M - see PENANCE.
    Generation X, union of Nicole and Claudette St. Croix, sisters of Monet and Emplate, took form of Monet when she was transformed into Penance by Emplate, later transformed into Penance in order to free Monet
    -M-PLATE (net)--("MSC") Uncanny X-Men#316 (Generation X#40(fb), UX316, XMen II#36, UX317;
    (M) X-Men II#37 (UX318, GenX#1-3, XForce#42, GX4-6, UX325, GX7, Wolverine II#95, GX8, 9, GX An1995, An1995/2, GX10, 11, X49, GX12-15, Hulk An1997/2, GX An1997, Generation X: Crossroads, GX16-20, 21-28, 29-31, [32-39], 40->Penance)

M (Monet St. Croix) - mutant, Generation X, X-Corps, X-Factor Investigations, X-Men, sister of Emplate + Nicole + Claudette, raised in Algeria, Monaco, formerly transformed into Penance by Emplate, form taken by Nicole and Claudette, later freed by them.
    fly, enhanced strength and durability, telepathy, photographic memory
    -PENANCE* (2006#6, 198, net)--Generation X#40 (40(fb)->penance.
    GX#40, 41, X-Men Unlimited#20, GX42-44, 45, 46, 47, 48, Generation X HolSp1999, GX49, 50, XMan50, GX51, XMU#23, GX52, 53,54, 55,56, 57, Wolverine II#141, GX58, GX An1999, GX60-62, 67-70, 63-66, UX388, GX72/71, 74, 75, UX403-406, XMen II#128-130, UX310, X-Factor III#1-6, [Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

M6-14 - AIM agent, informed MODOK of the Black Lama's offers to the Man-Bull, Whiplash and Melter
    --Iron Man I#74

M-9 (Nina ) - Mannite, young girl, telepathy, restructure matter, created by Operation: Zero Tolerance and held prisoner by them, freed by Xavier, Rene Majcomb, and Darryl Smith
    MANNITE (net-nina)--Onslaught: Epilogue (XMen II#82-84, Uncanny X-Men#372, Astonishing X-Men II#1-3

M-21 - based on Atlas Foundation's Menacer-series robots, served Jade Claw, destroyed by Human Robot
    --Agents of Atlas II#8 (9,10,11d

M-31 galaxy - see ANDROMEDA galaxy
    mistakenly identified as possible designation of the Shi'ar galaxy in Annihilation Prologue
    (identified) Annihilation Prologue

M-80 (Sayuri Kyota) - Elite Agents of SHIELD, Japanese woman, lost grandmother in bombing of Hiroshima, obsessed with explosives.
    master of explosives
    (app)--Captain America Annual 2000/2 (Thunderbolts I#69, 71

M-PARASITEPLATE of Earth-Amalgam - Emplate + Parasite (app-gh)--[Generation Hex#1(letters)]

M-PLATE - created by merging of M and Emplate, allied with Chimera to access the Universal Amalgamator
    —Generation X#34 (35-37

M SQUAD (Dr. Goerge Martin, Dr. Snodgrass, Dr. Shiner ) - mutant hunters
    --Uncanny X-Men#240 (X-Factor An4/3, UX244

MA - name for floating computer/robot assistant of Vincente
    --Crew#3 (4-7

MA GNUCCI - see GNUCCI, MA (app)--[Punisher V#1], 4

MA MAYHEM ( ) - Committee
    --Werewolf by Night I#18 (20

MAABOO - extraterrestrial, came to Earth in the mountains of Burma years ago, forced natives to give him gold, told them he would be back for more, actually sought an example of humanity's worst to bring back to his world, abducted Dirk Collins
    Metamorph, live for centuries
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I #19/3 (19/3(fb), 19/3

MAA-GOR - Man-Apes, long-time enemy of Ka-Zar and Zabu
    - MAN-GOD*--X-Men I#10 (Ka-Zar the Savage#15/2, 22/2-26/2, Astonishing Tales#11(fb), XM I#10, Daredevil I#12, 13 AstT#11, KaZar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle#3 (1-5?), Savage Tales#6, Annual#1?

MAALOCK - mystic entity invoked by cult of Zhered-Na,
    "Mists of Maalock" were used to transport Jennifer Kale and Man-Thing to Sandt dimension in search for Tome of Zhered-Na
    --[Adventures into Fear#14]

MAARIN - planet of Mekkans and formerly Maarin
    --Fantastic Four I#173

MAARIN race - humanoid, constructed mekkans, wiped out by plague
    --Fantastic Four I#174

MAAS, ALDEN - creator of Wonderworld, created Project: Worldcore to superheat earth’s magma core in an attempt to expand earth’s surface area to provide more room for earth’s population, kidnapped Human Torch (Storm) for use as a power source, used variety of robot versions of his cartoon characters, eventually revealed to have died several years beforehand from degenerative nerve disease, form and mind animated by his android servants until he believed his project came to fruition
-MESSIAH*, SAVIOR* *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#263 ([264 (fb)], 263, 264d)
image: Fantastic Four I#264,p5,pan2

    gray goddess of balance and wonder, invoked Ashake
    --[Mystic Arcana#1]

MABUCHI, Lt. - @ World War II, hid Japanese rubber supply in Buddhist temple to prevent its destruction
    (app-fox)--Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#15

MAC of Earth-691 - asylum, prison inmate, served decades for robbing a gas station with a cap gun
    (app-as)--Marvel Presents#5

MAC ?? - Power Men
    *D* (app-pm)--Cage I#6 (7d)

MacALEER, BRENDA VIRGINIA - wife of conor
    --XMan44 (51, 52

MacALEER, CONOR - ran boarding house in Dublin Ireland in which nate grey stayed, husband of Brenda
    --XMan44 (51, 52

MacARTHUR, NORMAN - husband of Peggy, mind temporarily usurped by Dr. Doom
    INVINCIBLE MAN*  (app)—Fantastic Four I#260 (287(fb), F4#287,288

MacARTHUR, PEGGY - wife of Norm
    (app-norm)—Fantastic Four I#287 (287(fb), 287,288

MacARTHUR, - owner of MacArthur's Cafe, gave free meals to cops but not Spidey; convinced Spidey to hide out in his kitchen while the Rhino ate there
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#13

MacARTHUR's CAFE - owner convinced Spidey to hide out in his kitchen while the Rhino ate there
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#13

MacAWBER, "BLACK" JAMIE - "protector" of the loch fear monster
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#192

Ghost Rider 2099#15

MacCAFFREY, judge - presided over sexual assault trial of Starfox
    --She-Hulk II#6 (7

MacDERMID, CONSTANCE - lawyer, former intern at Nelson & Murdock, accompanied Matt Murdock to Redemption, Alabama
    --Daredevil: Redemption#1 (1-6 (fb), 6

MacDONALD, ANNA REYNOLDS - wife of Peter, mother of Jacqueline, bitten by Dracula, survived
    (app-jac)--Tomb of Dracula II#3 (3(fbs), 3

MacDONALD, JACQUELINE - daughter of Anna Reynolds MacDonald, who was bitten by Dracula, developed parasitic relationship + partial possession by Dracula
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula II#3

MacDONALD, JAMES - New York Fire Department, exposed to mutagen, virtually incinerated in fire, but survived, gained powers, cured by Jen Montez
    --Call II#1 (2-4

MacDONALD, NANCY - wife of James, in the process of getting a divorce, killed by Halidon's agents
    --Call II#2 (3

MacDONALD, Miss - former secretary/assistant to Frederick Hudson circa 1959, possibly impregnated by him, presumptive relative of James MacDonald Hudson
    --Wolverine: Origins#27 ([27 (fb)], 27 (fb)

MacDONALD, PETER - father of Jacqueline, husband of Anna
    (app-jac)--Tomb of Dracula II#3 (3(fb), 3

MacDUNNOUGH, CADIE - field reporter for Tsunami magazine, possibly slain when Walters -- transformed into a giant monster by the Gibborim's magic -- struck down her helicopter
    *D*--Runaways#18 (Runaways II#21d)

MacELMORE, JIM - bank guard, inadvertently killed by Rhino who sent money to his widow
    *D*--Punisher War Journal II#13

MacEWAN, ROGER - slain by alternate dimensional X-Men (Shadow-X)
    *D*--New Excalibur#1

MacFARLAND, bishop – 1920s, helped Frank Neal fight off Dracula
    (app-ang)—Tomb of Dracula II#4 (4(fb)

MacGREGOR, ANGUS - servant of the Ravenlocks, recounted the history of Ghost and "Black" Hugh Ravenlock
    (app-Ghost)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#3

MacGREGOR, GABRIEL - former inventor, friend of Tony Stark, became delusional, committed suicide
    --Marvel Double Shot#4/2

MacINNIS, IAN - 1930's era, lover of Lady Daemon, shot Alisabeth Daemon when she summoned the demons of the Outer Dark, resulting in Hindenburg explosion
    (app-ladydaemon)--Bizarre Adventures #25 (25(fb), 25

MacINTOSH, ANN - daily bugle, classified solicitor. wf, brunette
    --Amazing Spider-Man An18 (Amazing Spider-Man I#260, Marvel Comics Presents#115, 150, A285, DailyBugle3 Spider-Man#69

MacKENZIE, ALPHONSO "MAC" - SHIELD II, former liaison between SHIELD II and FBI, active in efforts to break through conditioning of recovered agents from Deltite affair, formerly dated Val de Fontaine, wrote Unshielded: An Unauthorized Insider's Look Behind the World's Most Powerful Global Spy Network
    (U#4)–Marvel Comics Presents#3 (4-6, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD III#1-10, 12-14, Punisher II#41, Marvel Comics Presents I#3, 4, NF#15-20, 22, 25, 27, 43-46, 47, [Amazing Fantasy II#10(fb)], Pulse#8-9

MacKENZIE, Dr. - physics lecturer at Thames University, defended Captain Britain when Dai Thomas attempted to blame him after a battle with Hurricane
    (app)--Captain Britain I#5

MacKENZIE, Dr. – worked in the Savage Land alongside Shanna
    –X-Men Unlimited#48

MacKENZIE - University of Wisconsin-Madison football player, encountered Alaris
    (app-alaris)--Inhumans V#8

MacLAIN, MELODI CAITLYN "MICKY" of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD - daughter of Marcus Wellington, ally of Iron Man (Arno Stark)
    --Iron Man 2020#1

MacLAIN, Dr. MYRON - @ World War II to modern era, unnamed wife and son, inventor of Adamantium, as well as designer of Captain America’s proto-Adamantium shield, held hostage in past by Ultron to build Adamantium form and later by Stane International to recreate proto-Adamantium
    Myron MacClain (app)--Avengers I#66 (Captain America I#303(fb), Wolverine minus 1, [Conspiracy#2 (fb)], Av66,68, [Captain America I#304(fb)], 303,304, Avengers West Coast#89-91

MacLEOD, Mrs. - Scottish aunt of Mary Jane Watson, died, left her a castle in Scotland
    MaCLOUD?--Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth

MacNAMARA, HARVEY – Empire State University registrar, targeted by Foolkiller
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#225

MacNAMARA, Det. JOSEPH - investigated attacks proctor used to frame Sersi
    —Avengers I#357 (360,363,364/2(fb),372

MacNEIL, BECKY - sister of vindicator (Heather), youngest daughter of Claire + Ramsey, often mistaken for Heather
    (net)–Alpha Flight I#64

MacNEIL, BLAINE - Weird Happenings Organization

MacNEIL, CLAIRE - mother of vindicator (Heather), wife of ramsey, mother of seven, lives in ??, helped raise Elizabeth Twoyoungmen
    (net)–Alpha Flight I#5/2 (47(fb1), Alpha Flight II minus 1, Alpha Flight I#47(fb3), 47

MacNEIL, RAMSEY - father of vindicator (Heather), briefly possessed by the trees/space seed
    (net)–Alpha Flight I#5/2 (47(fb1), Alpha Flight II minus 1, Alpha Flight I#47(fb3), 47

MacPHERRAN, Mr. + Mrs. + oldest sister + two older brothers - relatives of Titania
    --She-Hulk I#10 (10(fbs)

MacREEDY, JAMES "RED" - World War II, briefly trained by Nick Fury, worked with Lon Wilcox, Larry Freese, and Russ Talbert; killed by Nazis
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#116

MacTAGGERT, JOE - ex-husband of Moira, father of Proteus, alcoholic, abusive, slain + body possessed by Proteus
    *D*--X-Men I#127 (Uncanny X-Men#389 (fb2,3), UX127d)

MacTAGGERT, Dr. MOIRA KINROSS - geneticist, headed mutant research center at Muir isle, mother of Proteus, adoptive mother of Rahne Sinclair, former lover of Professor X and Banshee, infected with Legacy virus, developed cure, died after passing that knowledge onto Professor X, from wounds suffered at hands of Brotherhood
    (U#4, OH: BoD) *D*--XMen I#96 (Excalibur I#75(fb), UX117(fb), Uncanny X-Men#273(fb), 300(fb), UX389(fb3,[4]), X-Men: Legacy#208 (fbs), Cable minus 1, X-Men: Hidden Years#10, X-Men II#2(fb), [X-Men: Deadly Genesis#5 (fb), 2/2 (fb), 3/2 (fb)], 4/2, 4 (fb), 6 (fb), 1 (fb), 3 (fb), [XM I#94], UX#2, XM I#96(UX4), 106(fb), 97,[Classic X-Men#1], XM I#98, CXM6, 9/2, XM101, CXM#10, 11, [XM102, 103], XM104, Iron Fist I#15, XM109, 110, [Marvel Team-Up I#69], UX119, 128(fb1), UX26, [120], 122, 125, 128(fb2), 126-129, CXM36/2, UX133, 135, 141, 142, [145], 146, 148,UX150, An5, UX158, 159, [160], 161, 163, 165, Marvel Graphic Novel: New Mutants, New Mutants I#1, 3, UX167, 168, 175, NM22-24, 26-28, Secret Wars II#1, [UX197], 199, NM#44, 46, UX212, 213, NM47, UX216, 217, Fallen Angels#1, 2, Avengers vs XMen#1, 2, UX227, [Excalibur SE#1], UX#23/2, Excalibur I#4, 11, 25, 26, Marvel Comics Presents#18(fb), 17/2, 18-24, UX253-255, X-Men Forever#2(fb2), UX257, 258, NM#88, UX259, NM88, 89, UX269, 271, 273, Excalibur: Weird War III, Uncanny X-Men An15, X-Factor An6, UX278, X-Factor I#69, UX280, XFac70, XMen II#1-4, XFac75, X14, UX295, X15, XFor17, UX296, UX86, Wolverine II#82, Ex#72-81, UX106(fb), 106, XForce#37, Excalibur An2, Ex84-86, XMen: Prime, Cab21, Ex87-90, UX326, Ex91, 92, Generation X An1995, XMan11, 12, Ex83, Cab29, Ex95, 97, 98, UX335, Ex100-102, 104, Ex105, Cab39, 40(fb), Ex106, 107, Xman26, [Ex108], 109, X-Men Unlimited#16, 112-114, UX348(fb), GX#32, 33, Ex115, [116], 117, 118, [119], 120, 121, 122-125, XMU21, [UX362], Magneto Rex1, Gambit III#2, Gambit An1999, UX375, X95, XMU#25, UX376, X96, Wolv146, 147, UX377, Warlock III#7, XMU27, X108d/X-Men: Legacy#216 (fb),UX389(fb, funeral), Dead Girl#2-5 (spirit)

MacTAVISH - Loch Fear, descendent of a clan dedicated to slaying the Loch Fear monster
    --Incredible Hulk II#192

MacWHIRTER, ANGUS - sailed ship at Muir Isle, killed by Proteus
    *D* (app)--X-Men I# 104 (Cable minus 1, XM I#104,119d)

MACABEE ( ) - Disciples of Doom.
    manipulate the four ancient elements
    (app-dm)–Daredevil I#97 (98

MACCABEE of the Microverse - large & strong gladiator in Karza's Arena of Death
    (app)--Micronauts Annual#1

MACABEE, mayor - Coot's Bluff, Alaska
    --Drax the Destroyer#2

MACABEES – the Judahite warriors from the first Hanukkah who opposed Antiochus Epiphanes

    manipulated daredevil in attempt to kill "immaculate conception" baby Karen
    --Daredevil II#1, (named)2 (3-6

MACABRE – extradimensional viral swarm, leader, defeated by Secret Defenders
    drain life force from others, grant temporary youth to the elderly
    (app-vs)--Secret Defenders#2 (3(fb), [1], 2, 3

MACE (Shigeru Ezaki clone) - former agent of Sunrise Society, trained in martial arts by Mas Kimura, surgically outfitted with variety of technological weapons by Dr. Ito, turned against Society when they had Dr. Ito killed, placed in cryogenic suspension by them, escaped after they revived him
    (AZU#4)--Venom: Mace#1 (Marvel Comics Presents#160/3, 161/2, 162/2(frozen), 163/2, Venom: Mace#1-3

MACE, GIDEON – Security City, Operation: Cage, Operation: Overpower, led militia, nearly killed white tiger (Ayala), shot to death by own men on his order in attempt to kill spider-man
    *D* (2006#6, app)--Luke Cage: Hero for Hire#3 (3(fb), 3, Power Man#23(fb), 23, 43-45, [46], [Spectacular Spider-Man II#49/2], 50/2, 51, 52d)

MACE of the WAR-MYTHs - weapon of Odin, stolen by Tyr when he desired Sif, used to attack Thor
    —Thor I#312

    HOBGOBLIN*, JACK O'LANTERN* (OH: Spdm: BiB)--Machine Man I#19

MACENDALE, JASON "JAY" III - son of Hobgoblin & Karen Vancolder

MACH, CARL - former host of the green symbiote that later merged into Hybrid
    *D*--Venom: Lethal Protector#4 (5, Spider-Man/Human Torch#5, Venom: Separation Anxiety#1-4(d carl), Venom: Along Came a Spider#1/2->hybrid)

MACH-1 - see MACH-4.
    initial identity
    (net)--Incredible Hulk II#449 (Thunderbolts Annual 1997(fb), Thunderbolts#1, Hulk449, [450], Tales of the Marvel Universe#1, Tb2-4, Tb An1997, Tb5,6, 7(fb), 7,8, Heroes for Hire#7, Tb9, [Hlk459], Heroes Reborn: The Return#2, Tb10-18, [19(fb)], 19-22, Tb#0, Avengers III#12, Tb22, 23, 26, 29->Beetle (Tb33(fb) 33-37)->mach2

MACH-2 - see MACH-3.
    (net)—Thunderbolts#37 (Thunderbolts Annual 2000, Tb38-43, Av33, Tb44, Av34, Tb45(fb), 45-47, 47(fb), 47-49, 50(fb), 50, 51, 52, Thunderbolts: Life Sentences, Tb54, 56, 57->mach3

MACH-3—Thunderbolts#57 (75, Avengers/Thunderbolts#1 (fb), 3, 5,6-->Mach4

MACH-4  (2006#6)--New Thunderbolts#1 (2-6, 13-16, 17, 18, Thunderbolts#19/100, 101, 102-105, Civil War#4, Tb106-109

MACH-5  (Abner Ronald "Abe" Jenkins) - Thunderbolts, armored warrior, uniform designed by Fixer/Techno, turned self over to police after Hawkeye joined to make penance for past murders, imprisoned in Seagate prison, romantic interest of Songbird, given new identity and temporary appearance of African-American by Techno (as Ogre), modified armor, reformed the Thunderbolts after getting out of prison, initially acquired funding from Baron Strucker, armor destroyed by the Wellspring, recruited as government agent, later served at the Raft
    -Mobile Armored Cyber Harness, Mechanized Aerial Combat Harness - BEETLE*, Aaron Jeffries, Jake N. Beaner, Matthew Davis, MACH 1-3*, MACH-4*
    (joke alias) Thunderbolts#75; (real alias) Enter the Heroic Age#1/3

MACHA - Hyborian era and Celtic god
    --Conan the Adventurer

MACHANs (Mahkizmo) - men of Earth-Machus, which eventually merged with Earth-Femizonia
    (app-mahk)--Fantastic Four I#151 (151(fb), 151-153

MACHETE (Ferdinand Lopez) - Batroc's Brigade, Doom's Brigade, former revolutionary of San Diablo South America, became mercenary to finance revolution, reportedly killed by Zeitgeist (Ekler).
    proficient at throwing of bladed weapons
    *D?* (D#1,M)--Captain America I#302 (303, Solo Avengers#3, Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge, Captain America I#357/2, 358-362, 411-414, [442(d)]

MACHETE (Alfonso Lopez) - brother of Ferdinand & Mariano, inadvertently killed by Kali Vries while being brought in by Stars
    *D*--Elektra I#7 (Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman, Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six novel , USAgent II#1d)

MACHETE (Mariano Lopez) - brother of Ferdinand & Alfonso
    --Great Lakes Avengers#2 (3-4, New Thunderbolts#8, [Thunderbolts II#103], Union Jack II#1

MACHIAVELLI, NICOLA - Italian philosopher @ 1469-1527, wrote The Prince
    --[Captain America I#269]

MACCHIAVELLI CLUB (Mr. Auric, Wilson Fisk, Gentleman, Ghost/Fu Manchu, Gruber brothers, Justin Hammer, Hannibal Lector, Lex Luthor, Mister Glass, Obadiah Stane, Herr Taubman, Diedrich van Horn, Mortimer + Randolph, Ras + Soze + Carmen)
    - Club for wealthy criminal geniuses, founded in 1890s by a London Mathematician
    (app-gentleman)-- Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six (Spider-Man: Revenge of the Sinister Six


MACHINEHEAD 2099 - former ruler of Techville
    *D*--Ravage 2099#23

MACHINE MAN (X-51*) - Nextwave, Operation: Lightning Storm, sentient robot built by Dr. Able Stack, final robot in a series, all others became violent and were destroyed, formerly worked as investigator for Delmar Insurance
    -Aaron Stack, MISTER MACHINE, SIR MacHINERY*, Jack Kubrick
    (I#6, D#7, M, 2006#6, net)—(x51) 2001: A Space Odyssey#8; (Mr. Machine) 9,10; (Machine Man) Machine Man I#1 (X-51#3(fb1-3)/12(fb1), 2001:ASO#8-10, Marvel Comics Presents II#10/2?, MachM#1-9, Incredible Hulk234-237, MachM#10-18, 19(p1-6), Marvel Team-Up An3, Marvel Team-Up#99, MachM#19(p7+) Hulk278,279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1, [2, 3], Marvel Two-In-One#92, 93, Iron Man I#168, Marvel Graphic Novel#27, Avengers I#287-290, Marvel Comics Presents I#10/3, Iron Man Annual#11, Thor An15(fb), Avengers West Coast An5, Avengers An19, Deathlok II#4(fb2), 2, 3, [4], 5, Avengers West Coast#83, Avengers III#1-3, Captain America III#3, 4(fb), 4, Cable/Machine Man An1998, Machine Man/Bastion An1998, Thunderbolts#29, X-51#0, UX371, X91, X An1999-->X-51 (X-51#2(fb2), 1(fb1-4), 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7-9), Nextwave#5 (fb), Marvel Comics Presents II#9/2 (fb), 1-12, Civil War#6-[7], Marvel Comics Presents II#8-11 (fbs), 8-12, Ms. Marvel II#18-20, 21-24, 26-27

MACHINESMITH (Samuel Saxon) - Skeleton Crew, Crimson Cowl (Hammer)’s Masters of Evil, master robotocist, former enemy of Daredevil, died when fell off of hovercraft as Mr. Fear, mind transferred into robotic body by robot servants, worked with Dr. Jonothon Cayre, agent of Red Skull (Shmidt), revived Sleeper
    transfer mind into any robot or computer system
    "STARR" Saxon*, Mr. FEAR*, SMITH *D/Remade as robot* (D#7, M, 2006#6, net)—Marvel Two-In-One#47 (Captain America I#368/2(fb1+2)->Saxon.
    (app)--Captain America I#249(fb), MTIO#47, 48, [Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/2], [Excalibur: Air Apparent(fb)], Cap247-249, 368/2(fb3+4), [Cap351], 354, [Avengers I#313, Avengers West Coast#55, Avengers An19/3(fb)], Cap368, 368/2, 369, 370, Av323/2, 324/2, 325, [Cap376, 377], 378, 387/2, 389/2, 390/2, 393,394, 396, 398/2, 409, 451(fb), Iron Man I#320, 322-324, [Cap450], 451-453, [Iron Man An1998(fb)], Thunderbolts#64, 65, 67, 69, New Warriors IV#11-13, Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier#1-4, Astonishing X-Men III#43 

MACHINE TEEN - designed by Dr. Isaac Adamson as part of Project: A.D.A.M. (Autonomously Decisive Automated Mechanism)
    -Adam Aaronson* (2006#6)--Machine Teen#1 (1(fb)/[3(fb)], 1-5

MACHISMO MOTORS - detailed Johnny Storm's car, paid with money taken from Sue's account
    --Spider-Man Family#3

MACHUS - see EARTH-Machus (app-mahk)--Fantastic Four I#151

MACK (    ) - bullied Delroy Watkins
    --Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes II#2

MACK, Mr. - organizer of modern incarnation of the Wolfpack, trained by one of the ten during World War II, killed by .
    skilled in martial arts
    *D*--Wolfpack Graphic Novel

MACK, Det. - investigated disappearance of Alex Aaron, shot by Ares for trying to stop him
    --Ares#1 (2

MACKELROY, - soldier, friend of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America: Man out of Time#1 (2011)

MACKEN, sheriff GARVIN - Elijah, died saving others from factory torched by Blowtorch Brand, soul escorted to the afterlife by Valkyrie
    *D* (app-blowtorch)--Defenders I#135

MACLEMORE, JIM - formerly NYPD for 30 years, then worked as bank security until unintentionally killed at age 54 by Rhino during a robbery
    *D*--Punisher War Journal II#13 ([13 (fb)], 13

MACON, ANGELO - Hellfire Club, Reavers, killed by Sentinels brought from future by Fitzroy
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#133 (152, Marvel Graphic Novel#4: X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills, Wolverine II#37(fb), UX205, 248, 249, 251-255, 269, 281d)

MAC-RAY - front company for AIM
    --Ms. Marvel II#25 ([27]

MAC-RAY MOVING COMPANY - truck ran over and killed Relf the Elf
    --Defenders I#

MACRO of MERO - active sometime between 50 BC and 50 AD, former soldier in Ashake's army, attempted to slay Ashake and usurp her power, slain by Ashake, Marada, and Arianrhod
    *D* (app-ashake)--
Epic Illustrated#12 (12d)

MACROBOTS - robots of Kang, able to hold a humanoid prisoner and use him or her as a power source
    (app)--Avengers I #129 (129(fb), 129, Giant-Size Avengers#2

MACRO-MAN - set of five robots, part of the Macro-Systems, project of Canadian government,
able to merge into giant robot
    –Alpha Flight I#26

MAC-RONN - Kree scientist, ally of Ronan
    --Captain Marvel I#49 (55

MACROVERSE dimension – extradimensional realm to which Silver Surfer was banished by Tenebrae
    —Silver Surfer III#141

    --Mighty Avengers#

    --Marvel Boy II#5 (5(fb)

MACS of Earth-148611 - see MAX.
    original name for spitfire armor + technology
    - MAX, Man-Amplified Construction Suit
    (app-max)--Spitfire & Troubleshooters (nu)#1

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