MADAK (Metal Arachnid Designed for Aggressive Killing) - designed by AIM, a number of units battled Captain America (Steve Rogers) in Oklahoma
    --Captain America#616/5 (2011)

MADAM MACABRE ( ) - Chinese criminal, allegedly educated by Mandarin, served by Gogo.
    used circuitry concealed in her wig to alter the size of objects made of a certain type of plastic by Gogo
    (1960s, app)--Tales to Astonish I#66 (66(fb), 66

MADAM MEDUSA - see MEDUSA--Fantastic Four I#36

MADAM MENACE - see BAIN, SUNSET (app-bain)--Machine Man I#17

MADAM OJANI - dim of Blackbody, headmistress of Pleasure Hive
    large female
    --Silver Surfer III#115 (116, 120, 121

MADAM OLGA ( ) - Quentin Carnival, inadvertently freed Wind Witch
    (partial sub-profile for null)--Ghost Rider II#66 (71, 72, 74

MADAM RAPIER ( Golembuski) - daughter? of Dennis/Golem, killed Mosh, framed as the Hood and unwittingly killed by FBI agents
    *D*--Hood#2 (3-5, 6d)

MADAM SALSA - incognito alias considered by Vivisector.
    "the sultry dancing queen of Rio"

Madam Satan (    ) - apparent demon, wielded petrifying spray, accompanied by Attila the Hun; battled Destroyer
    --All Winners Comics#8 (Spring, 1943)

MADAM SLAY ( ) - lover & ally of Killmonger, attacked black panther after apparent death of killmonger, later assisted him during his brief resurrection at the hands of the mandarin
    MADAME SLAY* (app)--Jungle Action#18 (Iron Man An5(fb), JA#18, Iron Man An5(fb), An5

MADAM WEB ( ) - hostess add, 8/77, battled spider-man but sought love affair with him
    (app)--Marvel Presents#10

MADAME (    ) - criminal shopkeeper, killed via exploding "dolls of death", employed Joe Grabbe; battled Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond); apparently killed in explosion
    *D*--Marvel Mystery Comics#62 (March, 1945)

Madame (Bran Carter)
    --All-Winners Comics#13)

MADAME ANGELA - vampire, owned brothel in 1930s era, out-hypnotized by Hodiah Twist, incinerated on exposure to sunlight
    *D/R/Des* (app-twist)--Vampire Tales#2/8

MADAME BANSHEE of Earth-Amalgam - Banshee + Madame .44, Generation Hex
    (app-gh)--Generation Hex#1


MADAME CAT of Earth-Amalgam (Selina Luthor) - Viper (Madame Hydra) + Catwoman
    (app)--Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD#1 (

Madame Crime (Claude Nite) - transvestite crime boss; battled Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
     --Marvel Mystery Comics#38 (December, 1942)

Madame De Farge (Yvette Bourbon) - attempted to kill actresses; battled Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Human Torch Comics#27 (Summer, 1947)

MADAME DEATH ( ) - enlisted by Future Man to assist his plan to exterminate population of earth in the 1940s to replace with people from his time in exchange for the promise of power + wealth in that society, helped him set up several traps across earth, employed the Pacific Pirates, knocked out by Miss America, trapped in the past with him
    (app)--(g) All-Winners#21; [Giant-Size Avengers #1] (Saga of the Original Human Torch#3(fb)

MADAME DOLL - see DOLLY, PRISCILLA (app-mrdoll)—Spider-Woman I#11 (12)

MADAME DRACHE - X-Ranch, former house mistress, killed by Church of Humanity.
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#399 (399d)

MADAME DuPONT's SCHOOL for GIRLS - LaVelle, Quebec
    --Alpha Flight I#

MADAME FANG (  ) - employer of Manslaughter Marsdale, bribed sports figures.
    elderly Asian woman
    (app-mars)—Amazing Spider-Man I#271 ([309]

MADAME FATE (C. B. Kalish) - assaulted two of Kingpin’s men in an attempt to prove herself in order to become his new assassin, rejected by Kingpin
    (app)--[Spectacular Spider-Man II#109]

    (I#12, D#14, M, OH: Wolv, app)—Captain America I#110 (Wolverine II#126(fb), Cap110, 111, 113, Avengers I#107(fb), Cap180(fb), 180->Viper)
    , Iron Man IV Annual#1

MADAME HYDRA ( ) - Attempted to kill Fury, led him and his agents towards AIM, captured by Deltite, escaped with aid of Alexander Pierce, sent to Tyler Foundation for the Criminally Insane, freed by Mai-Pan and served as an agent of the Yellow Claw, controlled a brainwashed Pierce
    MADAME HYDRA SIX* *D* (U#4, app)—Nick Fury vs SHIELD#3 ([Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#12(fb)], NHvSH#3-6, [Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#1], 9, 12-14d?)

MADAME HYDRA - see de FONTAINE, VALENTINA--Secret Warriors#2

MADAME HYDRA of Earth-1720 (Susan Richards) - captured and brainwashed by Hydra, conquered much of Earth, fled the planet during its apparent destruction, continued to recruit beings from various realities in a bid to conquer the Omniverse
    Overlord of Creation--Exiles#91 (92-94, New Exiles#6

    refers to a rank, not a succession
    (U#4, app)—Nick Fury vs SHIELD#3

MADAME JASMINE ( ) - ally of Bronsken + Moorek, fortune-teller, agent of Hydra

MADAME JOY ( ) - Madripoor, mistress of a brothel, ally of Tyger Tiger
    --Marvel Comics Presents#7( Wolverine II#10

MADAME La FARGE - runs ?mutant training? academy in Switzerland, hair on knuckles
    --[X-Men II#138]

MADAME MAUZER (    ) - Ubermadchen
    --Miss America 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009) (Avengers 1959#3-4

MADAME la MORTE ( ) - alleged spirit of death, dwelled in subterranean region of Sicilian island, led zombies and skeletons; fought Marvel Boy (Grayson)
    --(g) Astonish#4 (June, 1951)

MADAME LAERA - Children of Satan, fortune teller, the demon Nilrac was released from her crystal ball after Morbius shattered it (after seeing an image of Martine dead), Nilrac attacked Morbius, who slew both it and her
    *D* (app-cos)--Vampire Tales#1 (1d)

MADAME MACABRE - see MADAM MACABRE (app)--Tales to Astonish I#66

MADAME MacEVIL - see MOONDRAGON—Iron Man I#55 (Daredevil I#103, 105->moon)

MADAME MASQUE (Whitney Frost*, originally countess Giulietta Nefaria) - daughter of Count Nefaria, former head of Maggia, raised by Byron Frost to give her a normal life, face scarred when ship crashed following first battle with Iron Man, former lover of Tony Stark, following death of her father developed paranoid schizophrenia, went into seclusion from outside world within Nevada desert base, created Inner Guard, sent bioduplicates to pose as her and act in her stead, sent Benedict to retrieve Masque for its aberrant behavior, existence and truth behind recent activities revealed when sent robots to attack Avengers while they were fighting Grim Reaper, assisted Avengers and Thunderbolts against father after he destroyed her base.
    superb martial artist + marksman, used regular and gas guns
    -BIG M*, Kristine "Krissy" Longfellow*, the DIRECTOR, Bethany Cabe imposter *D* (I#6, D#7, M, 2006#6)--Iron Man I#17 (18+19(o), 17-19, 24, 35, Daredevil I#73, IM36, IM91-113, 116(fb), 114, 116, [139(fb), 137-139, 203(fb), 199-201, 203, 204, 238, 245, 247, Incredible Hulk II#361, Quasar#9, IM254, Iron Man III#11, 20, Avengers III#31], Av32, 33, Thunderbolts#44, Av34, New Avengers#33, 35-36, 37 (fb), 37, Annual#2

MADAME MASQUE bioduplicates- created to act in original’s place following the death of her father when went into paranoid seclusion:

MADAME MEDUSA of Earth-311 - circa 1602 AD -
    --1602: Fantastik Four#1

MADAME MENACE (Marie DuChailu) - Rat Pack
    - NUMBER TWO, Crime Queen of New Orleans--Marvel Chillers#3 (5, 6

MADAME MENACE - see BAIN, SUNSET (app-bain)--Machine Man I#17

MADAME MODOC of Earth-8410 circa 2023 AD (    ) -
    --Astonishing Tales II#2/2

MADAME QWA ( ) - agent of Black Tarantula, leader of True Believers, sister of Master Zei
    (app-true)—Amazing Spider-Man I#421 (421(fb), 421, 421/2, 422-424, 427, 428

MADAM RAPIER (    ) - agent of Dennis Golembuski, opposed the Hood, framed by Hood and killed by cops
    *D* (app-golembuski)--Hood#2 (3-6


MADAME SAPPHIRE of Earth-Amalgam - Madame Masque + Star Sapphire, Pepper Potts and Carol Ferris
    (app)--Iron Lantern#1 (2

MADAME SANCTITY of earth-cable (Tanya Trask) - daughter of bolivar trask, pulled into future by rachel summers/mother askani, brought to order of witnesses, joined askani after order was slain by diamanda nero, former leader of sisterhood of the askani, eventually degenerated into insanity and became ally of stryfe
    (net-sanctity)—[Excalibur I#75], Askanison#1 (Uncanny X-Men minus 1, X-Men: Phoenix#2, Cable II#52(fb), [Ex75], Ask#1-4, Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix, XMan25, Cab42, 69

MADAME SLAY-see MADAM SLAY (app)—Jungle Action#18

MADAME SWADABA ( ) - tarot card reader, had heart attack after being accused of being a faker by Elwood Sandt, ghost attempted to avenge herself on his daughter, used tarot cards and symbols as weapons, possessed Son of Satan, eventually exorcised
    *D* (app)—Marvel Spotlight I#20 (GS Man-Thing#5(fb), [MarvSpot#21(fb)], 20-22

MADAME SYNN ( ) - ally of Dr. Mynde
    *D* (app-drm)—Captain Marvel I#24

MADAME VANITY (        ) - ran a brothel, raised Eric Brooks (Blade), association with Order of the Tyrana
    *D*--Vampire Tales#8/4? (Blade III#1 (fbs), Blade III#9 (fb, dies)

    --Elekta II#13

MADAME VIPER - see VIPER (app)--

MADAME WEB (Cassandra Webb) - mentor to Spider-Woman (Franklin), grandmother of Spider-Woman (Wittier), elderly woman, occasional ally of Spider-Man, developed myasthenia gravis, formerly confined to life support, participated in the Gathering of the Five, gained "immortality", which resulted in a dramatic age regression and an increase in powers, although she did age further a short time later, began to train Spider-Woman (Franklin).
    clairvoyance, precognition, other mental powers, confined to wheelchair
    (I#6,U#4,M, OH:Spdm2005, net)—Amazing Spider-Man I#210 (216, 229, 230, 239, Spider-Man I#96," Amz441d," Spider-Woman III#1-4, 5,6, 7, 8, Amazing Spider-Man II#14, SpWm9, 10,11, 14, Alias#17(fb), Sensational Spider-Man III#25-27, 29, 38-39

MADAME X (Nina Vladimirovna  Tsiolkovsky) - Communist agent, People’s Security Forces, posed as male agent to attain rank of top espionage agent, sent by to USA to learn the secrets of Pym particles from Ant-Man, attempted to deceive him by posing as ex-lover of Comrade X, discovered and defeated by him, later agent of Hungarian communists, encountered West Coast Avengers
    used gun that shoots poison gases
    -COMRADE X* (1960s, app)--Tales to Astonish I#36 (West Coast Avengers II#36(fb), 33, 36

MADAME X'ARTHALLA - see X'ARTHALL (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#81

MADAME YANG FEI KWEI - tiny mentalist
    able to turn victims into servants lobster lad + roach
    --Blaze II#7 (8

MADAME ZELDA (Zelda? ??) - Faker fortune teller, formerly worked with a band of travelers, gave Meggan lead on the band containing the Neurii
    (app)--Excalibur I#44 ([44(fb)], 44

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