XFac29-33, XTerminators#1-4, New Mutants I#72-74, XFac40, NM An7/3, 7, XForce An1/2, Generation X#5-7, Annual 1995, GenX#13, [14], 18-20, 22, XMan Annual 1996, GX23, X-Men Unlimited#14, Incredible Hulk An1997, GX24,25, Daydreamers#1-3, [GX35], 36-39, 44, 45, 47, Generation X Holiday Special, GX51, 52, 57, 59, 60

MADDICKS, Prof. CARL - father of Artie, formerly with Brand Corporation, agent of Secret Empire, attempted to steal McCoy's research into cause of mutation, shot by Secret Empire for failing, recovered, granted custody over Artie after wife died, went to work for Ryan Biocehmical labs, hired Tower to kidnap Beast to help him reverse mutations to return son to normal, used Hank as test subject, sacrificed self to save Artie from guards at Ryan Biochemical.
    wm, bald,beard
    *D* (app)—Amazing Adventures II#11 (X-Factor I#3(fb), 2, 3d)

MADDIE ?? 2099 - savage land colony, daughter of mutaphobic man, friend of Franklin
    --2099: World of Tomorrow#2 (3-8

MADDOX - Atlantean statesman
    --Sub-Mariner I#64( Namor I#55

MADDOX - murderous enforcer of mine owner Dukas, trapped stuntman Human Fly
   (app-humanfly)--Human Fly#10

MADDOX, Dr. CAITLIN - geneticist rescued by Underground, ingested adrenalin from Prime Skrull
  immune to Tantalus' black legacy, has worn armor and used energy blasters
    (app)--Blackwulf#1 (2-10

MADDOX, DANIEL - son of John & wife
    --X-Factor III#16

MADDOX, Rev. JOHN - duplicate of Multiple Man, sent out to study religion, became a priest, married and had a son, convinced Madrox not to reabsorb him
    --X-Factor III#16 ([16 (fb)], 16

MADDOX, Mrs. - wife of John, mother of Daniel
    --X-Factor III#16

MAD-EYE - rack cat of Watcherworld
    --Captain Marvel I#39

MAD HARRIET of Earth-Amalgam - Female Furies
    (app-ff)--Bullets & Bracelets#1

Mad Hatter (Roy Clark) - criminal posed as scientist, used stilts to simulate growth formula, commanded "Jabberwock" creature, which was actually a costumed dog; battled Namor
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#80 (January, 1947)

MAD HATTER ( ) - actor hired by White Rabbit to pose as her ally
   (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#256

MADIGAN, LINDA - mother of Sean by George Tarleton
    --Ms. Marvel II#15 (15 (fb)

MADIGAN, SEAN - AIM, son of Linda Madigan(?) and George Tarleton, partner of AIM agent Baines, sought to split AIM into a number of splinters, detonated G-TAC scrambler inside MODOK in New York, shot and killed by Monica Rappaccini, reanimated as Head Case by another AIM cell
    *D*--Ms. Marvel#11 (17 (fb), 11-12, 15-16, 17d)

    second wife of Jonah Jameson, designed Spider-Slayer
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#162 (165-169, 172, 174, 175, [182], 190(fb), 184, Ms Marvel#9, A189-191, 198, 201, 206, Marvel Team-Up I#79, Spectacular Spider-Man II#57, 66, A231-233, 235, Sp80, A249, Amazing Spider-Man An18->jameson)

MADISON, TAYLOR - girlfriend of Hercules, artificially created by Zeus as trap for Hera
    *D*--Avengers I#349 (355, 357, 359, 367, Avengers Collectors Edition#1, Av380, 381, 382, 384d)

MAD JACK - see MYSTERIO (Danny Berkhart) (FFE, net/sf-mj)—Spectacular Spider-Man II#241

MAD JACK (Maguire "Terry" Beck) - enigmatic criminal, cousin of Quentin Beck/Mysterio, former agent of Norman Osborn, associated with same trainer as conundrum, briefly allied with Mysterio/Berkhart, childhood friend of Quentin, computer wizard, helped him upgrade his craft, defeated and exposed by Spider-man and Daredevil
    pumpkin-headed costume, manipulates psychoses
    -JACK O’LANTERN* (2006#6, ME-Spdm, net-sf)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#241(Spider-Man: Mysterio Manifesto#3(fb), Spec241-248, 257, 258, Sp:MystMan#1-3

MAD JIM JASPERS of Earth-238 - see JASPERS, JAMES (app)-- Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#377

MAD JIM JASPERS of Earth-616 - see JASPERS, JAMES (app)--Daredevils (UK)#7

MAD JUGGLER (    ) - assassin, previously fought "the Champion," sent after Humbug, ignored by him and Colleen Wing
    (app)--Daughters of the Dragon#4

MAD MAIRI - see DARK MAIRI of the SHORE (app)--Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth GN

MADMAN - see McHOOEY, MADMAN--Hulk Comic (UK)#2

MADMAN (Phillip Sterns) - brother of Leader, mutated by deliberate exposure to radiation.
    splintered mind, shapeshifter, enhanced physical abilities in some forms
    (OH: Hulk, app)--(Phil Sterns) Incredible Hulk II#362, (Madman) 364 (367(fb), 366-367 (fb), 362, 363, 364-367, 408 (fb)407, 408, 409 (fb), 409

MADMAN of SLADE MANSION - see MONSTER of the MOORS (app-monster)--Marvel Preview#8

MAD MARTIAN - created for comic book by Frank Johnson
    (app)--Strange Tales I#88

MAD MECHANIC (Otto Briefer)Nazi scientist and inventor stationed in a secret lab in Switzerland, created explosive watches to be sent to America, an indestructible war machine called the Spiked Chariot, and an army of robots; sent to attack Allied forces in France and Russia; opposed and defeated by the Young Allies.
(app)--Young Allies#12/3 (spring 1944) (name revealed in Marvel Atlas#1 (November 2007)

MAD MONK - see AELFRIC (app-aelf) --Werewolf by Night I#3

Mad Monk of Malamoor (Rudolf Parsons) - committed murders in castle, used spear and gun; battled Vagabond
    --USA Comics#4 (May, 1942)

Mad Musician (Boris Dumarr) - murderous violinist; battled Captain America (Jeff Mace) and Bucky ( Fred Davis)
    --Captain America Comics#62 (May, 1947)

MADNESS MONSTER - aspect of Adam Warlock + Magus
    (app)--Strange Tales I#181

MADONNA of Earth-839 ( ) - princess, ally of Captain UK
    --[Excalibur I#44(fb?)] ([44(fb), 45],

MAD PHARAOH (Hatap) - enemy of Cleopatra, took potion to enter suspended animation to avoid defeat at hands of her army, revived in modern era and forced stark to accompany him to his time, Iron Man defeated his army, fell on his sword while trying to regain his dropped magic charm.
    utilized Chariot of Time
    (1960s, app)--Tales of Suspense I#44

MAD PROPHET - see THUGRA KHOTAN (app)--Black Colossus, Savage Sword of Conan#2

MADRI - Saurians
    --X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#1 (2-4

MADRI of Earth-295 - multiple forms of James Madrox, pawns of Apocalypse
    --Amazing X-Men#2? (Blink#1, Amazing X-Men#2

MADRIPOOR (Baran, Gen.Coy, Madame Joy, Princess Bar, Tyger Tiger)
    -island @ phillipines, colony of uk, formerly ruled by prince baran
    (U#4, OH: Wolv)—New Mutants I#32 ( Marvel Comics Presents#1-10

MADRIPOOR SET - group of gemstones
    --X-Treme X-Men#10

    (app)--Marvel Swimsuit Special#4 (1995)

MADRIZAR - Brood world, used to house captured Acanti, invaded by Binary
    --Uncanny X-Men I#166

MADROX (James Arthur "Jamie" Madrox) - mutant, X-Factor, X-Corps, XXX Investigators/X-Factor Investigations.
    generate duplicates of self when absorbs concussive force
    additional dupe skills/careers include being a lawyer
    aka MULTIPLE MAN* (I#6,D#7,M, OH: MK)--Giant-Size Fantastic Four#4 (4(fb), 4, Uncanny X-Men#104(fb), 104, [Marvel Team-Up I#69], UX119, 122, 125, 126(fb), 126, 129, [Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3], New Mutants I#26, 27, UX An15, X-Factor An6, UX278, XFac69, UX280, XFac70, 71(fb), 71-75, Incredible Hulk II#390, 391, XFac76, Hulk392, XFacAn7, XFac77,78, Alpha Flight I#107, XFacAn#7/2, Infinity War#1, 2/Moon Knight III#41/Wonder Man II#13/Fantastic Four I#367, IW3/New Warriors I#27/WM13, IW4/MK43, XFac79-83, UX294, XFac84, XM II#14, XForce#16, UX295, XFac85, XFor17, XFac86-92, An8, XFac93-100"d", 129(fb), 105, 111, 128, 129, 132, 133, 135, 146, 149, X-Men Unlimited#22, UX An1999, UX401-406, X128-130, Madrox#1-4, New X-Men: Academy X#15, X-Factor III#1-6, 7-12, New X-Men#32

Mad Sculptor (Chris Ramsey) -
    Captain America Comics#50 ()

MAD SLAYER (Phillip Durant) - programmed by Fu Manchu with mind of Jack the Ripper
    *D* (app)--[Master of Kung Fu I#99], 100 (100(fb), 100d)

MAD SQUAD (Amanda von Doom) - group of government sponsored mad scientists and assassins sent to locate Bruce Banner

MAD THINKER ( ) - frequent ally of Puppet Master and Wizard, created and led Triumverate of Terror, created Awesome Android + Quasimodo + Scavenger + Intellectual Robots + many others, designed virus chip for Ricadonna
    computer-like mind, able to accurately predict the future when aware of all variables, no inventive ability
    -THINKER*, "Dr. Jose Santini" (I#6, D#7, M, 2006#6, net)--Fantastic Four I#15 (F4 I#15/She-Hulk II# (fb), F4#28, Strange Tales I#126, 131, Fantastic Four An3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends, X-Men: First Class II#1, Tales of Suspense I#72, Avengers I#134(fb), F4 An4(Av134(fb2)), Sub-Mariner I#14(fb), Av39, F4#68(Av135(fb)), 69, 70, [71, 79], Captain Marvel I#12, 13, Av63, SubM I#14, F4#96, 100, Marvel Team-Up I#6, Iron Man I#74, 75, 77, [F4#179], 181-183, Marvel Two-In-One#37-39, Amazing Spider-Man I#242, F4#300, Marvel Fanfare I#46, Avengers Spotlight#28, Power Pack#54, New Warriors I#4?, NewWar51, F4#395, Fantastic Four Unplugged#1, Spider-Man Team-Up#2, NW#72, 73, 75, [Thor I#498], 499, 500(fb), Thunderbolts#2, [Fantastic Four III#22], 23, Captain America III#50/5, [F4 III#60(fb)], [She-Hulk III#2(fb)], 2, 5,6, Captain America IV#31, She-Hulk I#11,12, [Fantastic Four: Foes#6(fb)], 1-6, [Daughters of the Dragon#6 (fb)], Fantastic Four#538-539, 542, She-Hulk II#20
    Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos

Mad Torso (    ) - scientist with mechanical limbs, transformed people into apemen; battled Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#28 (July, 1943)

MAD TWINS - Atlanteans mutated by Jacqueline Trufaut via mystic chain; allegedly patterned after the children of Neptune: Otus + Ephialtes
    TWIN GIANTS* (app)--Sub-Mariner II#3 (2 (fb), 4 (fb), 3 (fb), 3, 4

Mad Uncle (    ) -
    Marvel Mystery Comics#59 ()

MAD VIKING ( Josefsen) - went insane when forced to retire d/t age, father of Astrid, led reactionary crusade against high school, disintegrated by Man-Thing
    *D* (app)--Man-Thing I#16 (16 (fb), 16, 17, 18d)

MAD VIKING - see KNUT CAINE (app)—Tales to Astonish III#1

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