MAEGIS (Gunther Senreich) - leader of the Technomancers
    --Sensational Spider-Man #21-23

MAEGOG – Netherworld of Otherworld, brother of Gog, led siege on Camelot, slew Gargantus, but was then crushed by his form
    *D*--(UK) Hulk Comic#51/2 (52/2, 53/2, 54/2d)

MAELEN - Shiar, succeeded Araki as chamberlain
    --Uncanny X-Men#122 ([125], 135

MAELSTROM - hybrid Deviant/Inhuman, son of Phaeder + Morga, father of Ransak/Reject, mutated by Terrigen mist, empowered Maelstrom’s Minions, agent of Oblivion, former ally of Deathurge + Weird Sisters, attempted to absorb all kinetic energy of Earth to halt rotation, dissipated from power overload, temporarily destroyed and usurped form of Anomaly, killed Gilbert Vaughn, duped Presence into attacking Eon, generated Oblivion Plague in Watchers, stole power of cosmic awareness from Eon, stole Quantum Bands, brought Earth to a halt, created black hole in an attempt to collapse entire universe, body destroyed when sucked into black hole, recreated within the Void by Oblivion to serve as his avatar, nearly resurrected by Weird Sisters, but disrupted the process and allowed self to die when realized it would kill his son, Reject. Later attempted to bring about the Big Crunch to learn the secret at the end of existence, but convinced by Mr. Immortal that this would only cause great loneliness, tricked into committing suicide
    absorb + release kinetic energy, cosmic awareness, tap into powers of Oblivion
    -"ANOMALY", Malcolm Stromberg, Cosmic Assassin (I#6, D#7, M, 2006#6, app)—Marvel Two-In-One#71 (72(fb), [Avengers I#248(fb)],  [Captain America I#209(fb)], [Fantastic Four Unlimited#10(fb)], [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#6], [MTIO#72(fb)], [Defenders I#15(fb)], MTIO#71,72, [Avengers I#248(fb), 246], 247-250, Quasar#19(fb), 20(fb), 21(fb), [12], 22(fb), [14-16], 23(fb), 24(fb), 18, [19], 20, [21(fb)], 22-25, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, GLA#4(fb), 1-4

MALESTROM of MADNESS - spell used by Dr. Strange against Ningal
    --Dr. Strange II#37

MAESTRO of Earth-Dystopia (Bruce Banner) - alternate future counterpart of Hulk, former ruler of Earth-Dystopia, sent into past and body consumed by gamma bomb, eventually absorbed enough energy from Hulk to reform
    *D/Res* (OH: Hulk, net)--Hulk: Future Imperfect#1 (Exiles#79-80, Captain Marvel V#29, 30, Hulk: FI#1, 2d, Incredible Hulk II#460,461

    temporary evil personality based on future self, brought on by shrapnel trapped in brain
    --Incredible Hulk II#439

MAFTRA - god-dog of Therea
    (app-ther)—Man-Thing I#1

MAGAR - Myndai, Followers of Darkness, lieutenant, worshipped Pool of Dark Life, inadvertently destroyed both the pool and the Haunt of Evil
    --Shogun Warriors #3 (4-6

MAGAR the MYSTIC ( ) - Sorcerer originally active in nineteenth century; able to communicate with and recreate the dead, teleport, move at super-speed, use psi-vision.
    (net-goldage)--(g) Red Raven Comics#1 (August, 1940)

MAGASY, HAROLD - Mecozzi crime family, CEO of Unisym, killed by Punisher
*D* (app-mecozzi)--Punisher II#6

MAGDA ?? - wife of Magneto, mother of Anya + Quicksilver + Scarlet witch, former prisoner in Auschwitz, escaped alongside Magneto, discovered pregnancy after Magneto used his powers to kill several villagers when their daughter Anya was killed in a fire and the villagers had detained him from saving her, wandered to Wundagore mountain, Wanda + Pietro delivered by Bova during the Knights of Wundagore’s battle with Chthon, abandoned children and fled into wilderness due to fear that Magneto would find her,     presumed deceased.
    wf,dark hair
    MAGDA LEHNSHERR* (app)—Avengers I#186 (Classic X-Men#19/2?, 12/2, Uncanny X-Men An12/3 (fb (Av186(fb))), Av234(fb)

MAGDALENA - original Quentin Carnival, daughter(?) or just ward of Caleb Quentin, former secret lover of Noble Kale, father of his child, discovered Pastor Kale’s alliance with Mephisto, framed and burned at the stake as a witch by Pastor Kale, which resulted in the summoning of the Furies
    *D* Magdalena Kale, Magdalena Quentin?--Ghost Rider III#77, (named) #78 (78(fb1), 79(fb1+2)/80(fb(78(fb2d))

MAGDELENA (Magda Sinclair) - Nun, ex-mercenary, blackmailed into targeting Punisher by Jack Shadows, helped Pun against Shadows' group, left orphanage afterward.
    --Over the Edge#5 (5(fb), 5

MAGDALENE (Marissa Darrow?) - Gatherers, Avengers, alternate dimensional counterpart of Marissa Darrow (a fashion model), former lover of Proctor, joined Avengers against Proctor, left earth alongside Swordsman
    LADY MAGDALENA* (2006#6, app)--Avengers I#343 (355(fb), [343(fb)], 344,344, 348, 355-358, 359(fb), 359, 360, 363-367, 372, 378, 379, 390, 391, Thunderbolts#8, Avengers III#1-3, 4(fb), 4, Avengers/Squadron Supreme An1998

MAGEE, PHILMONT - elderly man in State Street Hospital, nearly thrown out on the street due to a clerical error
    (app-red9)--Amazing Spider-Man I#266

MAGGAM - Lava Men, son of Metoxo & Kratar, brother of Volkon
    (app-metoxo)--Marvel Holiday Special 1994A

MAGGBAR 2099 - Mutroid
Ravage 2099#28

MAGGIA - powerful organized crime syndicate, originated in southern Europe in the 13th century,
     funded Tapping Tommy
    FAMILY*, SYNDICATE* (I#6,D#7,net)--Avengers I#13 (

MAGGIE ?? - mutant child, abandoned, lived briefly in the Sheldons' basement, left for fear that mutant-haters would harm the Sheldons.
    skull-like face
    (app)--Marvels#2 ([2 (fb)], 2

MAGGIE NEATO of "Earth-9791" - mean little girl, beat up Wolver-Wimp
    (app-earth9791)--What If II#100/4

MAGGOTT (Japeth ) - mutant, X-Men, South African, sickly child, powers surfaced with aid of magneto, captured by Weapon X for Neverland, possibly exterminated there, passed on one of his slugs to Billy + Wendy.
    digestive system composed of two metallic slug-like creatures (eany+meany) able to leave his body and consume most materials, gains power from what they consume, turns blue when using enhanced powers
    (app)—Uncanny X-Men#345, (named) 347 (X-Men II#76(fb), UX345, 347, [348], 349, 350, X70, 71, UX352, X72, UX353, 354, 355/Alpha Flight II#9, X73-76, 77-79, Generation X#48, 49, UX368, Weapon X II#5, [13]

MAGIC-see MAGIQUE--XMen I#107 ([108, 109], RomAn4->magique)

magic horn - pre-modern era, owned by George, who was unaware of its power until his son Johnny used it to summon storks carrying babies
    (app-george)--Uncanny Tales#23/6

magic lamp - owned by Ulysses Bloodstone, inherited by Elsa
    --Bloodstone#2 (3

magic lamp - granted three magic wishes to Paul Same
    (app-bagmom)--Howard the Duck Annual#1

MAGIC - humpback whale, saved Manny Sabatine, friend of Pepper
    (app-mannysabatine)--Marvel Comics Presents#46/4

Magician () - criminal sorcerer; battled Namor
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#41 (August, 1955)

MAGICIAN (Lee Guardineer) - criminal, enemy of Giant-Man/Pym and Wasp.
    used unknown means to perform seeming feats of magic, wm
    (1960s, app)--Tales to Astonish I#56 (58

MAGICK REALM (In-Betweener, Lord Chaos, Master Order) -

MAGIK (Illyana Nikolievna Rasputin(a)*) - mutant, New Mutants, trapped in Limbo/ Otherplace from age six through thirteen, spirit partially corrupted by Belasco, trained by Storm and Cat of alternate timeline, powers corrupted her further until she succeeded in negating the time period she had spent in limbo, returned to age six without memory or powers, died from Legacy virus, body and mind restored by Belasco, made a soul dagger from the spirit of Pixie (Megan Gwynn), joined with New X-Men in defeating Belasco, took over Otherplace and plotted to regain soul
    create warps in time or space via Otherplace, sorcerous powers, greatly enhanced in Otherplace, used Soulsword to negate magic;
    loyal to Oshtur via Ashake's reading of the First Tarot, also associated with her use of a sword
    -RED FLAG#133, the DARKCHILDE ARCHIMAGE *D* (D#7, M, OH: BoD, XM: MC-MF, net)--(Ill) Giant-Size X-Men#1, (M) Uncanny X-Men#160 (UX160(Magik I#1-4), UX303(fb2), 164, 165, NewMut#1, 3, UX167, Special Edition XMen#1, UX168, Marvel Graphic Novel: XMen: God Loves, Man Kills, UX171, UX An7, Marvel Team-Up I#135, UX179, XMen/Micronauts#1, 4, NM14, 15([UX182]), NM16, 17, UX183, Firestar#2/NM18, NM19-21, An1, UX188, NM24, 25, UX189-192, UX An8, X-Men/Alpha Flight I#1, UX194, Nightcrawler I#1-4, New Mutants: Truth or Death#1-3, NM29, Secret Wars II#1, NM30-31, 32/Mystic Arcana#1/2, NM33-34, New Mutants Special Editon#1, UX An9, UX200, NM35, UX201, NM36, SWII#8, NM37, SWII#9, NM38-40, Web of Spider-Man An2, NM43, 44, UX210, NM81(fb), NM An2, UX An10, NM45, UX211, NM46,47, 50,51, NM An3, NM52, Fallen Angels#1,2, Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/6, NM53-57, 58(UX225), NM59-62, Spellbound#4, X-Men Unlimited II#14 (fb), NM63-66, Marvel Fanfare I#55, UX230, Power Pack I#40, NM An4, UX231, Marvel Age Annual#4, NM An4/2, NM67-70, NM71/Avengers I#299/PowP42, XTerminators#4, NM72,73->Illyana)
, New X-Men#41 (fb), 37-41, Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1

MAGIK-HAVOK doppelganger - Masque's X-Men
    insectoid with head of Magik (Illyana) and Havok on either en
    (app-masquesxmen)--Uncanny X-Men#262

MAGIK (Amanda Sefton*) - sorceress, daughter of Margali Szardos, Der Jarmacht, childhood friend and later romantic interest of Nightcrawler (Wagner), adopted identity to oppose Belasco and N'Garai's attempt to sacrifice earth to his dark gods, served by the serpentine demons Brad and Roger
    -DAY TRIPPER*, MISTRESS of LIMBO*, FLYING MAIDEN of the SWING TRAPEZE (OH: Women, net)--X-Men: Black Sun#1 (2-5, Magik II#1-4, Nightcrawler III#2-4, 6, 10-11, 12, New X-Men II#37 (fb), 36, [39 (fb)], 40-41-->Sefton, Amanda)

MAGIQUE ( ) - Imperial Guard
    -MAGIC* (app)--Quasar#32(

MAGILLA (Sandy Stalmaster) - Grapplers.
    excessive body hair
    --Thing I#33

MAGINTY - Black Irish criminal, sought non-existent treasure of Pops Nesbitt, forced Napper French to cut up Tommy Toners, hand cut off by French, killed by Nesbitt's bomb
    *D* --Punisher VII#7 (10(fb), 7-11, 12d)

MAGISTER POP - see POP (app)--Captain Marvel VI#13


MAGISTRATES (Anderson, Tam) - Genosha
    --Uncanny X-Men#235 (236-238, 259, 264, 270-272, XMan An1996, Magneto Rex#1-3, XForce#94, 95, UX379, X99, UX380

    --Avengers West Coast#101

MAGISTRATI - Agents of the Living Tribunal, work from Cosmic Claims Court, briefly enlisted She-Hulk to help depose the Champion from Skard
    --She-Hulk I#7 (8, 9, She-Hulk II#12, 13, 20, Journey into Mystery I#627

MAGLOW of Earth-712 - city in Moreland, USA, home of Tom Thumb
    --Squadron Supreme#1

MAGMA (Jonathan Darque) - criminal, uses body armor and advanced weaponry.
    fire blasts of plasma
    (OH: Spdm: BiB, app)--Marvel Team-Up I#110 (110(fb), 110, Iron Man I#169(fb), Web of Spider-Man#17(fb), Iron Man I#169,170, WebSp17(fb), 16-17, Quasar#3

MAGMA (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla) - Nova Roma, New Mutants, King Bedlam’s Hellions, Xavier Institute faculty, advisor to the Paragons, 198, dated Antonio
     Alison Crestmere* (D#7,M, New X-Men Yearbook, 198, net)--(Am)New Mutants I#8, (M)#10 (8-11, 12(fb), 12,13, X-Men/Micronauts #3, 4, NM14(Magik I#3), NM15-17, [Uncanny X-Men#183], Firestar2(NM18), NM19-21, An1, NM22, Rom An3, NM25, UX189-191, An8, New Mutants: Truth or Death#1-3, NM29-31, 32-34, NM SE#1(Thor I#362), UX An9, UX200, NM35, Secret Wars II#7, NM36, SW8, NM37, SW9, NM38-40, Web of Spider-Man An2, NM43, 44, 81(fb), An2, XM An10, NM48, 49, 50, 51, [An3], [NM52], Fallen Angels#1,2, NM53, 54, 56, 57, 62, An4, NM#8,1 XForce#32, 87, 89, 90, UX423, New Mutants II#3, 4, 7, X-Treme X-Men#34,35,
    XTXM40-45, NewMut#13, XTXM46, UX444, X165, New X-Men: Academy X#14, 15, X-Men: The 198#1-5, Young X-Men#1-3, [4], 5-6

MAGMA (Sven ) - S.H.E., Swedish, injured by Void

MAGMA-RIFLES - Skrull weapon
    --She-Hulk II#3

"MAGMUS" - mutated by Roger Fieldston
    (app)--X-Men/Captain Universe#1

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